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  • EdaLia_ Playz
    EdaLia_ Playz 4 minutes ago

    *Scooby Doo in a nutsell*

  • Mackz World
    Mackz World 11 minutes ago

    Lol I act exactly liek lele in this video a always go out of my way to help others but it never turns out right :(

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    Cadence Easter 13 minutes ago


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    Zeki Çiftçi 16 minutes ago

    Lele pons love ay em turkihs

  • xXThefauxchannelXx Lol
    xXThefauxchannelXx Lol 19 minutes ago

    This is one of my fav videos On my break time from filming i watch Lele Pons

  • Drew F
    Drew F 21 minute ago

    The Voldemort scene killed me

  • Fazeel Ali
    Fazeel Ali 22 minutes ago

    This song just doesn’t make sense in English

  • Jahaida Martinez
    Jahaida Martinez 23 minutes ago

    Ayyyy Spanish version of friends love it my fav is Hannah

  • Christina Anaman
    Christina Anaman 26 minutes ago

    I luv buttercup she's soooo funnny

  • Chicken Nuggets
    Chicken Nuggets 29 minutes ago

    *_\i think something pink I don’t know\_*

  • Chicken Nuggets
    Chicken Nuggets 31 minute ago

    _There is no easy way to say this but_ *ShUt ThE FuCk Up* Normal lele

  • Penny Kogia
    Penny Kogia 38 minutes ago

    Been in an excact same situation it was AMAIZING im still with him ♥️

  • Potatoes are de best Oof
    Potatoes are de best Oof 40 minutes ago

    Lol he reacted to his reaction to the reaction he reacted to---- *im confused now* I'll be forever clueless now

  • Potatoes are de best Oof
    Potatoes are de best Oof 45 minutes ago

    Wait...was that Sophie Dosie?

  • Snape Olive
    Snape Olive 48 minutes ago

    I actually know a salon like this 😂

  • Lab Lob
    Lab Lob 52 minutes ago

    lele or hannah?

  • Snape Olive
    Snape Olive 53 minutes ago

    This is so stupid but I can’t stop watching

  • nickey franklin
    nickey franklin 56 minutes ago


  • dea norma anggia
    dea norma anggia 57 minutes ago

    I love you, guys ❤️

  • King panda
    King panda Hour ago

    8:5 hanna have money

  • Ahmed Míìdø
    Ahmed Míìdø Hour ago

    😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 I'm dying guys 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Xx moon Chan xX
    Xx moon Chan xX Hour ago

    I love the actor of buttercup

  • Treggs
    Treggs Hour ago

    How old me again

  • Ida Wieland
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  • mustafa alonso
    mustafa alonso Hour ago

    استكبر لله

  • Yasar Gohla Yasar Gohla

    i hete lele pons

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    Haider Ali Hour ago


  • jenna tools
    jenna tools Hour ago

    i don't get it...what's the joke

  • Johnny Berry
    Johnny Berry Hour ago

    Bro am called Reggie if my wife turns out like that👋🏼

  • Walena Tatum
    Walena Tatum Hour ago

    They all funny 😂😂😂

  • Sally Maryam Williams

    so i agree with buttercup about bubbles and i cant stop laughing when i watch this

  • samy youssaf
    samy youssaf Hour ago

    I wrote: ☆ big boi ☆

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    Zoë Crooks Hour ago


  • Valerie Davis
    Valerie Davis Hour ago

    This is so good

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    mustafa alonso Hour ago


  • Teli Deer Tech
    Teli Deer Tech Hour ago

    I would write I'm confused

  • kelli recchilongo


  • مزاجية و النهاية

    Ohhh my good its very butey😍😗😘

  • Noa Stigter ARMY
    Noa Stigter ARMY 2 hours ago


  • Noa Stigter ARMY
    Noa Stigter ARMY 2 hours ago

    IS THIS REALL?!❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Srna Boskovic
    Srna Boskovic 2 hours ago

    What's that song at the end I need to know it please lele

  • FortWin
    FortWin 2 hours ago

    0:51 lele has a penis 😂

  • toek mengheang
    toek mengheang 2 hours ago

    This has the same beginning as celoso

  • Can Gran Get Subscribers To Make Billy Jealous?

    Luigi:where are we? Anwar:a whole new World b*tches Mario and luigi: you look like Aladdin

  • Aqua Bubblegam
    Aqua Bubblegam 2 hours ago

    Oya who allowed lele to drive?XD

  • campanita Lituma
    campanita Lituma 2 hours ago

    No me gusto me encanto te amo lele

  • Emmanuel V. Magné
    Emmanuel V. Magné 2 hours ago

    For those who don't speak spanish, "downtown" in this song means 🍑 😉 Girl: I can see the definition in his body It seems he exercises it, he's motivation I asked him to help me with a mission That fill me with satisfation Girl: (Chorous) I like when he goes down downtown I ask him to stay addicted down there He tells me "baby, I'm interested" If you want come stay for another round Boy: (Chorous) She likes when I go down downtown She tells me to stay addicted down there I tell her "Uh mami I'm interested" If you want I stay for another round Girl: He tells me to stay for another round He has begged me a lot I got him suffocated I have watched you He can't stand it, he adapts He tells me "I don't want you to finish" -(c*m)- It's a mystery but not a movie one At nights I'm who decides everything that is going to happen You don't have to command me Girl: Chorous Boy: Chorous Girl: Oh, I know you want to see me going down through all your skin Oh, I know you want me to stay Getting tangled up in my legs is what you want Boy: (It doesn't make sense) Dead heat isn't valid This is until we give checkmate Until onw of us two kills itself If you want I go down and get ready for the job Drop the stress baby, I'm going to relax you She gets pretty She tells me to stay there I got her seeing stars She speeds up She goes all the way down And the way she makes it, no one else can't -("makes" cause it means make love)- Girl: I can see the definition in his body It seems he exercises it, he's motivation I asked him to help me with a mission That fill me with satisfation Girl: Chorous *Basically:* She liked a boy so she told him to f*ck her "Go down downtown" it's like he makes his way over her abs while kissing her until he reaches her 🍑 That's what this song is about.

  • 123Dance
    123Dance 2 hours ago

    OMG juanpa😂😂😂

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    Mike The mike 2 hours ago