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Live from Toulouse #Airbus50
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Destination Toulouse #Airbus50
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Destination Zurich!
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Destination Toulouse
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May the 4th
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  • Infinite Qantas
    Infinite Qantas 6 hours ago

    You can alwayyyys go around

  • luke pilsbury
    luke pilsbury 7 hours ago

    Does anyone know what time this stream started, I was on an American 777 at midday and was just intrigued as to what the landing looked like but don't have 7 hours to spend watching this video 😭

  • FR Tube
    FR Tube 8 hours ago

    great show but the occasional singing, spare me please. Cringe

  • MGTOW Academy
    MGTOW Academy 9 hours ago

    Here from BBC

  • Shabaz Khan
    Shabaz Khan 10 hours ago

    I work at the airport...would like to see you next time you are here

  • Adam lee Wicks
    Adam lee Wicks 11 hours ago

    Thanks guys for freeview you should also be known as big jet tv and Gardner show

  • Gordon Gerrard
    Gordon Gerrard 11 hours ago

    I first flew in 1970, British Caledonian, Gatwick to Basle, as it was then written. I have flown at least 150+ times since, but never on a 747, but your freeview channel has spurred me into changing that. I'll fly to New York with BA in January.Can't wait

  • Jim Lad
    Jim Lad 12 hours ago

    I heard gypsies laid the runway at Birmingham

  • anthony Pope
    anthony Pope 12 hours ago

    should have brought his strimmer

  • anthony Pope
    anthony Pope 12 hours ago

    sorry guys a missed the show again had to sort my mothers internet out

  • anthony Pope
    anthony Pope 12 hours ago

    where as the chat gone to

  • Luca
    Luca 14 hours ago

    without ATC audio dont mean nothing this show :D

    • Trish Peters
      Trish Peters 11 hours ago

      I'm sure you know the UK laws regarding live streaming ATC?

  • brakel8r
    brakel8r 14 hours ago

    5:42 LOL it

  • joyoumay
    joyoumay 15 hours ago

    Super show, @Big Jet TV but did not chat was an early start still in the land of nod

  • jetskimatty matty
    jetskimatty matty 15 hours ago

    I missed the 2nd bit Boohoo. I missed the notification. Thanks guys.

  • jetskimatty matty
    jetskimatty matty 15 hours ago

    Is there more?!

  • Vrajesh Patel
    Vrajesh Patel 15 hours ago

    Very Great Show My Man

  • Trish Peters
    Trish Peters 15 hours ago

    Was an awesome show!

  • Leona Gruszka
    Leona Gruszka 16 hours ago

    I Love planes, Jerry's films and your YEAHHHH......!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Rob parky
    Rob parky 20 hours ago

    That runway is like a bumpy slide 🤣🤣

  • Cpr1234
    Cpr1234 21 hour ago

    double decker bus vs double decker plane 2:36:53

  • Andreas Brynecki
    Andreas Brynecki 22 hours ago

    Just subscribed to your channel, guys. Good work, keep up the spirit!

  • fsclips
    fsclips 22 hours ago

    Are guys ever planning to film in Germany? I fly the A320 series for a large German company. Would be great to see my colleagues on FLASH-PLAYER. Thanks!

  • Kevin W. Ray
    Kevin W. Ray Day ago

    NICE VIDEO!!!!!

  • Zoonjse
    Zoonjse Day ago

    Big time big Time :)

  • TheFsxChannel201

    Does BJTV stream live ATC simultaneously?

    • TheFsxChannel201
      TheFsxChannel201 16 hours ago

      @Craig Nock it's such a shame to see what a PITA it is to spot in the UK. Wish we could be more like Europe in that sense.

    • Craig Nock
      Craig Nock 17 hours ago

      TheFsxChannel201 listening to ATC between controllers and pilots is not legal in the UK, unless the transmissions are intended for general reception. Listening to ATC at public events, like at airshows for example, is considered legal. Broadcasting transmissions between controllers and pilots is equally illegal - again, unless you’re broadcasting transmissions intended for general reception. Actually listening to ATC for personal entertainment is unlikely to land you in trouble, though, even when doing so blatantly in front of police.

    • TheFsxChannel201
      TheFsxChannel201 20 hours ago

      @soarinuk That's weird. I always use my airband scanner no problems. I've done it in front of a police patrol at EGSS before no problems. Is it the streaming part that's illegal?

    • soarinuk
      soarinuk 21 hour ago

      Sadly not - its illegal to do that here in the UK

  • Zoonjse
    Zoonjse Day ago

    Very close, still polly feets away. but still. Closer than most landings. Good catch!

  • Helen
    Helen Day ago

    My home airport! That is a great place to spot especially when the A380 comes into land

  • Mally Beard
    Mally Beard Day ago

    Have a Great Show tomorrow Gerry an Jilly and The Bigjet Family , I’m in work tomorrow so I’m gonna miss you .

  • Keith Smith
    Keith Smith Day ago

    Blimey, I didn't know the runway is like a roller coaster ride :)

  • anthony Pope
    anthony Pope Day ago

    and make sure jerry as plenty of cups of coffe

  • Saf Chikhalia
    Saf Chikhalia Day ago

    looks like Chuck Norris.

  • yds250
    yds250 Day ago

    Why Derbyshire Accent ( East Midlands ) in the West Midlands ? LOL .

  • Steven H.
    Steven H. Day ago

    What a hilly runway. Does it serve a purpose to have hills in it?

  • J M
    J M Day ago

    in the morning ??

  • Clazza 01
    Clazza 01 Day ago

    Where is this spot?

  • stephen billings

    Lol. Love how a Promo ended up as an almost 8 mins 'Mini show.'

  • Colin Boneham
    Colin Boneham Day ago

    You would have thought they would have flattered the land before building the runway

  • nick gratton
    nick gratton Day ago

    I’m working on my jerry impression. I hope I’m allowed to show it on bigjet tv

  • Adam lee Wicks

    That ba a320 at 4:40:08 what a landing. Dip wing help with landing

  • Paqiuman
    Paqiuman Day ago

    I love planespotting and I haven't thanked for this amazing channel and all the livestreams. Hope you continue like that and wish you improve as much as you want and can do.

  • Amy
    Amy Day ago

    Oh look rainy England. As per 🙄. From Bristol

  • Bader H 2005
    Bader H 2005 Day ago

    Is this for channel members

  • Bilal Khalid
    Bilal Khalid Day ago

    Who came here after watching the BBC report on him?

  • hamshackleton
    hamshackleton Day ago

    Finally got chance to watch (16/8). Air traffic wouldn't directly tell inbound pilots about standing turbulence, only microbursts that are very transient. That info would be on the ATIS, a different radio frequency, running a loop tape that gives all field info, changed as often as needed. Hearing you struggling to explain the shed turbulence in a crosswind - picture the wind blowing across, and hitting the shed, it can't go through, so it has to go over. That creates a positive pressure in front, and a slight vacuum behind, the shed. In turn, this pulls the wind back down, but at the same time, makes it roll. So picture a swiss roll of air in the low pressure zone, that gets bigger as it rolls, until it is pushed away by a new one developing. You end up with a series of swiss rolls bowling across the field in the direction of the wind, which tries to twist the aeroplane round in it, in the direction of the rotation of the roll.

  • Virgin 747
    Virgin 747 Day ago

    just saw the news article on BBC its great how you highlight how much work goes into these planes, and this is one of the most ambitious inventions to ever leave a factory!!!!! subbing now

  • Explore With Ant

    Hi,,does anybody no the departure flight times from Manchester for the 747,,I like watching the a380 fly over my house around 2.20pm weekdays 👍👍👍👍✈️✈️✈️

  • Springbok295
    Springbok295 Day ago

    I'd hit the bar after that flight.

  • Morningglory
    Morningglory 2 days ago

    I have recently flown to the Moon and back!

  • theravedaddy
    theravedaddy 2 days ago

    Great to see it running smoothly! Last time i saw it run all 4 merlins were popping and banging for the whole taxi run!

  • philip Brailey
    philip Brailey 2 days ago

    3 negatives must be nuts.

  • Walter Sobchak
    Walter Sobchak 2 days ago

    Jerry, what's the deal with joining ? I tried all ways possible today & just kept hitting a brick wall, all i'm getting is a dead youtube link page saying "sorry about that" or it's just linking to your FLASH-PLAYER home page.

    • Walter Sobchak
      Walter Sobchak Day ago

      Tried from my iPhone instead of my iPad, got it done now thanks Gilly. P.s. I'm in Surrey, about 17 miles south east of Heathrow & 8 miles north of Gatwick.

    • BIG JET TV
      BIG JET TV Day ago

      Where are you located Walter? You maye be getting an error message if Channel Membership isn't available at your location. Others have used a VPN to byass this, is that something you could try? (Gilly)

  • Michael McCullagh
    Michael McCullagh 2 days ago

    WHEY HE HEEYY.......🛫💺🛬.....🤢🤮

    RPGO JAPAN 2 days ago

    Me : Click the video👌 When i check the end time 4hrs😂

  • Karen Shortland
    Karen Shortland 2 days ago

    Great video. East Kirkby is very special to me. I did my taxyride in August 2018 and it's a very emotional experience. Do go and visit the museum if you haven't seen it yet. Plenty to see there and the NAAFI does excellent food too! 🙂

  • Morningglory
    Morningglory 3 days ago

    Easy son...

  • Curlyanne B
    Curlyanne B 3 days ago

    The planes with propellers look like sea gulls coming in. I don’t think I’ve ever heard what their purpose is????? What attach propellers to a perfectly good motor?

  • Morningglory
    Morningglory 3 days ago

    Malaysian 330?? It's a 350!!

  • Morningglory
    Morningglory 3 days ago

    It's Gutten Morgen, and not GUT Morgen!

  • Morningglory
    Morningglory 3 days ago

    I am a pilot, and landing in cross-winds like these are easy as Pie!

  • Morningglory
    Morningglory 3 days ago

    Who is this SON you refer to??

  • rtcharge
    rtcharge 3 days ago

    I see the Canadian one every weekend in the summer. The last ones that can fly one in the UK one here 🇨🇦

  • Morningglory
    Morningglory 3 days ago

    Maybe tone down on the shouting and yelling?

  • Walter Sobchak
    Walter Sobchak 3 days ago

    @ Big Jet TV, I'm surprised that you don't monitor the ATC tower approach frequencies for more insight as to what's coming in & what the ATC & pilots are saying.

    • Walter Sobchak
      Walter Sobchak 2 days ago

      BIG JET TV Yes i caught that in the show, funny old law that. i wasn't suggesting that you overlay it on to the video or stream, only that one of you are listening to it for information.

    • BIG JET TV
      BIG JET TV 3 days ago

      It's against the law in the UK to broadcast ATC @Walter Sobchak, so we aren't able to monitor ATC on the show.

  • joenation1000
    joenation1000 3 days ago

    Great vid , fantastic to see 👍🏼

  • Jim Lad
    Jim Lad 3 days ago

    My dad would have loved to have seen that.

  • MrRockwellrob
    MrRockwellrob 3 days ago

    Absolutely bloody awesome

  • big baza30
    big baza30 3 days ago

    Absolutely stunning, Will visit asap. great video Jerry thank you

  • rich schindler
    rich schindler 3 days ago

    Fantastic video. I need to add that to my must see ( in person) list.

  • Robert Pucci
    Robert Pucci 3 days ago

    Nice vid, thank you!!!

  • Krayzay Kidd
    Krayzay Kidd 3 days ago


  • Marc El
    Marc El 3 days ago

    Flying to Madrid with a A35K? Sounds prefect

  • Del Winston
    Del Winston 3 days ago

    What a beauty those 747s

  • Del Winston
    Del Winston 3 days ago

    I absolutely love this Chanel fabulous job I just tune in and let it roll

  • joyoumay
    joyoumay 3 days ago

    Very windy Autumn

  • Geoff Lane
    Geoff Lane 3 days ago

    Looked a spot on landing in the end though.

  • MintyAviation
    MintyAviation 3 days ago

    Go around at 1:48:17

  • Steve Griffiths
    Steve Griffiths 3 days ago

    Love to join the group...being on a pension not possible. Ex airline staff. Cheers

  • jp
    jp 4 days ago

    It's not nice when your dinner hits the ceiling followed a few minutes later by your coffee. I had my hand over my whisky at the time, got to get your priorities right.

  • allan kayes
    allan kayes 4 days ago

    Wow brilliant

  • Mally Beard
    Mally Beard 4 days ago

    Superb Reaction , and a Great Clip Jerry

  • Quant Connecting 570 banks

    It's amazing how it goes from looking like it's in big trouble, to all 3 wheels safely on the ground. Is the correction automated or is it the pilot doing something that forces the plane to tilt back so that the right hand side wheels meet the tarmac?

    • Quant Connecting 570 banks
      Quant Connecting 570 banks 2 days ago

      @Jay Coupé-King thanks for the reply. awesome. i bet if i tried to land a plane i'd forget to put the wheels down for starters.

    • Jay Coupé-King
      Jay Coupé-King 2 days ago

      That'll be a fully manual landing, just a nice big jerk of the sidestick to the right. Most airlines only use automatic landings in low visibility conditions (thick fog), the reality is that pilots are generally better at landing planes than the automation, and in any case the winds were probably too strong for an the automatic landing that day.

  • Karlo Grgas
    Karlo Grgas 4 days ago

    Awesome reaction , great job 👍👌

  • Walter Sobchak
    Walter Sobchak 4 days ago

    1:48:25 Maija Isola, famous Finnish designer created the Marimekko Kivet design which is what you see on the plane.

  • Marcelo Henrique
    Marcelo Henrique 4 days ago


  • sharpley75
    sharpley75 4 days ago

    Although storms and strong winds aren't great, they do make for some interesting landings. Was watching this on the live stream

  • Louis Aviation
    Louis Aviation 4 days ago

    Hey Jerry I’m in Spain at the moment flew with an EasyJet a320

  • Andy Wilde
    Andy Wilde 4 days ago

    In all fairness, the wing was no where near the ground, but as this happens fast your eyes are drawn to the sudden movement, look's to be a good few feet between wing and floor. Just another day at the office for the crew. Good catch though.

  • GoldDalek Who
    GoldDalek Who 4 days ago

    Big fat Bob saves the day by quickly moving to a spare window seat on the right.

  • Mikey D
    Mikey D 4 days ago

    Who are the people who dislike these videos? Get a life!

    • Miles High
      Miles High 4 days ago

      I think the disliker's are expecting either the most extreme or tragic thing to happen everytime they watch youtube...and when it does not happen it ruins their day!

  • Rohan Williams
    Rohan Williams 4 days ago

    did anyone watch all 7 hours? and I didn't know watching plane land was so interesting until I watch thislol

  • Manu Kalia
    Manu Kalia 4 days ago

    Just Imagine the presence of mind applied by Pilots when that happened and state of mind who experienced this from Inside 🙄

  • Antonio Szytulskyj
    Antonio Szytulskyj 4 days ago

    Holy . . . . !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!