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Every Single HECKLE! | Jimmy Carr
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Jimmy's Best Accents! | Jimmy Carr
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Jimmy Carr on Charity | Jimmy Carr
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A Minute Of Laughs | Jimmy Carr
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Hecklers Beware | Jimmy Carr
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  • Esther Perrig
    Esther Perrig 33 minutes ago

    Did he gained weight only in the face? Great comedian btw

    BABYD KC Hour ago

    Short and quick funny assf doe

  • Abel
    Abel 3 hours ago

    What was the underground bit about?

    • al t
      al t 3 hours ago

      Josef Fritzel

  • d davis
    d davis 7 hours ago

    hecklers are such punks but he is great at comebacks

  • Harsh Parekh
    Harsh Parekh 7 hours ago

    What's the name of this stand up? Is it on Netflix?

    • Tracey A
      Tracey A 46 minutes ago

      It's Making People Laugh. Was a DVD but is now on flash-player.orgfeatured

  • RIXRADvidz
    RIXRADvidz 7 hours ago

    Jimmy Carr, the EViL Man's Comedian. no need for the hard sell, all that other stuff, Bonus!

  • Melissa Marshman
    Melissa Marshman 8 hours ago

    MacDonalds is basically Britain's public toilets chain.

    • Tapio 86
      Tapio 86 35 minutes ago

      McDonald's = American

  • Bryan McMillin
    Bryan McMillin 8 hours ago

    Of course, I take my girlfriend to McDonald's. After a busy day of holding up cardboard signs on street corners, I think we both deserve a break today.

  • Psychotic Bob
    Psychotic Bob 8 hours ago

    Chick in the pink is hot!

  • Kainable87
    Kainable87 10 hours ago

    I’m religious, I got to church every Sunday, I’m an old earth creationist. And I believe the Holy Bible I pray for forgiveness for all of my friends and my enemies and read my bible every night. These jokes are not offensive to me. Does that make me a bad christian or just that I have a good sense of humor?

  • Marshall Davis
    Marshall Davis 11 hours ago

    Weight McDonald's is a restaurant

    • Marshall Davis
      Marshall Davis 8 hours ago

      @Bryan McMillin Really I wouldn't go that far

    • Bryan McMillin
      Bryan McMillin 8 hours ago

      I see what you did there. That borders on clever.

  • Lord Debrick
    Lord Debrick 12 hours ago

    I love the irony of this audience because you know outside these people are the very PR PC plebs having a go at everyone else for laughing or having an opinion!

    • Rannon
      Rannon 9 hours ago

      Here everyone knows it's a joke. Outside it can be rather difficult to differentiate between someone who like here enjoys a bit o' fun and a racist that's decided to be a bit subtle. I mean if you tell me the same joke I've heard from my racist great grandpa, how should I know which one you are?

  • Liam Hawke
    Liam Hawke 12 hours ago

    Funny joke but Australia uses kilometres not miles

  • Harmxn
    Harmxn 12 hours ago

    0:58 I don't get that joke, could someone explain it please?

    • Srithor
      Srithor 7 hours ago


    • godxad
      godxad 10 hours ago

      Tsar Nicolas II no problem mate

    • Tsar Nicolas II
      Tsar Nicolas II 10 hours ago

      godxad Thanks I didn’t get this one neither

    • godxad
      godxad 11 hours ago

      Harmxn Josef Fritzls daughter had been living underground for 25years, literally

  • Fardeen Chowdhury
    Fardeen Chowdhury 12 hours ago

    Jimmy carr Jim carry

  • KOJohnson
    KOJohnson 12 hours ago

    I saw a sign in an office-supply store that said, "GLUE STICKS". I thought, yeah, I hope it does --

  • Jan Baltes
    Jan Baltes 12 hours ago

    His german is good XD

  • stuart balchin
    stuart balchin 12 hours ago

    Had to go for a poo in McDonald's once there was no toilet paper had to use H Samuel catalog i found on the toilet floor

  • Munin Raven
    Munin Raven 13 hours ago

    6:17 "Because they never learned how to strafe!"... is the correct punchline for that particular joke.

  • Nik Gnashers
    Nik Gnashers 13 hours ago

    Who cares who commented 1st, 2nd, or 3rd ? Bunch of bellends. Jimmy Carr is brilliant !

  • chaz d'spaz
    chaz d'spaz 13 hours ago

    I America, we have yellow caution signs in some farming areas which have a Tractor on them. I saw one, one day, on which someone had drawn in permanent marker, squiggly lines above the Tractor to indicate 'falling Tractors.'

  • Warulven
    Warulven 13 hours ago

    Correct funny is best funny, thank you Jimmy ! Im down with the influensa fever and this helped me laugh up some slime yeah, thanks lad !

    • Srithor
      Srithor 7 hours ago

      "Have you slimed yet?"

    • Daithí
      Daithí 9 hours ago

      “laugh up some slime” is something i never want to hear from any living being ever again

  • ITzzJack 1
    ITzzJack 1 14 hours ago


  • Swordhand #
    Swordhand # 14 hours ago

    Worm burgers - research it!

    • Swordhand #
      Swordhand # 2 hours ago

      MD’s fed worms beef carcasses, the worms practically became beef and were used as burger filers... oh yer people, real talk 💯

    • Rod
      Rod 7 hours ago

      okay, got it now, thanks.

    • Srithor
      Srithor 7 hours ago

      @Rod Google "Elisabeth Fritzl".

    • Rod
      Rod 12 hours ago

      Worm burgers? is that what he meant by the living underground for 25 years? I didn't get the joke with that reference.

  • Matthew Bailey
    Matthew Bailey 14 hours ago

    I've a friend called shagga, she doesn't like it. haha

  • Blake Stormcrow
    Blake Stormcrow 15 hours ago

    I got an ad for McDonald's before watching this on my phone. I don't think they understand irony.

    • Nunyadam Bidniss
      Nunyadam Bidniss 3 hours ago

      And clearly, neither do you. Because that's not irony.

  • evilution
    evilution 15 hours ago

    Whenever I go to public attractions, there's always a sign that says "dogs die in hot cars". But it never says where it is or what time the show starts.

  • Levi
    Levi 15 hours ago


  • Klinkenstecker22
    Klinkenstecker22 15 hours ago

    Schnitzel? Ja das ist gut!

  • Dan McDonald
    Dan McDonald 15 hours ago

    I'm not going to comment on this for obvious reasons.

    • Dana Wrigley
      Dana Wrigley Hour ago

      I know what you're going through. Having the same name as a chewing gum brand was no treat growing up.

    • Anthony Griffin
      Anthony Griffin 2 hours ago

      Dan McDonald ha

    • RIXRADvidz
      RIXRADvidz 7 hours ago

      oy mate, the name is Duncan. Duncan Yo Yo. although I grew up Dunkin Donut

    • matteo cagliero
      matteo cagliero 11 hours ago


    • Dan McDonald
      Dan McDonald 13 hours ago

      Lazy Jesus ...it's just a coincidence damn it!

  • TDS1108
    TDS1108 15 hours ago

    McDonald’s: Restaurant? Or ghetto food emporium

    • RIXRADvidz
      RIXRADvidz 7 hours ago

      it's make believe food, you imagine the nutrition from the tasty nasty slop

    • vabalokis
      vabalokis 13 hours ago

      not everywhere mcdonalds cheap

  • Ri0 futaba
    Ri0 futaba 15 hours ago

    Ah Ah Ah The classic laugh

  • insert name here
    insert name here 15 hours ago

    natascha kampusch had a hard laugh

  • New Message
    New Message 15 hours ago

    Isn't a "Fritzel schnitzel" is when you're cheating on your diet, so you eat it while hiding in the basement?

  • Shailesh Rana
    Shailesh Rana 15 hours ago

    What is the living underground joke?

    • Joseph E
      Joseph E 12 hours ago

      The Mongoose eh?

    • Red Pilled Fox
      Red Pilled Fox 12 hours ago

      It's about...........oh, never mind. The moment's passed!

    • The Mongoose
      The Mongoose 12 hours ago

      Florian ĸarl one of the COMMENTERS is a joseph E

    • Florian ĸarl
      Florian ĸarl 13 hours ago

      it was a Josef F and not a @Joseph E , you missed it a little bit ;)

    • Joseph E
      Joseph E 14 hours ago

      Florian ĸarl sounds like something I would do

  • Alexandra Jones
    Alexandra Jones 15 hours ago

    Why does Everyone say first but nobody comments on how funny his jokes are?

    • Bryan McMillin
      Bryan McMillin 8 hours ago

      It's like getting high score on a video game, except it requires no effort, skill, or talent and is a pitiful plea for attention

    • Officer Jenkins
      Officer Jenkins 10 hours ago

      Because people want attention

    • Mister Itchy
      Mister Itchy 12 hours ago

      @Kathleen Henson That was a most excellent response!

    • Markov Mily
      Markov Mily 13 hours ago

      because people like you will comment on them rather than on how funny Jimmy's jokes are

    • Forgotten Lawrence
      Forgotten Lawrence 14 hours ago

      Because retards

  • Shyam S Bose
    Shyam S Bose 15 hours ago

    product placement in unusual places.

  • Cowboy 1000
    Cowboy 1000 15 hours ago

    3rd and I just farted 💨

  • Salty Nutz
    Salty Nutz 15 hours ago


    NUK3MOOSE 15 hours ago


  • Corey Pryde
    Corey Pryde 15 hours ago


  • Paul Pajophel
    Paul Pajophel 15 hours ago


  • n3RDY
    n3RDY 15 hours ago

    ThIrD !

  • Sam R
    Sam R 15 hours ago


  • DancyWhisper
    DancyWhisper 15 hours ago


  • Reflexlwd
    Reflexlwd 18 hours ago

    Shame the laugh track is so noticeable.

  • Pete Malicki
    Pete Malicki 18 hours ago

    This video gave me an even deeper appreciation of Steve Hofstetter's heckler smackdowns

  • renditioners
    renditioners 19 hours ago

    why is a pretend fifth rate impression of bob monkhouse telling us the intricacies of humour,,,ex forces are sleeping rough tonight that's offensive while this deluded fool avoids tax,,,

  • D. J. Russel
    D. J. Russel 20 hours ago

    Give a thumbs-up if you are reading this in 2019 with Jimmy's mom on your lap.

  • Akuma
    Akuma 21 hour ago

    can I tell a joke jimmy? knock knock

  • philos4r
    philos4r 21 hour ago

    Rachel had her teeth done first though.

  • Tarantulas & Lhasa Apsos

    I can’t understand why steve Hofstetter thinks he’s so good at dealing with hecklers, I’ve yet to see him own anybody, he says he’s second to Jimmy Carr. He obviously has no idea who Frankie Boyle is.

  • Molly Taylor
    Molly Taylor Day ago

    I've never even heard of this guy before, but now I love him.

  • Pablo Astini
    Pablo Astini Day ago

    Please, somebody HAVE to let this guy know he is NOT funny...

  • Lewis Kelly
    Lewis Kelly Day ago

    I wonder if Jimmy paid his taxes on what he earned from that gig and this video? Nope.

  • Shane Meredith

    If that really is his real laugh, ...... he needs to get help changing it.

  • ConformalStatue

    15:43 you should have said, i looked in a mirror once

    SPOOKSTR Day ago

    If you want my comeback you'll have to scrape it off your mothers teeth...lol.

  • OllyDouble
    OllyDouble Day ago

    Jimmy Carr can be named in the same sentence as Ronnie Barker, Tommy Cooper, Peter Kay! Comedy genius

  • Mucus 23
    Mucus 23 Day ago

    These are some of his tamest jokes and heckles. He can be brutal. I walked home funny the night I saw him live in action.

  • Skeptical Skeksis

    God bless him for not letting Comedy die from the PC mob.

  • Canis Di Bellum

    1:16:52/1:40:32 I'm freaking dead!!!

  • james ohara
    james ohara Day ago

    Dragon joke, What do you call a chinese woman with no legs?, Dragen lips :)

  • V Anon
    V Anon Day ago

    and in 2019 he wouldn't be able to do any of these jokes as the twitter mob would ruin his life!

  • Vrbanvs A. T. Silvanvs

    9:52 always does it for me... Even if for a split second it stopped him in his tracks like superglue :)

  • Jay Jay
    Jay Jay Day ago

    Razy Lacism 🤣

  • Ray Pellerin
    Ray Pellerin Day ago

    Love him but he did not invent tasteless baby jokes.

  • Ray Pellerin
    Ray Pellerin Day ago

    A bully is a coward no one stood up to.

  • Jason S
    Jason S Day ago

    The sound is so out of sync on this that it’s nearly unwatchable

  • Omar Khazamov
    Omar Khazamov Day ago

    The last joke about blind woman is actually Anthony Jeselniks joke

  • arnev94
    arnev94 Day ago

    At 18:00.....is not that Gina Bellamy from Heartbeat 🤔🤔

  • Henric Carlsson

    The gay joke was most unfunny ever. And no, I am not offended it was just not clever.

  • Tristin Campbell

    I’m gonna be very honest. The very first time I heard a Welsh accent I mistook the person for being mentally disabled and tried to be my kindest. Not that I would treat anybody any less in the first place. After some listening and talking I figured out it was just an accent. I asked where he was from and he just said “Wales” and that was that. I have a friend from London and told him about it. It’s been two years since It’s happened and he still laughs until he cries. It’s only become funnier to me since then. from Canada btw.

  • ProwseOfficial

    Imagine if a comedian heckled a comedian.

  • Ray Pellerin
    Ray Pellerin Day ago

    An old Polish guy is on his front lawn. His house is engulfed in flames. He is laughing his ass off. Neighbor asks him why he is laughing? Your house is burning to the ground. Polish guys says, "I have enough wood to build another house in the attic".

  • Zejqa
    Zejqa Day ago

    This is actually quality 😂

  • Irrapture x
    Irrapture x Day ago


  • Darren McAuliffe

    I saw a sign that said "Mother's Day Book Now." I wondered what's in a Mother's Day book?

  • Charming nowhere to hide

    My teacher just gives me detentions for breathing incorrectly

  • Luke Clarke
    Luke Clarke Day ago

    Seen a sign the other day that made me piss my pants. Toliet out of order

  • John Cortex
    John Cortex 2 days ago

    My personal favourite is the advice seen on most medicines etc - 'Keep away from children". I always try to . . . they can be so annoying at times!

  • Cassie
    Cassie 2 days ago

    Why was he so rude to the irish teacher damn

  • Viking Power
    Viking Power 2 days ago

    What does Micheal Jackson and Walmart have in common?? Little boys under shorts half off.

  • Viking Power
    Viking Power 2 days ago

    The Tsunamis were Japan's enema. Find that offensive? Wait, I'm just getting started.

  • Thomas Godart
    Thomas Godart 2 days ago

    Brutal 🤘 And excellent improv. 😅 Well done!

  • James Charles
    James Charles 2 days ago

    I wanna be in a prison cell now

  • Jake Thompson
    Jake Thompson 2 days ago

    why does this exist?

  • Magic Loaf
    Magic Loaf 2 days ago


  • Mackem 1973
    Mackem 1973 2 days ago

    My favourite comedian, going to see him at the Sunderland Empire next year, can't wait...

  • Nick Barnes
    Nick Barnes 2 days ago


  • Joe Fleming-Mulford

    What a fucking disgrace joking about the Jews and the nazis, what a fucking prick, I knew jimmy Carr was a twat but I mean really, he should be taken off air for that, any show on tele if he told that he’d be struck off in a minute.

  • Alec Zacharias
    Alec Zacharias 2 days ago

    Oh boy he is the english’iest’ man I’ve ever seen

  • Ptao Tom
    Ptao Tom 2 days ago

    0:22 I never get that joke at first. I just watched a second time and still didn't get it.

    • Deviant Raven
      Deviant Raven 22 hours ago

      He's basically saying that he was still her student and if he wanted anything from her he had to raise his hand

  • Ephemeral Q.
    Ephemeral Q. 2 days ago

    1:22 Joke's on you, we don't use miles.

  • use code lazerbeam
    use code lazerbeam 2 days ago

    Jimmy Savile was sold out so I had to go for the second rate Jimmy

  • wodzynski liam
    wodzynski liam 2 days ago

    The best comedy is offensive.

  • Nanda Kaminski
    Nanda Kaminski 2 days ago

    Ginger and Community.

  • Making Games
    Making Games 2 days ago

    YEEEEEES, new material! Finally. I heard all the stuff on this channel before.. This did not disappoint. I am genuinely happy now. Let´s see what else I missed!