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  • the main man
    the main man 22 minutes ago

    Referees should be allowed to stop some fight before they begin. Like this one

  • divine moses
    divine moses 41 minute ago

    this guy is not going to be easy

  • Dre Tolbert
    Dre Tolbert 52 minutes ago

    Your stupid. Ruiz is the best heavy weight ? Lol oh ok. I didn’t even know him till he knocked yo weak ass out. Stop duckin wilder

  • Harvey Dale
    Harvey Dale Hour ago

    Seems like a top lad

  • Murney 10
    Murney 10 Hour ago

    Old frank the dinosaur must be fuckin sick 🤢

  • William Caldwell

    Fantastic interview 👏👏👏👏

  • Jc R143
    Jc R143 Hour ago

    Who is malignaggi

  • Deshawnta Carpenter

    He’s from Indiana Indianapolis

  • Phillip Mayfield

    I seen something switch in Wilder. It's funny looking at some of these comments. Some of you thought Fury would run through the wild wilder. But it was a great fight and Wilder did way better. Wilder is speaking the truth bout were he from don't get caught in them back woods out there, no joke. But I'm pretty sure they got areas were Fury from even though Fury said he was raised different. I'm just glad Fury past wasn't brought up to me that is class from Wilder he didn't go personal keep it boxing

  • Qedir Nezerzade
    Qedir Nezerzade 2 hours ago

    Kazım sənə halaldır super

  • ruel bual
    ruel bual 2 hours ago

    paulie maglinaggi punch like girl hahaha

  • Jose Rodriguez
    Jose Rodriguez 2 hours ago

    Bien Madreado 🤕

  • CharlesTron108
    CharlesTron108 2 hours ago

    Bum town

  • The5GIO5
    The5GIO5 3 hours ago

    If Fury was like this all the time, hed be my favorite, I wonder why he isnt. Furthermore, all these weirdos in the comments saying he is depressed in this video. Oh just because someone acknowledges the real deal of life hes depressed smh

  • Korupt Kop
    Korupt Kop 3 hours ago

    Kugan always talks about mental illness bloody hell he's always after views or he's trying to be something that he's not

    • Korupt Kop
      Korupt Kop 3 hours ago

      @stu pid I know bro it's a sad thing I've lost love ones to mental illness but Kugan all of sudden talks about it after Fury got sick( I reckon Fury is a fraud )anyway can't remember Kugan talking about it years ago when he started Ifl he uses it to get views or trying to show everyone he cares🤷

    • stu pid
      stu pid 3 hours ago

      It's a big issue mate, especially among men, it need to be spoke about

  • PudgeUpMan
    PudgeUpMan 3 hours ago


  • Tywon Holbrook
    Tywon Holbrook 3 hours ago

    Sparring is sparring it's when them lights come on in a real fight

  • Naeema Itsham
    Naeema Itsham 3 hours ago

    come on virgil khan quitt

  • Aden Hunte
    Aden Hunte 4 hours ago

    Hunter enough said

  • John Duck
    John Duck 4 hours ago

    Ray Parlour's lovechild

  • Don Gerra Marco
    Don Gerra Marco 4 hours ago

    what a coward ...and a cheat

  • Vinnie Durrant
    Vinnie Durrant 4 hours ago

    Get the feet right before even thinking about the hands.

  • JKroniKz
    JKroniKz 4 hours ago

    Don’t think he should be just yet but he’s definitely making good Prograis 👍

  • Paul McAleny
    Paul McAleny 4 hours ago

    Brilliant interview good luck to the lad...Kept talking about his profile but if he can help one person out there,then respect....

  • David Indelicato
    David Indelicato 4 hours ago

    Dillen white the juice boy....

  • David Indelicato
    David Indelicato 4 hours ago

    He ko ortiz he talking about dillen white🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • David Indelicato
    David Indelicato 4 hours ago

    7 million he would have ko dillen white with in 6 rounds

  • Mr NoName
    Mr NoName 4 hours ago

    All I was thinking the entire time was let the man bloody eat !

  • Luciano Bonci
    Luciano Bonci 4 hours ago

    Big up Archie!!!! Top level prospect who I think wins the world title!!! Plus the walk out is mega...DANGEROUS!!!!!!

  • hamish armstrong
    hamish armstrong 5 hours ago

    tony sims is some fucking trainer.

  • hamish armstrong
    hamish armstrong 5 hours ago

    london is not the big i am as they say they are

  • Matthew Johnson
    Matthew Johnson 5 hours ago

    Price knows he can go on to do something else after boxing (plumber, commentator, etc..) For Chisora -it’s the end of his earning potential -which means he’ll fight that one extra round if necessary...

  • Billy Big Bollocks
    Billy Big Bollocks 5 hours ago

    Im worried about one of my favourite British fighters of all time. I dont know if the Warrington defeat has took away a part of his heart/hunger, im wanting to see this man happy in life and not hurt. I believe he can do it a big BUT is does he have the hunger? I dont think he does but prove me wrong. Love the guy dont do it for cash.

    KOMOREBI 5 hours ago

    Hair looks really good like that. However, the perm not so much

  • david wrighton
    david wrighton 5 hours ago

    Who misses all those hyped up rope a dope Ali fights where fuckall happened? ---except a load of yapping----respect to both lads here EXCELLENT

  • Reggie James
    Reggie James 5 hours ago

    The translator looks like the guy who does the football impressions...

  • Maddox
    Maddox 6 hours ago

    Usyk is going far perhaps all the way

  • Alexander Milan
    Alexander Milan 6 hours ago

    Another hype job soon to be exposed! Reminds me of David Haye when he moved up to the king division

  • Mr. Davis
    Mr. Davis 6 hours ago

    Yes AJ can jab..he's been training on the long jab .AJ hits hard on those paths.

  • Suck your Mum
    Suck your Mum 6 hours ago

    Why does this look so fake? 100% publicity stunt dickheads

  • Peter Bilt
    Peter Bilt 6 hours ago

    i think him and bivol are very intelligent that would be a good fight as well

  • Сергей Сергей

    Санёк пиздий их там всех сразу пока приехал а ним)))))

  • Husain Azhar
    Husain Azhar 7 hours ago

    why is the black quitter in my recommendation?

  • benji230
    benji230 7 hours ago

    Good man. Good work.

  • solid cake
    solid cake 7 hours ago

    Ranked number 5 in the world by who? You IFL kids normally go by boxrec 147th by there rankings...changed you're tune since the Fury Schwartz or wallin fights...wonder who's paying you're bills lol

  • bofursgun
    bofursgun 7 hours ago

    All he speaks are soundbites, platitudes and cliches.

  • J Roff
    J Roff 7 hours ago

    Very good boxer to watch

  • junior jones
    junior jones 7 hours ago

    Retire hes on the slide

  • Fuck tommy Robinson
    Fuck tommy Robinson 7 hours ago

    Doesn't sound like kugan

  • Daniel Ambrosioni
    Daniel Ambrosioni 7 hours ago

    It's the Kurgen!!

  • Free World227
    Free World227 7 hours ago

    Otha is the future!

  • A Jay
    A Jay 7 hours ago

    Daves health soon goes out of the window when there’s a few quid to be made

  • NumbLeaf
    NumbLeaf 7 hours ago

    i love how hes always gritting his teeth like a true tough irish fella.

  • Lenny Henry
    Lenny Henry 7 hours ago

    Nice hair, more like Pat Sharp than Archie Sharp

  • Peter Tran
    Peter Tran 7 hours ago

    it's a shame wladimir couldn't get his revenge

  • Ingy
    Ingy 7 hours ago

    I love it when those in boxing show they can be philosophical, logical, with common sense and caring and the fact that generation after generation are starting to say things are getting worse it means that your society is deteriorating and it is down to us to stop that decay and social media has given a platform to the minds of the entire public which is a new era of bombardment of masses who can make their opinion public whereas it used to be only TV, Radio and News Papers that made their opinion public and of course have a guess how many may have negative views on something out of a population of approx 54 Million in England let alone the UK? Plus it gives a platform to those with spite and jealousy who used to be the hate male senders of the pre social media era and we now know there are many of them. As Eddie seems to state, we need to get around this, we need to deal with this and one way is teaching people about responsibility, because for now everyone is taught about rights and freedoms and more rights, but no one is taught about having responsibilities.

  • Bill Carson
    Bill Carson 7 hours ago


    ST&NLY ST&NLY 7 hours ago

    Frank’s up there with 50 cent. Man got shot and still survived to shoulder roll. He’s got my respect.

  • Billy Big time
    Billy Big time 7 hours ago

    I like Sharp yeah hes alright

  • Daniel McGrane
    Daniel McGrane 7 hours ago

    Walking advert for brexit

  • Sam Humphreys
    Sam Humphreys 7 hours ago

    Eddie that jumper is strangling ya

  • kev Leafy
    kev Leafy 7 hours ago

    Tbf I dont wanna see the galahad rematch... he had his chance and couldnt bore himself to a win.. he should go another route. It was a close fight but galahad didnt land shit either and he far from took the belt... josh beat a awkward boring fighter.. he beat a unbeaten selby .. he beat frampton , galahad, just give the lad his dues ffs.. I'd rather see frampton v warrington.. least it's worth watching again

  • Soul Hacker
    Soul Hacker 8 hours ago

    Eddie stealing the limelight again.

  • MSL Boxing
    MSL Boxing 8 hours ago

    Before people have a dig at the kid listen to the question and then listen to his reply. Firstly he has been a fan of Nas since he was a little boy and always watched his fights where he picked a lot of his angles and movement up from. Secondly he said I “try” to do the turns like Loma which you can see in his fights. And then thirdly he believe his boxing iq is like Crawfords. I and a lot of people would agree to say he is entitled to say how we feels. So far we can see talent. Hopefully he will continue and become a world champion! If you don’t think like this or have confidence like this then you can’t get anywhere in boxing anyway. So good luck to him, and to all the haters you continue to be the bums that you are. Because only bums hate!!

  • Richard Adams
    Richard Adams 8 hours ago

    Why is wilder not fighting outside America?

    • ch1ngons1mon
      ch1ngons1mon 8 hours ago

      Why does Wilder have to come to the Ukraine but not Joshua or Ruiz?

  • Soul Hacker
    Soul Hacker 8 hours ago


  • Rohan Shivram
    Rohan Shivram 8 hours ago

    It's all in his head .This dude won't last 5 rounds with the top 3 . .Wilder ,Ruiz or Fury even AJ will probably take him out by 10 rounds..

  • Tyler
    Tyler 8 hours ago

    They ain’t ready for LOCO LYNN

  • Harry Smith
    Harry Smith 8 hours ago

    For beating who?

  • Lee Somerville
    Lee Somerville 8 hours ago

    Starting to tire of Nelson tying to convince us that Bakole is the second coming of Muhammad Ali. Bakole had the one half decent win versus a much faded and 39 year old Mariusz Wach and the loss to Michael Hunter. But before you start banging the drum to get him a big fight, you need to step him up from the level of opposition he has fought this (11-4-2 in the last fight). The lad he’s fighting this weekend has a 10-9 record. Good luck to Bakole but he’s not being managed or guided well. To get his name out there, he could be fighting people like Allen, Browne, Sexton etc as they would be winnable fights and if he struggled then we’d know where he stood (and how much BS Nelson is talking). But demanding to fight Chisora is time wasting and trying to jump the queue to a big pay day that he hasn’t earned. Fair play for trying...

  • M.B ????
    M.B ???? 8 hours ago

    I know this kid for along time now seen him jogging around early hours in morning ... very humble humble lad gt to say we dont know about tommorrow but this guy is not a show off at all very very respective i was in shock when i found our hes a professional boxer .... so humble

  • David Taylor
    David Taylor 8 hours ago

    Lovely guy

  • Richard Martin
    Richard Martin 8 hours ago

    After awesome two years of chisora amazing drag out affair fights a B+ fighter, close to becoming a A fighter now fighting a z list should have retired David price, when has price had a great fight it’s been years this is ridiculous, I won’t be watching that fight price has no chance he has no chin

    BAZXXXBEST 8 hours ago

    I don’t like translator

  • Tony Nellins
    Tony Nellins 8 hours ago

    That's a suicidal hairdo

  • Terry Freshwater
    Terry Freshwater 8 hours ago

    Put your self down

  • Tom Stone
    Tom Stone 8 hours ago

    Umar doing a grand job .

  • Tanya Morgan
    Tanya Morgan 9 hours ago

    Go on Lou! 🕺🏼

  • Mini JCW
    Mini JCW 9 hours ago

    Ain’t gotta chance vs. JT of Edinburgh

  • Dan B
    Dan B 9 hours ago

    This mans girl makes him a winner already

  • Adam Davies
    Adam Davies 9 hours ago

    what I don't get is why bullying seems to go mostly unpunished even after a suicide I mean look at any case where someone was brought to breaking point who died at their own hands you'll see those who drive them to do it are rarely even arrested much less prosecuted then the school acts like they had no idea?!?!?! bullshit. Why Is this?

  • The Gully
    The Gully 9 hours ago

    Really good guy unlike most Americans... This has got fight of the year written all over it. I hope both guys come out healthy and well.

  • gutch666
    gutch666 9 hours ago

    His face show us that he fought with a too heavier opponent

  • Tobias Miller
    Tobias Miller 9 hours ago

    Needs some CBD

  • Korupt Kop
    Korupt Kop 9 hours ago

    Good man all the best Regis👊

  • El Chapo
    El Chapo 9 hours ago

    Big respect to this guy. Only come back to comment on this after I see the statement he put out. I hope you go all the way bro but most importantly let’s hope Patrick recovers soon. My thoughts are with his family. 🙏🏻

  • c ss
    c ss 9 hours ago

    I've never had a social media account on any platform you fools they know everything about you now dickheads lol it was made by Darpa

  • Chief Ebans
    Chief Ebans 9 hours ago

    People who have suicidal tendencies will use whatever they can to commit such an act. Scapegoating social media won't solve the underlining problems.

  • Jose Balderas
    Jose Balderas 9 hours ago

    2:05 AJ with the finger😭😂😂

  • stu pid
    stu pid 9 hours ago

    You see kugan yeah......

  • Jack Rowley
    Jack Rowley 9 hours ago

    He seems a decent lad. Good luck with next fight.

  • Stephen Cunningham
    Stephen Cunningham 9 hours ago

    Love Usyk, funny guy, seems a top bloke.

  • Snipedot Genius
    Snipedot Genius 9 hours ago

    I like this guy .. and he’s from south east 👊🏾

    PALATIAL PETALS 9 hours ago

    might be a yank but he's actually more likable than josh imo.. may the best man win

    • Timmy Turner
      Timmy Turner 7 hours ago

      Defo more likable than Josh. I don't like the way Prograis' team tried to weasel their way out the tournament though. That's cowardly.

    THE BATGAMM 9 hours ago

    great interview

  • OllyFoRealz
    OllyFoRealz 9 hours ago

    Everyone leaving UKAD outta this. Where is UKAD?? What kind of organisation is this? If the boxer gives the blood sample and they test it and it test positive do they have to keep it a secret?

  • Segasocks
    Segasocks 10 hours ago

    What about all the potatoes IFL has wasted recording videos?

  • Steve Mcgrath
    Steve Mcgrath 10 hours ago

    Respect , he dropped for the 25 without hesitation 👍🏻🤙

    • OrthodoxAtheist
      OrthodoxAtheist 2 hours ago

      I get the impression he does 500-1000 per day. He did that as easily as I walk up a flight of stairs. :D

  • Jawad Xxx
    Jawad Xxx 10 hours ago

    Shabaz masoud battered him in the ABA but got robbed. That was the semis then he got gofted a decision in the final

    • Billy Bongo
      Billy Bongo 5 hours ago

      Sadly that happens a lot, Home shows fighters,The trainers son,Trainers mates family etc etc get the the win even if the lose.

  • Davro Johnson
    Davro Johnson 10 hours ago

    Mr toe ligament damage why didn't you put all your paperwork into fronting a fight with Joshua when you said you know you can beat him, instead of getting humiliated twice by Bellew, you're just building your bank account with Chisora, it's ok to put his money where his mouth is shame you didn't do the same!