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  • Precica Yangli
    Precica Yangli 3 minutes ago

    Aka his fav ex gf

  • FaDe zsmith
    FaDe zsmith 3 minutes ago

    His hair is ugly

  • Sumanth Taraka
    Sumanth Taraka 6 minutes ago

    This guy is so good man 💜 (unlike other FLASH-PLAYERrs)

  • Patricia Collins
    Patricia Collins 9 minutes ago

    F*ck that kid faze rug he is a hater

  • Dalton Hutson
    Dalton Hutson 11 minutes ago

    I like corn more then beans

  • ClixZ69
    ClixZ69 12 minutes ago

    I went on the last ride when I was 7

  • Dexie Jane Compra
    Dexie Jane Compra 13 minutes ago


  • Genesis G 90
    Genesis G 90 16 minutes ago

    I’m not mad at you it’s your car your choice not mine

  • Edyleynny De Jesus
    Edyleynny De Jesus 17 minutes ago

    Hi brain my name is Edyleynny and I just want to say that if people are saying bad comments like you are not brave then that is wrong of them because if they where there the would of got scared to and would leave right away love you brain❤️

  • Faryal Fatima
    Faryal Fatima 20 minutes ago

    I am sorry my brother unsubscribes and then I subscribed back love your vids keep it up 👍🏻 ❤️

  • King Matthew
    King Matthew 20 minutes ago

    🖕🏿🖕🏾🖕🏽🖕🏼🖕🏻 *fuck everyone who said he’s bad*

  • Corina Estrada
    Corina Estrada 22 minutes ago

    I dont know how to swim who can teach me lol

  • Brittney Vandermeer
    Brittney Vandermeer 23 minutes ago

    I liked both corn and beans

  • Tara Rosa
    Tara Rosa 25 minutes ago


  • Mario Nunez
    Mario Nunez 25 minutes ago

    12:18 got me 😂😂😂 they was out

  • Terra Todd
    Terra Todd 25 minutes ago


  • Terra Todd
    Terra Todd 25 minutes ago


  • 5x19Ptown reeper gang
    5x19Ptown reeper gang 26 minutes ago

    why didn't yo go to the waterpark

  • Jacqueline Ruiz
    Jacqueline Ruiz 27 minutes ago

    Papa rug is the number one actor 🤣

  • Danny's channel
    Danny's channel 27 minutes ago

    I whant it cuas im too poor to afford that lego

  • ink sans1o
    ink sans1o 28 minutes ago

    OOOH so thats why spinel was waiting for pink now

  • Terra Todd
    Terra Todd 29 minutes ago


  • Benny Gao
    Benny Gao 29 minutes ago

    When a doggo has a better room than you *oof* I luv Lola she is so damn cute ♥️

  • Meraz Khanum
    Meraz Khanum 29 minutes ago

    Scream: 3 Times

  • ahmadfarish Fairus
    ahmadfarish Fairus 31 minute ago

    You are just to rich hahaha love u

  • George Al-Kareem
    George Al-Kareem 31 minute ago


  • Mr. John Gaming
    Mr. John Gaming 31 minute ago

    Who else likes faze rug!? 👇

  • hai_Lol 31
    hai_Lol 31 32 minutes ago

    I can spell Felicia FL

  • Terra Todd
    Terra Todd 32 minutes ago


  • Erlindo Luab jr
    Erlindo Luab jr 32 minutes ago

    Who likes Noah filming 👇

  • PiezFor LifeGaming
    PiezFor LifeGaming 33 minutes ago

    100/100 like there attitude

  • Daddy L
    Daddy L 35 minutes ago

    The cameraman of this video should be a cameraman for maury

  • Cammie McAneny
    Cammie McAneny 35 minutes ago

    Oh jeez! I would've definitely lost. Not screaming is hard enough but I definitely flinch probably even more in haunted houses. There was a safety video, jeez and they went in alone. I would not being going alone. I at least need someone to hold on to. I would've definitely screamed at the end with all the damn clowns and when It popped up hell no! I hate chain saws too Brian I don't blame you

  • Erlindo Luab jr
    Erlindo Luab jr 35 minutes ago

    Faze do you even play fortnite I don't know

  • Veronica Grayson
    Veronica Grayson 35 minutes ago

    I liked the video but you didn’t bring me to LEGO LAND

  • Valeria Hernandez
    Valeria Hernandez 36 minutes ago

    When FaZe Rug said "Noah" The first thing that came up to my mind was Noah Schnapp from Stranger Things. *aka Will Byers* lol

  • AndyBlox61
    AndyBlox61 36 minutes ago

    I’ve been there a few times. But why the hell is it so empty. Last time I’ve been there the whole entrance was crowded.

  • Luke Sewell
    Luke Sewell 36 minutes ago

    200 mill not that much hahahaha these people have no idea about money.

  • Shadei
    Shadei 40 minutes ago

    The title couldve been "we went to legoland"

  • Randy Playsthegame
    Randy Playsthegame 41 minute ago

    Molly’s parents are weird

  • No One
    No One 42 minutes ago

    tbt when anthony was actually skinny

  • Susan Freitas-Jaques
    Susan Freitas-Jaques 42 minutes ago


  • Miguel Mendez
    Miguel Mendez 42 minutes ago

    This is lit cool

  • brisy santiago
    brisy santiago 44 minutes ago

    I ate seviche yesterday

  • Yvng Finesse
    Yvng Finesse 44 minutes ago

    I have tried it and I couldn’t feel my young for the rest of the day like it burned my tongue

  • Mr. John Gaming
    Mr. John Gaming 44 minutes ago

    Who else likes Noah filming 👇

  • PiezFor LifeGaming
    PiezFor LifeGaming 45 minutes ago

    Rich guy steals the tiles from Jerusalem where Christ walked. He puts the stolen tiles in a room for getting intoxicated 🥴 😵 🤢🤮

  • Mykael Cromwell
    Mykael Cromwell 46 minutes ago

    Faze rug

  • Gacha honey Bear
    Gacha honey Bear 46 minutes ago

    Will I get cursed if I watch this



  • Nate Spivey
    Nate Spivey 47 minutes ago

    I am lost. I don’t see rug or Anthony. I can just hear them.

  • Ghanem Almesmar
    Ghanem Almesmar 48 minutes ago


  • RemyBoi Tv
    RemyBoi Tv 49 minutes ago

    WE NEED MARCELL IN THE VIDEOS AGAIN 🙏like if you agree

  • Zayn Hamdan
    Zayn Hamdan 51 minute ago


  • Pastel Rose
    Pastel Rose 51 minute ago

    8:36 that was based off bird box?? That’s what I’m guessing..

  • hai_Lol 31
    hai_Lol 31 51 minute ago

    Apperantly rug writes with his left hand

  • Pastel Rose
    Pastel Rose 52 minutes ago

    Let’s take a moment and clap for the camera man. Like throughout the entire time he didn’t scream cuddos to you dude

  • Brody Kellner
    Brody Kellner 55 minutes ago

    I cried

  • Diego Alejandro
    Diego Alejandro 55 minutes ago

    Ur dad seams so relaxing

  • The Broken Glass
    The Broken Glass 57 minutes ago

    I fill so bad for your mom

  • Christian Meza
    Christian Meza 58 minutes ago

    I love cuervo😥

  • Nate Martinez
    Nate Martinez Hour ago

    Smart water

  • Mousumi Mahapatra

    I wish Rug didn’t do this because his house is haunted now

  • Nelly Lo
    Nelly Lo Hour ago

    You should fill your pool up with pizza

  • Tommie Hunter
    Tommie Hunter Hour ago


  • Rexwing 99
    Rexwing 99 Hour ago


  • X40 ERRORZ
    X40 ERRORZ Hour ago

    Wait how did he get into the faze clan again?

  • Harry Savko
    Harry Savko Hour ago

    The cameraman won

  • Lorraine Welch
    Lorraine Welch Hour ago

    Looks like Santa!

  • C_0nQu3reD
    C_0nQu3reD Hour ago

    Go to the clown motel in Las Vegas !!

  • reyking jaguar
    reyking jaguar Hour ago

    “ I’m already out but they gave me another life “😂

  • LEGO Randomizes
    LEGO Randomizes Hour ago

    Wow legoland:opened in 1964

  • Nate Martinez
    Nate Martinez Hour ago

    Who Think Papa Rug Who thinks papa rug he good

  • Nate Martinez
    Nate Martinez Hour ago

    I think papa rug

  • holychalupas
    holychalupas Hour ago

    5:03 left- kaelyn right-molly

  • Brody Kellner
    Brody Kellner Hour ago

    When mike cried I cried

  • Brody Kellner
    Brody Kellner Hour ago

    Me and rug have such a good heart

  • Juan Sanchez
    Juan Sanchez Hour ago

    the tree house is 1000000000000000000/10

  • MSFcroogy
    MSFcroogy Hour ago

    He has not heard of that

  • Yours Truly
    Yours Truly Hour ago

    There was like a white speck next to Amanda fr fr LIKE IF YOU SAW IT

  • Aiden Santos
    Aiden Santos Hour ago

    I want it because I’m a good builder and it looks fire

  • Oscar Zavala contreras

    I love panda Express

  • Bassam Elamsy
    Bassam Elamsy Hour ago

    Brian: like the video if you like donuts Trainers: am I a joke to you?

  • Saul Rubio
    Saul Rubio Hour ago

    Marko look like a giant compared to rug 😂

  • Miles Moralles
    Miles Moralles Hour ago

    You should go to knots berry farm

  • claurey raudales

    Omg bro I’ve been watching your channel for about two days and I love the way you care so much about your family and mike and just people in General😌😊

  • MrBunnySuit 98
    MrBunnySuit 98 Hour ago

    Science teacher be like : TELL THEM TO BRING ME MY MONEY

  • icefire icefiredragon

    Cat sharingan the animal control razeagen BTW this from naruto

  • Ozeke
    Ozeke Hour ago

    Not scripted at all lmao

  • Pamela Futon
    Pamela Futon Hour ago

    I thaught yall were gonna get him a home to live in

  • william perron
    william perron Hour ago

    anybody see the gun at 12:43

  • Krishna Raju
    Krishna Raju Hour ago

    Give her a chance

  • potatozr red
    potatozr red Hour ago

    I would drink bleach instantly to kill myself! Like who tf is that stupid to do this? I’m sorry, but you just proved that white people in horror movies aren’t as dumb as you! You really care about your fans

  • goldenfeather gold

    Holly estet might help buy it

  • Pamela Futon
    Pamela Futon Hour ago

    11:39 he looks like santa from christmas chronicles 💗

  • Lolo Getz
    Lolo Getz Hour ago

    Omg she was actually shaking she was shook she was legit scared she was making me scared cause of her shakyness lol

  • BOE Jay324
    BOE Jay324 Hour ago

    I watch marko

  • Carlos Sandoval
    Carlos Sandoval Hour ago

    I saw a Lamborghini in Seattle

  • story studios
    story studios Hour ago

    I cryed😭 u guys are so kind hearted like if u agree 👇 subscribe to faZe rug!

  • Sports Gawd16
    Sports Gawd16 Hour ago

    How many times is he going to say like