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Miley Cyrus - Slide Away (Audio)
Views 16,991,584Month ago
Miley Cyrus - The Most (Audio)
Views 1,636,2763 months ago
Miley Cyrus - Unholy (Audio)
Views 3,362,4013 months ago
Miley Cyrus - Inspired (Audio)
Views 4,942,9692 years ago
Miley Cyrus - Malibu (Official Video)
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Miley Cyrus - BB Talk
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Miley Cyrus - Hands of Love (Audio)
Views 4,878,8734 years ago
Miley Cyrus - Wrecking Ball (Audio)
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Miley Cyrus - We Can't Stop (Audio)
Views 38,075,6396 years ago
Miley Cyrus - Who Owns My Heart
Views 160,031,0449 years ago
Miley Cyrus - Can't Be Tamed
Views 191,412,9809 years ago
Miley Cyrus - When I Look At You
Views 120,722,1009 years ago


  • ginger snaps
    ginger snaps 2 hours ago

    She got the power. Miley you come out with most interesting ideas! Don't mess (my) freedom.

  • Pureown 99
    Pureown 99 2 hours ago

    We all fucking know you got her from rose instagram okok

  • shannon girl
    shannon girl 2 hours ago

    Fix it between u an Liam I know there's nothinh u can do about the contract but fix it between u a Liam

  • Elizabeth McLeod
    Elizabeth McLeod 2 hours ago

    Miley, I can’t get this song out of my head. I woke up today and you were singing it in my dreams. I’m sending you love and wishes for happiness in whatever you do with your life. Life IS a bumpy road.

  • MaxIsTiredButLit
    MaxIsTiredButLit 2 hours ago

    1% of the comments : this is such a great song and meaningful visual!! miley is so talented. the other 99% : rOSe fRoM bLAcKpINk SeNt mE hErE 🥰😜🤠🤯😁

  • Halo Kazz
    Halo Kazz 2 hours ago

    Love you miley keep doing your thing

  • Tia Sunep
    Tia Sunep 2 hours ago


  • ひめkeira
    ひめkeira 2 hours ago

    she's so beautiful

    FACUNDO BRAVO 2 hours ago

    This song gave me a really sad feeling. I really felt miley

  • Aprendiz Feliz
    Aprendiz Feliz 2 hours ago

    Great song. Nice video and you can see the sadness in her beautiful eyes..

  • debroervanbram
    debroervanbram 2 hours ago

    The end of We Can’t Stop.

  • ShagLovin Official
    ShagLovin Official 2 hours ago

    I had to see Miley and Ghostface. Like huh? Didn't ever expect this

  • Michelle Spector
    Michelle Spector 2 hours ago

    You can hear all the emotions shes feeling in this song

  • Marco Adrian.
    Marco Adrian. 2 hours ago

    Work it hontyyyyyyyy🥰

  • McKayla Royer
    McKayla Royer 2 hours ago

    This beat gives me LSD by A$AP Rocky vibes.

  • Paola Palacios
    Paola Palacios 2 hours ago

    La amoo

  • Tyrell’s Transport and Lift filming videos

    What the heck is this? WORST Miley song ever!

  • بنان المغربي

    جيت من عند روزي ❤️

  • LilSparrow
    LilSparrow 3 hours ago

    This is the Miley I was hoping to see one that matured and is now showing her true and raw talent.

  • pretty odd15
    pretty odd15 3 hours ago

    We get it.Someone from Blackpink brought u here.ugh😪🙄

  • LJ Caton
    LJ Caton 3 hours ago

    @omarion 2019

  • paulina Navarro
    paulina Navarro 3 hours ago

    Vieja ridicula

  • Ilgar Ismailhodjaev
    Ilgar Ismailhodjaev 3 hours ago

    Like if you’re here not from Rose but because fan of Miley

  • Alex Raeanne
    Alex Raeanne 3 hours ago

    I just remembered this song

  • Alisa Voz
    Alisa Voz 3 hours ago

    I lowkey hate this song so much, but that’s just my opinion *dont come at me*

  • Jonathan Sewell
    Jonathan Sewell 3 hours ago

    One of the strongest voices in a song I've heard in a long time! The lyrics definitely help.I hope it makes a CD release..........

  • Sam Gonzales
    Sam Gonzales 3 hours ago

    Part in the USA to this song she looks so different!!

  • chiara romero portal

    "I cAMe hEre beCaUSe oF RoSÉ" stop please

  • Robert Caskie
    Robert Caskie 3 hours ago

    This is the first time I have heard Miley Cyrus sing and Wow! Melanie is super duper awesome special! <<<Big Smile!

  • Kimberli Alexia
    Kimberli Alexia 3 hours ago

    Miley is freddom and real ♡

  • ranza zay
    ranza zay 4 hours ago

    i like that she looks ready to party clothes etc but her body language and expression are completely opposite....she’s done this before she’s over it she isn’t 20 anymore :(

  • Eymi Oblitas
    Eymi Oblitas 4 hours ago

    Beautifull good music😍😘😧

    • Joanna
      Joanna 3 hours ago

      Blackpink brought me here

  • Alyssa Navary
    Alyssa Navary 4 hours ago

    "Are you a bear or a mouse?" "Umm..."

  • Naomi Wilks
    Naomi Wilks 4 hours ago

    im still in love ..♥️

    • Joanna
      Joanna 3 hours ago

      Rosie brought me here

  • Ari Viray
    Ari Viray 4 hours ago

    She's talented but she's garbage.

  • Zaphy
    Zaphy 4 hours ago

    You know Miley, its REALLY hard to sing along to this when you make that "my momma always told me that i'd make it" part so damn tear jerking!! Love you, bitch!

  • Endang Suminar
    Endang Suminar 4 hours ago

    Apa cuma gw sendiri yng dri indonesia😐

  • Joe Mata
    Joe Mata 4 hours ago

    I'm here because of Morgan Per... fuck I dont know his last name

  • Naomi Wilks
    Naomi Wilks 4 hours ago

    Is there literally anything in this music video that’s actually original or is everything copied from cage the elephant to lykke li to glass animals... literally to the point of insanity. feel like there’s a way to pay tribute to somebody and a way to just copy what they’ve done and even though the whole mash up is different than each individual other music video~ although I do love the part with her and the girl and her and her mother. of course the carousel thing was done amazingly. having seen so many similarities and knowing that she’s done this before I question the art that went into this. copying people is an art too but it just doesn’t seem like that was the intention it seemed like she was trying to go for the masses and seem more unique than she is and I very much think she’s very sexy. I don’t know maybe she’s doing that because she doesn’t have creativity now that she’s clean.. I wish I didn’t see like the exact shot from the Glass Animals video that was just over the fucking top.

  • Rumi Barman
    Rumi Barman 4 hours ago

    2019 anyone

  • Yugah Rœby
    Yugah Rœby 4 hours ago

    Take a dab at it

  • Hard worker
    Hard worker 4 hours ago


  • Frost Jay
    Frost Jay 4 hours ago

    Who misses party in the u s a miley

  • Alessandra
    Alessandra 4 hours ago


    NMPROD GROUP CG 4 hours ago


  • samsung sann
    samsung sann 5 hours ago

    Hola soy lesbians

  • Cledisoon Silva
    Cledisoon Silva 5 hours ago

    Hino de musica 😍😍

  • Christalica aurelia
    Christalica aurelia 5 hours ago

    Thanks Rose for Share this song. I got one beautiful song

  • jgazard
    jgazard 5 hours ago

    Okay, this version is much louder and cleaner then the one MTV uploaded ,.

  • gem musa
    gem musa 5 hours ago

    Love usa

  • HallowedTV
    HallowedTV 5 hours ago

    Back then miley was still crazy

  • Lisoo is Real osiosi

    *Comienza la canción* Yo: Miley, creo deberías promocionar a Oral-B o Colgate :v

  • Irvin Wittmeier
    Irvin Wittmeier 5 hours ago

    She is better at the game than Taylor Swift but there is a lot of people between the mike and the speakers making it sound good

  • Rylee Curcio
    Rylee Curcio 5 hours ago

    She is 100% lip sinking

  • matilde anunciacao
    matilde anunciacao 5 hours ago


  • Jasmine Payne
    Jasmine Payne 5 hours ago

    In 2013 I wasn't surprised she was naked I was question WHY TF SHE LICKED THE HAMMER?!?! Still to this day I still am💀😂

  • TheRealYonni
    TheRealYonni 5 hours ago

    2019 anybody ?

  • Tierra Teske
    Tierra Teske 5 hours ago

    its so peaceful

  • Tierra Teske
    Tierra Teske 5 hours ago

    I fucking love her oh my goodness

  • Kaika Lee
    Kaika Lee 5 hours ago

    Amazing song. She reminded me of Tame Impala's "It feels like we're going backwards". Hope she focuses on herself and let's go of everything toxic

  • Cidny B
    Cidny B 5 hours ago

    Rosé ( ^ω^ )

  • mala pata
    mala pata 5 hours ago

    60 million!!!🥰🥰🥰

  • tina:D
    tina:D 5 hours ago


  • Rejeanaa Nicolee
    Rejeanaa Nicolee 5 hours ago

    Miley helped me move on from Lam too sad

  • V _Rosé
    V _Rosé 5 hours ago

    I love this song...thank you Rosé

  • XxSnowNinja
    XxSnowNinja 6 hours ago

    They'll always have their happy memories with each other. Ending a relationship is never easy but they will grow and still love each other

  • blixstudios 778
    blixstudios 778 6 hours ago

    I guess bart parker was right

  • Scaryjoe 64
    Scaryjoe 64 6 hours ago

    I wonder what the defectors saw

  • Robert KULLA
    Robert KULLA 6 hours ago

    Hey ... great ... everytime ...once again ...

  • bold steam_555
    bold steam_555 6 hours ago

    Swinging on that wrecking ball lowkey looks fun 🤣

  • Eduviloist
    Eduviloist 6 hours ago

    Who is here because of Rosé?

  • Cheyanna Raynes
    Cheyanna Raynes 6 hours ago

    Image the people who had to film this 😂 and how many people were watching her

  • Mireya Josalina
    Mireya Josalina 6 hours ago

    BEST song from her by far😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Marco Chavez
    Marco Chavez 6 hours ago


  • Jaime Lauro
    Jaime Lauro 7 hours ago

    This is speaking the truth & I absolutely LOVE💕 this so much ~😘I heart yah

  • Reed Thibaudeau
    Reed Thibaudeau 7 hours ago

    This song is so incredible

  • Fiorella Castillo
    Fiorella Castillo 7 hours ago

    Me encanta ❣️

  • Sad Love Story
    Sad Love Story 7 hours ago

    One of the best song ever💥 18/9/2019🐾

  • Queenshixo0
    Queenshixo0 7 hours ago

    Everyone in 2013: So nudity... Me: 1:55 That must be really uncomfortable !

  • K-L
    K-L 7 hours ago

    I feel like Miley is incredibly young-minded, or drug-affected. Liam has a big ego but it a little more grounded. I see their breakup as healthy. they were not a great match...

  • Michel Macena
    Michel Macena 7 hours ago

    Who the hell is Rose???

  • Peter Heinzman
    Peter Heinzman 7 hours ago

    love the song not the video but that wont stop me from listen to it

  • candy life
    candy life 7 hours ago

    2013:EW!PUT AT LEAST A DIAPER! 2019:just a normal music video 2030:THIS IS A MASTERPIECE!

  • lilly theemo
    lilly theemo 7 hours ago

    sorry to break it to you but this isn't a Blackpink video just because Rose likes it so please stop commenting about how Rose loves the song and you love Blackpink and her. It's fucking annoying when Kpop fans comment about their group or idol when the video isn't about them or mentions them,its one of the reasons why people hate Kpop stans

  • Miracle Martin
    Miracle Martin 7 hours ago

    I love this miley. Where she just sings

  • Sara Martins
    Sara Martins 7 hours ago

    Definitely the best video on the internet >>in my opinion<<

  • Jendeukie BLACKPINK
    Jendeukie BLACKPINK 7 hours ago

    Rosie brought me here

  • Suit & Tie
    Suit & Tie 7 hours ago

    Blackpink brought me here

  • santi dig
    santi dig 7 hours ago

    Like si viniste a recordar a bnt 😥

  • zak graham
    zak graham 7 hours ago

    Who else here from Flower’s Facebook post?

  • Victor Ivic
    Victor Ivic 7 hours ago

    September 2019

  • Corry Sihombing
    Corry Sihombing 7 hours ago

    Love this song, I'm see Ig story rosiee BP

  • Angel Gonzalez
    Angel Gonzalez 7 hours ago

    Miley is so underrated, she is awesome. She deserves more.

  • Ailton Bonfim
    Ailton Bonfim 7 hours ago

    Uma das melhores músicas dela.







  • Katrin F
    Katrin F 8 hours ago

    The sound of this song reminds me so much of the song Princess of China by Coldplay feat. Rihanna and I love it

  • Marta Fanai Official

    The comments... 🐶🐶🐶🐶 made me laugh like a dog even when im a cat

  • Kim Jionysus
    Kim Jionysus 8 hours ago

    Who the fuck is rosie and why their fans are spaming here

    • Kim Jionysus
      Kim Jionysus 4 hours ago

      @Monique Alarcon and...? Call out her fandom for spaming Miley's video then, also tell them to stop commenting shit as robots that do what their favs tell them to do instead of actually caring about Miley's song and praising her.

    • Monique Alarcon
      Monique Alarcon 6 hours ago

      You don't need to said bad word like the "fuck" especially to rosé coz she's nice and she's our church girl.

    • Monique Alarcon
      Monique Alarcon 6 hours ago

      Rosé know that this song is deserve more views and attention that's why she promote this song on her ig story and she ask blinks to listen this song before go to sleep. And some of miley fans thanks to rosé. And she's main vocalist of blackpink.