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It is the first day of university
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I painted on a 12 hour flight
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A day in my life in brazil
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I bleached my hair
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How to Crash a Wedding
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The same video one year later
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I graduated from high school
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The final week of high school
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I DIY'd Prince's Blue Cloud Suit
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Oops I'm in New York
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I went to prom
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Study with me ft. Senioritis
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I DIY'd Joana Ceddia's new merch
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I painted for 24 hours straight
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Let's talk about school
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WeLcOMe tO mY wORkoUT rOutiNE
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Here's what I did over the weekend
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Come with me to a swim meet
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Meanwhile, in Canada
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I painted A Starry Starry Night
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Dear Mom, give me a dog
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It is exam season.
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The History of John Cena
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I painted the Mona Lisa
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Brad Mondo, this is for you
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I DIY'd my own Christmas tree
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A week in the life of John Cena
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Playing A Horror Game
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URGENT: Hair Tutorial
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A second attempt at a self portrait
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A very productive weekend
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A (very late) Halloween Spooptacular
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Waxing and Ranting: ASMR Edition
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I DIY'd my own wedding dress
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Following a Rob Boss painting tutorial
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A Jojo Siwa makeover
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How to overpack: a tutorial
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I drew Tana Mongoose crying
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    Dear Justice Curriculum, So do you still go to the gym every week? -From Eggplant Nuggetneese (Emily Nguyen)

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    Sponsored by shutterstock(but not really)

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    The background music made me wanna kill myself

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    Também não gostei da musica don’t call me angel! 👀

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    This is my first time i have ever seen her without her microphone.

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    I have a question John cena Potato??? I need answers

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    Aww! U look so pretty!! X3

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    her dad is hot

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    Chris Thickest Lips 2 hours ago

    5:28 when I see James Charles in public

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    Does the mic work

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    Have you ever listened any Kurdish song?

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    Question: what is your option about vsco girls? John cena, BOW DOWN TO YOUR QUEEN: e-girls, baddies, and NOW VSCO? Me: skskskskksksksksks and I oop and I oop God:save this child-

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    TheDeerattack 3 hours ago

    Love the sweatshirt, where is it from? <3

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    Why did the title genuinely make me nervous

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    Doh a Deer 3 hours ago

    4:20 - T-1000 looking for John Connor.

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    limors 3 hours ago

    I don't even know who that Emma Chamberlain is, except for her name sounding familiar. I'm getting too old to hang around here.

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    Leilani Rose 3 hours ago

    an don’t call me an angel is not good at all girl their flows do not go together 😂 i can relate

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    Damn that vocabulary

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    Leilani Rose 3 hours ago

    the killing carl thing is so TRuE ever since then i stopped

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    My favorite color ice cream is white

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    Laos I think ur look super adorable w/ ur short hair

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    C A L M Y O U R M E A T L E S S T I T T Y S

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    samdon815 3 hours ago

    Trouble is part of life. There is no progress without conflict.

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    okaymeeks 3 hours ago

    wow relatable when u said u can't fit into a VS bra

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    A Day In A Life 3 hours ago

    Now how are you going to message 2.97million of us 🤔🤔🤔😂😂

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    Be quiet.

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    This is the whitest thing I've ever watched. It's even to white for me and I'm white.

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    you da best

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    can we use acrylic instead of oil paint ?

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    what’s with the collage of shrek pics at the end? I’m not complaining, just an observation

  • Giovanni Soto-Cervantes

    Joana: “Area 51 is afraid of me, *NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND* “ Me: I think we found our leader.

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    luiza_ 15 4 hours ago

    eu amooo coração de galinha

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    What is that song at 4:06? I've heard it before, so soothing.

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    Dear Jollyrancher Carnivore When will u move to university

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    I really would like to like avocado but I don't. It's bland and tastes like grass. How could I make it better? HELP A GIRL OUT WILL YA?

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    chloe broadbent 4 hours ago

    i have big boobs and i fkn hate them. plus, it attracts random guys and as a LeSbiAn, i rly don’t want that so yes joana, pRaise those small boobs

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    I eat before anyone gets up so they won't judge how fat I am

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    S.M _Rosé 5 hours ago

    Sis, bub, I love you and you did so amazing making this like omg ily. But the reason some things were ill fitting was because you forgot to give yourself a seam allowance bub!!! I would high key wear that bright yellow jacket tho 😂 Love youuuu

  • jeon jungkookie
    jeon jungkookie 5 hours ago

    I do this too for track invitationals... I never knew going to school when it's dark out is weird

  • Marianna Rizzi
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    kali bro 5 hours ago

    can we talk about the fact that she dodged the question 11:56 my gay ass is quacking

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    Dat Dang 5 hours ago

    is it just me or Joana looks more beautiful without makeups, though the hair looks great afterwards

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    TexanGirl Girl 5 hours ago

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    i can’t believe she is brazilian too❤️🇧🇷

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    Have you met Grace Helbig? Y'all have the same energy. Just saying hahahha

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    so nobodys gonna talk about how good that painting is

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    the title is me when my friends and i screamed in timezone because of the vr experience ( mostly them ) and the staff calls us

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    This video is about Brad Mondo and the next video is gonna be about James Charles doing your makeup xD love ya

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  • Thanos Rousopoulos
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    She look like an e-thot. Sorry if I offended you. But you have the starter pack

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    My first time ever coming across your channel and this video was hilarious. Loved it.

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    13:57 My friends asked me that too And I’m like ‘iphone 6 or I’m switching to something with the headphone jack’

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    Everytime you take your glasses off I swoooooooon!🤩🙂🙃

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    leblon, nice.. que beleza! não conhecia você, gostei do canal. Didn't know your channel, but already liked it. good narrative

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    "I only havw two friends; my mom and my dad". Awe thats too cute, you're def girlfriend material aha.

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    ENDER4TH 6 hours ago

    Dear Jonah From Tonga, When you hit 3m subs could you dress yourself as shrek once again and draw 3 milion shreks on one big canvas. If you do not do this I will delete your club penguin account. Kind Regards, Vsco Girl.

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    you need to change your pic?

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    "4 words for every second of footage... so if I have a minute of footage, I have to write 400 words" Nice.

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    青Blujay Gamer 7 hours ago

    This video is so special to me... It showed me bravery Lol not kidding I did that when I was like 5 years old and I had to get the shortest hair cut in the world just to fix my mess XD Actually happened-

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    Saanvi Sadu 7 hours ago

    Dear Jerema Cilliams, You should make a video exposing your viewers. You post an anonymous post where all the comments are anonymous and read some out loud. Sincerely, A 11 year old who DIDN'T lie about their age.

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    "fashion meets function" aaahhahahahah . i love her

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    You seem like a cool person, thanks for the gym thing you showed the world

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    UnblockLondon 8 hours ago

    This is like normie edginess that i would equate to liking the Bloodtype B emoji. And also get a real program, no idea what this is supposed to accomplish. It's full body but still a bunch of isolation exercises, the chinups and pushups are great though. I'd rather have someone only squat on one day than do all of this wacko shit. Edit: this whole comment sounds like some dumb hate thread but this is literally the first of your videos i've seen

  • Doodle On A Motorcycle

    OMG I LOVE her so much :'D :'D :'D

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    lmao i live in singapore where everything is super expensive (and also usd is worth more than sgd) so im always super confused at first of why she thinks $13 is expensive

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    Narcissism is one hell of a drug... Flake, just turn off the posts and get on with the rest of your life.

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