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  • what_I_said
    what_I_said Hour ago

    Gotta laugh that despite all of the pre-match mind game attempts by Gatland and the Welsh team, plus the fact England were ravaged by injuries, we still turned them over.

  • Mahnz Cakautabu
    Mahnz Cakautabu 3 hours ago

    Fuel for the body....yummy

  • lets_play_with_dino
    lets_play_with_dino 11 hours ago

    would be most peoples first name on the team sheet i bet.

  • lets_play_with_dino
    lets_play_with_dino 11 hours ago

    i do love dan but everytime he pulls on a england shirt i think....."thats 2 penalties we've given them" he is a great player though.

  • Diggidy Dawg64
    Diggidy Dawg64 11 hours ago

    As an Aussie I would would love to see our team clear and run as fast as this English lineup. Just maintaining a breakneck intensity and keeping the initiative. Simple really, but watching the Wallabies dawdle around waiting for something to happen is just depressing.

  • Sean M Beavan
    Sean M Beavan 17 hours ago

    Any chance of the series whitewash of Australia 2016?

  • randomeclipse
    randomeclipse 23 hours ago

    Some of the total bell ends that get Knighted and JW still waiting.

  • Neil Malcolm
    Neil Malcolm Day ago

    against australia? 00:42

  • lets_play_with_dino

    "i think it was 92 seconds in Dublin, its faster than that here." score was 120 seconds. commentators proof you don't need to be good at math to do the job.

  • Robert Court
    Robert Court Day ago

    How did we go from having so much potential to being so embarrassing in our own world cup??? 🤦

  • Barry Sheridan

    The best defensive 10 the game has ever had, a fine place kicker and a thoroughly decent and fair player. Thanks Johnny.

  • Josuke Higashikata

    Rugby sounds like it was made by a 5 year old

  • Bohdan Kostka
    Bohdan Kostka Day ago

    sadly having two parents who were rugby referees and then referee assessors and trainers, I can get frustrated at how inconsistent top tier refs can be. several times I hear the ref say leave it wales only to them let them have the turn over while not doing the same for england. fortunately in this game the right team won in my opinion but its not always the case when some refs seem to have one set of rules for one team and a different set for the other.

  • Jane Eaton
    Jane Eaton Day ago

    Willkinsons defence... . Unbelievable

  • goiZ
    goiZ Day ago

    this seriously confuses me at how dylan hartley made it to this level with how useless he is

  • goiZ
    goiZ Day ago

    wilkinson vs odriscoll the clash of not so big titans

  • martin correa
    martin correa Day ago


  • Scott Johnson
    Scott Johnson Day ago

    England beat New Zealand twice in every decade. Not the best record but it's still better than most.

  • yous el
    yous el Day ago

    This is the worst tribute you could do to jhonny...we only saw him kick...i m league guy i m sad to say he could never make it superleague or Nrl

  • Chubawaba
    Chubawaba Day ago

    Such amazing women, I wish I discovered rugby at a younger age but it doesn't take away how much I love it.

  • PC. Yann
    PC. Yann 2 days ago

    True fact......Nigel Owens likes it up his entrails.

  • Joey Fischler
    Joey Fischler 2 days ago

    why they both look like Finn Russel in the thumbnail tho?

  • Felipe Da Silva Romero

    my teacher put this video for homework who else

  • Scott Johnson
    Scott Johnson 2 days ago

    Daaaamn this was a hammering. 😰 I miss Rugby so much. 😭

  • Eamonn the Egg
    Eamonn the Egg 3 days ago

    laughs in first comment and 9,384 views

  • Gugu Msweli
    Gugu Msweli 3 days ago

    South Africa

  • Tim Loves Bacon
    Tim Loves Bacon 3 days ago

    Fraser Brown was incredibly lucky not to get a red card there. Scotland lost Brown for 10 minutes. England lost Daly for the rest of the competition. Scotland fans can have no complaints.

    • kayester10
      kayester10 2 days ago

      Daly started the next game vs Ireland

  • The Rugby Lab Podcast

    Can’t find this documentary anywhere

  • tom dennison
    tom dennison 3 days ago

    Pure desire - best try ever

  • Paul Cadden
    Paul Cadden 4 days ago

    Must say, shocking camera work on this game. Love watching the roses play aswell as any game but you can hardly follow this. Poor cuts and zooms, jurky motion and no replay action. Poor show for an international game of this Caliber

  • stellen11
    stellen11 4 days ago


  • Twotone
    Twotone 4 days ago

    Thanks for sharing. Shame about the disparity in the commentator audio levels.

  • meg Wilkinson
    meg Wilkinson 4 days ago

    What an iconic year for England if only we knew the grand slam would be followed by winning the World Cup - what an era - marvellous

  • Steve McCann
    Steve McCann 4 days ago

    Have seen more drop goals in this match then all of this year’s six nations I think. There would have been a few more yellows too if abiding by new rules on anything to do with the head.

  • Daniel L
    Daniel L 4 days ago

    what’s the timer for ?

  • Owen Richards
    Owen Richards 4 days ago

    Awesome barbarians team - like the old days

  • Dave Wolfy
    Dave Wolfy 4 days ago

    First 50 minutes, cracking game.

  • Simon Frampton
    Simon Frampton 4 days ago

    Talk about a cricket score

  • Phoenix Fridge
    Phoenix Fridge 4 days ago

    Considering how hit and miss the set piece for England was It was a hell of a match I always wondered how would have been if Steve Thompson and line out had functioned " bag ball what was that???" Still better then than in the World Cup

  • Tom Krys
    Tom Krys 5 days ago

    Been a top player for England over the years

  • Jack Balseiro
    Jack Balseiro 5 days ago

    England vs New Zealand 2003 please

  • Synyster-_-27
    Synyster-_-27 5 days ago

    Can someone explain what that first penalty was for?

    • Ian Hayward
      Ian Hayward 5 days ago

      Neil Back offside? Bit of a guess, it's hard to see.

  • Thad tuiol
    Thad tuiol 5 days ago

    South Africa vs Italy 2016

  • Thad tuiol
    Thad tuiol 5 days ago

    A 3-0 drubbing of Oz in its own backyard was sweet revenge for what happened a year earlier at the 2015 RWC

    JCT GAMING 5 days ago

    Johnny was something else.

  • Greg Phillips
    Greg Phillips 5 days ago

    There was so much more space on the field in 2003, made for exciting rugby!

  • NCB
    NCB 5 days ago

    Very........................ white.

  • BigG
    BigG 5 days ago

    Thank you Ian , what a fantastic second half in defence and attack. Unbelievable win. Thanks man

  • Stephen Sampford
    Stephen Sampford 5 days ago

    Well! That was well worth another watch.

  • Nick Pollard
    Nick Pollard 5 days ago

    An immaculate performance. The writing was on the wall. A special say for Richard Hill - often underlooked but he made this pack work - one of the best back rows of all time.

  • stroketheboat
    stroketheboat 5 days ago

    How good was Geordan Murphy - awesome player.

    • Henry Hunter
      Henry Hunter 5 days ago

      Shame he isnt doing well with leicstier

  • stellen11
    stellen11 5 days ago

    Brilliant watch for a saturday night locked in. THANKYOU.

  • tom davies
    tom davies 5 days ago

    Wilkinson in his prime was a god

  • Stench Bowers
    Stench Bowers 5 days ago

    Why didn’t you show the anthems? More importantly the build up to the anthems?

    • sbranagh1
      sbranagh1 5 days ago

      Indeed. It was epic, anthems hugely respectful as well. A bit of a shame as this was so historic.

  • chavrossavros
    chavrossavros 5 days ago

    Amazingly arrogant finish by Greenwood!

    • chavrossavros
      chavrossavros 5 days ago

      Fair play but I bet the Irish felt “arrogant English”! What a great team we were in 2003!

    • Ian Walker
      Ian Walker 5 days ago

      he was taking the piss out of his mate, Wilko, actually. the game was done, no arrogance at all.

  • James Crisp
    James Crisp 5 days ago

    oh how rucks have changed...

  • William Fell
    William Fell 5 days ago

    Jesus johnny had it all

  • Roman
    Roman 5 days ago

    *England Rugby* Cool !! keep going

  • Roman
    Roman 5 days ago

    *England Rugby* Cool !! keep going

  • Roman
    Roman 5 days ago

    *England Rugby* Cool !! keep going

  • Roman
    Roman 5 days ago

    *England Rugby* Cool !! keep going

  • Marcus Antonius
    Marcus Antonius 5 days ago

    Don't know why everyone was complaining about JJ playing 11, he's quick and has an amazing step.

  • Simon Turner
    Simon Turner 5 days ago

    well done boys hope you win the Wales game good luck👍😎

  • Tim Loves Bacon
    Tim Loves Bacon 6 days ago

    How Francis wasn’t sent off for gouging Cole I’ll never know.

  • Fin Dennett
    Fin Dennett 6 days ago

    Faz probably doesn’t get them

  • Poopski McJetski
    Poopski McJetski 6 days ago

    Please give us England vs Wales 4th August 2007 🙏

  • Poopski McJetski
    Poopski McJetski 6 days ago

    I love beating the Welsh. 😍

  • Conor Clarke
    Conor Clarke 6 days ago

    I seriously wish I could have been there...

  • MKRM27
    MKRM27 6 days ago

    About as accurate and insightful as me commenting on high fashion

  • MKRM27
    MKRM27 6 days ago

    Why do you allow someone who doesn’t know much about rugby to do the commentary?

  • Roman
    Roman 6 days ago

    *England Rugby* I looking for your next video

  • Roman
    Roman 6 days ago

    *England Rugby* I looking for your next video

  • Roman
    Roman 6 days ago

    *England Rugby* I looking for your next video

  • parai parai
    parai parai 7 days ago

    They are the Black Ferns. It is not that hard really, I'll say it again, BLACK FERNS. You shitheads.

  • Sports Archivist
    Sports Archivist 7 days ago

    Imagine scoring 45 points... and still being smacked by 18 points... strange day this was.

  • Poopski McJetski
    Poopski McJetski 7 days ago

    4th August 2007 England vs Wales pleeeeaaaassseeeee

  • Poopski McJetski
    Poopski McJetski 7 days ago

    There are 3 achievements in Rugby that a team can achieve that will shut all haters up for a short amount of time. 1: Winning a World Cup 2: Beating the All Blacks 3: Having an unbeaten calendar year England have achieved all of them but I'm not one of those arrogant English fans. England need another World Cup before all haters will fully shut their mouths.

  • Poopski McJetski
    Poopski McJetski 7 days ago

    We beat New Zealand twice every 10 years which is quite poor but it's still better than any other Northern Hemephere team and we don't play them as much as the Southern Hemephere teams do.

  • Brock L
    Brock L 7 days ago

    Is this uk or india?

  • Poopski McJetski
    Poopski McJetski 7 days ago

    The way England bounce back from that painful Ireland defeat and went unbeaten for the rest of the year was incredible. It's just a damn shame we choke in the most important games.

  • Poopski McJetski
    Poopski McJetski 7 days ago

    Please put the second test up. It's the only game of the series I didn't watch. 😭 Or at least send me a link on FLash-player.

  • Poopski McJetski
    Poopski McJetski 7 days ago

    This wasn't the first time in 6nations history England won back to back 6nations. The year 2000 and 2001 England won both and the year 2000 was the first ever 6nations I think.

  • Poopski McJetski
    Poopski McJetski 7 days ago

    Love beating the Scots.

  • Poopski McJetski
    Poopski McJetski 7 days ago

    I just hope England Rugby doesn't crumble like Australia did after 2003.

  • Joseph Dredd
    Joseph Dredd 7 days ago

    That England vs Italy game was a classic. Well played Italy for coming u with that.Quite astounding.

  • Martin Foster
    Martin Foster 7 days ago

    Average NFL game with the ball in play is approximately 11 minutes out of 60 mins game time. This is over roughly 3hrs and 30 minutes and is spread between offensive and defensive teams, special teams and unlimited substitution. So maybe a maximum of three minutes game for those who play the most.

  • King Ronaldo
    King Ronaldo 7 days ago

    Hi England, pin this comment

  • OsKong Gaming
    OsKong Gaming 7 days ago

    Best coach ever

    • wildebest
      wildebest 4 days ago

      Warren Gatland would have something to say about that.

    • Adam Brace
      Adam Brace 7 days ago

      quite agree. the rugby that quins side played in 2011/12 was outstanding.

    • Poopski McJetski
      Poopski McJetski 7 days ago

      Second best Northern Hemephere coach in history if we're going off achievements with the amount of time he's been coaching England.

  • Patrick Samphire
    Patrick Samphire 7 days ago

    Thanks for putting this up. I'm enjoying catching up on the women's matches. Shame the refereeing of this was so poor.

  • DC
    DC 8 days ago

    There's no way the first try was grounded! Mako with a brilliant try saving tackle.

  • Poopski McJetski
    Poopski McJetski 8 days ago

    The fact that England ended an 18 year wait of beating South Africa in South Africa on a bad year is pretty decent.

  • Yanlord
    Yanlord 8 days ago

    *Safety Alert:* To all boys attending the Northampton School for Boys (NSB), please check out flash-player.org/video/7t3sZjDKFuA-video.html.

  • Yanlord
    Yanlord 8 days ago

    *Safety Alert:* To all boys attending the Northampton School for Boys (NSB), please check out flash-player.org/video/7t3sZjDKFuA-video.html.

  • Thad tuiol
    Thad tuiol 9 days ago

    England wearing imperial purple jackets, as if they are Roman emperors. Arrogant!

  • James Davis
    James Davis 9 days ago


  • Poopski McJetski
    Poopski McJetski 9 days ago

    Greatest rivalry in Rugby Union in my opinion. Games won: England: 25:25 Australia Both beat eachother in World Cup finals. It's the true Northern vs Southern rivalry.

  • Clips For you
    Clips For you 9 days ago


  • Francis McCrystal
    Francis McCrystal 10 days ago

    Awesome the way the just hug as soon as the final whistle goes.

  • Harry Haynes
    Harry Haynes 10 days ago

    odouza is massive

  • Ben Turnbull
    Ben Turnbull 10 days ago

    Inspiring from the start. I'm very proud to be an England fan!