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iPhone 11 Clone Unboxing!
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Top iPadOS 13 Features!
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iOS 13 & iPadOS Unveiled!
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  • A R C H I E
    A R C H I E 2 hours ago

    The S20 seems really great

  • Derktron
    Derktron 2 hours ago

    What iOS should look like and act like.

  • Shaquan Davis
    Shaquan Davis 2 hours ago

    Hey honest question here is jail breaking worth it ? Thank you

  • Master Ray
    Master Ray 3 hours ago

    sad cos im on 13.3.1 can’t jailbreak

  • Sizzysodapop
    Sizzysodapop 3 hours ago

    Why tf this on Juice Wrlds playlist bruh

  • Randy L
    Randy L 3 hours ago


  • Sheikh Lavin
    Sheikh Lavin 3 hours ago

    AirPod pro 😍🤩

  • Spencer Fernandes
    Spencer Fernandes 3 hours ago

    I’m sure the newer iPhones have diff glass stronger less likely to break

  • Moksh Arya
    Moksh Arya 3 hours ago

    So cool

  • R B
    R B 3 hours ago

    why i can not find all the Tweaks

  • Jonas Lo
    Jonas Lo 3 hours ago

    Rip on 13.3.1.

  • Omar Zowila
    Omar Zowila 3 hours ago

    If you drive a Ford Crown Victoria and someone crashes into you on the side, you are sometimes probably gonna wonder why the airbag didn’t deploy on the side & that is because not all Ford Crown Victoria’s have side airbags as a standard feature, instead it is just an optional feature but the side airbags in the Ford Crown Victoria’s are smaller and provide little protection so I suggest that ALL car companies have airbags as a STANDARD feature instead of an OPTIONAL feature and the airbags have to be BIG enough to protect you or other passengers because imagine if you get injured OR WORSE killed and all car companies have to PASS the IIHS crash test, otherwise the vehicle will be considered UNSAFE in an accident

  • Spencer Fernandes
    Spencer Fernandes 3 hours ago

    I beleave in the directions of the ZAGG screen protector it does say it takes 24hrs to completely heal an set

  • Jason Poop
    Jason Poop 3 hours ago

    ayy lets go

  • hyper sucker
    hyper sucker 3 hours ago

    when i press jailbreak in unc0ver it just gets to exploiting kernel and crashes. the last thing it says is failed to receive fake-port, is there any fix? i tried everything in the video but it just keeps crashing and i've tired multiple times. i'm on 13.1.3

  • Rushit Rivankar
    Rushit Rivankar 3 hours ago

    EverythingApplePro: I trust Samsung so much more....

  • Hector Idarza
    Hector Idarza 3 hours ago

    Why didn’t i turn off the damn auto update😭

  • LHNguyens
    LHNguyens 3 hours ago

    Wallpaper please??

  • Vivaan Takodra
    Vivaan Takodra 3 hours ago

    loved vid rlly want to win

  • Eftiyar Vines
    Eftiyar Vines 3 hours ago

    Published on 27 sept 2015 I'm watching this on 18Feb 2020 Just because I'm buying an iPhone

  • Krzysztof Lewandowski

    I need this wallpaper!!!

  • Erick Ramirez
    Erick Ramirez 3 hours ago

    Honestly acts like he’s smart but rlly isn’t

  • Malcom Crellzy X
    Malcom Crellzy X 3 hours ago

    It's always sad that here in South Africa we only get some of these devices months late

  • Muzhda
    Muzhda 3 hours ago

    I just realized I’m on iOS 13.3.1 😔

  • Joshua Lai
    Joshua Lai 3 hours ago


  • TommyC.76
    TommyC.76 3 hours ago

    Omg I remember QuickLS on iOS 10!!

  • Carlos L
    Carlos L 3 hours ago

    Man years later and there’s still ways to get jailbreaks haha, keep up the bomb videos man, always very helpful and entertaining!

  • Malcom Crellzy X
    Malcom Crellzy X 3 hours ago

    Still good to know someone cares about us who love Jailbreaking 🙏 Thnx bro

  • Maricar Ibrahim
    Maricar Ibrahim 3 hours ago

    will try this❤️

  • Kyle Sharbrough
    Kyle Sharbrough 3 hours ago

    Can you still update your phone once you jailbreak it?

  • shaq23000
    shaq23000 3 hours ago

    airpods pls

  • Xen
    Xen 3 hours ago

    i love watching your videos. you teach me the stuff i can teach my mom. it makes me feel smart. thank you!

    YDINO 3 hours ago

    But can you replace Siri with Google assistant?

  • kkavanau
    kkavanau 3 hours ago

    looks sick

  • javrich
    javrich 3 hours ago

    Wow you've come a long way! I remember your iPhone 4G jailbreak video which is why I subbed back in 2010! I'm glad to see the scene is still active! I might consider buying an iPhone 11 Pro Max just for this and try out jailbreaking Dev again! :)

  • George Pestell
    George Pestell 3 hours ago

    Is there any benefits of the computer method instead?

  • rickzagor
    rickzagor 3 hours ago

    Very nice and I understand developers want money by all means but like 3 of these tweaks already come out to like $12 it’s kind of excessive. If you want to have all the tweaks he’s showing it will cost you like $35-40

  • mr. gaming
    mr. gaming 3 hours ago

    Dude I can’t open app cake it says it is not trusted

  • Tayo Olokode
    Tayo Olokode 3 hours ago

    AirPod pros let’s go

  • Gabriel Cordero
    Gabriel Cordero 3 hours ago

    Will it ever update to 13.3.1?

  • Christian Rose
    Christian Rose 3 hours ago

    Worked for me iPone 11 iOS 13.3

  • C3llarmastr
    C3llarmastr 3 hours ago

    I’m hesitant to jailbreak my iPhone will anything happen if I do

  • Niels Scholten
    Niels Scholten 3 hours ago

    I rather wait till apple is implementing those features them selves. I can wait for a long time then 😂

  • asep CHANNEL
    asep CHANNEL 3 hours ago

    Subtitel indonesia please

  • Mandy ng
    Mandy ng 3 hours ago

    Omg... My heart is so pain when u drop the phones... And I am so amazed when u held 10 phones at the beginning for drop test🎃🎃 please do another review of screen protector 😹 greeting from Hong Kong

  • Screengamer101
    Screengamer101 3 hours ago

    I have some questions, 1 is it tethered or non tethered or semi tethered, and is it safe to update after jailbreak?

  • Mister Kng
    Mister Kng 3 hours ago

    Do u have free tweak for callbar?

    МИКА USLV 3 hours ago

    these two phones are garbage , only full idiot will buy that

  • Steven Hasanbelli
    Steven Hasanbelli 3 hours ago

    EverythingApplePro could you please make a video on the security of jailbreaking? For instance, would it be a dumm move to jailbreak your daily iPhone with all of you apple pay information and everything? It would really be interesting to see a video like that and I bet a lot of people are asking themselves the same question.

  • Peter Johnson
    Peter Johnson 3 hours ago

    Let me get airpods pro please

  • Aly Etman
    Aly Etman 3 hours ago

    I really love this notification for calls.

  • rcarb024
    rcarb024 3 hours ago

    Does anyone know or have a guide to update a jailbroken iPhone XS on 12.1.4 with SHSH2 blobs saved for iOS 13.3?

  • Tony A
    Tony A 3 hours ago

    Always appreciate the hard work

  • Esdras Doc
    Esdras Doc 3 hours ago

    Great video

  • Esdras Doc
    Esdras Doc 3 hours ago

    Great video

  • Esdras Doc
    Esdras Doc 3 hours ago


  • Ryan Kristofferson
    Ryan Kristofferson 3 hours ago


  • Yash Soni
    Yash Soni 3 hours ago

    Yaya giveaway

  • Gracious Talanki
    Gracious Talanki 3 hours ago

    Am now in the giveaway I will be waiting IG: gracioustalanki

  • Adolfo Torres
    Adolfo Torres 3 hours ago

    When you’re on 13.3.1 😔

  • StormFFA
    StormFFA 3 hours ago

    I installed some tweaks and rebooted the phone and now it wont turn on. someone help

  • Parvez Parvez
    Parvez Parvez 3 hours ago

    Love to watch u r video s

  • filip perko
    filip perko 3 hours ago

    Z flip thoesnt have glass on scren...it has plastic...one youtuber tested screen

  • Huh
    Huh 3 hours ago

    Omg I can’t downgrade

  • ash 23
    ash 23 3 hours ago


  • Marcos Velazquez
    Marcos Velazquez 3 hours ago

    yeeeeESSSS jailbreak!

  • Glamour Ghoul90
    Glamour Ghoul90 3 hours ago

    Honestly I just want the clones for the better cases and the different style of texting

  • Eisa Shaheen
    Eisa Shaheen 3 hours ago

    What are you gonna do with the iPhone 11 PRO max

  • Vincnet
    Vincnet 3 hours ago

    do you actually jailbreak your own personal phone?

  • MS TechBOSS
    MS TechBOSS 3 hours ago

    Do you know when the phonerebel case will be available for the s20 Ultra?

  • Alvaro
    Alvaro 3 hours ago

    does this support ios 13.3.1?

  • Indi Dog
    Indi Dog 3 hours ago

    I think Pro Max competes closer to S20+ because the regular S20 is not the competitor of the 11 but instead the 11pro

  • Isai Figueroa
    Isai Figueroa 3 hours ago

    AirPods Pro😁 Keep making great content

    GUY GAMING 3 hours ago


  • Allan Tuala
    Allan Tuala 3 hours ago

    Hi im from philipines and i love all samsung unit brand,

  • Devin Tates
    Devin Tates 3 hours ago

    Air pod pros

  • ラフテル
    ラフテル 3 hours ago

    its not supported for iphone 6s ?

  • Luis Nunez
    Luis Nunez 3 hours ago

    Good video

  • Dan Soja
    Dan Soja 3 hours ago

    Airpods pro 😍

    SPIRIT 8 BALL POOL 3 hours ago

    Air pods pro

  • Lore Dominguez
    Lore Dominguez 3 hours ago

    My phone istalled the 13.3.1 by itselft!😭 i was waiting for this to come out and my stupid phone did whatever it wanted😭😭😭😭

  • 6 Dhow
    6 Dhow 3 hours ago

    What is jail break!!!!!???????

  • Stefan Ilic
    Stefan Ilic 3 hours ago

    This is exactly the reason why Apple doesn't invite you to their events.

  • Bokivi Yeptho
    Bokivi Yeptho 3 hours ago

    Thank you for iphone x

  • Maritza Aguirre
    Maritza Aguirre 3 hours ago


  • itsSlax
    itsSlax 3 hours ago

    If i jailbreak and have data (sprint) will it effect it

  • THEFIRE360
    THEFIRE360 3 hours ago

    leg day right here

  • Vlackreaper !
    Vlackreaper ! 3 hours ago

    okay guys after HOURS I finally am jailbroken! I'm here to help ANYONE that needs help dm me on here or on instagram. my username is vedbundy. I know how it feels to have questions and to need help and I try my best to help others.

  • Rzy Xo
    Rzy Xo 3 hours ago

    jailbreak only for A12 & A13?

  • Jordan Davis
    Jordan Davis 3 hours ago

    I want that wallpaper 😍

  • 3D Touch Calibration

    No SpinSettings? I almost want to jailbreak for the goose alone

  • Nico Lafertin
    Nico Lafertin 3 hours ago

    Not sure if you're going to pay 1100 for a phone why not pay 1400 for something that totally beats it on everything. Anyway for me both are to expensive. But if I was paying that much I'd go all out

  • Bryan Moreno
    Bryan Moreno 3 hours ago

    What about iPhone 7+ on iOS 13.3?

  • Keith Leung
    Keith Leung 3 hours ago

    This is genius marketing!

  • SirGreatness
    SirGreatness 3 hours ago

    nice vid, can we get more tweak videos since this new jb is out? thx

    • Vlackreaper !
      Vlackreaper ! 3 hours ago

      hold off on some tweaks til future videos are out. or try going on reddit usually people have tweaks on there

  • Armin Farhoudi
    Armin Farhoudi 3 hours ago

    Love the video!

  • xExper-_-Tryhardx
    xExper-_-Tryhardx 3 hours ago

    You know you have fore the mini fake i phone have a app broovi have see the app 🤣🤦‍♀️

  • Mik Allain
    Mik Allain 3 hours ago

    Got everything working again since the time i did it about 3 years ago just one thing, it keeps crashing when i click on gyms?

  • Lauv Kartir
    Lauv Kartir 3 hours ago



    Can’t find axon