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  • Grammy V
    Grammy V 13 minutes ago

    Mike hit it on the nail....WOW, that view is amazing. You've given me an item to add to my bucket list.

  • Callum Hinwood
    Callum Hinwood 17 minutes ago

    Anyone from Texas, Germany, Australia: nO oNe dOSe A sAuSsAge LiKe ThE uK

  • Cesar Gonzalez
    Cesar Gonzalez 39 minutes ago

    Please go to Nicaragua

  • Bronwyn Watkins
    Bronwyn Watkins 54 minutes ago

    those vegan dumplings actually made me want to eat mushrooms!

  • Brittany Palmer
    Brittany Palmer 56 minutes ago This should be in the next kitchen gadget test line up!

  • Jayski Jia
    Jayski Jia Hour ago


  • fergee01 gaming
    fergee01 gaming Hour ago

    I want my steak slapped on the ass and running out of the kitchen 😂

  • Golden Rose
    Golden Rose Hour ago

    Weird question: does your honey in the U.K. come in bottles shaped like bears like in the USA?

  • siva992
    siva992 Hour ago

    I can't emphasize this enough, but MSG does not directly cause headaches but too much MSG can contribute to high blood pressure, which leads to hypertension and possibly headaches.

  • Far from Irrational
    Far from Irrational 2 hours ago

    Well i need one of these buggers

  • Chad Falkin
    Chad Falkin 2 hours ago

    see how many things you can cook using only a toaster try burger patties

  • the british penguin
    the british penguin 2 hours ago

    I hope they killed those lobsters quickly

  • kelseyma4
    kelseyma4 3 hours ago

    I lived in Puerto Rico for a year and loved it there. This video brings back so many good memories.

  • nick201996
    nick201996 3 hours ago

    Steak juices would probably taste delicious

  • Joshua Vernon
    Joshua Vernon 3 hours ago

    Strawberry jam and sliced cheese on toast is a great combo.

  • Theodore Cossitt
    Theodore Cossitt 3 hours ago

    This reminds me of something my mother made and is popular here in the South (USA). Tomatoes, Sweet Onions, Cucumber, roughly chopped and covered in Italian Salad Dressing. That simple! Let sit in the fridge until ready to serve. The great thing is, the longer it sits, the better it gets.

  • Roshan Nadeem
    Roshan Nadeem 4 hours ago

    James rated himself a seven for mixing icing sugar with water 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

  • Jason
    Jason 4 hours ago

    Spoke for 2.25 minutes after the guitar piece anyways. Did you guys really need to talk DURING?!

  • Rebecca Bennett
    Rebecca Bennett 5 hours ago

    Ebbers was seriously adorable in that chick costume!

  • Jammer Jamski
    Jammer Jamski 5 hours ago

    Haggis??? No toast ... ???? Eh?????

  • Syrnian
    Syrnian 5 hours ago

    Burgers do not a bleed. It is myoglobin that is from the muscle tissue. What is shown in the video is not a burger. Burgers must contain beef. That is a vegetable patty. "instead of animal blood" Moving Mountains actually realized how stupid that was and removed it from their description.

  • Edgelord Byron
    Edgelord Byron 5 hours ago

    parmesan isn’t vegetarian barry

  • Kyle King
    Kyle King 6 hours ago

    If you were cooking for Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively, you could have made a cocktail using Aviation Gin seeing how Reynolds owns it

  • prizegotti
    prizegotti 6 hours ago


  • Kira B
    Kira B 6 hours ago

    If someone put butter on my steak.....I would freaking send it back. Wait, I have done that The only thing a good steak needs is salt and pepper. NO BUTTER, NO SAUCE......PERIOD Ribeye, mid-rare

  • /
    / 6 hours ago

    I loved the tamarind juice I had in Puerto Rico. Great editing, pacing of vid

  • Tom Green
    Tom Green 6 hours ago

    The fry up police would have a few choice words to say about this sorry state of affairs.

  • maroken371
    maroken371 6 hours ago

    Has anyone recommended fries with soft serve ice cream? Weirdest thing my husband has made me try and it was surprising to me.

  • Kyle King
    Kyle King 6 hours ago

    James is sadistic in this one #50ShadesofJames

  • Ronson Chan
    Ronson Chan 6 hours ago

    You have to try chips and soft serve vanilla ice cream! (Best with McDonald's fries and ice cream)

  • Ping Lonngren
    Ping Lonngren 7 hours ago

    Anyone who can varify that the picture 4:53 is of Stockholm, Sweden? 😂

  • Rachel Millan
    Rachel Millan 7 hours ago

    I’m so happy that you had a good time in my beautiful Puerto Rico 🇵🇷 This video made my day ❤️

  • Mimi LaVoz
    Mimi LaVoz 7 hours ago

    OMG thank you guys for visiting the island that raised me, mi patria, Puerto Rico! You guys did the island, the people, the culture, and the food justice. I'm glad you guys enjoyed PR... plus, the dancing at the end was nice... I saw you guys moving your hips ;)

  • Isabella Loft
    Isabella Loft 7 hours ago

    Other combination to test, grapes with soya sauce

  • anime godz 69
    anime godz 69 8 hours ago

    3:38 imagine waking up to that at night *shivers*

  • Plavsha
    Plavsha 8 hours ago

    My pretentiousssssss.

  • fedos
    fedos 8 hours ago

    The carrot night vision myth was popularized by the RAF as an explanation for why they were so good at shooting down Luftwaffe planes at night, in order to keep the existence of in-plane radar a secret.

  • Kommentatus Cosades
    Kommentatus Cosades 9 hours ago

    try salted jam toast like raspberry jam

  • Caitlyn Aasman
    Caitlyn Aasman 9 hours ago

    Pronounced mal-poo-a 😂

  • Oscar James
    Oscar James 9 hours ago

    Jamie you live in the UK and you're English, it's pronounced 'wuster' sauce -_-

  • Tim Parker
    Tim Parker 10 hours ago

    anyone actually tried this... it looks rather good

  • Chelsea Curcio
    Chelsea Curcio 10 hours ago

    MORE PLEASE!!! Would love to see two normals interpretation vs Ben and James!

  • Gee Fuzz
    Gee Fuzz 10 hours ago

    Nvr knew Alan Carr could cook so well.

  • Razid
    Razid 10 hours ago

    8:21 The metal tray heats up the food faster due to thermal conductivity. In theory, any surface that's made of metal, would do the trick, just as good. Thermal conductivity is also the reason why metal often feels cold - It conducts heat away from your skin more rapidly that say, wood. Because of this, the tray transfers the low temperature away from the frozen food faster, and thereby defrosts it in much less time. More a more indepth explaination, watch Veritasium's video on the subject:

  • Mal big
    Mal big 10 hours ago

    to much fucking about trying to be cool, just looks fucking stoopid to be honest, watched less than 5 minutes before leaving. Waste of fucking time...

  • lyucky1
    lyucky1 10 hours ago

    I like it when the chefs cook together!!!

  • Amanda Wilson
    Amanda Wilson 10 hours ago

    I was in Louisiana a few years ago and had a shrimp po boy while I was there.......... that looks JUST like it <3. Good job boys :) It was here: and was the most wonderful thing I had ever tasted :)

  • Prayuda Satya
    Prayuda Satya 11 hours ago

    medium fillet mignon

  • the sun,moon,stars and the sky

    Ben's chest hair 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • the sun,moon,stars and the sky

    wE ArE sTilL iN aUgUst ..... the video was uploaded in September.

  • Alex S.
    Alex S. 12 hours ago

    So this is a great way to take a vacation as a tax right off

  • b s
    b s 12 hours ago

    peanut better and cheese goes well

  • Ryarios
    Ryarios 12 hours ago

    "We went to a rain forest." Yeah, you went to Puerto Rico. That’s pretty much the whole island... You want a taste of Puerto Rico? Take pork and fry it. There are no known minuses...

  • vusal hako
    vusal hako 12 hours ago

    U guys were lucky, Puerto Rico turned into a real shit show not long after...perreo combativo and now no one wants to govern...welp, cheers to a dying island

  • mmichael1221
    mmichael1221 12 hours ago

    Only Barry’s was a burger omg

  • supernova743
    supernova743 13 hours ago

    Where they went wrong with the recipe: Vegan

  • Wotan
    Wotan 13 hours ago


  • Yolanda Cordero
    Yolanda Cordero 13 hours ago

    Y’all have to try the Sancocho

  • Rose X.
    Rose X. 13 hours ago

    The fact that a normal surpassed James, an amazing chef, calls for a week on celebration :DD

  • Mara Monaghan
    Mara Monaghan 13 hours ago

    Well, this is disappointing. I live a block a way from Becky's. HOW DID I MISS THAT YOU GUYS WERE IN MY CITY.

  • 6mileradius
    6mileradius 14 hours ago

    Why does youtubers never ever EVER open and eat fermented herring properly?

  • siva992
    siva992 14 hours ago

    That's not a Briyani, but I've tried the recipe and it's nice.

  • Linann Singh
    Linann Singh 14 hours ago

    Jamie, next time anyone disrespects your potato baking skills, just reply...."Taters gotta Tate"

  • jagfanbb
    jagfanbb 14 hours ago

    I was legit happy for them at the end. I can never get too much James. 🤣

  • Christopher Fritz
    Christopher Fritz 15 hours ago

    Beer is the best BBQ timer.

  • Andrew Smith
    Andrew Smith 15 hours ago

    I know you’re only cooking for your self but I wish you wouldn’t taste food and put the spoon back in the food

  • regine sabs
    regine sabs 15 hours ago

    First thing, you don't just drizzle the evap milk. You need to pour the whole lot. The milkier, the better. 2nd thing, you actually need to mix it before eating it.

  • Bunny of Wonders
    Bunny of Wonders 15 hours ago

    You should make Ben use those tongs for sure you could get some funny things from that experience.

  • Tiffany rosa
    Tiffany rosa 15 hours ago

    Im so glad you guys went to visit! My family lives in puerto rico and it always so nice to see people wanting to come visit (especially after the hurricane) If theres one place i wish you wouldve been able to visit it would be a place called Bebo’s and its 5 min from SJU airport. Theres always a crazy line and for good reason!

  • The Emo Emu
    The Emo Emu 15 hours ago

    50 second cake has to win. I did not know it was possible.

  • Idk Idk
    Idk Idk 16 hours ago

    Pineapple,tamarind,chilli and some salt is amazing

  • KawaiiCoverGirl
    KawaiiCoverGirl 16 hours ago

    Friendly locals, beautiful scenery (both natural and architectural) and good food? Sounds like the ultimate travel destination!

    • vusal hako
      vusal hako 12 hours ago

      Do you guys have a PO Box? So people can send fan stuff to you. I said I'd make lego figures of you guys and I have no idea how I'd send them if I did.

  • Iglika Gencheva
    Iglika Gencheva 16 hours ago

    Has Ben still not read the Harry Potter books nor seen the films?

  • ixekun
    ixekun 16 hours ago

    Can someone finally ****ing explain why Barry keeps turning shit on and never using them? ever?

  • Iglika Gencheva
    Iglika Gencheva 16 hours ago

    Yes, like this!!!!

  • jay palmer1
    jay palmer1 16 hours ago

    you guys should definitely revisit the salt beef bagel, and replicate bagel bake

  • hein de paauw
    hein de paauw 17 hours ago

    Why wash a carrot you'll be peeling?

  • sera
    sera 17 hours ago

    But will he call you back? NO

  • Banana Senpai
    Banana Senpai 17 hours ago

    None of them have been lunch!!! Hahahaha, well said :D

  • Annie1962
    Annie1962 17 hours ago

    the recipe calls for a small amount of chickpea 'foam' whereas it looks like you added the whole can

  • Katja HPunkt
    Katja HPunkt 17 hours ago

    There's a German cook show (Kitchen Impossible) in which two chefs challenge each other to travel somewhere, try a mystery meal and attempt to recreate it. They are then judged by locals whose favourite dish it is. You should give that a try once.

  • Chin Chun Wai
    Chin Chun Wai 18 hours ago

    Can someone tell me the song name at 7:53

  • nem tudom
    nem tudom 18 hours ago

    Jamie's pure whiskey, with ice, is not a cocktail, LOL

  • Ima Sarah
    Ima Sarah 19 hours ago

    My sister put grated cheddar cheese in her custard as a kid

  • Annie1962
    Annie1962 19 hours ago

    One vego place in Melbourne sells I've linked my son to it. His lady is vegan so they should enjoy this

  • hein de paauw
    hein de paauw 19 hours ago

    Fell in love @ 2:56

  • Kitty Morrill
    Kitty Morrill 20 hours ago

    The thing that cracks me up most is how you guys always bemoan Jamie (and he was certainly at fault here!) but all of you miss clear and obvious clues that are laid out for you!! once you step into the kitchen, it's all panic!!

  • B
    B 21 hour ago

    I swear, they could have a battle to see who makes the sweetest dish possible and Jamie will still make something savory smh

  • Janet Kaeding
    Janet Kaeding 22 hours ago

    I actually have the avocado peeler 😂

  • Sabrina Torgerson
    Sabrina Torgerson 23 hours ago

    If Ben is going to be using his fingers to really draw our attention to something he should get a proper manicure

  • Rissa Neermind
    Rissa Neermind 23 hours ago

    Jamie has freckles!! How cute!

  • Lintang Cahyaningsih
    Lintang Cahyaningsih 23 hours ago

    You guys just reminded me that Star Wars is now Disney's ☹

  • Ben Lim
    Ben Lim 23 hours ago

    @5:55 - 6:02 wow look at those forearms on James

  • awks_eats
    awks_eats 23 hours ago

    London's Best Curry Edition one day?

  • Gaia Ang
    Gaia Ang 23 hours ago

    i need more road trip footage man, should have the sorted guys sing some songs too :3 i miss the music videos you guys used to make

  • bcumike
    bcumike Day ago

    Lol Mike was baked Pretty funny video, they're a lil too family friendly lately, but still fantastic:)

  • Rissa Neermind

    Jamie screams like a bitch.

  • Far from Irrational

    Which one of you does the voice for Janice?

  • Riley Hoffman
    Riley Hoffman Day ago

    Would you guys be open to putting in an equivalency in US dollars i love yur videos but am bad when it comes to currency conversion

  • Sonal Agarwal
    Sonal Agarwal Day ago

    You should make Gulab Jamun, an Indian sweet