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The Toyota Supra | Top Gear
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  • Jimbo
    Jimbo 5 minutes ago

    This is a GT car for old dudes

  • normaldaddiarys cm
    normaldaddiarys cm 5 minutes ago

    considering this guy is trading on his personality I am struggling to see why he's been so successful, found him quite annoying....

  • Cars of Ireland
    Cars of Ireland 10 minutes ago

    Stupid car with that price

  • Harshdeep parmar
    Harshdeep parmar 12 minutes ago

    I can hear the electric gear changing, why?

  • juan chipotle
    juan chipotle 13 minutes ago

    Without the idiotic commentary this would be a great video

  • Parami Rajapaksha
    Parami Rajapaksha 14 minutes ago are my favourite character in the friends series..i love you soo much and thanks for coming my paradise

  • Tobias T
    Tobias T 15 minutes ago

    Top Gear Magazine's videos > Top Gear TV series atm

  • Lonely planet Vibes
    Lonely planet Vibes 23 minutes ago

    I love looser only ❤😘

  • Central Scrutinizer
    Central Scrutinizer 39 minutes ago

    .......That's the youngest I've ever seen him.....time is a bitch.

  • Gamer Ben
    Gamer Ben 41 minute ago

    Have you noticed that James always wears that purple and pink rugby shirt

  • strange lee
    strange lee 44 minutes ago

    Where's the pink nissan micra? Oh that's right...Bond isn't a girl...yet.

  • Dżungla w ogrodzie
    Dżungla w ogrodzie 49 minutes ago

    Engin bmw 645i

  • Masashi Iino
    Masashi Iino 49 minutes ago

    3:58 mad max 2 break out.

  • وليد العنزي
    وليد العنزي 52 minutes ago

    This car is my dream🥺💔

  • Michael Salter
    Michael Salter 53 minutes ago

    Great footage but the comments seem to miss the point of top gear. It’s an entertainment show as much as a car show, plenty of pure car stuff on here for petrol heads. McGuiness and Flintoff are great fun and hopefully bring in a wider audience who are then exposed to the brilliant piece where Harris explains why those there for entertainment should buy a Mazda 3 car rather than an MX3 suv. If that reduces the number of overweight lumbering SUV’s on the road by even 5 it’s all worth it. For those who attack this comment as from an old fart in a Kia diesel my daily driver is an M2 and my weekend car a lotus.

  • Mr. Sir
    Mr. Sir 54 minutes ago

    Okay joke's over, bring back the other trio

  • Cyberbrickmaster1986
    Cyberbrickmaster1986 58 minutes ago

    Never drive a car with three wheels. We should have learned that from Mr. Bean!

  • Gamer Ben
    Gamer Ben Hour ago

    When they were told they couldn't go on the M4 I swear they were just saying teams from the national league in football

  • Asad
    Asad Hour ago

    Chris Harris, your car reviews are the standard of all car reviews. So refreshing compared to Doug Demuro's videos which hurt my eyes and ears.

  • Mark Heerens
    Mark Heerens Hour ago

    The Leicester City Noke didn’t age well lmao

  • kalash motorsport

    And she wasn't a nismo 🇯🇵🇯🇵🇯🇵🇯🇵💪💪💪

  • Sven Långström

    Am I the only one who thinks that Pagani's cars are really ugly?

  • Duros1394
    Duros1394 Hour ago

    And I'm only seeing this now

  • TrAiLiO1111
    TrAiLiO1111 Hour ago

    Did they dent the righthand side of it?

  • Joseph Dorame
    Joseph Dorame Hour ago

    Chris... you have to drive a modern formula 1 car! Make it happen!!!

  • Jonathan Mings
    Jonathan Mings Hour ago

    ZR1 hands down for me. Then the ZL1 1LE next. If I could afford any of them I would only pay for the 2 Chevys and that's not a knock against the Dodge!

    TOEPUTTS NZ Hour ago

    Hats off to you mate by far the best job in the world

  • Aavishkaar Kadam

    The editing is like showing a ramp walk in a pörn video.

  • Cherian Reji
    Cherian Reji Hour ago

    That engine is so special...

  • Lee Holtom
    Lee Holtom Hour ago

    That 3mins was better than the whole of the new series of top gear

  • Sucipto Hr
    Sucipto Hr Hour ago

    is fantastic

  • anbu999
    anbu999 Hour ago

    Let the expert finish his talking...geez stop cutting him off with your limited understanding.

  • Lennart E
    Lennart E Hour ago

    When the FLash-player channel is better than the actual TV show.

  • سعید دانش

    خیلی عالی بود

  • Fat Munch
    Fat Munch Hour ago

    Is roast beef a bad word in France?

  • Ayushman Anant
    Ayushman Anant Hour ago

    Just make the whole car a hybrid. There's no need for petrol.

  • Amoroso Gombe
    Amoroso Gombe Hour ago

    I would love to do that.

  • Gareth Preston
    Gareth Preston Hour ago

    Best Hair Ever

  • Naxzed
    Naxzed Hour ago

    Is that a customised Fiat Multipla

  • Rob Fitzsimmons
    Rob Fitzsimmons Hour ago

    It's easy to understand how the British nearly ruled the world... These three weren't there. 🙄

  • The Bushwacker
    The Bushwacker Hour ago

    I was thinking, 3 guys on 80mpg scooters are really only getting 27mpg, combined. LOL

  • Johnny Two-Face
    Johnny Two-Face Hour ago

    The screaming fly-bys was so freaking hilarious!

  • Walk Around Daily

    I like the old top gear way better.

  • Npc #57335899
    Npc #57335899 Hour ago

    I missed the slant joke

  • Em Jackson
    Em Jackson Hour ago

    And now, you'd have to say, an Enzo looks a lot like a Lightning F. Mk 2a vs an F35 Lightning II - you'd think the F.Mk2a was canny, it looks nice, but you're "Back the Future". . . . .

  • Cabu boy Constantino

    You won’t be able to use all that technology & power in the real world.. give me a manual ZR1 and I’ll be “hyper”happy and it’s just a fraction of a fraction of the price..

  • Exclusiveautoclub

    Jeremy Clarksons hair!

  • Damian O'Toole
    Damian O'Toole 2 hours ago


  • muhammad shofwan
    muhammad shofwan 2 hours ago

    STIG was almost shaking hand with hammond 7:11

  • kopetos lakapitos
    kopetos lakapitos 2 hours ago

    The M3 DB5 is rad

  • Mattia Damiani
    Mattia Damiani 2 hours ago

    Is the Grotti furia

  • Ali Shams
    Ali Shams 2 hours ago


  • TolitsDterrible
    TolitsDterrible 2 hours ago

    Not a fan too so I'll just stop watching right here. Thanks. 😊

  • Vishwesh Swaminadhan

    I would rather have a Cadillac ATS-V instead of all the 3, or the Alfa Romeo Giulia!

  • Basil Fabian
    Basil Fabian 2 hours ago

    That stunt car definitely sounds like a bmw engine...

  • Nathan Hurd
    Nathan Hurd 2 hours ago

    God I want to know if it still runs to this day

  • Kalle Sundqvist
    Kalle Sundqvist 2 hours ago

    Z8 is 20 years

  • Will Burkhart
    Will Burkhart 2 hours ago

    Anyone else expecting a greyhound bus?

  • Rick Gonzalez
    Rick Gonzalez 2 hours ago

    omg this is amazing

  • BALA razer
    BALA razer 2 hours ago

    Don't fool people.this cars are from their year🤣

  • Chao Cui
    Chao Cui 2 hours ago it me or does the DB10 look like the current Vantage?

  • mr freshasian
    mr freshasian 2 hours ago

    toyota never dies

  • SoCal Surfer
    SoCal Surfer 2 hours ago

    That road is beautiful.

  • Jedric Flores
    Jedric Flores 2 hours ago

    Let's go fk8

  • Maximus Patrignani
    Maximus Patrignani 2 hours ago

    The demon doesn’t corner well because it’s a drag car

  • Erickson Cameron
    Erickson Cameron 2 hours ago

    That brand new Aston Martin look real shit.. I hate how future it’s looks! Ruined the car’s beauty 😓

  • Erickson Cameron
    Erickson Cameron 2 hours ago

    *Aston Martin DB5 ‘64* all the way in! Best car of the james bond! ❤️

  • Secret Sauce
    Secret Sauce 3 hours ago

    It was the largest cash heist in modern Albanian history. Some say James jumped out at the last second and left a dummy in his place. Jeremy and Richard discovered thier takes had been switched with straw when they opened their duffels. They were arrested minutes after taping the outro. James is probably laughing it up on a beach in Spain right now. At least... that's what they say.

  • alejandro Jansik
    alejandro Jansik 3 hours ago

    The new vantages design is heavily derived from the db10

  • Akmal Azmi
    Akmal Azmi 3 hours ago

    After 10 years, Malaysia still dont have any of the system in this video

  • NCG
    NCG 3 hours ago

    Tesla Roadster would smoke both of these cars

  • M1A1 Abrams 3rd Generation MBT

    This is the equivalent of the GTA police yelling at you to get out the vehicle

  • Macanicake Productions

    0:22 you’re very creepy

  • Thabo Dlamini
    Thabo Dlamini 3 hours ago

    But shouldn't this be faster? because the veyron super sport can do 267 mph?

  • Hanz Cedric
    Hanz Cedric 3 hours ago

    Better than the 2019-2020 Dr. *Woke*

  • Kr Sreerag
    Kr Sreerag 3 hours ago

    Where's Daniel Craig's DBS

  • WWolf Shark
    WWolf Shark 3 hours ago

    UR SO RIGHT! OMG LMAO! Niw what about if they use guns?

  • Wouter Engelsman
    Wouter Engelsman 3 hours ago

    What a great video, loved it!


    3:06 when you realise you’re diagnosed with cancer while losing everything in your bank account

  • Secret Sauce
    Secret Sauce 3 hours ago

    Geoff is the most revolutionary car ever built

  • Jackson McKenzie
    Jackson McKenzie 3 hours ago

    E type jag?

  • mauricerizat
    mauricerizat 3 hours ago

    This was one of the most memorable segments of Top Gear. Love it!

  • Martin Vargas
    Martin Vargas 3 hours ago

    Don’t ever call this rubbish top gear

  • Deftones Dsm
    Deftones Dsm 4 hours ago

    The Dalton 80s black one is such a muscle car. Ls supercharged swap and thatd be the ultimate restomod muscle car

  • Volt Siano
    Volt Siano 4 hours ago

    This challenge was so wholesome.

  • guy from nowhere
    guy from nowhere 4 hours ago

    Most of the bond cars are British

  • prabhjyot singh randhawa

    That rangie performs extremely well

  • Nicholas Leon
    Nicholas Leon 4 hours ago

    Fry's American accent was so seamless, the way he switched between them. It sounded like my friend's dad.

  • beowulf555
    beowulf555 4 hours ago

    The question is, did we all click on the pointless video just to see the chick?!! . . . . We all know.

  • lajossomogyi
    lajossomogyi 4 hours ago

    Envy... the first word that comes into my mind. Sorry for that, that is just the way it is...

  • n n
    n n 4 hours ago

    Lots of comments here questioning why they didn't just head south to the Czech border. Sure, it would be a lot nearer. Two reasons I think: a (double) fiction: they are escaping from Colditz (anybody remember the TV show?) as if they were British officers in WW2, so Czechoslovakia is occupied but the Free Poles are famous in London (even to Clarkson's generation) so the idea is that Poland is 194whatever is free--it wasn't of course, especially so close to the border (that's the second fiction). But a much more practical reason: clearly if it's bucketing down between Colditz and Dresden it may well be snowing in the mountains, and the roads may be closed. (Yes, I've driven through there in the winter.)

  • KussyPilla
    KussyPilla 4 hours ago


  • snixn
    snixn 4 hours ago

    Someone please explain why the electric car has paddles on the steering wheel

  • Radi0he4d1
    Radi0he4d1 4 hours ago

    Top gear takes two years to find two retail cars haha lmao

  • Shane Lynn
    Shane Lynn 4 hours ago

    I like the BMW Z8, and of course the DB5

  • Aawhan Kafle
    Aawhan Kafle 4 hours ago

    Perfect non offensive way to objectify women.

  • TheApple90
    TheApple90 4 hours ago

    The face at 1:53 says it all

  • Mint Mastering
    Mint Mastering 4 hours ago

    That's rally car driver wow, just WOW. You're an animal!

  • myredute
    myredute 5 hours ago

    Actually, if they were both pushing the 747 Jumbo. it world have been more to the point. Once you get it rolling the sheer weight would have kept it going!

  • Takumi 86
    Takumi 86 5 hours ago

    0:16 Skyline GTST R32!