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  • Greg S.
    Greg S. Hour ago

    "I'm just going to slice this one open..."...yep, I was waiting for the gusher.

  • Sarah Cooper
    Sarah Cooper 2 hours ago

    Or Disabled persons card £54 for 3 years.

  • yannick van niel
    yannick van niel 2 hours ago

    why isn't there just a national card that can be used on all public transport?

  • Virtuos
    Virtuos 2 hours ago

    This same system is on the Swietokrzyska subway station in Warsaw.

  • Kirsten JW
    Kirsten JW 3 hours ago

    Terrific series! Catching up on them...🤤....btw love your interaction, brighten my day today 😉.....started off rather......😯...

  • julian's toy
    julian's toy 3 hours ago


  • Bradley
    Bradley 3 hours ago Have a little watch Geoff, make me chuckle, maybe a new project ?💡

  • The Saltiest Shake
    The Saltiest Shake 3 hours ago

    Emily is a fucking qt3.14.

  • Andrew Jackson
    Andrew Jackson 3 hours ago

  • Choco Manger
    Choco Manger 4 hours ago

    I was unaware of this factoid.

  • Max Chester
    Max Chester 4 hours ago

    Those upholstered seats would last about 20 minutes, in any American system

  • Guillermo Fuentes
    Guillermo Fuentes 5 hours ago

    Go to Uniqlo. Cheaper and will fit your frame.

  • stuart Carrier
    stuart Carrier 6 hours ago

    You cant go between Thorne South and Thorne North stations in Doncaster

  • lee stone
    lee stone 6 hours ago

    can you come to Barnstaple and do more filming on the Barnstaple to Exeter line plz

  • soSAMuk's UK slot channel

    Sorry for being dumb, but how do they know to stop at a request stop if your not on the train?

  • Stephen Little
    Stephen Little 6 hours ago

    Does Vicki have the same shaped Bum ?. HE HE. "More Danish????" are you Danish?

  • ThatRomyKate
    ThatRomyKate 6 hours ago

    I bet if you'd been on the train with rush hour crowds you'd have hit 50c. Shame they can't somehow harness the heat to generate electricity or something!

  • Jamie Nash
    Jamie Nash 7 hours ago

    Do 27 miles of kent

  • Hammondfreak
    Hammondfreak 8 hours ago

    Get a bottle of whiskey down your neck Geoff . It won't cure your cold, you just won't notice that you have one.

  • Annabelle J
    Annabelle J 8 hours ago

    Yes, Barbican! That's my stop!

  • MrEkg98
    MrEkg98 8 hours ago

    What do they call the things on both sides of the foot crossing? Are they there to prevent you from trespassing? They look like human tank traps. Spikes?

  • Patrick john Staunton

    Okay, so now I’m officially impressed.

  • Richard Archer
    Richard Archer 9 hours ago

    You are a martyr to the cause Geoff.

  • David Jones
    David Jones 10 hours ago

    No Hertford east to Hertford north 😡

  • rancid sausage
    rancid sausage 10 hours ago

    Just outside london there is one at stone crossing

  • North east aviation
    North east aviation 11 hours ago

    You have to do Tyne and Wear metro

  • Colin Sutherland
    Colin Sutherland 11 hours ago

    Why is the Glasgow subway so small

  • Flame Gaming
    Flame Gaming 11 hours ago

    I actually think the Glasgow subway is the real TUBE they actually shaped like a tube

  • Sally Larkin
    Sally Larkin 11 hours ago

    Happy new year

  • Cobra's Trains
    Cobra's Trains 11 hours ago

    I think the GTR 313s should go to Southern.

  • James Davison
    James Davison 12 hours ago

    6:38 which I've been on - a man who's been to every station

  • Xlix. _
    Xlix. _ 12 hours ago

    Is like a toy train !!! How stupid that is.ridiculous !

  • WesternTrains 125
    WesternTrains 125 12 hours ago

    0:27 68010 thundering through with its tremendous big ass noise as usual. 68s are the best!

  • RedArrow73
    RedArrow73 12 hours ago

    If only Isambard himself could witness this?

  • RedArrow73
    RedArrow73 12 hours ago

    15 Stories, eh?

  • TechRyze
    TechRyze 12 hours ago

    Also, I'm blaming you, Geoff, if I turn into a 21st Century, high-tech trainspotter, as that is basically what this channel is doing! Also - you're getting a taste of what rail upgrades are like, in the North. The sign, accurately said, "...A new ride". Not several of them. #subscribed :D

  • Murie
    Murie 12 hours ago

    Glad to see your a Spurs fan - Legend!

  • TechRyze
    TechRyze 12 hours ago

    I remember being hungover on a Sunday morning about 10-15 years ago, and following my mates onto one of these Pacers on the Lime Street to Manchester Piccadilly route. As I slowly regained real consciousness - I remember joking and slagging off the 'bus train' that I found myself on - trundling from stop to stop and taking 'ages' to get to Manchester. No knowledge about the origins of these Pacers, but I was joking with the other people in the carriage that they must have just tied a bus to the train and had it bouncing down the tracks! Only just found out in 2019 that I was basically right! :D

  • Girlie Guevarra
    Girlie Guevarra 13 hours ago

    Is this ridable?

  • Nick Scales
    Nick Scales 13 hours ago

    New Winter coat? Sounds like a track to the Charity shops of Dawlish and Teignmouth is in order and then a road trip on a non Voyager day on the Seawalls (I.E. when a Pacer can run and be washed by a wave but a Voyager can't- plus Viki needs some Pacer action before they disappear). Have you booked her therapy sessions for Spring 2020 yet? PBC- Pacer Bereavement Counselling.

  • Stacey Legge
    Stacey Legge 13 hours ago

    I unfortunately met this guy and I thought he would be a lovely and down to earth but he is the complete opposite.i will no longer be subscribing this vids

  • oliver stuart mccann
    oliver stuart mccann 14 hours ago

    marks and spencers

  • Stacey Legge
    Stacey Legge 14 hours ago

    This guy was such a disappointment to meet really uninterested in engaging in conversation.nothing like he appears in these vids

  • LiamE69
    LiamE69 14 hours ago

    You should start your own line of anoraks for anoraks.

  • Choco Manger
    Choco Manger 14 hours ago

    The nature of this game show makes it way too hard to give questions of the same fairness to everyone.

  • Michael H
    Michael H 15 hours ago

    Yep, top tip! The tube is one of the worth places for catching colds and flu

  • TheEPROM9
    TheEPROM9 15 hours ago

    This is genualy a useful thing. Looks like the functionality is better than southeastern website.

  • Phoebe HB
    Phoebe HB 16 hours ago

    Leicester Square to covent garden might be the fastest journey on the tube, but surely Charing cross to embankment is a much shorter distance walking? The station entrances are basically next to each other!

  • Foodways Distribution
    Foodways Distribution 16 hours ago

    The shocking secret is, they have a subway.

  • Paavo Ylönen
    Paavo Ylönen 16 hours ago

    You can shorten the duration of common cold by taking zinc acetate or zinc gluconate lozenge regularly while you have got the symptoms.

  • Lewis
    Lewis 16 hours ago

    Go Selfridges

  • Lul Latsch
    Lul Latsch 16 hours ago

    In Germany, Subway comes only every 10 mins!

  • Zsombor Gonda
    Zsombor Gonda 17 hours ago

    OMG your editing is so-so bad, and the acting you do too! Do you have some type of mental illness or what?

  • POTThaesslich
    POTThaesslich 17 hours ago

    can you not do it the other way round? then you can stay on the bus until the end.

  • Moff's Autos
    Moff's Autos 17 hours ago

    This is very interesting, I’m really enjoying your videos even thou I’m not really a train fanatic. It’s just the way you’re always able to display your passion and knowledge in each video that makes them so fun to watch

  • NPC O'Brien
    NPC O'Brien 18 hours ago


  • Jack Foster
    Jack Foster 19 hours ago

    Who knows how Geoff made this video? Any specific software?

  • L Farang Poo Chai Ting Tong Layo!

    Gees why did they put two stations so close together? Maybe when they built it first there was two separate lines coming from the edge of London to the city centre that could not go into the same station for some reason.

  • Nick Annies
    Nick Annies 19 hours ago

    I missed this video first time round, justy watched it - brilliant!

  • Andrew Martin
    Andrew Martin 19 hours ago

    8: Shippea Hill 🤣

  • Edd Herring
    Edd Herring 20 hours ago

    Britain’s quaintest station......

  • Carl Ransome
    Carl Ransome 21 hour ago

    Id happily tag alot or be companion for least used station Cambridgeshire.

  • Gayathri Venkat
    Gayathri Venkat 23 hours ago

    What is this music called?

  • David Gandar
    David Gandar 23 hours ago

    Like the music ! think it is called Place.

  • Kevin M Combes
    Kevin M Combes 23 hours ago

    Other shops are available

  • Peter Kiggins
    Peter Kiggins Day ago

    Primark :P Sport's direct, JD Sports, Bughouse, Thermal there is all sorts of places you can get Amazing winter warm jackets from !

  • Ivano Cascone
    Ivano Cascone Day ago

    In case people are wondering the Italian announcement basically said that it hoped people had a nice journey and thanked them for taking Gatwick Express

  • the lorax
    the lorax Day ago

    Possible unpopular view: Strictly Come Dancing is the dumbest name for a television show in the history of television.

  • Patricia Catalano

    2:08 and we will do bs, not for BULLSHIT but for bond street

  • EpicThe112
    EpicThe112 Day ago

    Geoff 250km/h translates to 155 miles per hour in the UK and United States. Maximum speed for the train is 200 miles per hour 320 kilometers per hour yet some European high-speed lines are capable of 350 kilometers per hour 220 mph

  • Charlie Daffin

    Worcester parkway high and low

  • Dave G
    Dave G Day ago

    Don't just measure height but also how long each stairs are.. If they are shorter you gonna get up faster.. It means you don't need to do 320 instead of 175 and you are going to be on a same level..

  • tallthinkev
    tallthinkev Day ago

    Coat? USAF M1 long jacket, then dye it, Should come with a quilted liner, which can be undone, and has an inbuilt hood

  • jtu100
    jtu100 Day ago

    @geoff have you thought about getting a video camera with image stabilisation? great videos

  • You The Living

    I love the reverb in those waiting areas! It's reminded me of something I've been meaning to ask you. We're a band who use sounds we record from railways as part of our music (for example, our song XXXI uses a loose bolt on Primrose Hill railway bridge and a Class 390 Pendolino as part of the percussion. I've recently turned a Class 66 into a synthesiser!). Would you be up for coming on a sound hunt with us at some point, either at some of our favourite spots or yours? - Aidan YTL

  • rehpotsirhic
    rehpotsirhic Day ago

    The zones are spreading out north and east, but here in the south west we are barely have anything. I live in Staines, and I am annoyingly only 1 stop away from a zone 6 station (Feltham)

  • Comic Book Guy

    A transvestite trainspotter? I’ve seen it all now.

  • Davey Rocket
    Davey Rocket Day ago

    Please do the warm up dance!


    These were free energy... We're going backwards in technology... Just so you know.

  • Robin
    Robin Day ago

    Great snapshot of 2011. This video will only get better and better with age.

  • ThatRomyKate
    ThatRomyKate Day ago

    Forgive me if you did explain and I missed it but why aren't they allowing Oyster? What difference does it make if you pay with Oyster or contactless?

  • radagastwiz
    radagastwiz Day ago

    Love the 'live' Least Used concept! I hope it happens.

  • Philip Griffin

    Cross Country trains at Reading either use the bay platforms at the south-west end eg 3- (if they are using the dive under the main lines) or platform 13 (if they use the dive under from Reading West).

  •  Day ago

    Where's the d stock

  • Eddyspeeder
    Eddyspeeder Day ago

    Been a binge watcher since a couple of weeks now. I think it's brilliant if you visit the ones that are now the least used ones that you haven't visited yet. Here's a few ideas for the Least Used videos, especially to give several least used stations some love: - I think the railways should actually refund people who are boarding on one least used station and get off at another. But so long as that doesn't happen, I think it would be great to do a series "from one least used station to another", but with the constraints that you must travel between them by train and the train ride needs to call at at least one station in another county in between. - Arrange some sort of tour to Redcar British Steel, with a dedicated train and a tour provided by Teesside's owners. This would boost up the numbers quite quickly. And it'd be a lovely day out with Geoff, and perhaps also not as creepy as just being there with two people. - Any chance of visiting the now closed Angel Road station? That ought to be interesting.

  • Ellis Coulson
    Ellis Coulson Day ago

    Next have nice coats

  • Liam Murtezaoglu

    This is why tall people are not advantaged and I’d personally like to keep it that way 😂

  • Paul Burton
    Paul Burton Day ago

    It felt like Geoff was hinting for Vicki to buy him a new coat! Lol!

  • Shel Sparkle
    Shel Sparkle Day ago

    What in the foolishness why?!

  • Brian Freeman
    Brian Freeman Day ago

    Go to Go Outdoors for a coat. Big range in all price ranges.

  • Nicolas B
    Nicolas B Day ago

    Geoff is clearly fishing for coat sponsorship 🙄 you can’t go wrong with a Canada Goose jacket

  • sbv3000
    sbv3000 Day ago

    there was an intercity flirt at Liverpool street today platform 6, 745/005, driver said in service November

  • Joanne Rickard

    Canterbury East to Canterbury West has no ticket options,

  • thekid
    thekid Day ago

    That's a game changer!! I never knew it was 70mins! All this time running around to make it within 60mins

  • John Gilmer
    John Gilmer Day ago

    "Seems to me" than an App on your smart phone should accomplish the same thing.

  • Alvyn Ddamba
    Alvyn Ddamba Day ago

    I LOVE SPURS why didn't you say I thought you were and Arsenal,Man U or West ham fan

  • Alexander Taylor

    Can someone tell me the name of the train on the right at 8:36?

  • RLX_Dev
    RLX_Dev Day ago

    Honestly i'd rather just buy a PC and check online with the pricing

  • Daniel Law
    Daniel Law Day ago

    I realised this was made 9 years ago

    • Andy JS
      Andy JS 21 hour ago

      I've decided it's actually 1983 at the moment, so this video is 27 years in the future.

  • Ewan. C
    Ewan. C Day ago

    Geoff should buy his coat from go outdoors!