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Jonas Brothers - Only Human
Views 21M4 months ago
Jonas Brothers - Cool
Views 52M8 months ago
Jonas Brothers - Sucker
Views 237M9 months ago
Jonas Brothers - Mandy
Views 499K5 years ago
Jonas Brothers - Pom Poms
Views 29M6 years ago
Jonas Brothers - Hold On
Views 7M6 years ago
Jonas Brothers - Year 3000
Views 23M6 years ago
Jonas Brothers - S.O.S.
Views 21M6 years ago


  • Freddie B
    Freddie B Hour ago

    I can't believe that people think this is funky

  • Thorge wggfddg
    Thorge wggfddg 2 hours ago

    Ich spreche deutsch ... Thats the best song in the world

  • Cristopher Velasquez

    Ningun latino?:'v

  • seth camacho
    seth camacho 2 hours ago

    Tbh the only artist that pulled it off with great christmas song is justin bieber

  • John Clarence De Guzman

    I was 10 years old when I first hear this song💖

  • John Clarence De Guzman


  • Debby SanRoman
    Debby SanRoman 3 hours ago

    Me and my 5yr old granddaughter dance together to this song.

  • Jorge (Forbidden Memes) Lopez

    Nobody: Not a single soul: My last braincell at 3 am: Dance in the living room

  • Jhe Mahusay
    Jhe Mahusay 4 hours ago

    I love the reggae vibes.

  • RandomVidz TV
    RandomVidz TV 4 hours ago

    This gives me Spongebob vibes from the Spongebob episode: SpongeBobs House Party

  • 김치쌤
    김치쌤 5 hours ago

    I search 2019 Christmas songs and this comes out at the top of the list. Classic

  • Gacher Isa
    Gacher Isa 5 hours ago

    I discovered this song on Snapchat tho 🌝

  • International Playboy

    Who else is searching for lyrics in comment section while listening?

  • Lila Sakher
    Lila Sakher 6 hours ago

    i like it it so cute i cryd 😺😍

  • Binil Antony
    Binil Antony 6 hours ago

    Beautiful song....Jonas rocks.....

  • Panic! At The Phandom

    That tiny sec you notice Brendon Urie enjoying THE FUCK out of this performance 😁 Also Nick & Priyanka 💜 so cute

  • A day in life with Harriette Judge

    Aww I just love this I'm so happy there back 💖💖💖💖🎅🎅 and I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas xx❄❄☃️

  • Susy Rosas
    Susy Rosas 6 hours ago

    I’m going to their Happiness Begins consort today!!!! So excited! I love them so much, their the best I’m so glad their back!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  • Lupita Horan
    Lupita Horan 6 hours ago

    Gona see thim this saturday subscribe!

  • Auto No
    Auto No 7 hours ago


  • Serena Kay
    Serena Kay 7 hours ago

    Umm Kevin needs to sing more often bec that was beautiful

  • every day kid
    every day kid 7 hours ago


  • Its Ava
    Its Ava 7 hours ago

    I love how much y’all inspire me. Just thank you. ❤️❤️

  • Bianca
    Bianca 8 hours ago


  • rakesh katti
    rakesh katti 8 hours ago

    Best thing in this video Women walking around him :()

  • Tagine
    Tagine 8 hours ago

    sounds like one of cris cab songs soo fucking similar sorry but its true

  • Rocolandante G
    Rocolandante G 8 hours ago

    I can't stop dancing <3

  • ѕj cσvєrѕ
    ѕj cσvєrѕ 8 hours ago

    Fac( off

  • Ella Ridge
    Ella Ridge 8 hours ago

    This song live is incredible😍😍

    AMNA NADEEM 8 hours ago

    Love you PRIYANKA CHOPRA 🥰😘😍

  • Jennifer Lynn
    Jennifer Lynn 9 hours ago

    I love Jones brothers song

  • 99999MoN
    99999MoN 9 hours ago

    It’s already 7 months?

  • Shay Singh
    Shay Singh 9 hours ago

    Joe in a velvet black suit. That's the comment.

  • Vanessa Castro Sánchez

    This músic is expectaculari

  • Claire Burns
    Claire Burns 9 hours ago

    they show up in 2020 1:03 : )

  • Jaime Andres Jimenez Ayhuasi


  • ICnetal
    ICnetal 10 hours ago

    I love this song

  • Mailani Robison
    Mailani Robison 10 hours ago


  • Colettethegatchatuber
    Colettethegatchatuber 10 hours ago

    Mosquitoes be like: I'ma sucker for you.

    MOUNSSIF REDOUANE 11 hours ago


  • Mariely Martinson
    Mariely Martinson 11 hours ago

    Forever a Jonas brother fangirl, and I know my husband is also a low-key fangirl as well.

  • Djalol Dhayni
    Djalol Dhayni 12 hours ago


  • Fenian Milner
    Fenian Milner 12 hours ago

    This song was all to promote their seventh album

  • Ariana Roberts
    Ariana Roberts 12 hours ago


  • Stefania Zaka
    Stefania Zaka 12 hours ago

    I have just one simple question why Joe doesn't have teeth on his mouth ?????????????????????????!!!

  • Erin Sharkey
    Erin Sharkey 13 hours ago

    December 2019

  • Allie McDow
    Allie McDow 13 hours ago


  • Sumit Waidande
    Sumit Waidande 13 hours ago

    People:- Nick Jonas is too small to get married Nick Jonas:- Hold my Priyanka Chopra

  • Озода Эргашова


  • Santa 1
    Santa 1 13 hours ago

    Nick's my favorite

  • Happy Little Tree
    Happy Little Tree 14 hours ago

    where's the funk

  • marissa husna
    marissa husna 14 hours ago

    Love this song💗💗

  • Salsabeel Adel
    Salsabeel Adel 14 hours ago

    Listen to my oh my by camila cabello

  • Salma Razouki
    Salma Razouki 14 hours ago

    decembre 2019??

  • NickGamer Playz_Yt
    NickGamer Playz_Yt 15 hours ago

    Jonas brothers im your number one fan and i wanted to ask you want jonas means

  • 이채린
    이채린 15 hours ago

    노래 개좋고 색감 개이쁘다 오빠 근데 가만히 좀 있어요

  • Dr Prasant Kumar Pattnaik

    Make the like button blue if you like priyanka and nick

  • Denethor de Bradegar
    Denethor de Bradegar 16 hours ago

    At first I thought they were saying "your butt's got other plans" lmao

  • Tyguy
    Tyguy 16 hours ago

    Nice, but could use a little more KYUUUUUUUUN~ <3

  • Antonis Agapiou
    Antonis Agapiou 17 hours ago

    Amazing song............ Thanks

  • Uma Kpoper Iludida
    Uma Kpoper Iludida 17 hours ago

    Amo amo aaa

  • Davyan Castro
    Davyan Castro 17 hours ago


  • Júlia Martins
    Júlia Martins 17 hours ago


  • Carly Flores
    Carly Flores 18 hours ago


  • Edilaine Ferreira
    Edilaine Ferreira 18 hours ago

    Adorei 💕💕💕💕🇧🇷

  • Sagiv Yahav
    Sagiv Yahav 18 hours ago

    nick isnt even trying to fake his guitar play lol he just played on the air

  • Edilaine Ferreira
    Edilaine Ferreira 19 hours ago

    Adorei essa musica💕😍❤️🇧🇷 o clip ficou perfeito

  • daweller
    daweller 19 hours ago

    Never expected I'd ever like a Jonas Brothers song.

  • Aracely rojos
    Aracely rojos 20 hours ago

    Y pensar que los tres están casados

  • 예원
    예원 20 hours ago


  • 예원
    예원 20 hours ago


  • Hikaru Naima
    Hikaru Naima 21 hour ago

    Where's the anime vampire girl ?

  • wherearemyf****kingsubs! ?

    They wearing full two price suit at a beach singing im feeling so cool!!!?? How???

  • No Emotion
    No Emotion 23 hours ago

    Omg <3

  • Ishan kulkarni
    Ishan kulkarni 23 hours ago

    Waiting for another family song after each of them have kids.

  • Bohdi does
    Bohdi does 23 hours ago

    0:33 is that carmella from wwe?

  • Mistia Utami
    Mistia Utami 23 hours ago

    whos the guy beside halsey?

  • Tisa Ajeng
    Tisa Ajeng 23 hours ago

    imagine the boys sing this song to their wife... adjjgdfsdjkv

  • Ewa Lawal
    Ewa Lawal Day ago


  • Swiftly.
    Swiftly. Day ago

    1:22 is that Lachlan Jk hhahaah 🤣

  • Sushi Midget
    Sushi Midget Day ago

    How boring can music get? :D

  • robbie weirdicht

    I started the decade listening to Jonas Brothers and now I'm ending the decade with the Jonas Brothers!

  • Tadala Katsala

    I only listened to this song because of the Late Late show

  • Benjamin Miller

    It bothers me how little it looks like Nick is trying to play... at least Kevin somewhat syncs his strumming with the song

  • Sentimental Gentleman

    Heard this song on the radio, and it got stuck in my head for days. I immediately recognized Nick Jonas’ voice, but couldn’t find it. Was able to find it today, and here I am!

  • Will Filla
    Will Filla Day ago

    Danny Trejo is in this mf?

  • Lyle Adrian Camacho

    December 2019

  • 민석이
    민석이 Day ago

    일기석에서 넘어온사람?

  • Makinnon Goldie

    Thanks for the home browser jacob

  • Camkitty2007 ._.

    The whole song I was like UwU when they were with their wife’s

  • Aarav Khunger
    Aarav Khunger Day ago

    They should have more subscribers

  • Jianan DENG
    Jianan DENG Day ago

    Joe’s vocal is such effortless, wow, crush on him every time

  • Kassius
    Kassius Day ago

    My students love this song. We play this song every Friday and it always makes us happy when we listen to it. ❤️

  • Awxen
    Awxen Day ago

    Gonna be pretty awkward if any one of them breaks up.

  • David Hernandez

    sorry but i don't like the video, the music is fire tho

  • Jackie Rangel
    Jackie Rangel Day ago

    Is it just me or does anyone see the people in the ornaments 0:59?

  • Maura Helman
    Maura Helman Day ago

    in a weird way, this song reminds me of katherine pierce from tvd. idk lmao

  • sara martinez
    sara martinez Day ago

    Jo Jones hot omg

  • sara martinez
    sara martinez Day ago

    Omg memories love this song

  • Ryan Martin
    Ryan Martin Day ago

    Came here from Alpharad Plus! Any Plussies in the chat?