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  • 64 Ahmed
    64 Ahmed 3 minutes ago

    25 more days of the world class messi lingard. Get the most out of him before January

  • Dan L
    Dan L 6 minutes ago

    Jammy goal and a pen😂😂😂 tactical masterclass🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 yes!!Ole in!!!

  • Brian Stirland
    Brian Stirland 6 minutes ago

    tactics my ars

  • Mark Lanahan
    Mark Lanahan 16 minutes ago

    Ole will eventually be sacked and it'll deflect the casuals anger away from the Glazers - who've run out of money. Utd will always be a 10th to 5th position team so long as the Glazers own us now.

  • Adil Champsi
    Adil Champsi 23 minutes ago

    Great podcast. Great content. Please don’t take a shit on your backend operations staff on air. Have these convos before the show.

  • Mr Kipling
    Mr Kipling 37 minutes ago

    That’s 2 games this season where I’ve had a gut feeling that we would get a result. I got it before the Liverpool game as well. Very strange. I genuinely did as well, no bullshit. Once we get the 2 or 3 quality players in that we need, we’ll be winning the games against the smaller teams who set up in a block.

  • Brandon Didier
    Brandon Didier 56 minutes ago

    It wasn't a tactical masterclass we played the same system the difference was the players decided to turn up because it would been a disaster had they lost that ...Nothing to do with Ole if McTominay wasn't available we'd of lost that game

  • Andrew K
    Andrew K Hour ago

    (Forgive the long comment in advance) Personally i was worried about this one going into it as were many of us, Jose had Spurs riding on a high since he took over and he is so familiar with most of our players , contrasted with us we coming off a few shaky performances, failed to see out matches recently and have been conceding some unnecessary goals of late. I did expect us to be motivated with Jose coming back to OT and we just tend to show up for the matches against those who have established them as the top 5 / top 6 clubs of the last few years (which includes Spurs) but i was thinking likely a draw at best. So I was pleasantly surprised how well we played , I saw a lot of work-rate , pressing and intensity for large portions of the match , we pretty much stifled them throughout the match as beyond Alli's wonder strike I didn't feel much danger from them beyond Young not closing down Aurier for far too much of the match , and we had a few more chances of our own , Rashy could have had another goal or two from open play , Greenwood had a good shot in a danger area etc. I think for the most part it comes down to motivation and players have a good match on the particular day. Far too often especially against lesser clubs too many of our players seem disinterested and not motivated which falls not only on them but the manager / coaching staff as well. But against Spurs I saw intensity , work-rate , we were in their face on both sides of the ball for most of the match. And perhaps most importantly which is rarely the case that the vast majority of our XI had good performances , Rashford was up for it and sharp / on form which we have seen is not always the case, James was covering every blade of grass on both sides of the ball even catching up to Son on the break (who had a head start no less) multiple times and breaking up the play (very impressed with James' effort levels although that is never in question anyway) , Greenwood did a lot of work off the ball and linking the play and put that good shot in , Scott showed how much this current light midfield misses him and his presence not only defensively / physically / work-rate wise but he was playing some good passes as well , Lingard had a decent match for his standards (which has not been the case for a long while) as did Fred , Fred especially that is a frustrating part that he can have good matches like these but they tend to be few and far between , AWB was on his defensive game and broke up numerous key moments , Maguire was solid and cleared a lot of aerial balls, Lindelof had one of his best defensive shifts in quite a while , DDG made some good saves , the only real negative was Young who was not nearly at his worst but was letting Aurier have a free run of it down our left by not closing him down enough (which is why i did understand the Shaw move to help solidify our left flank later in the match). Also think we benefited from Pereira not being on the pitch for most of the match , to me he has proved he is not good enough and just a detriment when he plays , should just sell him abroad as he does not look like a PL player at all. Those were the keys for me today the intensity / motivation which is the big question mark going into most matches and we saw it on display with pressing , physicality and in your face football for most of this match from us and the other key was the rare occurrence that so many of our XI were sharp , on form / on their game. Far too often the vast majority of our XI are not having good matches. Don't think it means we turned a corner or any overarching conclusions can be drawn from that and its a small club mentality to judge anything on one off results good or bad , you have to judge on prolonged trends. Of course we should enjoy the win but we should not take it much further than that. And the motivation and more players being on form on the day are definitely keys to our matches especially with our squad which is just not good enough for what we need , those two variables of being up for it and actual execution on the day have to be on point. The motivation especially against lesser opposition has to be rectified to avoid a disaster finish on the table , I also think actual proven quality and ideally leadership brought in from the transfer market (midfield especially) could help those issues which complicate us seeing off lesser clubs.

  • Sri Harsha
    Sri Harsha Hour ago

    and now?

  • Jamie B
    Jamie B Hour ago

    Hahahaha! The honeymoon period is OVER. Jose schooled by Ole! And dumb Spurs fans were lauding the Portugese Pulis and blaming Poch! Fools. 😂

  • Ambrose Nwakwuoke
    Ambrose Nwakwuoke 2 hours ago

    i cant wait for martial to be back ,with rashford and james together with a real number 10 then we could have beautiful attack, not really excited about pogba coming back

  • mehul tejura
    mehul tejura 2 hours ago

    Why the other guy got a massive parka on indoors 😂

  • ThisAndThat765
    ThisAndThat765 2 hours ago

    Lol wtf. How was that a masterclass? A keeper error and a penalty that was not a penalty. Ole is not capable of producing a masterclass. He got lucky again...

  • Adam C
    Adam C 2 hours ago

    What players are we buying in January with your knowledge Ste? I really don’t know who we can get

  • TheWoodIsPoo
    TheWoodIsPoo 2 hours ago

    Flip Flop

  • BiGZ 7
    BiGZ 7 3 hours ago

    Mctominay showed his masterclass once again, controlled the midfield like it was his own. Fred wow, couldn't fault him at all that game, had an amazing game. If Fred can replicate that kind of form every game, what a midfield that would be once pogbas back. Rashford once again shutting up his haters when he actually has service in towards him. James work rate is out of this world. Greenwood knockin on the first team sheet, left foot right foot he doesn't care. Jokes aside, lingard actually impressed. Still need to get rid of young, nearly cost a goal in the 2nd half 🙃

  • Major D
    Major D 3 hours ago

    Score is 2:1 dude, do your analysis right next time.

  • euthirox1
    euthirox1 3 hours ago

    What is Jay Courtney doing there?

  • Corey
    Corey 3 hours ago


  • Norwegian Buddha
    Norwegian Buddha 3 hours ago

    Ratings: De Gea 7 (Nothing to do really), A. Young 1 (a traffic cone would have played better), Wan Bissaka 8 (Brilliant), Lindelöf 6 (mixed, but decent), Maguire 6 (awol at goal, other than that good), Fred 6 (his best game, still average), McTominay 9 (giant), Lingard 6 (Seems rusty, but improving), James 7 (Player of the season so far), Greenwood 5 (too light weight), Rashford 9 (Just superb). Pereira and Shaw N/A (too little time).

  • mehul tejura
    mehul tejura 4 hours ago

    It is an abbreviation of ‘here you are’ - eyar

  • Declan McGrath
    Declan McGrath 4 hours ago

    I've been critical of Lingard in the past but that was arguably the best performance hes put in in a utd shirt. I think the best thing that's happened to him was that he got dropped from the utd team, dropped from the England squad. Obviously hes had to realise he needs to up his game and he has so let's hope he can keep it going. McTominay is irreplaceable for us, rashford is in the form of his life. Great result that was desperately needed.

  • tanmay chopra
    tanmay chopra 4 hours ago

    i love man utd forever

  • manase mwanza
    manase mwanza 4 hours ago


  • I Fix
    I Fix 5 hours ago

    What take Ole so long to give a good performance??? Fans ain't going to wait another 3 years for a good result !!! Don't call that a masterclass by Ole, Ole OUT !!!!!

  • Moses Francis
    Moses Francis 5 hours ago

    24 hours before that "OLE WILL LOSE"

  • ZabaDeano
    ZabaDeano 5 hours ago

    Reality is that was no masterclass by Ole. A lucky goal that the keeper should have gathered and a penalty got us the result. We still don't know what were doing at the back and anyone but Pereira please

  • Gunslinger Oy
    Gunslinger Oy 5 hours ago

    2 minutes in and this guy hit the nail on the head for me. However, I don't think most people realise or appreciate it.

  • Donchichi1m
    Donchichi1m 5 hours ago

    It’s time to stop with this Fred agenda. He’s been brilliant lately. It’s just taken him time to settle in the English game.

  • Rory Moriarty-Scanlon

    Tactical masterclass?😂 he just about beat a struggling Spurs side by merely attacking.

  • Andy Street
    Andy Street 6 hours ago

    Spurs were shite. If Rashford hadn't been brutally assaulted for the penalty, Ole would be facing the sack.

  • Karan Abraham
    Karan Abraham 6 hours ago

    lingard was running our football. beast

  • Aquarius Moon
    Aquarius Moon 6 hours ago

    'Here you are'

  • Quik stiks
    Quik stiks 6 hours ago

    "Get closer" *pulls mic away* :D

  • Reuben Isaac
    Reuben Isaac 6 hours ago

    Jeez who's this boring guy beside Stev? Please bring on someone who properly analyses the game

  • maneeb anwer
    maneeb anwer 6 hours ago

    Lol why does the mic never work properly on any show? Get some new wires or something bro

  • Damilare Pierre
    Damilare Pierre 6 hours ago

    He deploys masterclass tactics against big teams and looks clueless against smaller teams that sits deep and make it difficult to breakdown. But tell him that we can't make top 4 or win the league by beating top teams, beating the smaller teams is the only way up the log. He should wake up or face the sack.

  • The Burmanator
    The Burmanator 6 hours ago

    Post a video on how we’re going to get relegated at 20th spot! Might be our best chance of winning the league :)

  • Cappah
    Cappah 6 hours ago

    Dude looks like he shots coke out of a ‘17 plate M3

  • Shayur Badal
    Shayur Badal 7 hours ago

    Happy Birthday Stephan!

  • Ben Smalley
    Ben Smalley 7 hours ago

    Fred was MOTM in my opinion.

  • alexander alwis
    alexander alwis 7 hours ago

    "I could not find a fuck to give".

  • tcbarton
    tcbarton 7 hours ago

    Hahaha fickle ain't even the word. Tactical masterclass 😂 they won a game and on Sunday they will lose a game. Players were up for it and in 2 weeks they will be losing to average shite again

  • Edmund Jones
    Edmund Jones 7 hours ago

    Fred was on fire. Howson's guest is clueless

  • Ian Greenhalgh
    Ian Greenhalgh 7 hours ago

    EE-ar is simply 'here you are' shortened. At least, that's what I think.

  • Matt hew
    Matt hew 7 hours ago

    I hope you have another full time job other than this bullshit channel 😂

  • Monkey D. Blaze
    Monkey D. Blaze 7 hours ago

    Just looking for the Ole out people. Good ebening! 😂👀. Plastic clowns!

  • Liam Clarke
    Liam Clarke 7 hours ago

    We might have won but Young was shite & was busted after 60 mins & should have been brought off. Solskjaer is still far far too slow to make changes during games. We lucky Spurs have an off night.

  • Robin Van Persie
    Robin Van Persie 7 hours ago

    Flip flop fan, no faith in your club. Disgrace of a fan. Army should have kept you, trash!

    • Stephen Howson
      Stephen Howson 5 hours ago

      Did you look at the title and not watch the video? Coz that’s a fuckin dumb statement.

  • Ian Greenhalgh
    Ian Greenhalgh 7 hours ago

    Can we finally fuck off the idea that Ole isn't tactically good enough please. Ole needs time to grow into the role, just the same as Williams, McTominay, Rashford, Greenwood etc. need time to grow into their roles. However, the talent is clearly there, Ole clearly has the nous, but you can't turn Utd round in one season, it's going to take 3-5years and we aren't even one half of a season into that process.

  • Hilrick Louw
    Hilrick Louw 7 hours ago

    Does Howson even know how to have a conversation?

  • Guhan's Hacks
    Guhan's Hacks 7 hours ago

    Dear stephen,you must feel pretty stupid now dont you?

  • zairul chowdhury
    zairul chowdhury 7 hours ago

    Only person who says stuff like “like the vid if you’re depressed” “like the video if you’re buzzing” “like the video if you like garlic mayo with pizza” and I actually like every time after you say it 😂

  • Jase Rogers
    Jase Rogers 7 hours ago

    Do it against the smaller sides or don't bother at all. That's it.

  • Brian Whitehead
    Brian Whitehead 8 hours ago

    Been playing with 10 men them french players made glass there no good

  • Abhaas Mehta
    Abhaas Mehta 8 hours ago

    That's where stats don't tell the real tale. Fred didn't have a great passing percentage, but his passing range and forward passing vision was lit. Whereas lingard had a great pass percentage coz he mostly plays the easy 5 yard pass.. Irony is our number 10 is the most non creative player in our team

  • Luke Matthew
    Luke Matthew 8 hours ago

    OT was absolutely buzzing

  • Dark Matter 56
    Dark Matter 56 8 hours ago

    Well United won so...

  • Larry David
    Larry David 8 hours ago

    Fred was my man of the match, got stuck in and influence forward play.

  • Luke Matthew
    Luke Matthew 8 hours ago

    Ole's kids > 1992/93 squad's 1st 15 matches = facts

  • Madhurjya Kalita
    Madhurjya Kalita 8 hours ago

    relax... its only spurs..

  • philly bus wanker
    philly bus wanker 8 hours ago

    Tactical masterclass lmfao u absolute fraud

    • Rich
      Rich 34 minutes ago

      Completely agree. Tactical masterclass 😂Other than long distance shots from Marcus - who was brilliant! We created no clear cut chances!! Not one. Great energy in midfield from Fred and Scott, but no clear cut chances created.

    • Chris Frost
      Chris Frost 4 hours ago

      Totally agree. People forget we have been shite for the whole season. One win against spurs (who did not play well at all) and oles back at the wheel ha ha ha ha.

  • JoeyFucktwice
    JoeyFucktwice 8 hours ago

    No Fred hasn't improved. He is as good as he gets. He fought and ran his heart out but he seemed to play better because Scott was back beside him. You guys have just gotten used to this under average midfield we got.

  • J B
    J B 8 hours ago

    When can we sing Ole's at the wheel again?

  • EyeInTheSky
    EyeInTheSky 8 hours ago

    "Tactical masterclass "? And therein lies the issue. 1 win in 14 and all it takes is a home win and we will wonder why we will be shite for the rest of the season. But...but we won that game, what happened. Clueless cunts.

  • Malou
    Malou 9 hours ago

    Rashford scored some goals for England in the qualifiers. I presume soccer base counts those.

  • Dank Doggo
    Dank Doggo 9 hours ago

    Age well this did not! 😂

  • simon smith
    simon smith 9 hours ago

    HOWSON you should be ashamed of yourself, are you really a Liverpool fan? You talk so much shite its unbelievable. You change your mind week in week out you prat.

    • Stephen Howson
      Stephen Howson 8 hours ago

      simon smith is that logical? I simply asked a question you clearly can’t answer.

    • simon smith
      simon smith 8 hours ago

      @Stephen Howson rattled ?!

    • Stephen Howson
      Stephen Howson 9 hours ago

      What did I change my mind on, fuckwit?

  • Jason Saw
    Jason Saw 9 hours ago

    Fred was man of match

  • Harry Abel
    Harry Abel 9 hours ago

    Oh, you still have problems with mics.

  • Fred Guzan
    Fred Guzan 9 hours ago

    How do you on one hand praise lingard but smash fred it makes no sense

  • Ethan Gregory
    Ethan Gregory 9 hours ago


  • Amit Vohra
    Amit Vohra 9 hours ago

    Boring !

  • Tricky Rikki
    Tricky Rikki 9 hours ago

    Ole is a big game boss but a lesser team flop.

  • Fred Guzan
    Fred Guzan 10 hours ago

    Cool sack ole

  • lee k.
    lee k. 10 hours ago

    My MOTM was Fred. Watched him at home he made united tick

    • Anisa Ali
      Anisa Ali 8 hours ago

      Thank you! I've been saying since Aston villa but nobody seems to agree. MOTM is always someone like Rashford or Martial. Fred wasn't even nominated for MOTM on the United app. Disgrace!

  • Mr Macarony
    Mr Macarony 10 hours ago

    Yo! Rashford has 12 goals ,wow!

  • Lawrence Atherton
    Lawrence Atherton 10 hours ago

    kills me ole clockwork 70min substitute

  • Emmanuel Iredia
    Emmanuel Iredia 10 hours ago

    Mourinho's effect on United players lingers on, it is pretty amazing United can only play well when they see Mourinho. A fluke performance from United, no 10 penalty of season to united already. Is United the only team in the EPL. The average no of penalty for team in epl is 4 pen in a season, meanwhile United have gotten 10 pen already this 2019 to 2020 season yet they are battling in relegation waters, what a shame.

    • Tee X
      Tee X 4 hours ago

      They didn’t play well when he was manager

    • Vesion
      Vesion 9 hours ago


  • Vishrut Poddar
    Vishrut Poddar 10 hours ago

    Mason had a solid game. He did what he had to and had a proper 7/10 game. He is 18 after all, these games will be some great learning for him.

  • Grant Booysen
    Grant Booysen 10 hours ago

    Your honest opinion is stupid and does not give Ole the full credit he deserves. You completely neglected Ole’s record against the top 6 sides. Most fans (FLash-player pundits included) also seem to not take into account that the best Looserpool side in 30 years almost lost to the (supposedly) worst United side in 30 years.

  • Jasin Kodzodziku
    Jasin Kodzodziku 11 hours ago

    Luke Shaw should start he created more than young in 10 minutes of play time same thing with Williams but how young played over Shaw and Williams I’ll never know

    • Shriraj Shisodiya
      Shriraj Shisodiya 6 hours ago

      Shaw is coming back from injury...he looked a little shaky in kazakhstan....williams is still a kid...the game was too big for him....ole had no option but to start young ....tht is how williams should be and out that the pressure does not get to the kid...he is great going forward

  • Lazarus
    Lazarus 11 hours ago

    Ee aar is Mancunian for HERE ARE or here you go

  • Jevin Vries
    Jevin Vries 11 hours ago

    From - United will lose to Ole’s tactical masterclass. 🪀 yo-yo supporters at man united. We all need to believe more and stop doubting

  • Tiddybeth
    Tiddybeth 11 hours ago

    Enjoying that humble pie Stephen?

  • SuperSaintSanaSosa SOSA

    Mans said we dont have a choice but to play Fred, like he wasnt the best player on the pitch 😤

  • Lucas Ndungu
    Lucas Ndungu 11 hours ago

    I expected a win. We always play well in big games. I'm expecting a draw against City.

  • Harvey Smith
    Harvey Smith 11 hours ago

    Can everyone just shut up with Ole out now please and get behind the team, the manager and the staff. What a performance. Jose, the so called special one, has transformed Spurs, a team struggling under a manager who was tipped to be the saviour of United. Think about that. Potts lost the dressing room at Spurs, Jose comes in and transforms things straight away and everyone is now fearing playing Spurs led by Jose. He came to Old Trafford oh so keen on massaging his Ego. Surrely this wasn't going to be difficult, a team without it's star player, lacking confidence, hit with an injury crisis, a squad from four managers, severly lacking a proper midfield, nothing on the bench to call on to change a game, all the inside knowlendge of the players and a so called inexperienced manager. How hard could it be?

  • Kelvin Sutherland
    Kelvin Sutherland 11 hours ago

    Happy birthday to me, Ste and Anthony. Got a good present. I hope Martial gets better soon.

  • Simo Simo
    Simo Simo 11 hours ago

    Oles tactic only work for the big team Like Bilbao and betis la liga

  • Mos Def
    Mos Def 11 hours ago

    I honestly wasn't scared. I told my folks days ago we are gonna beat spurs. And I told them I'm not scared of city. What I know for sure is, if we play against any team that doesn't park the bus. We'll score. Open the game and we'll score.

  • RunRideDive
    RunRideDive 11 hours ago

    We have the midfield we currently have because of the manager we currently have and because he didn't replace players he let go. Let's not make shit up to suit our agenda lads. Every team has injuries, it's to be expected in football. Failing to plan for this is squarely on the managers shoulders. That is exactly why teams have squads

    • Brian Pedron
      Brian Pedron 2 hours ago

      @RunRideDive that's what they tell him to say because everyone knew we are short of midfielders so everyone wanted to take advantage of that and wanted more money for squad players which Ed didn't wanted to do because he wants to stop overpaying and change United image in market. As for Maguire we didn't have any choice to pay for him. I think you're a kid who doesn't understand how Manchester United Club has been run. Poch was doing the same thing for Levy. Ole is doing same over here for Ed. Taking the entire attention and focus on them. They are responsible it's their decision, but in general everyone knows who's decision was that. History speaks for itself.

    • RunRideDive
      RunRideDive 10 hours ago

      @Brian Pedron don't be a knob, Ole said money is available but he didn't find anyone he wants

    • Brian Pedron
      Brian Pedron 10 hours ago

      Wrong Ed didn't replaced them. It's a common sense, Ole came out and said his happy to take blame away from Ed. He says what he is said to do. Everyone knows it. Grow up.

  • tom tweed
    tom tweed 12 hours ago

    Felt the same way to me, a hard day at the office. But ole did it to my suprise ! Now see how we go against city.

  • Kasey Chana
    Kasey Chana 12 hours ago

    Liverpool are gonna win the league. Who are ya

  • Thabang Letsoalo
    Thabang Letsoalo 12 hours ago

    Well what a headline this is after last night

  • MiNi
    MiNi 12 hours ago

    Soon as Howson said Lingard was excellent 🤣🤣 ..I tuned out n switched channels. Howson, u smokin some of Ole's 'Deluded Haze' strain m8? 😁

    • MiNi
      MiNi Hour ago

      @C Mukupo 🤣🤣🤣 ..well since u put it that way.. I totally agree man. 🤣🤣

    • C Mukupo
      C Mukupo Hour ago

      @MiNi honestly it seems you already understand Lingards level, see we cant judge him by a better player's standards. We judge him by a better Lingards standard. You must admit taking the last 11 months as his standard he was excellent 😂😂

    • Tee X
      Tee X 4 hours ago

      Brian Pedron how many were converted into the currency of football -goals

    • MiNi
      MiNi 10 hours ago

      Lingard sets a bad standard for the youth coming through - Simple as that.

    • MiNi
      MiNi 11 hours ago

      If Lingard was not a Manchester lad who came thru our academy, would u still applaud the 'effort'. If thats the case, you must be huge fans of Fellaini. - who btw imo is a hella better player than Lingard. He tried, I give you that.. but honestly, a 27 year old.. from our academy.. playing in the no 10 - That was Crap m8. Lingard's been with us since he was a kid.. and in over 10 years at United, he's had 2 good months.

  • Dene. F.
    Dene. F. 12 hours ago

    Got this result badly wrong kiddo! Lol.

  • adam lilley
    adam lilley 12 hours ago

    Fred was fantastic today, it's fair to say he lacks quality in possession, but he is giving it his all out there, that means a lot to me as a fan, going to be Interesting what pogba shows up on his return!

  • Jim Wilson
    Jim Wilson 12 hours ago

    Ole now brilliant, Saturday ?, snowflake commentators, can't see past their nose

  • Deem James
    Deem James 13 hours ago

    Fred has been solid and I feel like he's being underrated atm. Mostly silent when his stats were shown cuz it was better than they thought. Didn't confirm their bias. Give Fred more credit!

    • no9scrum
      no9scrum 6 hours ago

      Fred had a good game today but it shouldn't make you overlook how bad he's been in the recent past