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we broke up
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  • Epc22
    Epc22 3 hours ago

    sounded like Ethan's laugh at 3:45

  • Farhan Mirza
    Farhan Mirza 4 hours ago

    omdsss Only real gs get that

  • Flame
    Flame 4 hours ago



    Just got 2 iPhones xr and pokemon bundles in this ebay item 202849152578 highly recomended couldnt believe when I got it Christmas made!!

  • Luís Fucking Fernandes

    6:14 random portuguesa

  • Axis Dexter
    Axis Dexter 4 hours ago

    So funny

  • TVRT RyZe
    TVRT RyZe 4 hours ago

    That childish hoodie is fire

  • Luke Stansfield
    Luke Stansfield 4 hours ago

    Callux gettin hella desperate

  • Sam Waymouth
    Sam Waymouth 4 hours ago


  • We Love Warm
    We Love Warm 4 hours ago

    We Love your channel . Best Regard We Love Warm Team

  • Ryan Kenmore
    Ryan Kenmore 4 hours ago

    Legend 👏🏻

  • Nevan Isles- Broughton

    Y does Harry know exactly what type of hat a drug dealer would wear at a festival

  • iNviSibl3Edits
    iNviSibl3Edits 4 hours ago

    2:53 classic Cypriot

  • MrFoxyBear
    MrFoxyBear 5 hours ago

    Harry is wearing tgf hoodie

  • Cloud Eight
    Cloud Eight 5 hours ago

    1:50 what song is that?

  • Hayk Sahakoglu
    Hayk Sahakoglu 5 hours ago

    Do it with HAROLD

  • Enakasaurus
    Enakasaurus 5 hours ago

    harry reppin the childish hoodie

  • Rusty Roller
    Rusty Roller 5 hours ago

    LOOOOOL 60k likes Get your arse out derr 😂😂😂

  • Gaan Kucuk
    Gaan Kucuk 5 hours ago

    S-x wasn’t having it

  • JJR1812 A
    JJR1812 A 5 hours ago

    3:51 when I wake up from ecoma I would want him to be the 1st person that says hi to me

  • usaky usaky
    usaky usaky 5 hours ago

    The whole video I thought calfreezy was high

  • Kyle1400
    Kyle1400 5 hours ago

    the girl who said grow up needs to liven up and get a sense of humour..

  • Amy Livesey
    Amy Livesey 6 hours ago

    Gagging just watching him do this 🤢

  • Chris Johnson
    Chris Johnson 6 hours ago

    Human horses

  • Notebook '
    Notebook ' 6 hours ago

    Who is here after they broke up!!

  • Abzz__ 1254
    Abzz__ 1254 6 hours ago

    This is such a class video

  • Sophie Boswell
    Sophie Boswell 6 hours ago

    Washing machine?!? That’s a boiler you uncultured swine

  • Reece Bown
    Reece Bown 6 hours ago

    All I’m saying is if u know their channel: childish and that’s what Harry is wearing

  • LKM
    LKM 6 hours ago

    2 people with millions of subscribers and lots of views sharing a pair of wired earphones

  • Kenber
    Kenber 6 hours ago

    Who watched this whole video Subscribing back to anyone who subs to me

  • Jonny Plays
    Jonny Plays 6 hours ago

    Come on cal its been 50k

  • Max B
    Max B 6 hours ago

    *nowadays people like Callux is classed as “skinny” according cal freezy...* *nahhh bruv if that’s the case cal than u, Simon, chip etc are in the “strings” tier* 😂😂😂😭😭😭

  • It’s your boii Smelly Steve

    Classic video

  • Ivy the elemental heart

    Your voice sounds like it's going through major puberty

  • Mccree is king
    Mccree is king 7 hours ago

    I want 10000

  • AR M
    AR M 7 hours ago

    When your so irrelevant you put w2s in the title and you don't get a million in 24 hours

  • pav singh
    pav singh 7 hours ago

    Calfreezy looks like moog from mightycarmods lool

  • RealityG
    RealityG 7 hours ago

    <---- I have an exclusive video on how juice wrld died.

  • TFG_ OG
    TFG_ OG 7 hours ago

    obviously the tik toks will be cringey if u asked for cringey vids

  • qw8x
    qw8x 7 hours ago

    Big up S-X

  • Jamie W98
    Jamie W98 8 hours ago

    When Harry put the cap on all I could think of was the video “friend sandwich”

  • Liam
    Liam 8 hours ago

    Its hit 60k

  • Faze Sway
    Faze Sway 8 hours ago

    10:01 GG

  • Shadow
    Shadow 8 hours ago

    Funny how the link to freezys channel is a link to callux's😂😂😂

  • Merdan Weber
    Merdan Weber 8 hours ago

    Yo wheres my money

  • Markos Liassis
    Markos Liassis 8 hours ago


  • Corey Carter
    Corey Carter 8 hours ago

    Possibly the funniest video I’ve ever watched

  • ano niem
    ano niem 9 hours ago

    *the pussy destroyer*

  • Rick Bloemers
    Rick Bloemers 9 hours ago

    Cal returning to his cancerous form🖤

  • Saphtou
    Saphtou 9 hours ago

    Lets get riiiighhhhtttttttt.... into the coffin

  • Sean Ward
    Sean Ward 9 hours ago

    Calfreezy is just a rat that has been in the right place at the right time. Fucking millionaire from being an absolute numbskull.

  • AshCloud A1phaLiam
    AshCloud A1phaLiam 9 hours ago

    Actually a banger of a vid! 💥

  • Max Holden
    Max Holden 9 hours ago

    Selfridges vid coming soon i guess

  • George K
    George K 9 hours ago


    ABSOLUT. 9 hours ago


  • Sideshow Tat
    Sideshow Tat 9 hours ago

    The flared jeans sent me 😭😭😭

  • Holly Jones
    Holly Jones 10 hours ago

    Ahahaha all the Spanish tourists' reactions

  • Adit
    Adit 10 hours ago

    Someone make a new video with her muted or cut out

  • steve prentice
    steve prentice 11 hours ago

    Not funny, just completely stupid and anyone who finds this idiot amusing, is an idiot. Some people get intimidate easily and people have enough to deal with.

  • bri ski
    bri ski 11 hours ago

    Harry is always wearing that hoodie I love it

  • Taylor Plant
    Taylor Plant 11 hours ago

    Aretha Franklin, Paul Newman and Patrick Swayze and out of all of them they let you live? smh 🤦‍♂️

  • Hell Boy
    Hell Boy 11 hours ago

    I can do more

  • Carl Mayes
    Carl Mayes 11 hours ago


  • OneSmallPerson
    OneSmallPerson 11 hours ago

    I hated every second of tik toks you watched, thanks lads

  • Royal Pg3d
    Royal Pg3d 11 hours ago

    well he didnt wear the bandana in the fight

  • LB23
    LB23 11 hours ago

    The quietest room in the world was my classroom in highschool after the teacher asked who drew a huge dick on the board

  • UKbeats
    UKbeats 11 hours ago

    Everybody is so fucking miserable, they all hate their job/life. Yet they act like everything is fine, while moping around with a face that looks like it was dragged through fields of dog shit.

  • UKbeats
    UKbeats 11 hours ago

    Oh cool original.

  • Ciaran Scamp
    Ciaran Scamp 12 hours ago

    No one: Not a single soul: Callux: hEllO

  • Kimmy
    Kimmy 12 hours ago

    is Harry 40 years old? did he age 5 yrs per year after hitting 20?

  • Abdulaziz Al Marzouqi
    Abdulaziz Al Marzouqi 12 hours ago

    I think I can beat 2 hours

  • Aman Dhale
    Aman Dhale 12 hours ago

    What is harry wearing?

  • liza suresh
    liza suresh 12 hours ago

    Cal :What hat looks like ones that scream I sell drugs Harry :oh the silver ones of course

  • BeatsByAlex
    BeatsByAlex 12 hours ago

    Yeah Ethan we notice that you have a new tatoo stop trying to show it off :D:D:DD:

  • SilverBack Grizzly
    SilverBack Grizzly 12 hours ago

    Give me and eighth of shrooms and I'll stay in there all day..🤯, come out with Thousand-Year monk status..

  • Leo Townsend
    Leo Townsend 13 hours ago

    It’s peak that this is the guy with an unlimited credit card

  • Floristianu Paul
    Floristianu Paul 13 hours ago


  • Zanzibar Slimm
    Zanzibar Slimm 13 hours ago

    >goes on trending > early 30's Neo-Spice-boys buying clothes online Oh god

  • F.B.I
    F.B.I 13 hours ago

    *Only clicked on this video to see JJ without a bandana on*

  • Xd Laddott
    Xd Laddott 13 hours ago

    Where is my £10000

  • Adekunle Abass Akin
    Adekunle Abass Akin 13 hours ago

    I better see u in public with those clothes on Funny

  • Moyplay Games
    Moyplay Games 13 hours ago

    I thought Ethan had waves 🤧🤧🤧

  • Veradox
    Veradox 13 hours ago

    4:49 she did the wow real quick😂

  • SamSned97
    SamSned97 14 hours ago

    You should do blind or speed dates in these outfits

  • Arren Marshall
    Arren Marshall 14 hours ago

    Funniest Video Like For Part 2

  • Victor Fidelis
    Victor Fidelis 14 hours ago

    9 pairs of trainers Victor Chidozie Fidelis @VictorC31105077

  • Joshua Flynn
    Joshua Flynn 14 hours ago

    Callux mate you should do this on the regular because this probably the best video of yours i seen since stephen tries destroyed you lovely hood in your match

  • Zeyad Alsarbel
    Zeyad Alsarbel 14 hours ago

    This’s STUPID!

  • Potpourri for kids
    Potpourri for kids 15 hours ago


  • synnel jim manzano
    synnel jim manzano 15 hours ago

    you can hear that demon saying have some beer..

  • ikram ali
    ikram ali 16 hours ago

    ‘first 10 minutes without callux’ #2 trending

  • Sumansh_Plays
    Sumansh_Plays 16 hours ago

    Ethan is heavier

  • hazza tofi678
    hazza tofi678 16 hours ago


  • Rod Madrigal
    Rod Madrigal 16 hours ago

    Does Harry ever take a that hoodie off?

  • Jacob Leathwood
    Jacob Leathwood 16 hours ago

    I’ve finished the part without callux so now I’m leaving

  • Nolann Leclercq
    Nolann Leclercq 17 hours ago

    Bunch example pastor businessman AM rest Spanish operation meeting concert physics characteristic Catholic.

  • jr e
    jr e 17 hours ago

    What a stupid fvckin moron. If did that round my way head get his head smashed in !!!!

  • Beatty Bros
    Beatty Bros 17 hours ago

    next time get really sick clothes but the wrong size so it looks shit

  • LTSkreech925
    LTSkreech925 17 hours ago

    2:02 That is Insthhhhane

  • Kaysan HD
    Kaysan HD 17 hours ago

    When Ethane laughs, he looks in Payne