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  • Phyllis Nnadi
    Phyllis Nnadi Day ago

    hoddesdon was my team

  •  Day ago

    Really wish there was an "Assist of the Season" award. Osude made Triple H's goal, he deserves recognition for that run, it's really the reason you signed him and he showed what he can do with that one. COME ON THE TAGGERS!

  • Mark Mccaughey

    I love these type of videos

  • ManU King1998
    ManU King1998 Day ago

    Record 62w 4d l92 my friends w 75 0d l 8

  • Max Robinson
    Max Robinson Day ago

    These were so much better than the new ones tbf

  • Alex Mclemon
    Alex Mclemon Day ago

    I’m the mascot right at the end

  • Zain Carrimjee
    Zain Carrimjee 2 days ago

    Alex got 25 not w0

  • Thierry Jaeden
    Thierry Jaeden 2 days ago

    12:58 wasnt a foul , defender used his back

  • SKT
    SKT 3 days ago

    Our you could make a PowerPoint on making a team and how you did it

  • SKT
    SKT 3 days ago

    I need advice on making a team like hashtag united

  • Josephine Omoboye
    Josephine Omoboye 3 days ago

    Love dev's teamtalks

  • WkeydKiwi
    WkeydKiwi 3 days ago


  • Bryan Gonzalez
    Bryan Gonzalez 3 days ago

    What a legend never forgotten

    Louis GRIFFITHS 3 days ago

    anyone else notice richard becks face whilst dhevs was giving his team talk?

  • Ayzeur 1
    Ayzeur 1 3 days ago

    8:26 lol harry has his hand in his pants

  • Taza Plays
    Taza Plays 4 days ago

    The 2nd game wasn’t at the London Stadium

  • Andrew Kintu
    Andrew Kintu 4 days ago

    Jesse Waller lassen

  • Zain Carrimjee
    Zain Carrimjee 5 days ago

    Wouldn’t be a video without seb giving a cringeworthyy speech at half time

  • cem topal
    cem topal 5 days ago

    I normally absolutely love spencer but there is something terribly wrong. How he shouts so loud at his team mates at the end. Ironic first he is talking about how mental health in men is on a downward spiral and how he is so passionate about saving peoples lives. Respect. But then goes and does this at his own team mates. I did respect Spencer but i think this is a potentially very dark side to him to be honest. Btw im not trying to hate on him i did like him and some videos are ok but this one nah man these are the kind of moments that ruin people's mental health. What do you guys think? Would love to know

  • JK T1GER
    JK T1GER 5 days ago

    Idk how Seyhan was out

  • JK T1GER
    JK T1GER 5 days ago

    What happened to Skubic?

  • Zain Carrimjee
    Zain Carrimjee 6 days ago

    69 Goals

  • GRC
    GRC 6 days ago


  • mike watts
    mike watts 6 days ago

    This is why hashtag are a bunch of tryhards

  • Alexander Redford
    Alexander Redford 7 days ago

    Did lee hursit have alcohol

  • Vector
    Vector 7 days ago

    George needs to pass more

  • Matthew Koay
    Matthew Koay 7 days ago

    Skubic reminds me of kovacic

  • Luke Pitts
    Luke Pitts 7 days ago

    Congratulations. Next year your gonna win the 9th tier.

  • Josephine Omoboye
    Josephine Omoboye 8 days ago

    Happy birthday peds

  • DFA Sammy
    DFA Sammy 8 days ago

    12:16 anyone else just see that 77 booted tf out of the ball and smashed it into someone’s head

  • Andrew Alexander
    Andrew Alexander 8 days ago


  • ManU King1998
    ManU King1998 8 days ago

    W 52 d 2 l 82 fifa20

  • ManU King1998
    ManU King1998 8 days ago

    52 w d2 l 82 on fifa20 Ultimate team

  • Adrion Morris
    Adrion Morris 9 days ago

    Spencer there second goal was handball

  • 10k subscribers challenge Without any content

    Sporting Bengal FC was created by Bangladeshi people.Well played.Wish any sponsor will help them more.😍😍

  • Hayden bowman 10
    Hayden bowman 10 9 days ago

    The ref was trash

  • Hayden bowman 10
    Hayden bowman 10 9 days ago

    Reffffffffffffffff seb and spencer summed up

  • Rita Webb
    Rita Webb 9 days ago

    What tame do you play form 🏍

  • Rita Webb
    Rita Webb 9 days ago


  • Hayden bowman 10
    Hayden bowman 10 10 days ago

    Farai tsingano is underrated

  • Ben Rossiter
    Ben Rossiter 10 days ago

    Why is Ricky leaving

  • Adewumi Elekuru
    Adewumi Elekuru 10 days ago


  • Alexander Redford
    Alexander Redford 10 days ago

    #qualityh20 and Lewis the stadium they were playing

  • Rosemary Adams
    Rosemary Adams 11 days ago

    Albe Keith is such a good fella

  • DragonSummenor
    DragonSummenor 11 days ago

    Please stop commentating these games, you’re too bias, it makes the commentary unenjoyable

  • Joe Roche
    Joe Roche 11 days ago

    I’ve played rugby at campion

  • lis hoti
    lis hoti 12 days ago

    He scored 70 goals as 45 year old imagine if he was 20

  • Banta Fanta
    Banta Fanta 12 days ago

    They needed shawrey and Tom

  • Alexander Redford
    Alexander Redford 12 days ago

    Newcastle Utd who are they

  • lewisyates_ 1021
    lewisyates_ 1021 12 days ago

    You need to start Jacko and Joshua

  • Mohammed B
    Mohammed B 12 days ago

    I really love the hashtag kits

  • Jack Fischer
    Jack Fischer 12 days ago

    I miss the old hashtag united

  • Big Don
    Big Don 12 days ago

    Who’s here cause of Quarantine?

  • Alexander Redford
    Alexander Redford 12 days ago

    Purple the skittles

  • Aline Adams
    Aline Adams 13 days ago

    Seb looks 73

  • ManU King1998
    ManU King1998 13 days ago

    46 w d1 69l 2 w 0d 1l 1w 0d L4 56w 0d l 7

  • Harry Perkins
    Harry Perkins 13 days ago

    Why doesn’t spencer play in the games?

  • Harry Perkins
    Harry Perkins 13 days ago

    Why doesn’t spencer play in the games ?

    • Ryan Utd
      Ryan Utd 6 days ago

      Hashtag are in a much higher level now it would be pretty hard for him to get a spot in the team.

  • Hayden bowman 10
    Hayden bowman 10 13 days ago

    I mean half

  • Hayden bowman 10
    Hayden bowman 10 13 days ago

    What a second halk

  • Dianne Jane Baker
    Dianne Jane Baker 13 days ago

    fans player of the season is jesse waller lassen goal of the season

  • I can’t think of a name

    i beg rename this to "the match that made hashtag buy Tim Pitman"

  • Peter Chan
    Peter Chan 14 days ago

    tillbury number 10 albie keith!!

  • Peter Chan
    Peter Chan 14 days ago

    Who knew haverhill borough’s number 3 is gonna be in hashtag’s first team next season😂

  • ManU King1998
    ManU King1998 14 days ago

    46 w d1 l69 2w 0d l1 on fifa 18/fifa20

    • ManU King1998
      ManU King1998 13 days ago

      46 w d1 69l 2 w 0d 1l 1w 0d L4 56w 0d l 7

  • OWEN Huggs 11
    OWEN Huggs 11 14 days ago

    Make a kids team

  • OWEN Huggs 11
    OWEN Huggs 11 14 days ago

    Make a kids hastag football team

  • Talixan Soldier
    Talixan Soldier 14 days ago

    How come I can’t vote anymore

  • Favour Iweriebor
    Favour Iweriebor 14 days ago

    danny smith got robbed

  • Josephine Omoboye
    Josephine Omoboye 15 days ago

    Samraj gill starting to make a name for himself

  • alex farrah
    alex farrah 15 days ago

    any1 else remember matt carter from the west ham academy panna challenge 2016, bit of a fall

  • Taylor Chapple
    Taylor Chapple 15 days ago

    we all know Ryan Adams was the goat back then

  • AY7 Games
    AY7 Games 15 days ago

    Sam ecot that was his first miss in the world

  • Luke Bradley
    Luke Bradley 15 days ago

    Theo was lit wth that sniper

  • Bertie Munn
    Bertie Munn 15 days ago

    20:16 for Spencer losing it

  • Ceziban Nuha
    Ceziban Nuha 16 days ago

    11:38 Did anyone se Guru do a no look?

  • Rohan F Pinch (Disgybl 2014)

    7:00 bet millwall are shaken to their core

  • Trollet
    Trollet 16 days ago

    Dan Brown and Ryan Adams was the non league Haaland and Sancho

  • Alexander Redford
    Alexander Redford 16 days ago


  • Alexander Redford
    Alexander Redford 16 days ago

    Don’t let Daniel cutting near any of the bottles he will probably break the bottles

  • suri
    suri 16 days ago

    Which song did they play in the end while celebrating????

  • Alexander Redford
    Alexander Redford 16 days ago


  • Rachael Hickman
    Rachael Hickman 16 days ago

    Charlie Morley

  • Cool BroJames
    Cool BroJames 17 days ago

    remember Scottie Pollock he moves to one of Englands real leagues

  • Max Willis12
    Max Willis12 17 days ago


  • Ronnie Richards
    Ronnie Richards 17 days ago

    I live in Swindon and I used to play for Croft and I play against super marine

  • GriceyTheLegend
    GriceyTheLegend 17 days ago

    Top 5partnerships the streets will never forget 1. Dan brown and Ryan Adams 2. Dan brown and Ryan Adams 3. Dan brown and Ryan Adams 4. Dan brown and Ryan Adams 5. Dan brown and Ryan Adams

  • Ellie Bertolini
    Ellie Bertolini 17 days ago

    Dan Brown will be on the all time 11

  • Mohamed Salah11
    Mohamed Salah11 17 days ago

    guys i would love to sub my channel i need 1k people pls

  • Rohan F Pinch (Disgybl 2014)

    No one : Absolutely no one : Commentator :MaLLLLive LLLLAVE by the keeper

  • Alexander Redford
    Alexander Redford 17 days ago


  • AY7 Games
    AY7 Games 18 days ago


  • Stephen Redfern
    Stephen Redfern 18 days ago

    why does spencer look like a farmer

  • Ben Rossiter
    Ben Rossiter 18 days ago

    Why doesn’t George v play for the first team

  • suri
    suri 19 days ago

    It's crazy how Gill has become such an important player in the first team after struggling here

  • Alexander Redford
    Alexander Redford 19 days ago

    We need jacko on commentary

  • Bobby Meldrew
    Bobby Meldrew 19 days ago

    If Manjdog is not in the best XI we riot

  • TR02 Football
    TR02 Football 19 days ago

    Ross gleed looks terrible hope he doesn’t play again

  • Pher Roberts
    Pher Roberts 20 days ago

    Could you do the game where seb had that off the ball incident and finished that pen please also thanks to the AWSOME content

  • tenken1013
    tenken1013 20 days ago

    George is basically a Van Nistelrooy in lower leagues. But in terms of class, Gleeds fks are class. Even a pro keep would have issues trying to stop those fks.