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3 Omelette Recipes COMPARED
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  • Spyrox
    Spyrox 47 minutes ago

    2:49 I see that middle finger down at the bottom of the screen...

  • thisdamnthingy
    thisdamnthingy 52 minutes ago

    If you need an appliance other than a kettle/jug, to make a decent cup of tea, you shouldn't be making tea.

  • Bigtoe
    Bigtoe 59 minutes ago

    So many comments saying that they picked the wrong air fryer, this isn't a standard air fryer, it's a halogen light fryer, the title says "Testing a Halogen Air Fryer" not "Testing an Air Fryer"

  • TheRevan1337
    TheRevan1337 Hour ago

    That channel icon looks so much like a demonitized dollar sign xP

  • Seamus Moran
    Seamus Moran Hour ago

    Anyone else turn it to half speed?

  • Ann Nicholls
    Ann Nicholls Hour ago

    Loved the humour and to have it based around kitchen gadgets and so on!

  • Volatile Sky
    Volatile Sky Hour ago

    Review the Polygon measuring spoons! Oh wait you can't, it's had "unexpected delays" for the last 5 years.

  • Aidan Duncan
    Aidan Duncan Hour ago

    At 2:50 ish Barry if flipping the bird at y'all 😂😂😂

  • 7katelyn10 Deer
    7katelyn10 Deer Hour ago

    I still think pouring water over a tea bag is pretty easy (I know that there are people cringing)

  • danteelite
    danteelite Hour ago

    I love how they casually kept cutting away from the awkward hilarious handcuff action lol They just edited this video normally as if nothing was going on... just two guys cooking. Hahahha

  • Victoria Valdez
    Victoria Valdez Hour ago

    Jamie: “it can’t be too lemon-y” Me: *giggles but still not sure what Barry originally meant by that*

  • gelatonio
    gelatonio Hour ago

    the collapsible utensils have been done for decades in asian countries, eg japan...... 😂 and you can find them in the 100 yen stores

  • debeeriz
    debeeriz Hour ago

    even though the plastic maybe dishwasher safe, one problem l have with plastic storage devices is they never come out of the dishwasher dry unlike metal or glass containers

  • Donovan Golfetto
    Donovan Golfetto 2 hours ago

    Plastic always make drinks taste worse , its not about glass or plastic , its about taste.

  • Martina Violic
    Martina Violic 2 hours ago

    I’ll miss the kitchen but excited to see the new one

  • Jewl
    Jewl 3 hours ago

    The fanciest easy bake oven ever

  • nem tudom
    nem tudom 3 hours ago

    2:51 Why's Baz flipping us off? LOL

  • nem tudom
    nem tudom 3 hours ago

    2:09 Shiet. That explains why my tea was tasting so terrible all this time, now its actually good, thank James!

  • thisdamnthingy
    thisdamnthingy 3 hours ago

    Sorry I didn't watch this sooner. I am so proud of you.

  • Faeza Khan
    Faeza Khan 3 hours ago

    Finally a renovation! I was waiting for this

  • vDosc UV7
    vDosc UV7 3 hours ago

    Philips, Airfryer is the ONLY "Airfryer" worthy of god ... Seriously, I've bought 3 now and NONE good anything as quick or evenly as a Philips "Air Fryer" .... Don't bother trying cheaper shit... its just not as quick to get the thoroughness .... .. just whatever. Save your money .. by the Philip Version. How they do it is with the Heated Airflow within the bucket .. cheaper Airfryers have just a flat bucket .. square basket etc .. the Philips air fryers have a sculpted Teflon airflow directing into the frying basket ... yes yes yes i kno wit sounds like .. pfft! whatever ... but it DOES work, .. half the cooking time and half the time to actually crisp everything up .... just by the Philips on Graigs list or Ebay ... or new !

  • Chris Machen
    Chris Machen 3 hours ago

    Using cheap ass steaks!

  • Erica Lahoda
    Erica Lahoda 3 hours ago

    I have a little silicone oven mitt, that's at least twice the size of those little things. Not sure why someone had to start an Indegogo campaign for something that was already invented! :D

  • S. R.
    S. R. 3 hours ago

    Where's the "mee" in the wonton mee? It means noodles 😅

  • Sam Leonard
    Sam Leonard 4 hours ago

    Great video. Links to the products would have been helpful. Now I have to go find that cutlery.

  • SteamFairy 1991
    SteamFairy 1991 4 hours ago

    The boys in the bachelor pad and so fresh faced. 😂😂😂

  • xEmpty.Abyssx
    xEmpty.Abyssx 4 hours ago

    5:40 What is it that I'm smelling here? Salt? Hate? Lol, let the man receive the compliment, he missed his calling!

  • Alok Somani
    Alok Somani 4 hours ago

    Pluggy plug plug plug plug plug wow! Lol, well done.

  • Tiffany
    Tiffany 4 hours ago

    I'd like to make that baked eggs recipe. I became a member but i dont know how to find that recipe. Can someone help plz?

  • Fiona Camm
    Fiona Camm 4 hours ago

    i legit say keys wallet phone cutlery before leaving my house. i use wooden cutlery given to me for free by a local uni (monash melbs lol)

  • globaljabouble
    globaljabouble 4 hours ago

    "Well be quick about it or the eggs won't be runny!" ... goes to an ad.

  • Nithun Sridhar
    Nithun Sridhar 4 hours ago

    Have more than 1 hob for versus battles!

  • QuirkyQuillify
    QuirkyQuillify 4 hours ago

    Jamie, if you need a sharp knife to carry around, just buy a swiss army knife. These things are super sharp, and they can be used to cut food, steak, sticks, fingers, no problem!

  • Samantha D'souza
    Samantha D'souza 4 hours ago

    So we don't add vinegar?

  • QuirkyQuillify
    QuirkyQuillify 4 hours ago

    I've been bringing my own fork, spoon, chopsticks for the past 20 years. It's all wrapped up and stuffed in my bag. They take up no space and I use them almost every day. It's a no brainer. The crowd funded stuff is great, but even if you don't buy it, you can still put together a small set on your own.

  • Vulf Byte
    Vulf Byte 4 hours ago

    You damned liars. You were going to film the process of making your smart kitchen no matter how many likes you got. Because content.

  • Adarshani Vikash
    Adarshani Vikash 4 hours ago

    How was I this late to this? It's sooo damn funny!

  • Kristian B
    Kristian B 5 hours ago

    James looks just like that guy on Netflix’ love at first sight

  • Richard Olofsson
    Richard Olofsson 5 hours ago

    BUTTER! No oil, never, ever ...dill for fish, raspberries for desert.

  • Waldo
    Waldo 5 hours ago

    Pla can still last well over 100 years....

  • slytown
    slytown 5 hours ago

    Good point James. How do you undercook quails eggs?!

  • Sammie G
    Sammie G 5 hours ago

    The prep deck could be useful for taco/fajita night... salad bar... if your serving a group of people .... idk... I think one of those stackable choppers is more useful and takes up less space... less to clean up...could be useful if your going on vacation at a rental & your not sure they have one you need so you grab your pack to go... lol

  • Adam Walsh
    Adam Walsh 5 hours ago

    Although I personally would be more dialed in on the cooking parts, I enjoy Barry's willingness to take one for the team to make everyone laugh.

  • Darkfox Bill
    Darkfox Bill 5 hours ago

    1:30 Knif hands bitch.

  • K. Weavermusic
    K. Weavermusic 6 hours ago

    Coffee burns at an INCREDIBLY high temperature. Freshly boiled water doesn’t even come close to burning coffee.

  • Sephority
    Sephority 6 hours ago

    The cutlery is really dumb. Just take your cutlery from home. You're just cramming dirty cutlery back into the little container. It's not so much spacially different than keeping a normal fork and spoon in your bag.

  • Ooostun Lime
    Ooostun Lime 6 hours ago

    Thumbnail looked like a turd

  • CBRubberman lol
    CBRubberman lol 6 hours ago

    US scrambled aren't that fancy, hard scrambled with cheese sometimes with jarred salsa and sour cream

  • Kian Zinzell
    Kian Zinzell 6 hours ago

    Omg I just asked to bring back battles a few weeks ago and suddenly this appears in my feed. You boys spoil us so

  • Jonathon Ashkani
    Jonathon Ashkani 6 hours ago

    Carrot juice and vanilla ice cream are a pair made in heaven

  • Julie Yen
    Julie Yen 6 hours ago

    Please let us see the Smart Kitchen!!

  • Kian Zinzell
    Kian Zinzell 6 hours ago

    Yesss kitchen rennovation!

  • Kian Zinzell
    Kian Zinzell 6 hours ago

    God I love that plug song at 10:53

  • Just Me
    Just Me 7 hours ago

    I hate air fryers. The food taste ick in them.

  • Devin Valera
    Devin Valera 7 hours ago

    No one told Ebbers his fly was down at the end? 😂

  • Sam Singer
    Sam Singer 7 hours ago

    this was a great video.. maybe you can do more of these .. maybe not buy them but review the idea of them.. as for the prepdeck.. yes a lot more dish washing and seams more hassle but it could be a idea of prepping parts of the meal before hand and take on the go and can finish it up with out having to many sensitive ingredients touching each other

  • Holoq of Holoqqia
    Holoq of Holoqqia 7 hours ago

    Anyone else get the ASMR the organiser gives?

  • MsBratzlo
    MsBratzlo 7 hours ago

    How come you changed the name from Sweetza?

  • Koval Fetterer
    Koval Fetterer 8 hours ago

    I love mikes laugh at 7:57

  • Tenshi6Tantou6Rei
    Tenshi6Tantou6Rei 8 hours ago

    lol to be fair to Barry, dumplings that aren't in soup do tend to have thicker skin, maybe not that thick but thicker

  • Elliot Hay
    Elliot Hay 8 hours ago

    I would like more information about this better and cheaper drinking chocolate you speak of 👀

  • Sara Voakes
    Sara Voakes 8 hours ago

    Bread from the old English braed meaning meat

  • The End
    The End 9 hours ago

    The tea thing I can legit see for people trying to do tea 'properly' rather than measuring water temps and setting tea/phone timers for their favorite teas. Price is pretty steep though. The prepdesk or whatever I could see being useful if you wanted to do prep at home and then cook somewhere else. Otherwise you are just doubling (or more) the amount of dishes you must clean for a minimal gain in organization. If you want to organize at home just invest in some bowls. Outlery would be great for campers. And I guess ecofadders.

  • Fred Westinghouse
    Fred Westinghouse 9 hours ago

    16:45 Ben's zip is half down. What did he and James get up to?

  • Aaron Lee
    Aaron Lee 9 hours ago

    Nobody will talk about how Jamie just used the handle part of a spoon to stir coffee???

  • Kayleigh Breaux
    Kayleigh Breaux 10 hours ago


  • Dylan Breault
    Dylan Breault 10 hours ago

    That one bitch cheated she should be disqualified there’s a difference In over spending and pulling strings if Ben tried to get what she got for ten pound he would’ve got laughed at and told to leave but because she’s a woman she got what she wanted she should be disqualified

  • danteelite
    danteelite 10 hours ago

    I see the boys found Vat19... lol

  • kagewar
    kagewar 10 hours ago

    Do I know what a halogen air fryer is? No. Will I get one? Probably not. Do I still watch the video cause I enjoy sorted? You bet.

  • Dylan Breault
    Dylan Breault 10 hours ago

    I’m sorry but vegan food will never beat real food with real meat and better tasting ingredients

  • Milan Mihaljević
    Milan Mihaljević 10 hours ago

    Kill me if that "elevated" scrambled egs aren't Gordon Ramsay's "classic" scrambled eggs hahaha

  • Shawn Gardner
    Shawn Gardner 11 hours ago

    You all should do a series on chefs competing to make the best recipes for dietary restrictions such as lactose intolerant, gluten free, vegan, low FODMAP, etc

  • jap pperon
    jap pperon 11 hours ago

    the coconut scraper feels like something youd see in a Saw trap.

  • Bob Robert
    Bob Robert 11 hours ago

    fish with ketchup ? you guys lost a few points there

  • Jon jonsson
    Jon jonsson 11 hours ago

    A regular hot air owen wich been along for 20 years at least, would do that much faster and in larger quantity. If you however do not have one, you are still in 1980 and i would suggest a visit to a store to get one.

  • Aaron Lee
    Aaron Lee 11 hours ago

    Forget the Risotto, let's appreciate the way Jamie put down the two figurines.

  • BenRangel
    BenRangel 11 hours ago

    Really enjoyed this and I now want more reactions and meta content

  • Tara Reid
    Tara Reid 11 hours ago

    You should do book challenges similar to the cookbooks but instead find a description of food in a book and have the chefs or normals create it just based on the description.

  • Josh Murphy
    Josh Murphy 11 hours ago

    Mike forgot the pope (garlic)

  • TheMrVengeance
    TheMrVengeance 12 hours ago

    Jesus, imagine paying almost $300 for 5 plastic containers, a tiny waste basket and a cutting board, encapsulated within a huge flimsy plastic "deck" that will fill your whole counter space. ... 🤯😵 What a rip off.

  • Thunder Rhododendron
    Thunder Rhododendron 12 hours ago

    Ben was in China??? He never said 😏

  • Edward Sierra
    Edward Sierra 12 hours ago

    Oh "THAW" not...."THOR" 😂😂🔨

  • GamerBear
    GamerBear 12 hours ago

    I kinda don't consider potato a vegetable either, it's the side for meat to go with, veggies are extra. lol

  • Patrick Brophy
    Patrick Brophy 12 hours ago

    I actually kickstarted the Prep Deck. It's not bad.

  • Naomi Lywood
    Naomi Lywood 12 hours ago

    poke bowl cooking battle !!!

  • Cameron Paans
    Cameron Paans 12 hours ago

    If I ever hear "We are sorted..." again, it will be too soon.

  • Just Winks
    Just Winks 12 hours ago

    67k Cant wait to see the reno!

  • jethro lismano
    jethro lismano 12 hours ago

    "i wouldve been blinded by this little ball of sunshine"

  • Alex Stubbs
    Alex Stubbs 13 hours ago

    You should look back on an old recipe relay that failed and try again

  • Selnau G
    Selnau G 13 hours ago

    So about that blooper at the end: was Ben listening to "ombra mai fù"?

  • JReeces
    JReeces 13 hours ago

    I bought a metal cutlery set for camping and travel for less than $10US on amazon.

  • Snowflake1
    Snowflake1 13 hours ago

    The only thing more stupid than the PrepDeck, are the people who funded it. U guys are excluded from the ignorant, because u bought it for the video.

  • chefkhatib
    chefkhatib 13 hours ago

    £227 for a plastic organiser that's going to be messy to clean ... No thanx £10 at most is more than enough

  • Fede Devi
    Fede Devi 14 hours ago

    Food Wars!

  • Janet Barnard
    Janet Barnard 14 hours ago

    Ben’s pie is 💯 worth it. It’s delicious and easy! I’m just wondering why you put in milk and nog ice water like most pastries?

  • Sharon Mac Intyre Barrett

    The pre-prep board is a waste of money.

  • Erica Chishti
    Erica Chishti 14 hours ago

    i really wish that air up water bottle wasnt so much i would love to have one i have been trying so hard to lose weight but with my PCOS its super super hard this would probably help with the whole stop drinking soda (im down to 1 can a day)

  • Henrik Bengtsson
    Henrik Bengtsson 14 hours ago

    I hear "Chi Arista" and then I read Qi Aerista. Lost all the energy in my body.

  • Sammie D
    Sammie D 14 hours ago

    The prep deck would be good for camping.

  • Alyssa Thompson
    Alyssa Thompson 14 hours ago

    A better version of that tea maker already exists (and allows for customization) made by Breville. It’s like $200, but I’ve had mine for over 7 years and use it daily. Definitely would recommend over that one!