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True Geordie meets Blue Van Man
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2019/20 Premier League Predictions
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ChrisMD Q&A with True Geordie
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  • Hitch Slap
    Hitch Slap 13 minutes ago

    Is Geordie actually playing using d-pad?! lol

  • JamesFM
    JamesFM 23 minutes ago

    Play pes if you want a realistic football game

  • ataladin 87
    ataladin 87 49 minutes ago

    Laliga a the the moment tight with R Madrid Barca A Madrid Granada Sevilla and real sociedad

  • Robert  Armstrong
    Robert Armstrong 56 minutes ago

    As a black man I will say this...John Barnes is unvictimized and light years ahead of these guys.

  • ataladin 87
    ataladin 87 Hour ago

    No no noooo the title should be Is prem becoming BUNDESLIGA since it's a two horse shithouse

  • Lee G
    Lee G Hour ago

    Do a review of the new Pes :)

  • Ian Goldsworthy
    Ian Goldsworthy Hour ago

    Never gonna happen Geordie, EA and FIFA are on a money spinner. They are never going to produce a "Real life" Football Scenario because it will ruin the hype for the next release. Your going to expect this for a decade or two.

  • Monarc
    Monarc 2 hours ago

    Please stop with the shaky cam bullshit. My word I'm about to get motion sickness here.

  • Pistol
    Pistol 2 hours ago

    Well spoken Hugh Wizzy 🎙🎤⚽️🇦🇺

  • Pistol
    Pistol 2 hours ago

    What's wrong with the guy AT 5.20 🤔🤔

  • Dan Ogden
    Dan Ogden 2 hours ago

    4:10 Laurence ‘Bit sweaty but...’ - wipes the sweat off his own hands 😂

  • officialwajj
    officialwajj 2 hours ago

    It's a fucking video game 😂if you want the real feeling go play football

  • Michael Ing
    Michael Ing 3 hours ago

    Pes is twice the game as fifa and I'm a "fifa fan boy"

  • Dave Rogers
    Dave Rogers 3 hours ago

    I wish I had mates

  • Ignore what I’m about to say but

    Fifa 20 is a cancer to the tv

  • Umberto Verace
    Umberto Verace 4 hours ago

    Buy pes and all your problems are solved

  • Lenny La Vin
    Lenny La Vin 4 hours ago

    100% right tho

  • Yorak Hunt
    Yorak Hunt 4 hours ago

    I gave up on fifa 15 years ago. Looks like it hasn't improved since.

  • Amberly Scarf
    Amberly Scarf 6 hours ago

    I want to see them playing PES20

  • Ben He
    Ben He 8 hours ago

    my guy just compared rocket league to fifa ahahahhaahhahahaha

  • anonymous
    anonymous 8 hours ago

    yeah Brian tell it like it is!

  • Undone
    Undone 9 hours ago

    True Geordie. PES exists. Just saying.

  • James Cheesman
    James Cheesman 9 hours ago

    Did no one notice he uses the d pad for movement?

  • John Daily
    John Daily 9 hours ago

    Its an arcade game, not a football simulator. Just like how FPS games like Battlefield arent war simulators, they are arcade shooters. Imagine playing a FIFA/PES game with 90 minutes of ingame gameplay for every single match.

  • Nick Maddz
    Nick Maddz 9 hours ago

    Thanks for commenting about the career mode issue. It's the entire reason I haven't bought FIFA this year and I have everyone one since 04

  • FarawayTundra008
    FarawayTundra008 9 hours ago

    I have little problems with it and they are 1. This is the worst FIFA soundtrack ever there is literally not a single good song like wtf are these songs they’re trash 2. Why every single game do we need new set piece systems? Seriously who asks for these to be changed all the time? Would it kill EA to just go back to how it was in FIFA 15 were you got a penalty a bar moved left to right and if you timed it green there was a very high chance you scored what was wrong with that simplicity? Why do we have to over complicate set pieces to the point were nobody can score them unless they practice them in those stupid drills because when that is the case players and AI can foul you in scoring positions and not be punished for it because the set pieces aren’t designed to be easy goals like how they should be

  • Paul Hughes
    Paul Hughes 9 hours ago

    If your wanting real football then fifa has never been that. Pro evo is the real football sim

  • Piff-n
    Piff-n 9 hours ago

    can tell Geordie is a seasoned veteran when he's using the Dpad to move around

  • Banana Drama
    Banana Drama 10 hours ago

    Didn't know Rocket League was a game that Geordie plays. Fair play. Although I will mentioned that gravity is different in RL and so the ball actually floats more than with real gravity.

  • Lieful
    Lieful 11 hours ago

    This was great, need more of these.

  • I want me 6 counties x

    Petition to remove Laurence ↙️↙️↙️

  • footferry1589
    footferry1589 11 hours ago

    PES is about as realistic a football game you can get. The way the ball moves, the physics just all feel right. Now don’t get me wrong the game has its own issues but if you’re looking for an authentic football experience PES is the clear winner for me

  • Travy Godfree
    Travy Godfree 11 hours ago

    That's the last free copy of fifa you get. 😂 Geordie always just being straight up

  • Ade
    Ade 11 hours ago

    I'm soo confused that this is actually an issue was Mendy offended, no so why are sjw snowflakes and other black people getting offended on his behalf 😂.

  • Osama Najib
    Osama Najib 11 hours ago

    FIFA is a game And Football is In real life you cannot try to make FIFA real

  • K !
    K ! 11 hours ago

    What a tranformation from True Goerdie's carrer mode rages

  • James Zheng
    James Zheng 11 hours ago

    We did bottle a 10 pt lead before....

  • Harryhas26
    Harryhas26 12 hours ago

    Anyone that buys this game needs a visit to the doctors.

  • Your Mums A Hazard
    Your Mums A Hazard 12 hours ago

    i understand brians point he as usual makes some very good ones but i would actually say to him what could ea actually do to make it more realistic im not sure they could do more or enough to satisfy as many people for the general representation of the game to be any bit positive

  • Uga Fan1126
    Uga Fan1126 12 hours ago

    City have spent alot but Neymar ruined the market

  • Adam Carey
    Adam Carey 12 hours ago

    Give pes a bash lads. It's not too much of a ballache but you can download the kits with pesuniverse 👍

  • Frank Lampard C.F.C CFC Manager

    *Am I the only one who hates when the defender doesnt cover the attacker, on a global kick...* *I mean they dont track them in any way..* 👆🙁

  • C A
    C A 12 hours ago

    We don't want it to be like real Football though as it would overall play poorly. We just want how it to play now to actually work correctly.

  • Adam thiffjiyf
    Adam thiffjiyf 12 hours ago

    Buy more packs 😂 that’s also ONE of the problems with fifa

    SGxMONKEY 12 hours ago

    EA only care about Ultimate Team because its the money maker for them. The reason they don't make huge changes is because they branch out their ideas in years so that they have an idea what the next game will focus on when it comes time to make a "new" fifa game. And the fact that they know people will buy regardless of the game being bad or not means they don't have to put much effort the next one

  • HRH Second
    HRH Second 12 hours ago

    5:10. You're acting like nobody else watches football at the weekend 😂😂. Do you think nobody who works at EA watches the Premier League?

  • Paddy Nevs
    Paddy Nevs 13 hours ago

    0:44 Here’s is Shearer FOOTBALL what a fucking football from Alan Shearer

    SG GOONER 13 hours ago

    If you want to see a game like real football ... play PES2020 🔥⚽️

  • Mikey Dowson
    Mikey Dowson 13 hours ago

    I have the same opinion on rocket league

  • Connor White
    Connor White 13 hours ago

    Why’s the posh little fanny got his hood up indoors the absolute weapon of mass destruction

  • MiKe K19
    MiKe K19 13 hours ago

    Try PES in the next video would like your review after playing both

  • Twelve
    Twelve 13 hours ago

    It’s impossible to recreate actual football since games are 15 mins long

    • Bruno
      Bruno 8 hours ago

      Also actual football is played in physical reality between 22 people.

  • Jay L
    Jay L 13 hours ago

    Play PES Brian

  • Shane Gornall
    Shane Gornall 13 hours ago

    "hear me now" 😂😂😂

  • Luke G
    Luke G 13 hours ago

    It's all about timing. If you dont press the right buttons at exactly the right time your player might miss a tackle or probably will miss the header. Example if your opponent uses skill buttons and your reaction is slow you wont make the tackle. Trust me when I've played it's been frustrating but you need to get used to the gameplay. But they do need to make it more realistic

    RAVIN BHEEKHA 13 hours ago

    Who is this tosser talking about about the league is like la lliga The net spend you need to look at fucktard

  • Jack Stone
    Jack Stone 13 hours ago

    Make battlefield vids

  • Haidar Munglee
    Haidar Munglee 13 hours ago

    editing is ON POINT LADSS!!!!! do more of this please!

  • Zain Mohammad
    Zain Mohammad 13 hours ago

    Forget fifa brian PES 20 is the real deal.

  • Grey Mouser
    Grey Mouser 14 hours ago

    B5 review....

  • e1ectroniKa
    e1ectroniKa 14 hours ago

    This is the first year in 10 years I haven’t bought fifa. They aren’t listening

  • Fianna
    Fianna 14 hours ago

    And then united go and beat liverpool

  • Michael Kelly
    Michael Kelly 14 hours ago

    Brian, I fucking love you pal. Never change. Honest and straight to the point. The way we all should be. Another issue I have with EA is the fact there’s a new game each year, when in reality, we could just do a squad and kit update. Games like GTA where you have DLC’s are much more value for money. Especially when players are spending £100s on Fifa points on FUT.

  • Peter Burrows
    Peter Burrows 14 hours ago

    Huge respect to Geordie for having the balls to say what he really thinks and not just bigging up the game cause they sent him a free copy.

  • Memepage
    Memepage 14 hours ago

    F i f a r

  • Red Dead Sniper
    Red Dead Sniper 14 hours ago

    We want you to reupload your deleted fifa videos true geordie.

    THE G AND G SHOW 14 hours ago

    Review PES

  • M Turkistani
    M Turkistani 14 hours ago

    Laurence is one of those white guys that thinks he's cool once he puts his hoodie on.

  • Green Mills
    Green Mills 14 hours ago

    True Geordie FIFA rage outburst were the stuff of legend back in the day. Ahhh, good times lol

  • Manson Mason
    Manson Mason 14 hours ago

    E.A dont give you the best that they possibly can is because if they did, then what would they do next year and the year after... Its all about the money...

  • Green Mills
    Green Mills 14 hours ago

    True Geordie gaming channel had over 100k subscribers and was growing faster than his main one. Why he let that channel go.

    • MrGoodyBags
      MrGoodyBags 9 hours ago

      Green Mills okay I understand that but what don’t get is he’s not a gamer. That’s not his niche. Yes he plays games but he’s not nearly invested in them like other people

    • Green Mills
      Green Mills 9 hours ago

      @MrGoodyBags You doughnut. He had a gaming channel that was over 150,000 subscribers within 10 months.

    • MrGoodyBags
      MrGoodyBags 10 hours ago

      Green Mills he’s not a gamer

  • Pirate Dog
    Pirate Dog 14 hours ago

    I spent 50 quid on packs straight away and like every year I just think... why did I do it? why! nothing compared to what people spend though it's mad. I've played 3 games and went back on Rocket League lol. OMG EDIT just got to 6:30 haha yes! RL FTW!!!!!

  • Celtic Warrior33
    Celtic Warrior33 14 hours ago

    Looks like fifa 2014 😁 how has it gone backwards

  • Freddie Pizer hall
    Freddie Pizer hall 14 hours ago

    I preferred Fifa when it wasn’t so realistic

  • James Mush
    James Mush 15 hours ago

    If it was like real football it would be so slow and unenjoyable and would be too easy to hold onto a lead

  • LG 92
    LG 92 15 hours ago

    *"Gonna be skypeing REEV and do some pack openings"* I know this was a joke, but I would genuinely like you guys to do a video with REEV in some way.

  • Eric Bernard
    Eric Bernard 15 hours ago

    Can we go back to the FIFA 13/12/14 days when FIFA felt more like a video game and was fun, now its too realistic to real life!

  • George Austers
    George Austers 15 hours ago

    Fifa 20 literally looks like PES 13

  • LJ ABM
    LJ ABM 15 hours ago

    Fu fu man ct. Fu fu mct

  • WHUTubbz
    WHUTubbz 15 hours ago

    it wouldve been class seeing brian scream at the fifa scripting every 20 seconds but it aint that vid. very funny vid btw lads as always.

  • T20G
    T20G 15 hours ago

    Fucking nailed it. Thanks Geordie for speaking the truth.

  • Conor Brown
    Conor Brown 15 hours ago

    Can we please bring back geordie career modes

  • SteveAnglia
    SteveAnglia 15 hours ago

    If Brian got to write the Manager responses for Fifa press conferences in Career Mode, I think seeing that alone would be more entertaining than FUT, amiright?! Cheers for another quality video. 🍻

  • Raj Bravebeard
    Raj Bravebeard 15 hours ago

    yo you should do some rocket league content that game is sick

  • Will Blase
    Will Blase 15 hours ago

    Need to try PES

  • P MAN
    P MAN 15 hours ago

    Brian looking LEAN

  • Manchester BoyZ
    Manchester BoyZ 15 hours ago

    Plz play more games it was soo fun

  • aViableNinja The Real Victim

    Where the hell did my comment go?!?!? It had 202 likes and didn't criticise China?!?!?! The Kick Off, Sort it out.

  • Kris Roddam
    Kris Roddam 15 hours ago

    Geordie play PES man

  • Jack Lemere
    Jack Lemere 15 hours ago

    True Geordie x SunlessKhan collab incoming

  • Robbie Black
    Robbie Black 15 hours ago

    Announce newcastle career mode

  • Pak Furious
    Pak Furious 15 hours ago

    Use to love his rage on fifa back in the day

  • It ain't Obeezy
    It ain't Obeezy 16 hours ago

    Or you put in the time. I didn’t spend a penny in 19 and had 5 icons and and 191 team by the end of fifa

  • The Mighty Dab
    The Mighty Dab 16 hours ago

    The real problem is being keep buying it, and you're not saying anything revolutionary by "revealing" this. It's been pointed out for years and it'll be the big hot revelation next year as well.

  • adam84657
    adam84657 16 hours ago

    As a united fan, it's hypocritical to undervalue city's achievments on and off the pitch. Yes City spend money they spend it wisely. City has a vision for the last 10 years. They play attractive attacking football since the days of Manicin. United can spend money but they misused it

  • Ugandan Knuckles
    Ugandan Knuckles 16 hours ago

    EA: buy fifa just for £50 brand new. EA: to play online it will cost only £50. EA: in order to get pack buy fifa points. EA:spend another £50 to access special items.

  • Greg Smith
    Greg Smith 16 hours ago

    Rip the XO channel

  • James Clarke
    James Clarke 16 hours ago

    Hear me now

  • Ben M
    Ben M 16 hours ago

    PES is miles better

  • Fitz Empire
    Fitz Empire 16 hours ago

    ngl I looked away and looked back during the Newcastle v United game and I genuinely thought it was like highlights from FIFA 10 gameplay