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Growing Up With Video Games
Views 2 050 58822 days ago
Getting My Driver's License
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Childhood Memories
Views 3 882 9044 months ago
Dumb Arguments
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Fan Meetups
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The Art of Flaking
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Hypotheticals: The Wagyu Program
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Disney World
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Breaking Up
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The New Kid
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Speeding Ticket
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Back To School
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Stranger's Thing
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Growing Up Asian
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Fan Interactions
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My First Gambling Experience
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Buying Used Things 2
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Parked In My Spot
Views 6 088 654Year ago
I opened a board game cafe!
Views 1 288 266Year ago
Buying Used Things
Views 17 211 511Year ago
My B-Boy Days
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Last Names
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Neighbours [Part 2]
Views 8 906 990Year ago
Neighbours [Part 1]
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Am I A Cyborg?
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Watchalong + Crunchyroll Expo
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Alumni Sticker
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Moving Out
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You Should Probably Break Up
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Cosplay Shenanigans
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My Ancestry Results!
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Visiting Home
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Public Transit
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Re:Zero Watchalong w/ JacksFilms
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Time Waster of the Day 3
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High School Track Team
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My Art Teacher
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New Shoes
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ReTales: Closing
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Pencil Lead
Views 6 763 5804 years ago
Dragon Dragon Collab 2: Domics
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Anime North 2015
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Group Assignments
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[Outtakes] I Don't Care
Views 3 259 3114 years ago
I Don't Care
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Draw My Life [Domics]
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Conventions Announcement
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ReTales: Return Policy
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Domics Valentine Cards
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Me, My Phone, and My GF
Views 10 430 1114 years ago
Asian Food
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  • Avicienna lavie Ghozali
    Avicienna lavie Ghozali 33 minutes ago

    TABO in Indonesia is gayung yay we had a same culture

  • Bevy Fortin
    Bevy Fortin 33 minutes ago

    I am a pedestrian and no signals have almost killed me many times

  • my name
    my name 34 minutes ago

    1:22 ....nice

  • Evelia Arreola Alvarez
    Evelia Arreola Alvarez 36 minutes ago

    "why dou you like Steve?" "i don't" "yeah same" idk but i laugh...

  • Victor Gutierrez
    Victor Gutierrez 39 minutes ago

    The Legend of Booty

  • BjSuper Sonic
    BjSuper Sonic 41 minute ago

    3:01 When your bully wanna fight in Pokémon but he always teleporting away when u bout to win

  • Jamie Mayuga
    Jamie Mayuga 41 minute ago

    Dang, could you tell my Filipino parents that..?

  • Brown Stick
    Brown Stick 41 minute ago


  • Chase Thomason
    Chase Thomason 42 minutes ago

    Wood makes oxygen

  • Jungkook's Bxtch3.0
    Jungkook's Bxtch3.0 44 minutes ago

    My surname is a Filipino surname which is Soriano ;-;

  • Mr Happy
    Mr Happy 47 minutes ago

    “One mans trash is another mans used trash” Amazing

  • DireGlobe438986
    DireGlobe438986 51 minute ago

    You should be in ted talk

  • NexuBlade
    NexuBlade 52 minutes ago

    What about my last name (Espinoza) Is it hard to pronounce or what? I feel like people don’t know how to say it

  • Duckpieface 1 Pumpz
    Duckpieface 1 Pumpz 53 minutes ago

    U and my brother would make best friends

  • Lenard Gaming
    Lenard Gaming 54 minutes ago

    me a filipino:ng is nang domic:mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  • Toasted Toast
    Toasted Toast 55 minutes ago

    I’m 5’1. I’m 11 but I finished puberty lmao I’m sad

  • Fantuzy
    Fantuzy 55 minutes ago

    This came out on my birthday.

  • Chanty
    Chanty 56 minutes ago

    Storming into Area 51 with the boysssss at sonic speed 😤

  • Cornelious Fungi
    Cornelious Fungi 56 minutes ago

    I have a christmas birthday, but im also a twin. not only do people get me combined birthday/christmas presents, but ALSO presents that are "for both of us"

  • gamerblast25 squirt
    gamerblast25 squirt 56 minutes ago

    Yo that's even worse then mine so these kids Dare me to hi five hot glue and I did and it took 2 months to heal

  • Crowley Sarah
    Crowley Sarah 59 minutes ago

    When you were learning how to kick people's asses Dom my mother was given birf to me

  • Terra Anber
    Terra Anber Hour ago

    domics: there can only be one oldest person in the world twins: am I a joke to you?

  • Angelkingkong :\

    He is one with the pencil???

  • Brian Romero Brooks

    3:54 I am Steve

  • Navya Shiju
    Navya Shiju Hour ago

    I wanted to be butterfly when was in first grade soooooo ya 😐

  • D I E T W A T E R

    And then you have the people with long last names that can be pronounced

  • Expatrocious
    Expatrocious Hour ago

    Whats with the white screen at the end lol 😂

  • Towi.exe.
    Towi.exe. Hour ago

    You should do a video about the canadian prime minister elections

  • I don’t even know how to even

    2:57 Jerry.exe has stopped working

  • burrito boi
    burrito boi Hour ago

    Chinese -_- Japanese/-\ Dirty knees Look at these🍒

  • Geoj Baturiano
    Geoj Baturiano Hour ago

    0:00 A legend is born

  • burrito boi
    burrito boi Hour ago

    Telling my dad I can knit Dad: 5 AcROSs ThE AsS RiGhT Now!!!!

  • Pepsi Cola
    Pepsi Cola Hour ago


  • MartyGaming
    MartyGaming Hour ago

    Not kidding, the ghost sounds like morty.

  • GalaxyGacha AndMore

    Every one at my school's ask's "who's your crush" I just say "uh... Jungkook from bts or Ryan Reynolds"

  • EntryFried
    EntryFried Hour ago

    4:54 I was a really shy and introvert kid *PROCEED TO BREAK UP WITH 4 GIRLS*

  • Timmy Good
    Timmy Good Hour ago

    The allowance part is funny. LoL

  • Photobomb
    Photobomb Hour ago

    Bro your monotone vioce has me rolling

  • Darrien Tabat
    Darrien Tabat Hour ago

    Hello kababayan


    We’re going to school in Saudi Arabia next week 🙃fighting

  • Wolfie Gamer
    Wolfie Gamer Hour ago

    Even if I slept early I would never wanna wake up anyway 💀

  • JaydenWatches Anime

    Dom:”Okay... B*tch Me:OOH GOTTEM!

  • Sila Pungtamsujarit


  • 1000 Subs without any vids?

    Go back to Philippines!!!, i think ur the only Philippine Animator, are you though?

  • -AwesomeWTK -
    -AwesomeWTK - Hour ago


  • Fat Friendz Master Man

    my last name is zwetsch its pronounced zwe-ch some people pronounce it zwey-dish its german

  • cjcjjchcncjcbcnxnjxnxnmdmdnd jdishchcshicih

    Ako ay isang filipino (i am a filipino)

  • black_ white
    black_ white Hour ago

    I would have drove the fuck away

  • Sumintra Williams

    Me to my 1 year old: Sir, sir, you're causing a scene I'm going to need you to calm down My 1 year old: pteroldactyl screech.

  • Fat Friendz Master Man

    it actually means baby lol

  • Joshua Braeden
    Joshua Braeden 2 hours ago

    Who else is watching this after flaking on someone

  • Estudyan Tips
    Estudyan Tips 2 hours ago

    Kuya Domics baka naman pwedeng may subtitle ng tagalog? Hehez

  • Shark Playz
    Shark Playz 2 hours ago

    2:42 wtf

  • Bleach Is Good For You

    No its Zed.

  • やわか
    やわか 2 hours ago

    * whispers * I.... Like..... The.... D...

  • Cons TV
    Cons TV 2 hours ago

    Did anyone saw "DICK JOSEPH"😂😂😂

  • Luis Animation
    Luis Animation 2 hours ago

    Just notice Marron from Dragon Ball in the thumbnail

    • Luis Animation
      Luis Animation 2 hours ago

      If you don’t know who Marron is,is actually the child of Krillin and Android#18 if you watch Dragon Ball,then you’ll know what I mean

  • sbsplayz
    sbsplayz 2 hours ago


  • Marshnyallow
    Marshnyallow 2 hours ago

    im a simple girl i see haikyuu i click :3

  • Mualah Fofang
    Mualah Fofang 2 hours ago

    I did the homework in class😂😂😂

  • geodash {gd}
    geodash {gd} 2 hours ago

    Imm.. yeah iven my asian friends can not pronounce my last name *Macapagal* they ive bully me of *matagal* god damnit😑

  • No Nonsense Pls
    No Nonsense Pls 2 hours ago

    "There was one time my mom got really mad at me and try to trhow a shoe and she heh she missed and hit my brother" Me: HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA OMG LOOOOOOOOOOOOL IM DEAD HAHAHAH

  • Shavaro Junior
    Shavaro Junior 2 hours ago

    Me watching this in 2019... bruuhhhhh 😅

  • Clemen Castilblanco
    Clemen Castilblanco 2 hours ago

    My brother took me to disney world and at the farris wheel i cried like a little bitch i was 5

  • J6SK
    J6SK 2 hours ago

    I have 2 last names so my life is difficult. Then I met that one kid with 4 and I cried with him at lunch.

    • J6SK
      J6SK 2 hours ago

      Also don't ask how he has 4 last names. Till this day I have been trying to figure out how that works.

  • Elizabeth Ruiz
    Elizabeth Ruiz 2 hours ago


  • Bubba
    Bubba 2 hours ago

    6:58 sounds like communist propaganda to me but okay

  • Edrus43
    Edrus43 2 hours ago

    Omg COLOUR ,crayola?

  • Sarah Ng
    Sarah Ng 2 hours ago

    A perfect perspective of a child talking about parenting.

  • 《 Peach Bunny 》
    《 Peach Bunny 》 2 hours ago

    It's sad how it's now becoming a huge insecurity for many girls about being too tall.

  • Bubba
    Bubba 2 hours ago

    Lmao imagine having parents that pay for your college tuition.

  • just6070 just6070
    just6070 just6070 2 hours ago

    i mean my last name is electricity, "Watts" unless you do the highfanated form "Watts - Runions" then im electricity union

  • Unknown 159
    Unknown 159 2 hours ago

    My problem is just history I always get bored and my mind is asleep

  • Jay Boi
    Jay Boi 2 hours ago

    Pfft I’d leave her

  • Cutie VEVO
    Cutie VEVO 2 hours ago

    When I bring my African jollof rice and stew to school legit EVERYONE at the lunch table would stare at me with their trashy lunchables

  • Melanie Hall
    Melanie Hall 2 hours ago

    Sooooooooooooo your full name is Dominic Foolish Dangerban??🤔🤔

  • Bunny Lim
    Bunny Lim 2 hours ago

    Oh I can see why

  • ゲッコウガ
    ゲッコウガ 2 hours ago

    I’m 🇵🇭&🇯🇵 🤗

  • voragami
    voragami 2 hours ago

    i've had a crush on the same person for 7 years and he still doesnt know.

  • Carlos Yepez
    Carlos Yepez 2 hours ago

    Lord Foolish Danger hmmmm

  • Liam Graney
    Liam Graney 2 hours ago

    sml music

  • joshler
    joshler 2 hours ago

    🎵 when in with my baby yeah you can take me anywhere 🎵 ok ill leave now..

  • MonkeyJedi99
    MonkeyJedi99 2 hours ago

    Here's a trick. once a month, get your friends together and get a cake, to celebrate everyone who had a birthday that month, even if none of them are there. (It's just a plan to have cake with friends!)

  • MonkeyJedi99
    MonkeyJedi99 2 hours ago

    My greeting to the birthday person, "Congratulations for not dying for another year!"

    MIGGZ LEO 2 hours ago

    Me to

  • Kubits
    Kubits 2 hours ago

    domics: reads a note from an audio book company

  • Raphael Loh
    Raphael Loh 2 hours ago

    When it comes to Asian families you either live at home until your late 20s, or you're kicked out in your teens to learn independence and self-reliance!

  • zap stir
    zap stir 2 hours ago

    2:39 I can't stop laughing!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Élie Nkoy
    Élie Nkoy 2 hours ago

    Did you rly have trunks' hair as a kid?

  • Meme Dealer
    Meme Dealer 2 hours ago

    Tbh, the whole “everyones birthday is on the same day” thing wouldn’t be too bad. On my birthday I always make this mistake at least 2 or more times where someone wishes me a happy birthday and I reply with *”you too”* So if everyone had the same birthday I wouldn’t want to die in a hole of embarrassment the whole day!

  • Anne Hsu
    Anne Hsu 2 hours ago

    Melted flakes is pretty good too ... 👉👈

  • Dream Desk
    Dream Desk 2 hours ago

    Hehe, it’sss it’s like the showww hehe

  • Asadbek Azizov
    Asadbek Azizov 3 hours ago

    0:20 Ok what the heck is Catoptrophobia at the bottom.

  • unusual human being
    unusual human being 3 hours ago

    i have a pet peeve where if I'm eating cereal and it sticks to the side of the bowl so you have to use your fingers just, AAAAAAGGGHHHHHHHHHH

  • Everything is a JoJo Reference

    Rip the guy with 12 assists

  • Joao Cunha
    Joao Cunha 3 hours ago

    This is the most depressive chat I have ever seen on FLASH-PLAYER

  • Mr. XD
    Mr. XD 3 hours ago

    Hehe domics lives in the moon 3:01

  • Angreh
    Angreh 3 hours ago

    1:45 WELL TECHNICALLY your body heats up when you get angry so it will dry your pants a little faster. Sorry i just had to be that guy

  • jbanz the god
    jbanz the god 3 hours ago

    Tokyo ghoul is a great. anime sorry for being late to this video

  • Chinese Kid
    Chinese Kid 3 hours ago

    p u n j a b o b