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A Purple Delay
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Spooner Row Request Stop
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Roy Bridge Request Stop
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We Made A Human Tube Map
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The Azuma Flying Scotsman
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Scotscalder Request Stop
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  • Itachi // Fahad
    Itachi // Fahad 3 hours ago

    Comment 900

  • Ian Smith
    Ian Smith 4 hours ago

    Haha! How have I only just seen this video?!!

    FINN KNY 4 hours ago

    Same design as the merseyrail trains

  • Ivor Cornish
    Ivor Cornish 6 hours ago

    You didn't point out that it was a request stop.

  • Anthony Howe
    Anthony Howe 6 hours ago

    Wow wow wow loved this video too, we went last July and it was much warmer and drier, reminds me a bit of Newborough Forest (the sandy soil). Would love to go back there again as well (but probably run Zary instaed)

  • Anthony Howe
    Anthony Howe 6 hours ago

    Loved this video, makes me want to go back and run it properly. Cheers!

  • Brendan Cull
    Brendan Cull 8 hours ago

    I'm no Expert But, you forgot the distance between the ceiling of one Storey and the floor of the next storey.

  • darek4488
    darek4488 8 hours ago

    I wonder who is more insane, him riding around or me watching it.

  • aellie
    aellie 9 hours ago

    i hope they dont get rid of the old trains completely though i dont like the new design compared to the current one.. rly good video tho...

  • Oscar Williams
    Oscar Williams 9 hours ago

    These arent necessarily the oldest on mainland uk, Mersey rail run class 507 and 508/1 that were built from 1978-80 making them also around 40 years old.

  • Synystershy
    Synystershy 10 hours ago

    I don't think you can do Dorking West and/or Deepdene to Dorking Main.

  • Wavey
    Wavey 11 hours ago

    Never knew I'd be going down recommended and see the metro I use almost everyday.

  • Emmanuel Johnson
    Emmanuel Johnson 11 hours ago

    Ockendon , chafford hundred, grays and purfleet are not in zone ten and you for got tilbury its and the start from zone 7 to 9 I know that as I go there every week

  • Ploke Newo78
    Ploke Newo78 14 hours ago

    The only time "hallelujah" plays when a pacer comes.

  • Transport News Finland

    All the accessible toilets on trains in Finland have buttons to lock the toilet doors, except for the class Sm5 trains (purple) which do the short stopping commuter services in and out of Helsinki, which have a handle.

  • P Val
    P Val 20 hours ago

    Report: a usurper ? is making time ?? with a 5 yo and . Another .

  • baze.djunkiii
    baze.djunkiii 21 hour ago

    throwing one illegal rave under that big ass bridge would literally double the amount of ppl using that station per year. somebody should do it for the lulz.

  • Minecraftjake8585
    Minecraftjake8585 22 hours ago

    haha you should got free ride for life for them us your voice

  • David Hunter
    David Hunter 23 hours ago


  • Peter Gilchrist
    Peter Gilchrist 23 hours ago

    Someone who has never used the Glasgow Subway system.

  • Robert Ewalt
    Robert Ewalt 23 hours ago

    The G shirt looks like a NYC subway line. G is the only line that does not go to Manhattan.

  • mllClam
    mllClam 23 hours ago

    Is there a what at 9:08?

  • der Oberleutnant
    der Oberleutnant 23 hours ago

    The closest FLIRT we got, compared with Goeffs British Flirt, is the German "Baureihe"/Class 429.1.

  • der Oberleutnant

    Thats Interesting British FLIRTs are different from German FLIRTs, strange austrian company.

  • Carbonfibre Canary

    Your feet are closer to an 'English' foot - I'm size 12, supposedly a foot. I do have some recent pictures of local stations to myself which I will try to share when things have calmed down. All within cycling distance I hasten to say and nobody about / more than 2m social distancing.....

  • Peter Sharp
    Peter Sharp Day ago

    There is only one station in Rutland!.

  • signorpippistrello

    J&J should do a road trip and use the back seat for locals! Come to Vienna, I tell you things about Höhenstrasse beyond Wikipedia! Says me. A subscriber of J. No, not Jjjjjj.... Pfff

  • signorpippistrello

    1:15 I guess it should have been a Jaguar showroom!

  • RachelMCooks
    RachelMCooks Day ago


  • Simon Pain
    Simon Pain Day ago

    52:00 makes you glad for modern powerful laptops capable of gaming and video editing! Awesome film.

  • Rienzi Trento
    Rienzi Trento Day ago

    Have you watched paint dry?

  • Allen Williams

    Geoff Marshall is absolutely correct, as far as he goes. However, one crucial stage is missed out: “plump” the tea bag before putting it in the mug to ensure that water is as free as possible to circulate through the tea particles in the bag. This will also ensure the bag floats, so that the hottest water (at the top) runs through it. Personally l prefer to leave the bag in for approximately two minutes to mash and add a small amount of sugar to correct the bitterness which results. This is, however, a matter of personal preference. A floating bag also renders unnecessary the strings sometimes attached to bags as usually found in coffee shops. These are an abomination when used to squeeze the bags upon withdrawal from the brew.

  • Ray DeOperator

    FLash-player have you gone mental? What has this to do with any of my watch history?

  • Andy Kolodiy
    Andy Kolodiy Day ago

    Is it true that Glasgewians have this subway roundabout thing - to drink a pint and a shot at each station until you make a full circle?

    • Andy Kolodiy
      Andy Kolodiy 15 hours ago

      @mike fuller got it, thank you! I'm not good in multitasking, was focused on listening ))

    • mike fuller
      mike fuller 15 hours ago

      Andy Kolodiy at 1:40 Geoff mentions this in the on screen text. It’s called a Subcrawl renaming the past time ( in normal times) of a pub crawl.

    HIDER YT Day ago

    I think that’s the PAST!!!!!!!

  • Furore2323
    Furore2323 Day ago

    Train good, car bad.

  • Monsieur Tea Slurper

    Reason Code YI: Late arrival of booked rolling stock

  • Rule 1 Model Railways

    But it's just not Viki feet :(

  • Andrew Storm
    Andrew Storm Day ago

    Is the train from the 1960?

  • Tomáš Petrík

    Appreciation for your T-shirt! NYC Subway <3

  • Carl Caulkett
    Carl Caulkett Day ago

    I was born literally seconds away from South Greenford station at Perivale Maternity Hospital which was demolished in 1988. Maybe that gate was part of the access to the hospital.

    • Carl Caulkett
      Carl Caulkett Day ago

      Although the gate would have to be on the southbound platform for that theory to work since the hospital was on Haymill Close just to the east of the station.

  • Donald Chung
    Donald Chung Day ago

    Before 2000, this station is in Zone 4. Now it's strangely Zone 3 but on the tube map, it's seemingly far east corner. But the true easternmost station is Upminster in Zone 6.

  • West Side is da best

    Staines made an appearance in a video?? Big up

  • Charlotte Davison

    Biggest secret is how they manage to keep running while on fire, but breaks down as soon as you look at it too hard

    GEØRGE Day ago

    Did you touch in at Birkbeck?

  • Xarius
    Xarius Day ago

    Chelfield station (Orpington area) is really quiet

  • andizzle195
    andizzle195 Day ago

    Hey Geoff, what’s the app you use occasionally on your phone that shows all the stations across the UK? It’s blue dots/writing on a white backdrop.

  • Abdul.M. Transport Vlogs M

    I used this once or Twice. Sout Greenford After that never use the it. Train always Delayed or Cancelled.

  • IFM
    IFM Day ago

    Matts in charge of PIS. That's got to be a great business card!

  • Beepbeep Lettuce

    Greensboro is about a half hour away from where I live! Sorry you got robbed there Geoff

  • Sean Of The Head

    I feel like this will rise back to its old levels of passenger usage once Crossrail opens and changing trains suddenly doesn't become so much of an issue

  • TheMooseOnMars
    TheMooseOnMars 2 days ago

    Albany Park is silent

  • Ian McClavin
    Ian McClavin 2 days ago

    Also, not mentioned, is that a few years back, one of the platforms (I think it was the southbound) fell away, and had to be closed for a while (like Ribblehead on the S&C), whilst they rebuilt the missing structure.

  • itsjustjayden
    itsjustjayden 2 days ago

    gordon ramsay of tea

  • Ian McClavin
    Ian McClavin 2 days ago

    Why aye man! Brilliant joke from all concerned!! If you're after suggestions for further visits, Meridian Water station might be interesting at the moment, being Angel Road 's replacement, but much more conveniently situated , in the current situation you shouldn't bump into too many others there though..

  • Nooticus
    Nooticus 2 days ago

    Great video! Try coming to the very quiet Oakleigh park in the Borough of Barnet or maybe Grange Park in the borough of Enfield!

  • UnknownArtist 720
    UnknownArtist 720 2 days ago

    I cannot stress enough how much I miss travelling to, going up to Stratford, Enfield Town, New Malden, Blackfriars, anywhere really, I miss it so much :(

  • Tom Railway
    Tom Railway 2 days ago

    Wow cool 😎 and I loved it too

  • Martin Ward
    Martin Ward 2 days ago

    The small one would be brilliant for a model railway!

  • Murray Steel
    Murray Steel 2 days ago

    Does anyone know the first piece of music in this video? 😊

  • Patrick Hemsley
    Patrick Hemsley 2 days ago

    Is the reason this the least used station because you weirdly doubled the figures at shippea hill!?!?

  • Mark Gaughran
    Mark Gaughran 2 days ago

    Still trying your tea making methods

  • Roach
    Roach 2 days ago

    Geordie jokes aside, code YI means "Late arrival of inward stock/unit" apparently.

  • Squaretable22
    Squaretable22 2 days ago

    I honestly seem to have the most woe with the royal mail. Excluding Amazon my favourite is DPD (although theyre expensive, but I guess you pay for what you get). My mum is almost on first name terms with her Hermes girl

  • Cashpot
    Cashpot 2 days ago

    Geoff, Have you thought of doing a piece about how many underground tunnels carry fibre optic cables and where they can be seen easily? Not particularly well known that there is a huge fibre infrastructure down there. Rob.

  • Toby
    Toby 2 days ago

    Looks much nicer than the London underground

  • Annie Soernym
    Annie Soernym 2 days ago

    It's wonderful to see you out and about again (even though your lock down videos were great!)! I would very much enjoy more videos about lesser used stations!

  • Bruno Monster
    Bruno Monster 2 days ago

    You can get a subscription to railcam and it will tell you the same as open train times and more simplified explanations of cancellations, it also provides a little bit of info on the chances of trains coming etc plus live times, I highly recommend it instead of open train times

  • Phillip Willoughby
    Phillip Willoughby 2 days ago

    The operation of the Charing Cross and Bank branches are to be seperated. And 50 new trains are to be built. At Camden Town the number of trains are to increase from 24 to 30-36 per hour.

  • FinardoLittle 123 Gaming & More

    0:03 Court Correspondent?

  • Caroline Mockett
    Caroline Mockett 2 days ago

    Feeling hugely smug in that I agree 100% with your methods and *already* make mugs of tea like this. So no smashing required here! 😂

  • Rice Quackers
    Rice Quackers 2 days ago

    This must be one of the very few non-electrified passenger lines in London. The only other one I can think of is the Chiltern Main Line out of Marylebone. Unless anyone knows of another?

  • Robert Dewbery
    Robert Dewbery 2 days ago

    We had gone passed Hillingdon, when it ground to a halt!

  • cseries
    cseries 2 days ago

  • denelson83
    denelson83 2 days ago

    8:18 - Those percentages add up to 99.9 percent. Where's the other 0.1 percent? Is it in some kind of TARDIS-like no-man's-land?

  • Murphy productions
    Murphy productions 2 days ago

    Nice g train nyc subway shirt

  • Anthony Phan
    Anthony Phan 2 days ago

    They are looks like tfl rail

  • Max's Trainspotting

    The Train cab has 2 steps. This is equivalent to a 15 floor building.

  • Boggesh Zahim
    Boggesh Zahim 2 days ago

    This is like a wholesome episode of Black Mirror

  • Joseph L Land
    Joseph L Land 2 days ago

    Greensboro, NC....I am sorry you were there. It is not a nice place. I am glad you survived.

  • Omari Gordon
    Omari Gordon 2 days ago

    Thumbnail looks animated

  • The secular humanist

    It should be required that all national rail companies charge the standard tfl fare for the zones you've travelled through. It makes fares even more unnecessarily complicated than it already is. The fares should be reduced and simplified anyway and integrate bus and tube fares so that you don't pay twice.

  • Martin Feuchtwanger

    The Ruisline.

  • Kim Flycht
    Kim Flycht 2 days ago

    Shame on You!!!! I just ticked off "I believed You" in the poll after I have seen You and Vicky visiting Isle of Wight in the bonus-film, and then You have made this in CGI????!!! Bad Goeff!!!!!

  • Marc Sharp
    Marc Sharp 3 days ago

    If you are willing to travel to Leicestershire than Barrow Upon Soar Station is pretty quiet.

  • marc frank
    marc frank 3 days ago

    so if u need a ticket what do u do?????????????????????

  • beeble2003
    beeble2003 3 days ago

    The "It's called a storey because they used to print a story on each floor" explanation sounds like bunk, to me. The OED talks about a possible etymology through the Latin "historia", which was also used to refer to a row of statues on the front of a building, or a row of stained glass windows.

  • beeble2003
    beeble2003 3 days ago

    "Only for use in an emergency." You know you're up sh*t creek when there's an emergency and climbing 193 steps is your best response. "Captain, the ship is sinking!" "Man the lifeboats! No, wait, climb these 193 steps instead!" "In the unlikely event of a loss of cabin pressure, the panel above your head will open and an oxygen mask will drop down. Climb 193 steps to reach it and place it over your nose and mouth." "You expect me to talk?" "No, Mr Bond. I expect you to climb these 193 steps."

  • Olga Z
    Olga Z 3 days ago

    May I just say, Geoff? You are our family’s hero! Not an evening goes by without our 3 year old George binging on your earlier episodes ( Secrets of the Underground) ;) He is obsessed with trains, overground in particular as we live just by the section of the overground between South Acton and Gunnersbury. What’s more, we are now too fans of the tube. You are an excellent teller and we enjoy learning about the history and secrets of the tube while laughing at your occasional jokes👍🏼 please keep up the good work! You’re an enthusiast and it shows. Thank you for making our family time by the TV so entertaining! Snd best regards from George who might well take over from you in X years:)))))

    • Geoff Marshall
      Geoff Marshall 2 days ago

      thank you Olga, very kind ... and finally, someone that laughs at my jokes!! :-)

  • VincentKoh LUMCFan
    VincentKoh LUMCFan 3 days ago

    1:15 West Perivale is on the sign :o

  • Tigurinn Tigrason
    Tigurinn Tigrason 3 days ago

    What ever happened to the "Least used pier"? Was that video just a one off?

  • Patrick Roldan
    Patrick Roldan 3 days ago

    the P.I.S works with Siemens! wonderful.

  • FoxIslanderSteve
    FoxIslanderSteve 3 days ago

    Crickey...this took me back to being a kid in the early 70's...My old man worked at RAF South Ruislip...I went to school first at the Eastcote School, then London Central High School in High Wycombe. Thanks for the mems.

  • Richard Archer
    Richard Archer 3 days ago

    Just wondering Geoff, does your foot measure 12 inches, that is from the end of the big toe to the heel? If it does then you know the length of the platform in feet!

  • Andrew Crysell
    Andrew Crysell 3 days ago

    I biked to White Notley station when I was a kid hoping to see a train back in the 70s. They were only four cars long then. Needless to say, I didn't see one and didn't have the patience to wait around until one arrived. That was my closest station, living in rural Essex, beyond Silver End.

  • ufx808
    ufx808 3 days ago

    Thanks Geoff, very interesting.👍

  • peebee143
    peebee143 3 days ago

    Not forgetting the conversion for your foot size to Vicki's size for proper platform length.

  • Kevin Jones
    Kevin Jones 3 days ago

    Sunnymeads on the Windsor branch