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  • Mark Harper
    Mark Harper 5 minutes ago

    The way I see it , you have almost two "first teams", one for the league, one for cup comps.

  • Lance Su'a
    Lance Su'a Hour ago

    QUALITY interview Mr Howson.

  • Ron Sparks
    Ron Sparks Hour ago

    First goal will be the hardest. After that, the game will open right up. I’m just hoping for an early united goal.

  • funny cakes
    funny cakes Hour ago

    You've judged our game against Leicester on possession and said we were poor ? Just shows you don't know what your talking about we don't play with possession we let teams hsbe possession and then we counter attack... Do your research before making a video

  • Tony Marshall
    Tony Marshall 2 hours ago

    Best channel

  • culture cypher
    culture cypher 2 hours ago

    some journalists are alright out of work, but they really do talk bullshit in work. what a disgusting field of work to be involved in. i could never trust a journalist

  • Ben Cooper
    Ben Cooper 3 hours ago

    Howsen is obsessed with the 4222 diamond formation

  • Adrian Richards
    Adrian Richards 4 hours ago

    Remember last guys decided you’d roll over us....let’s see Monday

  • parsa taheri
    parsa taheri 5 hours ago

    ffs why don't we just sign a fuckin right winger?!

  • neothematrix2000
    neothematrix2000 5 hours ago

    I saw the thumb and thought it was Tommy the twat Robinson🤣🤣🤣

  • shinysnake
    shinysnake 6 hours ago

    Man I really think Fred can succeed but he needs some games!!

  • Mark Fenner
    Mark Fenner 6 hours ago

    I like you and your channel but sometimes if you don't agree with someones comment you can be a right ignorant prick. Just ease on on the snide comments. Apart from that... Good video.

  • thready77
    thready77 6 hours ago

    so good to listen to reasoned debate about United..with a good dose of reality and perspective on where we are in our transition.

  • eric solskjar
    eric solskjar 6 hours ago

    Morinho will be proven right those clowns at OT woukdnt back him

  • EyesWideOpen
    EyesWideOpen 7 hours ago

    Cheers Steven great stuff

  • jack jack
    jack jack 7 hours ago

    not many people mentioned perriras corners, first time not hitting the first man in a long time.

  • raghav ahuja
    raghav ahuja 7 hours ago

    We let Lukaku go but we have Angel, Mason and Chong come in as replacements, Herrera and Fellaini left but Timbo and Garner are back ups. This season United will surprise people. We will challenge for No. 21 this season.

  • Aslam Hussain
    Aslam Hussain 7 hours ago

    Wolverhampton v Man Utd yet another game at the same venue third time in 5 months but lost the last 2 but let's hope something good because City dropped points and it's early days let's hope those scouse rats don't win again

  • raghav ahuja
    raghav ahuja 7 hours ago

    why is everyone forgetting about Timothy Fosu-Mensah? he is back from his loan and can very easily slot in the team as CDM backup for McTominay and Matic

    • raghav ahuja
      raghav ahuja 4 hours ago

      @Hug a Hobo yes but he won't be injured for the entire season. He will be back soon....

    • Hug a Hobo
      Hug a Hobo 7 hours ago

      raghav ahuja he’s injured

  • appleicky
    appleicky 7 hours ago

    Bring this guy on again. He's good

  • Monro
    Monro 8 hours ago

    Yeah, well done Stephen, great interview. It needs intelligence and knowledge of the game and players to interview a journalist like this and pose questions that challenge and make them think. Great work!

  • bob vickers
    bob vickers 8 hours ago


  • Stuie Hunter
    Stuie Hunter 9 hours ago

    Maybe I'm completely wrong here, but I don't think Rashford can be a 20 league goal striker every season. He's an ideal distraction. When people are busy man marking him, Martial needs to exploit that space.

  • The Bizness
    The Bizness 10 hours ago

    The audio could be better boys

  • Hemant Bubna
    Hemant Bubna 10 hours ago

    Top Top Video !!

  • haaristheg 7
    haaristheg 7 12 hours ago

    Rashford 17 pl goals Martial 21 pl goals Pogba 11 pl goals Sanchez 6 pl goals James 7 pl goals Maguire 3 pl goals Greenwood 10 pl goals Gomes 4 pl goals Chong 4 pl goals Pereira 4 goals 87 goals for the season and hopefully concede max 20-25 lets get top 3

  • Saša Golić
    Saša Golić 13 hours ago

    General problem in english Football perception is underrating players from other countries and overhyping their own players , so they will never wanted to see that martial is top world talent with natural ability who should be first choice striker no ,,but they will only see that Marcus have better work ethic and based on that he should be main man upfront , by the way don’t get me wrong I think Marcus is amazing and I love him but we have to be clear on this ...other comparison is jones Smalling vs Bailly where is so so obvious that Erik is a miles better footballer then this two and only because of injuries his is being stopped with a process of becoming one of the first choices in the team... and so on million examples.... But Maguire now and in the past Rooney Scholes Ferdinand Lampard Terry are all English pure quality players but that talent is only providing with other top talents across the world, so best English players in combination with best foreign players was always formula to make very successful team in England ... my point :problem is in determination of the players ability, before people where aware of who is a class player and who can lead the team ,and today people are rating some very average quality only because they are young and they from England... Man City and Liverpool are not included in this story cause there all main players are foreign players but I wanna see United makeup a best English players in a team with couple of best foreign players and Fergie was genius in that sense cause he was always looking first to ensure best young English talents and then buy couple of players from Europe ,that’s how you get longevity with a team ,cause nobody cannot love to play in England then naturally English boys ... that’s why Rojo Darmian Fred etc... average foreign players with a Smalling Jones Young average English players are wrong concept for the club... I think that buying Maguire and Bissaka is that old proven and only logical way of making the new team which can have future and success,, it’s a concept the gonna take time but the success is guaranteed!

    • jimmy mac62
      jimmy mac62 7 hours ago

      Agree with your last point; only buy the best available players in the positions you need to fill. The best foreign players will rarely stick around beyond 5 years at United because of the lack of trophies, and because the pull of Barca and Real is too much, even though we pay top dollar. But the best managers and coaches do inspire more loyalty, especially those who were at United under Fergie for several years or more, which is one of the reasons why we need to keep hold of Ole and his coaching team. I'd love to have Van Der Saar as our CEO

  • DJ
    DJ 13 hours ago

    Great guys. Love this content!!!!! Horny or something ahahahaha

  • samairey 2003
    samairey 2003 13 hours ago

    Another great podcast Stephen mate

  • Romil Patel
    Romil Patel 13 hours ago

    Excellent interview! 👏🏻

  • dioforce
    dioforce 13 hours ago

    We should sign PIERRE-EMIL HOJBJERG from Southhampton for our midfield I reckon we'll grab a striker/midfielder in January -- no big deal

  • Aj Smith
    Aj Smith 14 hours ago

    Great Quality! Best yet!!!

  • Les Silkowski
    Les Silkowski 14 hours ago

    Another very interesting and watchable interview with a worthy, if tired-looking guest. Keep up the great work!

  • DarKxAndFriends
    DarKxAndFriends 14 hours ago

    Do you think Fosu will get a chance when he recovers?

  • Anthony Helm
    Anthony Helm 14 hours ago

    Reckon 5th this year hope I'm wrong but utds squad ain't that big .

    • Tony 2 Toes
      Tony 2 Toes 14 hours ago

      We'll be 4th behind liverpool. I expect Tottenham to push for 2nd this year

  • Undiscovered Stars
    Undiscovered Stars 14 hours ago

    Martial has been way less consistent than rashford and gets way less chances. Why are we still acting like he’s miles ahead?

    • Undiscovered Stars
      Undiscovered Stars 10 hours ago

      Justinas Digimas not true. He was something like 3rd I think. But the more shots you have the lower your conversation rate goes. He also played as a winger last year. His movement outside the box is non existent

    • Justinas Digimas
      Justinas Digimas 12 hours ago

      Martial statistically is most lethal finisher in premier last year

  • Ratik Sharma
    Ratik Sharma 14 hours ago

    Great conversation as usual, Ste!

  • Old School Gamer
    Old School Gamer 14 hours ago

    Where it comes to Alexi Sanchez I want to see United play FourFourTwo diamond in games with a better midfield containing Fred, McTomy, Pogba and Sanchez as the point just behind Martial and Rashford

    • The Bizness
      The Bizness 10 hours ago

      Old School Gamer Sanchez is done. Play Gomes in the position he will tear it up

  • AM Fitness
    AM Fitness 15 hours ago

    It’s always good to have a well spoken, neutral professional talk about the club. Enjoy these very much. Keep up the good work Howson!

  • David Thomas
    David Thomas 15 hours ago

    Use the lukaku money to get sancho , give A.Gomes Greenwood Garner new contracts

  • Floyderman
    Floyderman 15 hours ago

    I think that dalot is a much better crosser then he is a defender and personally like to see him pushed to be more of a right sided winger, not as first choice but his crossing ability is the best at the club it will always be a benefit to keep him I'm my opinion

  • Joe Tomlin
    Joe Tomlin 15 hours ago

    Can we get some likes for Stephen’s EXCELLENT Stone Roses shirt?

  • Emmanuel Iwhiwhu
    Emmanuel Iwhiwhu 15 hours ago

    Rashford makes the runs but is not a natural finisher. Martial is a natural finisher but doesn't always make the runs. I prefer a natural finisher anyday as I believe it's easier to learn how to make runs than to become a good finisher.

    • Danny King
      Danny King 8 hours ago

      @Emmanuel Iwhiwhu You have a point there. However, I do feel that Martial is more devastating playing on the left than centrally. He is a better finisher but not a better Striker in my opinion. Rashford to me, is better at getting in behind and moving into the channels. With the way Ole sets up the team though, there will be a lot of position changes between the front 3, so there wouldn't necessarily be a set in stone central forward.

    • Emmanuel Iwhiwhu
      Emmanuel Iwhiwhu 11 hours ago

      @Danny King yeah he's improved. But you don't learn finishing. You cannot keep a better finisher far from the goal just because you want to teach another player how to finish. If he surprises us, it will be nothing but a surprise afterall, it's only termed a surprise because he will be exceeding expectations. I'm giving my opinion based on what we know about each player's talents.

    • Danny King
      Danny King 12 hours ago

      I feel Rashford has improved a lot in his finishing. Watch his last few goals compared to others. He now looks a lot more composed. He may surprise a lot of you this season.

  • Nickolas Lim
    Nickolas Lim 16 hours ago

    Quality guest, quality discussion. Like.

  • Andile Ntuli
    Andile Ntuli 16 hours ago

    Simon is crazy..Rashford better than Martial at leading the line???!!!.. Martial scores 4/5 of his chances..Rashy needs about 10 just to put one away. I dont agree at all. Yes Rashy has gotten better but let's not take that result against Chelasea and think he's the man. Just look at Toney as a 19 year old first season at Old Trafford.. too calm in front of goal,natural scorer.

  • Liam
    Liam 16 hours ago

    Good journalism and seems like a nice guy too......cheers

  • bubbzz 11
    bubbzz 11 16 hours ago

    Get pogba out

  • Young Thug
    Young Thug 16 hours ago

    I’m going to the united palace game anyone know how long it takes to get out the stadium? Planning a train journey

  • Fingers998
    Fingers998 17 hours ago

    wolves will park the bus just like they did last time. dont know what you're on about saying they'll play a possession style.

    • Fingers998
      Fingers998 19 minutes ago

      @Alex B that strategy has worked excellently well for them against the big teams. hopefully that was only for last season though and from here on we'll have the wood over them.

    • Alex B
      Alex B 11 hours ago

      Agreed , last season 2 of the 3 matches against them we had nearly 70% possession and they sat back in an organized low block and beat us on the counter, the only time the possession was about 50/50 against them is the match we went down to 10 men , believe it was Young who got the red card. Against the top 6 they defend deep , concede possession and are ruthless on the counter. They beat us twice doing so , played well against other top sides doing the same no reason to think they would alter that strategy.

  • Dhananjayan S
    Dhananjayan S 17 hours ago

    First Gary Neville, now scholesy. These legends believe United's midfield is fine and that we'll be okay. But I cannot see how that is, can someone put me out of my misery?

    • Joel Zappster
      Joel Zappster 2 hours ago

      Fine and okay, meaning we’ll survive. I don’t think they are claiming we’ll win the title with until we have the opportunity to bring new players in, that being January. However, we’re not going to get smashed either. Personally, if Pogba gets injured, we could be toast.

    • Taha Siddiqui
      Taha Siddiqui 15 hours ago

      McTominay, Fred and Pereira need to have an incredible season for that to happen. They need to be consistent.

    • Mark Pugh
      Mark Pugh 15 hours ago

      Yeah they will be slagging United off again when the same crap players down tools again

    • de Broglie
      de Broglie 17 hours ago

      Believe in McSauce

  • Leonard Martin
    Leonard Martin 17 hours ago


  • Eddie B
    Eddie B 17 hours ago

    Great interview. I think we need to keep Ole for atleast another 3 years. We've done the chopping and changing of manager's. We now need to stick with someone who has a vision a plan to move forward. If we have the same summer in the next 1 or 2 windows we should have an excellent first team. Us as fans and the club need to stick with Ole and not just toss him aside after 1 season. He needs time to implement his ideas and he'll need a couple of windows to get rid of and obtain the player's he wants in.

  • Jatin S
    Jatin S 17 hours ago

    Great listen! TUS churn out Matic again and again but SH keeps it fresh like a Garner.

  • tony freeman
    tony freeman 17 hours ago

    Sanchez was restricted under Jose. I hope he is played on the right interchanging periodically throughout the match. Martial and Rashford done well against Chelsea what are you guys on about? Keep it positive guys.

  • Sean Breslin
    Sean Breslin 17 hours ago

    Top quality content, Simon would be a great regular contributor.

  • Croppers FC
    Croppers FC 17 hours ago

    Are you against having Sanchez on the right and lingard through the middle

  • Shubham Dafale
    Shubham Dafale 17 hours ago

    Nice show

  • travis 177
    travis 177 17 hours ago

    We would like more interviews like this

  • Sushant !!
    Sushant !! 17 hours ago

    Monday? Its bloody tuesday morning in Australia 😂

  • Leonard Martin
    Leonard Martin 17 hours ago

    Don't agree with Rashford leading the line. Martial all the way. More skill and a better eye for goal.

    • Paul Bangash
      Paul Bangash 6 hours ago

      Leonard Martin yep

    • Imraan Omar
      Imraan Omar 7 hours ago

      @Maximus3075 I agree but would rather have a forward that runs into places that he then makes the wrong choice Or a player with worse movement but better control of the ball, better at bringing players into the game and an ice-cold finisher. Plus rashford is chases everything up and down the wing while Martial playing as a 9 so far, looks better playing pressing instead of tracking back. For me the benefits of Martial as a 9 is more than that of Rashford

    • Maximus3075
      Maximus3075 8 hours ago

      @Imraan Omar rashford movement is better.

    • Imraan Omar
      Imraan Omar 8 hours ago

      @Heri Pacific Martial hold up and decision making is better, instead of putting his head down and running into a cul de sac he looks for a pass

    • Heri Pacific
      Heri Pacific 12 hours ago

      It will depend on the opposition we face Rashford has better movement while Martial has better finishing. Good thing Martial is making more runs behind defenders

  • jamie cunningham
    jamie cunningham 17 hours ago

    I actually like Phil Jones! When he has good run WHEN.......!!! He’s been a bit of a powerhouse. He makes mistakes though and is injury prone. Also has great comedy value🥴🥴

  • sbu zondi
    sbu zondi 17 hours ago

    its clear as days that martial is a #9 he scored 17 goals in his debut season in that position I believe he more reliable and much more clinical than Marcus

    • Isaiah Daniel
      Isaiah Daniel 2 hours ago

      sbu zondi English press guys like Simon Peach don’t want to believe their eyes. They’re obviously biased against Martial.

  • akeem jack
    akeem jack 17 hours ago

    Manchester United and your fans, do not know how to play sanchez. TBH. Marital and Rashford are not on sanchez level to be truthful

  • Will Cowlin
    Will Cowlin 17 hours ago

    John mcginn perfect for a 3 in midfield to replace herrera

    • john
      john 4 hours ago

      @Cadmar needs another season at leicester to prove himself. too much hype around players who only have one good season. let him prove himself again this season.

    • Will Cowlin
      Will Cowlin 8 hours ago

      @Cadmar not really a like for like. Would also be a big downgrade.

    • Cadmar
      Cadmar 8 hours ago

      Maddison to replace Pogba.

  • inkwell flood
    inkwell flood 17 hours ago

    The sanchez case isn't strange, we played a shit system and he didn't have a run of games, bery simple really, like many pundits... ffs.

    • Raph 22
      Raph 22 10 hours ago

      @E Cording I watched the Copa America, he wasnt thebest player but he was still brilliant in the tournament. He ain't finished, must be played down the middle or the 10, he shines there for arsenal and Chile

    • . Rashad from Egypt
      . Rashad from Egypt 15 hours ago

      mobius drummer he wasn’t the best player though

    • E Cording
      E Cording 16 hours ago

      @mobius drummer NO WAY was he the best player at the Copa America, he disappeared Vs Peru and half the Brazil team was better

    • mobius drummer
      mobius drummer 16 hours ago

      @E Cording So shit he was the best player at the Copa America.... no good players there right?

    • E Cording
      E Cording 17 hours ago

      What are you on? He's shit, old and past it. He's literally the best payed player in the League

  • K Brennan
    K Brennan 17 hours ago

    Good video. I enjoyed this. YNWA Liverpool Champions league champions and Uefa Super Cup Champions. YNWA

  • Live it Wisely
    Live it Wisely 17 hours ago

    Great content as per Howson!

  • Joe Bastow
    Joe Bastow 17 hours ago

    You have the potential to have a elite level front line. Sanchez was a absolute world beater at arsenal, and arguably one of the best attacking players in the league at the time. Theres a reason he hasnt got firing at united and it isnt because hes suddenly less quality. I think this season could be the one where you start coming out of this hole you was left in post fergie, although I think realistically you should be looking at getting into Europa as a decent season, if you get a champions league spot you've had a brilliant season.

    • Joe Bastow
      Joe Bastow 16 hours ago

      @akeem jack your asking the wrong bloke if you want me to defend a united player 😂 but 13 and 9 I think it was last season in all comps? That's not a bad return for a 21 year old in that team, playing everywhere across the front 3 last season 🤷‍♂️ I think do think he has the potential to be up there. Hes got another 6-7 years yet before hes in his prime

    • akeem jack
      akeem jack 17 hours ago

      @Joe Bastow No way does Rashford have the potential. Lets face facts here Sanchez was playing leading Udinese team at that age. All Rashford has is speed. Advise me of something else he can do

    • Joe Bastow
      Joe Bastow 17 hours ago

      @akeem jack he has the potential to be, but the teams around them and above them all have stronger first choice "strikers" than united. And a couple of them have stronger backup strikers than uniteds first choice

    • akeem jack
      akeem jack 17 hours ago

      Agreed, they act like Rashford is on his level.....

  • Simon Preston
    Simon Preston 17 hours ago

    4 42am in jamaica and got up to watch it

  • Simon Preston
    Simon Preston 17 hours ago

    Nice interview ste

  • JiSo
    JiSo 18 hours ago

    Where is Peachy's twitter link in the descriptions?

  • zak iqbal
    zak iqbal 18 hours ago

    Smalling, Jones, Young , Rojo, Darmain and Matic need to go

    • travis 177
      travis 177 17 hours ago

      They will ole will get rid of them , he is doing it a nice respectful way .

  • RandomVidReece
    RandomVidReece 18 hours ago

    Love these chats with journo's seriously good work ste. Underrated channel been here since 25k

  • C J
    C J 18 hours ago

    That is a nice mug

  • Lee Curley
    Lee Curley 18 hours ago

    Best Man U show on youtube imo, nice to get away from all the negativity from certain other Man U channels! Keep up the good work bro and keep up the positive vibes! ✌🏻♥️

  • Rob Nightingale
    Rob Nightingale 18 hours ago

    Did someone once say that you can't win anything with kids this is a evolution of a club bringing youth through you people keep doing the same thing thinking about winning the league that's not going to happen EVOLUTION remember

    • E Cording
      E Cording 17 hours ago

      We didn't win the league with kids mate, we had titans like Irwin, Bruce, Keane and Cantona leading them

  • Moses Francis
    Moses Francis 18 hours ago

    Prolly need to get a good sound engineer for this show, great content but audio just not "crispy" as it could be, especially on headphones.

  • john Jones
    john Jones 18 hours ago

    you fat hateful cunt

    • Stephen Howson
      Stephen Howson 17 hours ago

      😚 google the meaning of irony. 😂😂😂

  • Obinna Nzeji
    Obinna Nzeji 18 hours ago

    I think mata over Lingard would be better because of matas ability to create stuff leaving the creativity to pogba reduces our options once he is marked . also as slow as matic is it would be better to play with him for this game because he will stay seated in that Dm role.

    BARGEWALK 18 hours ago

    i like Peach. Solid and no bullshit

  • Ashley Knight
    Ashley Knight 18 hours ago

    Manchester United have to sit back and counterattack wolves simple as

  • Milan Parbhoo
    Milan Parbhoo 18 hours ago

    Very nice interview. Keep it up

  • Ethan Draper
    Ethan Draper 18 hours ago

    13:02 Absolute best moment!

  • Kenny Milne
    Kenny Milne 18 hours ago

    I agree we cant lose again v wolves , but they're set up very well and totally organised , but the most worrying thing in my opinion is they're midfield is so much stronger than ours , I really hope I'm wrong and we can get the win ,

  • CallMeLum
    CallMeLum 18 hours ago

    The more you listen to reporters and guys like Neville, the more you realize it's only United supporters who are this negative about the club. Fan base is always the most toxic.

    • Nalini Lazarus
      Nalini Lazarus 14 hours ago

      Lee Anders “All fans do it” No, not all every fan does racially abuse opponents and other fans, and the mentality that you have is part of the problem, racism isn’t ok, and it’s a huge problem that at a club like United that we top arrests for racism.

    • Nalini Lazarus
      Nalini Lazarus 14 hours ago

      Lee Anders You Brant the race element into the conversation, he said we abuse our own players, which we don’t abuse them racially but online, I remember Wayne Rooney being threatened with murder and rape for allegedly asking to leave. Ashley young was racially abused by so called man united fans online as well.

    • Lee Anders
      Lee Anders 15 hours ago

      Nalini Lazarus all fans do it but the comment above said we abuse our players and the worst for that is chelsea fans END OF CONVERSATION

    • Nalini Lazarus
      Nalini Lazarus 16 hours ago

      Lee Anders Yeah not racist to the players but racist to fellow fans and opposing fans

  • Adam Dowd
    Adam Dowd 18 hours ago

    What criticism did you get? You all think you’re going to win the league now and wan bassaka is the best right back ever

    • Keith Robin
      Keith Robin 18 hours ago

      Ok...this is borderline irrelevant...but y do pipo write that name as bassaka....its clearly written on his back BISSAKA...BI not BA...not B"A"SSAKA....B"I"SSAKA

  • Adil Lambat
    Adil Lambat 18 hours ago

    AWB the RB is miles better than Maguire the CB.

    • Green Goliath
      Green Goliath 17 hours ago

      Adil Lambat you cant compare the two they play different positions. Maguire will be more consistent through the season.

    • Will McKenzie
      Will McKenzie 17 hours ago

      Adil Lambat arey bhai bhai bhai

  • Jesper Møller
    Jesper Møller 18 hours ago

    Great guest. Try to get jonathan wilson on and talk tactics. Prepare for a 7 hour video ;)

    • Stephen Howson
      Stephen Howson 18 hours ago

      I’ve been in touch. I’ll have to follow up

  • Joshua 1
    Joshua 1 18 hours ago

    I don’t even think Damian is terrible

  • Shankar Narayanan iyer

    Great job Stephan, you bring top class guests in your show👌😊

  • TheAdel16
    TheAdel16 19 hours ago

    Good job Stephen !!

  • DeLiqueRS
    DeLiqueRS 19 hours ago

    Told you last season that Dalot will probably be converted into a right midfielder, and now with Wan-Bissaka dominating the right flank, it could and should be a logical thing to do while playing Pereira in the 10 (he would be lethal in this position imo). One more thing, Pereira played for Brazil youth team cutting inside from the left on his right foot and was absolutely amazing, I watched the whole championship, he terrorised every team he played against, would like to see him a few times playing from the left. Also, I really want to see Garner, hopefully he will get some game time in cup games and I'm pretty sure he will impress.

    • travis 177
      travis 177 17 hours ago

      That is abig mistake that's exactly what drove united to what it is now , converting players , bissaka needs a raplacing sometimes , so if we need a winger we just bring a winger

  • CantBeNamed4 LegalReasons

    Enjoyed that. One of the football journalists worth listening to.

  • Adil Lambat
    Adil Lambat 19 hours ago

    What I'd go for against Wolves: David De Gea Aaron Wan-Bissaka Axel Tuanzebe Harry Maguire Luke Shaw Paul Pogba Fred Mason Greenwood Jesse Lingard Marcus Rashford Anthony Martial Axel and Mason have to start for me. Axel because of his pace so we can stop their counter and increase the speed of our transition and Mason because he'll provide us with that "x" factor and also width. We saw last season what the lack of width on the right side against Wolves did to us. Fred starts for me because I believe his ball retention in tight spaces and also his ball-playing ability is miles better than McTominay's which will help us increase our speed in the transition and also play out from the back when needed although his football IQ isn't really there.

    • Hlalefi Kgasago
      Hlalefi Kgasago 15 hours ago

      I would replace Lingard with Mctominay.

    • Good Ebening
      Good Ebening 18 hours ago

      Axel deserves a chance but I won't change the back four as it is working perfectly and to maintain consistency

  • Robert Mansell
    Robert Mansell 19 hours ago

    The defence looks much much better but we still look cobbled together in midfield and up front,fans need to be patient it’s going to take several years,getting the right players nowadays has never been tougher,and getting rid of players is even tougher,when you pay players STUPID wages on a long contract they’re not going to leave to a lesser club on a third of the money they sit it out three/four years earn a fortune and go on a free🤨

  • Adil Lambat
    Adil Lambat 19 hours ago

    He's smokin if he thinks Rashford is a better 9 than Martial

    • Green Goliath
      Green Goliath 17 hours ago

      Ekene Okere they both don’t score enough simple as that

    • Ekene Okere
      Ekene Okere 18 hours ago

      Exactly. Rashford dont score enough. Martial is a great finisher. It makes sense Martial is the number 9. I think Martial deserves his chance up front

    • William Bodie
      William Bodie 18 hours ago

      Rashford is a striker, Martial is a noodler

    • Sam H
      Sam H 18 hours ago

      @joelokoye23 so if he improves the thin heat worse at than the comparison he will be better ? Jog on

    • joelokoye23
      joelokoye23 19 hours ago

      If Rashford tidies up his finishing, I think he becomes the better no.9. His movement and work rate is already there and would make himself a nightmare for defenders to defend against with or without the ball.

  • Tom Lee
    Tom Lee 19 hours ago

    So love the intro never gets old

    • K Brennan
      K Brennan 17 hours ago

      ha yeah, Fergusons mind games and Keegan losing his shit, Newcastle melt down that year,mad season. Fergie time was real I witnessed it.

    GXNG XHIT 19 hours ago

    Fred plays like he’s running on ice. No composure. Rather see garner given a chance

  • DazzaMusic
    DazzaMusic 19 hours ago

    these warm down’s are are good watch every one you drop ste👌🏻

  • Jawad Arif
    Jawad Arif 19 hours ago

    I don't no why we never sign nevas