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I Forgot It's Not a Racecar...
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  • beattospectoyota


  • Michael Ridley
    Michael Ridley Hour ago

    You best methanol that beast or its definitely gunna cook itself during a decent burnout

  • Lima Bravo
    Lima Bravo Hour ago

    So just by mixing air and fuel at one atmosphere it makes 800 hp, god bless America. Can I have the 468 for my IROC? 😬

  • Apoorv Bajpai
    Apoorv Bajpai 2 hours ago

    can somebody tell me has there been any update on the jet car?

  • Mike Combs
    Mike Combs 2 hours ago

    It went from being your science car to your history car real fast.

  • Bryan Mcgoon
    Bryan Mcgoon 3 hours ago

    Getting really close to 200k!

  • Tc 90
    Tc 90 3 hours ago

    Need to make a shirt that says “damn I broke it again”

  • Bryan Bentley
    Bryan Bentley 3 hours ago

    195k come on get over 200 let’s see JAMES with a mullet.

  • adameiko Chanel
    adameiko Chanel 3 hours ago

    Хуйня некому неинтересно ваше начало ХУЙНЯ. СОСАТЬ

  • Redneck Mechanics
    Redneck Mechanics 4 hours ago

    jesus i cant believe how brittle the dash is. you didnt even hit it it was just a love tap.

  • Ethan Simmons
    Ethan Simmons 4 hours ago

    The clutch sounds like wind

  • grym2010
    grym2010 4 hours ago

    I haven’t been to Summernats for about 10 or more years, but I am definitely going now! Just to see this “little girl” show us how the smallest of the eagles can fly!!!!

  • montefiveforty1
    montefiveforty1 4 hours ago

    Needs at least 36 deg timing and valves adjusted properly.

  • Eric Martinez
    Eric Martinez 4 hours ago

    Why don’t you go get salvage action it called that the site it better than copart

  • SpeedDemon Z
    SpeedDemon Z 4 hours ago


  • Danny B
    Danny B 4 hours ago

    I cringed when i saw them patch that seatbelt on the engine, then i cringed some more when Cletus swung on it and then the inevitable happened. A little professionalism would have been nice but i get it, it’s for FLASH-PLAYER.

  • Gemcor
    Gemcor 4 hours ago

    Let me rev it to 6 grand.. go up there incase it blows it will be in your face and you'll catch it on video

  • boltonky
    boltonky 4 hours ago

    Just to have one of those engines for a project would be a dream...keep up good work boys, and i expect you to destroy your car in Aussie when it gets there

  • Chilekwa Inc
    Chilekwa Inc 5 hours ago

    77HP per litre NA? I think i love this engine but its not all that impressive.

  • gp lugt
    gp lugt 6 hours ago

    This car is awesome!!

  • Ivan Jakanov
    Ivan Jakanov 6 hours ago

    drag coefficient of dog surpassed leroy

  • Bradley Flaherty
    Bradley Flaherty 6 hours ago

    Are you guys running a carby or injection set up?

  • Josh Larochelle
    Josh Larochelle 6 hours ago

    Cooper said it’s almost done... No. this car is far from burnout comp ready. Needs tubbed rear and more bracing.

    LORD KILLERT187 7 hours ago

    Need 5k more smash that like

  • siegel197866
    siegel197866 7 hours ago

    You will twist that T-top body with that much power.

  • David Mackieson
    David Mackieson 7 hours ago

    New blueprint motor an new supercharger an thinks its gunna be any competition against us Aussies no chance we are the Masters of melting rubber

  • rian arsum
    rian arsum 8 hours ago


  • Jimmy Cosman
    Jimmy Cosman 8 hours ago

    What happened to the Crown Vic

  • Jeff Allen
    Jeff Allen 8 hours ago

    You guys can shorten the chain on your cherry picker you know?

  • Donald Lawley
    Donald Lawley 8 hours ago

    I also have a 4.75 stroke

  • Tammy Forbes
    Tammy Forbes 8 hours ago

    Just add twin turbos and call out some street outlaws. Hell even if you loose it would be fun.

  • h8ncars
    h8ncars 8 hours ago

    Thank gawd you not putting that engine in that gawdy ass yellow Barbie Car

  • Guylin Waterhouse
    Guylin Waterhouse 9 hours ago

    You should put the 468 in the tracker

  • Dave Hill
    Dave Hill 9 hours ago

    So a 800hp motor made 400 in the car.. what you do to it? Lol

  • Chris Sullivan
    Chris Sullivan 9 hours ago

    Cleetus this is hilarious! You should test the infamous "throttle body spacers" lol!

  • Joseph Nock
    Joseph Nock 9 hours ago

    Half a horsepower per cubic inch .. yeah lame

  • CJ Culbertson
    CJ Culbertson 9 hours ago

    Quaker Steak

  • Spaghett
    Spaghett 9 hours ago

    10.3 liters of freedom

  • Icicle Lily
    Icicle Lily 9 hours ago

    The big engine that could...

  • Joseph Nock
    Joseph Nock 9 hours ago

    CHEVY=Can Hear Every Valve Yell

  • Tyler Mathews
    Tyler Mathews 9 hours ago

    Your trending!

  • RN Gaming
    RN Gaming 9 hours ago

    I think toasty is better

  • Ritchie Chapman
    Ritchie Chapman 9 hours ago

    Name it vegiemite toast

  • Joel Williams
    Joel Williams 9 hours ago

    Anybody who buys shit like this in earnest, to increase their car's horsepower, need to go live in mainland China for 12 years. No shit, those old school commie mutherfuckers would un-fuck whatever is wrong with their gaw'damn skull unit!

  • Joel Williams
    Joel Williams 9 hours ago

    Anybody who buys shit like this in earnest, to increase their car's horsepower, need to go live in mainland China for 12 years. No shit, those old school commie mutherfuckers would un-fuck whatever is wrong with their gaw'damn skull unit!

  • Bryce Clarke
    Bryce Clarke 9 hours ago

    Six hundred and thirty two cubic inches of rompin' stompin' high flyin' holy hell

  • steven beck
    steven beck 10 hours ago

    Thst intro was hype asf hahaha

  • Joel Williams
    Joel Williams 10 hours ago

    So, why the hell would they put a 632 cubez BIG block in a fuck'n Camaro of all things? They need to shoehorn that sum'bitch into a Smart car, then DOMINATE those old-school British micro car competitions that helped launch the original Mini Cooper! Them limey foookers wouldn't have any shit to talk about American cars after that!

  • Lesser Logic
    Lesser Logic 10 hours ago

    Nice work boys, Do it for Dale! I'll freakin see you later

  • Lesser Logic
    Lesser Logic 10 hours ago

    I'm having big block envy, mine is only 430.. And a 427

  • William Logan
    William Logan 10 hours ago

    Rule No. 1: Never let Cleetus drive your car. Rule No. 2: Refer to Rule No. 1.

  • J&M Productions
    J&M Productions 10 hours ago

    Get a fiber body made for Leroy and see if it helps at the track

  • Drew Jones
    Drew Jones 10 hours ago

    Perfect opportunity to take the NASCAR exhaust off the Dale Truck and go full send in Australia

  • Nicholas Williams
    Nicholas Williams 10 hours ago

    Test out a cherry bomb or glass pack so we can get some rumblin bald eagles out of the crustang

  • Pablo Antillon
    Pablo Antillon 10 hours ago

    No quema cuh

  • Lesser Logic
    Lesser Logic 10 hours ago

    Zip ties work on terrorists! MURICA

  • Nicole Donley
    Nicole Donley 10 hours ago

    Show the tracker some love, it wants that old big block from toast.

  • Let's MakeThat :Whit Me

    OMG mark zuckerberg as in a FLASH-PLAYER channel

  • worb radar
    worb radar 10 hours ago

    Been way too long since I've seen the Dale truck

  • Christopher Klein
    Christopher Klein 10 hours ago

    I will certainly be following blueprint engines

  • jonas Romanos
    jonas Romanos 10 hours ago

    Put it in the side by side

  • Ask to seduce Miss
    Ask to seduce Miss 10 hours ago

    Time for that mullet James

  • Action Jackson
    Action Jackson 11 hours ago

    Hey I have a really random question, but what happened to that little buggy thing that cleetus bought over a year ago? Didnt he say he was going to make a project out if it?

  • Jimmy Schmidt
    Jimmy Schmidt 11 hours ago

    I have this exact mustang. U had to kill it.

  • Julian Iniguez
    Julian Iniguez 11 hours ago

    Texas speed jelous

  • Canadia_N
    Canadia_N 11 hours ago

    Murica !

  • Real Steal2343
    Real Steal2343 11 hours ago

    Maybe Leroy

  • Melissa Selvidgegraves

    450 hp my guess

    • Ask to seduce Miss
      Ask to seduce Miss 10 hours ago

      Dale Dan Tony will have some pointers for growing that red white and blue mullet

  • Ethan Long
    Ethan Long 11 hours ago

    Big block swap the side by side ATV lmao

  • Matt Gudmundsson
    Matt Gudmundsson 11 hours ago

    Can we have some Leroy 7s please I like all the cars but i really need some 7s

  • sgtwylde1996
    sgtwylde1996 11 hours ago

    If a cammed 350 already thumps the ground, I would probably thoroughly shit my pants in the presence of this exhaust note.

  • Melissa Selvidgegraves


  • Jesse Thomas
    Jesse Thomas 12 hours ago

    Stacy David pales in your comparison C.F.F.

  • rowdyfromok
    rowdyfromok 12 hours ago

    Easier to ask forgiveness than permission as far as mullets go.

  • saintsarecoming13
    saintsarecoming13 12 hours ago

    This thing has a higher displacement than an L10 Cummins and will probably make 3 times the torque.

  • Freedom 1799
    Freedom 1799 12 hours ago

    Put the old engine in the 240

  • Ryan McGauley
    Ryan McGauley 12 hours ago

    Is the airboat @ 12:40 where old big block is going?

  • MOP
    MOP 12 hours ago

    put the 468 into the tracker!

  • Amazingtruth86
    Amazingtruth86 12 hours ago

    Please quit using the Lord's name in your videos. Wish I could watch more.

  • Fegley Fixes it
    Fegley Fixes it 12 hours ago

    It will be sold for parts....JMHO

  • Tai Wilson
    Tai Wilson 12 hours ago

    "launch" the propeller into yer throttle plate lol

  • Joseph Bryson
    Joseph Bryson 12 hours ago

    I see you've still got those blue Wally World boxes full of Dew stacked up in your shop.

  • Ashley Roberts
    Ashley Roberts 12 hours ago

    We need to see Leroy in the 7s again when us we talk back when are you gona take him to.the track Al's wee need to see toast on at least 12 lbs of boost I'm guessing 1400hp

  • David Ash
    David Ash 12 hours ago

    Asking for 36k likes. Lets go!!

  • Joe Smith
    Joe Smith 12 hours ago

    Don’t worry it will all buff out

  • Robert O'Neill
    Robert O'Neill 13 hours ago

    How have 890k people watched and only 195k 👍👍👍 cmon team! Let's get it did for Murrica! James needs a new dew (pun intended)!

  • Bad Luck Garage
    Bad Luck Garage 13 hours ago

    Don't forget the waterpump gaskets between the plate and the engine. Thats a bad day on first startup.

  • Josh Rogers
    Josh Rogers 13 hours ago

    Definitely gonna buy all my future motors from blueprint.

  • Neil Osman
    Neil Osman 13 hours ago

    I want cletus's shop to build my truck, what is the contact info?

  • Jake Mesa
    Jake Mesa 13 hours ago

    Loved the towel flip!!!!!

  • Alexis Hallett
    Alexis Hallett 13 hours ago

    Leroy’s top speed ?

  • Chip Evans
    Chip Evans 13 hours ago

    Heelll yeeea brother.... this is about as merican as it could ever get. Just missing the beer guts and standing around drinking PBR or Keystone Beer.

  • joseph landrum
    joseph landrum 13 hours ago

    Power adder? Hmmmmmmmm 8-71 blower?

  • MrOnboc302
    MrOnboc302 13 hours ago

    You can have all the bald eagles in the southern hemisphere, but if you can't steer your ride your up shit creek without a paddle .10 pounds and methanol .sorted

  • Devins Little bit of everything life

    Put the old motor in a square body Chevy with 38.5 boggers backed by a granny four speed

  • The Idiots
    The Idiots 13 hours ago

    Where’s the next video

  • chargerhemiman79
    chargerhemiman79 13 hours ago

    Why does the old engine say "632" on the valve covers and the new engine is a 632? wierd.

  • Cody Allen
    Cody Allen 13 hours ago

    Good ole American Stiffy sounds.

  • gokarter 72
    gokarter 72 13 hours ago

    so how long till you guys put that engine in leroy

  • Commack08
    Commack08 13 hours ago

    Kind of surprised you haven't said anything about Dale Earnhardt Jr's plane crash...