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  • shyt37
    shyt37 5 hours ago

    At this point, I'm gonna just watch youtube videos to do Deonis sightings

  • Emmanuel Grandison
    Emmanuel Grandison 5 hours ago

    This award was amazing and the Rihanna deserves it and all, but who shouted out PERIODTT hilarious 😂🤣 1:28

  • Johnny Mnemonic
    Johnny Mnemonic 5 hours ago

    NAACP = National Association of Always Complaining People

    FREDDY VELASQUEZ 5 hours ago

    Love her. Continued success, Ri. One love, one heart.

  • Shawn Walls
    Shawn Walls 5 hours ago

    I hope T.I. doesn't rate anything I do ever

  • Rose J
    Rose J 5 hours ago

    She's living her life like it's golden!

  • Deed Gudness
    Deed Gudness 5 hours ago

    Angela You Are So Beautiful 😍 You’re The True Definition Of What Every Woman Of Color Should Inspired To Be Classy Talented Proud and Ageless and So Lovely 🥰❤️🖤❤️👸🏽👸🏽

  • christopher clanton
    christopher clanton 5 hours ago

    Bring the world together i.e. one world government i.e NWO i.e. hypocrisy. Fix your community, fix your local. Leave the world out of it

  • Rose J
    Rose J 5 hours ago

    Tamron Hall looks beautiful and classy as ever!

  • MELANIE boulevard
    MELANIE boulevard 5 hours ago

    Black people are the devil

  • Ronnie Wilburn
    Ronnie Wilburn 5 hours ago

    Can you actually feel the ambience of “living legend”. I’ve always considered “Jill Scott”” as an original. This, beautiful person, is truly someone we are very fortunate to have as an artist. Thank you, Jill Scott, for being strong enough to bestow the glory of music, and present it to the world with grace.🎤

  • MELANIE boulevard
    MELANIE boulevard 5 hours ago

    It’s sad how fat she is now

  • Aaron Williams
    Aaron Williams 5 hours ago

    Seriously revised my goals as someone who wants to make it in the industry as a singer especially after the whole Kesha vs Dr Luke thing that SERIOUSLY OPENED MY EYES!! Made me re-evaluate my goals and what I wanted to be.. at this point I'm cool on labels I'd rather be a independent artist paying for everything out of pocket but getting to keep 100% of everything I made the be signed and be manipulated into being low balled but having all the resources in the world.

  • indeqo
    indeqo 5 hours ago

    she FAT

  • Wanda Figueroa
    Wanda Figueroa 5 hours ago


  • Walt Turner
    Walt Turner 5 hours ago

    I love Jill that was Love👍👍💕

  • Wanda Figueroa
    Wanda Figueroa 5 hours ago

    🙌🏽Y£SSSSS!!!! 🌹AM£NNN!!!! HALLELUYAH🌹💪🏽💎💋💥👑

  • single batch23
    single batch23 5 hours ago

    more like "pull up" your pants and get a job

  • Angel The Beautician

    Love Rihanna and the message but really we need to address black on black issues and support from our own people first before we can expect others to support us.Only time I see black men pull up in my neighborhood is when they shooting tbh. A young black woman died right before Xmas this pass year, she was a hairstylist and salon owner, was robbed for hair by another black hairstylist and her Boyfriend, then after she filed for a court case against them, a few days later she was murdered in front of her daughter and client in cold blood at her own salon. She was only 21 years old. So yeah I could GAF less about other races of ppl "pulling up" when that girls own family didn't step in to protect her or help her in her time of need when your own people always scheming to take your life for their own green eyed greed. That happened in Maryland and it was on the news. Then here in indianapolis Another black woman shot and killed for exposing a DL black man that she once had relations with before, when she walked in on him having sex with his own male cousin. That was on the news and Facebook too. So when are our own people gonna stop pulling up to shoot and start pulling up to support?! That's the REAL Issue but these celebrities know NOTHING about the real world here. Rihanna, I love her but she's not from here in the US. She from the islands and she didn't have to grow up in the ghettos of Chicago, or Detroit like the people who buy her music have. So of course she's worried about other races pulling up for black issues cuz she's not in the know. People just see white vs. black brutality but nobody mentions the jump in black on black crime in Places like Chicago since BEFORE Trump ever got here. These celebrities don't know anything about how the real world works and they can act like they care but I don't see them donating time to come and support the black on black type of issues in those types of areas at all. Chicago is Chi-Raq and Indianapolis is Napganistan and nobody addresses the issues here. So to Riri, Walk it Like you Talk it, "Sis".

  • single batch23
    single batch23 5 hours ago

    lmao,entiteled POS

  • ACIN05
    ACIN05 5 hours ago


    MEGIDIOT 5 hours ago

    Black sjws will tell you to give space (basically to shut up) to black voices when you try to help out because you haven’t lived the black experience.

  • smellyman04 fu
    smellyman04 fu 5 hours ago

    This shits stupid

  • Ratungo
    Ratungo 5 hours ago

    Black people have suffered alot of injustice at the hands of others throughout history no doubt. But for how long can they keep blaming their problems on the past? At what point do they finally realize that many of their problems in today’s world are self inflicted? When will they start to make things better for themselves?

  • D Walker
    D Walker 5 hours ago

    Yeeeessssss know every word and will NEVER forget it!! Love you Jill!!🥰🥰🥰🔥🔥🔥🔥🤎🤎🤎

  • timhoward5
    timhoward5 5 hours ago

    *All y'all rich blacks celebrities are nothing more than wolves in sheep clothing*

  • Coocoocachooo
    Coocoocachooo 5 hours ago

    Love ya Jilly ❤️❤️❤️ The crowd loved it as well.

  • Notsillyenuff 2postapic

    Andrew Bassett is a WHOLE male.

  • BeYonD All GoDs
    BeYonD All GoDs 5 hours ago

    What about asian problems? Anyone?

    • Daniel Budik
      Daniel Budik 5 hours ago

      Stop spreading your nasty diseases and maybe people will focus on you.

  • Hank
    Hank 5 hours ago

    Liberal racists

  • Forever Green
    Forever Green 5 hours ago

    I Love this Lady she is so adorable 💗and this song ist one of her best songs that I know.if she comes to Germany I will see her live

  • True2Live
    True2Live 5 hours ago

    Wait whattt???? So black people praising and worshiping the baby daddy culture, fatherless homes, divorce, poverty, gang violence, drug dealing, and sleeping with a “bad b*tch” is OTHER people’s problems? AND RIHANNA, out of ALL people?! Lol. Y’all tripping. Look in the mirror before pointing out anything about anyone else. Periodt.

    • s t a r b u c k s
      s t a r b u c k s 5 hours ago

      Quit clamping all black people into one category 🤦🏽‍♀️ And this is the most stereotypical comment I've read in a long time. I bet you're the type of person that judges all black people just by listening to what you hear on the shitty mainstream music/rap you hear nowadays.

  • Malcom Alexander
    Malcom Alexander 5 hours ago

    Ms. Jilly from Philly!!! Love Love Love you!!!!

  • Uncle Lester
    Uncle Lester 5 hours ago

    If we want to help solve black issues then we have to start with black people themselves to stop killing each other int the streets

  • teccorra
    teccorra 5 hours ago


  • eeedel
    eeedel 5 hours ago

    695 people are racist dipshits

  • The Algonquin
    The Algonquin 5 hours ago

    Talk about racism. You are doing a great job keeping it alive and well.

  • jazmine collins
    jazmine collins 5 hours ago

    She's so beautiful ❤🙌👑.

  • Google User 10
    Google User 10 5 hours ago

    White people are tired of trying to solve your black problems. Fix your culture first.. we do not care any longer.

  • منصة المستقبل المشرق التعليمية

    Rihanna: mmh.. Ppl: clap 😅

  • Warren Sheppard
    Warren Sheppard 5 hours ago


  • Eric Green
    Eric Green 5 hours ago

    I'm a disabled African American Veteran railroaded in Memphis TN. A local Memphis fire Chief's son who is a felon attacked the Veteran at the Veteran's home with an illegal weapon. Court psychiatrist said my constitional and civil rights were violated. Congressman Cohen and Senator Lamar Alexander denied assistance along with NAACP. Issue needs exposure. Veteran has mental health disability. 901-544-4131 Cohen's office phone. Facebook Eric Green Memphis TN. To see more. 901-218-8182

  • noaher
    noaher 5 hours ago

    “Pull up” new song I bet!

  • Understanding 77
    Understanding 77 5 hours ago

    Stephen A is that dude 🔥🔥🔥

  • C H
    C H 5 hours ago

    "Hands Up, Don't Shoot" was a lie and people of "other races" are supposed to "pull up" for that? Lol

  • Raul Duke
    Raul Duke 5 hours ago

    What is " black"? An attitude or a skin color ?

  • Chris Felkin
    Chris Felkin 5 hours ago

    All the that hesitation in the crowd is telling.

  • Sean swann
    Sean swann 5 hours ago

    She said it was the first “jawn” off the album lol. Love my city 🤣

  • DURP16
    DURP16 5 hours ago

    Refer to me as my title

  • Roger Acosta
    Roger Acosta 5 hours ago

    Where the Mexican people or Latino

    • Ryan d’Costa
      Ryan d’Costa 5 hours ago

      Seriously! Last time I checked “Colored” was more than just black.

  • Roberto Coin
    Roberto Coin 5 hours ago

    Why are people giving this a thumbs down? Have you become desensitized to the issues around you?And feel that it does not involve you .But it does and realize that we're all working towards the same goals.Respect ,Love , Compassion

  • Rogers Oliveira do espirito santo

    Who is the woman dancing.... 2: 03 minutes

  • Vega lee
    Vega lee 5 hours ago

    Damn Jill is so beautiful💖💖💖great performance

  • fiendin281
    fiendin281 5 hours ago

    When black people stop robbing and breaking into peoples cars here in houston

  • Muslim Mgtow
    Muslim Mgtow 6 hours ago

    Nothing but Hypocrites this comes from a woman who was beat by her bf then came out with a song talking about being abused S & M

    EPIC TEL 6 hours ago

    smh them bgvs better sing!

  • La Vonne C Evans
    La Vonne C Evans 6 hours ago

    Bet she is so fun to hang with. Such a great personality

  • Americanraw
    Americanraw 6 hours ago

    Took me all the wayyyyyyyyyy back! Damn!!!!

  • Z Bell
    Z Bell 6 hours ago

    Ms Jill Scott is amazing in every way!!!

  • Neisha Monee
    Neisha Monee 6 hours ago

    A queen ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • 30k415
    30k415 6 hours ago

    So beautiful!!!

    EPIC TEL 6 hours ago

    ❤️ So classic. So classy.

  • Ray Infinite
    Ray Infinite 6 hours ago


  • Mike Mike
    Mike Mike 6 hours ago

    Victimhood mentality bs.

  • Vat
    Vat 6 hours ago


  • simplybri
    simplybri 6 hours ago

    This whole look is beautiful 😍😍 Her hair, makeup, outfit choice so beautifully done 😍

  • Natalia
    Natalia 6 hours ago

    She is from Barbados. Not America.

  • G Rated
    G Rated 6 hours ago

    Pull Up, Its everybody's problem ,well said. That's music to everybody's ears! Congratulation Rihanna on winning the Image Award. Go NAACP!

  • Bopper544
    Bopper544 6 hours ago

    um no lmao

  • Carmen Figueroa
    Carmen Figueroa 6 hours ago

    Love her music 💃🏽💃🏽😍

  • Jeremy Merriman
    Jeremy Merriman 6 hours ago

    What a pathetic quasi-racist, race baiter. 😞

  • Awiggins64
    Awiggins64 6 hours ago


  • Tiffany C
    Tiffany C 6 hours ago

    Love anything Jill Scott do

  • Lil Schleep
    Lil Schleep 6 hours ago

    Rihanna(Very accomplished and talented singer): Believes in inequality. Makes sense.

  • TheBagBalm
    TheBagBalm 6 hours ago

    I thought the Oscar's were racist. last time I checked, NAACP represents colored people. But I all see here is black people. where's some of the American Asian and American Latin movies?

  • Andrian Taylor
    Andrian Taylor 6 hours ago

    Thanks SIS for encourage other peoples lord. This BEAUTIFUL Young lady say à WONDERFUL Speech🙏💪

  • n0questi0n
    n0questi0n 6 hours ago

    We need more Jill Scotts and less Cardi Bs

  • Naty Natt
    Naty Natt 6 hours ago

    The queeeen has spoken period

  • ed
    ed 6 hours ago


  • Curtis Davies
    Curtis Davies 6 hours ago

    I’ve always loved Jill,

  • Ronnie Bryant
    Ronnie Bryant 6 hours ago

    1:54 Classic Angela Bassett moment

  • HE DA
    HE DA 6 hours ago


  • Alnisa Lawton
    Alnisa Lawton 6 hours ago

    Unfortunately, I witness white privilege with my white side of the family. Witnessing it and watching their free spirits, let’s me know that it will damn near impossible for them to relate to what we experience. They will give excuses or say “you’re playing the race card”. Because even though most white people are not living the American Dream, they will never experience racism like people of color. And that is enough for them to do ignore reality. They know they have no power, but they hold the “white card” and that at minimum gives them the benefit of the doubt. And going against the powers that be is a fight that many just aren’t prepared to do.

  • WesGriffin
    WesGriffin 6 hours ago

    Well deserved Tracee ! Congratulations ❤❤❤❤

  • 2010celebrity
    2010celebrity 6 hours ago

    I keep staring at her stomach

  • Gregory Love
    Gregory Love 6 hours ago

    She's so wealthy.

  • Gary Cassibry
    Gary Cassibry 6 hours ago

    Victim Mentality, I see a room full of successful men & women of color. There is some racism in this country, but it’s not what everybody is trying to portray it as. The US is the greatest country to be any color. Their are more Black Millionaires in the US based on the percentages of population.

  • dagurr
    dagurr 6 hours ago

    I hope we all do every race should be treated with respect including those not mentioned.

  • colored_divine
    colored_divine 6 hours ago

    2 scrambled eggs ...gritssss. I love Jill Scott

  • Katie
    Katie 6 hours ago

    Wow I’m crying right now. I love this woman with all my heart. What a role model, and what truth she speaks.

  • Misty Black
    Misty Black 6 hours ago

    Ive always said something for people of color to other white people. It can't just be fixed face to face, it has to be fixed behind closed doors too. If you're ashamed, embarrassed, or otherwise wouldn't say it in public or a stranger.. reevaluate that thought and why it came into your head.

  • Four Horsemen Mechanix

    Poop is stinky to some and smelly to others - Michael Jackson

  • a1 :D
    a1 :D 6 hours ago

    1:28 dude yelling *period*

  • Maurice Hill
    Maurice Hill 6 hours ago


    FLORES BOYZZ 6 hours ago

    I knew this video was BS once he said "cause I'm black and I'm a brother ". Racist black man.

  • The Organic Hologram

    Black issues? You can start by taking down sites like Worldstarhiphop that glorifies and promotes black on black violence

  • cirellaw
    cirellaw 6 hours ago

    Damn, you really are full of yourself. What does being related to prince have to do with having talent? Who cares-diddy got his money. You trying to get yours. Rots of luck.