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  • breech sayawan
    breech sayawan Minute ago

    You should put water or milk so that the blender will work faster.

  • Pranav
    Pranav 19 minutes ago

    3:03 Trypophobic pineapple

  • Mihai Velea
    Mihai Velea 21 minute ago

    Petition for Taras to play Minecraft

  • Lance Alexis Arbon
    Lance Alexis Arbon 21 minute ago

    Spongebob! hahah

  • kenzie j
    kenzie j 24 minutes ago

    calls a can a jar

  • life of slav
    life of slav 32 minutes ago

    Why taras doing video on spy stuff

  • Rick Singha Roy
    Rick Singha Roy 37 minutes ago

    1:58 Woow what is that So this is sugar.

  • M3rlin
    M3rlin 46 minutes ago


  • xlanzsx playz
    xlanzsx playz 59 minutes ago

    This is so good

  • Deplittle
    Deplittle Hour ago

    Try philipines if there is MRE

  • Bora Onay
    Bora Onay Hour ago

    Are you even eating them

  • Spidey Boy9
    Spidey Boy9 Hour ago

    I like his choice of cutlery

  • VIPER410
    VIPER410 Hour ago

    All pretty cool gadgets thanks for sharing Taras :)

  • MM Reyes
    MM Reyes Hour ago

    I enjoy watching him eat

  • Tri Pham minh
    Tri Pham minh 2 hours ago

    Look like Ishkar lunch box :P

  • Dumb Boi
    Dumb Boi 2 hours ago

    who dislikes this

  • Vince Ballecer
    Vince Ballecer 2 hours ago

    5:25 like if u here it

  • Chv Hndrtntlr
    Chv Hndrtntlr 2 hours ago

    you see...taras become more expert of peeling pineapple in the end of video compared by him in the beginning of video

  • badr kallowl
    badr kallowl 2 hours ago

    How do you want it to be viral if you're talking like that

  • Franks S
    Franks S 2 hours ago

    Samoan MRE would probably have KFC

  • yobardo562 Yobardo562

    0:54 cwauimsaying

  • Francesco Piromalli
    Francesco Piromalli 3 hours ago


  • Robert Heller
    Robert Heller 3 hours ago

    So we can finally raid spongebobs house

  • M J
    M J 3 hours ago

    In next life he might introduced himself to something called... COOKING OIL!! 🤪🤪

  • ishan bc
    ishan bc 3 hours ago

    italian mre has energy tablet. So African mre has viagra i think...

  • Will this change now

    I guess a piece of plastic/silicone/rubber can make better omelets than school omelet

  • Q john
    Q john 3 hours ago

    2013 was definitely good year

  • Hakaraia Jacobs
    Hakaraia Jacobs 3 hours ago

    Perfect for boogers?? Ew yuck 😂😂😂 I love your accent Taras you're an amazing man lol


    Katherine will enjoy Taras's juices tonight that's for sure ;)

  • Yenning Empire
    Yenning Empire 4 hours ago

    Me: using plate to put all the food CrazyRussianHacker: My table is my plate! Boom! Thumb up to me

  • Haiden Drake
    Haiden Drake 4 hours ago

    Now That's what u call a spinapple 7:40

  • Raymund Maudo
    Raymund Maudo 4 hours ago

    Now i am hungry 😖

  • Peter K
    Peter K 4 hours ago

    Skip to 3:00. You’ll thank me later

  • paul wedge
    paul wedge 4 hours ago

    On the first vending machine did anyone notice that you could have changed the language to English which would have made it easier

  • Pk ent.
    Pk ent. 4 hours ago

    What's up body...

  • faisal shaik
    faisal shaik 4 hours ago

    Very informative video

  • Samantha Aureo
    Samantha Aureo 4 hours ago

    Please say " GAD JEEEET!"

  • Dyl Pickle
    Dyl Pickle 5 hours ago

    *F E E S H G A D J I C K S*

  • diogo abreu
    diogo abreu 5 hours ago

    Do a bit of a blog styled video recording the aftermath of a kitchen gadget testing video. Like: What do you do with all the food used afterwards? Where do all gadgets go to?...

  • Queen Annaliese
    Queen Annaliese 5 hours ago

    Your taste in cereal *chef's kiss* impeccable

  • Rhonda Harrison
    Rhonda Harrison 5 hours ago

    It does seem like his hip hurts. I noticed it in another video too. Poor Gus.

  • Cassandra Punzalan
    Cassandra Punzalan 5 hours ago

    you should dip it in water before each scoop

  • Queen Annaliese
    Queen Annaliese 5 hours ago


  • Nicole Santos
    Nicole Santos 5 hours ago

    He’s honestly adorable. I love how optimistic and open he is, it’s refreshing

  • Lord Cod3br34ker
    Lord Cod3br34ker 5 hours ago

    Thos are some nice oNioons

    COLOUR CLOUD 6 hours ago

    Always enjoy your accents love from Lahore Pakistan 😘😘😍😘😍😘😍

  • needy gamer670
    needy gamer670 6 hours ago

    Push cucumber into other cucumber 😩

  • Pushkar Chopade
    Pushkar Chopade 6 hours ago


  • Amit yadav
    Amit yadav 6 hours ago


  • saurabh khati
    saurabh khati 6 hours ago

    8:34 , did you say "chaii"

  • Wayne Campbell
    Wayne Campbell 6 hours ago

    *Your English is getting very good!*

  • Rhonda Harrison
    Rhonda Harrison 6 hours ago

    Luke is so awesome

  • Tfatk Fan
    Tfatk Fan 6 hours ago

    i was waiting for him to say "yea lot of pineapple to eat wife be real happy tonight"

  • Vicious Chaos9917
    Vicious Chaos9917 6 hours ago

    Taras should definitely doe a vid with howtobasic

  • Well That’s Constant

    I just LOVE YOU

  • mohair
    mohair 7 hours ago

    So manys gadjicks

  • NickS. ••
    NickS. •• 7 hours ago

    Are those Uggs, bro❓ 🤣 boom

  • Ki & Jay's World
    Ki & Jay's World 7 hours ago

    Loved it! Can you test different oil sprayers

  • Daniel M
    Daniel M 7 hours ago

    I love dis gajick

  • Tanner Bramell
    Tanner Bramell 8 hours ago

    Hacker man ha ha ha ha

  • miss Grace Jones
    miss Grace Jones 8 hours ago

    wouldn’t it cause a shock if it’s hot and covered in ice?

  • samantha hoffman
    samantha hoffman 8 hours ago

    “where’s my fork” *checks pockets*

  • Scooters Videos
    Scooters Videos 8 hours ago

    Ghetto dope?

    KERRY THIME 8 hours ago

    who else has holesaphobia that was watching him use the first thing

  • Shvrs
    Shvrs 8 hours ago

    Pinapples take forever to cut

  • Isaac Mattix
    Isaac Mattix 8 hours ago

    3:10 when I put it in deeper it works realy well

  • Parangat Mukhia
    Parangat Mukhia 8 hours ago

    Love from INDIA taras

  • Steven Stewart
    Steven Stewart 8 hours ago

    Dude buy a cutting board

  • ryan burnett
    ryan burnett 8 hours ago

    wow they are great gadgets

  • Big Asshole
    Big Asshole 8 hours ago


  • Sprudelwasser
    Sprudelwasser 8 hours ago

    Work on your English, please.

  • Spidey Boy9
    Spidey Boy9 9 hours ago


  • Spidey Boy9
    Spidey Boy9 9 hours ago

    He is making me gungry

  • Azhan of Khan
    Azhan of Khan 9 hours ago

    And boom

  • Azhan of Khan
    Azhan of Khan 9 hours ago

    3:36 This is biscuits with biscuits

  • FighterMan9836
    FighterMan9836 9 hours ago

    700th comment

  • I'mAware
    I'mAware 9 hours ago

    Next gadget he should put to the test is a cutting board.

  • Daniel Nunez
    Daniel Nunez 9 hours ago

    You should really invest in a cutting board

  • RGB Joe
    RGB Joe 9 hours ago

    Dude, please wear some hand protection while using knifes. Your hands are so shaky I get anxious just by watching you hold it. You should really get that checked if you haven't, like you shake more than my grandma.

  • Konner Kuntz
    Konner Kuntz 9 hours ago

    Anybody else think of their grandma cutting pineapple when they watched this?

  • Pineapple Upside-Down


  • debbi austen
    debbi austen 9 hours ago

    You poach eggs with the shell on. That's how people used to eat their poached eggs

  • Jos Phoenix
    Jos Phoenix 9 hours ago

    When he said laboratory I couldn't help to remember the Dexter lab song but with Tara's on it xD

  • Susanna Osinski
    Susanna Osinski 9 hours ago

    Lol. He knocked us over

  • Liberty Leslie
    Liberty Leslie 9 hours ago

    I grew up with those ice trays, Had to run it under water

  • Susanna Osinski
    Susanna Osinski 10 hours ago

    I just kept thinking about eating Spongebob’s house

  • PhantaGaming Scott
    PhantaGaming Scott 10 hours ago

    Try the American pizza MRE please

  • jalapeno97
    jalapeno97 10 hours ago


  • rocknrev
    rocknrev 10 hours ago

    Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? Taras...

  • Car Life
    Car Life 10 hours ago

    “See I’m saying” hah

  • Jeff Ma
    Jeff Ma 10 hours ago

    Isn’t the filling meant to be raw when folding?

  • Stormrider
    Stormrider 10 hours ago

    *_You are one Wild and Crazy Russian Hacker!!!_*

  • Raymond Lee
    Raymond Lee 10 hours ago

    Did I hear right??? Wow look at that powder wow he is super positive boom

  • Danny Davis
    Danny Davis 10 hours ago

    The cup at the top is to melt butter if you want to

  • Sarah Tipp
    Sarah Tipp 10 hours ago

    Hey ladies heads up, pineapple interrupts the effectiveness of birth control! So munch with moderation ✌🏻

  • Gray_justGray
    Gray_justGray 10 hours ago


  • Cj Jackson
    Cj Jackson 10 hours ago

    Is pashtet like American Potted meat

  • the zebra king
    the zebra king 10 hours ago

    And ha was shaking

  • the zebra king
    the zebra king 10 hours ago

    Bro he swearing so hard from how nasty the food was

  • XxUrNothingXx Jes
    XxUrNothingXx Jes 11 hours ago

    Is it just me or is air in different counties taste different??🤔🤔