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My Video Making Process
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My Dreams
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Growing Up With Video Games
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Getting My Driver's License
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Childhood Memories
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Dumb Arguments
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Fan Meetups
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The Art of Flaking
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Disney World
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Breaking Up
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The New Kid
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Speeding Ticket
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Back To School
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Stranger's Thing
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Growing Up Asian
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Fan Interactions
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Buying Used Things 2
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Parked In My Spot
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Buying Used Things
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My B-Boy Days
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Last Names
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Neighbours [Part 2]
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Neighbours [Part 1]
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Am I A Cyborg?
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Alumni Sticker
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Moving Out
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Cosplay Shenanigans
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My Ancestry Results!
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Visiting Home
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Public Transit
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Time Waster of the Day 3
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High School Track Team
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My Art Teacher
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New Shoes
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ReTales: Closing
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Pencil Lead
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Anime North 2015
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Group Assignments
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[Outtakes] I Don't Care
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I Don't Care
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Draw My Life [Domics]
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  • JazzyQ
    JazzyQ 3 hours ago

    Well what if she folded each piece of toast then ate them separately THAT way?!

  • ßi- myself
    ßi- myself 3 hours ago

    I’ve never played “Pokémon Go!” and I never plan to... 🤷🏾‍♀️

  • Smiles Through Fandoms

    Once on vacation in Hawaii I ordered a Ham, Cheese, and Mushroom SANDWICH, k? So the food came and I noticed that while it was the ingredients on toasted bread, I saw that it was more like pizza as you couldn’t put the two sides together as there was to much stuff on the bread slices (and I tried). So I technically think I had two mini pizzas that day, despite what the restaurant called it

    FBI BOI 3 hours ago

    i remember going to europa park (german disney world) and there was a 6+ ride so i went on it... FUCKING HELL I PASSED OUT HOW CAN A 7 YEAR OLD BE ON THIS THING

  • Anya Snowdrifter
    Anya Snowdrifter 3 hours ago

    Logan's run?

  • lauren flames
    lauren flames 3 hours ago

    I do have fomo T-T

  • Austin Crouch
    Austin Crouch 3 hours ago

    I put peanut butter on both slices of bread, and then jelly on both sides though...

  • Xenomorphst
    Xenomorphst 3 hours ago

    I separate the two slices after making the sandwich and eat the two slices after they have connected and disconnected

  • Owen and Anna
    Owen and Anna 3 hours ago

    But it’s not hurting anyone KILL IT But it’s on the ceiling KILL IT

  • SnipeWay
    SnipeWay 3 hours ago

    This video is weird

    TENSHI SUBS 3 hours ago

    *jomm* was the one who animated the fight scene for sure 4:14

  • LizardJelly ゴ ゴ ゴ ゴ potatopotatopotato

    9:21 I dont remember this episode of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure

  • Capo Eternal
    Capo Eternal 3 hours ago

    Nobody apprecciates the 0/0/12 support,who busted his ass to probably save you dodens of times,without stealing a single kill or minion.

  • Natt Jump
    Natt Jump 3 hours ago

    I eat cereal and oj

  • Nuggetmations
    Nuggetmations 3 hours ago

    "does she eat poutine with chopsticks?" My best friend does this

  • Nicholas Skeete
    Nicholas Skeete 3 hours ago

    Are you the smallest of your friends?

  • Pizzaisbeautiful 347

    When geniuses have conversations:

  • Abdullah Hakami
    Abdullah Hakami 3 hours ago

    pornpi wait Porn?

  • Puffinef
    Puffinef 3 hours ago


  • Nic Johnson
    Nic Johnson 3 hours ago

    I do Kumon

  • Dina
    Dina 3 hours ago

    1:34 in russian we call it "buterbrod" (бутерброд)

  • Khriel Aaron
    Khriel Aaron 3 hours ago

    Few people can only pronounce my first name KHRIEL (kri-yel

  • Chynii_Dreamer
    Chynii_Dreamer 3 hours ago

    I eat it like that too . Same with most of my stuff I separate

  • vito yudhistantra
    vito yudhistantra 3 hours ago

    This vid is amazing

  • MaxThe_yt
    MaxThe_yt 3 hours ago

    I am very late

  • L Lite
    L Lite 4 hours ago

    Erina's like "omayghad"

  • Jeron Low
    Jeron Low 4 hours ago

    If you put a bread between 2 other pieces of bread, is it a sandwich

  • joshua gotardo
    joshua gotardo 4 hours ago

    It’s called PB “and” J for a reason, not PB “then” J

  • Nathan Li
    Nathan Li 4 hours ago


  • Cruz P
    Cruz P 4 hours ago


  • Pianoman
    Pianoman 4 hours ago

    Whoa this vid makes me feel like Dorothy when she landed in Oz

  • idk
    idk 4 hours ago

    Am i the only one who cried?:(

  • The Rainbow Youtuber

    Why did he repeat the same thing in the first part of the video

  • LilyAnn Mullins
    LilyAnn Mullins 4 hours ago

    pft. someone i hate. nah i had to deal with them in a sport for YEARS. yeah no.

  • RB Official
    RB Official 4 hours ago

    because were filipino dom hahahha

  • Abdullah Hakami
    Abdullah Hakami 4 hours ago

    before i talk about prison before i talk about school

  • Hunter Alzatroisse
    Hunter Alzatroisse 4 hours ago

    . . . Confusion

  • vito yudhistantra
    vito yudhistantra 4 hours ago

    I never thought of these issues with these idioms untill i saw this vid

  • Max London
    Max London 4 hours ago

    I want to be the parent that mine never was, I want to support their hobbies and support whatever path they have decided on. As well as give them the reasons as to why I am discouraging them for a certain behavior. I want to show them the empathy and affection mine did not. Of course, when they're a toddler, they'll be on a leash. You can't really trust a 3 year old not to run in front of a moving car, even though my parent kept me on a leash in public spaces from the ages of 3-6 I understand, because kids are a**holes.

  • Aster Whitaker
    Aster Whitaker 4 hours ago

    I feel so attacked-

  • Nevada Mogale
    Nevada Mogale 4 hours ago

    This is so hilarious 😂 😂 😂

    MELONY MELONZ 5 hours ago

    Who’s “she”

  • Markus acoustics
    Markus acoustics 5 hours ago

    I love this because this is exactly how id imagine there conversations to be like

  • Lythan Namoc
    Lythan Namoc 5 hours ago

    What the fuck your 5’2?!! Its prolly your genes

  • Aiko
    Aiko 5 hours ago

    Me : Mom...I'm short- ;-; My Mom : IT'S BECAUSE OF THAT DAMN PHONE-

  • Me and The Doggos
    Me and The Doggos 5 hours ago

    Ellen: **sits on porch and wastes time** Me: I'M GONN ROLL ALL OVER YOU!!!! **jojo reference**

  • Muneer Rizvydeen
    Muneer Rizvydeen 5 hours ago

    PB then J.

  • ReaperE Gacha!
    ReaperE Gacha! 5 hours ago

    Im addicted to being useless

  • Aasray Sundar
    Aasray Sundar 5 hours ago

    6:04 but...but...but... the set of equations the guy is saying is correct

  • Me and The Doggos
    Me and The Doggos 5 hours ago

    4:00 "Smaller hitbox" Bruh... This ain't a video game

  • Hunter’s Laboratory

    You psycho

  • Alisson Marinho
    Alisson Marinho 5 hours ago

    Que veio pelo draw mesk da like

  • ブンスDuGG
    ブンスDuGG 5 hours ago

    No Dom we like the old hair! >u<

  • kwame beard
    kwame beard 5 hours ago

    I wacht you video and i pausd it and made a p and j sandwich and aet it face down 😆😆

  • EX question
    EX question 5 hours ago

    When you filipino then you see ng you be like that ain't hard says nang...........

  • KDP Kitten Draws Pictures

    Keep zoure kids on a leash Me :my mom did that bc my brother was being rude and she put ME on a leash bc i was walking a little to far from her Yeah that makes sense

  • Purple Shrek
    Purple Shrek 6 hours ago

    My accent is too Filipino... I’m embarrassed about that😂😂

  • Andrew Lucas
    Andrew Lucas 6 hours ago

    I love league of legends

  • Razaq Zhafran
    Razaq Zhafran 6 hours ago

    This is the best collab between animators i have ever seen."his gonna do the intro first"dom:"squid neutral"

  • Puffinef
    Puffinef 6 hours ago

    I love u all!!!

  • Mcd Free
    Mcd Free 6 hours ago


  • CracklyZebra523
    CracklyZebra523 6 hours ago

    This video is secretly break ups part 5

  • BananaPopcorn
    BananaPopcorn 6 hours ago

    Girls Locker Room: OMG did u see Sharon's dress? It was sooo uglyyy.... Boys Locker Room:

  • Doctor Potato Animator

    Did I really just watch a 10 minute video of people debating what a PB&J Sandwich is?

  • sadie bugz
    sadie bugz 6 hours ago

    Whenever i first meet someone the first thing i get is "oh my god! Your so short" or "why are you so short?"

  • Movie base
    Movie base 6 hours ago

    How to find a perfect assignment group?

  • Vania Dias
    Vania Dias 6 hours ago


  • braw dos
    braw dos 6 hours ago

    Vim pelo o drawn mask

  • Divali
    Divali 6 hours ago

    3:58 lmao wow, Kakegurui could NEVER

  • Rahema Haque
    Rahema Haque 6 hours ago

    Domics, please make a video about COPPA.

  • Piper Elder
    Piper Elder 6 hours ago

    i started uncontrollably laughing when you mentioned stroking the doorframe

  • ᴄʀɪᴍꜱᴏɴx
    ᴄʀɪᴍꜱᴏɴx 6 hours ago

    77%..... I saw someone doing a discount for 88%

  • Arman Kuik
    Arman Kuik 6 hours ago

    Wow how many sponsor does he get like I watched him for a long time

  • IcedFire 87
    IcedFire 87 6 hours ago

    What would happen if it rained.

  • Holly Wispy
    Holly Wispy 6 hours ago

    What I think boys do : Playing Games What they really do :

  • LlamaPower LP
    LlamaPower LP 7 hours ago

    Boku no Pico... Really Dom. Right. S U C H A W H O L E S O M E A N I M E !

  • BicBoiMan
    BicBoiMan 7 hours ago

    Subscribe to comics or u an elephant

  • Worldwide handsome Seokjin

    To be honest I don’t like PB&J

  • The Chicken Ninja
    The Chicken Ninja 7 hours ago

    I never realised this but im a *Alvin* 🤣🤣🤣 but im a fun person to be around

  • Giordano Gullo
    Giordano Gullo 7 hours ago

    Trust me, Italian is way harder

  • *K*Time ToCubeDen
    *K*Time ToCubeDen 7 hours ago

    In Hong Kong it's pronounced ng, literally just ng. It ain't ngyuuuuugggghhhh

  • xGhostxGregx
    xGhostxGregx 7 hours ago

    PB&J sandwich Or PBJ sandwich How do i say it

  • Ramon Angelo
    Ramon Angelo 7 hours ago

    Im dreamin about being in a war

  • PauloWizzardCastle
    PauloWizzardCastle 7 hours ago

    *Obrigado por salvar um mito*

  • Kira Yozuro
    Kira Yozuro 7 hours ago

    If i said “ I am gonna run away!” To my mum. She will actually throw me out of the house. I did once and she threw me out the house. Half an hour later she took and sister and went shopping for 6hours. Then they came back with icecream. They went to watch a movie and ate pizza. I never say that anymore.

  • Kira Yozuro
    Kira Yozuro 7 hours ago

    A 16 dating a 14? Kinda weird

  • Fahad Nasser
    Fahad Nasser 7 hours ago

    The guy in the last is Domic ??

  • Aimee Echeverria
    Aimee Echeverria 7 hours ago

    Love how honest you are 💛

  • Ahyan Ali
    Ahyan Ali 8 hours ago

    u couldnt watch anime in university at all???????!!!!!!!!!!

  • DaStuch
    DaStuch 8 hours ago

    I actually know someone who does the milk and cereal thing. They take a spoonful of cereal and then drinks some milk and then just repeats that and that's their breakfast.

  • Sylmeria2016
    Sylmeria2016 8 hours ago

    Whats your background music?

  • Cairo Holmes
    Cairo Holmes 8 hours ago

    Cannibalism! Yay... *my thoughts* : Wtf?! Why?! 😂

  • Henry Gao
    Henry Gao 8 hours ago

    And then the fire nation attacked😂😂

  • Mimi likes Gacha
    Mimi likes Gacha 8 hours ago

    Am I the only one that finds his intro super satisfying ?

  • Obnoxious Onion
    Obnoxious Onion 8 hours ago

    I’m from Australia and I hate bugs Especially spiders

  • Mimi likes Gacha
    Mimi likes Gacha 8 hours ago


  • Sylmeria2016
    Sylmeria2016 8 hours ago

    4:05 World Biggest Mystery

  • Shrek Wazowski
    Shrek Wazowski 8 hours ago

    His face doesn't need context or words you just know by looking at it

  • Finn Balor
    Finn Balor 8 hours ago


  • spider gamer
    spider gamer 8 hours ago

    3:29 f#[email protected] u kids