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  • Brinava
    Brinava 12 minutes ago

    Looks like there all having great fun. There is always one Irish guy in the back shouting abuse 😂😂

  • Amm Music
    Amm Music 24 minutes ago

    Conway and larmour will light it up. Conway is a like a greyhound waiting for the trap door to fly open.......Give it socks lads ....YOU CAN DO IT !!

  • brett packer
    brett packer 28 minutes ago

    what a load of old bollocks they know score with drugs, bods nose was growing larger with every word

  • w r
    w r 29 minutes ago

    Someone tell Brian O'Driscoll "Chinese Whispers" is racist

  • david boyd
    david boyd 50 minutes ago

    That tottie munching keane is one ugly bandit ! I would love a chance to slap him good looking !

  • ligerpride
    ligerpride 52 minutes ago

    They are still bitter about Uniteds 4-0 win over Chelsea.

  • Martin Craig
    Martin Craig Hour ago

    It is bigger.... as AB and SA will both qualify easily... more on this game. When or if AB and SA meet later... that will be the game.

  • Peter Hunter
    Peter Hunter Hour ago

    Retired with fans of all clubs not considering him a legend...... tells you all you need to know about a ‘die hard’ Liverpool fan leaving Liverpool and later joining man united..... And the reason why Shearer thought Owen was fit.......the physio told him he was

  • Kildonan Castle
    Kildonan Castle Hour ago

    Ireland's game is effective but boring, Scotland's game is exciting but ineffective. Kind of sums them up.

  • FCL M
    FCL M Hour ago

    how any scotland player from 2000-2012 is allowed to comment on rugby is beyond me. incredible that people seem to have forgotten how that generation embarrassed the nation consistently on the test stage.

  • Freddy Ng
    Freddy Ng Hour ago

    I've always liked Keane as a player, he was a great captain for the club. The truth was Keane at 34 was no longer the Keane at 26. But I agree with Gary that it was a ticking time-bomb waiting to happen. 2 persons of the same personality was always going to clash. Fergie and Keano will never backed down. At the end of it, the one who wields more power will prevail. This is the ugly truth of the world. It's a pity it had to end this way. Keane, let bygones be bygones. Holding grudges only makes your life miserable. I don't know why are you holding onto something that happened 13 years ago... The club he took over was full of alcoholic, and had been underachieving for 26 years. What Fergie did it for the best interest of the club. You must see the bigger picture. We had 26 years of success under him.

  • Ammar Ali
    Ammar Ali Hour ago

    Who was Roy Keane talking about when he said a certain player scored against Holland?

  • Bleddyn Rees
    Bleddyn Rees Hour ago

    For 30/40 thousand Wales fans every two years Scotland is THE 6 nations trip , great hospitality win or lose . It would not be a surprise if they beat Ireland . Come on Scotland

  • Dermot O'Malley
    Dermot O'Malley Hour ago

    Poor Phil Egan stuck in a mangina sandwich.

  • Dashing Dave
    Dashing Dave Hour ago

    Anyone else hoping the lad on the ladder fell just for the comedy?

  • ARKLE Egan
    ARKLE Egan Hour ago

    I was suprised how Soft Japan were, They will struggle really badly now...

  • jimbobjrshabado
    jimbobjrshabado Hour ago

    This is gold

  • Ilir United
    Ilir United 2 hours ago


  • Finbarr Ryan
    Finbarr Ryan 2 hours ago

    Only the Leinster fan boys see Conan in a battle for the no8 jersey. There's not contest or debate. Just go back 4 years though selection of Ireland team's. If fit Stander starts. He's just better than a really overhyped Conan.

  • James Richards
    James Richards 2 hours ago

    Clive woodward. Stop talking about football. It's embarrassing

  • Cameron Brown
    Cameron Brown 2 hours ago

    I know it’s an Irish channel but I’d love to hear you interview Jonny Wilkinson. This channel seems to get more info and get deeper into the minds of coaches/players than other channels. I’d love to know more about Wilkinson’s mindset when he was playing.

    • Dashing Dave
      Dashing Dave Hour ago

      I'm Irish and I'd love to see Johnny on for a long format interview. He always fascinated me with his sacrifice and dedication. Best no.10 in the world in his era.

  • James Richards
    James Richards 2 hours ago

    High Wycombe??? Wycombe wanderers you zope

  • bcvbb hyui
    bcvbb hyui 2 hours ago

    It's absolutely disgusting Roy wasn't even invited to the 1999 reunion

  • Spencer Howell
    Spencer Howell 2 hours ago

    Did a terrible job thou with the Lions .

    • Dashing Dave
      Dashing Dave Hour ago

      Really over did it. Made the whole thing far too complicated.

  • Paddy Ryan
    Paddy Ryan 2 hours ago

    Comfortable Ireland win, no need to big up Scotland.

  • Shane Canning
    Shane Canning 3 hours ago

    Part 2 yes

  • World Discovery
    World Discovery 3 hours ago

    Could Eoin not lift few weights.

    • michael coyne
      michael coyne Hour ago

      To be fair, he is often interviewing professional athletes. I'm fairly sure they are normal arms.

    • Leonardo Da Vinci
      Leonardo Da Vinci Hour ago

      Spaghetti arms

  • Peter Roche
    Peter Roche 3 hours ago

    Typhoons....not monsoons!! There is a difference

  • mr mc
    mr mc 3 hours ago

    Complete rubbish that the Ireland match is bigger the NZ and RSA match

  • Jacob Roberts
    Jacob Roberts 3 hours ago

    This should be a great game

  • maurizio azzalin
    maurizio azzalin 3 hours ago

    Fully agree with you Dean, arms around the necks and bullying allowed according to today's match referee?

  • ELM2018
    ELM2018 3 hours ago

    It's a mistake not going with Conan @8.

  • The World Is Watching

    Sick Note. He spent more time with his Horses !! ( Manor House Stables Michael Owen and his wife Louise, began operating as a training establishment in March 2007 with 30 horses in training. )

  • Sean O’Malley
    Sean O’Malley 3 hours ago

    Hate it when they talk through skype.

  • ELM2018
    ELM2018 3 hours ago

    Every 6 nations Scotland are talked up as potential winners and bombed. The only time they've caught us has been in Murrayfield when we're not at the races. Ireland will win this match and it should be no surprise. Scotland at home different story.. Scotland in Japan.. Ireland will choke them.

  • ciaranbrk
    ciaranbrk 3 hours ago

    They are of equal importance in deciding the quarterfinals fixture. Each side will be playing hard to avoid New Zealand

    • mr mc
      mr mc 3 hours ago

      I don't think it matters much Ireland won't beat South Africa or NZ

    • craig forsyth
      craig forsyth 3 hours ago

      Scotland will rather have the AB's.....

  • Brian Swarbrigg
    Brian Swarbrigg 3 hours ago

    Lampard could be in thin ice 🤦‍♂️😂 really

  • luigi gerratani
    luigi gerratani 4 hours ago


  • lee wadsworth
    lee wadsworth 4 hours ago

    Ireland Scotland biggest game? Hahahahaha There's a potential final on this weekend also, not to mention another massive game between 2 teams who have made semi finals before... 3rd biggest game of the weekend!

    • lee wadsworth
      lee wadsworth 3 hours ago

      @Fianna how so? There are 2 bigger games than the bottom half of the 6 nations tie!

    • Fianna
      Fianna 4 hours ago

      You're in for a rude awakening sonny boy

  • Fred McHugh
    Fred McHugh 4 hours ago

    Aidan it is pronounced fleer, he has said this in interviews

  • Irish Footy Vlogs
    Irish Footy Vlogs 4 hours ago

    Tough interview,very brave]

  • Dan Dan
    Dan Dan 4 hours ago

    Ireland v Scotland bigger than All Blacks v Boks? Come on lads

    • irish1
      irish1 3 hours ago

      Both celtic nations. It is to us

    • craig forsyth
      craig forsyth 3 hours ago

      Of Course!!! World no.1 v The most exciting brand of rugby!!! Or A bunch of 'Riody Saffas v Arguably the best " the World".............

    • Michael Martin
      Michael Martin 3 hours ago

      It depends on how you look at it. If you believe that New Zealand and South Africa are so much better than Scotland and Ireland, then I can see your point. If you believe that New Zealand are much better than South Africa, then for either of these teams have a chance of getting to the semi final, then facing South Africa is a much more desirable prospect.

  • britbox
    britbox 4 hours ago

    I've forgiven him.

  • John Taylor
    John Taylor 4 hours ago

    If the running game gets to much for the Boks they will slow it down with the medic's on the patch to stop momentum. This is one of things they did well in the past to stop the All Black's gathering momentum so they can rest and regroup.

  • Pellican Pants
    Pellican Pants 4 hours ago

    Ja, sure, AB's deliberately held back to allow Boks to draw in the last minute in NZ and OZ to dish out a monster defeat ?? Come on.

  • Joshua Delmaestro
    Joshua Delmaestro 4 hours ago

    Great line up, Clive never minces his words

    • Dashing Dave
      Dashing Dave Hour ago

      Never saw Woodward do a long interview before. Fascinating guy.

  • gms77777
    gms77777 4 hours ago


  • Wilhelm Moggeridge
    Wilhelm Moggeridge 5 hours ago

    "Square pegs"? To whom are you referring? Arguably Larmour, I suppose. But who else? I am reminded of the doleful Mrs Mopp of my youth: "It's being so cheerful that keeps me going!" It is amusing that you chaps can see clearly what the Joes and the Andys of rugby cannot.

  • DAGATHire
    DAGATHire 5 hours ago

    certainly a worrying back 3 from a defensive stand point. Conway not a worry... but stockdale... with the back three of the scots running at him, kicking over him, turning him... thats a serious worry.

    • DAGATHire
      DAGATHire Hour ago

      @Michael Martin they are fine, ours are better

    • Michael Martin
      Michael Martin 2 hours ago

      It's only a problem if we lose the battle up front. I think this selection is saying that we don't really rate the Scottish forwards.

  • Sebz Aj
    Sebz Aj 5 hours ago

    Kevin u wasteman is it because u weren't on the level at 17 ??????

  • Trevor O doherty
    Trevor O doherty 5 hours ago

    Negative talk we dont need doom and gloom guys support your team day have not played a match yet in world cup and all this down talk why cant we back our team

  • finnmacool
    finnmacool 5 hours ago

    The conditions wont be wet .. I'm in japan now and the forecast has changed.. Sunday is gonna be cloudy with occasional sun , a bit humid but dry

  • C Klan
    C Klan 5 hours ago

    Thia dublin team are probably the greatest of all time. Kerry will eventually take them. Where are the ulster boys now

  • Shane Canning
    Shane Canning 5 hours ago

    Great show

  • Dean Thomson
    Dean Thomson 6 hours ago

    Hopefully Nigel Owen's retires after World Cup. World Cup no place for charity reffing. If we get up by 20 on Japan, if Nigel charity reffing kicks in Japan could get back into and nick game.

  • Sean O C
    Sean O C 6 hours ago

    Greenwood struggled??? He's already better than rashford 😂

  • RandomAs
    RandomAs 6 hours ago

    Greenwood is best 2 footed player I have ever seen

  • maurizio azzalin
    maurizio azzalin 6 hours ago

    at last, we've got there, perhaps you mean YokohAma!

  • Mateo Hernandez Power

    Eoin Sheehan is such a legend

  • Shane Canning
    Shane Canning 6 hours ago

    No fears here people forget we have only lost 3 games in 2 years

  • Shane Canning
    Shane Canning 6 hours ago


  • Shane Canning
    Shane Canning 7 hours ago this team its very exciting

  • LimpingMonkey
    LimpingMonkey 7 hours ago

    Not sure what spat you refer too? There was a disagreement solved on the day. And a game in which Napoli got lucky

  • TheDrFMG
    TheDrFMG 7 hours ago

    When Niall mentioned popping his back bending over, I thought of deadlifts. Why? I had/have the same. I know exactly where he is. The spasm builds and you convince yourself that you're ok. Niall, get yourself sorted with a good physio. no chiropractors, surgeons etc.... a good physio that can read your scans. for your car - put one of those small hard foam rollers in the small of your back while you drive. Good luck fella'

  • ian webb
    ian webb 7 hours ago

    Come to Fukui son.... People will take your photo......

  • Jimmy ALLEN
    Jimmy ALLEN 7 hours ago

    Wow, John Giles really doesnt like Liverpools success does he? Klopp a one trick pony, VVD arrogant.... wow

    • Micheal Duffy
      Micheal Duffy 7 hours ago

      Yea i couldn't believe my ears both very humble individuals. Giles hates LFC and always will, he wants VVD mute in defence ha. If he wasn't elderly i'd have a pop at him.

  • Salingers Bespoke
    Salingers Bespoke 7 hours ago

    Awful bias analysis from OTB. Comparing a 17 year old on his second senior start to a player 4 years old is ridiculous. Man utd are no where near City and Liverpool's level but to praise City and Chelsea's academy's over Utd isn't right. Utd have continuously used academy players and has the highest proportion of academy players playing in English football.

  • Ryan Yates
    Ryan Yates 7 hours ago

    Moronic as usual from this bunch

  • Conor Barry
    Conor Barry 8 hours ago

    Nathan don't be so miserable

  • Conor Barry
    Conor Barry 8 hours ago

    OTB secretly seething United actually won. Imagine the mileage they'd get if they didn't

    • ligerpride
      ligerpride Hour ago

      Murphy is obviously scouse, not sure about Adrian. Kilbane is generally quite harsh about United but is not overly so in my opinion. Ward and Egan are the most rabid pro Liverpool anti United is Kieran Cunningham, a total weapon.

  • paul mccarthy
    paul mccarthy 8 hours ago

    Why does it have to be this season to compete ?...klopp is in his 5th season took 4 years to compete ...he finished 8th 4th 4th 2nd ...was does Ole not get time ? Any manager you put in Old Trafford will need time ....maybe its just the United are the biggest club .. by a mile

    APKSRMKS 8 hours ago

    Gomes and Greenwood played much better than Rashford

  • paul mccarthy
    paul mccarthy 8 hours ago

    They said Ronaldo was a one trick pony showboating clown who would never be a player .......

    • Sean O C
      Sean O C 6 hours ago

      Eamon dumpy on ronaldo pre Madrid move "I don't care if he scores a 1000 goals, he's a cod". Post Madrid "he's one of the all time greats".. United bias coming from the Irish media??

  • Eamon ONeill
    Eamon ONeill 8 hours ago


  • Diarmuid Bourke
    Diarmuid Bourke 8 hours ago

    They’re GAA people who watch 10minutes here 5 minutes there of different games they always talk nonsense and the idea of Kevin Kilbane talking about players needing to step up a level 😂

  • RealBobDole
    RealBobDole 9 hours ago

    Your coverage is really becoming too negative. I've noticed some tabloidesque titles to your FLASH-PLAYER videos of late. Quinny's quote taken slightly out of context for the title I think.

    • DAGATHire
      DAGATHire 41 minute ago

      yep! everyone should up vote this comment!

  • Aidan Dinneen
    Aidan Dinneen 9 hours ago

    "but larmours an electric player! Best return runner in the game", every Leinster pundit. Yeah sure, maybe against teams ranked below 8th in the world but he's been shown to be in-affective against top tier defence. And don't even mention his missed tackles, dropped catches under the high ball and poor overall defense. Conway should be full back but because larmours defence is poor he's been given the task of defending against a kick instead of a player. Should have brought a proper 15 cover instead of larmour. He has time to grow so leaving him wouldn't have been the end of the world

  • Delboy Silva
    Delboy Silva 9 hours ago

    the bit that gets me is the bit where he says 'why would you risk for one game to be out for 6 weeks'... well because you needed to get something out that came to stay in the league.... sounds to me like he loves his horses more than his wife and kids

  • Sean C
    Sean C 9 hours ago

    Wasn't Roy a top and I mean a top drawer manager?

  • Brian Swarbrigg
    Brian Swarbrigg 9 hours ago

    Chelsea don’t bring through players they go on loan for 4 years then they might be good enough to make the grade

  • Lee Evans
    Lee Evans 9 hours ago

    Always enjoying listening to Owen talk about his time as a footballer. I do still laugh at the 'he's only 13 reference'.

  • plantbased paul
    plantbased paul 9 hours ago

    all the other teams went back to the wtf happened when they saw the AB's last two games, everything they trained for to beat the AB's went straight out the back door

  • Red Devil
    Red Devil 9 hours ago

    Are you serious?? Rashford was the worst player on the pitch, Greenwood scored 46 in 43 last season and is truly 2 footed, why wouldn't Ole say he's an outstanding finisher! He doesn't look like a lad who needs a confidence boost 😂

  • jago singh
    jago singh 9 hours ago

    Finally, just had to go to MU to get an EPL Champions medal for his collection!

  • jzilla1234
    jzilla1234 9 hours ago

    Salty that he would never have had mason greenwood talent.

  • Mark O'Grady
    Mark O'Grady 10 hours ago

    One season of Chelsea giving their youth team players does not mean they have the best academy in England. Man Utd have actually being playing academy players the last few seasons without being forced into it with a transfer ban. And what City academy players are you talking about? Man Utd, Spurs and Arsenal have given way more chances to academy players that any of the other top 6.

    • ligerpride
      ligerpride 57 minutes ago

      I haven't checked this but i think Chelsea have done very well in underage leagues and cups in recent years.

  • Irish Footy Vlogs
    Irish Footy Vlogs 10 hours ago

    He's only 17, give him a chance

  • Derek
    Derek 10 hours ago


  • Noel Shaju
    Noel Shaju 10 hours ago

    Incredible analysis,no English 17 year old has played and scored in European football in last decade the kid played his second competitive start in senior football and he is compared to Tammy Abraham who is 5 years older and played 4 seasons in senior football. Wow some serious analysis u have

  • beatsprodbycm
    beatsprodbycm 10 hours ago


    • Noel Shaju
      Noel Shaju 10 hours ago

      beatsprodbycm they are clue less

  • inBODwetrust13
    inBODwetrust13 10 hours ago

    Saying a 17 year old Greenwood isn't at the same level of a guy nearly 5 years older than him... Wow what incredible analysis

  • Noel Shaju
    Noel Shaju 10 hours ago

    He is 17,give him time than criticising him

  • Trevor O doherty
    Trevor O doherty 10 hours ago

    Guys ireland will get it right with super joe

  • Charlie B
    Charlie B 10 hours ago

    No it's not. There, saved you all a few mins

  • inBODwetrust13
    inBODwetrust13 10 hours ago

    To think that 12 months ago we could have been planning to field the most dynamic back row in the world of Leavy, Van Der Flier and O'Brien. How cruel injuries are.

  • Saor Éire
    Saor Éire 10 hours ago

    I think were not taking the Scots seriously by leaving out our two most experience senior players or were looking at the bigger picture that is a QF with NZ or SA.

    • craig forsyth
      craig forsyth 3 hours ago

      @Davin Eames You were lucky at Murryfield! Remind me how many points you put on England in either match at Twickenham this year..........Then think of how many we put past them in the 2nd half at the same ground?.........Whilst your lot were in a yawn-fest cuddling the Taffs............As long as we hump Japan in our last game, that's who the Scots are aiming for! what happens on Sunday doesn't really mean that much.......

    • Davin Eames
      Davin Eames 6 hours ago

      Saor Éire Ireland had there worst six nations in about 10 or 15 years this year and we still beat Scotland away from home without Jonny Sexton. Scotland really aren’t that good.

  • inBODwetrust13
    inBODwetrust13 10 hours ago

    Same, out of form, backrow. Best, O'Mahony, Stander, Ringrose have all been poor in the warm-ups and are not starting on merit.

  • terry Brady
    terry Brady 10 hours ago

    Well said Joe Lyons.. Conway! What is everyone whining about he is a class player..Good under high ball,and excellent going forward instead of get it and run straight back down the middle Carney.So called experts!! Don't make me laugh

    • Amm Music
      Amm Music 23 minutes ago

      I second that Terry.

    • eltonioh
      eltonioh Hour ago

      Conway won't be fullback though Larmour will and he has struggled under the high ball at times.

    • Joe Lyons
      Joe Lyons 10 hours ago

      Also his understanding of the game is very under rated he sees gaps and plays that you either have naturally or will never have regardless of what's bashed in to you on the training park. I also think Conway is playing because of the defensive frailties of Stockdale, I recon Conway will cover his back, either way delighted he is in.

    • Leonardo Da Vinci
      Leonardo Da Vinci 10 hours ago


  • Joe Lyons
    Joe Lyons 10 hours ago

    Delighted for Conway he has earned this call on merit and brings so much. Think this is a sign of things to come from Joe S player management and game time everything is gearing up for that 1/4 and he's limiting damage potential to his true 15 till that game.

  • aidan kearney
    aidan kearney 11 hours ago

    Plenty of pace in the back three. Happy with the 23 named. Bring it on.