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Professor Green - Astronaut
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Professor Green - Monster
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  • 214GNR
    214GNR 12 hours ago


  • Simon Lowe
    Simon Lowe 18 hours ago

    No fame makes me a winner

  • Simon Lowe
    Simon Lowe 18 hours ago

    No camera captures me

  • Regan Brown
    Regan Brown 21 hour ago

    this is like a better version of Aitch

  • Emmie Zaman
    Emmie Zaman Day ago

    Reminds me in hospital gunna a&e lucky my mate there getting told lost my baby boy :(

  • elspeth
    elspeth Day ago

  • Rocket Bunny
    Rocket Bunny Day ago

    where the f is the professor now?

  • たこやきはふはふ


  • the wolf
    the wolf Day ago


  • crisis is the best ever


  • Omar Hadsy
    Omar Hadsy 2 days ago


  • Liam hurst
    Liam hurst 2 days ago


  • Payner Golden Hits
    Payner Golden Hits 3 days ago

    British version of Eminem - Professor Green PROVEN!!

  • James B
    James B 3 days ago

    Allow me to tell you some fucked up shit. I'm 49. My big brother died in 1975. That makes me 5 or 6. I remember him plenty. The worst is mourning him every few years when I've had a few and wondering what kind of brothers we would have been and thinking about how the poor cunt never got a decent go. My mum was so fucked up by it she destroyed all the photographs. That's the definition of fucked up.

  • Simon Lowe
    Simon Lowe 3 days ago

    No I'm never gonna be famous no I'm never gonna be famous no I'm never gonna be famous no I'm never gonna be famous no way

  • Carlos Manuel
    Carlos Manuel 3 days ago

    Algum BR🇧🇷 aí??

  • Eddie Ob
    Eddie Ob 4 days ago

    Pro G my man hows it you only at 275k subs my man ?YOU ARE FIRE

    BRANDON E-M 4 days ago


  • Miriam A
    Miriam A 6 days ago

    “Ello babe what’s happenin you cool?” You can tell it’s been 10 years

  • Equine_Lucy
    Equine_Lucy 6 days ago

    Listening in 2020 and this song has me tearing up half way through 😓

  • Marsha johnston Menehan

    Has the horrid news this morning that another young life gone to quickly,She loved this song 💔💔💔

  • Adam Griffin
    Adam Griffin 7 days ago

    He was miming to a live audience outside ! Think about that !

  • Gav ZooTzUKTV
    Gav ZooTzUKTV 7 days ago

    BIG GG

  • Secrets to Success
    Secrets to Success 7 days ago

    The lyrics have me in stitches

  • Charlotte Rodgers
    Charlotte Rodgers 7 days ago

    Chillin init

  • Zoe Welsh
    Zoe Welsh 7 days ago

    Love this song and love him

  • Jon Top
    Jon Top 8 days ago

    White people saying wagwan will forever be cringy

  • It's me Mike
    It's me Mike 8 days ago

    10 years ago on mtv music

  • battlethebollocks Rodgers

    My pee pee is bothering me ....thanks blond girl!

  • battlethebollocks Rodgers

    I want to touch u in da naughty spot....or I don't....trash pick up ain't free

  • Bartholomew Kuma
    Bartholomew Kuma 9 days ago

    i was deeping it just now. this is so relatable to m teenage years loooool

  • Stacey Shemmings
    Stacey Shemmings 9 days ago

    1 year today you left us behind dad, I thought I never had the pictures. Turns out I have a few more then we thought. Miss you so much 💙

  • Stiven Janaqi
    Stiven Janaqi 10 days ago

    2020 anybody 👌💪

  • Salina Sappora
    Salina Sappora 10 days ago

    Professor Green should of been on the Brit Awards 2020!

  • Matteo Rupnik
    Matteo Rupnik 10 days ago


  • Justin Abraham
    Justin Abraham 11 days ago

    I never take pics now unfortunately for now. I'm not on fb either probably for about a year or so. East Belfast uvf shameful

    • Justin Abraham
      Justin Abraham 11 days ago

      Im not worried do u want another feud,? Or one with the Ira, inla etc

  • Back ToBack
    Back ToBack 11 days ago

    I mejo pianti co sta canzone....

  • альга
    альга 11 days ago

    Зачем писать такие длиные.хорошо но долго.

  • Kai Williams
    Kai Williams 12 days ago

    its mad how one song can relate to someones life. ive been suffering with depression since xmas 2017 even thought I wasnt good enough for this world but pro green all I can say is thank you

  • Jamie Beardshaw
    Jamie Beardshaw 12 days ago

    Look at the date that this video was released onto FLash-player, then look at the first line of the description.

  • Michael Leong
    Michael Leong 12 days ago

    Caroline Flack

    • Michael Leong
      Michael Leong 12 days ago

      Why the hell did I remember that ?!?!?!

  • Ben Eaves
    Ben Eaves 12 days ago


  • Ben Eaves
    Ben Eaves 12 days ago


  • Niall Nine2
    Niall Nine2 12 days ago

    2020 vibes

  • Liviu Trofin
    Liviu Trofin 14 days ago

    My mother died a couple days ago..hard days.

  • A. Tairov
    A. Tairov 14 days ago


  • Jacob Chenery
    Jacob Chenery 14 days ago

    I have fuck all photos of me and my dad and mum i lost him at 21 and 25 respectively, but the love they gave me is a feeling that lasts forever, longer than a photo would, or even a phone since im shit at keeping them! RIP the two that cant be replaced x

  • Kaylee Moss
    Kaylee Moss 15 days ago

    Lilly allen is the hottest out of all of them

  • Junior Nesta
    Junior Nesta 15 days ago

    C est vieux

    • Junior Nesta
      Junior Nesta 15 days ago

      Professeur green is international here

  • Gary Evans
    Gary Evans 15 days ago

    pro green is so sexy id suck him

  • Zade White
    Zade White 16 days ago

    Why has this got so many dislike............stupid

  • Terry Darling
    Terry Darling 16 days ago

    2020 anyone?

  • fuck
    fuck 16 days ago

    This mv makes me cry every time I swear to god

    DAD AND LAD RC 16 days ago

    Not worth the wait tho

  • Salina Sappora
    Salina Sappora 17 days ago

    The way these two giggle at the beginning is so cute, lol

    BRITISH BULLDOG 17 days ago

    The proffesor at his best

  • A Gourd
    A Gourd 18 days ago

    Emeli Sandé is an amazing singer and songwriter ♥

  • Darksider Forever
    Darksider Forever 18 days ago

    Lmao if lily allen asked me to be good to her... smh no questions

  • Salina Sappora
    Salina Sappora 18 days ago

    He's so good looking, honestly, so fit

  • Salina Sappora
    Salina Sappora 18 days ago

    I love this

  • Salina Sappora
    Salina Sappora 18 days ago

    Stephen is so good looking , this haircut he has suits him so much

  • Salina Sappora
    Salina Sappora 18 days ago

    I love Stephen xx

  • Amber Maria
    Amber Maria 19 days ago

    2020 and this song is still so emotional and beautiful - it always will be! <3

  • John C
    John C 19 days ago

    I remember when Bono used to sing in an English accent before he learned that it was OK for an Irish artist to sing in an Irish accent. I'm wondering why this white guy, a self proclaimed professor no less, thinks it's ok to sing as though he was black. He is literally the vocal version of blackfacing. What a twat..

    • Fred Galaxy
      Fred Galaxy 8 days ago

      He is from East London, hanged around on the streets during his youth days. It's how East Londoners sound! So you're wrong sir

  • John C
    John C 19 days ago

    Professor?? Does he even have a couple of A levels?

  • Brandon Now 48
    Brandon Now 48 20 days ago

    Monday 20 July 2015

  • BigBad Barry
    BigBad Barry 21 day ago

    Wonders what professor green thinks of Aitch tunes 🤔

  • Secrets to Success
    Secrets to Success 22 days ago

    Still a tune this. Pure psychology of men & women.

  • MAJOT新鞋
    MAJOT新鞋 22 days ago

    I didn't know professor green was this hot lol

  • Elizabeth O'Brian
    Elizabeth O'Brian 22 days ago

    I've lost my dad to brain cancer and today this song still helps me understand that I have always been loved by a special angel called my dad. I just wanted my dad to sing me his night time lullaby that always soothed me but I will never hear his voice ever again until we meet in heaven. Yes depression is a slippery slope I'm going through it we have to find the strength to beat our burdens that we bear.

  • Nokia Person
    Nokia Person 22 days ago

    She: Teacher Me Something Professor! Prof: Started Teaching Rapping...😂

  • Ally Rose
    Ally Rose 22 days ago

    Literally waited ages for this to drop. Ive not even heard it on the radio once! At least they cant overplay it😂

  • seeyouagain911
    seeyouagain911 23 days ago

    The best British rapper!

  • JoYzZ
    JoYzZ 23 days ago

    2020 anyone?

  • Ronaldo Bufi
    Ronaldo Bufi 24 days ago


  • TheReal Pabz
    TheReal Pabz 24 days ago

    Where can I find the Instrumental ?

  • dax meekmill
    dax meekmill 24 days ago

    2020 same vibe, same feeling

  • Andri Knupfer
    Andri Knupfer 24 days ago

    this oh oh oh oh ohhh is so nice

  • David Scothern
    David Scothern 24 days ago

    The organ / keyboard line on this is awesome.

  • Record Label Ghost Kacper A.k.a Scooby the Lion

    No to eat Chinese food right now

  • Luca Seclì
    Luca Seclì 25 days ago

    Professor Green is Roomie's brother

  • Stephen Angel
    Stephen Angel 25 days ago

    This is one of my favourite songs.

  • Daniele Turri
    Daniele Turri 25 days ago


  • Shaan Power Rangers
    Shaan Power Rangers 27 days ago


  • Shaan Power Rangers
    Shaan Power Rangers 27 days ago

    Jack U

  • Shaan Power Rangers
    Shaan Power Rangers 27 days ago


  • Shaan Power Rangers
    Shaan Power Rangers 27 days ago


  • Dizzy Focus
    Dizzy Focus 27 days ago

    His voice is annoying you can tell he ain't real Bad Boy

  • Mateusz Źrebiec
    Mateusz Źrebiec 27 days ago

    This is Eminem Son

  • Starshine
    Starshine 28 days ago

    If you ever need an extra in one of your vids, you got me 😘

  • Starshine
    Starshine 28 days ago

    This mans just buzzing with talent and personality. He got it all ❤🌠

  • Regilio Bouma
    Regilio Bouma 29 days ago

    still has that same voice and feeling as 2010 (minus the drum and bass)

  • Dwaynne Way
    Dwaynne Way 29 days ago

    These lyrics have such a deep meaning for me, my nan has dementia and we have been just told that she won't last long. Makes me so upset, wanting more time with her

  • Niko De Ciantis
    Niko De Ciantis Month ago

    Eminem needs to be in this 😫

  • Mae Townson
    Mae Townson Month ago

    Example makes the song🔥😍

  • Leanne Naylor
    Leanne Naylor Month ago

    Finally 😍😍

  • Riley dennard
    Riley dennard Month ago

    This reminds me of my ex but I had to let her go 😔💔

  • Carole Allum
    Carole Allum Month ago

    Pro green is absolutely amazing.. I relate to this song alot!

  • Double Dee
    Double Dee Month ago

    I think if he gave up smoking weed this anxiety he speaks of would dissipate. That's the reason I gave it up.

  • Curtis Thompson
    Curtis Thompson Month ago

    Shut up! I'm not cryin' ... You're cryin' Sniff, sniff ahhhhh crap Waaahh