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  • Royal Jai
    Royal Jai 12 hours ago

    On the real Haye would dance circles around Shannon Briggs in the ring and make him look ridiculous 😂.

  • Carl N
    Carl N 12 hours ago

    I’m a big guy for an average size 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • harrison
    harrison 12 hours ago

    ed sidesteps the undefeated issue nicely

  • Kermit Roosevelt told lies and had 1 ball

    Nice nose that lad

  • Luke G
    Luke G 12 hours ago

    Make sure the intro is at least 10 mins long next time Kugan 🙏

  • Charlie McBroom
    Charlie McBroom 12 hours ago

    I see a young man who is proud of his older brother. He has some great points and some controversial but guys, he is only 20. Agree or disagree, be respectful, he is only a lad :) I'm hoping to see do well in his career. Good luck Tommy.

  • Malik Shariff
    Malik Shariff 12 hours ago

    Cut from the cloth of old school like her gypsy king .

  • Pat The Wild Goose!
    Pat The Wild Goose! 12 hours ago

    Fury destroys AJ.

  • Dwayne Jones
    Dwayne Jones 12 hours ago

    Now that is how you end a interview ha ha I always said whyte and Kugan should do a feature in sir lanka and Jamaica

  • austin29
    austin29 12 hours ago

    My life needs more of Dillian and Kugan videos

  • Nestor Eduardo
    Nestor Eduardo 12 hours ago

    The only thing left for him would be undisputed, so we all need that fight

  • M G
    M G 12 hours ago

    Curry meets bully.

  • PS4 & Stuff
    PS4 & Stuff 12 hours ago

    Fury KOd a guy two fights ago and some said he has no power lol. Biggest myth in boxing

  • Scott P
    Scott P 12 hours ago

    Hope Joshua doesn’t look past Pulev too much wanting the fury fight They did it last year with Ruiz Aj needs to his part first and win

  • Will Singh
    Will Singh 12 hours ago

    Coming back after the fight, you can see the the nervous energy from Wilder

  • RCR Movies
    RCR Movies 12 hours ago

    God said though shall knock the fook out of other men's heads 🤣🤔

  • 512 PIxel
    512 PIxel 12 hours ago

    dont hate tommy good boxer and great guy . tommmy talk s sense

  • Mr Melt
    Mr Melt 12 hours ago

    Hughie in the background as a nipper

  • Leather Daddy
    Leather Daddy 12 hours ago

    Beating Joshua would unify every belt. He never held the WBC belt when he beat Vlad

  • david henry
    david henry 12 hours ago

    This guy seems pissed he went to Hearn , should have stayed with warren.

  • Ross Jones
    Ross Jones 12 hours ago

    I like Eddie hearn he is a top class promoter

  • G.K.
    G.K. 12 hours ago

    wos this? ??

  • Edoms Lot
    Edoms Lot 12 hours ago

    Billy Joe ,you are living in lala land; you don't have a clue of what you talking about.Enjoy your temporary great white hope and be quiet.Wilder have a suspected glass jaw,and that became obvious in both of the Otiz fights;Fury is a good fighter and may beat Wilder again,but to rate Fury alongside Mohammed Ali is ridiculous.Joshua mite take Fury out,because he can box a bit;as a matter of fact Fury couldn't even hold Larry Holmes jock strap.

  • Tellyyy Telly
    Tellyyy Telly 12 hours ago

    “Money doesn’t change people, it just amplifies who they are”

  • Steven Dyer
    Steven Dyer 12 hours ago

    Ye David haye he knew to avoid him as long as he could if he would of fought David haye when they was meant to he would of been beat haye was very dangerous and would of beat fury however as bellew proved boxing is all about timing

  • colintx800
    colintx800 12 hours ago

    19:36 Who farted lol ???

  • Dude looks like a lady

    Yes John god picked Tyson to be a top boxer along with other icons in history like mother Theresa, nelson Mandela, Malcolm x, John Lennon, Jesus, nelson, Christopher colombus, yes John and then Tyson 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Ross Kemp on cheeseburgers

    Tyson fury fans are starting to remind me of liverpool fans lol

  • Mx 13
    Mx 13 12 hours ago

    Type in Wilder Joe Rogan 40 pound vest on FLash-player. Deontay is full of shit

    MISFIT MAN 12 hours ago

    Top bloke, David Higgins.

  • lucious brun
    lucious brun 12 hours ago

    Oi IFL, where's my signed photo ? Don't give me any 'cameras too heavy' excuses, just give me my signed photo.

  • Mr Ambition
    Mr Ambition 12 hours ago

    these 2 should do a podcast coz it would be the best podcast ever

  • Toby Lerone
    Toby Lerone 12 hours ago

    Wilder doesn't even remotely deserve a third fight with Fury. And nobody wants to see it after Fury won both fights and smashed Wilder to bits in their last fight. This is where the WBC and whoever else needs to intervene and tell Wilder to forget a third fight so that we can have Fury vs AJ this summer in the UK.

  • Shah Khan
    Shah Khan 12 hours ago

    DW is slowly becoming a Legend..lol..Bob's your uncle and Jane's your Aunt😂😂😂😂

  • Alexis McCourt
    Alexis McCourt 12 hours ago

    The fucking intro too long.

  • Jacob Tanswell
    Jacob Tanswell 12 hours ago

    Tyson’s beat the best of his era? Really?

  • Jacob Tanswell
    Jacob Tanswell 12 hours ago

    Umar is so biased for his lovin with Fury. “No one wanting to fight Ortiz” - ummm... Whyte, AJ, and Miller all did?

  • nima azad
    nima azad 12 hours ago

    Wow... to see this in 2020 after absolutely smashing through Wilder... What an achievement! This man constantly said "I'm not a role model" etc. during his earlier days... How wrong he was... What an inspiration! Hope he continues and stays mentally stable

  • Pushkar Mahajan
    Pushkar Mahajan 12 hours ago

    I never realised how tall Momoa is damnnnn

  • luke d
    luke d 12 hours ago

    What a humble man!

  • A.B.S 1
    A.B.S 1 12 hours ago

    Shout out to Whyte always has me in stitches 😂😂

  • Mr Melt
    Mr Melt 12 hours ago

    Koogs getting the pasty beat out of him

  • ToonFightFan
    ToonFightFan 12 hours ago

    Must be regretting not being part of it. Sugar is older and more experienced. Would have been great for Ben's development but I get a demotion can be hard to take.

  • Mr. Davis
    Mr. Davis 12 hours ago

    Wilder clearly beats Fury. We all know what happen

  • adam wafer
    adam wafer 12 hours ago

    John needs to write a book 👌🏻

  • Ronnie Jacobs
    Ronnie Jacobs 12 hours ago

    You guys crack me up. Always good interviews you too. Keep doing what you doing guys. Nuff love.

  • Rhys Watkins
    Rhys Watkins 12 hours ago

    Class act all the way!

  • michael nixon
    michael nixon 12 hours ago

    No mate wilder v Joshua winner fight fury why Joshua get shot fury he's run from wilder get wilder v Joshua by the way parkers a bum

  • Paul Owen
    Paul Owen 12 hours ago

    Haye!!!...magic!!!... no magic you muppet everyone in the business said Tyson would win!!!....please retire yourself from predictions!!!!....

  • Steven Chow
    Steven Chow 12 hours ago

    Sure he did an interview with Kalle in the back of his car. Cruising around London

  • Banksc 1andonly
    Banksc 1andonly 12 hours ago

    “Subject to getting a lighter ring walk costume” 😂😂😂😂

  • Jean Copeland
    Jean Copeland 12 hours ago

    Lovely lady, beautiful hair , love 💕 all the fury family 👌🏻💕

  • Red Lavish
    Red Lavish 12 hours ago

    Wilder is seriously a bad boxer lol but hes got a lot of heart. Fury didn’t knock him down for more than 2 seconds. He was getting battered but he was still standing and wanted to carry on.

  • Little lizard
    Little lizard 12 hours ago

    Remember when AJ lost and Deontay started saying AJ was exposed and a bum. Really shows you the class AJ has by not going back after Deontay. I hope Deontay learns some humility in this, but, he’s a very prideful man. This is coming come an African American who is very much a fan of the Bronze Bomber.

  • T L
    T L 12 hours ago

    Tyson Fury has the most respect for this guy. No other trainer. Still undefeated under this trainer.

  • Toby Gumbs
    Toby Gumbs 12 hours ago

    None of the Fury’s seem to want Tyson to fight Joshua despite the money he would stand to make.... hmmm interesting

  • Will Carter
    Will Carter 12 hours ago

    Interviewer: what do you think about fury vs Joshua? Eddie: I fink iz gud fuh da Spowte innit? Me: 🤣

  • pete tattersall
    pete tattersall 12 hours ago

    Come across a nice chap Tommy Talks a lot of sense .

  • Oneman Oneman
    Oneman Oneman 12 hours ago

    He does try to stay humble

  • Urban Eyez
    Urban Eyez 12 hours ago

    16:35 I wonder what he's hinting at......

  • ABC Media
    ABC Media 12 hours ago

    wilder has given light to AJ now and other fighters

  • Smiddy Smith
    Smiddy Smith 12 hours ago

    Fury's on fire

  • Damare Konayaro
    Damare Konayaro 12 hours ago

    Can we not let Ben quietly fade back into obscurity ?

    ITS YA BOY 12 hours ago

    no one wants to see the probellum ad at the beginning of the videos ffs

  • hero 1690
    hero 1690 12 hours ago

    wait hold up. was it not the costumes fault he lost ? jokes 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂🤣🤣 aha wilder

  • Lee Mitchell
    Lee Mitchell 12 hours ago

    English Wilder or American haye

  • Toby Gumbs
    Toby Gumbs 12 hours ago

    None of the Fury’s seem to want Tyson to fight Joshua despite the money he would stand to make.... hmmm interesting

  • Neymil Simpson
    Neymil Simpson 12 hours ago

    I like joe he’s a tough guy would like to see him against the winner of Usyk v chisora

  • J haych
    J haych 12 hours ago

    Mark did the right thing, wilder didn't have a punching chance as all of his power had gone.

  • Hasan Boxing
    Hasan Boxing 12 hours ago

    Who’s this weirdo? Is he a kiddie fiddler?

  • darrell millett
    darrell millett 12 hours ago

    Ben Davison attention to details is great. Tyson was obviously right to part companies with ben. But in the future I could see them working together again

  • whatit oya
    whatit oya 12 hours ago

    perfect example of cognitive dissonance,

  • James Stein
    James Stein 12 hours ago

    I want to be adopted by John Fury.

  • Con G
    Con G 12 hours ago

    Dillian an Kugan have the best interviews together😂😂

  • real traveller
    real traveller 12 hours ago

    Dressing like a clown lol

  • Olaf Santos
    Olaf Santos 12 hours ago

    Both losers

  • Barry Dodd
    Barry Dodd 12 hours ago

    John fury vs Ronnie Pickering

  • PS4 & Stuff
    PS4 & Stuff 12 hours ago

    It will be interesting to see how long the ref will allow the 3rd fight to go on

  • Alicja Tomiak
    Alicja Tomiak 12 hours ago

    I designed Wilder's costume. .. TK Kirkland 😁😁

  • Kibuigut Barsirian Kenduywa Arap Sing'oe

    Based on Wilder's last two fights, he ain't ready for AJ smoke. If you look at how AJ got his belts back as a boxer and how he massacred Klitschko...he would have ended Wilder on 2nd. Luis Ortiz was beating Wilder until the one KO. Am not even sure if Wilder can handle the likes of Dubois, Parker, Whyte or Baby miller. Dillian Whyte, and Anthony Joshua, saw something about Wilder that we didn't know, they both said they'll take the fight to Wilder, they gave Fury a blueprint to beat wilder

  • ammar
    ammar 12 hours ago

    Aj and fury are both great fighters... The only difference is discipline... Aj would have stiffened wilder in 4 rounds

  • Barry Dodd
    Barry Dodd 12 hours ago


  • Paul o’s
    Paul o’s 12 hours ago

    Where is the Tyson interview ifl ???

  • J bouie
    J bouie 12 hours ago

    When you have 9 to 10 inches you dont have to worry about guys like this. From the comments we can all see who's the weak links😂😂😂😂

  • Steve X
    Steve X 12 hours ago

    I detect a heck of a lot of jealousy from Haye here directed at Eddie. Eddie and Matchroom seemed to be the source of his anger and not Tony.

  • Don D
    Don D 12 hours ago

    Parker vs Hunter will be a great match up

  • Lee Davis
    Lee Davis 12 hours ago

    The Fury’s are so genuine.

  • real traveller
    real traveller 12 hours ago


  • B.S
    B.S 12 hours ago

    Sounds like he’s had enough

  • J D
    J D 12 hours ago

    Anyone who says they love Wilder after the stupid shit he says means they are stupid themselves because they are black LOL

  • Mn B
    Mn B 12 hours ago

    Notice Ben has starting using the Shane..'Listen'

  • el lobo blanco
    el lobo blanco 12 hours ago

    Who says it is just up to wilder? He has a manager, promoter, broadcaster... if any of those feel like they can’t sell the fight they will pull the plug anyway

  • X 10
    X 10 12 hours ago

    What about let whyte get povetkin fight out of the way and then give the guy that the establishment nearly destroyed his well deserved crack and let him fight AJ.. and the winner of that to fight fury and the unification of the belts that Tyson didn’t lose by a loss coz he had to give them up !!!!!!

  • Toby Gumbs
    Toby Gumbs 12 hours ago

    None of the Fury’s seem to want Tyson to fight Joshua despite the money he would stand to make.... hmmm interesting

  • cha Co
    cha Co 12 hours ago

    Ben starting to sound like billy jo 😂

  • malakai moodie
    malakai moodie 12 hours ago


  • Alan West
    Alan West 12 hours ago

    at least everyone in America will know who Deontay Wilder is now. He's the man who blamed a loss on a costume.

  • Busayo Alexandra
    Busayo Alexandra 12 hours ago

    I am an apostle Dominion Richman.

  • Adam King
    Adam King 12 hours ago

    Hahahahaha, hilarious interview

  • MrMartyn1212
    MrMartyn1212 12 hours ago

    God bless you and your family John