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  • The Bester Gamer
    The Bester Gamer 7 hours ago

    Wow that man saved a snakes life.

  • TheSorrowOfTheReaper

    How about the US come up with a new unstoppable peace strategy? That would be great, for a change.

  • soviet spongeBop
    soviet spongeBop 7 hours ago

    someone need to tell the usa that it need to calm down

  • Fun diy
    Fun diy 7 hours ago

    F ryan

  • esotericpig
    esotericpig 7 hours ago

    Always got to watch this at 1.5x speed...

  • Patriot of Music
    Patriot of Music 7 hours ago

    There were no “Allies” or “Axis” in WW1. The Triple Entente had the Great Britain, France and the Russian Empire, and the Central Powers had the German and Austro-Hungarian Empires. Note: More nations joined each side as the war progressed

  • Aslinur Kalenderoglu


  • Lisa P
    Lisa P 7 hours ago


  • Darth Nihilus
    Darth Nihilus 7 hours ago

    Plesiasours are not dinosaurs and wait if it whass real nessie should be dead cause she cant live that long

  • AJ Prime Gaming
    AJ Prime Gaming 7 hours ago

    his sim looks like noah beat

  • Golden W
    Golden W 7 hours ago

    I happily strongly support the US & I am proud for that.

    JRULE JRULE 7 hours ago

    Sir we are being attacked By who The galactic dumpster diver sir

  • Anthony Carrillo
    Anthony Carrillo 7 hours ago

    Ok Boomer

  • link dead
    link dead 7 hours ago

    Bore - ja. and his son was Ches a ray not Ceasar

  • ProoSiDam
    ProoSiDam 7 hours ago

    wowo calm down you showed this piece information so dramatically that Even alien believer would not believe this.

  • Aliyah Aliyah
    Aliyah Aliyah 7 hours ago

    all this time he just cude eat you're head why is he just running evreywer peneywise😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪

  • Jack Wells
    Jack Wells 7 hours ago

    Junk 20

  • Wrestling Plus gaming

    Oh Frick I no joke live in Wisconsin

  • 《メロディック・シンフォニア》旋律の調律者

    Time to feed him blue fries!!!

  • Wayne Gee
    Wayne Gee 7 hours ago

    If you told me about this stuff in 2010 I wouldn't have believed you.

  • Dewi Williams
    Dewi Williams 7 hours ago

    0:00 to 2:50 this is better story than the third matrix

  • Josh Roca
    Josh Roca 7 hours ago

    i finally feel like we are living in the future

  • fortnite isnt good
    fortnite isnt good 7 hours ago

    I thought their tactic was dropping lizzo like a nuke on the enemy

  • Hide your Cheese balls

    What if war never existed

  • Adam E.
    Adam E. 7 hours ago

    T-1000's on their way....

  • Abdy Naveed
    Abdy Naveed 7 hours ago

    So that’s why Australian Wildfires are happning....🧐

  • JohnWolf
    JohnWolf 7 hours ago

    What *most* kids said "Okay Boomer" What I say "Okay Juvenile"

  • Caleb Bliss
    Caleb Bliss 7 hours ago

    Why are most of them in Texas

  • Griffin _
    Griffin _ 7 hours ago

    Next we use laser copyers to make clones of the navy seals 😈😈😈

  • Phish N' Chimps
    Phish N' Chimps 7 hours ago

    2:00 the tet offensive was a Victory for the South and American forces. A few years later, the North signed a Peace treaty to end the war after US bombing increased across the north. then US Forces left Vietnam. A few years later. with the US and allies not there, the North violated the Peace treaty and invaded the south.

  • AwadA
    AwadA 7 hours ago

    General: how many countries do you want to invade ? Putin: Yes!

  • FoldedTomato 156
    FoldedTomato 156 7 hours ago

    You guys should watch the episode of ‘I shouldn’t be alive’ on the FLash-player channel Wonder. They have made a full documentary on this survival story interviewing Benedict and it is all acted out as well.

  • Isaac Kim
    Isaac Kim 7 hours ago


  • cnlbenmc
    cnlbenmc 7 hours ago

    So basically now it's a modern spin on the old German Kampfgruppe?

  • Harvey Vandermeer
    Harvey Vandermeer 7 hours ago



    Now do “Most Beloved Man - Emperor Tiberius”! 👏🏼😏

  • fatcatbuzz
    fatcatbuzz 7 hours ago

    I'm an American watching this video in Suzhou, China and am on lock down.

  • isshyfux
    isshyfux 7 hours ago

    easy, attack countries that cant fight back and there a win. merica is a bully

  • Mark Steenson
    Mark Steenson 7 hours ago

    When’s the last time US won a war?

  • Jason Ahn
    Jason Ahn 7 hours ago

    Skynet online

  • fabio tomei
    fabio tomei 7 hours ago

    Other nerds??

  • Level Z
    Level Z 7 hours ago

    Space force 😂😂😂

  • Joseph Carpenter
    Joseph Carpenter 7 hours ago

    The problem most people in a cult have, is that they don't see that they are part of a cult. In America especially, a lot of cults hide as common faiths or use the first amendment to justify their "faith". I was raised in a cult and sorry to say I have a family member still in a cult. Though they are no longer part of the cult I was raised in they keep going back to different cults similar to it. It is sad to see a family member finally overcome one cult, to just fall pray to another.

  • Anja Arsovska Cael
    Anja Arsovska Cael 7 hours ago

    uhh...cpr to a snake? that's not a very plausible infection vector.

  • Jarrod A
    Jarrod A 7 hours ago

    "can't hit what can't located" Skaven:no no not true true with enough fire power you can hit anything and everything *evil laugh*

  • vPlasma
    vPlasma 7 hours ago

    me, trying to enjoy cartoons on a saturday afternoon: 7:00

  • Ethan K.
    Ethan K. 7 hours ago

    I havnt watched the video. But im gonna guess escaped circus monkey wearing its costume?

  • Mandelbrot Set
    Mandelbrot Set 7 hours ago

    3-D printers are too slow to use in combat.

  • Atlas
    Atlas 7 hours ago

    military AI? I think therefore i AM

    • Atlas
      Atlas 7 hours ago

      @Haruhi Suzumiya im thinking more of i have no mouth and i must scream

    • Haruhi Suzumiya
      Haruhi Suzumiya 7 hours ago


  • ACS Vlogs
    ACS Vlogs 7 hours ago

    Me: Everybody: vLaDiMiR pUtIN

  • divine greenedge
    divine greenedge 7 hours ago

    oh no 1:22

  • IlI Sans IlI
    IlI Sans IlI 7 hours ago

    BTW meme

  • Charlie Splawnyk
    Charlie Splawnyk 7 hours ago

    What's wrong with being a libertarian?

  • Emerald Minecart
    Emerald Minecart 7 hours ago

    4:41 yay lithuanian flag

  • Ivan Valencia
    Ivan Valencia 7 hours ago

    Just buy an axe

  • Aliyah Aliyah
    Aliyah Aliyah 7 hours ago

    you saiying guns Vs Anabel you won't win becus it's cheating to use weapons 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

  • divine greenedge
    divine greenedge 7 hours ago


  • Nerd up
    Nerd up 7 hours ago

    Does anyone know where I can find the image in the thumbnail?

  • Me Likes to Games
    Me Likes to Games 7 hours ago

    I never thought one could get so clean

  • Roshan Chuwan
    Roshan Chuwan 7 hours ago

    *US's New Unstoppable War Winning Strategy* Lemme guess... Is it nukes?

  • Samuel Thygerson
    Samuel Thygerson 7 hours ago

    Inforgrafics: Your probably in the mood for something happier... What I see: Nounderwear for a month

  • Preston Vo
    Preston Vo 7 hours ago

    Pew pew

  • Matan Matlyuk
    Matan Matlyuk 7 hours ago

    lol dont forget that us R&D budget is higher than china's whole budget hahaha

  • Punk Rock Vixen
    Punk Rock Vixen 7 hours ago

    The first bar was my kind of bar. I frequent biker bars tbh

  • Zack Swedenson
    Zack Swedenson 7 hours ago

    Man that Snake tho xD

  • Ties Van zanten
    Ties Van zanten 7 hours ago

    why do american people pretend that everything europe does is (not a country but okay) weird we are with many more people so then america would be weird anyway. And no, luckily, we are not like the Americans with a culture that consists of guns and school shootings

  • mas921
    mas921 7 hours ago

    "Hypersonic Missiles" flips the table on EVERYTHING, and am afraid; the US is lagging Russia in that respect unfortunately.

  • Adde 2019
    Adde 2019 7 hours ago

    What about BLITZ KRIEG, MODA- FU-

  • OwO
    OwO 7 hours ago

    I knew it, they used notes to win World Wars. Taking notes is too a too powerful move to do when you're destroying enemies

  • Ty Rickman
    Ty Rickman 7 hours ago

    I love the Infographics show 🥰

  • Alex Allgaier
    Alex Allgaier 7 hours ago

    it just a snake

  • Clc P
    Clc P 7 hours ago

    I’m in the military I have no clue what’s going on, I need someone to break this down for me Barney style

    • Clc P
      Clc P 7 hours ago

      Haruhi Suzumiya ah yes the AI overlords

    • Haruhi Suzumiya
      Haruhi Suzumiya 7 hours ago

      Skynet Ai and redundant systems 3d printers

  • Jay
    Jay 7 hours ago

    I really enjoyed this one

  • katharma katharma
    katharma katharma 7 hours ago

    tupac video ...make one

  • Eric el Nomada
    Eric el Nomada 7 hours ago

    Who needs an army when you got 3D Printers!

  • The Truth Seeker
    The Truth Seeker 7 hours ago

    It is in the human nature to destroy each other. It will be a World War 3 in the future. I just only hope I will not be there to see it

  • GG_Coach or Goat
    GG_Coach or Goat 7 hours ago

    U just told the enemies though fool

  • nate // legend
    nate // legend 7 hours ago

    Laughs in russian

  • Grounded
    Grounded 7 hours ago

    I have an idea we don’t need a new weapon exactly we may need one old one the SLAM or a modern version at least tell me what you think in the comments

  • Julian Brown
    Julian Brown 7 hours ago

    Russia and China: *Starts Sweating*

  • Ava
    Ava 7 hours ago

    AI giving instructions 😬 has no one watched Terminator 😟 skywatch anyone 😯

  • Basically DoWork
    Basically DoWork 7 hours ago


  • SlapStyle Anims
    SlapStyle Anims 7 hours ago

    Don’t forget how the US Military is brought to you by Raid Shadow Legends

  • AuRoara Animations
    AuRoara Animations 7 hours ago

    US: “We don’t have don’t have to improve our War Tactic Skills, we should be fi- (Plane Crashes into Twin Towers) US: “Release Optimus Prime”!

  • Megasplash X
    Megasplash X 7 hours ago

    WW3,coronovirus,Kobe and his daughter dies,pop smoke dies,

  • Jared Tanner
    Jared Tanner 7 hours ago

    Eat your cereal

  • Skeptic Kaon
    Skeptic Kaon 7 hours ago

    yeah shouldn't have told the spies that are watching lol

  • Crona Albarn
    Crona Albarn 7 hours ago

    As cool as this is having an ad interrupt every 3 minutes is beyond annoying.

  • --
    -- 7 hours ago

    2:00 -bottom right

  • prod. TS
    prod. TS 7 hours ago

    These are so entertaining

  • Game Guy
    Game Guy 7 hours ago

    "no u"

  • Ryan The Piano Man
    Ryan The Piano Man 7 hours ago

    So no one is going to mention the fact that they reskined a P-51A in Luftwaffe colors

  • Jānis Rišis
    Jānis Rišis 7 hours ago

    How economy would look like if small farms would get all the military money?

  • mei he
    mei he 7 hours ago


  • MintyWulf
    MintyWulf 7 hours ago

    now we have krona disuses

  • WolvoExPunk1
    WolvoExPunk1 7 hours ago

    I need a partner for my 2 man saw in Rotherham and Rochdale.

  • Sulo Paavola
    Sulo Paavola 7 hours ago

    Wasnt creeping barrage first used by bulgarians in balkan wars?

  • Kosovo je Srbija!!!
    Kosovo je Srbija!!! 7 hours ago


  • VK 72.01 K
    VK 72.01 K 7 hours ago

    What if this video is just to deter the enemy from the actual OP strategy?

  • Domonick sa
    Domonick sa 7 hours ago

    I thought the market was going to give him the virus not the snake