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Miley Cyrus - Unholy (Audio)
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  • Danny Hughes
    Danny Hughes 32 minutes ago

    Trump Victory on Battlefield from Victorious on Battlefield 4 virtue on Battlefield I am right now I am ball and chain I am snake eyes groom throws Miley Cyrus at a bed I am Clockwork I am Clockwork personally

  • Svetlin Dimitrov
    Svetlin Dimitrov 56 minutes ago

    Awful video. Disgusting.

  • subhechcha Mukherjee

    wtf she is always like this!!😩

  • saphelia valencia

    dang, its been 10 years bro

  • Randy Rounds
    Randy Rounds Hour ago

    I still want to eat that cookie 🍪 I ain't changed my mind about that you know that Miley 😋

  • Nandani Pratap
    Nandani Pratap Hour ago

    Hit like if you actually appreciate her

    ANOUSHKA BHAT Hour ago

    I got Goosebumps all over me when I heard this for the first time❤❤❤Miley you've got a new fan.... ❤❤❤❤

  • Danny Hughes
    Danny Hughes Hour ago

    Your window of opportunity is New Year's Eve on that very old bottle of champagne at the bottom of the table set for 3 I've never learned to trust it was Keller balance for to order ride for wine it was never opened from Clockwork adopt DNA

  • Steven Tanenbaum

    im not even a woman and i feel empowered by this

  • Danny Hughes
    Danny Hughes Hour ago

    Hello Marley from Clockworks I know where there is a table for 3 but only set for one with a very old bottle of champagne at the bottom 8. DNA

  • Kirang Kichu
    Kirang Kichu 2 hours ago

    Ohhh girl I felt you we saggi is hurt to find true love ..we had love earlier but it’s gone they are with someone ... better stay single enjoy

  • pepper mint
    pepper mint 2 hours ago

    Who's the dude on the motorbike?

  • Como Cocinar Facil
    Como Cocinar Facil 2 hours ago

    Ambeses me qiero hacer una paja y solo tengo youtube asique uso la bieja confiable

  • Ly 009
    Ly 009 2 hours ago

    Melanie Martinez aiii

  • Pol Pol
    Pol Pol 3 hours ago

    As de tu bida lo mejor k te parescaaa en fin nunka cambiaras

  • Pol Pol
    Pol Pol 3 hours ago


  • Carl Huffman
    Carl Huffman 4 hours ago

    very well sang, not sure I like the overt sexuality of the video, however. That being said, she does have striking looks.

  • Karen Iza
    Karen Iza 4 hours ago

    Años sin ver estos vídeos

    GUH GRAAL 4 hours ago


  • Camila Martins
    Camila Martins 4 hours ago

    junk music

  • Edna Santos
    Edna Santos 4 hours ago

    Amooooo desde que ainda era hanna Montana hj eu com 25 anos continuo sendo fann de maissss essa mulher canta muitoo

  • Ylljeta 23
    Ylljeta 23 4 hours ago

    Her hairstyle rocks here

  • Miri-ham Kon-rat
    Miri-ham Kon-rat 4 hours ago

    The camera mans' talented, filming with one hand like that.

  • brooklyn marie
    brooklyn marie 4 hours ago

    “it’s just a phase” 💀💀

  • Lucho Dj
    Lucho Dj 4 hours ago


  • Andrew
    Andrew 4 hours ago

    good song but video is kind of different and didn't expect this

  • {Lølå • Kåwaii chån gįrl }

    You are copycat (copycat a malanie martinez)

  • Gilang Rizal
    Gilang Rizal 5 hours ago

    So sexy ❤️

  • Matthew Quinn
    Matthew Quinn 5 hours ago

    Director's cut sucks

  • Ella P.
    Ella P. 5 hours ago

    Okay but like. I still don’t understand why she was licking that nasty hammer

  • João Dias
    João Dias 5 hours ago

    Meu ovo

  • Rhomy Marth
    Rhomy Marth 6 hours ago

    I came here because yo mama

  • Ken Raley
    Ken Raley 6 hours ago

    she is super sexy!

  • Luz Maria Mejia Cruz

    Perfect!! 😍❤

  • Samantha Lopez Coronado

    Me when I was 4 or 5: wow this video is beautiful! Me now: where’s her clothes?..

  • Lexa Love
    Lexa Love 6 hours ago

    My favorite

  • David Dunning
    David Dunning 6 hours ago

    She reely likes her recking balls

  • The Femme Fatale
    The Femme Fatale 6 hours ago

    My stress reliever song back in 2017 🤣

  • curious_carrot 09
    curious_carrot 09 7 hours ago


  • Andreia Souza
    Andreia Souza 7 hours ago

    Miss your musics

  • Andreia Souza
    Andreia Souza 7 hours ago

    😍😍😍🇧🇷🇧🇷my Miley

  • Daniela Aguilar
    Daniela Aguilar 7 hours ago

    ¿Esta música no fue lanzada el 2015 ?

  • Edy Ruiz
    Edy Ruiz 7 hours ago

    Great song cyrus

  • HOLLY fox
    HOLLY fox 7 hours ago

    Go learn you ABC's u copy cat from mel the queen

  • Fuffykitten 220
    Fuffykitten 220 7 hours ago

    Almost 7 years and this is still one of my favorites

  • Batata loka
    Batata loka 8 hours ago

    Melanie Martinez don't invented dress baby

  • Marina da Costa
    Marina da Costa 8 hours ago

    Como a melanie iria dizer: -You is COPY CAT! Quem pegou a referência?

    DESMONETIZADO 8 hours ago

    1 bi !!!!!?????

  • Zybard
    Zybard 9 hours ago

    one of them is so much better to listen to than the know who i am talking about

  • Yeneyka Cabrera
    Yeneyka Cabrera 9 hours ago


  • ProHacker
    ProHacker 9 hours ago

    That’s a weird face 0:00

  • 《•PÄRK BÜNNY•》

    Eis que você compra uma Melanie Martinez na deep web

  • Juliana
    Juliana 9 hours ago

    This is what happens when you get together young and then grow up and drift apart

  • Cloe Mon
    Cloe Mon 9 hours ago

    maleficent part 2 dudes

  • arisu
    arisu 10 hours ago

    melanie ta diferente

  • pinkpantherz
    pinkpantherz 10 hours ago

    she would’ve been an icon in 2020

  • Akorah Mywji
    Akorah Mywji 10 hours ago

    should i call you a copier? many videos claim that you copied our dear Melanie, if you copied her, know that you will never get to her feet

  • Jordan Davis
    Jordan Davis 10 hours ago


  • Celine Batista Fernandes Fernandes


  • Celine Batista Fernandes Fernandes

    Eu ouvi ela desde de 2 anos

  • Celine Batista Fernandes Fernandes

    Essa é minha música, eu a amoo

  • TheLondonForever00
    TheLondonForever00 10 hours ago

    I've never wanted to be that sledge hammer more in my entire life!

  • mgmarie24
    mgmarie24 10 hours ago

    This song is addicting

  • Uku’n do it Kennedy
    Uku’n do it Kennedy 10 hours ago

    Am I the only one who can’t sing this without singing the bart baker version?

  • Maria clara Silva
    Maria clara Silva 11 hours ago

    Alguém brasileiro nos comentários? ??

  • Faevea Benton
    Faevea Benton 11 hours ago

    Wow it’s 2020 rn and I’m about to cry by this was such a great time in life lmfao

  • Solange Leo
    Solange Leo 11 hours ago

    Algun latino?

  • And R
    And R 11 hours ago

    Miley is ll of when in love a sweet and looks good and shit and when she’s not is just a mess just a regular

  • nara frias
    nara frias 12 hours ago

    La amo

  • Tuomas Hentunen
    Tuomas Hentunen 12 hours ago

    This song is just awesome

  • ButterBall
    ButterBall 12 hours ago

    I hope she got a tetanus shot before she did this video

  • DAVID Fdez
    DAVID Fdez 12 hours ago


  • DAVID Fdez
    DAVID Fdez 12 hours ago


  • DAVID Fdez
    DAVID Fdez 12 hours ago


  • Rayssa Alves
    Rayssa Alves 12 hours ago

    I love the song

  • Gafton Vlad
    Gafton Vlad 13 hours ago

    beautiful song.. straight to my heart

  • steplnw dotcom
    steplnw dotcom 13 hours ago


  • M. Bizarro
    M. Bizarro 13 hours ago

    ¿Qué hago aquí?

  • Isabella Belleza
    Isabella Belleza 13 hours ago

    I applaud Miley for this video Both musical and video production is incredible

  • Isabella Belleza
    Isabella Belleza 13 hours ago

    I’m mad that this doesn’t have more views

  • Yulia V
    Yulia V 13 hours ago

    После этой песни я разочаровалась в певице. Была симпатмчная скромная девушка, а стала похожа на проститутку🤮 Мода извращенцев сделала свое.

  • Constanza Pedrero Crespo


  • nichole_gvlogs 1
    nichole_gvlogs 1 14 hours ago

    How many people made fun of this on vine | | | | | V

  • Karmello Ni
    Karmello Ni 14 hours ago

    Śpiewam bo lubię better

  • Samantha Velazquez
    Samantha Velazquez 14 hours ago

    Love it ❤️❤️❤️

  • Blanca Aguilera
    Blanca Aguilera 14 hours ago

    a mí me gusta la música pero lodemas

  • Tyrese 18
    Tyrese 18 14 hours ago

    Who else is here checking this in 2020

  • Vielka Tejada
    Vielka Tejada 14 hours ago

    Esta canción me encanta vamos por los 100 millones 💜

  • Germán Álvarez
    Germán Álvarez 14 hours ago

    La canción no es ni mala, es pegajosa y hasta me da nostalgia... :c

  • Marie Prudká
    Marie Prudká 14 hours ago

    Bad version of melanie martinez xd

  • Caolan
    Caolan 14 hours ago


  • Azzi M
    Azzi M 15 hours ago

    Lmao, I hate this song so much back then. I just can't accept that Miley Cyrus turns from Hannah Montana into I don't know what is this. But now I kinda can accept it since it's been normalized into our society and culture...

  • josiah caporuscio
    josiah caporuscio 15 hours ago

    Inside edition anyone

  • Samuel Irving
    Samuel Irving 15 hours ago

    Oh my goodness why so sexy nakid on a Wrekin ball

  • XzdexterzXz
    XzdexterzXz 15 hours ago


  • Olivia Bramley
    Olivia Bramley 15 hours ago

    melanie mertinez.

  • Christina Sas
    Christina Sas 15 hours ago


  • Christina Sas
    Christina Sas 15 hours ago


  • Ntsiika Moloi
    Ntsiika Moloi 16 hours ago


  • euphoriaaa
    euphoriaaa 16 hours ago

    Must be sad that 1 billion people have saw this, I feel bad for her. she’s literally butt naked- 😔