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James May is doing mail time
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  • Red Nova
    Red Nova 8 hours ago

    This is interesting story I would have made sure I made the team being part of something that iconic is on another level motorsports is my thing im ok with. Risks I live it everyday hey your for a good time not a long time its your life experiences that you have is what make a life successful. I never felt like normal society anyway. My motorsports knowledge is unheard of im my area. To belong to elite group you made history.

  • T S
    T S 8 hours ago

    Give the question guy a microphone before you do a 1½-hour show?

  • IGuessVince
    IGuessVince 8 hours ago

    That’s nothing I have both of them in the exact color schemes in CSR2 😤😤

  • Jogama10
    Jogama10 8 hours ago

    Looks like things hit the fan

  • Paul Kersey
    Paul Kersey 9 hours ago

    Does it have anything in common with the road car? -Yes, it has the same power as the modified road car.

  • KarmenH88
    KarmenH88 9 hours ago

    U should say car after NASCAR. National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing. It stands for something, it's not just a word. NASCAR car.

    • KarmenH88
      KarmenH88 9 hours ago

      Sorry, it drives me nuts when I hear it.

  • malcolm watson
    malcolm watson 9 hours ago

    That's not a Defender, that's another Chelsea tractor for Tarquins school run

  • Candy Clews
    Candy Clews 9 hours ago

    James May bearing a grudge since July 1969 - hmm, says a lot about him. Lucky it was summer.

  • 8cuttlefish8
    8cuttlefish8 10 hours ago

    Should be called JAMES MAY'L TIME

  • Thrana
    Thrana 10 hours ago

    bmw E46

  • 2jzandy s
    2jzandy s 10 hours ago

    Let’s just stick with James, Richard, and Jeremy.

  • michael cook
    michael cook 10 hours ago

    Electrified classic cars? Ask Neil Young about his!

  • Duncan Read
    Duncan Read 10 hours ago

    Yer ok I'll bite. The landrover has to be a simple car. The plastic the computer shizal the wading radar. It's all useless exses. I'm no land rover die hard I use to drive one when I was a teenager and I loved it. But there cramped. Uneconomical expecive to repair and no better off road then anything else. The thing that was good about them was that they where just..well classless. You can go out and pimp up a range rover or get a sports car or get yourself a budget ford fester or a matiz and it's a statement. Your saying I'm a gangster or I'm rich or this is my first car or this is just a run around. The land rover could fit in every where. You could be a millionaire going to a meeting or a farm hand going to the field. That was the beauty of it. Now it's just another dickish "look at me" burning fossil fuel up by the rainforest load so I can push all this leather trim around and posh gimicky buttons that do pointless things. Honestly cars these days have so much pointless crap on them. The landrover has not joined the moving junk yard club. P.s The wading radar (if is the same as the range rover one) It utterly useless. It's no good finding out its 9foot deep when your in need to know befor hand. :-)

  • G A Pratt
    G A Pratt 10 hours ago

    Jame's that looks like the interior shot of a De Havilland DH.104 Dove.

  • F1GPP
    F1GPP 10 hours ago

    I can assure you the Mercedes F1 car of 2020 would beat this VW car. If the Mercedes was let off its restrictions,well you get the idea..

  • Reinhard Heydrich
    Reinhard Heydrich 11 hours ago

    This makes me miss my 2000 SVT Contour. Dubbed the “budget BMW basher”. Loved that 2.5 5 speed

  • 11 hours ago


  • nemanja
    nemanja 12 hours ago

    should be illegal

  • D A
    D A 12 hours ago

    The new ZL1, the best car is the new car

  • RandoMNamE
    RandoMNamE 12 hours ago

    The Porsche GT3 RS our an simple Carrera s or the Cayman GTS are better to compare with the MC laren and the Aston Martin

  • ElZamo92
    ElZamo92 12 hours ago

    No, the ZL1 is a better car because it doesn’t have a MASSIVE carburettor and a body made out of hopes and dreams.

  • SOU6900
    SOU6900 12 hours ago

    They figured they spend all that money he made on Top Gear.

  • Bill Zipprich
    Bill Zipprich 12 hours ago

    In this era, the street and race versions have nothing in common and that is a problem. Its just one big con job on the public. The team owners and drivers can dress it up but its all extremely sad.

  • Home cinema solutions Movie fan

    Jim Clarke was the best F1 driver ever in my opinion

  • Dimitry Ttt
    Dimitry Ttt 12 hours ago

    I've seen Subarus with a bigger wing!

  • Snarge22
    Snarge22 12 hours ago

    I've owned my modified GTV6 for 29 years now. What a hoot to drive. Sure it's dated compared to the new stuff, but as far as fun factor goes this car hits a lot of the check boxes. So I'm kind of a Alfa transaxle fan. Have a fantasy going on in my head about a light weight Alfetta/GTV6. Go with that crazy strong twin-spark engine that Alfaholics supports, use a Milano Platinum transaxle with a 4.10 R&P + LSD, carbon fiber hood, fenders, and hatch. A real challenge going to carbon fiber doors, but imagine the weight savings there (retain steel frame and stock glass). Maybe go with some plexiglass for the rear hatch glass and aft side windows. Light weight CF seats. Hollow torsion bars and hollow front sway bar. Battery: I think the lithium/ion/phosphate batteries are getting mature enough that with the right charging support one could save on battery weight plus the weight of that heavy positive cable going to the rear of the car. I.e. mount that light weight battery up front. Source very light weight wheels, probably 17" as high performance 16" tires are getting scarce now. Keep the rear brakes inboard, but go with vented. Either SZ or Girodisc. Front brakes: Carbon composite matirx, maybe those from the rear of the Corvette with associated calipers. Likely have to machine down the outer diameter to fit within 17" wheels & calipers. Go with aluminum hats for those rotors and see a huge savings in unsprung weight and rotating inertia. What about titanium exhaust after the headers? Yeah. Lose the bumpers, go with Euro Alfetta sheet metal for the nose. Drive shaft: One-piece carbon fiber? I think so. What else? Drillium! Lots of that! Need to dream some more :-)

  • StringerNews1
    StringerNews1 13 hours ago

    NASCAR have got some aero going on, but last time I checked they were still using 4-speed transmissions, solid rear axles with a spool, and a rear suspension based on a '60s Chevy C-10 pickup truck.

  • Daniel annett
    Daniel annett 13 hours ago

    (mindy channelling jeremy clarkson) HAMMOOOOOOOOOND!!!!!!!!!!

  • John Molloy
    John Molloy 13 hours ago

    You didn't have to have an intake next to an exhaust In this "Broad Arrow" engine style, you could have one hot V, and one cold V.

  • Undre Drawn
    Undre Drawn 13 hours ago

    Tesla has the lead because the cars are in production, being sold and on the roads now. HFEV cars sound great. But look at the Honda Clarity. It was another car ahead of the game but the infrastructure just isn't there across the US like electric is now. Especially since Tesla is no longer the only charging station in the game now. I rather like HFEV but what's going to get the consumer to buy them is available infrastructure and price. Both have to be abundant and affordable. But as Tesla and other companies build cars with distances reaching 350 to 450 miles on a single charge cars like HFEV might die out. Again, look at the Honda Clarity. It looked promising but them faded into basically a hybrid or plug-in hybrid.

  • Jack Dewald
    Jack Dewald 13 hours ago

    What about the time he pulled a machete on Jeremy?

  • icabobcrane
    icabobcrane 13 hours ago

    learn to pronounce Camaro. it's Cam-air-oh, NOT Cam-R-oh

  • Raunchy101
    Raunchy101 14 hours ago

    Is that Hugh Jackman ?

  • sohrab golrokh
    sohrab golrokh 14 hours ago


  • Terho Nevasalo
    Terho Nevasalo 14 hours ago


  • jameshisself
    jameshisself 14 hours ago

    It's not even bespoke. The motor has very tight specs that prevent innovation and even manufacturer's actual stock product. For instance, Toyota has a stock V-8 that they weren't allowed to use, and they had build their motors to US push rod 2 valve junk tech. Their stock motor built with a race tune could chop a cup motor but we'll never get to see it.

    MXSTORMFLY 14 hours ago

    This 24 Kobe Bryant

  • Christopher Legg
    Christopher Legg 14 hours ago

    Where theu just acting to be so moody and spoilt?....i need to know!!

    DATING HARLEY QUINN 14 hours ago

    *WOW* 750 hp and it has solid, unvented, undrilled, cast iron brakes........

  • Χαρης Θεοδουλου

    hey Mike we are trying to figure out where your accent comes from... no offense

  • Human Being
    Human Being 15 hours ago

    Come to pakistan

  • Loogi Balloogi
    Loogi Balloogi 15 hours ago

    3:56 Engines Overall: RB26DETT Favourite V10: 5.7L V10 found in the Porsche Carrera GT

  • Aiden Fenton
    Aiden Fenton 15 hours ago

    I would drive a brand new Ford Mustang Shelby GT350R.

  • DubSe7en
    DubSe7en 16 hours ago

    the 2019 stock car is mainly running 550bhp with a top speed of about 180mph ish for all tracks over a mile long, it runs 750 in road course or short track trim. they won't do 215mph anymore, not even at michigan or autoclub. Looking forward to the gen 7 which will modernise the car somewhat with independent rear suspension and bigger wheels.

  • Toxichydra67
    Toxichydra67 16 hours ago

    Oh this is just black priors car

  • ACEP00N
    ACEP00N 16 hours ago

    ARGH... This guy again! Clickbaited by the title :(

  • Violet Velvet
    Violet Velvet 16 hours ago

    I do agree that cutting down trees to make a bicycle lane is a bad idea, mostly due tree help against polution and by cutting down those trees to build a bicycle lane will not help enviroment, nope will make it worse, easier solution is to walk

  • JeremyK 541OR.
    JeremyK 541OR. 16 hours ago

    That’s a truck for Teenage girls though?

  • doctim111
    doctim111 16 hours ago

    Oh, I thought you didn't like him because he's a criminal pedophile....

  • K2unit3d
    K2unit3d 17 hours ago

    Glad I have somewhere to point when people say "Its fake"...I am on the search of a video of a Mustang doing the 180 reverse driving but cant find it again. Only seen it once. Not the one from the police chase

  • Onur Erdincler
    Onur Erdincler 17 hours ago

    We generate a lot of downforce...laughs in f1

  • nougatbitz
    nougatbitz 17 hours ago

    Porsche 919 is much faster around the Nürburg Ring - I'd be curious how it would fare at Goodwill or Pikes Peak.

  • Darko Sola
    Darko Sola 17 hours ago

    This should be compared to the Audi S3 sedan/saloon. And m135i is compared to Golf R and Audi S3 Sportback or even Mercedes A35

  • Наиль Валиахметов

    Well, I have to check wikipedia now

  • dosduros
    dosduros 18 hours ago

    This is the car that comes out in Need for speed underground 1 after you beat the last boss and find out there is one last race left.

  • The Rusty Hubcap US
    The Rusty Hubcap US 18 hours ago

    Where are the 3 who are in charge? Clarkson, Hammond or May? They are the stars of the car world. Who is this guy even?

    • ACEP00N
      ACEP00N 16 hours ago

      I get tricked a lot too :(

  • SirLoinOfsteak85
    SirLoinOfsteak85 18 hours ago

    Wow that's ugly. 4 banger FWD now...? What happened? Might as well buy an Audi.

  • Keon R.
    Keon R. 18 hours ago

    NASCAR sucks. It's super boring compared to pretty much any other type of racing. It would be better if they used slightly modified cars like they used to.

  • mukkuimama FBHM
    mukkuimama FBHM 18 hours ago

    I would hire a koenigsegg jesko

  • josh
    josh 18 hours ago

    I thought the Veyron was an UNDERrated car, because not only did it up the speed ante, but it was in it's bone stock form build for demonstration, NOT hypotheticals. A one time deal from a modified car, while impressive in its own right, just isn't in the same category.

  • Al Shifra
    Al Shifra 18 hours ago

    Throwback to when hammond said on the grand tour: "Well no one in the world wants to see us have drinks and chat" and now we have 2 minutes of it and we all love it

  • Joe Fernandes
    Joe Fernandes 18 hours ago

    Piece of shit of a car... E-Bullshit! That what it is.

  • ANT1H3R0
    ANT1H3R0 18 hours ago

    Someone tell europe they're not called "nascars". Its a Nascar cup car or stock car

  • Supreme 1
    Supreme 1 19 hours ago

    Andres Iniesta ? You almost had me bro lol go back to Barcelona.

  • Neel Parmar
    Neel Parmar 19 hours ago

    I have to ask: why didn't Hammond back off after the finishing line? It seems that he kept his foot flat to the floor unnecessarily after the run was complete...

  • Ian Young
    Ian Young 19 hours ago

    Edd - you are the man - get out there and get your own show - it would make great viewing - miss you lots👍🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🏎

  • Watson2020
    Watson2020 19 hours ago

    Can someone tell me the backing track to this video?

  • Daniel Morgan
    Daniel Morgan 19 hours ago

    I’m probably too late but I would like HMS Hood my grandad served on it and was taken off for disciplinary reasons before the last voyage when she was sunk!

  • real isrealite
    real isrealite 20 hours ago

    Put them on a F1 track and run some laps and the F1 car will destroy it.6.05 at the Nurburgring will not come close to a modern F1 can.

  • Zanic L3
    Zanic L3 20 hours ago

    I would love to have decals as my headlights /s

  • John Ó Maoilearca
    John Ó Maoilearca 20 hours ago

    What are the weight differences? What are the body panels made of in each? What engine is in the nascar? Etc. No answers. My bad: I confused an ad for Hertz rental with a video about the similarities and differences between a ZL1 camaro and a nascar 'camaro'.

  • Chris K
    Chris K 20 hours ago

    Try to buy a tyre for this thing in the butt F$#% middle of nowhere and ask why the huge rim size? Answer, bigger brakes to give better towing capacity. Meh. How does it deal with rough long roads with those air suspension sensors? The ones that will strand you when they fail? It's a pretend off roader, marketed at rich caravan towers. Shame Richard, shame.

  • harliquinz
    harliquinz 20 hours ago

    I think most motoring journalists are missing the point. The beauty of the original defender was that it would run for 40+ years with the owners replacing parts in their garages as needed. I know as an owner of modern Freelanders, Discos etc, that the 2020 defender is full of plastic catches, clips, sensor housings as well as trim and these are notoriously fragile after a couple of years, not to mention all the electronics. A 10 year old 2020 defender will be a maintenance nightmare and have to be constantly in the service depot of the local Land Rover dealer.

  • Akshay Naidu
    Akshay Naidu 21 hour ago

    KEN MILES it is. UNSUNG HERO he is. Don't Rob his legacy ❤. In fact I would like to see white and blue Number 1 GT40 with RHD and right side gear but not number 2 in black.

  • ps36081
    ps36081 21 hour ago

    Restore it!!! This is a modern classic now :) I like the Sony stereo though

  • Dbf Crell
    Dbf Crell 21 hour ago

    ... and it's designed to fudge a state inspection emmissions test, even without having any emmissions.

  • Iris C
    Iris C 21 hour ago

    a 2 TON "trackday special" realy??? that's just like the bugFatti's a Big middlefinger to any real petrolhead !

  • itz_manihussain _
    itz_manihussain _ 21 hour ago


  • kaz raj
    kaz raj 21 hour ago

    Not a production car so pointless

  • Angus McLay
    Angus McLay 21 hour ago

    Nascar: we produce a lot of downforce F1: hold my front wing

  • nigelcarren
    nigelcarren 21 hour ago

    Fun fact: James May is the double of my French dentist! A compliment by the way as she really is rather charming.

  • Graham Bunton
    Graham Bunton 21 hour ago

    Electric Vehicles at Le Mans ??? NEVER. Volkswagen was able to reduce the size of the battery for the Goodwood Hillclimb as it only needed to cover the 1.16 miles as quickly as possible. A lap at Le Mans is 8.467 miles. So is a Vokswagen I.D.R. going to stop to recharge 7 times every lap ??? In the 24 hour race the winning car covers over 3000 miles. In Formula E they have to use TWO cars because they can't drive the race distance in ONE car. How many VW I.D.R.'s will they need for 3000 miles ? Are the garages large enough at Le Mans ? NO!!! As with road going EV's range is everything.

  • Jelmer Mollinga
    Jelmer Mollinga 21 hour ago

    and it uses as much as 4 households.. but still is tax free......

  • Alex Wood
    Alex Wood 21 hour ago

    Most hummingbird wings oscillate at about 1/6 the rate of the piston, at about 50hz vs 300hz

  • Rakonax
    Rakonax 22 hours ago

    i hate how they butcher vettels name

  • Richard Hemingway
    Richard Hemingway 22 hours ago

    The NASCAR is a 'Funny car'. A body shell that looks like a stock car, bolted on to everything else that is bespoke.

  • Nathan Webb
    Nathan Webb 22 hours ago

    I build a full size go kart and used legos to make a body thinking it would be fun, and it was still I hit a bump and the body fell apart and off the chassis, should have used glue, 12 hours of work wasted

  • Black Blue
    Black Blue 23 hours ago

    I have a black BMW and goddamn every time I open the door during Summer, you can immediately see the heat waves. I have to leave the door open and turn on the AC for a couple of minutes to make the car cool inside. Even if you slightly open the windows on each door, it becomes an oven in minutes under the Sun.

  • Qais Al Bulushi
    Qais Al Bulushi 23 hours ago

    It's a Monster ✌🏽😈✌🏽💖

  • Darren Markham
    Darren Markham 23 hours ago

    How about a Fiat coupe 20v turbo for a project car lots of potential.

  • Grimm Hunter
    Grimm Hunter 23 hours ago


  • Parth khaladkar
    Parth khaladkar 23 hours ago

    Calling NASCAR “stock car” racing is nothing compared to abbreviating pounds as “lbs”

  • Corey H
    Corey H 23 hours ago

    Talk about an absolutely useless video. You did nothing to compare the cars but discuss how much HP they have.

  • Anuj Suhag
    Anuj Suhag 23 hours ago

    Does anyone know where I can find that intro music/background score?

  • Andrei Nedelea

    Go search for Lupo Bimoto.

  • Bobster
    Bobster Day ago

    So you had Henry Catchpole and Jethro Bovingdon but you made them redundant...You still have Richard Hammond, James May and Jeremey Clarkson but you decided to have this guy doing the videos. Who's making the decisions at Drivetribe? That person clearly is incompetent.

  • Peter Gould
    Peter Gould Day ago

    Trim your right eyebrow

  • Craig Kaschan
    Craig Kaschan Day ago

    What’s the most annoying thing that Jeremy Clarkson has ever done to you ?

  • William Baynes

    For sure we do not need Charlie as a king! And even more important we do not need a Queen Cowmilla! Sack them both before it happens! The whole family is Dysfunctional ! It's what happens when cousins get married to each other. No matter how many times removed! So sack Charles and his Missus!

  • open minded
    open minded Day ago

    does it comply with present F1 parameters?