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  • mambet usa
    mambet usa Minute ago

    People said that ronaldo only scored for small teams w/o ronaldo they cant score to any team. If ronaldo was today he would have scored 2 3 goals.

  • Nk .Swiss
    Nk .Swiss 3 minutes ago

    Let’s keep it a buck. Madrid had to win those 3 UCL’s coz when it comes to La laliga Madrid have been struggling. I’ve been saying this but I guess every problem is just smoke and mirrors when you win UCL

  • devey123
    devey123 4 minutes ago

    Ole says it won’t take them “30 years” to win another premiership.... It’ll take them 100 years

  • Utsav Basu
    Utsav Basu 7 minutes ago

    They are clowns these Barcelona people I know they will do anything to prove hazard is bad cause their money has been a waste on that overrated brazilian coutinho and they same want that to potray to hazard

  • Beatergate1527
    Beatergate1527 13 minutes ago

    The only appeal of Rashford is age, literally everything else is in favor of Firmino, especially surrounded by the pieces Barca has.

  • Niranjan Rajesh
    Niranjan Rajesh 13 minutes ago

    Had he stayed in chelsea,hazard would've flourished under lampard. Of course,chelsea would have too many wingers,but still,hazard would be brilliant,and chelsea would be contenders for the league instead of fighting for a top 4 or top 3 spot

  • Beauvais Jacob
    Beauvais Jacob 18 minutes ago

    Next week finishing 🐜🦞

  • ChessDejavu
    ChessDejavu 21 minute ago

    0-3 Liverpool

  • Kenenna Udochukwu
    Kenenna Udochukwu 34 minutes ago

    Mason Mount over Sancho? You are stupid. Stupid

    RICHIE AGYEMANG 43 minutes ago

    I feel bad for Eden Hazard. He got himself on board a sinking ship. Now everybody is gonna blame him. Otumfour Kojo Agyemang

  • pratik sable
    pratik sable 45 minutes ago

    After lopetegui, solari and zidane I want experience Manager at Madrid I want Mou

  • Raoul Duke
    Raoul Duke 47 minutes ago

    The real question is why are we still talking about a footballer who is largely irrelevant in discussions of competitive football?

  • Nikhil Kumar
    Nikhil Kumar 48 minutes ago

    RM needs to make major changes if they want any chance of winning this season

  • takudzwa takavarasha
    takudzwa takavarasha 59 minutes ago

    MNU 2 - O LIV: FT thats the result

  • Antony Barus
    Antony Barus Hour ago

    Barcelona with messi picture while madrid with zidane. You know your team suck when your best player was already retired

  • hhlpz
    hhlpz Hour ago

    CHINA is the only place that he compete, MLS is getting big for him

  • Raoul Duke
    Raoul Duke Hour ago😂😂

  • Philip Conteh
    Philip Conteh Hour ago

    Arsenal 3rd Chelsea 4

  • Rational Thinker

    Sir Alex Ferguson looks better and better as time goes on. A genius manager.

  • PeekingDuck
    PeekingDuck Hour ago

    Bring in Big Sam to shore up the defence and stabilise the team. Relegation might be unavoidable this season but Big Sam knows how to bring a team up from the Championship. Ole Out - Big Sam In!!

  • Jason Glover
    Jason Glover Hour ago

    just curious... exactly what "skills" are we talking about...?

  • CremeDeLaCreme
    CremeDeLaCreme Hour ago

    Fekir should've just stayed at Lyon for another year, this man wasting his talent at betis they not even top 10 smhhh

  • valianwolverine
    valianwolverine Hour ago

    Never realised we were so much reliant on Ronaldo, teams were afraid of him. Now any body is beating us... y no Bale playing 😥

  • walkyOtalky
    walkyOtalky Hour ago

    real madrid the new manchester united

  • jimbo dynasty
    jimbo dynasty Hour ago

    Mean while kubo enjoying him self

  • Bong jun ting
    Bong jun ting Hour ago

    Managed by a valid manager. They need either the best player in the world or the best budget in the world

  • imbrawler dubz
    imbrawler dubz Hour ago

    If it ain't Sancho, it ain't right ;)

  • Rome Grad
    Rome Grad Hour ago

    United need to get it together. I like Ole but he was never the man for the job. He had no credible experience. The united name carries a lot of weight because of their history. You can poach a manager like Poch and that's probably what they should have done. Just my opinion but going forward I think you ride out the season with Ole. Only allow him to bring in 1 or 2 players in Jan that aren't crazy expensive. As soon as the last game ends you sack him. Bring in Van der sar or luis campos as your director of football. Go for a proven manager (Poch, Erik ten Hag, Luis Enrique). Give them 200 quid to spend. The fans will have to be patient because this team is terrible.

  • imbrawler dubz
    imbrawler dubz Hour ago

    How wrong can you be? Burley: Hold my beer!

  • Liken Gadi
    Liken Gadi Hour ago

    I think i over rated Madrid players for so long ... Now i think it was only CR7 effect

    • Akshay Saxena
      Akshay Saxena Hour ago

      Cr7 could not do either. Only 2 la ligas. Scored an awful lot but ineffective. He did well in champions league but not in la liga.

  • Mark Olander
    Mark Olander Hour ago

    Had Peterson played against Philly, We'd have won. That would have brought an entirely different feeling into the Dallas game which was winnable also. Lame brain Gruden!

  • Username
    Username Hour ago

    Hislop sucks.

  • anthony kennedy
    anthony kennedy 2 hours ago

    We're not in danger of forgetting what he could do our problem is where remembering what he was he hasn't been on that level for years. won't leave because of the money won't play because he's lazy & unmotivated so unfortunately we're stuck with him.

  • zaine _jj
    zaine _jj 2 hours ago


  • steven clark
    steven clark 2 hours ago

    Stop blaming hazard he didn't even play the crazy talk in the comments it's madness.

    • Utsav Basu
      Utsav Basu 10 minutes ago

      They are clowns these Barcelona people I know they will do anything to prove hazard is bad cause their money has been a waste on that overrated brazilian coutinho and they same want that to potray to hazard

  • steven clark
    steven clark 2 hours ago

    Shocking result.

  • Jonathan Wilson
    Jonathan Wilson 2 hours ago

    Barca is one point on top now but dont worry they wont go far

  • Jonathan Wilson
    Jonathan Wilson 2 hours ago

    Its flicking vinicius with his mc terrible shooting and he was only trying to score and missing all the shots, jovic was juss standing there doing nothing, and de thing is madrid had alot of chances because mallorca defense was terrible but because we did nt had players like bale kroos and hazard we lacked the finishing touch, we had the chances to get behind but we missed bale's crosses and kroos's passing. Because of this players that were missing though mallora's defence had gaps they could nt play the ball

  • One Love
    One Love 2 hours ago

    Maguire ahead of Matip! Hahahahaha! Hilarious. Mark Ogden is a clueless fuckwit. Matip is miles better than Maguire. It's not even close.

  • Yung Kantz
    Yung Kantz 2 hours ago

    Sancho Havertz Felix Mount Junior

  • Chris
    Chris 2 hours ago

    1989-90.....same year Liverpool last won the league. It’s written in the stars

  • afaizal86
    afaizal86 2 hours ago

    At this rate, craig burley is actually trolling Man Utd fans

  • Belu Pilem
    Belu Pilem 2 hours ago

    barca on top. normal service resumes. hazard is overrated, overhype and just a fat flobby lard.

  • edd edward
    edd edward 2 hours ago

    vinisicus jr never has his shooting boots on 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Shakur Rakhimov
    Shakur Rakhimov 2 hours ago

    Valverde genius 3rd time back to back win La liga

  • Uselessoldman
    Uselessoldman 2 hours ago

    United are in deep trouble and they know it. £600m debt highest wages in the league and a squad and infrastructure that both need SERIOUS money spending on them. Yet saying all that their squad is only average, meaning that its not worth its value. So bottom line is simple, United have wasted a fortune and its going to take them a long long time to recover. Got to feel sorry for them NOT, they lost a genius of a Manager and now have an amateur maybe relegation is the best option after all, then they will feel more at home

  • Shakur Rakhimov
    Shakur Rakhimov 2 hours ago


  • kshira prova Mahilary

    REAL MADRID LOL FROM Juventus😂😂😂

  • Nico Widjaja
    Nico Widjaja 3 hours ago

    Real mission impossible.

  • Amir Taleb
    Amir Taleb 3 hours ago

    How u gonna say that jovic has been awful it's a young player who's moved countries from a gd club in Germany to the biggest club in the world where he hasn't been given games and when he has played he hasn't had a chance

  • Elijah O. Okoth
    Elijah O. Okoth 3 hours ago

    ESPN: Do you think Liverpool will win for the first time at Old Trafford in 5 years and end up with the EPL trophy this year Klopp: Ahaaaaaah haaaaah haaaaah

  • Asad Lucky men
    Asad Lucky men 3 hours ago

    Zidani Out Mourinho in

  • Jobin Jose
    Jobin Jose 3 hours ago

    La liga is getting really hard in recent years. Barca, real & atletico can no longer steam roll teams and get 3 points every game

  • Ass Eater
    Ass Eater 3 hours ago

    😂😂😂😂😂😂barkians laughing but yet Messi is still keeping them alive . It’s just a matter of time when he leaves it’s over for them 😂

    • Syed Faisal Kamran
      Syed Faisal Kamran 2 hours ago

      @Venomous s He won 3 European Golden boots without them. You are totally blind.

    • Venomous s
      Venomous s 2 hours ago

      @Syed Faisal Kamran but I have seen Massi only at Barcelona with my favourite Xavi & Iniesta

    • Syed Faisal Kamran
      Syed Faisal Kamran 2 hours ago

      @Venomous s Portugal made semi final without Ronaldo even playing in Uefa nations league and could 've won easily and the matter fact Argentina's footballing association is way poorer than Portugal. Put Ronaldo in that situation I bet he will perform worst than what Messi did.

    BOOMBAPXL 3 hours ago

    Put some respect on Italys name World Cups 🏆 🏆 🏆 🏆

  • Tamsir Jenkins
    Tamsir Jenkins 3 hours ago

    Craig js stupid

    SUPERSTAR_H_GAMER 3 hours ago

    Barcelona and Real Madrid both need better managers Messi and Ter stegen continue to save Barcelona Zidanes whole reign also relied on Ronaldo modric Marcelo navas individual brilliance now all of those players in madrid have declined and Ronaldo has left They need actual managers with good tactical setup who will make young players better and have a style of play Both teams have quality young players that need to be used correctly

  • Machine Head
    Machine Head 3 hours ago

    just give the liverpool 3 points.dont want to see the game i will just watch the highlights

  • kenjaj
    kenjaj 3 hours ago

    What an irony?!!! Biggest racist world has ever seen criticizing poor Bulgarians over some racist chants committed by a few teenagers. British empire was established on the blood of black Africans, Indians and many other natives around the world. English soldiers left millions of people dead behind them and most of these war crimes had a racist background. Millions of black slaves died working in Caribbean sugar plants, African mines, serving on farms and houses on English soil... Millions of people worked in terrible conditions serving English masters all over the world and now we hear from very same English people criticism over racism?!!! You gotta be joking?! Please just stop being ironic and hypocritical because you are making all of us non English physically sick. Aren't you a little ashamed?

  • ChoppersBBQ
    ChoppersBBQ 3 hours ago

    After 10 years i clicked on a video with 999 likes. Yes i was the 1k, i'll have my statue over there thanks.

  • Thabo Mashale
    Thabo Mashale 3 hours ago

    "gone to the top by default" hahahaha pundits are savages

  • Ore Onasanya
    Ore Onasanya 3 hours ago

    People here are insulting hazard like he even played this game ffs

    • infinite susano
      infinite susano 2 hours ago

      They need a game changer, they need mbappé.

    • Belu Pilem
      Belu Pilem 2 hours ago

      for the money he being paid, he deserved the insult.

    • Captain Obvious
      Captain Obvious 2 hours ago

      @azhar property I don't think a Chelsea fan would genuinely look down at hazard when he's done so much for them

    • azhar property
      azhar property 3 hours ago

      Mostly chelsea fans 😁😁😁

  • Jeo
    Jeo 3 hours ago

    Leave it to Pundits to talk up a team once they win a game or 2, but as soon as they lose. It’s back to bashing them 😅. I still rather ESPN over SKY though. Boring Sky fake personality. 😴

  • Nick Jones
    Nick Jones 3 hours ago

    Jose will sort this mess out immediately.

  • Beatergate1527
    Beatergate1527 3 hours ago

    Honestly, watching that game, it felt more like Mallorca punching upward than Real really playing down. Yes, by all means they could’ve played a lot better. Still, it felt more like Mallorca was actively getting in the way of Real’s gameplan rather than Real just shitting the bed. That said, Isco and Jovic looked pretty lifeless out there, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see a loan or sale move this January for em. James was actually not terrible given he was playing out of position, but it didn’t feel like anyone really took full control of the game and stabilized the ship.

  • Matuidicharo
    Matuidicharo 3 hours ago

    First year in Madrid Hazard: I want to visit Bernabeu and chill with my bro Zidane Ronaldo: I will put my name in every records of football

    • Utsav Basu
      Utsav Basu 18 minutes ago

      @Matuidicharo then why is this point related to hazard coming in this video moron it's like the discussion is about robotics and I point out cow eats grass dumbo

    • spondon kashyap
      spondon kashyap 2 hours ago

      Totally correct

    • Shakur Rakhimov
      Shakur Rakhimov 2 hours ago

      So true

  • Rajay Patterson
    Rajay Patterson 3 hours ago

    It goes to show that Cristiano Ronaldo was the real hero for Real Madrid in that golden era under Zidane. No Cristiano = no success for Real

    • Soda King
      Soda King 2 hours ago

      @Gareth Owen he is one of the greatest players of all time ofc a team who loses him will suffer he was a huge part of the 2003-2009 United team that won 3 consecutive premier league titles 07,08,09 a champions league 2 league cups a fa cup and a club world cup that's not a bad haul for 6 years sure helped us alot

    • Gareth Owen
      Gareth Owen 3 hours ago

      Man U feel the same loss also when he left i bet

  • Christopher Goncalves Melo

    Hazard is not the man for big occasions

    • spondon kashyap
      spondon kashyap 2 hours ago

      @MIDDLE east still for a guy like him to come to real madrid overweight and so low on confidence is just bullshit the guy was desperate to come to real madrid but now that he has joined them he has done nothing i know he wasn't available for this match but still he hasn't been that good in general

    • MIDDLE east
      MIDDLE east 3 hours ago

      bro he wasn't available for the match man

  • Beatergate1527
    Beatergate1527 3 hours ago

    Shoutout Granada gettin up there with the big boys

    • Open Jar
      Open Jar Hour ago

      Facts. Nobody talks about them and its so sad

  • Teufel Hunden
    Teufel Hunden 3 hours ago

    Jovic hahaha I’m glad you chose Madrid over Barca you flop. Could’ve learned from the best but all you could see is money. Now look at you. Another unfamiliar name in a list of madrid flops.

    • Utsav Basu
      Utsav Basu 11 minutes ago

      💩 Coutinho 🤣🤣🤣

    • Soda King
      Soda King 2 hours ago

      I still can't believe Barcelona blew a 3-0 aggregate vrs Liverpool in the champions league

    • Nick Gonzalez
      Nick Gonzalez 3 hours ago

      Yeah cause that worked out so well for coutinho 😂 dumbass

  • Curtis Charles
    Curtis Charles 3 hours ago

    honestly , im not even confident about barca with valverde as coach. anything can happen ,so this lost dont even affect anything

    • cool franky CR7
      cool franky CR7 2 hours ago

      You know valverde has won the league before it's not exactly his first time or should I say he ain't a rookie

    • Daniel Wilson
      Daniel Wilson 3 hours ago

      @PLAYBOI PRINCE key players were not even playing,just like barca when messi and suarez were injured they were losing aswell.That's why they lost today

      PLAYBOI PRINCE 3 hours ago

      Curtis Charles Yes it does, A team as Real Madrid should not be loosing like this, It’s not acceptable

  • Vybz Magazine
    Vybz Magazine 3 hours ago

    Oh so small teams shouldn't win ?

  • Teufel Hunden
    Teufel Hunden 3 hours ago

    Barca wins. Madrid loses. Atletico draws. Today is a good day.

    • Link James
      Link James Hour ago

      Ronaldinho10 great goals man

    • Link James
      Link James Hour ago

      Meow Meow people die for a reason he did some things that's why these things happen no one will kill you for no reason

    • Link James
      Link James Hour ago

      Meow Meow yow we are talking about football not about people dying

    • Meow Meow
      Meow Meow Hour ago

      @Link James A guy got chopped to death in my home country. They chopped him on his head, back and neck. They also chopped off 2 of his fingers, i don't know but it wasn't a good day for him and his family at all.

    • Meow Meow
      Meow Meow Hour ago

      @Hao2k They're gonna suffer in the future i guess.

  • joe bart
    joe bart 3 hours ago

    Honestly, real was a downgrade from chelsea

    • Soda King
      Soda King 2 hours ago

      I also agree and I am happy to see a player who was greedy and only cared about money get shafted the way he has so far

    • Thomypark
      Thomypark 2 hours ago

      Totally agree

    • Ridwan Ali
      Ridwan Ali 3 hours ago

      joe bart Agreed

  • Amr Djoker
    Amr Djoker 3 hours ago

    This guy’s accent is so annoying

    • Amr Djoker
      Amr Djoker 2 hours ago

      It has nothing to do with respect He is just annoying thats all, its not like all the people from Trinidad and Tobago are annoying

    • screamsaeed
      screamsaeed 2 hours ago

      He is from Trinidad and Tobago. He isn’t a native English speaker. Have some respect. Not all people are brought up as English or British.

    • Thomypark
      Thomypark 2 hours ago

      Shaka obviously

    • Motasem Idris
      Motasem Idris 3 hours ago

      what guy?

  • dacid kapura
    dacid kapura 3 hours ago

    Skaka is mr an awful lot

  • James Phillips
    James Phillips 3 hours ago

    joke league

  • Nenad Radosavljević

    Shaka's analysis was idiotic.

  • jonnis163
    jonnis163 3 hours ago

    Real Madrid is lacking creativity and a focal point like Mbappe. They've should've bought a superstar like Mbappe.

      PLAYBOI PRINCE 3 hours ago

      jonnis163 They better buy him next transfer window🤦🏾‍♂️ or they are going Trophyless for a good 5 year

  • Justin Buritica
    Justin Buritica 3 hours ago

    James Rodriguez was the best player this match by far. Everyone else was lackluster.

    • Ousmane Dembouz
      Ousmane Dembouz 49 minutes ago

      Justin Buritica He was the best player for Madrid, but the Man of The Match was that Mallorca midfielder. He owned that midfield honestly

  • Catherine Monroe Official

    Messi is finished

    • Global Harmony
      Global Harmony Hour ago

      Catherine Monroe Official Messi just scored today and an assist haha

    • jimbo dynasty
      jimbo dynasty Hour ago

      What? Isn't this video about real Madrid

    • Caleb L.
      Caleb L. 2 hours ago

      Catherine Monroe Official you mean finished Real Madrid off?

    • Moses Adeola
      Moses Adeola 3 hours ago

      Your father is finished

  • Catherine Monroe Official

    Like seriously you never talk about Messi's failure to deliver in the international stage. He is nothing without Barca

    • Vusi Thami
      Vusi Thami 3 hours ago

      Do you actually WATCH football, if so why is this thought in your mind??

    • Pee Pee Balls
      Pee Pee Balls 3 hours ago

      Catherine Monroe Official because were not in the international break lol 😂also Messi carries Argentina to 3 finals

  • khalid Ismail
    khalid Ismail 4 hours ago

    im liking this shaka and dan segments.

  • Catherine Monroe Official

    Suarez : Copa America winner Dembele : World Cup winner Griezmann : World Cup winner Messi : Error4-0 Now you know who doesn't deserve to start for Barca.

    • Cisco Gonzalez
      Cisco Gonzalez 2 hours ago

      Moses Adeola I have failed us all

    • Aiden Frost
      Aiden Frost 3 hours ago

      @Moses Adeola Yeah honestly crappy baits like this should be blindly avoided.

    • Moses Adeola
      Moses Adeola 3 hours ago

      @Cisco Gonzalez must you answer a poor fool

    • Cisco Gonzalez
      Cisco Gonzalez 3 hours ago

      Catherine Monroe Official stupidity at its finest

  • LJ W
    LJ W 4 hours ago

    Jovic would be a good player for a team like spurs I don't know why he went to Real Madrid.

    • Teufel Hunden
      Teufel Hunden 3 hours ago

      Greed. Thats what he gets for taking madrid over Barca. Bad move.

    • Yannick Delgadillo
      Yannick Delgadillo 3 hours ago

      Watched him be loaned out loan and never to be seen again like Jese

    • Stephen Ramos
      Stephen Ramos 3 hours ago

      @Random Black Guy lol

    • Random Black Guy
      Random Black Guy 3 hours ago

      Stephen Ramos the only reason why they wanted to play for Real Madrid because Zidane is the manager

  • Catherine Monroe Official

    Real Madrid are the greatest club in football world despite this defeat. Other clubs can't even come close to winning 13 UCLs 💪💪💪

    • Soda King
      Soda King 2 hours ago

      @Random Black Guy ikr I think the main thing a person who hates real Madrid is how arrogant alot of their fans are over their success

    • Venomous s
      Venomous s 3 hours ago

      It may be greatest club Well.... they doesn't respect their players who has given everything to their club So What's use being called greatest

    • Random Black Guy
      Random Black Guy 3 hours ago

      Catherine Monroe Official you’re so salty 🤣😂🤣

    • Andi Udo
      Andi Udo 3 hours ago

      You've got to face the reality and stop talking about 13 UCL's. AC Milan have 7 UCLs but are clearly no longer a better team than Barca. BEWARE!!!!

  • Ichsuka
    Ichsuka 4 hours ago

    is it really a shock though?

    • Visca El Barça
      Visca El Barça 2 hours ago

      Ichsuka no. I knew Mallorca was gonna win. And I actually said before the game lago junior was gonna score and be a danger.

  • Ebrima Jawneh
    Ebrima Jawneh 4 hours ago

    They're back where they belong

  • GOAT
    GOAT 4 hours ago

    I'm calling it, Barca is winning la liga again.

    • Francisco 9640
      Francisco 9640 20 minutes ago

      GOAT Yup, idiots who thought otherwise were deluded (especially people who said Atletico were winning because they signed a 19 y/o) 😂😂

    • Akshay Saxena
      Akshay Saxena Hour ago

      Did you think otherwise 😀😀

    • Pee Pee Balls
      Pee Pee Balls 4 hours ago

      GOAT of course we are

  • Mali Leon
    Mali Leon 4 hours ago

    James was good, he deserves a 7 player rating, his crosses were world-class. Lastly, this game revealed Zidane's lack of technical depth.

    • Mali Leon
      Mali Leon 3 hours ago

      @jonnis163 I can agree, he was a bit sloppy in the second half.

    • jonnis163
      jonnis163 4 hours ago

      Most of his crosses came from set pieces bro. Second half he was a bit sloppy

  • Al Gale
    Al Gale 4 hours ago

    Hazard only came to real Madrid to be satisfied, so he can tell his grandchildren that he played for Real madrid/Barcelona. I don't think he has ambition to achieve anything. Came there overweight and unmotivated.

    • Utsav Basu
      Utsav Basu 21 minute ago

      @just fun what🤣🤣🤣

    • just fun
      just fun Hour ago

      I think such players like auba and other player is better option in place of hazard

    • Jesse Hernandez
      Jesse Hernandez 2 hours ago

      Chelsea be like " Danm we off loaded Courtois and Hazard at the right time". Hope Real kept the receipt.

    • steven clark
      steven clark 2 hours ago

      Disagree that is just being stupid how does hazard coming to real Madrid make him not want to win anything it's crazy talk...

  • Matuidicharo
    Matuidicharo 4 hours ago

    Ronaldo 451 goals 438 games 131 assists Ronaldo was more than a goalscorer he was Real Madrid

    • Nabbe YT
      Nabbe YT 3 minutes ago

      All of that above is true but their league form is the same it's been for years even with him being there

    • Nabbe YT
      Nabbe YT 5 minutes ago

      2 la ligas in 10 years

    • Tim Guerra
      Tim Guerra 16 minutes ago

      Ronaldinho10 the entire Madrid team has been exposed over the last 2 seasons. Scabbing our a Champions League trophy vs Liverpool is the best thing they’re going to do for years

    • vbz07
      vbz07 Hour ago

      @Martox the stats above are correct he has 451 goals

  • OG Cookie Monster
    OG Cookie Monster 4 hours ago

    Its because the Belgian giraffe couldn't even catch a cold.

    • Ronaldinho10
      Ronaldinho10 38 minutes ago

      Why do you guys always make Courtois the scapegoat when he’s not the one defending or being lackluster in attack. Sure he had some bad games like against Brugge but theirs nothing he can do about that strike from Junior

    • JC RealOne
      JC RealOne 42 minutes ago


    • LFC shankss
      LFC shankss Hour ago

      @Catherine Monroe Official not currently there a shambles

    • Jobin Jose
      Jobin Jose 3 hours ago

      Dead xD xD xD

    • The Pack Is Back
      The Pack Is Back 3 hours ago

      *The Joker has left the chat*

  • Pee Pee Balls
    Pee Pee Balls 4 hours ago

    Real Madrid are back to where they deserve, 2nd 😍

    • Ronaldinho10
      Ronaldinho10 2 hours ago

      Catherine Monroe Official you won like 7 of those when clubs cared more about the league than the UCL

    • Captain Obvious
      Captain Obvious 2 hours ago

      @Catherine Monroe Official hold on to that for as long as you can, because that's all you'll have in the end, memories

    • Scorpion LC
      Scorpion LC 3 hours ago

      Catherine Monroe Official most of which you weren’t alive to see. L 😂😂

  • Julian Resnik
    Julian Resnik 4 hours ago

    I think dan just called isco "ishco"

  • Captain America
    Captain America 4 hours ago

    Way to go Fredo!

  • Ronaldo the G.O.A.T
    Ronaldo the G.O.A.T 4 hours ago

    It’s so sad to see my Real Madrid like this I want them to go back to there glory days where they destroyed almost every team and dominated Europe

    • Umar Ali
      Umar Ali Minute ago

      Francisco 9640 yeah exactly, when people say that Ronaldo won three league titles, he won the prem under the greatest prem manager of all time in the best prem team of all time, and winning the league in juve is a literal joke.

    • Francisco 9640
      Francisco 9640 9 minutes ago

      Umar Ali They always paint a false narrative on Messi’s success being due to his teammates but forget Ronaldo has had Worldclass players around him in MU, Madrid, and now Juve.

    • Umar Ali
      Umar Ali 10 minutes ago

      Francisco 9640 thank you, how do people who say that Ronaldo is a better goal scorer or “Ronaldo’s the best goal scorer of all time” not realizing that his goal to game ratio is significantly lower than Messi’s(.7 vs .9 is like a 30% difference)

    • Francisco 9640
      Francisco 9640 13 minutes ago

      @Gorgeous Dead brain idiot is what you are. Messi’s game and contributions on the pitch will always be better then Ronaldo. Simply put it as Ronaldo is a goal scorer while Messi is a goal scorer (actually has a better goal ratio then Ronaldo) and a playmaker.

    • Fernando Godinez
      Fernando Godinez 17 minutes ago

      It's ok guys stop arguing. These Messi haters will cry when he retires😂

  • Elie Naddour
    Elie Naddour 4 hours ago

    Harry kane seems like he needs a new challenge he hasn't been good at all this season.

  • Sport live
    Sport live 4 hours ago

    Barcelona fans give me some 😍❤️

    • GOAT
      GOAT 4 hours ago

      Campeones! Campeones! Ole ole ole!!!!

  • FCskillersAU
    FCskillersAU 4 hours ago

    Who else can't wait for the game?