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  • connoramos94
    connoramos94 6 hours ago

    Silver nado

  • Dillion wagers
    Dillion wagers 6 hours ago

    Cooper should get a truck too

  • ZedNinetySix
    ZedNinetySix 6 hours ago

    Where's DALE TRUCK?😎#3

  • Jacob Mobley
    Jacob Mobley 6 hours ago

    y’all should definitely engine swap this and make an build a bogmonster 😂😂

    POGI DONUT 6 hours ago

    Hell call it JUICY

  • Adolfo your boy
    Adolfo your boy 6 hours ago

    Lower the truck

  • Isaac Nichols
    Isaac Nichols 6 hours ago

    I'm happy too see these guys are working on there dreams. Prure freedom ! Cheers guys

  • Bone.Grown 420
    Bone.Grown 420 7 hours ago


  • jasonlt1982
    jasonlt1982 7 hours ago

    Call it the AC Slater!

  • Robert Gravett
    Robert Gravett 7 hours ago

    How about The Big Jimmy

    LOTION_COMMOTION 7 hours ago

    Really? No one's gonna say anything about the fact that they ripped each other's pockets off?

  • Pound-Feet of Torque

    Hey brother, What camera do you use for your main vlogging rig?

  • angry honey badger
    angry honey badger 7 hours ago

    Aaaaand now the channel just wouldnt be the same without dr sprayemall lol

  • Brandon Theriault
    Brandon Theriault 7 hours ago


  • Sam Shipley
    Sam Shipley 7 hours ago

    Cool video. Nice to see these cars close up.

  • Chaz Whiting
    Chaz Whiting 7 hours ago

    You can so tell its Jeremy...

  • Ethan Durost
    Ethan Durost 7 hours ago

    Wow good ole cleeter can rippp

  • Glenn
    Glenn 7 hours ago

    All it needs is cut knuckles, stiffer front springs and better dampers all around

  • ReactiveFuzz
    ReactiveFuzz 7 hours ago

    Truck's name has to be "Florida Man"

  • Chaz Whiting
    Chaz Whiting 7 hours ago

    Happy birthday Coop from Australia!

  • Justin Bourgeois
    Justin Bourgeois 7 hours ago

    Who’s garret

  • Matthew Galliher
    Matthew Galliher 7 hours ago

    White lighting

  • tom jackson
    tom jackson 8 hours ago

    It's called a one tire fryer, not a one wheel peeler.

  • Ryan Maki
    Ryan Maki 8 hours ago

    The show boat

  • Ham Jammer
    Ham Jammer 8 hours ago

    This is my second time watching I just realized you didn't get sunoco fuel wow

  • blackychan22900
    blackychan22900 8 hours ago

    Do you guys want to build an all wheel drive twin turbo car ?

  • Daren Thomas
    Daren Thomas 8 hours ago

    Twin it and compound it👀

  • Cameron Larsen
    Cameron Larsen 8 hours ago

    When are you going to come visit Omaha Nebraska?

    GLACIAL 8 hours ago

    How about instead of Blue Collar Worker, make it Blue Bottle Worker (nitrous)

  • Paul Good
    Paul Good 8 hours ago

    This thing needs to be named SKIDMARK

  • Evan Westfall
    Evan Westfall 9 hours ago

    Nobody noticed that dude in blue ?

  • Divided Being Motorsports

    This comment section is a shit show

  • GadgetInspektor
    GadgetInspektor 9 hours ago

    German Cop: Das Fahrzeug wird jetzt und hier auf der Stelle stillgelegt!

  • n4lin
    n4lin 9 hours ago

    Nissan titan 5.6 v8... very quick and make good power numbers with nothing added

  • 14truk
    14truk 9 hours ago

    I think the turbo is worth more than the car!

  • tristan marsh
    tristan marsh 9 hours ago

    cop is pretty hot

  • loudon morgan
    loudon morgan 9 hours ago

    Fart lan

  • % Fish
    % Fish 10 hours ago

    Stay away from newburgh NY

  • Cosmin Enache
    Cosmin Enache 10 hours ago

    Daaamn! Cleetus was really feeling that miata.

  • Jonathan Howles
    Jonathan Howles 10 hours ago

    You pronounced Canberra exceptionally well

  • Jake Marshall
    Jake Marshall 10 hours ago

    Drag snowmobiles

  • Richard Nolte
    Richard Nolte 10 hours ago

    Please name it GRETA. I think it obvious why.

  • Jake Marshall
    Jake Marshall 10 hours ago

    Drag snowmobiles

  • Coochie Snatcher
    Coochie Snatcher 10 hours ago

    Cleetus needs a proper drift car but done the bald eagle way... skid racing FOR DALE

  • iLLaGe ViDioT
    iLLaGe ViDioT 10 hours ago

    That hondaru shirt is fantastic

  • Anru Bossert
    Anru Bossert 10 hours ago

    Truck name: Bruce! The shark's name in Jaws

  • Karl Newmon
    Karl Newmon 10 hours ago

    vary cool.... check out my engine build video

  • Roger Miller
    Roger Miller 11 hours ago

    @19:10 😆

  • danny fontenot
    danny fontenot 11 hours ago

    How does this twin setup work on the mustang?

  • Dee Duncker
    Dee Duncker 11 hours ago

    crown vics are for boomers

  • amhschooloffunk
    amhschooloffunk 11 hours ago

    Winnebago build off

  • lisandro serna
    lisandro serna 11 hours ago

    Damn so can’t believe Cleetus just said the Ford .. Ford!! Crown Vic was the best car ever made. FORD!!!

  • Christoph Viles
    Christoph Viles 11 hours ago

    This might be my fav episode 😆.

  • jayo84
    jayo84 11 hours ago

    Anyone who tried to ride a motorcycle without eye protection knows why you close your eyes.... Wasn't out of fear. Air is a bitch when getting up in speed.

  • regejade
    regejade 11 hours ago

    Can you build it also on a turbocar?

  • Retro Brazy
    Retro Brazy 12 hours ago

    Plz ad subtitles when loud. I want to hear what you are saying. :)

  • Joshua Henry
    Joshua Henry 12 hours ago

    20:00 in with the w 7.80

  • Hilos K Jackson
    Hilos K Jackson 12 hours ago

    Shit why I'm I getting emotional. 7.80

  • James Rice
    James Rice 12 hours ago

    Call it Big Tom

  • Slimiest Snake
    Slimiest Snake 12 hours ago

    That smile lol I would be struggling to hold it back too man beautiful machine cleetus !

  • evan burdick
    evan burdick 12 hours ago

    Nice graduation present, don’t break it!

  • MarkoMedia
    MarkoMedia 12 hours ago

    This was the video that really got me into the channel, over 2 years ago damn

    DRIVEN 2 WIN 12 hours ago

    Should of asked the cop to help push start it lol

  • Colby Leger
    Colby Leger 12 hours ago

    How are you not building a drift Vette already???

    DRIVEN 2 WIN 12 hours ago

    Does no one know what do it for dale means?

  • Jeremy Minor
    Jeremy Minor 12 hours ago

    White smoke

  • Thatst3
    Thatst3 12 hours ago

    Cleetus is car control....

    OFFRD 13 hours ago

    That cop at 1:00 was hot.

  • Mason Comeaux
    Mason Comeaux 13 hours ago

    Definitely should get a LS 427 with twin turbskies and TR 6060. 10 second limo

  • Nidaa vlogs
    Nidaa vlogs 13 hours ago

    Hyelll yeee broller

  • brian reynolds
    brian reynolds 13 hours ago

    put a dually rear end in it. then put tall tires on the inside and short out so when the inside pop you can keep going on the outside

  • Travis Casper
    Travis Casper 13 hours ago

    White lightning......🤷🏼‍♂️

  • 710bigboy _gng
    710bigboy _gng 13 hours ago

    name the red Corvette Red Rockett.......

  • Ryan Berry
    Ryan Berry 13 hours ago

    be interesting to see this bolted to a normal turbo so you can completely eliminate the lag and get full boost when ever you put your foot down.

    PTP FAB 13 hours ago

    Loveee your vids keep up the good work I enjoy every single one of them

  • Lord Tachanka
    Lord Tachanka 13 hours ago

    Hell yeah brother

  • Tim WinFury
    Tim WinFury 13 hours ago

    This car is f*#king insane

  • Joseph Paynter
    Joseph Paynter 14 hours ago

    Betty white

  • ideas
    ideas 14 hours ago

    i love hearing americans complain about how long it takes to fly to australia...thats exactly how long it takes us to go anywhere! well anywhere decent that is

  • Driven Image Auto
    Driven Image Auto 14 hours ago

    Holyshiiiiiiit didn't realize you guys are in Clearwater! We neighbors 😁

  • Jace Henderson
    Jace Henderson 14 hours ago

    “Sucking through the hose”

  • Tim Prillaman
    Tim Prillaman 14 hours ago

    Longbed Larry

  • cobrasvt347
    cobrasvt347 14 hours ago

    This was all kinda awesome !

  • All things engine Turbo turbo turbo

    It’s blowing like a dam hurricane in here 😂😂actually lol 👌👌

  • Josue Noriega
    Josue Noriega 14 hours ago


  • Tomas Tilrem
    Tomas Tilrem 14 hours ago

    Build wars: Worlds first LS swap Tesla!!!!!!

  • Thomas Day
    Thomas Day 14 hours ago

    Hey garret/cleetus hopefully you see this🤷🏻‍♂️I messaged you on Instagram about a 1964 chevelle I’m trying to work on and asked you a couple questions about it, it’d be really cool and helpful if you answered. Serious inquiry, not just trying to get your attention for no reason. Building a car to do it for dale.

  • Pickle MeTimbers
    Pickle MeTimbers 14 hours ago

    Florida loves Cleetus! Yeet!

  • Texxerino
    Texxerino 15 hours ago

    Seamen demon

  • DJ Futch
    DJ Futch 15 hours ago

    27:00 Cleetus is the fucking man😂😂❤️ That’s great

  • tim crary
    tim crary 15 hours ago

    Time for wheel tubs!!

  • guillo88
    guillo88 15 hours ago

    put a merlin engine in it

  • dj craig
    dj craig 15 hours ago

    Round 3 😂

  • yama cat
    yama cat 15 hours ago

    Holy shit! It’s a back diamond too? That is a really, really rare CTS V.

    JAROD NOBLE 15 hours ago

    Gotta name it "White Smoke" as a salute to a lifetime of burnouts

  • William N.
    William N. 15 hours ago

    TJ Hunt is a douchebag.

  • Will Sigety
    Will Sigety 15 hours ago

    That alignment is mint

  • Teflon Don
    Teflon Don 15 hours ago

    Cleet I think you’re startin to get a little popular bro when you get your own show on tv you gotta still drop us FLash-player footage don’t sign a deal that blocks the fans

  • nanapruitt04 roughleader20

    White widow

  • James Nickerson
    James Nickerson 16 hours ago

    Learn to do a J turn. It's fun and looks great.