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Amazing 747 Wing Vortex
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  • J. C.
    J. C. 2 days ago

    Awesome video, Love Love Love the SIA A350 touching down as smooth as silk and than the nice Virgin B744 shinning in the morning sun..

  • Joey R
    Joey R 2 days ago

    we aint septic tanks

  • fly.w4vy
    fly.w4vy 2 days ago

    After watching recent uploads Gerry then coming to this video and noticing the date because of the other guy with you I've come to the conclusion that this is a 1 man show 100% bro. It seems strange with the two of you and as a typical human being who doesn't like change lol I will now leave this video and go back to 2019 or maybe 2018 and back to the 1 man show. ;) :)

  • fly.w4vy
    fly.w4vy 2 days ago

    Where are you filming from there? I mean what's the building?

    • BIG JET TV
      BIG JET TV 2 days ago

      It's the Airport Pub

  • Mark
    Mark 2 days ago

    I hope you know there's a snowstorm coming to NY tomorrow

  • Mark Duffy
    Mark Duffy 2 days ago

    Dont forget your trunks. haha

  • LF-Domino
    LF-Domino 3 days ago

    2:56 What every noob on a flight sim does. I didn't know you could do it like that on a real engine...

  • John Fischer
    John Fischer 3 days ago

    Brilliant! Happy Birthday.

  • sdgagge
    sdgagge 3 days ago

    Happy Birthday Big Jer

  • Alan Phillips
    Alan Phillips 3 days ago

    Happy Birthday Jerry! Thanks for another great video. All the best

  • Aston Andy
    Aston Andy 3 days ago

    Happy Birthday you old Clunker 😆

  • 69Phuket
    69Phuket 3 days ago

    Soar the Emirates 380 over B&Q Stockport @2:30 PM. Happy Birthday. They go so slow...Unbelievable!

  • diesel 13 13
    diesel 13 13 3 days ago

    Great show .Happy Birthday mate

  • Trev Hopkins
    Trev Hopkins 3 days ago

    To the thumbs down sod off. You try standing there for a couple of hours. Absolutely brilliant. Freezing temperatures brilliant photography.

  • User Admin
    User Admin 3 days ago

    ad advert .......? .............O___0.........................thx

  • Stephen McGuigan
    Stephen McGuigan 3 days ago

    Great show Jerry

  • Ammar Kassam
    Ammar Kassam 3 days ago

    Nice vid. But there was no 31/11

  • Mark Jones
    Mark Jones 3 days ago

    Beautiful edit Jerry, Happy Birthday

  • sandy feet
    sandy feet 3 days ago

    I don’t fly either but these beautiful panes are fascinating to watch.

  • Zaidan Animations
    Zaidan Animations 4 days ago

    When summer Turn on Air Conditioner the Air Conditioner Compressor be like 2:58

  • fly.w4vy
    fly.w4vy 4 days ago

    It would be nice if we could hear the other side of the conversation you have with Gilly/Jilly? I presume Jerry. You're always saying "oh is it" "is it!" "really" "oh wow" so you're obviously being told lots of fasinating information and I would love to know all the things you are learning from her please Jerry. :D :D :D :D What do you think bro can we get to hear even just sometimes? Anyway love the channel and have done for a while now and will continue in doing so so wishing you all the best and hope to see you doing this for as long as you are happy doing it. I appreciate it's not easy doing what you do and don't envy those frosty mornings either so thank you for all your hard work and long live BigJetTV!

  • Dig of the dump
    Dig of the dump 4 days ago

    a cold and frosty morning hope you had your longjohns n )) gl

  • 69Phuket
    69Phuket 4 days ago

    The viewing area used to be on the control tower building roof.. Up close with Laker DC10's.. (shudders) ;/ Still got the tokens you bought. Shadowmoss Road was a good spot until they redeveloped it. Living near Ringway was blighted by the BAC 1-11's and Tridents. Noisy black smoke evil! The 757's were a revelation in Wythenshawe! ;)

  • Kadir Rencber Year 10

    Turkish Airlines! The best airlines in Europe! 🇹🇷

    • 69Phuket
      69Phuket 3 days ago

      @Dreadstar They bring the kids! Oh yeah...The Kids!

    • Dreadstar
      Dreadstar 3 days ago


    • 69Phuket
      69Phuket 4 days ago

      Trouble is they fly to Tel Aliv...Try red eying it from BKK in a Jewish holiday via Istanbul. Oh and the food was crap!

  • jason p
    jason p 4 days ago

    Like to announce my nephew Daniel is now a full time pilot for easyjet after thomas cook collapse, so so proud ,took him to manchester airport every sunday 20 years ago and now this cant wait to see him on here, oh and my free flights too

    • 69Phuket
      69Phuket 4 days ago

      Congratulations Daniel! :)

    • paul
      paul 4 days ago

      Nice well done and congratulation

  • Jamie Baldwin
    Jamie Baldwin 4 days ago

    Jerry that looks airside??

  • awan hadi
    awan hadi 4 days ago

    When My Mom Say Go get Some Fruits From store Me: No Mom: 2:58 😂😂😂

  • Jesper
    Jesper 5 days ago

    Are we there yet ....

  • J. C.
    J. C. 5 days ago

    This was a wonderful show.. It was early and the foggy ice view was fantastic.. Have a nice birthday @Jerry and be good to your guests and animals..

  • Cheeky Kent
    Cheeky Kent 5 days ago

    LOL Got a dirty set of flaps on her @1:37:22

  • Khannabhat Laphookhieo

    BIG​ JET TV is​ The​ most Channel😉

  • Jon Hermannsson
    Jon Hermannsson 5 days ago

    Look forward for tomorrow’s show Hope Gilly is going to New York with you

    CASTELLA IGOR 5 days ago

    Yes abselutly FLash-player BIG JET TV IS AWSOME

  • Plane Spotting Aviation

    How was East Midlands evening . Cannot see anything from there

  • T Dent
    T Dent 5 days ago

    Hello this is my first time of watching you are you live every Friday, from Theresa

  • Lee Davies
    Lee Davies 5 days ago

    the start stunning colour of air transat v the dark clouds of Manchester surperb

  • the English Rocker
    the English Rocker 5 days ago

    Yep its miles better on youtube,I will never watch anything on facebore they dont offer anything but on here its much better quality so come to FLash-player.oh and first,first time ive ever manage to put first

  • Cpr1234
    Cpr1234 6 days ago

    13:32 that's one fast police car

  • JB
    JB 6 days ago

    Absolutely fantastic show. Thank you

  • thecockerel
    thecockerel 6 days ago

    Starts at 3:16

  • Conor Darke
    Conor Darke 6 days ago

    Thanksgiving was in October boys...🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦

  • Bradley Sechler
    Bradley Sechler 6 days ago

    I'm a crew member is there a way rewatch this whole video from past feeds like this

  • MiKL PoTTs
    MiKL PoTTs 6 days ago

    you guys look ridiculous with your news microphones and matching shirts... WTF.. And why big jet films? A film has a story line plot ect.. actors.. cinematography.. This is just a video of a jet facility.. I dont get it.. It just looks and feels silly..

  • Helen
    Helen 6 days ago

    That livery on the Air New Zealand 777 is the best of any airline out there

    • steve steve
      steve steve 6 days ago

      Unless you live in New Zealand and see it everyday up close as I do..... but your right, it ain't half bad. I like its simplicity and cultural significance..... so that is why I also like Qantas

  • Éric Steven
    Éric Steven 6 days ago

    1:28 I came for this😍

  • michael barber
    michael barber 6 days ago

    Looking forward to the EMA video

  • Geraint Roberts
    Geraint Roberts 6 days ago

    Love the Air New Zealand 777, will be on that aircraft next March, can see my premium economy window, roll on.

    • Neil Lorimer
      Neil Lorimer 5 days ago

      They stopping the Akld-LA-Heathrow service and starting a direct AKLD-Newark service. I did the Akld-London back in Christmas 89/1990

  • Donald Knowles
    Donald Knowles 7 days ago

    Big Jerry TV

  • Leona Gruszka
    Leona Gruszka 7 days ago


  • karthik karthi
    karthik karthi 7 days ago

    Watching from Trivandrum, India

  • Jeff Morleyy
    Jeff Morleyy 7 days ago

    Its all politics , if one looks at sothwest airlines ( they have abour 5 times the flight hours of lion and the other one ethorriann or what ever the name is ) they have not crashed any of thier 737 maxs. Only those two airlines. Now it looks like to my frineds and myself that they intend to give the british government , the french government , and the italian government a large lead in the commerical airplane market. Oh and by the way if you did not know the 3 governemts i mentioned all have interest in airbus and the company that controls airbus today , i forgot the name of that company . Mr Bubbles - of all the airlines flying the 737 maxes why only those 2 airlines managed to crash their maxs ? If as the french version of faa says is true , then the following should apply. The 2 maxs taxied to the runway and started take off , sometime during takeoff the " mcas " system decided it was going to fly the plane. The 4 pilots had no input on contoling the plane , so we ask what is the function of the 4 pilots , they were not able to fly the plane. They were just along for the ride, and why has nobody else crashed their maxes , could you explaine that. How much money did these 2 airlines pay these 4 pilots which were just about useless , the planes crashed and the facts show those 4 pilots could not fly the aircraft/s.

  • Leona Gruszka
    Leona Gruszka 8 days ago


  • Loc0motive
    Loc0motive 8 days ago

    Nice Vid! Love the 70's porn music LoL!

  • Ian Austin
    Ian Austin 8 days ago

    Great.. Nice to see a cargo show..

  • Tim Miles
    Tim Miles 8 days ago

    Scrap the B737 Death)Max

  • BigNooshGaming
    BigNooshGaming 8 days ago

    Yay my fav plane is back

  • Timmy Toothpicks
    Timmy Toothpicks 8 days ago

    Sign me up I 'll be on the first flight. Great edit J &G.

  • Mr.Bubbles
    Mr.Bubbles 8 days ago

    to be honest, i wouldn't fly on an airline that uses them, certainly not for the first few years until i know it is sorted.

    • Sasha R
      Sasha R 7 days ago

      you ll have no choice

  • Les Fuller
    Les Fuller 8 days ago

    Until Boeing comes clean, and we categorically know that the jet is safe for the flying public, I think it should remain grounded. Too much distrust in Boeing, who put profits before safety. How could they not tell pilots that MCAS was a new feature!

  • MrTudwud
    MrTudwud 8 days ago

    The Max is a flawed design and required extra software to keep it in the air. The proposed "solution" is actually a software "patch" and this is very dangerous. Boeing have sat back in the past reaping the rewards of other failed designs like the De Havilland Comet, the Douglas DC10 and problems with the Lockheed Tri-Star picking up orders from Airlines for their 707s and 747s. The Comet 1 had to be scrapped and replaced by a new design and so should the Max. Back into service and one more crash??? Could be (but unlikely) bye bye Boeing.

  • Colin Boneham
    Colin Boneham 8 days ago

    I personally think they should get the max sorted sooner rather than later, but safety should come first not profit, which I think the Boeing where doing the wrong way round.

    • Sasha R
      Sasha R 7 days ago

      it should, but never happens in reality.... apart from Japan probably

  • Graham Johnson
    Graham Johnson 8 days ago

    I think it should never fly again. A lot of people will not fly in it.

    • David Cartwright
      David Cartwright 8 days ago

      p j . I think you will find that as of October 2019 the A320 order book overtook that of the 737 . It is fair to say however , that the 737 has more deliveries to date , but bear in mind it’s been in service since 1969 , and the A320 is rapidly catching up and will overtake it soon on deliveries .

    • p j
      p j 8 days ago

      @Brian Hourihan and people have short memories, there were a couple of crashes early in the 737s career due to rudder hard overs and it still went on to be the best selling airframe ever.

    • Dean Willis
      Dean Willis 8 days ago

      Most people wouldnt recognise it...

    • Brian Hourihan
      Brian Hourihan 8 days ago

      That's not going to happen..Billions have been spent on this model. It will be repaired and put back into service. The flying public will get used to it.

  • Kadir Rencber Year 10

    Planes are safest things ever!

  • Raldayne Thomas
    Raldayne Thomas 8 days ago


  • Lazy Eggo
    Lazy Eggo 8 days ago


    • nick gratton
      nick gratton 8 days ago

      @Lazy Eggo yes not yet though

    • Lazy Eggo
      Lazy Eggo 8 days ago

      nick gratton there coming back …………

    • nick gratton
      nick gratton 8 days ago

      No they’re not. This is old footage

  • Clazza 01
    Clazza 01 8 days ago

    18.30 GMT yes!!!!!

  • Dreamliner Steve
    Dreamliner Steve 8 days ago

    Looking forward to the EMA show tomorrow guys. Hopefully TUi Max fleet are flying again when i head off to Greece for my holidays in the summer. C'mon on Boeing lets see the max fly again soon.

  • Eddie Walder
    Eddie Walder 8 days ago

    Coventry was the fifth biggest freight airport for several years but it’s all gone to EMA which is busy all night

  • Jon Hermannsson
    Jon Hermannsson 8 days ago

    will miss the Airbus 340's

  • Soa GIDDEY
    Soa GIDDEY 9 days ago

    What for Terminal ( 1 , 2 , 3 ) ?

  • Dee Plane
    Dee Plane 9 days ago

    G-BNLY BA Landor is back in service 👍

  • 240sxRule
    240sxRule 9 days ago

    Ya ya its impressive and all. What about the fan supplying the air for it!

  • RJ Mac
    RJ Mac 9 days ago

    Just a beautiful livery! Flew on a BOAC 747 from DTW to LHR in August 1972. Great memory and how fantastic for BA to honour their heritage. How about United or Delta painting a new 787 in classic Pan American livery?

    ASHWATH ASTHANA 9 days ago

    Legend says , engine is still running.....!!!!

  • Kenny Goetz
    Kenny Goetz 10 days ago

    Just saying hello to everyone, I've been away for a bit due to some personal reasons, but so happy to be getting my Big Jet TV fix, be well Jerry and crew and thanks for all that you do 😃

  • diesel 13 13
    diesel 13 13 10 days ago

    Enjoy the shows all the time Jerry ,a big thumbs up

  • steve austin
    steve austin 10 days ago

    wow an aeroplane,never seen one of those befor,espeicialy at an airport

  • breeze 147
    breeze 147 11 days ago

    Brilliant once again thanks

  • Neil Lorimer
    Neil Lorimer 11 days ago

    No more Air New Zealand into Heathrow after October 2020

  • John Fischer
    John Fischer 11 days ago

    Imagine going to London in November to warm up. :)

  • Jonah Young
    Jonah Young 11 days ago

    Anybody know the reasons why ATC cannot be transmitted at LHR?

    • Michelle Murphy
      Michelle Murphy 11 days ago

      Isn't the problem the 'LIVE' transmissions of ATC on a show such as this. You are allowed to own a scanner and listen but you cannot transmit ATC on a live show such as BigJetTV

    • sharpley75
      sharpley75 11 days ago

      @Jonah Young The current wireless telegraphy act laws come from 2006. As far as I know its always been illegal to listen to private radio transmissions like ATC. The wireless telegraphy act has been around for over 100 years. The 2006 version replaced the 1949 version. Its not illegal to own radio scanners, you just can't listen to unauthorised frequencies. No idea what the authorities can do if they catch someone listening in though.

    • Jonah Young
      Jonah Young 11 days ago

      @sharpley75 i used to listen to LHR approach just a year ago or so....have they only just changed the law or was it being broadcast illegally from a website that still exists and continues to broadcast ATC from airports around the world.

    • sharpley75
      sharpley75 11 days ago

      Its illegal in the UK to listen to non-public (ie ATC, police radio etc) radio transmissions. Comes under the Wireless Telegraphy Act

  • Kadir Rencber Year 10

    I saw the A380 passing near my house

  • ewooll
    ewooll 12 days ago

    Lovin' it man. You shoulda been on the Cathay Pacific 744 i flew to Hong Kong in 1999, I thought it was gonna fall to bits on take off, it was shaking and rattling so much. Loved it totally!!

    • ewooll
      ewooll 11 days ago

      @BIG JET TV Just wanna say that i'm not a member cos i don't have a credit card - i live in Thailand. You're a lunatic, but i mean that in a nice sense, love your shows and your style and humour. When i move back to the UK first thing i will do is become a member. Love your show dood.

    • BIG JET TV
      BIG JET TV 11 days ago

      😄 that’s funny ewooll 👍🏻 Jerry

  • Plane Spotting Aviation

    Glad a freebie we could watch today’s show

  • Deano TheSaxman
    Deano TheSaxman 12 days ago

    The Jet2 757 that was scrapped was a brand new Air Europe aircraft back in the day, I catered that aircraft many, many, times back in the 90's .... Sad loss !!