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True Geordie meets Blue Van Man
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ChrisMD Q&A with True Geordie
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  • Matthew Falconer
    Matthew Falconer 2 hours ago

    Love these videos always make me laugh

  • Jay Cartwright
    Jay Cartwright 2 hours ago

    The guy next to wizzy is awful Steve Bruce managing big clubs wtf

  • DavT 86
    DavT 86 3 hours ago

    Its hard to take that mate makes ya heart sink! How can they talk about nufc like that! Mate we used to terrify clubs even away! What the fuck man!!

  • Lil Chubby 888
    Lil Chubby 888 4 hours ago

    I fully agree that we should have a regulation on how much should be spent by each club in one year but I also thing there should be a cap on how much people ask for players. Teams do buff up the price tag when they see a big club like city, PSG or teams in a similar financial situation

  • CuppaT
    CuppaT 4 hours ago

    What a wonderfully nice man

  • TheAllyFerguson
    TheAllyFerguson 4 hours ago

    Should be the same rules as tennis or cricket. Each team should get a ‘challenge’ and if they believe a goal shouldn’t stand they can challenge and send to VAR. rather than checking everything to cover their own backs.

  • The UK has gone to Sh*t

    That City fan was awful. Please never allow him on this show again. Also Rafa isn’t in the wrong, he had to come out and defend himself.

  • JoeLouis628
    JoeLouis628 4 hours ago

    What are Chelsea fans thoughts on sarri and Rory now?

  • Matthew Kea
    Matthew Kea 4 hours ago

    I still can never find the intro song. Anyone wanna link me it?

  • IBotMania
    IBotMania 4 hours ago

    You got shat on

  • Tom Paganhandle
    Tom Paganhandle 6 hours ago

    rugby fans are wankers aren't they. Usually posh wankers.

  • Tommaso Friz
    Tommaso Friz 6 hours ago

    I’m just APPEY

  • wormsinfested
    wormsinfested 6 hours ago

    Manchester City wouldn't won SHIT last year if VAR was involved in all their games!!!

  • MAZ 555
    MAZ 555 7 hours ago

    U can still celebrate and then get adds more drama to the it as a Spurs fan although it will co e back tobhaunt us very soon...VAR my lord...V A R ..VAR my lord ...VAR... suck on that Whizzy...

  • Stephen Mason
    Stephen Mason 7 hours ago

    The 19th century called, it wants its class envy back.

  • DavT 86
    DavT 86 10 hours ago

    Rafa, bobby R and Shearer x but after Shearer there's never been a belter mate xxx

  • davie l
    davie l 10 hours ago

    All Newcastle fans need to get together and stop buying Newcastle strips and all merchandise from jd sports or whatever sports direct Took years rangers and we are still in court Newcastle are top six club You deserve better lads The newspapers are on take

  • Jay Bruce
    Jay Bruce 11 hours ago

    Norwich humiliate Newcastle, just like TG likes to be humiliated by larger dildos.

  • kurtis howard
    kurtis howard 11 hours ago

    What's ruining the game is city getting away with cheating and not getting prosecuted for financial unfair fair play .UEFA is scared of Abu oil money.

  • Papa Bumba
    Papa Bumba 11 hours ago

    Joelinton is being used wrong. Bruce is using him like Rondon just because he is big. He’s a smart ball player, need it at his feet with players around him to combine.

  • Sebastian Nilsson
    Sebastian Nilsson 12 hours ago

    Imagine talking trash about Manchester United, being a Newcastle fan 😂 he's pathetic that Newcastle fan

  • MoxyHQ
    MoxyHQ 13 hours ago

    When I saw the title I held very little hope that they would be educated on the subject and have done their research to provide unbiased commentary but surprise surprise the anti City bandwagon continues! Jealousy is ugly on you mate!’s that dildo mate???

  • Douglas Beattie
    Douglas Beattie 14 hours ago

    True Geordie dosent respect Allan saint maximin enough. 😤😤

    • Kieran Tv HD
      Kieran Tv HD 13 hours ago

      Douglas Beattie maybe didn’t respect his girl enough 😬

  • Pixel Peek
    Pixel Peek 14 hours ago

    This city fan chats absolute shit in every video. Needs to get his facts straight before letting all this nonsense start spewing out his mouth

    • Kieran Tv HD
      Kieran Tv HD 13 hours ago

      Pixel Peek True Geordie wants to be shit on and has a massive dildo 😁

  • Chubs TV
    Chubs TV 14 hours ago

    I think Newcastle fans are under estimating Steve Bruce. Did a decent job with us Hull. Hes not everyone's cup of tea, but i think Newcastle fans should get behind him. I think he will prove a lot of doubters wrong.

  • Pixel Peek
    Pixel Peek 14 hours ago

    Personally, I think the “var is ruining the joyful moments” argument is completely flawed, because for every great moment ruined, an unjust, heartbreaking moment is saved from the team who would have been hard done by. Var isn’t the issue, it’s the rules and how it is implemented that is. Sterling should never have been offside by an armpit hair, and Lamela definitely gave away a penalty. Currently it causes more controversy than it solves because it’s too specific in the instances it is used. We have to go all in, or not at all.

  • Bu Rida
    Bu Rida 14 hours ago

    Rafa Benitez come back

  • Hugh Jass
    Hugh Jass 14 hours ago

    It’s ok he loves getting humiliated

  • Bleach Is Good For You

    Curry and Newcastle lmfao

  • Cameron Ford
    Cameron Ford 15 hours ago

    You dirty dog Bryan

  • Ciarán Daly
    Ciarán Daly 15 hours ago

    5:15 the moment Lawrence realizes he hates Brian

  • Neil Laverick
    Neil Laverick 16 hours ago

    Wear tyne derby nxt season! Haha

  • anonymous person
    anonymous person 16 hours ago

    When jesus scored man city fans celebrated and spurs fans were devastated, then when it was disallowed man city fans were devastated and spurs fans celebrated. There's no reduction in fan experience but the rules are enforced. Anyway if there's no var then a team could win a trophy by breaking the fucking rules. Is that less important than man city fans being upset because their goal didnt count (rightly imo). Var needs work but most of he mistakes are still mistakes by the referee. It's not like someone is editing the footage in the big anti man city conspiracy.

  • Phantom Vlogs
    Phantom Vlogs 16 hours ago

    What happened to XO

  • TalkNorwichCity
    TalkNorwichCity 16 hours ago

    The Pukki Party never stops

  • John Mitchell
    John Mitchell 16 hours ago

    There is a reason Steve Bruce has been sacked 8 or 9 times. He will be gone by the end of November. Almiron looks very lightweight imo. But I still think Newcastle have a strong enough squad to stay up.

  • stuart Wilson
    stuart Wilson 17 hours ago

    Hes ashley makes to much money from Newcastle he will never sell

  • Bran the Broker
    Bran the Broker 17 hours ago

    TTG got hacked because his password was "1poo34"

  • Spaceman55
    Spaceman55 17 hours ago

    Since true geordie is into humiliation i can only imagine how hard he cummed in his pants watching di canio slide on his knees at st cucks as we whopped poocastle 0-3 again.

  • Alan Fletcher
    Alan Fletcher 17 hours ago

    You could say it was a humiliating shitshow. ;-) 😂.

  • James Mcwilliams
    James Mcwilliams 17 hours ago

    Call Ashley all you like but he has won yet again and must be beside himself when he see how spineless our fans are. I really thought there would be a substantial amount boycotting as opposed to the umpteen half hearted embarrassments in the past. how wrong was I. Best fans in the country Do me a favour

  • daveorourke77
    daveorourke77 17 hours ago

    I love watching newcastle fans squirm, it brings me great joy. Its almost as good as watching west ham, leeds, spurs, liverpool, arsenal, birmingham city and manchester united fans bitching

  • Lib
    Lib 18 hours ago

    He’s so cute 😭

  • Gabe Cavazos
    Gabe Cavazos 18 hours ago

    I'm completely against VAR. It takes the immediacy, and emotion out of the game. There is the letter of the law, and the spirit of the law, this has absolutely disregarded the spirit of the game.

  • marcus grundy
    marcus grundy 18 hours ago

    My heart bleeds try supporting Bury and Bolton(Bolton who were in the Europe league not long ago) who can’t fulfill fixtures, not paying staff, no kits, no players, no kits, no sponsors, no owners and starting LEAGUE ONE on -12.

  • Sparrow
    Sparrow 18 hours ago

    🍆 💩 Brian : 🤗

  • Dave Slaz
    Dave Slaz 18 hours ago

    Let's talk about dildos, BIG ONES !!

    • Dave Slaz
      Dave Slaz 16 hours ago

      @Motor City Cobra Go look on Twitter or Reddit ;)

    • Motor City Cobra
      Motor City Cobra 17 hours ago

      He's in the chronicle tonight. I haven't seen his leaked posts. What was said by him?

  • Phil Jones
    Phil Jones 19 hours ago

    A shame that this is just promoting Ladbrokes and betting.

  • TheHesK9
    TheHesK9 19 hours ago

    When have Norwich ever spent more than Newcastle? Our whole matchday squad yesterday cost us less than you bought Matt Ritchie for

  • Jason Kitching
    Jason Kitching 19 hours ago

    It's here to stay so get used to it. That city fan is so biased

  • moonbootW5
    moonbootW5 19 hours ago

    I had no idea Zangief was from Gateshead

  • samuel
    samuel 19 hours ago

    Got a video idea for you mate True Geordie gets shat on :True Geordie Reacts

  • andrew shisia
    andrew shisia 19 hours ago

    I'd love some math to show how you got to pep spending 700m

  • Andrew James
    Andrew James 19 hours ago

    You’ve got some explaining to do mate

  • CheesyFM
    CheesyFM 19 hours ago

    don't worry Brian we've all seen the dm's we know u like being humiliated

  • Saalaar Ahmed
    Saalaar Ahmed 19 hours ago

    That voice at 0:01 in the intro is him getting a dildo up the ass

  • MusicAccount 2015
    MusicAccount 2015 20 hours ago

    Can i borrow your dildo mate?

    UNCLE ALBERT 20 hours ago

    I'm a Liverpool fan.question geordie,do you think Liverpool can win the prem.?

  • bill keane
    bill keane 20 hours ago

    creaming off the top is not illegal he is a business man first, is it wrong yes, totally phucing wrong but he is a lying avaricious cnut

  • Apollyon 1975
    Apollyon 1975 20 hours ago

    Geordie get rid of the knob in the black T shirt. My dead gran knows more about football, well done McKenna for calling him out on his shit.

  • b1_7th
    b1_7th 20 hours ago

    You freaky freaky

  • Ernest
    Ernest 20 hours ago

    Wait is that guy a City fan?? Can't believe my eyes

  • Apollyon 1975
    Apollyon 1975 20 hours ago

    Everytime Hugh opens his gob he makes a cunt of himself.

  • Manchester City
    Manchester City 20 hours ago

    It was very hard to see the goal being disallowed for us, but it was a clear handball and the correct decision from VAR. the only thing that pissed me off was the foul, that Lamela did on Rodri in the first half... didn’t even look at that 🤦‍♂️

  • Adrian Marrinan
    Adrian Marrinan 20 hours ago

    Sheffield united palace newcastle/villa to go

  • lewis walker
    lewis walker 20 hours ago

    Hahahahaha fat bastard

  • Ethan Jones
    Ethan Jones 20 hours ago

    Does anyone know what the kickoffs intro song is called

  • Jack Armstrong
    Jack Armstrong 20 hours ago

    only Lawrence would drink out of three cups haaha

  • Charlie Webb
    Charlie Webb 20 hours ago

    Only criticism is that honest predictions would have Spurs above Arsenal.

  • NEX
    NEX 20 hours ago


  • Charlie Webb
    Charlie Webb 21 hour ago

    I'd love to have the guy with the black hair from TFR who supports Tottenham (can't remember his name) and also a fan of one of the Manchester clubs. Then it would the the ultimate podcast.

  • El Ryy
    El Ryy 21 hour ago

    Joelinton granted missed a sitter but I believe he will score 9-12 goals for newcastle this season, now that doesn’t sound great but for Newcastle that will be important. He really impressed me against Arsenal, once he gets that first goal I think he will surprise a lot of doubters.

  • xMendi 11
    xMendi 11 21 hour ago

    True Geordie likes to be shat on what a melt

  • Billy Big Baws
    Billy Big Baws 21 hour ago

    Cant wait for the day ashley gets a good hiding, chicken shit of a man

  • Tiger
    Tiger 21 hour ago

    "i turn up every week hoping someone bounces it in off their arse" 😂 best comment ever!

  • Afdeling Skillz
    Afdeling Skillz 21 hour ago

    Please get the city fan on the kick off again. He's the best

  • swfc fan
    swfc fan 21 hour ago

    i liked for clinton morrison

  • David Walsh
    David Walsh 21 hour ago

    They really belive there a big club.😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Jack Bennett
    Jack Bennett 21 hour ago

    I understand how TG feels cause we (villa) was in the same situation with randy Lerner it’s absolutely disgusting what some owners are like... but villa are a huge club imo bigger then Newcastle am I wrong?

  • Stephan Moreira
    Stephan Moreira 22 hours ago

    No football at a game with other supporters or even players will not celebrate it hasn’t happened so far and it won’t happen shut up

  • Christoph no u
    Christoph no u 22 hours ago

    I can't believe your complaining it was only 3 nil my man puki wasn't even in his final form

  • Andrew Browne
    Andrew Browne 22 hours ago

    Newcastle have signed players that have future stars cards on fifa

  • thompson223
    thompson223 22 hours ago

    That guy in the white hoodie needs to get his shit together. Awful opinions and came across a right cunt in the city game and I gave up at calling Newcastle a champions league team. Bumlick intravenous

    • thompson223
      thompson223 20 hours ago

      @Retired Sunday League Boys seems so fake. And the shit he said when the jesus goal went in too was a glimpse of the cuntyness for me

    • Retired Sunday League Boys
      Retired Sunday League Boys 20 hours ago

      Yeah hugh wizzy is so ignorant, hate him, so uneducated

    • thompson223
      thompson223 22 hours ago

      @Adam Mulhall casual? That meant to be an insult or what mate?

  • J Lewis
    J Lewis 22 hours ago

    I like your take on this YNWA

  • Robbie Hunter
    Robbie Hunter 22 hours ago

    The lack of credit given to Norwich in this video is crazy. They created good chances against Liverpool, what made you think they’d struggle to do so against Newcastle? 😂

  • Kyle Pienaar
    Kyle Pienaar 22 hours ago

    This city guy knows sweet fuck all

  • Rory Cunningham
    Rory Cunningham 22 hours ago

    Imagine an arsenal fan celebrating more than a man city fan. Levels

  • Jimmy Banana
    Jimmy Banana 22 hours ago

    You don’t deserve to be a big club the way ur supporters behave toward the club . Disgusting to be honest . U never goto the game anyway so u haven’t got a say

  • Scott
    Scott 22 hours ago

    Man City Owners probably still laughing & will be all the way until the end of the next transfer window❗

  • Thomas Baker
    Thomas Baker 22 hours ago

    Laurence pisses me off

  • AlphaJoselu
    AlphaJoselu 22 hours ago

    Richarlison £40M Joelinton £40M Kean £35M Carroll £35M Ings £20M Solanke £20M Raul Jimenez £30 Haller £45M Jovic £50M - Absolute Bargain

  • Hugh Mungus
    Hugh Mungus 23 hours ago

    " Ass juice " 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • JFD
    JFD 23 hours ago

    The true geordie likes shit on his shaft lool

  • Scatter TheWinds
    Scatter TheWinds 23 hours ago

    you mean breaking point for arsenal?

  • Steven G
    Steven G 23 hours ago

    How have you figured out that going down is only way to get Ashley out when we've already been relegated twice under his ownership and he's still here? Why would third time be any different?

  • TheCurrykiev
    TheCurrykiev 23 hours ago

    I remember when I was as optimistic as Lawrence. He seems too smart for some of these views. In an ideal world.........

    • اا اا
      اا اا 23 hours ago

      He's true geordies bitch what u on abt? 😂

  • Zac Du Preez
    Zac Du Preez 23 hours ago

    What about the fans that gets scored against.. And var takes the goal away.. It makes them happy.. And it creates drama

  • TomCL 2000
    TomCL 2000 23 hours ago

    Was going to say that Geordie will be embarased about those leaked DM’s but to be honest it seems it will turn him on.

    • Bradspa
      Bradspa 11 hours ago

      Motor City Cobra he likes shit on his dick and has a big black dildo

    • Motor City Cobra
      Motor City Cobra 17 hours ago

      I haven't seen what was said by him. What was his leaked dms?

  • MrBeeF2204
    MrBeeF2204 23 hours ago

    Shit on my dick lmao

  • Joshua Whitehouse
    Joshua Whitehouse 23 hours ago

    Young girl humiliates Brian next week 😂