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It's coming BACK!!
Views 482 8442 days ago
Overwatch on Switch... is bad
Views 290 2264 days ago
Pixel 4... for real this time
Views 361 9745 days ago
Intel finally GETS it!
Views 435 0426 days ago
"Negative Latency"
Views 484 8339 days ago
This Phone WASN'T Photoshopped.
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The new 1080p KING!?
Views 378 43913 days ago
Views 356 54116 days ago
The BLUE pill or the RED pill?
Views 466 54118 days ago
Ryzen prices are rising!!
Views 394 70820 days ago
Amazon Alexa on your FACE?
Views 337 06823 days ago
Resell your DIGITAL games?!
Views 432 905Month ago
Noo, my vapes!!
Views 369 536Month ago
DON'T open that text!!
Views 449 452Month ago
Intel's getting desperate...
Views 565 626Month ago
Views 634 394Month ago
Disable Cortana NOW
Views 595 967Month ago
Everything you love... gone
Views 673 079Month ago
Minecraft RTX... It's GLORIOUS...
Views 714 2602 months ago
They're ALL vulnerable!?
Views 514 3412 months ago
Huawei: It's not "hacking"...
Views 464 0012 months ago
Apple giving out HACKED iPhones?
Views 449 0312 months ago
New AMD processors are SLAYING
Views 558 3292 months ago
Why would I buy the Note 10?
Views 817 8142 months ago
The Apple Card can’t buy crypto??
Views 341 1312 months ago
Views 527 5632 months ago
Android on Switch is... AWESOME!?
Views 594 1702 months ago
Bethesda... y u do dis?
Views 473 3552 months ago
Facebook's Worst. Day. Ever.
Views 462 8932 months ago
Huawei screwed up AGAIN!
Views 481 7723 months ago
Russia's taking our photos!?
Views 375 6663 months ago
Use Office 365, go to JAIL!
Views 476 5373 months ago
AMD gave up!?
Views 915 6073 months ago
Huawei's ALLOWED to spy now!
Views 447 3053 months ago
Is there ANY reason to buy Intel?
Views 888 4663 months ago
Your phone is spying on you.
Views 388 8193 months ago
AMD played us all...
Views 489 6823 months ago
Apple using Deepfakes on Facetime!?
Views 443 4453 months ago
Huawei's BACK!
Views 679 7133 months ago
Macbooks could catch FIRE!?
Views 424 2034 months ago
A Facebook cryptocurrency? HA!
Views 365 6694 months ago
TVs can get VIRUSES? U kidding me?
Views 497 2554 months ago
RTX is getting CHEAPER...
Views 516 4124 months ago
Man, AMD is on FIRE!
Views 549 4264 months ago
8K Xbox? I'm skeptical.
Views 743 5274 months ago
...Google LOVES Huawei now?
Views 555 5364 months ago
AMD won't let you buy this...
Views 453 7934 months ago
A Mac Pro + In-Display Camera!?
Views 593 5864 months ago
Your PC is now an Xbox!
Views 609 7044 months ago
Views 626 0714 months ago
Amazon offers $25 for your NUDES!?
Views 565 7524 months ago
The Huawei ban is just the start...
Views 693 4755 months ago
Welp - that's it for Huawei!
Views 790 5685 months ago
Microsoft + Sony... TOGETHER!?
Views 487 8715 months ago
Intel CPUs are in TROUBLE...
Views 639 2805 months ago
Fuchsia OS is REAL!?
Views 566 0265 months ago
This CAN'T be real...
Views 622 3535 months ago
Apple LIED about iPhones!?
Views 713 8615 months ago
Epic's just BUYING studios now?
Views 348 2075 months ago
GOTCHA, Huawei! (...not really)
Views 478 2105 months ago
Phones need Cooling Fans Now!?
Views 542 2235 months ago
What is Samsung DOING!?
Views 406 9495 months ago
NEW Intel... "Musclebooks"!?
Views 519 9725 months ago
Views 663 9826 months ago
China BEATS Amazon!
Views 380 8726 months ago
Apple Gave Up!?
Views 624 3766 months ago
EA PROMISES no loot boxes...?
Views 399 1766 months ago
No Star Wars spoilers here...
Views 286 0926 months ago
No Ray Tracing? No THANKS
Views 392 7006 months ago
Views 519 5946 months ago
RTX 2080 Ti overclocked to 3GHz!!
Views 383 0016 months ago
Does Facebook have no SHAME?
Views 486 5476 months ago
Uh, Apple...Are you OK?
Views 750 7626 months ago
The EU just KILLED this channel...
Views 613 9646 months ago
NEW ways Apple can TAKE UR MONEY!
Views 475 5626 months ago
It's time to CHOOSE A SIDE.
Views 537 3237 months ago
The FUTURE of Gaming!?
Views 384 5097 months ago
Your security apps do NOTHING!?
Views 446 2677 months ago
What is Microsoft THINKING?
Views 486 1657 months ago
THIS is Google's Controller!?
Views 728 1767 months ago
Nvidia: RICH Gamers are BETTER!?
Views 556 6657 months ago


  • Train Gender
    Train Gender 51 second ago

    I could barely unlock my s10+ with my fingerprint with a screen protector, but people are getting in without a problem

  • Josh Parker
    Josh Parker Minute ago

    Dude needs to sell some tech and get a gym membership. Go 3 times a day and stop eating because your fat to get the depression to fade away it will only come back worse when you look at yourself and you are even heavier. Stay alive brother you won’t live long at 350lbs

  • Sorn Ratana
    Sorn Ratana 2 minutes ago

    Congratulations! Now you can break it from all angles 👏 👏 👏

  • Backseat Politician
    Backseat Politician 3 minutes ago

    There's no FedEx in Canada? You guys are missing out.

  • Blaze And Co.
    Blaze And Co. 5 minutes ago

    What could be going on Monday in Canada Hmmmmmm

  • Febra May
    Febra May 14 minutes ago

    I loved my Razor lol

  • You Toobe
    You Toobe 17 minutes ago

    Lose weight man

  • NeilHaskins
    NeilHaskins 20 minutes ago

    1:08 Is that why everyone thinks Santa isn't real?

  • Joey Strittmatter
    Joey Strittmatter 25 minutes ago


  • Kronickruesader
    Kronickruesader 26 minutes ago

    So you say graphics as jraphics? Dummy

  • عبدالملك الصائغ


  • FFSteve
    FFSteve 45 minutes ago

    lold @ meat shield

  • Kevin Wiltshire
    Kevin Wiltshire 50 minutes ago

    My cheap LG stylo face recognition works great

  • Jorge Montero
    Jorge Montero 53 minutes ago

    No no no!!! I liked him until he pronounced it “jif” LEAVE STOP MAKING NEWS YOU ARE UNWORTHY!!!

  • Antium
    Antium 58 minutes ago

    Fat Chucky lookin ass

  • Austin Whitecotton

    Is ten and is also a dad.

  • Srcsqwrn
    Srcsqwrn Hour ago

    Riley and Anthony are the best TechLinked people.

  • aubug5
    aubug5 Hour ago

    Wasn’t this guy in the movie “Deliverance?”

  • Tom
    Tom Hour ago

    Gif stands for Graphical Interchange Format, not Giraffrical. You pronounce it wrong. Deal with it.

  • Salty Burns
    Salty Burns Hour ago

    I'm confused, I saw no peanut butter in this video.

  • Old School Games

    Music Compact Discs will make a huge comeback in 10 -years.Just like Vinyl records did.You heard it from me first.👍😀✌️

  • Greg Coleman
    Greg Coleman Hour ago

    Are your eyes small because the fat of your eyelid is starting to cover them?

  • Ramond Olive
    Ramond Olive Hour ago

    Maybe they were using floppy disks because they couldn't be interefered with by magnetic fields?

    MAGA MAN Hour ago

    Those 8 inch floppy disks are probably more secure than anything they will be using now.

  • rambogunz
    rambogunz Hour ago

    Anthony is back. I approve.

    MAGA MAN Hour ago

    The only way to really keep your phone secure is still a password. Biometrics are way too easy to get past. Your face and fingerprints can easily be used without your permission.

  • booyaa kashaa
    booyaa kashaa Hour ago


  • Brian Roman
    Brian Roman 2 hours ago


  • Jared Z
    Jared Z 2 hours ago

    I wanna buy all the things... BAM

  • Nikolas Espinosa
    Nikolas Espinosa 2 hours ago

    Do you need to sneeze? I have a tissue for you.

  • Napert360ggTGpl
    Napert360ggTGpl 2 hours ago

    Inb4 the amount of whackiness on every phone gets so big in a couple of years, that a phone like redmi note 5 (just an example) will be considered whacky

  • Seventh Trumpet Tattoos

    Oh I'm just so excited

  • D One
    D One 2 hours ago

    I give it one year. Anthony will have a shaved head.

  • bladerj
    bladerj 2 hours ago

    why would anyone use face unlock :so stupid, just use retina scan

  • mikez541
    mikez541 2 hours ago

    EYY! I live in one of those "Big rectangular states out west" LOL

  • Jonathan Williamson
    Jonathan Williamson 2 hours ago

    This dude plus hat: M'lady

  • Jayy
    Jayy 2 hours ago

    Well my iPhone 8 Plus won’t be going anywhere anytime soon.

  • Tristan Ryan
    Tristan Ryan 2 hours ago

    Yaaaay its Anthony

  • Ron Chris
    Ron Chris 3 hours ago

    3:27 “less digits”... Stannis Baratheon says “fewer”

  • weksauce
    weksauce 3 hours ago

    A GIF, like Giraffics Interchange Format, not Graphics Interchange Format. Of course.

  • Machtyn
    Machtyn 3 hours ago

    And just think. Some poor company has had to keep production running for 8" floppy disks. Granted, they're probably charging a massive markup and they aren't really that poor.

  • Curtis John
    Curtis John 3 hours ago

    I'm not so tech savvy so maybe someone can help me here. First of all, can anyone tell me what a "computer" is? I've heard all sorts of things about them but can't find anything online. Thanks.

  • Machtyn
    Machtyn 3 hours ago

    I just LOVE the Jraphics Interchange Format.

  • trounbyfire
    trounbyfire 3 hours ago

    Damn stadia.... Any good new as of late? No official UI, ship date or other things that haven't been shown.... Now can't use mobile??!? So i might as well keep my ps4 remote play..... Just sad im cancelling

  • Zac Bowling
    Zac Bowling 3 hours ago

    calling it a “jiff” and not a “gif” Anthony ? I’ve lost all respect.

  • jvan
    jvan 3 hours ago

    True, I was in the military in 2000 and we were pretty advanced; paper tape operating system coded with octal based instruction code operating on a 2 megahertz mainframe and teletype UI. Those Airforce specialists had it made with that futuristic magnetic media floppie disc.

  • TakeASip
    TakeASip 3 hours ago

    Wheres your neck fatass

  • Dylan Lasky
    Dylan Lasky 3 hours ago

    Anthony you play destiny?!

  • Eric
    Eric 3 hours ago

    I mean... Just gotta say.. The merch style is banging. Adding more to the cart :)

  • Mitchell Matula
    Mitchell Matula 3 hours ago

    anthony was cool until he said jif. NEXT

  • yun hua
    yun hua 3 hours ago

    Vote for yang and all your tech fantasy will come true

  • Peter purpl3grape studios

    Stealing amazon packages will never be easier. Just shoot down the drone.

  • Ghost Musket
    Ghost Musket 4 hours ago

    Motorola is best phone for flip device. except Samsung and Huawei.

  • Anders Frederiksen
    Anders Frederiksen 4 hours ago

    Foldable Motorola Razr looks cool! But unfortunately Motorola/Lenovo support their mobile devices like !"#¤ - well, let's just say "DO NOT SUPPORT at all". (Like in not acknowledging or fixing production errors / engineering faults (Motorola), not updating current devices to even recent Android (Lenovo tablet/phones). We might have been unlucky - but 4 of 4 devices is scary in my book!) So once burned - I'd recommend everyone to buy from decent companies (must be come out there) instead. And I'd say buying "risky" new tech like a foldable screen product from them would be plain stupid! (My apologies to any potentielly offended customers - I do actually wish the best for them... May they never need support from the Chinese manufacturer!!!)

  • R Y
    R Y 4 hours ago

    ive always said the razr should come back. its the thinnest phone when opened

  • xezzo
    xezzo 4 hours ago

    I like Anthony’s vibe

    MtGA ABUSIV3 4 hours ago


  • TheGreatMunky
    TheGreatMunky 4 hours ago

    I actually liked my RAZR phone, except for when it got older and the laser cut touch pad would catch my facial hair and pull it. But I guess that made it closer to a dull RAZR.

  • David Austin
    David Austin 4 hours ago

    uh... did he just channel Trump?

  • ninezerofive
    ninezerofive 4 hours ago

    Just what internet needs : Anthony in 4k :D

  • doomham100
    doomham100 4 hours ago

    Ngl, some respect was lost at "jif"

  • Robeon Mew
    Robeon Mew 4 hours ago

    once it's fixed, just put googley eyes on whos sleeping and WHAM! OPENED AGAIN

  • Tim Massing
    Tim Massing 4 hours ago


  • jafabo1
    jafabo1 4 hours ago

    It is Graphical interface format. Not JRAPHICAL interface format.

  • Lord of Dread
    Lord of Dread 4 hours ago

    So today I found out that my processor isn't actually an 8 core... I did not expect to be stabbed in the heart when I clicked on this video.

  • Alex du Plessis
    Alex du Plessis 4 hours ago

    Why is there "mayo" on your shirt?

  • matt18152 E-Games owner

    April 1st talk linked only about the Kardashians

  • Greatius Iterfector
    Greatius Iterfector 4 hours ago

    Now all we need are drone hunters, that will take care of those delivery drones, knock them down so we can take the goods for ourselves.

  • gdog1195
    gdog1195 4 hours ago

    This guy should just save his money get liposuction and gastro bypass and workout

  • Clorox
    Clorox 4 hours ago

    Looks like this guys been eating a lot of Razr phones

  • yelwor22
    yelwor22 4 hours ago

    Yay Anthony!

  • Strahinja Stankov
    Strahinja Stankov 4 hours ago

    Well tscm 7 nm is tehnicaly same as intels 10 nm. So the are not behind

  • Kira Slith
    Kira Slith 4 hours ago

    "Quake Baits" so we're trying to distract the Black Goat of the Woods with a Thousand Young now?

  • Phil Dawson
    Phil Dawson 5 hours ago

    I'm a time traveller from 2021 Intel will dominate soon enough you'll be shocked what's coming

  • 5Xt
    5Xt 5 hours ago

    Why do you even make videos if you can't open your eyes

  • Bitmongol
    Bitmongol 5 hours ago

    2:19 Sooooo... Anthony is Trump?? OH, my mistake, Anthony is kind, clever and not orange

  • Ivan Juarez
    Ivan Juarez 5 hours ago

    Of course I always come here at TechLinked to know about the Kardashians

  • Nat20 Damage
    Nat20 Damage 5 hours ago

    Nice!! I had one of those when it first came out. Also you are wrong about gif.

  • AlReidSans Al
    AlReidSans Al 5 hours ago

    This pretty good hope the information pretty good

  • Naabii
    Naabii 5 hours ago

    Why this one doesn't get 2:1 aspect ratio like the other channel

  • Imtiaz Mahmud
    Imtiaz Mahmud 5 hours ago

    Every year Google had problem with their Pixel phone... It will get normal

  • homegrowntwinkie
    homegrowntwinkie 5 hours ago

    Why does the Nvidia tube have to be tempting for Canadians? Why not the rest of us?

  • homegrowntwinkie
    homegrowntwinkie 5 hours ago

    Anthony, apparently just rose drom the rank of God, to Eldritch Old One, because he knows how to properly pronounce Gif.

  • Ibby
    Ibby 5 hours ago

    cant see this niggas eyes

  • Ar7ific1al
    Ar7ific1al 5 hours ago

    While I respect Steve Wilhite's specification that it should be pronounced "jif," I respectfully reject this pronunciation for the same reason all of us who say "gif" use: the G in graphics is a hard G, not a soft G. I recognize and respect "jif" but reject it personally.

  • Patrick Working
    Patrick Working 5 hours ago

    "Jiff"??? unsubbed

  • s7robe
    s7robe 5 hours ago

    Ray tracing is currently nothing more than a gimmick. I give it until around 2021 before it’s fully realized for consumer use.

  • MrTheLizergin
    MrTheLizergin 5 hours ago

    This pig again :/

  • DSPZulu
    DSPZulu 5 hours ago

    No, Anthony, its not JIFF.

  • michael bell
    michael bell 5 hours ago

    Ya'll need to stop using Anthony's face as a thumbnail... It looks like a Bull Walrus in mating season... Very off putting...

  • S. Lame
    S. Lame 5 hours ago

    Gift. K?

  • Wimpy Denton
    Wimpy Denton 5 hours ago

    Really...? I worked at a Callcenter also when the razer came. Out and I started. Selling them toy coworkers...

  • Vihir Patel
    Vihir Patel 5 hours ago

    Replace everyone with Anthony! Man's hilarious!

  • HopHa23
    HopHa23 6 hours ago

    Anthony for president!

  • whydoineedaname11
    whydoineedaname11 6 hours ago

    It is not "jif"

  • Kuddles McKitten
    Kuddles McKitten 6 hours ago

    It's amazing how someone who isn't really fat can have such a giant frog neck going on. Linus should fund his bullfrogitis procedure.

  • Jon Thomas
    Jon Thomas 6 hours ago

    Airsoftfatty brother

  • J T
    J T 6 hours ago

    Anthony rocks! More linux on techlinked

  • Brayan M
    Brayan M 6 hours ago

    Had to dislike because of the stupid ass thumbnail

  • Aman4672
    Aman4672 6 hours ago