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  • Jovie Yt
    Jovie Yt Hour ago

    Omg hi Charli I'm so sorry I'm 2 days late, I have lots of trouble at home and I just really am upset but you are always there making me smile and be happy. I hope you have a wonderful year. 💕

  • Smokey 得
    Smokey 得 Hour ago

    You ay sorry Charlie omg

  • Pope Gains
    Pope Gains Hour ago

    that guy looks like Harry Potter

  • Bill Sye
    Bill Sye Hour ago

    Keep this evil crap off my FLash-player

  • Emanuelly Silva
    Emanuelly Silva Hour ago

    I'm Brasil

  • *{Cookie Bear Officials}*

    everyone is blaming Charli but the real thing is that Charli has the same music but a different dance so stop blaming her and anyways she didn’t post this dance she posted another one but it’s other dance moves SO STOP BLAMING CHARLI!!! Thank You For Listening From:Cookie Bear Officials To:Charli’s Haters And also STOP HATING SHE HAS OTHER DANCE MOVES How many TIMES DO WE HAVE TO SAY!!! #CharliFam #KeepTheGoodWorkCharli #StopHating #SheHasOtherDanceMoves #ShutUpHaters

  • Laura Sredzinska
    Laura Sredzinska 2 hours ago

    What does she call her fans?

  • Itz Life with Lucy
    Itz Life with Lucy 2 hours ago

    Can u come to Brisbane Australia plsssssss

  • Mathew Howlett
    Mathew Howlett 2 hours ago


  • bella codd
    bella codd 2 hours ago

    this looks like what those people saw them doing

  • Plymouth Mechanic
    Plymouth Mechanic 2 hours ago

    She looks like a (lost) sister of Kendall and Kylie Jenner....

  • B.A.A Adventures
    B.A.A Adventures 2 hours ago

    🤣🤣🤣🤚🏽🤣😭🤣🤣🤣🤣I love this video

  • bleach. shii
    bleach. shii 2 hours ago

    i used to hate on charli so much but i realised she’s just a genuine person and she seems so nice

  • Adelina Radu
    Adelina Radu 2 hours ago

    I love you

  • bella lee
    bella lee 2 hours ago

    hey charli, i would just like to say if the rumors are true and you and chase did really break up i am sorry. the fact that you are a 15 year old girl and more successful and mature then him is very surprising, and you should be proud of who you are and how far you have come. that is also disgusting the way he has treating you and other girls. the Bible says, “love never fails” so if it does fail, just know that it wasn’t love. have and wonderful day and know that you have many supporters out there. love you girly. love from Florida.

  • Zoe R. •oop•
    Zoe R. •oop• 2 hours ago

    :) hiiii

  • Maithe Morales
    Maithe Morales 2 hours ago


  • Aesthetic Me
    Aesthetic Me 2 hours ago


  • Gourab Jit Biswas
    Gourab Jit Biswas 2 hours ago

    Hi!Any mathophiles here? I am trying to make fun math videos.I need a lot of support & love.Here's a fun integration problem I posted recently : Both suggestions & criticism will be highly appreciated.

  • Ahana Fathima
    Ahana Fathima 2 hours ago

    6 videos - 2.6 million subscribers

  • norris nuts lover TikToks

    please reply I love you please can you follow mt tiktok account its couled Bffsofia

  • Kyla Muys
    Kyla Muys 2 hours ago

    so no one is talking about how good she actually did that scène, like everyone is laughing abt that noah said u just have to cry and freakout but that's actually so hard to do in a scène.

  • Shangi Lang
    Shangi Lang 2 hours ago

    Hi Charli

  • Zemzem Hared
    Zemzem Hared 2 hours ago

    wow charli your acting is spot on

  • 80syayo 90syayo
    80syayo 90syayo 2 hours ago

    6:16 the blonde guy in the left i mean🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤

  • FOOTBALL_dude 33
    FOOTBALL_dude 33 2 hours ago

    Anyone noticed he was looking at her 🎂🎂when teaching dances?

  • Tasos ilias
    Tasos ilias 2 hours ago

    Tik tok my name is Effie8

  • Bradley Tomkins
    Bradley Tomkins 2 hours ago

    Girl can’t dance

  • Mxddie_Gxcha
    Mxddie_Gxcha 2 hours ago

    Dixie is such a great sport not getting all the fame, I would be the one to give her a hug and get a photo with her,

  • Inés M
    Inés M 2 hours ago

    Hi Charli!I am from Spain, and I love you and your energy, your brilliant smile. Please ,come to Spain, I don't care the date, my only wish is see you and meet you. Don't forget that people like me love you and don't lose your personality. Bye!

  • Legendary Gamer
    Legendary Gamer 2 hours ago

    1:21 😂😂

  • I dont like you
    I dont like you 2 hours ago


  • Sonya
    Sonya 2 hours ago

    Charli that's great, I think maybe you want to go to a noen show? many want to see you there

  • Silly SeSe!
    Silly SeSe! 2 hours ago

    Addison going crazy about a rapper being there That’s my reaction and how much I wanna meet Addison like I love her so much she’s pretty she’s a great dancer she’s sweet and has a voice of angels

  • Danuota
    Danuota 2 hours ago

    Mi chiamo Elena giambi ti voglio incontrare ti amo

  • Yasmine Ashraf
    Yasmine Ashraf 2 hours ago

    Charlie can you make a video and make us learn tik toks

  • Gal·la Nolla
    Gal·la Nolla 2 hours ago

    why are you so good Charli?

  • Millan mann
    Millan mann 2 hours ago

    I wish I was famous.......😥😪😢😭😭😭😭😭

  • Yumey y Sergio Puentes

    Hi can you please follow me in Tik Tok I’m a huge fan of yours

  • Noah Lundsrud
    Noah Lundsrud 2 hours ago

    On tik tok

  • Noah Lundsrud
    Noah Lundsrud 2 hours ago

    Can you follow me back

  • Ejoe Vlog Channel
    Ejoe Vlog Channel 3 hours ago

    7:46 look at him hes closing hes eyes

  • Ejoe Vlog Channel
    Ejoe Vlog Channel 3 hours ago

    Charli and Addison are so CUTE TOGETHER <3 :3

  • The King 88 it
    The King 88 it 3 hours ago


  • Ramil Atienza
    Ramil Atienza 3 hours ago

    I love you charli

  • MR. FORT
    MR. FORT 3 hours ago

    Charli pls come to Portugal you have very fans in portgugal for example :Me

  • Jada Archer
    Jada Archer 3 hours ago

    U got 1m because your pretty

  • Brooklynne o'flynn
    Brooklynne o'flynn 3 hours ago

    i love you charli

  • flopi López
    flopi López 3 hours ago

    tremenda pareja charli andate con el aprovecha que no tiene novia ahre

  • Gaming Studio
    Gaming Studio 3 hours ago

    SeAsOn 4 ???

  • Mel F
    Mel F 3 hours ago

    They are both so cute

  • Natashah Farhanah
    Natashah Farhanah 3 hours ago

    even the dog like the make up. you look so beautiful

  • YouTube Premium :D
    YouTube Premium :D 3 hours ago

    I. SHIP. IT.

  • Grace Suderman
    Grace Suderman 3 hours ago

    Ok but why Did I think his house would be so small for some reason

  • Ff fatima loves family

    Can u do q and a and we will put questions on insta

  • Oliver Zaniewski
    Oliver Zaniewski 3 hours ago

    you give me joy seeing you

  • Ff fatima loves family

    Plzzzz do a q and a and we will do questions on insta

  • Joyce & ate Ann Vlogs

    Hi charli i wish me and you are a siblings hehe

  • Ff fatima loves family

    Charli can u do q and a plzz cuz ur stuck at home like me

  • Jacob Smith
    Jacob Smith 3 hours ago

    ᗯᗴ ᑌᑎᖴOᒪᒪOᗯ ᑕᕼᗩᖇᒪI Oᑎ ᗩᑭᖇIᒪ 1ᔕT spread the wordCopy and paste

  • Bina K
    Bina K 3 hours ago

    I love you TONY

  • arman shamekh
    arman shamekh 3 hours ago


  • Bluejay Tube
    Bluejay Tube 3 hours ago

    Hi Charli plss notice me at Tiktok and here...

  • Daisy Crawford
    Daisy Crawford 3 hours ago

    I have my home screen as you by the way you are just the best soz If I freaked you out a bit xxx❤️❤️❤️❤️💖

  • Yashfa Hussain
    Yashfa Hussain 3 hours ago

    I love Charli so much 💖💖💖

  • The Shelby Show
    The Shelby Show 3 hours ago

    Eii bagay silaaaa

  • Leen Marji
    Leen Marji 3 hours ago

    Charlie is the most popular on Tik tok and a she is great at acting

  • Lucia Duka
    Lucia Duka 3 hours ago

    Charli i wasn't a fan of you but when I saw your videos it made me your biggest fan and do you want to be friends or at least follow me or make me famous on tik tok my actual name is Lucia and my tik tok name is_lu_dk

  • Susana Garcia
    Susana Garcia 4 hours ago


  • snapper 691 jnr
    snapper 691 jnr 4 hours ago

    Hi charli

  • bell costello
    bell costello 4 hours ago

    did lil huddy cheat on you? i saw it all over plz post it on you youtube i can have tiktok anymore 😭 plz

  • Zoe Young
    Zoe Young 4 hours ago

    Why does people hate you your beautiful your talented

  • Алберт Айрушев

    Love you

  • dinee cc
    dinee cc 4 hours ago

    U got exposed 👿are u gona tell em the truth? Later or soon... We'll see your true faccee.. 👽👽

  • Marcus Rigg
    Marcus Rigg 4 hours ago

    I love you guys so much and Jordan Matter you are the biggest inspiration to me..!

  • La Mary
    La Mary 4 hours ago

    Alguien hablando español?

  • Paulina Contreras
    Paulina Contreras 4 hours ago

    Charli is so shy 😂〽️

  • Alisa’s Journey
    Alisa’s Journey 4 hours ago

    James talked sooo fast . I was like slow down and turn down your voice

    RAMDHEAN AARIKA 4 hours ago

    Charli stop cant ur see chase is cheating on ur. You will be heartbroken plssss charli


    hope you can read this shesocuteiloveherandillnevergiveherupilovehe ill give you a little hit of what im saying is about she cute amnd dloving bye

  • Cherry Space
    Cherry Space 4 hours ago

    Hey charli lysm 💗💗💗💗💗💗

  • fridge man
    fridge man 4 hours ago

    Bro you said all your friends but you forgot kouver and alex

  • Saraim Ortega
    Saraim Ortega 4 hours ago

    Lol my mom said you try too hard to dance like what ed n u dance u like stiff like dont try too hard

  • dugh_bro_its_ emily
    dugh_bro_its_ emily 4 hours ago

    Charli you are the best

  • Emilia Velde
    Emilia Velde 4 hours ago

    Charli, I am so big fan of you

    • Emilia Velde
      Emilia Velde 4 hours ago

      If you answer this I be very happy😊😊

  • Monika Burian
    Monika Burian 4 hours ago


  • Charley Sturm
    Charley Sturm 4 hours ago

    okay but why is charli like so good at the acting

  • GunRyu
    GunRyu 4 hours ago

    Charli seems lacking personality, she's like a tik tok hipster robot. Maybe she's not even human?

  • Jemicha Pabs
    Jemicha Pabs 4 hours ago

    hi charlie

  • Leila Abrook
    Leila Abrook 4 hours ago

    Noah: *you just have to cry and freak out* Me: *actually.. I’m the president of the company*

  • Caroline Eubanks
    Caroline Eubanks 4 hours ago

    Why do I kinda ship in a way

  • JR Alrazaz
    JR Alrazaz 4 hours ago

    Charli doesn’t like being told what to do, and gives people a weird look as if she is the only person who is the best :/

  • Peter Unwin
    Peter Unwin 4 hours ago

    Charli I love TicToc and renegade I really want to meet you!🌈🍫🍦💄😃

  • The Great Aaron
    The Great Aaron 4 hours ago

    This is awesome 😘

    VOVA COLORADS 4 hours ago


  • Shanta786 Kabir
    Shanta786 Kabir 4 hours ago

    I need your numbure please Charli d'amelio😢 bat mi name is Tasnim

  • Maryam Ashkanani
    Maryam Ashkanani 4 hours ago

    i love you!!!!!!!

  • Tyson Cameron
    Tyson Cameron 4 hours ago

    When stranger things coming out

  • Serenity Clouv
    Serenity Clouv 4 hours ago


  • zenaida dejesus
    zenaida dejesus 4 hours ago

    Hi charli I always wanted to see you. Do you facetime