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Evo 9 vs Golf R [Final Battle]
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Racing A Lamborghini (In My Golf)
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Digital MultiGauge Vent Install
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Return of the Evo 9 (to the Dyno)
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Disrespected Evo
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aaaand.. we broke it (poor Evo)
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Marty's New Daily Enters The Battle
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  • Kannan Subramanian
    Kannan Subramanian 31 minute ago

    talking too much

  • Zemix Tint
    Zemix Tint Hour ago


    GRIT AND GEARS 2 hours ago

    Super gramps is almost as epic as Larry Perkins at bathurst 95 . And that is comming from a yank LOL. But VW love for ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • Romeo
    Romeo 2 hours ago

    25 minutes lol but its been almost 60

  • little
    little 2 hours ago

    Evo is 10 years older.... They needed to do a few timed laps in each car. wtf..

  • emlix1
    emlix1 2 hours ago

    "You can see the vtec, yo".

  • AnDr3wFoWl3r
    AnDr3wFoWl3r 2 hours ago

    My life has been a series of choices that have led me to watching two Australian men eat kebab in a car.

  • TRM Industries.
    TRM Industries. 2 hours ago

    Mixed meat, no tomato, add cheese, Garlic and BBQ sauce.

  • Jonny Rocket
    Jonny Rocket 3 hours ago


  • Ben Liu
    Ben Liu 3 hours ago

    Lol.. they still don't talk about the real true cost of getting the Golf R down to 2.8sec 0-100. lol

  • skylinecollector
    skylinecollector 3 hours ago

    Stud has more clamping force bolts are cheaper to manufacture

  • Law Polo
    Law Polo 3 hours ago

    All this time I only knew a kebab as meat on a stick. That's called a pita wrap over here

  • Tim T.
    Tim T. 4 hours ago

    What's with the old Mac laptops?

  • Tim T.
    Tim T. 4 hours ago

    5:45 my body is ready.

  • Jp Kalishek
    Jp Kalishek 4 hours ago

    No kababs around here. There was on supposedly good place in Dallas when I lived in DFW, but I never got around to the place (too many excellent TexMex, BBQ and steak houses to go through first)

  • Law Polo
    Law Polo 4 hours ago

    I still use the cvt paddle shifters daily in my 2017 impreza

  • Jahangir Ahmed
    Jahangir Ahmed 4 hours ago

    Is this what you call driving hahahaha

  • Phillip Leeds
    Phillip Leeds 4 hours ago

    More Kebab-Cam, please. The most entertaining part of the whole video, but it did make me hungry. Also, here’s a tip. Supermarket Chiko Rolls are excellent done in an air fryer. No need to go to the takeaway when the urge strikes.

  • Peter Graaf
    Peter Graaf 4 hours ago

    loved the longer format

  • Rey Yakko
    Rey Yakko 4 hours ago

    39:31 mark,lmfao!!!

    ZGERMAN 4 hours ago

    Wheel Studs are better because it makes mounting wheels faster.

  • Rey Yakko
    Rey Yakko 4 hours ago

    You can tell moog was famished,lol.

    ZGERMAN 5 hours ago

    Supergramps is the Equivalent of the Porsche Panemera, It has a Boxer 6cyl turbo and a big boot

  • carl weerts
    carl weerts 5 hours ago

    Hey the fair lady rear suspension conversion also just bolted straight up

  • Carnerd101
    Carnerd101 5 hours ago

    I guess I'm a rotary tool, lol!

  • Andrew Langford
    Andrew Langford 5 hours ago

    Seh Schön BMW

  • Gert Bert
    Gert Bert 5 hours ago

    13:00 u kinda hear the minecraft glass break ah haha

  • Noah Risner
    Noah Risner 5 hours ago

    I literally cried when he zoomed in to the bmw manual 😂

  • TraddyK
    TraddyK 5 hours ago

    What is the color code in car ?? ❤

  • Seth George
    Seth George 5 hours ago

    But remember when might car mods done actual mods and didn’t just post all about JDM cars

  • Mathias Schäfer
    Mathias Schäfer 5 hours ago

    It is Not that i dont like your Videos, but in my opinion you need to go Back to your old Editing.... where you explain, play cool Music and cut a bit more.... i liked that style a lot more.... like the 240z Videos or when you where in Japan... But in the end i am happy to get new Videos from you... so keep on with it and Kind regards from the baltic sea in germany

  • Colten Bean
    Colten Bean 5 hours ago

    The intro reminds me of some elementary educational show we had to watch 😂

  • Aussie MGTOW
    Aussie MGTOW 6 hours ago

    I would love to own one of those lifts! Damn that would have been handy over the last 20 years!

  • Isaac and Tristain
    Isaac and Tristain 6 hours ago

    car type??

    • syfy boss
      syfy boss 41 minute ago

      Isaac and Tristain Corolla csi edition

  • luumuantero
    luumuantero 6 hours ago

    Am I the only one drooling over those old PowerBooks! Wish Moog would focus on those rather than that BM-trouble-U service manual... I know this is a car show, but man! That's pure porn!

  • Makenzi Harrison
    Makenzi Harrison 6 hours ago

    as a SOUTH AUSTRALIAN I find this whole video insulting

  • bo gart
    bo gart 7 hours ago

    11:00 the fish smell is the breaks, higher compound breaks are prone to smell like sushi when heated and cooled rapidly.

  • bo gart
    bo gart 7 hours ago

    STUD/BOLT PURELY OPINION!!!! I believe that they both have their place, studs are excellent when the wheel configuration calls for it, Ex: when it is a more complex configuration within the wheel and break department like what we find on Euro/German cars hence why they are typically bolted and not studded. This makes the job of taking off the rims and tires much harder and matching rims to your car harder without center stand off rings, maximizing OEM profit. Studs are vastly easier to work with when performing quick rim and tire changes but can be much more of a hassle when replacing them due to their need to be inserted from behind the wheel itself. I speak from personal experience having owned both type of cars.

  • Misotus
    Misotus 7 hours ago

    In Finland kebab is more like kebab meat in a pizza bottom. Then there is tomato sauce and you can choose mild or hot, lettuce and paprika, chili or garlic mayo on the inside. Sometimes jalapeno can also be put in.

  • bo gart
    bo gart 7 hours ago

    7:14 beeeett, now its soft now its hard.... #1 Australian automotive show everyone.

  • Makenzi Harrison
    Makenzi Harrison 7 hours ago

    WAASAABI should come back and have a 90s euro battle

  • Maarten van den berge

    12.7 cm is half an inch, so an inch is 25.4 cm

  • iNNoVation
    iNNoVation 7 hours ago

    That scuff on the front bumper and rusty disks... AGH!

  • Andrew Rease
    Andrew Rease 7 hours ago

    Man ya'll are the best

  • lapp.tech
    lapp.tech 7 hours ago

    You guys really need to come here to Sweden and do a colab with Pumpish (Turbobandit) flash-player.org =)

    • Ailsa Ni
      Ailsa Ni 7 hours ago

      welding could deform the hub, or like the mk2 golf, the hub bearing is actually inside the brake disc and try getting a brake disc with studs 🤣

  • Kuta4life
    Kuta4life 8 hours ago

    E30 what what

  • Maarten van den berge

    bolts are cheaper, and studs are easier to work on

  • Amer Khataybeh
    Amer Khataybeh 8 hours ago

    why didn't he double-clutch to get on boost faster!

  • Jaye O'Farrell
    Jaye O'Farrell 8 hours ago

    Marty tries to work out the length of an inch Americans in the comments "intensify"

  • Nate Fixes Stuff
    Nate Fixes Stuff 9 hours ago

    The first 4 minutes of this video is litterly every movie from the early 2000s

  • Jay Gildersleeve
    Jay Gildersleeve 9 hours ago

    Alright already, MOOG! Admit it. You just bought an old Beemer.

  • VegetaFlex4Fitness
    VegetaFlex4Fitness 9 hours ago

    @10:17 Literally sounds like foxes fucking when you're trying to sleep at night

  • Atrocious Nightmare
    Atrocious Nightmare 9 hours ago

    Gosh I love these videos so much. The kebab trip was soooo good. Keep it up <3

  • Marcus Zarb
    Marcus Zarb 9 hours ago

    Kebab: falafel, hummus, lettuce, onion, tomato, sweet corn, hot sauce mmmm

  • Kyle Morgese
    Kyle Morgese 9 hours ago

    Studs are far superior to studed lug nuts. Those are a pain.

  • Aurelius R
    Aurelius R 9 hours ago

    So weird that they call shawarma kebab ... they are two very different things here!

  • Sc00bie Skylin3
    Sc00bie Skylin3 9 hours ago

    You guys are ace, down to the ground, decent people. Massive fan and only wish there were more videos, but I appreciate that every video you do is QUALITY!. Thanks guys you cheer me up after a tough day at work.

  • Cals Auto Show
    Cals Auto Show 9 hours ago

    12 on a wizza 😂 love it

  • davespiros
    davespiros 10 hours ago

    An E30 may be expensive but an E39 saloon or estate (wagon) would be very cool. I miss my BMW.

  • RS2 HOON
    RS2 HOON 10 hours ago

    It's official, Marty doesn't like blue balls... 4:40

  • akiyammio
    akiyammio 10 hours ago

    21:44 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Tim Kelly
    Tim Kelly 10 hours ago

    Wheel studs.

  • yorrickwi
    yorrickwi 10 hours ago

    I hate electric cars man. and the whole is good isnt good discussion. Times used to be simple man i feel old

  • WelsheDragon
    WelsheDragon 10 hours ago

    Studs are arguably better because the stud is fixed to the hub, either welded or cast but bolts are cheaper and can be better for smaller applications where the heating for welding could deform the hub, or like the mk2 golf, the hub bearing is actually inside the brake disc and try getting a brake disc with studs 🤣

  • Arco Llorens
    Arco Llorens 10 hours ago

    I love the landslide at 35:48, and Marty's reaction.. LMAO. you guys, are so awesome.

  • IcelandicPsycho
    IcelandicPsycho 10 hours ago

    We not going to talk about the fact you have 2 pots in the front Marty :Þ

  • Manny Pacheco
    Manny Pacheco 10 hours ago

    I absolutely loved this vid

  • IcelandicPsycho
    IcelandicPsycho 11 hours ago

    Rake loves it!

  • Jack Short
    Jack Short 11 hours ago

    How shit are Land Rovers Discoveries and their boring silent adverts

  • UberSpartan
    UberSpartan 11 hours ago

    A difference in the value of currency wouldn't change what you pay, a difference in the cost of living between countries and cities would.

  • eric lee
    eric lee 11 hours ago

    The best

  • Matthew Butler
    Matthew Butler 11 hours ago

    It sounds like someone is hoovering at 24:00

  • Germany Holland
    Germany Holland 11 hours ago

    What engines

  • shuba 097
    shuba 097 11 hours ago

    I watch to the very end! haha

  • Ruzuchi
    Ruzuchi 12 hours ago

    Please never again remind me of the crringe abomination that was that dance segment

  • eric lee
    eric lee 12 hours ago

    These guys are good , thumbs up

  • john smith
    john smith 12 hours ago

    Generally CVT transmissions are not known for Speed and enjoyability but the car company Koenigsegg used an automatic CVT gearless Transmission in one of their cars to make it the world's fastest road-going vehicle up until Bugattidud their unofficial top speed run. CVT transmissions are cheap and easy to manufacture and deliver great fuel economy but with some engineering and some money thrown at it you can make a performance variant but you will not have the satisfaction of changing gears hearing the revs climb in fall or any of the normal things you enjoy when driving a car spiritedly.

  • Shane Massa
    Shane Massa 12 hours ago

    Bolts have a higher tensile strength over studs from what i've been told.

  • jeffery wise
    jeffery wise 12 hours ago

    Lol take a 750cfm carb put a 100cfm fan on it and call it a super charger. It just puts resistance in natural inflow it doesn't enhance or increase flow. You overdrive that fan and the motor becomes a generator adding resistance. It's a vampire

  • Mike Wilson
    Mike Wilson 12 hours ago

    haha nice easter egg on the bmw:)

  • aztecducky
    aztecducky 12 hours ago

    Wheel bolts, while a pain in the ass, are significantly stronger than lug nuts. One lug bolt has about 3x the holding power as one lug nut.

  • VESPA94
    VESPA94 12 hours ago

    Bye bye bye was Nsync not backstreet boys

  • Low Key
    Low Key 13 hours ago

    Idk if its everywhere in the Uk but in northern ireland when u get a kebab most people get the meat on top of chips with sauce and salad etc

  • Stephen White
    Stephen White 13 hours ago

    What are those motors called for the shocks to make them harder or softer?

  • Wilbs
    Wilbs 13 hours ago

    "I've been assaulted by a kebab" best quote

  • Dusan Radojkovic
    Dusan Radojkovic 14 hours ago

    On RB powered Nissan pretty much all bolted on, as I recal

  • Trae Gantt
    Trae Gantt 14 hours ago

    I love the complete randomness. keep it up guys! 😂😂

  • Jason Doyle
    Jason Doyle 14 hours ago

    upvote for chiko rolls!

  • Rob Brockett
    Rob Brockett 14 hours ago

    Studs are better. But Euro guys will disagree.

  • The Wide Open Life
    The Wide Open Life 14 hours ago

    RIP Stevo

  • C K
    C K 15 hours ago


  • karl kiernan
    karl kiernan 15 hours ago

    LS conversion on a 5 series next.

  • Matt Williamson
    Matt Williamson 15 hours ago

    To this day, the tech geek still hasn’t slept.

  • Phillip Botha
    Phillip Botha 15 hours ago

    i would give my left nut for that car man>

  • GawkyOrpheus510
    GawkyOrpheus510 16 hours ago

    you bent the arch inwards THEN cut it off like what was the fucking point?

  • Jam M
    Jam M 16 hours ago

    Yey Bimmer

  • Ratel.H Badger
    Ratel.H Badger 16 hours ago

    That sparkler was pretty rad though...

  • Phillip Botha
    Phillip Botha 16 hours ago

    why are those tool boxes in the back silver and not Black man if its black it will automatically and 10 kw to just for using the tools from it on your car, WATS the problem silver is not black man.

  • Ryan Lovett
    Ryan Lovett 16 hours ago

    Ha! I see a very familiar PowerBook there!

  • C7Plague
    C7Plague 17 hours ago

    Hey there Marty(matter of fact my name is also marty, but my looks are more like Marty-height Moog..) and Moog, I would like to one day start off my channel the right way and somewhere inbetween second year of the channel being live I would like to do a nugget/rust bucket battle! Neons and Civics sedans gallore down here!(even got cavaliers and sunfires) We, at Acadie Racing, reside in an Acadian community(derived from the original french colony) in a very small province with very poor advancements in terms of motorsports coverage or even events. Speaking of which: as it stands right now we have to go out of province to be able to enjoy any type of ON CIRCUIT racing/solosport(lapping and time attack).. But wait there's more.. the second closest track, but more frequented(although slightly more expensive), Autodrome St-Eustache closed down by city and neighbourhoods complaints. The closest track is a modest, althought pretty good quality, called Atlantic Motorsports Park. Not a whole lotta reach as for publicity, could probably host more as infrastucture develops. Very good tarmac. Very out of reach and remote. Shubenacadie, Nova Scotia. ..Oh and the "for now" part at the beginning. My cousin is starting his own racetrack. Him and his collegue got their hands on some land, and they're currently as we speak prepping the land to be bulldozed and sapped to lay fresh layers of tarmac. So technically it's gonna take a little while for things to really start gears turning.. Well let me know what you think, if I'm dreaming too much ahead of myself, or if right now would be the best time to set everything up for a mahbe begining of motorsports in my region? Martin B.