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We Stayed At The Taco Bell Hotel!
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Never Doing This Again.
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Jeffree Star x Morphe Brushes Reveal
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  • Alana Imboden
    Alana Imboden Minute ago

    Woo what a beautiful highlighters I’ll get one definitely I’ll die for the blue , stunning

  • Damian Silva
    Damian Silva 2 minutes ago

    Did they actually have

  • Sahira Bano
    Sahira Bano 2 minutes ago

    Hii Jeff... I'm saira from India ..I'm not a makeup lover but than also I love to watch your videos as they are amazing and full of your interesting talks and reaction.. Love you soooooooooo😍 much.... If you read it I would love to have a reply from your side 😘😍

  • butchikek01
    butchikek01 3 minutes ago

    More travels plllllsssssss

  • Lisa’s Chi Chi Chan Chan

    Jeffree should do a another dirty room tour (Dan bell) that would be hilarious 😂 🌮 🛌 🔦

  • Khloe Ramirez
    Khloe Ramirez 5 minutes ago

    I am in Palm Springs and I am watching this vid! Love you!

  • CatiTude
    CatiTude 7 minutes ago

    You want flying cars? Well that’s too bad! We got a Taco Bell Hotel! What more do you want

  • The phantom Chili
    The phantom Chili 9 minutes ago

    Why did i think Nate hated all the food and the rooms and just pretended he liked it for jeffree and for the camera... look at his facial expressions after trying the stuff

  • Rising as a Rose
    Rising as a Rose 9 minutes ago

    omg finally a foundation i have that a beauty guru has reviewed i feel boujee 😂

  • Anna Scalzo
    Anna Scalzo 14 minutes ago

    This is how mage times jefreestar says OMG 👇🏼

  • Skye Martino
    Skye Martino 15 minutes ago

    Edward Cullen

  • Fizzyone02 Roblox
    Fizzyone02 Roblox 15 minutes ago

    Omg Jeffree we are both slytherins

  • Vlogs with grace Grace
    Vlogs with grace Grace 17 minutes ago

    My birth day is today

  • Vlogs with grace Grace
    Vlogs with grace Grace 17 minutes ago

    That’s so cool

  • ireumeun jungkook
    ireumeun jungkook 18 minutes ago

    Nate be lookin' like spongebob's home

  • XxLilly PlayzXx
    XxLilly PlayzXx 19 minutes ago


  • C. Sanchez
    C. Sanchez 20 minutes ago

    One Day I wish for me and my mom to heal too. Been in the same situation with you and it’s really making me miserable. I can’t keep a relationship with any guy maybe because I have this hang up or issue with my mom. But I’m happy for you. You deserve all the good things that’s happening to you now. One day I pray that I’ll get there too.

  • hannah hamilton
    hannah hamilton 20 minutes ago

    no one: jeffree: "allegedly"

  • SH4NNON xo
    SH4NNON xo 22 minutes ago

    garrett ur appointment cute ily

  • Aec4799
    Aec4799 23 minutes ago

    Why is Nate literally a Baja Blast...😂

  • Selin Gunderen
    Selin Gunderen 23 minutes ago

    Jeffree, you’re hilarious under anesthesia. It’s not that you’re not normally, but it’s really funny

  • Madelyn Christensen
    Madelyn Christensen 24 minutes ago

    Anyone see Sebastian and Lauren at 19:07 in the left corner?

  • Neymar Adler
    Neymar Adler 25 minutes ago

    I love you guyssss 😍😍😍😍

  • Hellboy
    Hellboy 27 minutes ago

    I’m fiends call me gay for watching him lmao there stupid asf. I’m close to 40 subscribers let’s goooooo !!!! LOVE YOU BRO 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈

  • agnosticprophet
    agnosticprophet 30 minutes ago

    Motel 6 remodel. Hope you checked under the mattress for a dead prostitute.

  • Caleb Leavings
    Caleb Leavings 30 minutes ago

    bro all these peopel are just blinded by his beauty and well his gems luv u sister

  • Elena Parker
    Elena Parker 30 minutes ago

    I want to know what lipstick those pool dancers were wearing because that stuff lasts

  • O& L
    O& L 31 minute ago

    Fuckin alien this is just wrong

  • TOM Strickland
    TOM Strickland 31 minute ago

    Baja blast can someone tell me what it taste like

  • Lala Martinez
    Lala Martinez 33 minutes ago

    Ommmgggg Nathan is so hot😭🤤

  • Sheena Johnson
    Sheena Johnson 33 minutes ago

    I love it!! You look amazing with or without brows!!!

  • Shayla Ortega
    Shayla Ortega 35 minutes ago

    I feel like Jeffree is all excited and hyped but everyone else is kinda like “why are we in this closet sized hotel room” 😅 like for real how can they call that a resort

  • Tami Delaney
    Tami Delaney 36 minutes ago

    I think I have this?

  • Maddie Attempts Life
    Maddie Attempts Life 40 minutes ago


  • hello kitty
    hello kitty 45 minutes ago

    Gosh Im your fan Jeffreestar 😍😘

  • Cass Durgin
    Cass Durgin 45 minutes ago

    7:12 Are you getting a rash? pRoBaBlY Huuuu Just let it happen

  • Mrflipfam Flim
    Mrflipfam Flim 46 minutes ago


  • alondra
    alondra 46 minutes ago


  • Ruth Quinones
    Ruth Quinones 46 minutes ago

    thought his bf was biting his lip but i realized he ain’t have nun

  • Adriana Guerra
    Adriana Guerra 48 minutes ago

    You should come to Brownsville Texas, and I'll show you the best tattoo shops!!

  • Maddy’s Vlogs
    Maddy’s Vlogs 48 minutes ago

    Eyebrows aren’t twins they sistas

  • ViVid Vendetta
    ViVid Vendetta 49 minutes ago

    I am living for this Holographic Alien look!! 👽💚

  • Mary Fetterman
    Mary Fetterman 49 minutes ago

    Literally Jeffree and Nate could not be more perfect for one another

  • Suk Dennison
    Suk Dennison 49 minutes ago

    There are alot of companies made their success by helping wal criminal such as Louie vuitton. Knowing that those companies and owners are still living well getting richer every seconds is not disguised enough seeing guys' luxuries life by selling off those wal criminal companies products? Enough is enough people.

  • Rebecca Shelley
    Rebecca Shelley 50 minutes ago

    showing off a purse wall while he has his pallets just chillin

  • Max Matras
    Max Matras 50 minutes ago

    okay love the look and all but I wouldve preferred more stars along the brow or something or maybe a brow with stars going along the top? idk but its not my favorite.

  • Sabrina Barreau
    Sabrina Barreau 50 minutes ago

    That bug ass pic of a taco sooo corny lol

  • Annaie Mijares
    Annaie Mijares 51 minute ago

    Am I the only one that didnt know jefree had curly hair???

  • Jessica Baca
    Jessica Baca 51 minute ago

    Looks like you did not get the v.i.p treatment. Don't they know who you are

  • Alexpro Player
    Alexpro Player 51 minute ago

    Who cries during sex?

  • Right in Beauty
    Right in Beauty 52 minutes ago

    PLEASE talk about the problem of mica and which employs child labor! START TALKING ABOUT IT

  • Ally G
    Ally G 53 minutes ago

    Jeffree Star blocked me on twitter for basically no reason. My friend said wow he needs to get over himself.

  • Rain
    Rain 56 minutes ago

    god i love that jacket!

  • Lidija Baulovska
    Lidija Baulovska 59 minutes ago


  • Ruby Davis
    Ruby Davis Hour ago

    Um, excuse me, but why the FUCK IS SHANE NOT THERE? WHY BITCH?

  • Savannah Spets
    Savannah Spets Hour ago

    Anyone here from Lauren Godwins vid I also love her so much every one go watch her vids

  • Caitlyn Tiunayan

    Kinda looks like Mary Kay ~

  • Johann Sebastian Bach

    19:25 a little grab ass!

  • Shivneel Rup
    Shivneel Rup Hour ago

    Exciting and all, but not as grand as it sounds.

  • armyforlife3 Nao

    Jeffree is my spirit animal

  • Terry Mizrahi
    Terry Mizrahi Hour ago

    Jeffree: makeup underwear Me: ahahha hahahaha

  • Melissa Miller
    Melissa Miller Hour ago

    Jeffree skin care routine = lots of water, no alcohol/nicotine and quality products Kylie skin care routine = trip to plastic surgeon

  • kiara leigh
    kiara leigh Hour ago

    you and your bf are so cute like damn i wish i had that 😭😭

  • Sarah Ybarra
    Sarah Ybarra Hour ago

    Obsessed with this song!! And this video is Sexy AF!!

  • Ally Lambert
    Ally Lambert Hour ago

    Would you do a whole face review of Beauty Bakerie???🧁💄

  • Serena Hernandez

    Lol I'm just putting on more eye shadow jefre happlie says okay o goh I love jefre

  • Amante Della Morte 66

    I hardly ever wear makeup (maybe a few times a year some eye liner and mascara and a nice lip color), I need like a step by step. If only I knew what to buy in the same order that it goes on. I really want to try but I get lost lol

  • Vanshy
    Vanshy Hour ago

    Dude Nate got possessed in the thumbnail..😂😂

  • Alexandra Inocente

    Ok but can we talk about how those girls who were dancing in the water had nice butts👀

  • Sierra Solis
    Sierra Solis Hour ago

    Can you do a new makeup revolution hydration foundation review ????? Or maybe a vs ? Against Anastasia foundation ? 🤔

  • Kyleigh Baker
    Kyleigh Baker Hour ago

    Yaaaassss queen you are a man with power💖

  • dancing in the Moon gypsy

    Wtf🤣🤣😱🤣 the end off the videoooo 😂 tasting the sweet

  • Jolly Olly
    Jolly Olly Hour ago


  • Good Vibes
    Good Vibes Hour ago

    Jeffree: I packed some makeup Also jeffree: (pulls out Louis Vittion duffle bag)

  • Levi Cymbeline
    Levi Cymbeline Hour ago

    Which is normally from like a ballsac....I sounded like Shane when he tried kylie's skin

  • Brittany Garrett

    Jeffree I really just want to put out how sweet you were with Nathan in this video. I could really tell how genuine & loving you are!

  • Noah Sisk
    Noah Sisk Hour ago

    Omg get a Taco Bell tattoo!!!!

  • Erica Clark
    Erica Clark Hour ago

    Thank you!! Bc I saw this and thought that's cool but then thought I'd check out a review first and thank god! Your video popped up 1st! Love you so much!!!

  • Jessica Cole
    Jessica Cole Hour ago

    Jeffree did you say for your first meal "I want Nathan's a** even though I know it's a lot of calories" lmfao. I love anesthesia videos & this delivered very well.

  • Tristan Hornbeak

    I Live Right Next To Palm Springs AND Dieing From The Heat *Taco Bell*.

  • Juan Julio
    Juan Julio Hour ago

    They r like the joker and Harleyquin it’s so cute

  • Veronica Hiser
    Veronica Hiser Hour ago

    OMG JEFFERY! That take of you coming in and out of the surgery had me dying lmfao! “She doesn’t want to get married but she’s thirsty” lol

  • TheDuckems
    TheDuckems Hour ago

    Fuck y'all rich life

  • andrew
    andrew Hour ago

    17:04 nate's 👀

  • Michelle King
    Michelle King Hour ago

    Jeffrey ⭐ lied about his review. He didn't have an off day lol

  • Dawn a calm kitty

    one more omg and I will hit the roof...make it stop! lols.

  • Heather Meader
    Heather Meader Hour ago

    I love you both & 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏❤️😇😇

  • Candi Lease
    Candi Lease Hour ago

    Jeffree I love when you slay a wig but I absolutely LOVE to see you either your real hair especially with the side part and the loose waves :)

  • Jacky Burgos
    Jacky Burgos Hour ago

    18:30 do anyone knows the song?

  • Rowena Abardo
    Rowena Abardo Hour ago

    i turn to dexter. Jeffree Star's 2016 quote

  • Makailah Cecil
    Makailah Cecil Hour ago

    i fucking died.

  • Jessica Cole
    Jessica Cole Hour ago

    A yr ago for reasons still unknown my throat swelled & I could still breath but I couldn't really swallow & when I actually was able to it felt like I was swallowing broken glass. Any fluid I swallowed went partially down into my lungs because the swelling was keeping the epiglottis open. I'm so glad you got the procedure done because a wk of that shit was way more than I could handle it sucked. I hope it's held up

  • Josephine Akers
    Josephine Akers Hour ago


  • Candi Lease
    Candi Lease Hour ago

    Do you not have security cameras or security period?? Please make sure You upgrade all that so this can't happen ever ever again!

  • Clash Silvereye
    Clash Silvereye Hour ago

    LOL WOW, what a shit show, LOL this man is out of his mind, go seek help please, LOL!!!

  • Candi Lease
    Candi Lease Hour ago

    This breaks my heart and soul! To see someone who truly works his ass off for his business!!!!! Jeffree makes every single detail of his products extravagant! I cannot believe someone had the balls to steal from such an amazing hard working giving human being! So glad to know Jeffree had full coverage insurance! I pray he gets every cent back! God bless you Jeffree! May the FBI get them ALL!

  • AG Lookalike
    AG Lookalike Hour ago

    19:08 jeffree or james lets out a blood curdling scream

  • Liv Grace
    Liv Grace Hour ago

    Did anyone else not notice the marks on Ethan chest at 8:03 ??

  • Lori Wagner
    Lori Wagner Hour ago

    Love how much fun u have. And u make me laugh. Love ya Jeffree💗