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  • Lardinho Redbeard
    Lardinho Redbeard 5 hours ago

    Just saying, with all the diversity that Ford and Farrell bring, why not add Cipriani? There are myriad props you could call up who could scrummage at least as well as Australia, so call someone up who might make a difference. Cipriani gets less "ref" involved, perhaps that can be the key. NZ are there for the taking, they look very staid, if England put some Rugby League aggression in there, we could smash anyone open.

    DAVID WOODWARD 8 hours ago

    Compulsive viewing of the full set, massive pride in seeing the preparations and building of the team. Brings back all the powerful emotions of supporting and watching England over many years. Can't wait for more inside coverages.

    MGRIFF 9 hours ago

    Okay so let’s recap a week later. English tabloid headlines ‘England deny Wales 1st place rankings,’ then underneath in the comments all the English fans handing England the World Cup based on one fucking win😂🤣🤣. So where are you all now mouthy c🤬’s ...Wales are #1 and we won this week...guess the cup is ours then going by English fan standards...smh 😂🤣

  • Rhys Jones
    Rhys Jones 10 hours ago

    England: Every other nation dislikes us with a passion. Im not sure how we can get them to hate us though Eddie Jones: hold my beer

  • Kevin Higgins
    Kevin Higgins 10 hours ago

    Enjoyable match to watch, three tries each.

  • Drone Druid
    Drone Druid 11 hours ago

    That Garath Davis try was exquisite!

  • Giacomo Angelini
    Giacomo Angelini 11 hours ago


  • Marc Delaney
    Marc Delaney 11 hours ago

    Look . Mutual respect / dislike is fine , ,BUT Eddie Jones is most arrogant contradiction cunt to ever coach in Northern Hemisphere .. how he could walk down street without kicked to death beyond me

  • GateCrasher
    GateCrasher 11 hours ago

    Wales look half asleep here. A fired up Wales are a different animal all together

  • Easy.surfer braah
    Easy.surfer braah 14 hours ago

    Sometimes we fail to see the players families support behind the scene. Great to hear and see it on this video. Ludlam's dad at the end goes to show how much it means to the family. Well done and good luck England.

  • Lynnie Heal
    Lynnie Heal 15 hours ago

    Lots of GOOD LUCK always to #EnglandRugby 🌹

  • Lynnie Heal
    Lynnie Heal 15 hours ago

    Lots of GOOD LUCK always to #EnglandRugby 🌹

  • Lynnie Heal
    Lynnie Heal 15 hours ago

    Lots of GOOD LUCK always to #EnglandRugby

  • Lynnie Heal
    Lynnie Heal 15 hours ago

    Lots of GOOD LUCK always to #EnglandRugby

  • peace maker
    peace maker 15 hours ago

    I'm only here to see my boe Tuilagi

  • Guerrilla Man
    Guerrilla Man 16 hours ago

    England, looking good.

  • kelso fire
    kelso fire 16 hours ago

    theres a lot of fat boys on this field

  • Maud Wagner
    Maud Wagner 18 hours ago

    Dogs got best sidestep I've ever seen!

  • Michael Hardman
    Michael Hardman 19 hours ago

    Imagine being a part of this. I’d be in tears full time with pride and emotion

  • David Pearn
    David Pearn 19 hours ago

    Don't ever write new Zealand off 17 nil up v Australia 40 mins

  • Benito Sanchez
    Benito Sanchez 23 hours ago

    Out of it seeing Pacific islanders playing for england - vunipola, cokanasiga and tuilagi, our people have the genetics for rugby

  • Jon Commons
    Jon Commons Day ago

    Unfortunately I think that we will come up short at the WC. I can't put my finger on it but there has been something missing in the last couple of seasons.The team that walloped Australia 3-0 in the Test Series Down Under would have gone close to winning the WC at that time but we seem to have regressed. Hopefully I'm wrong and Eddie Jones was using the 6 Nations to build up to this year but I have nagging doubts. I'd be interested to hear others' thoughts (from all nations as well as England).

  • Richard G
    Richard G Day ago

    4:55 pink bags.... then magically... they turn red!

  • Reiss Knell
    Reiss Knell Day ago

    We can bring this trophy home. Not scared of anyone atm. We can beat the best

  • faIRmODs
    faIRmODs Day ago

    johhny may is what england should be. he scorse try to win the World cup

  • The Re-bar Kid

    Tear in the eye. Pride 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🌹

  • andy sharman
    andy sharman Day ago

    I think this match had it all, quite physical, team work. I know the Red 🌹 won deservedly so but Canadas 2nd try... a beautiful individual effort

  • Adrenaline
    Adrenaline Day ago

    “might be too hot” “might be” 😂😂😂

  • Aiden Silgram
    Aiden Silgram Day ago

    What is that delay at the end lol

  • bilBo
    bilBo Day ago


  • Archie Craigie Halkett

    Wales win this weekend world number 1 again, England win by 15pts world number 1 if NZ win. If ABs lose it's a straight shoot out for number 1.

  • super natural
    super natural Day ago

    I don't mean to be a pessimst but what if players get injured in these games? It's so risky

  • Knox Talebula
    Knox Talebula Day ago

    Willi Heinz was playing for crusaders and later played for England...

  • deanhuntify
    deanhuntify Day ago

    Just can't see anything other than an England win

  • MadamSteamfunk

    I love wales but they need new scrum halfs

    • Gethin Roberts
      Gethin Roberts Day ago

      MadamSteamfunk unfortunately our best scrum half is in france with toulon.. Gutted that rhys webb isnt in the team for this years RWC because he genuinely could make the difference in games as he’s such a quality 9

  • Rhys Jones
    Rhys Jones Day ago

    Great to finally see mutual respect between everyone in this comment section instead of uneducated 'fans' ridiculous attempt at banter. Fair play everyone

  • MiniMattStream

    Music has me craving to play a PlayStation rugby game every time!

  • Snowy Richmond

    Marler been listening to Haskell too much "guilty" although hes still a don

  • Snowy Richmond

    love the way they get lollies at the end...........simple rugby beasts

  • Trevor Larner
    Trevor Larner Day ago

    So touching for the children of today to see the super stars of today was just normal kids like them great video come on boys it’s your time to shine

  • Craig Saunders

    Loving the videos but sad to see how many single use plastic bottles are used at the training camps :(

  • Henry Pinnington

    Henry Slade is a CHAMP!!!!

  • 1unsung
    1unsung Day ago

    Man this is boring as batshit, as usual. Nothing new here.

  • Henriette Stevens

    It's scary how bad English can't play rugby.If it weren't for all the Samoan players in the team, they would have no players to speak off.

    • Scott James Johnson
      Scott James Johnson Day ago

      Henriette those pacific Island players have been brought up in English sinse they were children so who are you to tell them that they shouldn't play for England? Also Farrell, May, and Daly are some of the best players in the world and they have no Samoan blood. Every single Rugby country has their foreign born players you hag so attacking Englands just because you dislike that country is just pathetic. Where you from? I bet you i can name multiple foreign born players in your squad.

    • Raoul Moat
      Raoul Moat Day ago

      You sound like you know your stuff!

    TAIPAN 2 days ago

    No Ben Teo??? That's a mistake in my opinion, however it is a top squad.

  • Mr CJ
    Mr CJ 2 days ago

    No attempt to wrap

  • Nick Brown
    Nick Brown 2 days ago

    Oh **** off Vernon, you're a seaside act, move along from our beautiful game.

  • Nick Brown
    Nick Brown 2 days ago

    Oh **** off Vernon.

  • lewiiis
    lewiiis 2 days ago

    Wilko is still the absolute boi.

  • Paul Cox
    Paul Cox 2 days ago

    This was not pretty performance but functional really not sure about team opening up all top sides. Bludgeoning all and sundry from pack will not do it in modern game

    DARTH MONG 2 days ago

    Watson's gained bulk but might have compromised speed. His top end looked quite laboured.

  • Kym Winnall
    Kym Winnall 2 days ago

    Welsh drool England rules

  • C 0
    C 0 2 days ago

    Vernon is an annoying douche.

  • Michael Mitchell
    Michael Mitchell 2 days ago

    Anthony Watson is bulking up

  • Alex Churcher
    Alex Churcher 2 days ago

    Try and fuck Vernon Kay up while you play please.

  • Matty Bhoy
    Matty Bhoy 2 days ago

    Kids always come up with the most ruthless insults and analogies lol.

  • Spencer Howell
    Spencer Howell 2 days ago

    Great player Anthony Watson really hope he becomes a star of the Rugby 🏉 world cup

  • David Pearce
    David Pearce 2 days ago

    welling up right now. Enjoy it

  • Robert Brown
    Robert Brown 2 days ago

    They're built like brick shithouses .

  • andy sharman
    andy sharman 2 days ago

    This could've been a cup final game. So intense and physical. Well played by both teams of ladies. Thanks for the post

  • Emily An
    Emily An 2 days ago

    i have no idea whats going on

  • Sim
    Sim 2 days ago


  • Steve Usher
    Steve Usher 2 days ago

    England stuffed us fair and square. Different result this Saturday though.

      LUMPY SKULL 5 hours ago

      @Jamie Lee ohh dear...

    • Scott James Johnson
      Scott James Johnson Day ago

      I can see Wales winning by 5 tomorrow. Wales are hard to beat on Cardiff but the World Cup isn't in Cardiff sooo.

    • Jamie Lee
      Jamie Lee 2 days ago

      Agreed. England will win by 7 this Saturday.

  • Jacopo Favaro
    Jacopo Favaro 2 days ago

    To all the people that hate on tyrese in this years...today he is a professional rugby player for Bristol Bears after being part of the nfl (first european) When he was younger, he finished 6th in the world at 100m run

  • Cyrille B.
    Cyrille B. 2 days ago

    Ugly rugby

  • Un
    Un 2 days ago

    England always wear the rose with pride

  • Ian Betts
    Ian Betts 2 days ago

    Why do England keep playing the B team.

    • Chris Jayne
      Chris Jayne 2 days ago

      The starting team isn’t a million miles away. You’ll also get a number of different starting teams out in japan, it’s not as simple as A team or B team

    • Newspaper 99
      Newspaper 99 2 days ago

      Max Walker don’t be arrogant. I’m English and it’s bcoz we don’t want injuries

    • Max Walker
      Max Walker 2 days ago

      Ian Betts cos our A team is too good and it would be unfair

  • Scott James Johnson

    The Welsh have all of a sudden remembered how to lose so lets capitalize on that boys. 💪

  • Ready Salted
    Ready Salted 2 days ago

    Just do your thing England! We’re all backing you to work your magic

    • Ready Salted
      Ready Salted 10 hours ago

      David Pearn haha sadly you’re right. I’m still backing them to do the business in the World Cup. Wouldn’t fancy being wales with 2 more tests against the Irish who will have something to prove against the number 1 side in the world!

    • David Pearn
      David Pearn 10 hours ago

      No magic today salty 😂😂😂

    • Newspaper 99
      Newspaper 99 2 days ago

      Ready Salted true

  • J B
    J B 2 days ago

    Is that Kvesic at the start??!

    • David Caro
      David Caro 2 days ago

      What a spot, it could be, odd if it were

  • Henry Bamber
    Henry Bamber 2 days ago

    *wales left the chat*

    • Newspaper 99
      Newspaper 99 2 days ago

      Un wow your cool. Don’t be an arrogant shit

    • Owen Williams
      Owen Williams 2 days ago

      @Un clearly am as I just spoke to you, don't be a funny fucker, just makes you look a knob pal.

    • Un
      Un 2 days ago

      @Owen Williams No your not taffy

    • Owen Williams
      Owen Williams 2 days ago

      No still here

  • Danny Kettle
    Danny Kettle 2 days ago

    Amazing work England

    • Un
      Un 2 days ago


  • Thomas Vorm
    Thomas Vorm 2 days ago

    "But the rabbit does not have the pace" 😂

    • James Griffin
      James Griffin 2 days ago

      Thomas Vorm he’s pissed about that ahahahah

  • _JX10yt_
    _JX10yt_ 2 days ago

    Third? Or second?

    • Un
      Un 2 days ago

      No but your daft bastard

  • Milton_Gormaп
    Milton_Gormaп 2 days ago

    Second !!!

    • Newspaper 99
      Newspaper 99 2 days ago

      Milton_Gormaп is what’s gonna happen to wales in cardiff

    • Un
      Un 2 days ago

      Jealous taffy

  • Heskingy King
    Heskingy King 2 days ago


  • less kiss
    less kiss 2 days ago

    pre season jolly up

  • James Griffin
    James Griffin 2 days ago

    What a hero this guy is, consistently funny🤙🏻

    • L JC
      L JC 2 days ago

      You look more like a rabbit to be fair 🐇

  • Kevin Coyle
    Kevin Coyle 2 days ago

    well done...brought a tear to my eye...

  • james hogben
    james hogben 2 days ago

    “That’s a buffalo”🤣🤣🤣

  • james hogben
    james hogben 2 days ago

    imagine vunipola actually hitting you

  • Naughtius Maximus
    Naughtius Maximus 2 days ago

    I'm just here for Wilko

  • David Holgate
    David Holgate 2 days ago

    For me, he's developing into the best hooker in the world! Let's hope he has a great world cup. Looks like he's laid off the pies too 👍

    • ATL
      ATL 2 hours ago

      David Holgate He is not the best hooker in the world. He’s the best hooker in the NH I’ll give you that.

    • callum peers
      callum peers 2 days ago

      laid off the pies and been eatin some venison burgers

  • Hakatime
    Hakatime 2 days ago

    All Blacks fan. This was incredible. Well done England, good luck at the RWC

  • Andy Walker
    Andy Walker 2 days ago

    Southern Hemisphere reserves are looking strong this year,although the mighty AB’s will make it three in a. row..........Ford instead of Cipriani? 😂

  • Stephen Edwards
    Stephen Edwards 2 days ago

    It was a great game on Sunday & was great to see Lewis Ludlum have a good game think he has lots more in him

  • Peacekeeper
    Peacekeeper 2 days ago

    Can’t forget England playing with 16 players on the field at one stage ... 👀

  • Lucas Deanny
    Lucas Deanny 2 days ago

    Brilliant squad, sad to see no Danny Cipriani but apart from that I am very pleased with the team. Great job Eddie. Let's bring it home England 🌹🌹🌹

  • balham456
    balham456 2 days ago

    This is a superb production.

  • Jasmine Meleisea
    Jasmine Meleisea 2 days ago

    Did Slade just “Shot Uce” 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Rock girl
    Rock girl 2 days ago

    Take that you sheep shaggers

    • GateCrasher
      GateCrasher 11 hours ago

      Take that you English inbreds

    • Nad Savan
      Nad Savan 19 hours ago

      Atleast we'll got the six nations and what's that? The calcutta Cup stayed in Scotland

  • Nick Brown
    Nick Brown 2 days ago

    Cipriani may well get called up as a replacement... all is not lost.

  • Nick Brown
    Nick Brown 2 days ago

    Yes boys! Great great series following the team, thanks!

  • Simon Watts
    Simon Watts 2 days ago

    These pasty poms are going to get thumped

    EBOMBAY 3 days ago

    I’m working this match in 2 days

  • Benji Bill
    Benji Bill 3 days ago

    Eddie is so cute

  • Ptao Tom
    Ptao Tom 3 days ago

    Gatland did his post match conference with an attitude like he lost on purpose or almost didn’t really care

    • SoftwareDev 101
      SoftwareDev 101 Day ago

      Ptao Tom ahhh yes his quote that the results of these international tests don’t matter? I would say he was just trying to downplay his team losing. We all know these are important games. Yes, the internationals are a great testing ground pre RWC, however you want to be winning these and going in to the World Cup on the back of wins not losses as it boosts the confidence and moral of your players. I’d sooner go in to the World Cup confident rather than with your heads down after taking a beating previously. Roll on the RWC though, I absolutely can’t wait.

    • less kiss
      less kiss 2 days ago

      Itoje, Underhill, George may, Farrell, slade, nowell plus more to come back. Strongest squad since 2004

  • comedychannels
    comedychannels 3 days ago

    Vernon Kay .... switching off

  • comedychannels
    comedychannels 3 days ago

    Terrible camera work again !!! Interview not even in focus. Can't England Rugby afford a professional crew ?

  • Patrick Moore
    Patrick Moore 3 days ago

    love the longer video!!