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  • It’s Ari
    It’s Ari 2 hours ago

    My dog can talk but its like him yawning and talking at the same time

  • xdark_Moonx 17
    xdark_Moonx 17 2 hours ago

    Are you having s*x?

    JEREMY RUIZ 3 hours ago

    Come to Montgomery albama

  • Gigi Ismail
    Gigi Ismail 3 hours ago

    To tiered to think 😂

  • Frosty Flames
    Frosty Flames 3 hours ago

    This is so freaking sweet and something I've been looking forward to doing once I get my first paycheck (soon!!) :D

  • ReverseXkilla !!!!
    ReverseXkilla !!!! 3 hours ago

    Yeah us aussies have cute dam puppy breeds

  • changes
    changes 3 hours ago

    I’m so hungry 😋 BUT I WANTED TO WATCH WHAT U EAT

  • Akos Marthi
    Akos Marthi 3 hours ago

    a safe

  • d r
    d r 3 hours ago


  • RaJe Jackson
    RaJe Jackson 3 hours ago

    Does bosomy have a FLASH-PLAYER channel

  • Rohan Mascarenhas
    Rohan Mascarenhas 3 hours ago

    This was a good video

  • Sarah Marsh
    Sarah Marsh 3 hours ago

    Bro may be the top hat man was killed in the bath and that was why the blood Stan was there and the wumen was the wumen that was the one that was the one who was brushing the kids hear

  • mj allstars
    mj allstars 3 hours ago

    Nevaeh is a good name ( heaven) backwards

  • R. Hands
    R. Hands 3 hours ago

    3rd house

  • 【H a l l u c i n a t i o n s】

    Faze: I tried selling my play button FLASH-PLAYER *sighs* 😒

  • Daniel Beas
    Daniel Beas 3 hours ago

    Every 2 years someone hit 1 mill so Sherman the verman better be the one to hit 1 mil in the 2 next years !

  • Natalia Tingzz
    Natalia Tingzz 3 hours ago

    When they loved the cupcakes, am I the only one who said “JeFFReE STAr APProvED.”

  • Jacob King
    Jacob King 3 hours ago

    PewDiePie approves IKEA!

    YT ROCKER 3 hours ago

    did anyone hear Minecraft music in the background at 10:15

  • Admirer Gacha
    Admirer Gacha 3 hours ago

    Lola is soooooo cute sorry if i spelt her name wrong

  • Ava-Rose Nave
    Ava-Rose Nave 3 hours ago

    mate u didn’t cover austin’s number

  • Zaping Gaming
    Zaping Gaming 3 hours ago

    The 9 year old is though

  • EE5Y
    EE5Y 3 hours ago

    1. Rich 2. American 3. White 4. Named Donald 5. Trump...

  • master man
    master man 3 hours ago

    Rap your lambo

  • Κατερίνα Δασκαλακη

    At 16:03 Brian said that this is one of his favourite video😍😍 I want them back together!!

  • Jacob King
    Jacob King 3 hours ago


  • Letric Scuffy
    Letric Scuffy 3 hours ago

    lmaoo how rugs voice changed when he talked to sommer

  • CB Inc
    CB Inc 3 hours ago

    What happened to the homeless man you were helping all the time

  • Dusty45
    Dusty45 3 hours ago

    Make bosley a yt Chanel everyone is gonna sub for funn i garenti

  • Jake. H
    Jake. H 3 hours ago

    This vid made me hungry !

  • Krypticz
    Krypticz 3 hours ago

    Only 60% of them were youtubers cummon man

  • Purfecter GTV
    Purfecter GTV 3 hours ago

    Whats the name of that cute pug?? Make him a youtube acount and we rug rats will sub

  • Its Kate
    Its Kate 3 hours ago

    The dog was like "am I a joke"

  • Hana w
    Hana w 3 hours ago

    Logans part😂😂😂

  • SS SimsSlime
    SS SimsSlime 3 hours ago

    Like so rug can see CAN U PLEASE JUST VLOG BY URSELF

  • Miyah W
    Miyah W 3 hours ago

    You should set your brother up on a blind date with summer ray

  • E Am
    E Am 3 hours ago

    Hes entitled sos

  • Young Blood
    Young Blood 3 hours ago

    Why is there Minecraft music

  • Pixie Girl
    Pixie Girl 3 hours ago

    Rug im tottaly going to relax guys its totally not scary

  • Its Kate
    Its Kate 3 hours ago

    1:24 that is weird that ball just jump out

    HEY ACE FAMILY 3 hours ago

    07:55 for those who came for Austin 😂💗 Thank me later. 🌚

    FUSECRY 3 hours ago

    4:51 😑

  • Natasha Brommage
    Natasha Brommage 3 hours ago

    10:14 The lock screen is so cute.

  • Muhammed shamlal
    Muhammed shamlal 3 hours ago

    Austin is damn naaughty

  • mohammed salah
    mohammed salah 3 hours ago

    So fucking boring

    HIBA ZIA 3 hours ago

    Baby food was best 😂😂

  • Christiaan Cloete
    Christiaan Cloete 3 hours ago

    10:05 playing Minecraft music in the background 😂😂

  • Oddgeir_ Bbc
    Oddgeir_ Bbc 3 hours ago

    No you can’t get sick from baby food it’s just helthy

  • HyperP 21
    HyperP 21 3 hours ago

    *Why didn’t you call Matt Stonie?!*

  • Yvonne Lozana
    Yvonne Lozana 3 hours ago

    Thank u so much for your fotr helping those people god bless more blessings to come

  • Lambboy 101
    Lambboy 101 3 hours ago

    Let him talk please he should have a opinion😀

  • Luke Kemerly
    Luke Kemerly 3 hours ago

    Jeffery star is a male not a woman

  • Bryan Mancera
    Bryan Mancera 3 hours ago

    Yo if he wanted something to eat it would be a great vid if he called joey world tour

  • Tan Leng Ang
    Tan Leng Ang 3 hours ago

    How do you know your dog have that dream ? 🤣🤣

  • Zehan Karim
    Zehan Karim 3 hours ago

    I would love to buy it but my mom and dad doesnt let me

  • Niyaaz Jabarkhil
    Niyaaz Jabarkhil 3 hours ago

    I hope the person who killed x gets killed and x get revenge on him

  • Atomic_jamzzeyy Btw
    Atomic_jamzzeyy Btw 3 hours ago

    Duck Logan

  • Lakshmi Achuta
    Lakshmi Achuta 3 hours ago

    If you ask Indian Uber’s, they will not agree

  • Keins Curabo
    Keins Curabo 3 hours ago

    FaZe Rug:*ends call* am i blushing or its just hot? LMAO 15:24

  • night lion
    night lion 3 hours ago

    Bro if you do a video colab with loveliveserve or sommer Ray I will buy you the whole UNIVERSE

  • Sister Jungguk
    Sister Jungguk 3 hours ago

    lo0kS lIke sOmeonE hAd thEir peRiod

  • JAY’s Adventures
    JAY’s Adventures 3 hours ago

    Why does Brian speak in question marks??? Like can you say a sentence without being a question ?

  • Just anotherDay
    Just anotherDay 3 hours ago

    I'm hungryyy Me: eating oreo

  • Juan Vanegas
    Juan Vanegas 3 hours ago

    Omg I dident watch your last vid cause 8 couldn't and my dog 8s named Lola lol

  • Sister Jungguk
    Sister Jungguk 3 hours ago

    BYe bItch

  • Basim Shavaiz
    Basim Shavaiz 3 hours ago

    Man rug you eat too much

    DA_ROCKSTAR 101 3 hours ago

    The camera man looks like Jake Poul

  • Ouida Quirante
    Ouida Quirante 3 hours ago


  • Jesus Mendoza
    Jesus Mendoza 3 hours ago

    Lol like a Baja blast. Liked this video

  • Ghost Finder
    Ghost Finder 3 hours ago

    Who came for Logan Paul part

  • PoopArena #1
    PoopArena #1 3 hours ago

    Who is watching it in 2019?

  • Ksi Ksi
    Ksi Ksi 3 hours ago

    Rug u and Donald are nearly same hieght

  • Israt Parvin
    Israt Parvin 3 hours ago

    I know the game..

  • OG Jordan
    OG Jordan 3 hours ago

    13:21 ik u weren't tryna sound dumb but u did lmao luv da vids

  • Carson Xiong
    Carson Xiong 3 hours ago

    16:00 when my brother eats my Kit Kat😂

  • Avnish Mungi
    Avnish Mungi 3 hours ago

    why dont you make friends with the ghost......just chill together and have fun....

  • rehan Manna
    rehan Manna 3 hours ago

    You lie 👎👎👎👎👎you sead that you had a diamond playbuten

  • Tomaz Grudnik
    Tomaz Grudnik 3 hours ago

    nose was better at 6

  • Christian Seukeran
    Christian Seukeran 3 hours ago

    Brayn should brong back foam pit video

  • Mary Narcissus
    Mary Narcissus 3 hours ago

    wen r u going to make minecraft videos?! lol😂

  • Mary Narcissus
    Mary Narcissus 3 hours ago

    lol minecraft music 😂

  • Solar Sizzle
    Solar Sizzle 3 hours ago

    Goooooolllddddd diiiigggggeeeeeees

  • Dush Dushyant
    Dush Dushyant 3 hours ago

    Why didn't you call Gordon Ramsay 😂?

  • Jj Jjj
    Jj Jjj 3 hours ago

    Lola in the Philippines means grandmother

  • Lily Lloyd-Adams
    Lily Lloyd-Adams 3 hours ago

    Noah’s voice is kinda annoying he talks tooo much if he talked less it would be ok

  • Niyaaz Jabarkhil
    Niyaaz Jabarkhil 3 hours ago

    Shoutout to xxxtentacion

  • Hassan Shahnawaz Tarar

    Actually Rug needs to go up to collab with Jeffery LA is above San Degio

  • IdkWhoYouAre :D
    IdkWhoYouAre :D 3 hours ago


  • samuelisthebest YT
    samuelisthebest YT 3 hours ago

    I am eating rice

  • Flipping Talia
    Flipping Talia 3 hours ago

    OMG I remember the rugs with the streets and the houses damn I loved that thing

  • Juan Navas
    Juan Navas 3 hours ago

    I would Love to See Steve Vs Matt Stonie 🙀🙀🙀

  • Satyam Kadaskar
    Satyam Kadaskar 3 hours ago

    who is watching in 2019

  • Blood Walkk
    Blood Walkk 4 hours ago

    Bruh if i was rug i would have been confronted dat nigga with a machete nigga or a blicky

  • TheBlackNinjaidatchy 21

    Omggg i know salice from Tik Tok she is cool and funny:)

  • Dimitrov Georgi
    Dimitrov Georgi 4 hours ago

    Happy birthday jeska 😊😊🎉🎁🎊💝🎂

  • Memes everyday
    Memes everyday 4 hours ago

    I've never had taco bell in my life

  • Darryn Jenkins
    Darryn Jenkins 4 hours ago

    This is sad my dogs name is Lola and she died last year😥😥😥😥😭😭😭😭

  • Bob Smith
    Bob Smith 4 hours ago

    He should has asked his own brother to see what brawadis could do

  • MysticRocket S
    MysticRocket S 4 hours ago

    Call gordon ramsay

  • Zinta Foxana & The Painted Shadows

    Wait, but didn't you say in your weird soda challenge video with Jessica that you got accepted to your new home that you'll soon be moving in? And since you signed the papers to Lola, making her 'your' dog exclusively, shouldn't her room be built in the new home, not Mama & Papa Rug's home?