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  • a man in TuRkeey a
    a man in TuRkeey a 6 hours ago

    At this stage. Must we say Cristian Terrorism? or NAZISIZM is going up again? If you don't say , it means you are twofaced

  • RET
    RET 6 hours ago

    nice... even when you are giving news, you acting racest and separate people according to their ethnicity.... good work germany, nothing change in 80 years

  • ElijahJohn888
    ElijahJohn888 6 hours ago


  • v
    v 6 hours ago


  • canuck
    canuck 6 hours ago

    Cats who swallowed the canary, aren't they. US lost her allies basically. No one trusts Trump or his administration.

  • Prince John
    Prince John 6 hours ago

    Dont trust anything online; i guess this video is not trustable too.

  • Ronald Shea
    Ronald Shea 6 hours ago

    One further manifestation of enforced multiculturalism throughout Europe.

  • Hamed Alrashed
    Hamed Alrashed 6 hours ago

    The questions are actually false accusations driven by anything but care

  • Abby Normal
    Abby Normal 6 hours ago

    God please help us.

  • Jalal Elmachouti
    Jalal Elmachouti 6 hours ago

    we must arm us selfs for defense

  • K K
    K K 6 hours ago

    Imran khan in every interview: india ne gaand maar rakhi h😂😂😂

  • cat king
    cat king 6 hours ago

    If Japan can keep themselves pure and keep out the immigrants and china can so can Germany

  • amir barzi
    amir barzi 6 hours ago

    "IRAN" is real new Super power

  • Yasser Naguib
    Yasser Naguib 6 hours ago

    It should if they want to survive , lots of jobs with no one to fill ailing population so for their good they have to be so

  • Muhammad Arif Noor
    Muhammad Arif Noor 6 hours ago

    India has evacuated it's students now Corona virus will hit India DangayMataram soon....

  • Quiet Poet Luebeck
    Quiet Poet Luebeck 6 hours ago

    In day to day job situation Germans don't want foreign workers, workplace bullying is rampant, that's why actually there is skill shortage.

  • MS Lake
    MS Lake 6 hours ago

    5 years of conflict - 400,000 people killed ?? Whaaat ?? I bet most people here didnt know... because the popular media is dead-silent when it comes to africa ! The world be outraged... :(

  • Savage
    Savage 6 hours ago

    Incoming race and xenophobic blame game!!

    • Far West
      Far West 6 hours ago

      Incoming cuckoldry and xenophillia!!

  • Husain Hajoori
    Husain Hajoori 6 hours ago

    Climate change killed 90 people in AZAD kashmir 🤣🤣😂 What a joke he is

  • Miqumi
    Miqumi 6 hours ago

    More years of this bs...

  • Darek Matuszewski
    Darek Matuszewski 6 hours ago

    From what Mr. Macrone is saying I now conclude that French demonstrators are right. Germans - as allways - are turning the cat by its tail. The west of the western alliance is winning and the east of the western alliance is loosing - and its all just and in accordance with the level of falsity presented by the east over last many years.

  • Dr.Rockso
    Dr.Rockso 6 hours ago


  • The Patriot
    The Patriot 6 hours ago

    Dear German Please Stop immigrant, they are unskilled & also lower genetically meritorious. German gene has high ability to create new technology, but middle eastern has Arab has not this ability. Genetics is the main issue.

    KRANOZ 6 hours ago

    Im becoming an engineer in mechatronic and im learning german hope one day i can go there to work and make a living.

  • kelvin law
    kelvin law 6 hours ago

    Of course Russia in control

  • ryan angel
    ryan angel 6 hours ago

    Minutes 14:20 😂 she will starting loss patience and look suffered

  • kishore kumar
    kishore kumar 6 hours ago

    When their is patilality, greedy, suprimacy, exploitation attitudes in visionaries of a complex system like world none of the visonires will not attemp to dig deeper to fix the root cause of problems areised by the attitudes. Example: Are visonires really addressed the core problem of migration meaning not given funds to provide only for food but ability to stand on their own legs in their own country and taking stringent steps who are the main reasons for this mass migration. I am an young immigrant to Germany. I am Very far away for culture, skin colour , language etc. But may be one or two incident which I observed partiality or hateness on immigrants in Germany which is very normal when their is a ideology conflict Germany is a true land for immigrants who has all the paperwork done perfectly + German language best land + understanding germans attitude and feelings a second home for immigrants.

  • Easter Worshipper
    Easter Worshipper 6 hours ago


  • rippschemitkraut
    rippschemitkraut 6 hours ago

    oooh i heard erdo troll got bitchslapped by moscow. how dare you lmao

    KHOJI AATMA 6 hours ago

    Now 100s of german may be killed by the Islamists

    • mehmood mayet
      mehmood mayet 6 hours ago

      White females can become a target for orgasmic joy

  • Nick Tesla
    Nick Tesla 6 hours ago

    Ignorance is more contagious than the virus.

  • honorata76 honorata76

    islam is the big schit.

  • TheTrollgubbe
    TheTrollgubbe 6 hours ago

    Oh, what a "sad" day ..........

  • 6Kubik
    6Kubik 6 hours ago

    Warum Britisch? Wenn er in Deutschland geboren ist und Deutsche seine Eltern sind? Nur weil er in England gelebt hat? Dann wären meine Eltern ja mal indisch, mal deutsch, mal kambodschanisch, mal griechisch, je nachdem, wo sie gerade leben? Bei Michael Fassbender sagen wir ja auch halb irisch, halb deutsch, weil ein Elternteil deutsch, das andere irisch ist, oder nicht? Gibts da nen Unterschied?

  • S y
    S y 6 hours ago

    Jai shree ram ⛳⛳⛳⛳ Jai indian army 💪💪💪💪 Jai modi👊👊👊👊

  • Dale Amburgey
    Dale Amburgey 7 hours ago

    Wth is this...is that woman even American?

  • Gerda Joisten
    Gerda Joisten 7 hours ago

    Hoffendlich hat das bald ein Ende und die Griechen haben ihre Ruhe zurück die Flüchtlinge sollten zurück gehen in ihr Land Asyl sollten nur Syrische Familien bekommen

  • justjohnny05
    justjohnny05 7 hours ago

    each new iphone comes with a cough of LOVE

  • Will Marshall
    Will Marshall 7 hours ago


  • ggrey3155
    ggrey3155 7 hours ago

    I hope the Iranians vote in the most hardline candidates possible. Appeasing the US regime clearly doesn't work. Look what happened to Iraq, Syria, Libya, Yemen, Serbia, Afghanistan and other countries. But that coward nation won't dare do anything to North Korea. The only safeguard against the US regime is NUCLEAR DETERRENCE. Iran must rush towards the bomb! It has no other choice.

  • P C
    P C 7 hours ago

    58% of mankind is prophesied to die before Christ begins to set's up His Millennial Kingdom... Obey Act's 2v38 asap!

  • alex babinsky
    alex babinsky 7 hours ago

    good job DW keep going and remove comments

  • joseph ver
    joseph ver 7 hours ago

    It's really sadddddddd when almost all the people in the comments are from inmigrants living in germany🤣🤣🤣🤣🤭🤭🤭 I wonder what is it like being invaded by inmigrants in a country?🤣

    • Joyce Salocha
      Joyce Salocha 6 hours ago

      joseph ver,as an immigrant, the answer is HORRIBLE, just HORRIBLE,to keep your sanity,survive,stay safe and HAD a solid career/good job and money, the ONLY OPTION is to emigrate, not necessarily to a safer/better country, but somewhere, somehow, where you can call the police,for Helmand get it.

  • Åzsan
    Åzsan 7 hours ago

    Can some country nuke germany now, it is well realised that the nation does not work with the rest of the world

  • suliman mahmood
    suliman mahmood 7 hours ago

    In simple word a million dollar question from al jubair "is there any government critic who is living freely in saudi Arabia"

  • 成龍
    成龍 7 hours ago

    germany want to become usa or canada...really bad for unfortunate people..

  • StopIsraeliTerror Farmer

    Love my Yaris. Best car ever 151,000 miles. Still has 1/2 of brake pads. One dude on FLash-player got a million miles out of one. Changed oil at 3,000 miles

  • mackenzie gibson
    mackenzie gibson 7 hours ago

    burn the hole ship

  • Royal Satan
    Royal Satan 7 hours ago

    I hate fascism but I also agree that there should be control over migration and the capacity should be considered.

  • StopIsraeliTerror Farmer

    The “disclaimer “ says DW is a foreign entity. So since it’s not American media, it might be truthful

  • Bōng Indía
    Bōng Indía 7 hours ago

    Abhinandan is not a tiger, he have a heart like brave tiger.

  • Jack Fine
    Jack Fine 7 hours ago

    Why does this happen ? Because nationalists are bad or because of many Turks and Kurds living in Germany? Just asking horrible, but find the reason and stop making people crazy. I don`t think he is crazy...

  • طالب الحق
    طالب الحق 7 hours ago

    Adil aljober good🇸🇦🇸🇦🇸🇦👍👍👍

  • Suburp212
    Suburp212 7 hours ago

    The supermarket scene was legendary. And true. And makes the good affordable.

  • Royal Satan
    Royal Satan 7 hours ago

    Racism is an invented phenomenon like Marxism. Humans first had a small bubble (tribe) then it got bigger (village/city) then continued to nation and finally race. They always look at unknown people outside of their bubbles as enemies. It will need much progress in maybe several generations to reach a point where humans look at each other as species.

  • Suburp212
    Suburp212 7 hours ago

    This was sweet.

  • Yashas Dhruva
    Yashas Dhruva 7 hours ago

    Bangladesh is doing right.. They already have more population... If Other countries care so much, then please take them with you.... Simply preaching will not suffice... West, UN is all joke now

  • - Barakov
    - Barakov 7 hours ago

    My parents were immigrants and I'm german and very happy about it.

  • Mrssewhardtoplease
    Mrssewhardtoplease 7 hours ago

    The Prime Minister killed his first wife when he got together with the side chick.

  • Guilherme SSTrüeb
    Guilherme SSTrüeb 7 hours ago

    If the german economy declines and unemployment rises, then this welcome culture of multiculturalism will disappear very fast.

  • Danny Boyo
    Danny Boyo 7 hours ago

    Awwww, poooor guy......not.

  • Zen = Yen 🔴
    Zen = Yen 🔴 7 hours ago

    My fellow Iranians it's time to redo Arab spring and over throw the tyranical mind set which is depressing the economy and our lives

  • Didier Vidry
    Didier Vidry 7 hours ago

    The daughter of ERNST NIEKISCH ET Heinrich laufenberg. Bien sûr.... J aime sahra !

  • Pink plant
    Pink plant 7 hours ago

    2:30 "Floating Petri dish" 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Gemalacahaya Purnamashanty

    This all because Of CHINA!

  • Steven Bucknall
    Steven Bucknall 7 hours ago

    What a disgrace. We should be offering help to the sick. What dirt bags talking about economics. We should thank the Chinese who have been confined at home for saving us from this terrible virus.

  • Jimmy Jay
    Jimmy Jay 7 hours ago

    That’s a hallmark of communism! They’ll never let you go once they get their talons into you. You’ll be in prison forever!

  • Jimmy Garza
    Jimmy Garza 7 hours ago

    No it’s a floating Wutanic.

  • John Jams
    John Jams 7 hours ago

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  • Ekrem Karatas
    Ekrem Karatas 7 hours ago

    His lying there have been many attacks from naziz and some off them get support from german police. They catch some off the police.

  • Beatrice Nkundwa
    Beatrice Nkundwa 7 hours ago

    I think Baden Wurtemberg is entwined with Kayanza in Burundi.

  • RevonowS
    RevonowS 7 hours ago

    Aahh.....the human waste-products inhabiting the comment section.....Do us all a favor and throw yourselves in the trash can .... Then you have accomplished something useful at least once..

  • Dariush Pezhmannia
    Dariush Pezhmannia 7 hours ago

    Compare John with Pompeo! John Kerry is a true gentleman and clever diplomat..

  • Forlenza Pagani
    Forlenza Pagani 7 hours ago

    Excellent Turkey.

  • MoF
    MoF 7 hours ago

    This isn't the problem that US has, they have an issue with illegals.

    FAUZOT 2M 7 hours ago

    Dislikes = haters

  • andromeda
    andromeda 8 hours ago

    the virus is in the air...so good luck!

  • Peter Vick
    Peter Vick 8 hours ago

    May I just take the opportunity to compliment DW News on their coverage of the Coronavirus outbreak. It is by far THE BEST, well balanced, and accurate of all I have seen. The added bonus is that you don't keep showing David Abel (the whining UK Diamond Princess passenger) like most of the British channels!

  • Cosmo Kramer
    Cosmo Kramer 8 hours ago

    Racism is a poison

  • Boss Master
    Boss Master 8 hours ago

    Like i said before closed eveey country before it become more serious

  • Rudi Van De Reep
    Rudi Van De Reep 8 hours ago

    It's called terrorism

  • Aballa Akway
    Aballa Akway 8 hours ago

    They won't reunite

  • Maria Castillo
    Maria Castillo 8 hours ago

    Not to blame japan....cause they did the best of what they taught to do at the time.

  • Infoworld
    Infoworld 8 hours ago

    When the DW journalists see a bird in Beijing, they will speculate that the bird is trained by CCP and will attack the freedom world in the west.

  • Tana Carroll
    Tana Carroll 8 hours ago

    I thought the Japanese were more intelligent. Another disaster of what it’s like to put your safety into the hands of a cruise line.

  • Chris Cross
    Chris Cross 8 hours ago

    Don't care. MusIims GTF0 of the West.

    • Miner A6
      Miner A6 6 hours ago

      Chris Cross Looool No.

  • Candycane
    Candycane 8 hours ago

    I think the biggest issue is nobody wants to bring in people who won't contribute in a positive way to an economy. The perk of letting someone into the country should be prosperity, not poverty

  • redrumax
    redrumax 8 hours ago

    some accomplishment

  • Garyl Swindlehurst
    Garyl Swindlehurst 8 hours ago

    How can they test for ???means they probably HAve a vaccine

  • Garyl Swindlehurst
    Garyl Swindlehurst 8 hours ago

    Japan should be held.accountable any one contracts and spreads

  • Maxwell
    Maxwell 8 hours ago

    The nexus of terrorism can only be found in India currently. State sponsored terrorism is being prevailed there.

  • noah
    noah 8 hours ago

    It's not just about money?? Well then pay up. It's the EUs turn to pay for 80% of the alliance. And if germans don't like us the US should pull out its 40,000 troops from germany. Screw the EU.

  • Vladan Lausevic
    Vladan Lausevic 8 hours ago

    The whole Europe should be an immigration union. But the most optimal solution would be global free movement where Europe can be used as inspiration

    • jpsr20det
      jpsr20det 8 hours ago

      Let start with your home....free vacations!😆

  • noah
    noah 8 hours ago

    This is why you need to be vigilant and have troops on the russian border. They will take and piece of land and make it theirs no matter what. Look at Georgia and now ukraine. Wake up EU!! Stop all trade and oil purchases from russia. Cowards. The US should give the EU an ultimatum. It's either russia or the US, you cant have both.

    SH4HER_SA 8 hours ago

    Looks like Tim used to live in a small trash can in London.

  • adhm
    adhm 8 hours ago

    There is no solidarity with the victims

  • noah
    noah 8 hours ago

    In a truck, in a train, does putin like green eggs and ham?

  • luan trieu
    luan trieu 8 hours ago

    Too bad for apple

  • Firstname Lastname
    Firstname Lastname 8 hours ago

    When will people understand there are amazing people and terrible people in every country and culture? Being from a certain country or culture does not automatically make you a bad person.

    • Åzsan
      Åzsan 6 hours ago

      @Das Konstrukt Im not trolling, and sure, name please

    • Das Konstrukt
      Das Konstrukt 7 hours ago

      @Åzsan i see you like chess, me too. stop trolling and challenge me on chess24 :)

    • Åzsan
      Åzsan 7 hours ago

      No, germany and trump supporters have the right to a bullet to their brain

  • mkmason2002
    mkmason2002 8 hours ago

    ISLAMAPHOBIC? Bye-bye!