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  • Andrew Smith
    Andrew Smith 32 minutes ago

    This guy is legit. I'm very impressed that he walked with MLK.

  • C Smith
    C Smith 32 minutes ago

    Are you tired of greeting fans, reading and posting on social media, signing auto graphs, reading and practicing scripts, Even after your young King in the making completes this assignment, your life will continue. It's your job to guide and polish him.

  • General Systems Theory
    General Systems Theory 33 minutes ago

    Shaq is another flat earther 🤣

  • Mr Slate
    Mr Slate 33 minutes ago

    I use to think white people were smart

  • Destiny Cubbage
    Destiny Cubbage 34 minutes ago

    The lady with the blonde hair is tooo hard. Like lady ok. We get it.

  • In The Mix Radio
    In The Mix Radio 34 minutes ago

    Angela Yee clean your tuna cut.

  • Shoshinaki
    Shoshinaki 35 minutes ago

    Only a simp would cop that perfume 🤢

  • Keith Mikell
    Keith Mikell 37 minutes ago

    Sorry ass fucking hoes!

  • Derrell Washington
    Derrell Washington 38 minutes ago

    I am not justifying her actions but it souplike we have two donkeys both him and her. What she did wasn’t right but there’s always three sides of a story. Calling her a donkey and pointing out her wrong almost sounds like ur justifying his actions.

  • Terrence Johnson
    Terrence Johnson 39 minutes ago

    GOD they hiding GOD

    FILTHY RiCH 40 minutes ago

    He wasn't a flat earther he was a daredevil stuntman, he only said he was for publicity for his stunt

  • Turiq Amin
    Turiq Amin 41 minute ago

    50? Really!

  • A Love
    A Love 42 minutes ago

    Umm didnt kanye west did this in his video "touch the sky" he crashed to! Smh

  • Mark Peyton
    Mark Peyton 43 minutes ago

    Yuck....SHE NASTY

  • rockinpenguin
    rockinpenguin 45 minutes ago

    How do you thumb up twice on this site ?

  • Marcus Brown
    Marcus Brown 45 minutes ago

    Atrazine is the chemical

  • Melchizedek
    Melchizedek 46 minutes ago

    Mainstream flat earth is a psyop, the real truthers know we live in a stationary holographic realm... No curve, no spin, no ball

  • DD Gaming
    DD Gaming 48 minutes ago

    I recently just watched New Jack city , and saw her in it. I was born when the movie came out so once i realised of course she like twice my age i was bummed but Damn , she still looks young af. And that is one of the most beautiful black woman I've ever seen

  • Montel Shuler
    Montel Shuler 49 minutes ago

    Love you Nia Long🥰🤩

  • Saron berhane
    Saron berhane 49 minutes ago

    Who is here after wilder got baptised?

  • retro geek
    retro geek 50 minutes ago

    Rihanna pretending to be woke but always sleeping around with non black men.

  • Corey Williams
    Corey Williams 50 minutes ago

    You cant put everyone who knows the earth isn't round in a category with this foolish man . Its no different than saying all black people eat chicken and watermelon.

  • Yasmaine :D
    Yasmaine :D 53 minutes ago

    “bloody my asssss” 💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀

  • NinaB0307 T
    NinaB0307 T 54 minutes ago

    You are a none factor to Laila stop being a cry baby and move on!

  • 10-20
    10-20 54 minutes ago

    People will call this guy a rat, but he was just a good kid trying to give his family, friends, and others a better life, that's until he realized that his "friends" were really just leaches stealing from him, as soon as he tried to get away from them they were plotting to kill him. Shits crazy, I hope this guy can come out and get back on top.

  • Denzel 'My Niqqa' Washington

    *You're the Donkey... Regardless what he believed... the guy built a rocket... you cant even build a solid reputation...* *CAN I GET A DROP????*

  • SARA
    SARA 56 minutes ago

    I'm in love with Nia long

  • Adrian Medrano
    Adrian Medrano 56 minutes ago

    CTG you got to put the name of the city mane . It’s usually the north side of Florida lol

  • ghetto c
    ghetto c Hour ago

    How disrespectful tho

  • Kayy
    Kayy Hour ago

    Can’t believe everyone is addressing this lil boy as a girl... I’ve prayed for everyone this world is really in its last dayz



  • IAtIA LoVE
    IAtIA LoVE Hour ago

    Now talk about the time dude successfully sent a rocket to damn near the SUN on FLash-player.

  • Jordanna Ryan
    Jordanna Ryan Hour ago

    love her, nothing but gems !

  • SSMe _
    SSMe _ Hour ago

    I just saw Queens and Slim. That movie was ass. Visual cool but the story was dumb

  • Starlet Whitfield

    I literally came back to this interview after he lost. Still the goat in my eyes 🐐.

  • chris creek
    chris creek Hour ago

    This dumb nigga don't know the fire he started by defaming the TRUE flat earth.BUT worse. HE'S pushing the nwo agenda ..shutting down's NO accident this is the 1st video you see when you type "flat earth',..this dumb nigga supports the LYING narrative that all govt's propagate,and support.which is the globe ball LIE ..I will NEVER watch or listen to breakfast club again..HE fukkked up this time! and YES,sheeple ..the earth IS FLAT do your OWN research!

  • Thirty McClain
    Thirty McClain Hour ago

    Wat evidence exactly have u seen that proves the earth is round???

  • Sasha Kimmy
    Sasha Kimmy Hour ago

    Nia Long is Fine as Hell I can’t deal. And that Skin Tone 🤦🏾‍♀️.

  • Aspen Hayes
    Aspen Hayes Hour ago

    Ang always telling the movies 😩

  • David Robinson
    David Robinson Hour ago

    Very educated episode today. Thx

  • s02 Pzychotik
    s02 Pzychotik Hour ago


  • Caroline's Here
    Caroline's Here Hour ago

    Check out Erik Erikson's stages of development

    KING HANNIBAL Hour ago

    So someone died and they are a donkey for laughs.... WHAT ABOUT CHARLEMAGNE COSBY..BUT YALL BURIED THAT SHIT... YOUR SHOW IS PURE EVIL

  • Shofolarin Da-Silva

    black don’t crack but she’s not supposed to looks THIS good. fam!

  • Dana Jenkins
    Dana Jenkins Hour ago

    Nia Long...🥰🥰🥰

  • Meliodas32
    Meliodas32 Hour ago

    You notice how they always talking to callers on his interview tryna limit his shit

  • W. Barnes
    W. Barnes Hour ago

    Best interview!!

  • Library Card Holder

    Ava Duvernay makes good however safe black films able the black exeripence,you have to remember who is cutting the check.

  • C. Cho
    C. Cho Hour ago

    Nia Long in Soul Food 🔥🔥

  • J Quiznos
    J Quiznos Hour ago

    Men aren't women tho

  • Terry Hanley
    Terry Hanley Hour ago

    Ryan Coogler insert the American Black experience realism to all his films too

  • Brother David Pitts


  • Toya Girl
    Toya Girl Hour ago

    Chrissy laughed at Jim Jones mama and didn't take her serious she was gonna call the perfume Pumkash I think. 😂😂 CtG it's crazy you have a wife and still don't know how pussy smell like really.😒 everyone Woman has their own smell, but it shouldn't stink duh.🤪

  • Samantha Williams

    Who care is Gabrielle says she.. no one is talking about what his mother has to say

  • MrJdior
    MrJdior Hour ago

    Just Gorgeous 🙌🏾😍

  • kwame akosah
    kwame akosah Hour ago

    We can say what we want

  • Rob N
    Rob N Hour ago

    WOW... the FORBIDDEN 5 Second water HACK to crush your food cravings and lose weight ->

  • Makhate Makhate
    Makhate Makhate Hour ago

    Shortest 10mins of my life

  • Jeffrey Richards

    Who is here after he beat the breaks off Wilder

  • Daphne Holguin
    Daphne Holguin Hour ago

    You heard what nip said he frowned and his homeboy seen that and right away he went for that nigga that’s it no questions asked pop had how many ppl around him in that house? Shit just don’t make no sense this is why we have to eat right so we detox and cleanse ourselves and are able to thing real how it should be !! Act the way we should be !! This is just getting deeper and most ppl still just getting swallowed up in that whirlpool of deceit that they fed us for centuries and we’ve gotta wake up shits getting REAL ALOT OF PPL ARE DYING WE NEED TO BECOME AWARE SO WE KEEP OURSELVES SAFE AND EACHOTHER SAFE UNITE NOT DIVIDE THEYRE ALREADY KILLING US SLOWLY IN EVERYWAY THEY CAN EACH AND EVERY DAY SO MUCH TO SAY JUST DO GOOD BE GOOD HELP ONE ANOTHER SHED LIGHT FOR AWARENESS LETS RESTORE OUR PEACE OF MIND AND BREAK FREE FROM THE MATRIX

  • Marco Marr
    Marco Marr Hour ago

    So she gave her mother a excuse of being too young, but had to learn to forgive her father negatives.

  • James Hall
    James Hall Hour ago

    This interview hits the same like it did when it dropped. Salute to Mr. Farrakhan.

  • Corey Kindle
    Corey Kindle Hour ago

    Those female rappers are doing it to themselves. They don't have to actually feed into the bullshit. I don't feel sorry for none of them. You see Young MA beefing with them? No. Toughin up

  • Lebogang Thobakgale

    ""My only regret is too young for Nia Long" J-Cole. Ive been in love with Nia Long since Friday. Next Life (fingers crossed)

  • Militant Twinky X

    Sounds like something Boosie would do... 💯👈🏽

  • Terry Hanley
    Terry Hanley Hour ago

    I'm putting this in the universe Now we need a film about Black Walstreet in Tulsa Oklahoma, you're involved

  • fadaa zahira
    fadaa zahira Hour ago


  • fadaa zahira
    fadaa zahira Hour ago


  • Kevan Darrell
    Kevan Darrell Hour ago

    I like dude music.... but he look like he not supposed to be famous #KevanSaid

  • Kevan Darrell
    Kevan Darrell Hour ago

    #KevanSaid ray j? Who gaf

  • Jessie Blossom
    Jessie Blossom Hour ago

    I feel bad for laughing. I'm sorry, but this dude was the definition of an idiot. Dying to prove a scientifically debunked theory and common fact. Smh.

  • ty deshawn
    ty deshawn Hour ago

    No trial 🤔

  • 3li 3zmaoui
    3li 3zmaoui Hour ago

    I mean rip to him gotta respect the death smh

  • Tamelo Bailang
    Tamelo Bailang Hour ago

    Liar liar pants on fire 😂😂😂

  • Team Young
    Team Young Hour ago

    Its funny how they get people to forget about what Gayle said. To put the attention on snoop calling her out of her name. As culture we have to do better in general with respecting our women and men

  • ItsFreeRealEstate

    i be livin for the moment....

  • Destiny Cubbage
    Destiny Cubbage Hour ago

    I agree with Wendy with certain things because it feels like we are being erased or someone could just wake up and say “I’m a woman”. How?????

  • Kobby Brown
    Kobby Brown Hour ago

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  • J Gutta MistaFuckYoFeelings

    Bone is the greatest hip-hop group in history hands down big facts

  • Michael Odhiambo
    Michael Odhiambo 2 hours ago

    He was propelled into the sky............."He's dead" 😂😂😂😂

  • Y people Y
    Y people Y 2 hours ago

    Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.........................No one wants to acknowledge the Space Shuttle Challenger? Geez!

  • Isaac Marbel
    Isaac Marbel 2 hours ago

    couldn't he just took flight on a airplane if he wanted to get that high or is Delta also a government conspiracy :S ?

  • Kobby Brown
    Kobby Brown 2 hours ago

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    NAC NAC 2 hours ago

    This [email protected] is very smart!!! I'm glad I watched this segment.

  • Doom slaya
    Doom slaya 2 hours ago

    Who here after he got destroyed on blakk history month by furry?

  • Jeremy Ware
    Jeremy Ware 2 hours ago

    OMG they’re really disrespectful and ignorant as hey, they should be cussed out.

  • Twisted_Relloz
    Twisted_Relloz 2 hours ago

    The same reason you would lie about black history...,

  • Destiny Cubbage
    Destiny Cubbage 2 hours ago

    Charlemagne is so annoying. I used to like him but he tries so much to do things to be open about everything but it’s so much sometimes.

  • jrmop 09
    jrmop 09 2 hours ago

    90s rappers > today's feminine rappers

  • Keisha May
    Keisha May 2 hours ago

    Saw this interview and immediately went to audible and bought her book.♥️

  • Kevin Hess
    Kevin Hess 2 hours ago

    I felt better knowing I wasn't the only one laughing at the superman pose

  • Lwandile M
    Lwandile M 2 hours ago

    Let's be real, she would be roasted if she married a white guy and the black men who would approach her would be BENEATH her level like Mary J Blige and Jill Scott's ex husbands. She should appreciate being single and earning her own money.

    THE GOAT 2 hours ago

    Otc he really haten

  • Kevan Darrell
    Kevan Darrell 2 hours ago

    Skooly had Atlanta rockin back in 2009... I think Soulja boy took his lane #KevanSaid.

  • sidney fullilove
    sidney fullilove 2 hours ago

    So if flat earth believes are responsible for his death who would be responsible for the supposed death of every so called astronaut who died in a spaceship explosion? And how does any of this shit prove evidence one way or the other. I don't think you know enough about the historical research that people have done to show that the earth is more likely flat than shaped as a ball.

  • Kevin Hess
    Kevin Hess 2 hours ago

    Who has blood on they hands for the NASA deaths.

  • Bille
    Bille 2 hours ago

    Dude ate Angela Yee alive

    THE GOAT 2 hours ago

    Stop it ysiv was the shit

  • yukkmouf
    yukkmouf 2 hours ago

    Dat cap behind Charlamagne The Goof should read.. #RespectMy Name.. hehe!

  • josh pabon
    josh pabon 2 hours ago

    jeez charlagmane is fucking ignorant asf