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We Stayed At The Taco Bell Hotel!
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Never Doing This Again.
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  • CarlixX
    CarlixX Hour ago

    I can’t believe they didn’t demonetize this for Jeffrey saying “pu$$y” 😂😂🤦🏻‍♀️

    TAEMYEON Hour ago

    what did he say at 18:33 ??? get ready what?

  • 人我是
    人我是 Hour ago

    I wish I am you !!!!

  • Mia Malinovic
    Mia Malinovic Hour ago

    24 h 1color

  • Niño Maquipoten

    2019? How are yah?

  • will B
    will B Hour ago

    You NEED to read the books omfg the books drag the movies by their LACEFRONT!!! J.k. Rowling ended the cinema's career!

  • Trina Pinon
    Trina Pinon Hour ago

    :) i love you

  • Chester Yuzon
    Chester Yuzon Hour ago

    Jeffree is so freaking hot as a guy 😍😍😍😍

  • TheCityCat
    TheCityCat Hour ago

    Nate looks like a carrot.

  • T.S Smithley
    T.S Smithley Hour ago

    Love you both!! But Jeffree I literally can’t go with out watching you!! Really wish there was a amazing cream for your eyes for women in their 40’s for fine lines with out paying a ton!! Could b a great idea Jeffree Star id be the first n line!!

  • Miss Violet
    Miss Violet Hour ago

    Who else is here, after u watch nikita dragun pop up store haahahahha

  • Raven Go
    Raven Go Hour ago

    Watching from the Philippines!!!! 🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭

  • Emma Davis
    Emma Davis Hour ago

    Jeffree should do his normal make up on one side and they 5below makeup on the other side

  • derrell carter
    derrell carter Hour ago

    Omfg , where in the fuck have you been all of my life !? I LEGIT LIVE for your beauty , your glow , your life , your honesty , humility , your truth , your purity , your voice , your choice of vocabulary , most definitely NOT least, your "Jeffree Starr Stamp of Approval" . Idgaf what ANYBODY says. Your approval is life , and the people that act like they dont care about your reviews , and are the people that are watching your vidz when nobody's around ! Anywho , I just wanted to tell you that I think that you are the most amazing & powerful influencers on the web , someone that I have looked up to for many years. I have followed your Instagram for a long time , followed your channel for a long time , just simply followed you and everything you stand for , for s king gimmmmmmnb Legit , anything that has to do with you Mr. STARR , I LIVE FOR ! You have been one of the celebs ive looked up too for so long. You are amazing , everything you stand for Is beautiful. your family is beautiful , your vibes are beautiful , *real shit* , you are beautiful inside outside and all aroundside. I fuckks witchu super tough and I love and adore and look up to you . I wanna be just like you when I grow up lmao

  • Aubrey
    Aubrey Hour ago

    yep very korean makeup always light and i love it

  • BriannaSHAINA Ruest
    BriannaSHAINA Ruest 2 hours ago

    Jeffree is sooooo pretty 😍

  • lillian andersen
    lillian andersen 2 hours ago

    Every bag is beautiful but I would take it on a trip and would spill coffee on it😅

  • Ophelia Ross
    Ophelia Ross 2 hours ago

    Jeffree and shane are honestly friend ship goal🙌😫💕

  • Alan The Brain
    Alan The Brain 2 hours ago

    My queen

  • Malarie Mendenhall
    Malarie Mendenhall 2 hours ago

    Omg I'm dead 😂😂💀

  • Anna’s Adventures
    Anna’s Adventures 2 hours ago

    Am I the only one that thinks that pixie matell sounds like Shane Dawson

  • Em Velasquez
    Em Velasquez 2 hours ago

    I’m weak after this video. I’m not hating it at all. Yet again girl you can pull off even a plastic bag.

  • Hiba Mazhar
    Hiba Mazhar 2 hours ago

    Dream velvet is good but it makes my skin look a bit tan

  • Bonnie Jane
    Bonnie Jane 2 hours ago

    Did he dead ass use a sharpie inside your mouth? Those are toxic wtf

  • Lory 1
    Lory 1 2 hours ago

    Can i have a donation bag 💙😁💙❤❤

  • Black Hawk
    Black Hawk 2 hours ago

    “I need a taco and a Baja blast, that was a flop” my new motto 😂😂

  • Ultra Gamer
    Ultra Gamer 2 hours ago

    i miss these :(

  • / 1 8 6 9
    / 1 8 6 9 2 hours ago


    ONCE UPON A LEX 2 hours ago

    Damn *BARBIE WHO??!!*

  • liezel amn tigcal
    liezel amn tigcal 2 hours ago


  • Riley Sharkey
    Riley Sharkey 2 hours ago

    His ASMR videos make me laugh so hard. My poor husband and baby are trying to sleep and I probably should be shhhhhhhhhhh by Jeffree 😂 could watch this for hours

  • Black Hawk
    Black Hawk 2 hours ago

    Someone get the camera man a fucking chair Christ

  • aiden MUA
    aiden MUA 2 hours ago

    I can smell nakitas fish through the screen

  • Zorel wood
    Zorel wood 2 hours ago

    Bitches, this is the best review ever 17:19 "u shouldnt drink a soap, I have to call ur mom after this" LMFAO

  • Alena Vikernes666
    Alena Vikernes666 2 hours ago

    13:25 did he fr eat that glitter star? Lol

  • Dezrae Solina
    Dezrae Solina 2 hours ago

    Holy shit, I'm watching/going through all your videos right now and for you to mention OC was awesome. I'm so sorry for your experience during that, I couldn't imagine going through that. One of my worst fears is suffocation. But I grew up in OC and nobody I've met talks about it. Not to mention you posted this video 2 days after my birthday! I think its amazing I stumbled upon one of your videos I haven't seen. You're such a good person. Love you Jeffree <3

  • Maja Steinhaus
    Maja Steinhaus 2 hours ago

    She didnt cover up his face tattoo

  • Raquel Delos Santos
    Raquel Delos Santos 2 hours ago

    I have been working for too long here in saudi how i wish to have 1 LV wallet but can't afford :(

  • Mextro Gurl
    Mextro Gurl 2 hours ago

    Omg you should do a vid with garret and do his makeup with the Harry Potter eyeshadow

  • Zed S
    Zed S 3 hours ago

    I like how Jeffrey does these types of videos.

  • Bonnie Jane
    Bonnie Jane 3 hours ago

    The guy who served u in vendi is the LOVE OF MY LIFE

  • Charlotte DeMarco
    Charlotte DeMarco 3 hours ago


  • Jurin Piad
    Jurin Piad 3 hours ago

    go and try vt cosmetics x bt21 makeup its korean tho

  • Seamthian Tan
    Seamthian Tan 3 hours ago

    Pls collab with Jamie Chua!!!!

  • bevo kevo
    bevo kevo 3 hours ago

    Why does he look so good daam yaaaaas

  • VariaPandora
    VariaPandora 3 hours ago

    When Jeffrey said "the BLEEEND!" I added "The blend of it aaaall!" in my head automatically. Also loved how Nathan looked very insulted when Jeffrey asked him "Oh you've found the lip?" and he answered "of course!"

  • Nadine Wahle
    Nadine Wahle 3 hours ago

    I like the chanel highlighter more 😘

  • Nadine Wahle
    Nadine Wahle 3 hours ago


  • cupcake explosion
    cupcake explosion 3 hours ago

    So there is a guy who recreates dolls and his name is hextien and he recreated you as a doll so I was wondering if you could watch it please do it for a fan😊😊

  • fae gibb
    fae gibb 3 hours ago

    Her talons are giving me anxiety

  • Amna Javed
    Amna Javed 3 hours ago

    He is so horror

  • Alex Garcia
    Alex Garcia 3 hours ago

    Crazy to see how far he’s come from just two years ago. What is this Anastasia mirror lol I crave the star mirror

  • carolina severino
    carolina severino 3 hours ago

    Jeffre veni a casa a comer un asado 🤗😁

  • Sara Virrueta
    Sara Virrueta 3 hours ago

    Dude Shane's laugh I canttt omg im dieing 💀 dude bfhfjdjdjfb slow it down an you'll die laughing

  • Alejandro Ojeda
    Alejandro Ojeda 3 hours ago

    Who would’ve said eyebrowed jeffree actually loved Kylie

  • MikeZ GamerxX
    MikeZ GamerxX 3 hours ago

    Where are ur eyebrows?😂😂🤯🤯🤯

  • Christina Ford
    Christina Ford 3 hours ago

    Jeffree next time you hold a clean out, call a bish! XD

  • Elizabeth Mion
    Elizabeth Mion 3 hours ago

    Drinking game: Take a shot of C4 every time the say "gains."

  • Britt V
    Britt V 3 hours ago

    she looks so cute without makeup!!! i love this hair on her

  • Francis Recile
    Francis Recile 3 hours ago

    im so jelous ur so love to watcch

  • Isa Lever
    Isa Lever 3 hours ago

    His smile is soooo pretty

  • Aditi Sinha
    Aditi Sinha 3 hours ago

    Who else rewatches this video once in a while?

  • Kyze Espera
    Kyze Espera 3 hours ago

    I will be the future dog the 27th i think and they call me despicable...

  • Marysa Torres
    Marysa Torres 3 hours ago

    Hi Jeffree, my name is Marysa. I just wanted to say that I am deeply sorry about your pups. I spent the past hour holding our week old puppy in a warm blanket as she passed away. She was unable to eat anymore and eventually stopped breathing. It hurts so much but I just want you to know our sweet Zara will keep Daddy and Diamond company up in doggy heaven. Best wishes, XoXo.

  • Cornelia Eriksson
    Cornelia Eriksson 4 hours ago

    Nate just grabbing Jeffrees ass at 19:24😂 couples goals👏🏻💕

  • Amelia McEvoy
    Amelia McEvoy 4 hours ago

    not as good as the ryland bell hotel tho

  • Joelle Le Baguette
    Joelle Le Baguette 4 hours ago

    No one: My athsma: 0:00-0:01

  • Chris Brit
    Chris Brit 4 hours ago

    This the alien palette!

  • phoebs69
    phoebs69 4 hours ago

    If I would see a shady person selling stuff that isn't his/hers, then I would've contacted the police.

  • Natasha Stout
    Natasha Stout 4 hours ago

    Jeffree,love you. And child you did a great job. Not a fan of hers

  • Mahesa Agni
    Mahesa Agni 4 hours ago

    Hallooo jeffree, im fans form Indonesia .. i hope you remember me

  • Victoria Hulse
    Victoria Hulse 4 hours ago

    "oh my god it smells like playdough” *flashback to me trying to eat playdough and gagging when i was 3* **shudder**

  • ChipmunkonHelium53
    ChipmunkonHelium53 4 hours ago

    Jeffree’s face when Shane starts packing on the eye cream is a mood I died! 25:24

  • Emily Bonney
    Emily Bonney 4 hours ago

    This is the best hahahahhaha

  • FireFox10108
    FireFox10108 4 hours ago

    Bless jeffree as a person from anchorage this is super special

  • JMcKinley4
    JMcKinley4 4 hours ago

    This is so sweet.

  • Mya Marie
    Mya Marie 4 hours ago

    I wish I could just go grab my shade like free makeup

  • Samantha Drinkwater
    Samantha Drinkwater 4 hours ago

    Wow you looked so hot!

  • Maura Clark
    Maura Clark 4 hours ago

    I just want to be spoiled the way Jeffree spoils Shane 🙂

  • Bellalina
    Bellalina 4 hours ago

    I swear on my life, Houston, TX had Pizza Hut/Taco Bell dual restaurants. I grew up going to like the only 2 locations in Northwest Houston, but now they're just regular Taco Bell locations. There's KFC/Taco Bell, but no more Pizza Hut/Taco Bell.

  • erin branson
    erin branson 4 hours ago

    Jeffree is fascinating. Love everything about him. Ordered my blood pallette finally and can't wait to get it love you Jeff bro

  • Ella Webb
    Ella Webb 4 hours ago

    Hi. How are ya

  • Mykayla Barton
    Mykayla Barton 4 hours ago

    I love watching your and Shane’s videos definitely when I’m feeling down you guys always make me happy when everyone is sleeping and or busy I wish we could be friends

  • Jeevika Arora
    Jeevika Arora 4 hours ago

    James is wayyyy better than u

  • B.Loved TaLi
    B.Loved TaLi 4 hours ago

    16.3 million subs 🙌🏼🙌🏼 congrats on surpassing the drama lama tuber 🙏🏼 you DESERVE it !!!! 💝 you so maaaaaaccccchhh MR.DIVA

  • Lauren
    Lauren 4 hours ago

    Jefree is from Huntington Beach?!?! Come back so I can see you!!!

  • Victoria Hulse
    Victoria Hulse 4 hours ago

    we need a: pink: “too gay to function” white: “if you’re from africa....why are you white?” magenta: “you smell like a baby prostitute” black: “I HAVE A BIG FAT LESBIAN CRUSH ON YOU”

  • Molly Butler
    Molly Butler 4 hours ago

    Yeah Shane always be honest with us! Jeffree is right! Lol

  • Shaye Valenzuela
    Shaye Valenzuela 4 hours ago

    watching again 2019, i am living for the intro 🤣

  • Lily Macd
    Lily Macd 4 hours ago

    And then there was the jaclyn hill lipstick

  • Bellalina
    Bellalina 4 hours ago

    October 2019, the "Jeffree" lip color from KVD is no longer there, however "Backstage Bambi" looks exactly like it.

  • Brandon Rogers
    Brandon Rogers 4 hours ago

    @jefree star If you see this I am in desperate need of your help no I do not need money or any materialistic items I need help genuine help please reply🙏🏻🙏🏻

  • Anthony Penton
    Anthony Penton 4 hours ago

    Jeffrey: omg I am soooooo nervous! Me:wth are we nervous at I so confused

  • hoseokzip
    hoseokzip 4 hours ago

    lmfao his *:]* face

  • Sandra Nieto
    Sandra Nieto 4 hours ago

    " She doesn't want to get married, but she thirsty" 😂 relatable.

  • Lex Sketch
    Lex Sketch 4 hours ago

    We went to the moon in 1969. Not 1968 but a year later!

  • Molly Butler
    Molly Butler 4 hours ago

    This is so fun to watch!!!

  • Leana Kay
    Leana Kay 4 hours ago

    Love Milani lipsticks!

  • Danielle Martin
    Danielle Martin 4 hours ago

    Dang thats brave tbh

  • Snekky Snek
    Snekky Snek 4 hours ago

    Jeffree, I know chances are you may never see this. However I have a potential idea for a makeup line, and I have no clue what to do. You are by far the most relatable and approachable person, and I wouldn’t want my idea to go anywhere but with you. Much love.