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  • Miguel Figueroa
    Miguel Figueroa 15 hours ago

    Martin what’s up with your shirt. Love it!!!

  • gamby16a
    gamby16a 15 hours ago

    Wheels are SSR Integral or a knockoff (Konig Villain in the States--I still have them on my 99 EM1 Civic).

  • Miguel Figueroa
    Miguel Figueroa 15 hours ago

    A just saw the motor jack move and got scared and started laughing at the same time...

  • 29Q
    29Q 15 hours ago

    we've never been frightened at 68kp/h in my life 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Marquise Thomas
    Marquise Thomas 15 hours ago

    Build the motor & run it on low boost

  • Marquise Thomas
    Marquise Thomas 15 hours ago

    I forgot for a second that car guys dream cars aren't lamborghini's or McLaren's

  • Andrew Goldsworthy
    Andrew Goldsworthy 15 hours ago

    My wife just ordered Cheryl's box about a month ago. Shes super excited lol.

  • Jude Roberts
    Jude Roberts 16 hours ago

    you scweez i pull , oh it spirted at me, its dribbling down the side, ill get my hand in there, holly shit you guys thats a friggen take.

  • Matthew Sharpe
    Matthew Sharpe 17 hours ago

    I guess I don't get the Silvia, to me it's just an ultrra budget coupe that hasn't aged well. Admittedly I've only ever driven lower end models, maybe they are more fun with some power - they are still ugly as fuck though.

  • Miguel Figueroa
    Miguel Figueroa 17 hours ago

    I’m missing the rider on the intro. 😔

  • Seraphyna Rosemary
    Seraphyna Rosemary 17 hours ago

    Wtf started happening at 10:24

  • Theysigan kumar
    Theysigan kumar 18 hours ago

    Wow, i got so fucking confused, cos why is moog so thin and why is he saying that the 180 is for marty, and i got so pissed that the 180 was flicked, but thnak fuck this shit is an old video

  • Greger Holmes
    Greger Holmes 18 hours ago

    Watching you two morons work I just....... I don’t have any friends

  • 213Madd
    213Madd 18 hours ago


  • mengx94
    mengx94 19 hours ago

    Is there any relation to moog and moog suspension parts besides the name?

    ELPXIMSO 19 hours ago

    FLash-player, why, I was kinda worried...

  • mbeenz
    mbeenz 19 hours ago

    ManyThanx Great Video, had to Subscribe!!,!,! Very Well Done Men!!!,!!

  • runawaytowtruck
    runawaytowtruck 19 hours ago

    Do a LS swap

  • Kinang Eagle
    Kinang Eagle 19 hours ago

    Stop one get legal age and get a driving license+car

  • Annie Lehmann
    Annie Lehmann 19 hours ago

    In my Focus I was truly baffled by the bonnet popper and looked for it for like 20-30 minutes before calling my boyfriend hahahaha. Whoops.

  • Ka Ho Leonardo Cheung
    Ka Ho Leonardo Cheung 19 hours ago

    perfect mods video for beginners !!

  • Jason Witkop
    Jason Witkop 19 hours ago

    What hurts was watching this the night it was posted, being the same night I watched my 1998 impreza coupe getting taken away by its new owner, but still happy to see it on the show looking forward to what comes next!

  • Thomas Beshaw
    Thomas Beshaw 19 hours ago

    betcha cant make those nice new sticky tires do skids :-(

  • 1pyroace1
    1pyroace1 20 hours ago

    1:17 is the exciting part

  • Enzo Gondra
    Enzo Gondra 20 hours ago

    I love how Moog was driving peacefully then suddenly a STi appears in his rear view then it suddenly becomes a battle. whatta classic!

  • benjamin chikasa
    benjamin chikasa 20 hours ago

    Painting the brake calipers would have a made the black rims outstanding

  • Grunkle Stan
    Grunkle Stan 21 hour ago

    How do you convert kilowatts into Horsepower

  • Connor Bishton
    Connor Bishton 21 hour ago

    all that power but standard brakes :S

  • Fullmetalj aimoc
    Fullmetalj aimoc 21 hour ago

    Thats what we called "The Devil Z"..

  • Jaybruhh
    Jaybruhh 21 hour ago

    *_NO way!! A twin-charged engine! I've always wanted to do that to my engine but it would take some modifications..._*

  • Max
    Max 21 hour ago

    EDITING : on point ! Audio : perfect. Content : awesome !!! Too good to be free !!! Please keep it like that 4 ever ( just bought some Michelin pilots for my ride ) you guys rock !

  • Speaking Out
    Speaking Out 22 hours ago

    Imagine cruising through the streets of “Mexico” in this, you guys are gonna have mad fun

  • Zaid Shaik
    Zaid Shaik 22 hours ago

    This was awesome. I learnt a lot ! Thanks !

  • BoredOfBills
    BoredOfBills 23 hours ago

    I really miss my Mini... Was just a standard 998 but still went like a go-kart and nothing else (nothing) goes like a Mini.

  • Al Man
    Al Man 23 hours ago

    OMFG Oh well looks like Marty gets a car!

  • Flex 8100
    Flex 8100 23 hours ago

    Stupid convicts

  • Caley Steyaert
    Caley Steyaert 23 hours ago

    There's a button under the steering column for that.

  • Mino Assal
    Mino Assal Day ago

    ngl that looks so clean, well done!

  • Dj Porsche
    Dj Porsche Day ago

    am i the only 1 that thinks the rear fender oddly looks like the new supras rear fender?

  • Arron r
    Arron r Day ago

    Rylands ausie twin brother... mint jdm mini..top that.

  • J Byng
    J Byng Day ago


  • CheesyWheels
    CheesyWheels Day ago

    I love Marty's first reaction to the Mira! I nearly wet myself as well! Another brilliant film! I want to move to Japan now!!!

  • Brendan Farahany

    What song is playing at 3:00 mark?

  • jahag kagau
    jahag kagau Day ago

    What's a VTEC

  • Hagop Shishmanyan

    Man, what a great car. Congratulations!

  • Mathers
    Mathers Day ago

    I Subscribed

  • Brian Bunny
    Brian Bunny Day ago

    Been watching these guys for a cuple of years on and off, always enjoy their stuff but the first time i've watched this, as already said, great humour, great passion and i too have learned stuff, long may they continue!!!!


    You sound like Modest Pelican

  • Josh vdh
    Josh vdh Day ago

    5:53 i felt that😆😆

  • Ben Hershberger

    27:37 what about SWAT!?

  • James Odgers
    James Odgers Day ago

    My dream car is a 1980 xt toyota corona sedan manual with a 3tc. Look into it an absolute gem.

  • TeamTurd4x4
    TeamTurd4x4 Day ago

    Karen's on the emails I see

  • Dr Viderius
    Dr Viderius Day ago

    Based on the Nissan S platform cars, it would seem Nissan could have actually followed Mazda in producing a smaller very successful front-engined RWD small sportscar to challenge the Mazda MX-5, perhaps even produced such a car much smaller compared to the Mazda. Basically a front-engined RWD version of the mid-engined Nissan AD-1 with Nissan NX-21 front-end (plus 80s facelift inspired by Silvia S12 and EXA N12/N13), followed by a late-80s replacement with a Nissan 300ZX Z21 like front-end and Lotus Elan M100 style rear.

  • Timothy Cox
    Timothy Cox Day ago

    So, who did the 9.9 run? If you had a 2 step & transbrake that thing would roll 8's

  • DRIFT 406
    DRIFT 406 Day ago

    Not an actual blacktop. It would have the Variable cam timing gear on the front of the valve cover. Just a redtop painted black

  • Dennis Ung
    Dennis Ung Day ago

    As Australian as it gets

  • Tony Golia
    Tony Golia Day ago


  • Raffy Magaling

    rebuild the engine

  • Marco not on facebook

    Still: ugly car - hideous interior. Even it drives very good. (but: no offense - everyone is entitled to his/her opinion).

  • Stian Hagan
    Stian Hagan Day ago

    I just sold mine 4 weeks ago.. Been waiting for Mcm to buy one for ages :(

  • Crux Interfacing Solutions

    Awesome work, you should try using our products on your vehicle Thank you for the content

  • Turkulese
    Turkulese Day ago

    The 180sx is my favourite car of all time. I love it sooo much! I'm so excited for what's to come YES MCM❤️🤙

  • Luke Christian


  • Matthew Roh
    Matthew Roh Day ago

    "Paint it with Wrinkle Red as it adds the most power" I fell off my balcony hahaha

  • Irina Collins
    Irina Collins Day ago

    My old Jag XJ6 SIII had 2x ashtrays in the centre console, my integrale and all the other shit heaps I own have a single ashtray in the centre console, you dont need an ashtray next to the window as the window works as an ashtray, saying that the integrale has ashtrays in the rear doors. Thats completely fried my brain.

  • Sticks n stones

    11.2 is a LOOOOOONGG WAY FROM 10 SECONDS especially in a Volkswagen

  • Umar Chishti
    Umar Chishti Day ago

    25:10 - in all the shots why Castrol's viscosity grade has been covered by tape? Is it a new oil for testing? Or you were using something way off like 20w 50 and didnt want ppl to notice? 😁

  • ERamos1993
    ERamos1993 Day ago

    technically its Marty's second two door Subaru after the Subaru Ute lol

  • Crogunson 34
    Crogunson 34 Day ago

    Coken on the caine c it from miles.

  • Ali Bali
    Ali Bali Day ago

    What about injectors

  • Bima Pratama Putra

    13:55 Rupiah?

  • Jackson Morgan

    What exhaust is that?

  • Turbocharged
    Turbocharged Day ago

    That 180 is so pretty :o

  • FrnchFriez
    FrnchFriez Day ago

    I got my mum's car and her debit card I NEED TO HURRY UP BEFORE SHE FINDS OUT

  • Daniel Williams

    now you don't need to buy a tesla

  • jay Manny
    jay Manny Day ago

    rx7 that year is way nicer.

  • Bernard Fender

    GET IT BACK TO STOCK. KISS.... Keep It Simple. Stupid!

  • Panda One
    Panda One Day ago

    Buys s13 Buys zip ties

  • Andrew ?
    Andrew ? Day ago

    My favorite movie of your guys’, since we wake up and start in Japan walking around, starting from nothing to something, then actually exploring. Amazing.

  • R Sterry
    R Sterry Day ago

    What a sad little life

  • Kende Vezér
    Kende Vezér Day ago

    when the ring clanked on the Rim. BRRRRR

  • mtb jxc
    mtb jxc Day ago

    14:11 -onwards some strange things were said

  • Papa Bless
    Papa Bless Day ago

    They can't beat you in a race if their vehicle breaks.

  • Psychonime
    Psychonime Day ago

    Bruh this was 6 years ago and it suddenly popped out🤣🤣

  • Mud Puddle
    Mud Puddle Day ago

    Great show! Two broken acquisitions! Ive purchased Moog's whole musical compilation... freaking *Awesome!*

  • Cypress Thunder

    "Check if they've got smoking kids, pets"

  • Aiah Santos
    Aiah Santos Day ago

    You guys made my day! Trips to Germany and Austria was very cool! Thanks! 😎😉

  • Roller Koaster

    why it feels like you just buy a car on need for speed and that last look on the car is like when you didn’t press any button and it goes on cinematic shot on your car 😂

  • Random Jenkins

    Marty is getting a GTR!

  • Bee Legend
    Bee Legend Day ago


  • Aiah Santos
    Aiah Santos Day ago

    Hahaha that's so funny thing atop of a car hood! The 😅📌

  • Troy Fankell
    Troy Fankell Day ago

    I always liked the chuki 180SX

  • Andrew Geier
    Andrew Geier Day ago

    As someone who's recently begun to de-nugget one of my two dream cars, get in there. Get in! This is great to see you two getting the cars you actually love. In my case, I am working on a UK made Civic EP3 track car that I've just done track tires, suspension, alignment, and so much more to make it a really good time attack car. It's got really good bones to work with.

  • Eric Lee
    Eric Lee Day ago

    I'll keep my speed six tbh

  • Simon Gladman
    Simon Gladman Day ago

    MCM, I would love to have some advise on an N13 EXA from 88' been watching your stuff for ages. I have not modified the car at all but am using it as my daily and I love it. Despite the leaks in roof and steering lol. Checking forums etc there is not much information on the car! Do you fellas know anything about em/ resources to help me??