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What Is The Breakfast Club?
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  • TrichsRUs
    TrichsRUs 11 seconds ago

    Its too real out here. Film EVERYTHING and keep receipts.

  • Kroger KP2
    Kroger KP2 27 seconds ago

    Korey still seems fucked up. God bless

  • Joel Gibbs
    Joel Gibbs 42 seconds ago

    All Envy got from this dialogue was “what not to do when you get pulled over.” Yo, I hate this nigga. Lmao

  • Mimi.V.143
    Mimi.V.143 45 seconds ago

    🧐Why the hell does he have 2 different watches on?

  • Eli Empire
    Eli Empire 55 seconds ago

    Charlamange is right Democrats are to cowardly 2 go after Trump , Trump 2020 is a reality .

  • Eric Maeder
    Eric Maeder Minute ago

    Why buy his book when u can just listen!

  • J g
    J g Minute ago

    I would like to know if the officer that was nice to Korey was true or a fictional character

  • Dee Kincade
    Dee Kincade Minute ago

    I’ve never heard Korey talk so much in an interview

  • YahudahThe LionKing
    YahudahThe LionKing 2 minutes ago

    Yeah boy, I like this. This is what we have to do when we get access to finances..🤔🤴🏿👍🏾✊🏿✌🏾💙❤️💙

    JESSY LOUIS 2 minutes ago


  • DBesKeptSecret
    DBesKeptSecret 3 minutes ago

    I know she’s a Stud.... but she is GORGEOUS 😍

  • Sugar Tits
    Sugar Tits 3 minutes ago

    I wanna try this shit

  • Robert Davis
    Robert Davis 3 minutes ago

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  • Marc Greene
    Marc Greene 3 minutes ago

    That’s real friendship. Some people take the word to lightly.

  • Richard Cervantes
    Richard Cervantes 3 minutes ago

    He's got a skit on the next Kendrick Lamar album too.

  • BreGucci davis
    BreGucci davis 3 minutes ago

    Im the korey type, i just be tucked away quiet

  • Jeannette S
    Jeannette S 3 minutes ago

    Wow!!!! I love how he was so real

  • Antho 1800
    Antho 1800 4 minutes ago

    this shit so funny now

  • Kamryn Thorne
    Kamryn Thorne 4 minutes ago

    Every time I listen to a interview of them I gain so much more respect. They are the epitome of strength. God bless them.

  • Ryan K
    Ryan K 4 minutes ago


  • Blue Swadeshoes
    Blue Swadeshoes 4 minutes ago

    No disrespect to Yusef but overall, he tends to take over the interviews. I’d like to hear more from the others.

  • KyngDLee
    KyngDLee 4 minutes ago

    You can tell Korey is still fucked up to this day. I hope he finds his peace And the crazy part is he had nothing to do with any of this. Being black in America is hard America red, white, blue. Red is for our blood, blue is for the ocean they carried us to get to America , white is for white power we will never be free remember that

  • R. Reid
    R. Reid 5 minutes ago

    Also, I wonder how many people making comments of protest have already accepted the "gateway drugs" that allowed this conversation to be brought to the fore front. The reality is, if there was not such wide spread acceptance of homosexuality and lesbianism, no one would be having the audacity to sit and speak all of the lies that are in this interview. The T's have been rolling with the L's & the G's for quite some time, so no one should be surprised that they are being given their time to shine. And lest we forget, you can thank Obama for making this a national conversation, amplifying their voice, and boosting their arrogance to demand that everyone accept & comply with their delusions of being something they aren't.

  • SuperCake 22
    SuperCake 22 5 minutes ago

    She is a fucken lady

  • Mitchell Stevens
    Mitchell Stevens 5 minutes ago

    Corey still sounds broken ☹️

  • IAm ReallyTy
    IAm ReallyTy 5 minutes ago

    Korey wise be clean every time I see him look out fab 💯

  • Supreem Court
    Supreem Court 5 minutes ago

    I’m glad everyone is vouching for her

  • dexter 123
    dexter 123 5 minutes ago

    black comedians says faggot all the time. don't think gay people get offended

    UNDERGROUND BASSIN 5 minutes ago

    69 a punk but I bet if anyone of the breakfast club members are put in that situation they singing/snitching. Real talk!!!!!

  • Natorrie Lee
    Natorrie Lee 5 minutes ago

    Great Interview

  • Nerd Large
    Nerd Large 7 minutes ago

    She's funny funny.

  • Jhon Agha
    Jhon Agha 7 minutes ago

    The only sport personality i have seen in person...SAS.

  • Reem Ro
    Reem Ro 7 minutes ago

    As a Black Man, I see them, in Me. All 5 of them, are much greater then I could ever be. 😞

  • Shavon Hayes
    Shavon Hayes 7 minutes ago

    He’s still corny. But really talented.

  • Blackelly 5
    Blackelly 5 7 minutes ago

    That last laugh was beautiful, it was like a sign that she has was it takes...she's a Wayans. It's not often you see all three breakfast club members laugh that hard.

  • The Duke
    The Duke 7 minutes ago

    All I'm gonna say is....Charla was paying attention like I've never seen before. 🤨

  • Diamond Arrow Outdoors
    Diamond Arrow Outdoors 7 minutes ago

    Snoop for President! His ability to have no enemies and be a genuine dude to every person no matter color or circumstance is truly amazing and all people should strive to be like him. Keep rockin' Unc.

  • DNA Test
    DNA Test 7 minutes ago

    You said his middle name Donald God d"Trump LOL

  • Jose Edwards
    Jose Edwards 7 minutes ago

    The guy is still traumatized, look what the system do to us, Terrible

  • DaMeshMonster
    DaMeshMonster 8 minutes ago

    That's what those labels look like? They ain't getting my money no more. Let me stop lying, they already not getting my money. Bunch of goofy looking white people. Now I see why hip-hop is in the state that it is in now.

  • Rica_Vanity
    Rica_Vanity 8 minutes ago

    Okay we get it, yall haven't heard of her before lol. 🙄

  • Ken Verrett
    Ken Verrett 8 minutes ago

    Dude was never a rapper. He was planted by the feds from the jump. He was always an informant.

  • Mackenzie Jackson
    Mackenzie Jackson 8 minutes ago

    I just want to know how Dennis Rodman knows the North Korean president

  • Lee Dragon
    Lee Dragon 8 minutes ago

    Funny, Envy be fascinated with gay men sex and Yee be fascinated with lesbian sex.

  • aGodsLife! YT
    aGodsLife! YT 9 minutes ago

    That’s Racism.. Dude Is So Innocent He Doesn’t Even Wanna See It For What It Is It’s Crazy.. Smh..

  • ATL Knowledge
    ATL Knowledge 9 minutes ago

    Respect to them brothers especially Korey, A real strong Black Mam

  • william miller
    william miller 9 minutes ago

    Charlemagne needs to understand a lot of these white rappers have more respect in the culture then he does because they actually grew up in this shit, he thinks because hes black he just gets a pass but it dont work that way, all about where and how you grew up.

  • Clarence Anu Channel
    Clarence Anu Channel 9 minutes ago

    Whistleblower huh

  • Jarick Robinson
    Jarick Robinson 10 minutes ago

    No playing inside either

  • Jarick Robinson
    Jarick Robinson 10 minutes ago

    That ain’t playing that’s wearing it regardless no my daughter not putting on make up

  • Cedayle Johnson
    Cedayle Johnson 10 minutes ago

    Envy didn't watch the show lol. That explains the dumb questions

  • JAE B
    JAE B 10 minutes ago

    I love these men so much! So glad to see them tell their stories and shed light on the trash ass justice system in America. Sending all my love and prayers to their families 💙💙💙💙💙

  • Being Mona J
    Being Mona J 10 minutes ago

    He said “blood” about 1,000 time so he is apart Judge 👩‍⚖️ ten years for affiliation

  • Drew Comments
    Drew Comments 10 minutes ago


  • Ibrahim Kouyate
    Ibrahim Kouyate 10 minutes ago


  • Monica Fisher
    Monica Fisher 10 minutes ago

    Who in the hell wants to spend 75yrs in prison(for something that you didn't do or do alone let alone), let alone 10minutes for something you did do.

  • 40teeve
    40teeve 11 minutes ago

    I hope they still satay blessed.

  • Jacky Adelson
    Jacky Adelson 11 minutes ago

    Everything went downhill once it became a problem to use the word “fag”.

  • blakkween
    blakkween 11 minutes ago

    Her hat is dope

  • Warren Douglas
    Warren Douglas 11 minutes ago

    I bet if he got sum Twinkies he'll b suckn him off

  • kimberly glover
    kimberly glover 11 minutes ago

    This was a great interview... You all did great... Dennis Rodman is a very interesting person. Wow...

  • Zurgo Pussysmasher
    Zurgo Pussysmasher 12 minutes ago

    I don't even watch these guys but as soon I as saw Dennis Rodman? Clicked that shit.

  • Anthony Eatman
    Anthony Eatman 12 minutes ago

    Let's be honest Al Sharpton was wearing a wire the whole time when he got caught & he got busted for cocaine in the 1980s

  • Joyce Blair
    Joyce Blair 12 minutes ago

    Y'all dumb ass breakfast club tripping it's just a fucking sandwich.... Why don't yalla put y'all nose up m. Donald's ass

  • J g
    J g 12 minutes ago

    When I see Korey I see a man of character, a man with integrity, a man of strength, courage, wisdom, New York af, and so much more! Not to mention he’s handsome.

  • J C
    J C 12 minutes ago

    Rappers are wimps, actors, & snitches.

  • Arthur Rowley
    Arthur Rowley 12 minutes ago

    Ok Angela....I see you

  • Vein Dawgz
    Vein Dawgz 12 minutes ago

    Glad he cleaning up, One of my favorite defensive players of my youth>>

  • Bne Flynn
    Bne Flynn 12 minutes ago

    They put a price on his head so he sold them to the feds no hate from me on that logic

  • Shannon Fate
    Shannon Fate 13 minutes ago

    Yall need to bring her back ASAP!!!!! THIS WAS THE LAUGH I NEEDED!!!!!

  • Ava Maria
    Ava Maria 13 minutes ago

    was he just undercover? he's too young to have pulled it off but dang!

  • Monica Fisher
    Monica Fisher 14 minutes ago

    Those that speak of "the street code" are the main ones that have NO integrity!! So if none of them guys are stepping up, then Tekashi should speak out!!!

  • keandra whitlock
    keandra whitlock 14 minutes ago

    Your marketing agency did the marketing on this I been getting emails about this. They are dropping this every minute feel like!

  • Carter Attainment
    Carter Attainment 14 minutes ago

    Beautiful teeth

  • Huseyin Karakas
    Huseyin Karakas 15 minutes ago

    I heard Tekashi 69 told on them...

    MICHELE MURILLO 15 minutes ago

    Really🤔.....I am "MARRIED" so i DONT SUPPORT women that mess with "MARRIED" MEN....

    RONNIE 15 minutes ago

    With this platform, these morons said “I don’t mind paying more taxes”.... smh

  • BPdOlL
    BPdOlL 15 minutes ago

    Homeboy played korey so well

  • Jesus HelpMe
    Jesus HelpMe 16 minutes ago

    I want to give Kory a hug ❤️

  • blackheatwhitesoul
    blackheatwhitesoul 17 minutes ago

    I can’t wait until I get off from work to listen to this!

  • Thomas Coursey
    Thomas Coursey 17 minutes ago

    He was never gang this is all a joke this is a damn shame to the real mafia these guys would of all got clipped in the 70s

  • ThisIsJ21
    ThisIsJ21 17 minutes ago

    i like this lady ;)

    MICHELE MURILLO 18 minutes ago

    Interview DONT COUNT!! Charlemagne bit** A** AINT tHere!! Sorry GOD to curse...

  • Dashynae Day
    Dashynae Day 18 minutes ago

    I tell you one thing jerome jarrell played the shit out of korey wise!

  • Duce Vasquez
    Duce Vasquez 18 minutes ago

    I got that reference at the end lol

    ONEDEEP4LIFE 11 18 minutes ago


  • J B
    J B 18 minutes ago

    These people are so stupid

  • Boom Da Drilla
    Boom Da Drilla 19 minutes ago

    Godamn brody.

  • Da Plug
    Da Plug 19 minutes ago

    Can't wait for when rat 69 and his family get murdered.

  • Gregory's Podcast Show
    Gregory's Podcast Show 19 minutes ago


  • Stan Stinnett
    Stan Stinnett 19 minutes ago

    I'd bet $1000 that no white person had to prompt Envy to axe that forgiveness question. That's a real f'n slave right there

  • Southside Playa
    Southside Playa 19 minutes ago

    Magic never brought up how he got hiv and nobody ever brings it up how he got it because he got it from a man.

  • D. Frank Adams
    D. Frank Adams 19 minutes ago

    We are guilty of being Black and Latino boys and men in AmeriKKKa... When is this monster going to be prosecuted for her crimes? We need to DEMAND justice! God bless Eva and The Exonerated 5!

    COKEBOYPEKING 19 minutes ago

    lips so close to mic

  • Ree Jay
    Ree Jay 20 minutes ago

    I agree with Charlamagne...she was letting her where it..not playing with it...

  • Seabrooks_19
    Seabrooks_19 20 minutes ago

    That "OK GREAT" had me tripin! It was somewhat rude and sounded a lil aggressive but yet still funny! 😁

  • Jade Tate
    Jade Tate 20 minutes ago

    She’s so beautiful 😍 humble loving 🥰 caring kind. Omg she’s real !

  • lina symone
    lina symone 20 minutes ago

    Such an inspiration, love him!

  • Marques Smith
    Marques Smith 21 minute ago

    Corey never left rikers island. The guy cleared his name and they still put him on parole? Like they’re innocent and didn’t deserve to be in there in the first place. You free him but still have him on papers? Come on.

  • Charles Alexander
    Charles Alexander 21 minute ago

    OMG, Envy isn't a robot!! He messed up on his introduction holy $#**!!!