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  • Aditya Shejwadkar
    Aditya Shejwadkar 3 minutes ago

    Steve Nicol is stupid. Didn't acknowledged Lamela's foul on Rodri. Where the fuck was VAR then ? Llorente's handball in UCL semi-finals was allowed. Christiansen's handball vs Liverpool was allowed as well. But when it's Man City, suddenly all the rules become applicable trying to dismantle the spirit. Fucking ass, VAR.

  • Ali3n Z
    Ali3n Z 6 minutes ago

    This is not football this is A video game

  • NoName
    NoName 7 minutes ago

    English fans are a disgrace.

  • Red and White
    Red and White 10 minutes ago

    Very well spoken man old Steve waugh

  • Janak Magar
    Janak Magar 10 minutes ago

    Yes bitch!!! he is a deserving player Cause I think u son of bitches!!! fucking shit !!! don't know He is a Cristiano Ronaldo The G.O.A.T

  • sandy
    sandy 12 minutes ago

    If its so scary don't bowl the short ball.

  • Zaenall Lampdaurd
    Zaenall Lampdaurd 12 minutes ago

    Coba kalian di indonesia Wkwkwkwkwk

    OG TRIPLE TRIPLE 17 minutes ago

    I hope Chris Woakes gets bashed one day.

  • ANi
    ANi 22 minutes ago

    They are not fans clearly They are people who don't understand cricket but have lots of free time to waste

  • ANi
    ANi 24 minutes ago

    1 Half - VAR sleeping 2 Half - Man C Winning , Hold your Goal 😅

  • Walter White
    Walter White 27 minutes ago

    WTF man last year ronaldo deserved uefa best player award according to stats in champions league

    RED LION 30 minutes ago

    Oh god england are lucky because starc is not in there

  • rathat ratheb
    rathat ratheb 31 minute ago

    🥴😜😝😛no way Man City gonna win the league this season because we all have the future of trust is 👍VAR👍 I love ❤️ VAR

  • rathat ratheb
    rathat ratheb 31 minute ago

    🥴😜😝😛no way Man City gonna win the league this season because we all have the future of trust is 👍VAR👍 I love ❤️ VAR

  • Seafood Lover
    Seafood Lover 32 minutes ago

    Nobody on TV hates Messi like this stupid guy.. what a piece of work

  • ramesh aryal
    ramesh aryal 33 minutes ago


  • Irishluckmate
    Irishluckmate 33 minutes ago

    I actually hate pouch now he's a stupid manager that will never win anything, why does he always start trashy Kane when Lucas plays better and does more Everytime 😂

  • Gopal Singh
    Gopal Singh 34 minutes ago

    I had never seen this amount of videos about MLS before Zlatan went there

  • Italo Arias
    Italo Arias 36 minutes ago

    4:34 Do you feel the power of most beautiful stadium? 😊Liverpool 🤘

  • Mourning Ireland
    Mourning Ireland 37 minutes ago


  • Cantona7
    Cantona7 37 minutes ago

    Of course he loves this var decision the Scouse cunt

  • SIR Lord Henry mortimer
    SIR Lord Henry mortimer 38 minutes ago

    Why jhonson ? What about the Aussie's booing and taunting trott Australian should be the last people to lecture us about "sportsman's spirit"

  • Aadil Abbas
    Aadil Abbas 39 minutes ago

    Whatever Archer trying to do, Australian are masters in that, let see how it turns in coming matches for England

  • Kynsai Marwein
    Kynsai Marwein 40 minutes ago

    If starc was there archer would be afraid to come in to bat

  • Salvador Ricardo Jimenez
    Salvador Ricardo Jimenez 42 minutes ago

    It's the "politically correct" people that are often overdramatic over anything small & big!

    SSJ- ROSE 43 minutes ago

    He stopped it so he could get it for himself

  • Dexter Morgan
    Dexter Morgan 43 minutes ago


  • Sergio Jimenez
    Sergio Jimenez 46 minutes ago

    Shut the f u.

  • The Silkworm
    The Silkworm 47 minutes ago

    Did you use villa park as your toilet break

  • Arun Rai
    Arun Rai 49 minutes ago

    Only thing stable with english cricket is constant fans booing 😂 Root golden duck 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Virendra Kumar
    Virendra Kumar 49 minutes ago

    Steave unstoppable Smith. Smith, the king of test cricket.

  • befedan
    befedan 52 minutes ago


  • Arun Rai
    Arun Rai 54 minutes ago

    At least AFTV are honest 'coz they have guts to say BIASED SHOW 😕

  • Pragun Tiwari
    Pragun Tiwari 56 minutes ago

    English better be ready for Mitch starc bouncer barrages for the next matches

  • Adi G
    Adi G 57 minutes ago

    Felled HAHA

  • Thangsing Thangsing
    Thangsing Thangsing 57 minutes ago

    lets not use refree if there is var

  • vick see
    vick see 57 minutes ago

    Stop your bullsh*t opinion steve, you are too biais, what about VAR for the penalty not given to man city!!!!

  • wannaki rymbai
    wannaki rymbai 59 minutes ago

    If it was Liverpool he wouldn't be saying that.... Punditry and being bias should not exist. He loved that city drew so Liverpool would have an early lead.

  • amogh kaushik
    amogh kaushik Hour ago

    Cr7 ahead of Alison mane salah ter stegen bernardo silva sterling son fernandinho aguero Fabinho delight mbappe hazard aubamayeng is an absolute joke

  • Ben Prem
    Ben Prem Hour ago

    Archer the beast..!❤

  • Michael Rasmussen

    No Surprise from the POMs...when on the back foot this is was they revert to...

  • River Manyu
    River Manyu Hour ago

    Barca just need to get rid of valverde. He is not good enough for Barcelona given the quality of at his disposal. The team is not playing the Barcelona way under valverde. No penetration. Just sideways balls and back to keeper. It's boring to watch. Valverde Out

  • Rok Xon
    Rok Xon Hour ago

    Kohli is best

  • Rok Xon
    Rok Xon Hour ago

    I'm indian but i hate shity Smith don't like a other indian who loves fucking smith

  • Virginbreaker
    Virginbreaker Hour ago

    I am a city fan and VAR was 100% correct on that decision. My only gripe is the severe inconsistency in the implementation. It’s ridiculous and it’s ruining the game. So you’re telling me Rodri who was clearly bundled down in the box, a play even a blind man would’ve called a penalty wasn’t seen by stupid Michael Oliver and his stupid VAR assistants, but they had the luxury of scrutinizing an unintentional handball from a goal everybody had already accepted and moved on from. The agenda against city lifting the league for the third time running is seriously telling. Typical FA. Oh well.

  • John Popovich
    John Popovich Hour ago

    For once, i agree with Steve and Aly

  • Ashish philip Thomas

    ESPN call these stupid nicole expert when he is so stupid to compare European countries ueaf Nations league with african cup and forgot that van dijk team lost to ronaldos team and also jvue wins league title every year so ronaldo didnt deserve nomination while barca also win league title almost every year for past decade

    CHRISTINE an Hour ago

    You just made Smith to taste his medicine! Just wait til he bounces back with two centuries! He will get better, and smarter! You English have no idea! Get your neck ready JOFRA because you will get a bouncer too from Cummins

    • Partha Sarathi Chatterjee
      Partha Sarathi Chatterjee Hour ago

      The duel between the best batsman in the world and the fastest bowler of the series would be fascinating to see

  • Anonymous Beats
    Anonymous Beats Hour ago

    How could they boo him on the way back as well that’s disgraceful

  • Anonymous Beats
    Anonymous Beats Hour ago

    Archer should’ve gone to see if he was ok I think

    CHRISTINE an Hour ago

    If sportsmanship means laughing at someone after a ball you bowled struck on someone’s neck then JOFRA and Jos do not deserve to be called sportsmen. They surely know what happened to Phil Hughes? Disgusting behaviour. Don’t ruin your career Jof by trying to kill someone when you can’t get them out!

  • No Need
    No Need Hour ago

    Now the entire world including alot of gentlemens from Lord's can see the amount of yobbos England has, not only as fans but as players!. Shame on you for treating guests from another country the way you have,not only in the World Cup but in Ashes as well!. You have no class and pride and most definitely no respect for your nation and the flag you represent laughing at injured player and booing him of the ground. Nation of thieves and whores known all over the world! Shame on you England! Proud Aussie.

  • Romaine Lawes
    Romaine Lawes Hour ago

    Fuck Nicole

  • Amod Uprety
    Amod Uprety Hour ago

    Remember How Mitchell Johnson terrrorised English Batsmen. This is England Giving back with Joffra

    • Amod Uprety
      Amod Uprety 3 minutes ago

      @Brenden MacKay well maybe test cricket is not for you

    • Amod Uprety
      Amod Uprety 3 minutes ago

      @No Need Ass Hole Don't watch test cricket

    • No Need
      No Need 8 minutes ago

      @Amod Uprety Donkey, whats that got to do with fans booing and players laughing seeing another player injured!?. 5 world cups!!! Responsible for creating one day matches!. Giving the world the best players,most flamboyant players ever!. Sir Donald Bradman!.%99.96 run rate. Australia is cricket. When you think about cricket you have us on your mind because without us you be nothing!. When you play against your players celebrate knowing they have made it!. They go home and make love to their partners knowing they will be known because of it!.

    • Brenden MacKay
      Brenden MacKay 11 minutes ago

      Amod Uprety it’s a bit different sandpaper won’t kill anybody but a hit to the neck by a 90 mph ball will

    • Amod Uprety
      Amod Uprety 22 minutes ago

      @No Need right. Aussies always tried to cheat the game. SandPaper?

  • 1 million subscribers without a video challenge

    RONALDO IS GETTING TOO MUCH Hate for no reason...F*** you messi fans

    NZT KING Hour ago

    Should be penalty then if is not scored😑

  • Creative Baap CRB

    I always watch smith is better player than virat.....He came and proving this.|

  • Nathaniel Kahn
    Nathaniel Kahn Hour ago

    biased anyone?

  • Sullay BJ
    Sullay BJ Hour ago

    Newcastle are going down wrong Manager. Arsenal will get real test next week. Liv are winning playing not dat well but still 6points. MC unlucky, Spurs lucky & MU big test

  • Stephanie Evans
    Stephanie Evans Hour ago

    Dosser fury...thats Tyson fury new name!

  • avneesh yadav
    avneesh yadav Hour ago

    When India lost....they go west indies srilanka.. Bangladesh..for making more Indian cricket team fan..lot of attitude there

    • Bharadwaj
      Bharadwaj 4 minutes ago

      Bilateral series are pre decided, not chosen after a win or a loss.

    • Saurabh Sengar
      Saurabh Sengar 6 minutes ago

      Tu gandu.h bsdk

  • Mohit Lal Das
    Mohit Lal Das Hour ago

    the ones who tamper the cricket ball are not cricketers

    • Alik Roy
      Alik Roy 43 minutes ago

      Are u a motherfucker??? I don't know but ur words say that...

  • Adi_Red_ Devils
    Adi_Red_ Devils Hour ago

    pada ngomong apa sih kok aku ga ngerti ya hahahahahahaha😢😢😢😢😢😢

  • Stephanie Evans
    Stephanie Evans Hour ago

    ESPN should be embarrassed of even giving this fight publicity......fury sucks!wilder gonna put him to sleep again because he definitely didn't beat the ten count last wilder fight!

  • Kelvin Quah
    Kelvin Quah Hour ago

    But we don’t have it for pretty clear penalty

  • Stephanie Evans
    Stephanie Evans Hour ago

    Tyson fury is a big mouth bum all he fights is trash fighters!wilder is a real champ!

  • Epic Roux chill
    Epic Roux chill Hour ago

    These bitches fighting 2 on 1 fight fair much

  • Lyander Alan
    Lyander Alan Hour ago

    I am upset! Cuz when Rodri got fouled by Lamela but it wasn’t called! Now? Now what? Why is VAR so inconsistent ?

  • Abdul Quddus
    Abdul Quddus Hour ago

    Robot football. This guy who keeps saying he doesn't care, he's full of shit. Please bring some real football people on

    • deejaycoral8
      deejaycoral8 49 minutes ago

      Moreno and Nicol are two real football people who played for professional football clubs, and in Moreno's case, his country also. Not sure what club or country Abdul Quddus played for or what makes him an authority on what a real football person is.

  • Eversmile Muthanuni

    🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️ VAR WAS CORRECT THOUGH

  • notorious one
    notorious one Hour ago

    haha yes im proud not to be a cricket fan .cheers but im a cricket fan when alex carey was hit on head cuz that made me sad :( Everytime i see legend smith he remembers me of dressing room review and speaking of johnson who mocked england tailenders with bouncers now became crowd emotional caretaker.

  • James B29
    James B29 Hour ago

    I see patty Cummins and hazlewood bowling bouncers to archer today 😂

  • vipul netam
    vipul netam Hour ago

    The decision was good but the .... occasion really....makes city fans to happened twice to them

  • MeazurAli
    MeazurAli Hour ago

    wait till Liverpool got the Var curse than you gonna hear Steve Nicol ranting bout Var,you will will see

  • Ameen Ullah
    Ameen Ullah Hour ago

    Jofra is just a piece of shit.. it is not nervous laughter you bastard.

  • Cornelius Kingsley

    The guy who said that he wouldn't care about the fans is a certified asshole and stupid. Without the fans there would be no football and money. Football is an entertainment for viewers(fans) but if you don't give a fuck for the fans well u wouldn't be there in that media talking right now. U can hate city all u want bastards but they obviously have shown a beautiful game until that inconsistent VAR decision which " always " happen in the last minutes of the game. Something is not right with the camera angle shown in the VAR. It was only shown on the back but what about the front angle of the both defenders? For me both are unintentional handballs.

  • Bruce Seeley
    Bruce Seeley Hour ago

    Langer is a clever man and he will use this hit on smith to get his other batsman to step up and shoulder some responsibility so it could be a defining moment in the series.

  • mad madness
    mad madness Hour ago

    Man city fans butthurt.. But what about ur team buying success from oil money..

  • Tommy Lim
    Tommy Lim Hour ago

    Steve Nicol shouldn't praise the Var. He should be praising the idiots behind making the decisions and setting the rules on how Var should react. So what's the difference between Var and a referee making decisions on the pitch? NOTHING! It's still human beings that's making the decisions with the nonsensical rule and setups. Steve should retire as a pundit. Your times up and your days are over. He's deluded as it gets.

  • James B29
    James B29 Hour ago

    I see bouncers coming to archer from patty Cummins and hazlewood today 😂

    • ShitGotReal
      ShitGotReal 34 minutes ago

      Partha Sarathi Chatterjee Archer was bowling bouncers to patty Cummins. Nothing happened.

    • Ben Prem
      Ben Prem Hour ago


    • Partha Sarathi Chatterjee
      Partha Sarathi Chatterjee Hour ago

      And if they do so then expect the same from archer at 96mph to be dished out to all the stubborn aussie tailenders

  • dhiraj doimari
    dhiraj doimari Hour ago


  • James B29
    James B29 Hour ago

    Australia are on top. If they get 2 early wickets they’ll bat to win

  • Loch ness
    Loch ness Hour ago

    Every englishmen who thinks jofras actions post bouncer were fine you all owe me about tree fiddy yah wanks

  • Karan Sreedhar
    Karan Sreedhar Hour ago

    They are a top 4 team.

  • Myles Jahmu
    Myles Jahmu Hour ago

    KDB is a cheat code. 😍

  • Arnav Kapadia
    Arnav Kapadia Hour ago

    All those dickheads that booed Smith have no soul. Best player in world deserves better.

  • nkosekhaya lungu

    So caused the handball in the box??

    • nkosekhaya lungu
      nkosekhaya lungu Hour ago

      Well I have seen the review I call it a penalty though

  • Real Flames
    Real Flames Hour ago

    Where was VAR when lamella foul la porte?

  • cristian gonzalez

    Steve nicol fuck off!

    DaHMAR'S TUBE Hour ago

    Is it UEFA player of the year! Leauge award? If not then / messi dont deserve. Why? He score 1 penalty goal in the whole copa America 2019!! If uefa is a leauge award than.. He deserve

  • asian curry
    asian curry 2 hours ago

    Who here before 1million views

  • TheGohaaron
    TheGohaaron 2 hours ago

    Knobheads these 2 guys esp Steve Nicol

  • Mr.Daredevil
    Mr.Daredevil 2 hours ago

    I can’t believe people booed him after getting hit in the head, and I don’t think it’s acceptable that the English fans are booing smith after getting a century

  • phillytiger
    phillytiger 2 hours ago

    "Is Arsenal a top 4 contender this season?" What kind of question is that Matteo? They finished 2 points off third and strengthened more than anyone else. People act like they need to close a 10 point gap.

  • Origi balon d'or
    Origi balon d'or 2 hours ago

    Pogba 2 assist : He want to leave is a virus. KDB 2 assist : he's back to his best.

  • adilio m
    adilio m 2 hours ago

    heres the thing the ref should of look at it oh wait epl dont let refs look at var. Also var seems to only go against us bro hate that shit. And last week really beacuse his bloody fucking forearm was offside cmon i support var but it seems its being missused

  • Bl Chitu
    Bl Chitu 2 hours ago

    They are pure ignorant

  • Xander 6
    Xander 6 2 hours ago

    Indian cricket fans are the most deluded people on the planet. Reading the comments is a right laugh tho. Absolute idiots

  • Bl Chitu
    Bl Chitu 2 hours ago

    Archer is a pure ignorant, he'll feel for it, when Kohli answer him

    • Bl Chitu
      Bl Chitu 41 minute ago

      @Partha Sarathi Chatterjee not on Indian pitches

    • Partha Sarathi Chatterjee
      Partha Sarathi Chatterjee Hour ago

      Archer's 96 mph thunderbolt bumpers will be tough to swallow for the indian batters

    • All this Origami
      All this Origami Hour ago

      @Arvind jaissy lmao true

    • Arvind jaissy
      Arvind jaissy Hour ago

      Bl Chitu he will slaughter Kohli, considering Indians have a thin skin when it comes to injuries

  • happily eggs
    happily eggs 2 hours ago

    Shaka you are talking kak. He can sit out for two years and get 90 million. Then it's feet up and play golf.