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Why V10 engines sound so good
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  • Mike Foster
    Mike Foster 4 minutes ago

    He’s 50 but his teeth are only 30 😄

  • cardude1992
    cardude1992 5 minutes ago

    You brought up the audi r8 a few times but didn't even mention the Carrera GT or the LFA. Shame

  • CTCuberHD
    CTCuberHD 5 minutes ago

    121k people and counting all wanted to see clarksons smug face

  • Joe Public
    Joe Public 19 minutes ago

    Hey Richard, how much did land rover pay you to advertise....

  • just b aquatics
    just b aquatics 26 minutes ago

    Poor mindy lol brilliant......

    HONDA VERZA 30 minutes ago

    MOBIL ITU HITAM JENDERAL buat militer cocok nih.. kamuflase malam..

  • nik1703
    nik1703 36 minutes ago

    Same s***. 404 internal combustion not found

  • Jonathan Tran
    Jonathan Tran 37 minutes ago

    No one gonna comment about how hot his daughters are ?

  • Snowjix
    Snowjix 38 minutes ago

    a vantablack Lamborghini Huracan, call it it the Lambo Huracant.

  • Daniel Rodriguez
    Daniel Rodriguez 39 minutes ago

    I had a V4 saber and a V4 interceptor both very fast bikes

  • LifeofAhmet Y
    LifeofAhmet Y 41 minute ago

    Checkt ab wenn ihr meine Sprache versteht

  • MrSisterfister100
    MrSisterfister100 45 minutes ago

    I'd like to wreck Mindy Hammond.

  • MrEvolutionAndKonrad07
    MrEvolutionAndKonrad07 53 minutes ago

    A car for the mandem

  • Martin Haskell
    Martin Haskell 58 minutes ago

    Can’t help wondering what Hamster really thinks of this car...

  • 4nus
    4nus 59 minutes ago

    They’ve created an ever darker black so sorry but, this isn’t the darkest man made material

  • Rehaan Syed
    Rehaan Syed Hour ago

    BMW must really hate cyclists

  • lofthousehh
    lofthousehh Hour ago

    Is that the German driving bloke? 😂😂🇩🇪

  • peter geary
    peter geary Hour ago

    What a waste of my time, even with it playing with the screen off.......should have guessed it was sponsored....

  • Mattias Bjuvenius

    The H1 in Vanta Black!

  • JiffyPopper1923
    JiffyPopper1923 Hour ago

    Dodge Charger. I wonder do they do wraps of this color....

  • TheDaaren
    TheDaaren Hour ago

    This is as JamesMayish as it can possibly be :D Hilarious!

  • Posh panda
    Posh panda Hour ago

    Go ugly early or what? 🤔

  • Jiten Mehra
    Jiten Mehra Hour ago

    Stopped to say this is stupid

  • jimbozini
    jimbozini Hour ago

    This is terrible

  • Phil Newsome
    Phil Newsome Hour ago

    New defender

  • pavel
    pavel Hour ago

    Dear James so called sensible May. You idiot. You just advertised a fuel designed to ease valve train carbon build up with a direct injected Ferrari. LOL

  • peter gbrics
    peter gbrics Hour ago

    It looks like...a Heap of Shit Like,pretty fucking bad I would rather buy a Peugeot anytime It’s a sad sad day,to find out,that a 4wd icon is killed with this modern poo 💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩

  • R Dudley
    R Dudley Hour ago

    What the hell is this a Ford commercial... Also watch to see Richard Hammond's daughters look like

  • swindlebot 69
    swindlebot 69 Hour ago

    Hes 50

  • TET2005
    TET2005 Hour ago

    This is so unsafe on the road at night...

  • Arthur Wall
    Arthur Wall Hour ago

    Lady told me once that her Honda Civic had a V4. All I said was mmmkay

  • M4thep
    M4thep 2 hours ago

    If I’m not mistaken isn’t actual vantablack a little bit radioactive?

  • Bob Frog
    Bob Frog 2 hours ago

    Gotta say, I would have chosen Oliver.

  • Mason
    Mason 2 hours ago

    Too bad you can't seal it otherwise the sealer would cancel out the light-absorbing effect, so it wont last on the road very long

  • FranCo
    FranCo 2 hours ago

    I wanted a ranger raptor and it saddened me to know we weren't getting it in the USA I got a mustang Gt 5.0 love it but wished I had the ranger raptor

  • Proksok Marady
    Proksok Marady 2 hours ago

    Well I’m lucky that my Highlander have a v4 engine 😂

  • KenTobt
    KenTobt 2 hours ago

    Tbh i would smash her

  • Pasinda Bimsara
    Pasinda Bimsara 2 hours ago

    Is it just me who thinks Vettel looks a bit like young Clarkson here. 😂

  • Barış Şenkal
    Barış Şenkal 2 hours ago

    Hybrid system is the electric and gas combined. That’s why it’s called a hybrid. I think you meant to say electric part of the hybrid system.

  • Arkaitz
    Arkaitz 2 hours ago

    Menuda mierda este defender. No es lo que era

  • Daisy Superdog
    Daisy Superdog 2 hours ago

    His black shirt looks brown against the car.

  • T HOY
    T HOY 2 hours ago

    This beat is badass plz check it out

  • conceptually ugly
    conceptually ugly 2 hours ago

    yeah sure for that price and range and mini boot

  • John Smith
    John Smith 2 hours ago

    I remember my 1970's Ford Transit having a V4 engine which was more trouble than it was worth. An interesting video spoiled by the plinky plonky noises going on in the background. Why are such additions necessary? They add nothing to the information given and are very annoying.

  • Adrian C
    Adrian C 2 hours ago

    He's a mustang

  • Scty808
    Scty808 2 hours ago

    Should of used the Ferrari FXXk it would of beat them both

  • G DM
    G DM 2 hours ago

    Rubbish, who wants a Deffender that looks like a Discovery? No one, Defender lovers want a Deffender that looks like a Deffender with safety features and some technology. This car is not a Deffender and is ugly.

  • Kiraan Sehgal
    Kiraan Sehgal 3 hours ago

    The humour Hammond... The humour... You've got it all. :D

  • jaa joo
    jaa joo 3 hours ago

    Saab 96 has v4

  • mironyuk
    mironyuk 3 hours ago

    Just use black printer powder, same stuff

  • Abby Waller
    Abby Waller 3 hours ago

    ... that’s... not... off-roading.

  • Jones M
    Jones M 3 hours ago

    If you want to see it in daylight like I did:

  • Ilham Syah
    Ilham Syah 3 hours ago

    "what i am driving is a yellow bucket of memories," man that's sweet

  • BIG D
    BIG D 3 hours ago

    A black hole on wheels

  • bondage91able
    bondage91able 3 hours ago

    And couldn't tow anymore than a jetski with its poor tow rating

  • hakasak135
    hakasak135 3 hours ago

    Nice daughter... :D dad, give me money and shut up 😂 GH Hemond 😅

  • Abstract Idea
    Abstract Idea 3 hours ago

    How is it more complicated than a Subaru h4?

  • notfamous
    notfamous 3 hours ago

    Lots of flagging to block light on the car...would be nice to see it as it is truly lit...

  • Isidor Fist
    Isidor Fist 3 hours ago

    You left out Saab’s other models that used the V-4 (Ford Tanus) engine. Isn’t the Lancias engine more of a W-4 like the one VW used briefly .

  • Tan -
    Tan - 3 hours ago

    What's the purpose of this then lol?

  • Clifton Blackburn
    Clifton Blackburn 3 hours ago

    That sounds awesome

  • Aidan Wheele
    Aidan Wheele 3 hours ago

    Inline / straight 6 don’t forget 😉

  • Marius van Wyk
    Marius van Wyk 3 hours ago

    Is it recyclable? Can I plug it into my kitchen wall socket? Is it biodegradable? Is it river and beach friendly?

  • Albert Fu
    Albert Fu 3 hours ago

    Found out vettel is colorblind


    In case fixing your land rover 4x4 wasn't already obnoxious enough, it's now a 'super computer', too. This era is such a drag.

  • Keneil Richards
    Keneil Richards 3 hours ago

    The guys I say

  • Rohan Biker
    Rohan Biker 4 hours ago

    Your daughters Instagram please?

  • bubbaries
    bubbaries 4 hours ago

    Oh look, Hammond went off the road again...

  • Samuel Arnold
    Samuel Arnold 4 hours ago

    If only the Ranger wasn't such an ugly, brutish looking vehicle.

  • Serendip
    Serendip 4 hours ago

    An armourclad invisible SUV? Soccer moms are frothing at the mouth with excitement.

  • Amos Ioan Chiriac
    Amos Ioan Chiriac 4 hours ago

    You just have to love James. Thanks for the videos

  • Öztürk Emre
    Öztürk Emre 4 hours ago

    His daughters are hot

  • Jacob Smith
    Jacob Smith 4 hours ago

    Neil degrass Tyson claimed he casually saw this in a l.a. parking light

  • Amos Ioan Chiriac
    Amos Ioan Chiriac 4 hours ago

    Don't worry James, we like you more than that joke of a "prince"

  • operamatt
    operamatt 4 hours ago

    the r26r will always be very special in any company.

  • Jamie Carl
    Jamie Carl 4 hours ago

    Stiffness is everything? Tell me about it. This video made me stiff.

  • Serendip
    Serendip 4 hours ago

    I would have driven Oliver for the unique experience if I were an F1 driver employed by Ferrari

  • Nickst3r
    Nickst3r 4 hours ago

    Here's the thing: The 458 makes me gawk and awe, but Oliver makes me smile. You can laugh and giggle as it does 0-60 in about... well, never really. Its quirky and has a real story to it. The Ferrari is cool, but the Opal puts a grin on my face.

  • SGT Butterz
    SGT Butterz 4 hours ago

    Before the video starts, my prediction is that Hammond is having a midlife crisis, buys a ford ranger raptor, takes his wife to a restaurant. On the way, he takes a shortcut and his wife’s hair gets all messed up.

  • James Worth
    James Worth 4 hours ago

    Ughh.. too bad to see that the US market gets two bad engine offerings, a terrible, and terribly inefficient 4 cylinder, and A slightly more powerful, and even less efficient V6. I bet they sound good though! Throw in possibly the worst infotainment system in the industry, a price tag higher than it's more posh and parking lot friendly siblings, and what's left to brag about? The potential plug-in hybrid? Hopefully Lucas had nothing to do with that, or this thing will need a very long extension cord. I'm glad Tata kept the leaky roof windows and ditched the solid axles, and also went to an extremely stiff unibody. Because that's what off-road vehicles need... Zero flex. At least this defender isn't as blasphemous as Chevy's new blazer. Say "tata" to a former legend.

  • Kevin Briggs
    Kevin Briggs 4 hours ago

    V-5. by VW but only one head

    • ROB112
      ROB112 14 minutes ago

      Honda had a v5 in GP bike, I thought it had to be thr only v5. I guess I was wrong

  • Stefan Marchev
    Stefan Marchev 4 hours ago

    Tycan turbo.... Which is electric. The fuck...


    Looks like a videogame bug

  • Stefan Marchev
    Stefan Marchev 4 hours ago

    Both cars are garbage. Petrol Porsches are something else

  • Mateusz Radzik
    Mateusz Radzik 4 hours ago

    Ford has not passed non-spill xD tests

  • Shane Conta
    Shane Conta 4 hours ago

    they should have done it on an i8

  • Ben Dover
    Ben Dover 4 hours ago

    Never knew the 919 used a 4 cylinder, yet alone a V4. Soo cool.

  • Thomas Earley
    Thomas Earley 4 hours ago

    Anyone who says "gubbins" is a cunt trying to be different. It's a word which has no use other than to be different.

    MONTY 4 hours ago

    If you had used the Discovery Land Rover her hair and makeup would have been Perfect. ☺

  • Mateusz Radzik
    Mateusz Radzik 4 hours ago

    Hi there :D

  • Peter Bland
    Peter Bland 4 hours ago

    James it is time for a haircut.

  • glsracer
    glsracer 4 hours ago

    I'd have the Taycan.

  • It’s Mr Lone Wolf
    It’s Mr Lone Wolf 4 hours ago

    Is Hammond saving up for another charger or something? Last time he did this many paid promotions it was for that!

  • Sam Smug
    Sam Smug 4 hours ago

    Is this even street legal?

  • jduck1979
    jduck1979 4 hours ago

    I suspect it will be considerably less durable than the original, and the computers with updating bits will probably eventually end up the same way my 1st Gen Apple TV is now after the manufacturer discontinued support and no longer lets me connect to iTunes or FLASH-PLAYER with it...

  • Blob Fish
    Blob Fish 4 hours ago

    I watched with the sound off but could still hear every word Richard gesticulated

  • HS BS
    HS BS 4 hours ago

    Lexus LFA, it would look and sound like a modern batmobile

  • Pha Lor
    Pha Lor 5 hours ago

    Can this car use the "n" word?

  • simon Smith
    simon Smith 5 hours ago

    Very pretty daughters,bet they cause hamster a lot of stress and he's definitely dying his beard,lol

  • Brian Cristoni
    Brian Cristoni 5 hours ago

    You can buy a precious car. But you can’t buy memories.