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  • Simon Kfoury
    Simon Kfoury 14 minutes ago


  • birkaran gill
    birkaran gill 15 minutes ago

    This means sancho to united

  • Sunil Lama Blon
    Sunil Lama Blon 16 minutes ago

    Steve nicole is sad because liverpool didn't get him.

  • Saul Silver
    Saul Silver 16 minutes ago

    Steve’s such a Liverpool nuthead

  • Kevin Golan
    Kevin Golan 23 minutes ago

    These takes are so bad it's really annoying

  • British Patriot
    British Patriot 29 minutes ago

    De geas washed up he’s like joe hart

  • josh dunn
    josh dunn 30 minutes ago

    Chelsea have signed ziyech and werner for less than £100m. That is great transfer bussiness. Liverpool should of signed them and we should of signed haaland instead of minamino

  • Puppa Jacko
    Puppa Jacko 36 minutes ago

    Espn pundits are nobody’s, scumbags

  • Ernie Fosu
    Ernie Fosu 38 minutes ago

    Muller let me tell you that Lewandoski doesn’t too both of them. He just had one good season and you wanna talk 🤦🏿‍♂️

  • Olly Birkbeck
    Olly Birkbeck 39 minutes ago

    Kai havertz was my first choice so I'm pretty happy.

  • Sudharshan v e
    Sudharshan v e 41 minute ago

    Hmm, I thought Chelsea were out of their mind when they were linked with Sancho.!! Now I am convinced there is some sense in that unit. Werner will superb playing up top with Pulisic/CHO and Ziyech/ Mount flanking on both sides. With Tammy Abraham providing back up, this smart move.

  • R!M0
    R!M0 46 minutes ago

    I'm honestly surprised that being german myself, his english is more understandable to me than his german

  • The man from Taured
    The man from Taured 52 minutes ago

    Joe Cole used to play next to Drogba I don't see any problem for Werner to play on the left side of Tammy 👍🙌🤔🔁

  • Joe Exotic
    Joe Exotic Hour ago

    Steve are you sure mate, if they buy sancho or someone else in a few months it will be timo who. 25 points clear at the top if league. Add that to the fact he hasn't signed yet for anyone, he may decide he will go to liverpool for less money, thats his choice, its good tactics by klopp, there are others if he grabs at the money

  • Chloe Chen
    Chloe Chen Hour ago

    Little did Arsene Wenger know, that was also the day the legend of "The Professor" began to die.

  • Josh Cox
    Josh Cox Hour ago

    Barcelona are such a desperate team lol in such bad shape there purly staying a float on Messi once he retires oh lord that's a shite club all the players are wasted now clearly something wrong with the coaching it resembles united a few years ago 😂

  • KarltonJ
    KarltonJ Hour ago

    the league is a waste of time..boring, predictable

  • Kelkh_
    Kelkh_ Hour ago

    Bottas has to give up his position if Hamilton is behind him and when Bottas can overtake Hamilton he’s not allowed to. Your a dumbass mate 🙄😡

  • Niranjan Rajesh
    Niranjan Rajesh Hour ago

    They should just ask messi or messi at this point.

  • Chloe Chen
    Chloe Chen Hour ago

    "Is this the end of the road for Tammy Abraham?..." Why should it be? Werner's 5'10" and 165 lbs, he's not a lone centre-forward. He has always played with a bigger partner like Yussuf Poulsen or Patrik Schick. Lampard probably plans to field them both together with two wingers in a 4-2-4. I'd say RLC has more reason to worry.

  • Abraham Chinye
    Abraham Chinye Hour ago

    It's not that difficult because De Gea can be keepee for one more season, send henderson on loan, he needs to play first team football and develop more. The year after we should cash in on de gea, and make Henderson no.1

  • Jim Bo
    Jim Bo Hour ago

    Stevie talking nonsense, Timo will play on the left and Tammy upfront.

  • Sumit Kumar
    Sumit Kumar Hour ago

    Genuine answers Muller style

  • poolfans
    poolfans Hour ago

    60mil asking price for Chilwell ??? 35-40mil at best

  • In Life No Limits

    Dear Steve, how can you go from saying Timo is good for competition even if you're Liverpool to saying, that's the end for Tammy? What a joke of a pundit! Physicality he says. What about RLC, Zouma, Tammy, and Kante who can't be knocked off the ball? Has he forgotten what Billy Gilmour did to Fabinho in the FA Cup? Give me a break dude!

  • Paul Karuga
    Paul Karuga Hour ago

    How was Nicole a coach, he's football knowledge is just shocking

  • Universal T.V. by Taglancy

    Looking like daniel bryan or drew gilak😉😉😉😉😉

  • adhwa hazran
    adhwa hazran Hour ago

    You guys need to admit liverpool are not the club buying star player most player they buy big club doesnt want it, but ya we still winning the epl, for fan just believe in klopp

  • Mopuru Venkat
    Mopuru Venkat Hour ago

    Lol this has aged well

  • George Chima
    George Chima Hour ago

    Torres is a deadly bully and d best

  • R0guE mahi
    R0guE mahi Hour ago

    And my teacher says I am weak in English

  • Flawful Feelings

    Shri Steve Nicol(shri means mr in hindi) Winning titles gives you confidence Sense,not sure

  • Ashish Pal
    Ashish Pal 2 hours ago

    Space investigator, its very cool actually.

  • Dean
    Dean 2 hours ago

    To much money ? The won the champions league and finished second last year and then spent 0 in the summer and now there about to win the league if Liverpool don’t have 50 million for a world class 24 year old striker there’s something going on

  • emmanuel Anike
    emmanuel Anike 2 hours ago

    Joker! The end road for Tammy abraham? Me I see healthy competition and change of formation by Lampard

  • Bionic man
    Bionic man 2 hours ago

    Stevie is so Gutted 😂😂👏

  • Josh Cox
    Josh Cox 2 hours ago

    Yeah I dunno I don't see Werner going Chelsea the squads too thin

  • Magrin Barrie
    Magrin Barrie 2 hours ago

    liverpool are probably looking for more of an mbappe level than a werner one.

  • Liam Holt
    Liam Holt 2 hours ago

    Frank isn’t just gonna buy him for the sake of buying him and letting Tammy go! He will have a play to get the best out of both of them, he could play a diamond with two strikers? Tammy to hold the ball up and Werner to play off the shoulder and run in behind? It’s not the end for anyone Frank knows what he’s doing

  • Travy Gumbo
    Travy Gumbo 2 hours ago

    Fair play to Chelsea, i think Werner is a good player and will do well for them. As a Liverpool fan i'm ok with it, but Man U fans may not be so happy ;)

  • Martin Farrelly
    Martin Farrelly 2 hours ago

    Did Chelsea quality for Europe or am I missing something?

  • sinan
    sinan 2 hours ago

    He was sarcastic anout the underrating of Bundesliga players lol

  • monstst xi
    monstst xi 2 hours ago

    Several cl finals??

  • Eesa Hussain
    Eesa Hussain 2 hours ago

    We didn’t want werner we already have Salah and mane and firmimo

  • David Klido
    David Klido 2 hours ago

    I will prefer Telles to Chilwell at Chelsea

  • Royson Williams
    Royson Williams 2 hours ago

    That's it fr timo the new Alvaro morata feel sorry fr the lad poor decision

    • Andrew Salmon
      Andrew Salmon 2 hours ago


  • archiebutler11
    archiebutler11 2 hours ago

    Steve nichol is an idiot, Werner can play lw so accompanying Abraham. Then with the physicality, Ruben, Reece and zouma are physical specimens, with Abraham growing in strength and also CHO is like hazard in the fact he’s deceptively strong

  • Lindokuhle Mavuso
    Lindokuhle Mavuso 2 hours ago

    Jaden Sancho seems set to join Manchester United. I'd advise Ed Woodward to enquire about Harry Kane subsequently, before going on to make Borussia Dortmund an offer

  • CURRE x
    CURRE x 2 hours ago

    If you think Lingard is neymar and mbappe faces mixed togheter

  • I am A
    I am A 2 hours ago

    Chelsea hadnot spent last 2 transfer windows Instead got 90M from hazard and 58M from Morata And bought 35M Ziyech and 60M Werner and still Chelsea are still looking for a defender for 35

    ASTROAMP1 2 hours ago

    Have the ESPN brainless team heard of two upfront?

  • Ali Tahir Ahmed
    Ali Tahir Ahmed 2 hours ago

    Please United, activate the release close too

  • Chris
    Chris 2 hours ago

    Liverpool don’t want to pay 52 million for a player who wouldn’t improve the first 11. I wanted Werner but he’s be a bench warmer at the start and obviously Klopp thinks Origi, Brewster, Minamino and Elliott are capable enough. In Klopp we trust.

  • Paul Sidharta
    Paul Sidharta 2 hours ago

    Steve. Allegedly, you're a sad old man...

  • ND Cr
    ND Cr 2 hours ago

    85 k views? People still watch ESPN?

  • Aleix Browne
    Aleix Browne 3 hours ago

    Suiiiiiiiiiiii scousers are crying happy days

  • Leroy19
    Leroy19 3 hours ago

    3 mins in and I realize I already watched this.. Lol just quarantine stuff

  • mark rashford
    mark rashford 3 hours ago

    I love this troll

  • sylvester kharkongor

    Liverpool should stick to koulibaly..once the got him it will be very difficult to break the liverpool defender even with timo Werner also..

  • pranav maran
    pranav maran 3 hours ago

    Stevie Nicol is crying!!!!

  • Ad
    Ad 3 hours ago

    Lol sour grapes Stevie. This guy is the worst pundit on here

  • Starcus McR
    Starcus McR 3 hours ago

    That was a joke.

  • marc mckernan
    marc mckernan 3 hours ago

    Hazard says hi simon ffs cant build a team around a wide player also messi and ronaldo also sayhi

  • wayne shaw
    wayne shaw 4 hours ago

    Timo Werner will suddenly become an average player for espn panel.they would rather have origi instead of werner in Liverpool squad.

  • Emree Gs
    Emree Gs 4 hours ago

    Both of the players chose Messi above cr7. Messi is just way better than cr7.

  • ajsj 2u2bw
    ajsj 2u2bw 4 hours ago

    the real loser is werner lol

  • Alex Silk
    Alex Silk 4 hours ago

    next video - pundits to react to Muller saying Lewandowski is better than Messi and Ronaldo

  • Billy BigRooT
    Billy BigRooT 4 hours ago

    Liverpool dont need him

  • king seif
    king seif 4 hours ago

    This stupid question

  • Athul Prince
    Athul Prince 4 hours ago

    Frank has no physicality in his attack, meanwhile at Liverpool Salah, Firmimo, Mane 😂😂

  • Pedro Nageli
    Pedro Nageli 4 hours ago

    Shaka needs a haircut to kk

  • Vrindavan Mishra
    Vrindavan Mishra 4 hours ago

    Steve is just sour here! Tammy doesn’t have to worry that much, you can build a team around a wide players as could have been seen with hazard

  • daffy duck
    daffy duck 4 hours ago

    Something special is happening at chelsea . This team is going places mark my words

  • Tom Neville
    Tom Neville 4 hours ago

    Physicality? Didn‘t know Salah, Mane and Firmino are incredibly physical? In the midfield we have Ruben who is incredibly physical, in the defence Zouma and Tomori are both insanely strong and Reece James at RB as well

  • Lam' Diengdoh
    Lam' Diengdoh 4 hours ago

    Messi already earned two votes from here.

  • bay dough
    bay dough 4 hours ago

    Aubameyang won’t do that to us

  • harry jones
    harry jones 5 hours ago

    Nicol is a fool and he's always hating once it's not Liverpool

  • Laurentiu Marila
    Laurentiu Marila 5 hours ago

    Ha,Ha,Ha..... Did u see Stevie’s face...??? He looks like someone nicked his tv from the living room... 😂😂😂😂. ... Priceless.. 😇😇😇😇🤪🤪🤭🤭🤫🤫

  • Paul DBY
    Paul DBY 5 hours ago

    Jan Aage Fjortoft: come on -FOCUS!

  • TR0J3NH0R5E
    TR0J3NH0R5E 5 hours ago

    Barcelona wanted Tammie Abraham, so he has nothing to worry about. Great future ahead of him

  • lulnug
    lulnug 5 hours ago

    Foden and Maddison were in the same starting X1 at the u21 Euros last year, and Mount was on the bench. Foden was pulling this strings and a level above anyone else on the pitch. Short-sightedness if he is held back because his domestic team is full of world class players.

  • Situation
    Situation 5 hours ago

    Stevie sounds salty here 😂

  • Rex Storm
    Rex Storm 5 hours ago

    Nicols is that boy in Liverpool shirt crying like a baby: "Mom it's happening again"

  • shashank gupta
    shashank gupta 5 hours ago

    Wow what a nice interview he has given. My respect for this guy has increased by a huge amount.

  • Kye Party
    Kye Party 5 hours ago

    It’s sad to see that a team can spend this amount of money with everything going on atm 😂

  • Jonathan reid
    Jonathan reid 5 hours ago

    Shut up Nichol and take the L I'm a utd fan by the way fantastic signing for Chelsea bargain lpool not signing anyone on the cheap now.

  • abraham kim
    abraham kim 5 hours ago

    Lol. I want your job. Even a guy that never played football knew what was going to happen.

  • Tee X
    Tee X 5 hours ago

    What was said about the illegal invasion and occupation of Afghanistan Iraq Syria and the destruction of Libya

  • Aaron Anderson
    Aaron Anderson 5 hours ago

    Liverpool would of offerd around 140k a week. Chelsea offerd 200k . Money talks .

  • ken kivuva
    ken kivuva 5 hours ago

    I cant believe we are talking negative about De Gea. He is brilliant. Apart from Becker, he is the best in the epl. I think he's confidence went down a little bit because of united's lack of competitiveness in the league and in Europe. But he's alright...

    EVA NOVIKA 5 hours ago

    Steve Nichols just bitter, cuz Werner just snubbed Liverpool😁😁😁

    • Aslan Nicgarguo
      Aslan Nicgarguo 4 hours ago

      No he didn't lol he never reject liverpool he rejected you guys before liverpool pull of lucky bastards.

  • manoj kumar Mishra
    manoj kumar Mishra 5 hours ago

    That juv team doesn't Concided any goal against barca in 180 mints that barc team have forward line MNS..... Against rm in final 4 .... Cr goat🐐

  • Dean Galeitsiwe
    Dean Galeitsiwe 5 hours ago

    I'm somehow hoping Barcelona will pull off another Malcom on Chelsea by taking Timo Werner

    LIKY LICK 5 hours ago

    Mr Physicality, where is the physicality in Liverpool or Man UTD's forwards 🤔

  • RabNebula
    RabNebula 5 hours ago

    Werner is a flexible option. Tammy is young and will probably get more physical. Giroud will be a mentor to them and play when called on but not every game. They can't just rely on Tammy and Giroud with their system. There's going to be rotation. It's clear Chelsea don't want to do the Spurs route of relying too much on someone like Kane.

  • MrShowstopping
    MrShowstopping 5 hours ago

    Old hag Stevie is back talking absolute bollocks. Timo is gonna play LW or SS and sometimes rotate with Tammy. Plus, this Liverpool merchant has completely forgotten that we have signed Ziyech to play RW. Hudson-Odoi will be on the bench, big season coming up for him.

  • Sihle Makanya
    Sihle Makanya 5 hours ago

    In Steve's head, Tammy is meant to be the only striker for Chelsea. Who cares if he gets injured right?

  • Tamuda edward
    Tamuda edward 6 hours ago

    No Werner plays off the Left

  • StrawHatPele
    StrawHatPele 6 hours ago

    non sense Tammys stats are amazing for his first season and also being injured for few games. be surprised if he even gets into starting lineup timo werner. timo is 24. tammy 22. Timo's going be in a rotational system with mount. pulisic. ziyech. callum. been watching german league more closely lately obvs and its kids vs adults most games. sanchos making the place look like playschool

  • WavedEd1995
    WavedEd1995 6 hours ago

    On next weeks show... Stevie Nicol: Is Timo Werner even that good?