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  • Issy YourBoo
    Issy YourBoo 6 seconds ago

    Y'all fucking saw it here! Corrina DOESN'T CARE!😂😂😂😂 all the little kids were talking so much shit about Natalie backstabbing Corrina in the last vlog😂😂😂😂

  • Agelu A
    Agelu A 45 seconds ago

    Had to watch this after the Dolan twins documentary to make myself laugh

  • Egal Egal
    Egal Egal 50 seconds ago


  • Kaliyah Stewart
    Kaliyah Stewart 50 seconds ago

    my dumbass like wtf is a dacrisipian

  • ArtiXx4You
    ArtiXx4You Minute ago


  • Joe Waun
    Joe Waun Minute ago

    I would marry Carly in a heartbeat. I may be broken physicaly right now and emotionally since birth and don't have a real job right now but. Well that's it all I have to offer.

  • Rylan Price
    Rylan Price Minute ago


  • Bethany i made biscuits

    Was that fucking Andy [email protected]!!!?!?

  • Kyle Vanda
    Kyle Vanda Minute ago

    One of my favorite vlogs in a while Dave. Keep up the good work

  • Stephen Boyd
    Stephen Boyd Minute ago

    David you’re the only Californian that we will actually welcome if you wanted to move to Texas

  • Jane Kellie
    Jane Kellie 2 minutes ago


  • Ralph Lugo
    Ralph Lugo 3 minutes ago

    Single mom and has 3 jobs and takes care of her mother, and Dave give her a gift $$$ best gift ever

  • Fornza
    Fornza 3 minutes ago

    in the next year or two space x is launching a hotel in space

  • Amaria Rosee
    Amaria Rosee 3 minutes ago

    Smoking a blunt and currently crying at 1:35am

  • ZaRe noodles
    ZaRe noodles 4 minutes ago

    David:*says the n word David:"its fine my ex is black"

  • Z1NE Edd1Ne
    Z1NE Edd1Ne 4 minutes ago

    Soccer ? Never heard of that

  • rhea walker
    rhea walker 5 minutes ago

    0:45 jason’s shirt 😂

  • MMZane 8
    MMZane 8 5 minutes ago

    Imagine the guy Kevin, hearing that his girl thought about marrying David, he's behind David like sobbing xDdd

  • Sasha St. Pierre
    Sasha St. Pierre 5 minutes ago

    Sasha and individual: “what’s a daca respatarien? Is that where you can’t eat fish?”

  • Rebecca T
    Rebecca T 5 minutes ago

    I miss Alex

  • Patricia
    Patricia 5 minutes ago

    But I want Corinna and Natalie togetherrrrr

  • Ralph Demiao
    Ralph Demiao 5 minutes ago

    Men its getting boring

    THE REAL CIA 6 minutes ago

    Todd is the biggest fuck boy ever

  • Oliver Bourke
    Oliver Bourke 6 minutes ago

    Last time I was this early Alex was in every video

  • Rory McKay
    Rory McKay 6 minutes ago

    can you like this comment for no reason

  • Helper of Problems
    Helper of Problems 7 minutes ago

    Never fire Jason

  • Dixie Normous
    Dixie Normous 8 minutes ago

    So david just carries a $25000 check wherever he goes I guess

  • Trey Belli
    Trey Belli 8 minutes ago

    Ilya deserves so much better 😭

  • Ekjot Singh Khurana
    Ekjot Singh Khurana 8 minutes ago


  • Mannan Ali
    Mannan Ali 9 minutes ago

    The song is honestly amazing

  • Manic2K19
    Manic2K19 9 minutes ago

    So if they aint hitting cocaine, wtf they be putting up their nose?

  • Kade _
    Kade _ 9 minutes ago

    its been 5 years what the fuck youtube

  • Jay Uchiha
    Jay Uchiha 9 minutes ago

    David was really in Dallas & I didn’t get to see him /:

  • Buildablejoker
    Buildablejoker 9 minutes ago

    Andrew Henderson isn’t a pro football player lad

  • omar hussein
    omar hussein 10 minutes ago

    David could you buy me a gaming pc

  • Zenith Kissana
    Zenith Kissana 10 minutes ago

    David, surprise me for the vlog already you asshole

  • Cindy Serrano
    Cindy Serrano 10 minutes ago


  • Louis-Tchine Pickering
    Louis-Tchine Pickering 10 minutes ago

    Man like Andrew Henderson finally made it 😂👌

  • MynameisMournless
    MynameisMournless 10 minutes ago

    “He’s balancing on this railing” but he’s holding a sign.

  • JC
    JC 10 minutes ago

    This is the first time FLash-player has made me cry...never did I think that it would be a David Dobrik video that broke the seal! This is heart warming as fuck! You're a total legend, David! David for king!!!

  • the indian noob
    the indian noob 10 minutes ago

    why did the boyfriend say no as well?? like he thought he was getting half

  • Jazmin Garcia Landin
    Jazmin Garcia Landin 11 minutes ago

    i cry omg

  • Mikey Twomey
    Mikey Twomey 11 minutes ago

    Why the nigga have to get weird “all I wanted to do was see her smile”

  • TNH
    TNH 11 minutes ago

    Anyone else thinks Todd is playing this whole Natalie thing for clicks and all ?

  • Mal TV
    Mal TV 11 minutes ago

    Anybody have tips on growing your YT channel🤔

  • Justin Chiu
    Justin Chiu 12 minutes ago

    flash-player.org/video/hWKbZpwvhcc-video.html LOL

  • Edward Yeung
    Edward Yeung 12 minutes ago

    LMAO the last three vids have all featured Nat and Todd... Not complaining tho

    ADAM DABEAST 12 minutes ago

    Hes copying alex warren

  • Victortrelas10
    Victortrelas10 12 minutes ago

    I wanted to seee corrinas reaction when todd said i wish you were in the backseat of the Tesla

  • skylar blau
    skylar blau 12 minutes ago

    I stg if Natalie and Todd become a thing I’m not watching anymore lmao

  • N E
    N E 12 minutes ago

    Did the money came from david's own money bc if wasnt planning on giving money and just scaring her, he could have not planned it, right???

  • double o
    double o 13 minutes ago

    Does anyone actually care about the vlogs being 4 minutes and 20 seconds long

  • Arnold Jesse
    Arnold Jesse 13 minutes ago

    What’s her insta?

  • RoboOggy
    RoboOggy 14 minutes ago

    When u have no idea what DACA means

  • the indian noob
    the indian noob 14 minutes ago

    who else heard the ball bounce after it stopped bouncing on his foot?

  • Cam cam 420
    Cam cam 420 14 minutes ago

    first good vlog in awhile

  • MrStansman
    MrStansman 15 minutes ago

    Is it just me or do other people see the vlogs slowly dying, it’s got no zing about it anymore. It’s the same stuff like giving money out and doing boring collaborations. Maybe it’s time for him to go down another avenue because it looks like the rest of the vlogsquad have grown up and he hasn’t. Best get out on top then see yourself hit rock bottom

  • Keanu Haumahu
    Keanu Haumahu 15 minutes ago

    "No I don't need anything, your presence is worth way more." She deserves that check

  • Shane Doherty
    Shane Doherty 16 minutes ago

    he still hasnt acknowledged the SUP army in the vlogs, but he will, he fucking will

  • L E O N S O N N Y
    L E O N S O N N Y 16 minutes ago

    David Dobrick is still alive!

  • coldfusion
    coldfusion 16 minutes ago

    420 nice

  • William Hollis
    William Hollis 17 minutes ago

    When have you not seen ellier drunk lol (btw don’t fucking reply and say “YoU sPeLleD tHaT wRoNg”, I know I did so shut up about it)

  • Edward Yeung
    Edward Yeung 17 minutes ago

    Todd wishes it was Nat in the back of the tesla 😉

  • Fungamer 13
    Fungamer 13 17 minutes ago

    Been watching almost every video from David since 7pm (2nd time) and god damn they are hilarious and I’m vibing which makes me happy.

  • Nick sheehy 777
    Nick sheehy 777 18 minutes ago

    I’m watching this at 4:20 am

  • tsehat
    tsehat 18 minutes ago


  • Alex Slt
    Alex Slt 18 minutes ago

    The song scene was so cringe

  • Coby Whitcombe
    Coby Whitcombe 19 minutes ago

    Poor corina 😢

  • another ONE
    another ONE 19 minutes ago

    4:10 Was tis a roast to the other one 👀🙇‍♂️

  • diana
    diana 19 minutes ago

    I mf love David. he deserves nothing but the best.

  • Neil Hatrick Harris
    Neil Hatrick Harris 19 minutes ago

    I knew when I saw the Whataburger cup in the dude's car that there was a 90% chance y'all were in Texas.

  • London Moren
    London Moren 19 minutes ago

    If Jason wasn’t in these vlogs I would not watch them

  • Jess Richardson
    Jess Richardson 20 minutes ago

    CEO of IM ON A BUS!!!

  • NateDogSturdikat
    NateDogSturdikat 20 minutes ago

    This legend has been in the game long enough to know that “25000 donation” isn’t as good as clickbait as “Todd is still obsessed with Natalie”

  • manel Dfn
    manel Dfn 20 minutes ago

    David Dobrik is a King 👑

  • xanthos k.
    xanthos k. 20 minutes ago

    Where's thee aaaaappp david

  • Jeremiah Becker
    Jeremiah Becker 20 minutes ago

    HOLD DA FUCK UP!!!! Natalie and Todd are talking. So wait Todd dated Corinna and now he talking to Natalie. Jeff with his fine piece of cold chocolate cheesecake cuz fuck normal cake. Anyways he over here being single. Not fucking nor fucked with anyone in the group and he likes you and he. Now I ain't gay but... Jeff sends tingles. He over here waiting now guess what when Todd pisses you off one of you gotta go and guess which one goin. Todd's ass. And guess who else, Jeff because he is a good friend. #SATURDAYISFORTHEBOYZ!!!!!! And that's why your man can't wait for the weekend. But go ahead someone respond if I'm wrong. Watch what happens

  • Chris Gauci
    Chris Gauci 21 minute ago

    Anyone realised that David just stole Kevin's girl

  • Alvaro #
    Alvaro # 21 minute ago

    david is in love with that girl😂

  • UnknowN BEATS
    UnknowN BEATS 21 minute ago

    Lets be real, Todd's song was fukn trash lmao

  • Wezley
    Wezley 21 minute ago

    I'm upset I really wanted Natalie and David to be together

  • seifer TV
    seifer TV 21 minute ago

    Real man cries, I'm a man

  • Inclusions
    Inclusions 21 minute ago

    Anyone else notice that the poor simp just wanted to surprise his dream girl then gets waffle stomped by David giving her 25k and stealing her 😂

  • Denise
    Denise 21 minute ago

    Why am I shipping David with Melissa lol

  • Ollyoxenfree
    Ollyoxenfree 21 minute ago

    Wait Jason was born in 1965? That means he’s 55? I swear he says he’s 45

  • M T
    M T 22 minutes ago

    Is David giving people things a *bit worn out* or a *worn out bit?* I can't decide I think I know how these replies are going to go but lbh, he aims to get paid for his 'good deeds'

  • Mattheus • 16 years ago

    The whole time, I was wondering wtf dacrosypian meant lmao. Thank you comment section lol. It's actually Daca recipient

  • EZ Justice - Gaming
    EZ Justice - Gaming 22 minutes ago

    Wait, did she even like him? Lol

  • Alzzyyy
    Alzzyyy 22 minutes ago

    “Be honest who is watching while scrolling through the comments” 🌜🍟 Gifting my next 58 sußs who put ñotifications on 🎁

  • Andres Lopez
    Andres Lopez 22 minutes ago

    Tf! David was in Texas? Lol

  • Alexander Mendoza
    Alexander Mendoza 22 minutes ago

    David really handing out money like it’s muffins

  • yo yo
    yo yo 22 minutes ago

    0:57 omg she admitted she taking to him like that

  • Nasibu Nyahunzvi
    Nasibu Nyahunzvi 23 minutes ago

    "where do you normally park when you peep through her windows" 💀💀💀💀

  • Thomas Fifita
    Thomas Fifita 23 minutes ago

    3:24 Mission fail, we’ll get em next time

  • Selena Howard
    Selena Howard 23 minutes ago

    I dream to meet David one day. Like her reaction to David is a mild reaction that I would have! Lmfaooo dude it’s literally my life dream to meet David. And hug him and just talk with him face to face. I don’t want anything from him other than his friendship! Like literally! My husband is abusive and I’m trying to get out of my marriage. And when I watch David’s vlogs around him, at first he would watch with me, but now that I confessed to having a huge crush on David, he will not let me watch his vlogs but I do anyway when he’s not around. David has brought me lots of happiness especially when I’m down. I recently had my husband arrested and got a victims report because he beat me so bad. All he’s doing is beating on me, and punching holes in my walls. Truly it hurts me to let him go, but he got a misdemeanor, and the next time he hits, me he’s gone. He has begged me to stop working so that he can “provide for us” I have worked for 8years 6years as a farmer working at 3 farms 17, hours a day (mostly volunteer work) and I was 12 when I started. I’ll be 21 in August. But the point is, i now know why he begged me to stop working, he beats on me more, and he recently smashed my iPhone 11 Pro Max. I’m scared to divorce him because he threatened my life. I told the police this, so my next step is to get a restraining order, and he said that once he got arrested that if I put a restraining order instead of a refrain from (hurting me) order, that he will kill me. I’ve had nightmares that he has killed me. But tbh when I watch David’s vlogs, I forget about my shitty marriage. I literally laugh so much, that I forget that I even am in emotional pain. Thank you David for all your amazing videos, amazing personality, and most thank you for being a genuine person on and off camera. It gives me hope that all men are not like my husband.

  • Julian Uriarte
    Julian Uriarte 24 minutes ago

    Idk how anybody dislikes

  • Drew
    Drew 24 minutes ago

    This video made me smile and laugh after a really bad day, thanks David.

  • avalon kalloo
    avalon kalloo 24 minutes ago

    Corina is bothered tbh wtf 😂

  • shrzdvrd
    shrzdvrd 24 minutes ago

    marry her David

    LOCATOR 24 minutes ago

    I’m tired of telling y’all not to chop onions around me 😒