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  • Shake N' Bake
    Shake N' Bake 4 hours ago

    This looked painful...

  • moo qureshi
    moo qureshi 4 hours ago

    You can't drink curry that's not the way it's eaten

  • April Hasenei
    April Hasenei 5 hours ago

    Actually I think beans for breakfast sounds awesome and please tell me what do you say right before you start eating?

  • Bridget
    Bridget 5 hours ago

    That intro was everything

  • passion 90102 channel

    So much pancakes , wow you really can eat .

  • Jonni Cray Cray
    Jonni Cray Cray 5 hours ago

  • Jonni Cray Cray
    Jonni Cray Cray 5 hours ago

    #JonniCrayCray I completed all 12 squares it was hard but it was to raise awareness for BULLYING and CHILD ABUSE

  • Heather White
    Heather White 5 hours ago

    Hi beard, me and the fam love your videos and your entertainment factor is through the roof. Love all your old and new videos and can't wait to see more x

  • sean haugen
    sean haugen 5 hours ago

    What could go wrong....Diabetes can go wrong...

  • Greg Rubin
    Greg Rubin 5 hours ago

    The Beard knocks down food challenges like Tyson Fury knocked down Wilder. Beard victor!!

  • Lewis Upton
    Lewis Upton 5 hours ago

    Traditional birds eye pan cakes long time I since I had them

  • Sharon Withers
    Sharon Withers 5 hours ago

    Did you measure that pizza, it looked like it was 8 foot not 6.

  • hayley mcdonald
    hayley mcdonald 5 hours ago

    How do you prepare for a challenge or a competition?

  • MS 76
    MS 76 5 hours ago

    Nice Video^^ The black spoton your timer looks like a squashed Fly ;)

  • Paul Cockram
    Paul Cockram 5 hours ago

    Stick to eating, I doubt you understand the concept of law making in this country let alone politics.

  • Tim Hick
    Tim Hick 6 hours ago

    You do a good arnie impression....get to the choppa!!!!

    • Tim Hick
      Tim Hick 6 hours ago

      This place ia going to blow!!!

  • Tim Hick
    Tim Hick 6 hours ago

    What were you thinking ? Pancakes are heavy

  • Piknos
    Piknos 6 hours ago

    It'd be cool if you did a liquid challenge to see what your limit is

  • Sir N
    Sir N 6 hours ago

    80 pancakes! That’s 78 more than I can eat. I feel for you, I was honestly starting to feel sick watching you eat them. You clearly didn’t enjoy that challenge. 🙏🏻

  • Amanda Anderson
    Amanda Anderson 6 hours ago

    Perhaps melted butter would have helped too

  • Amanda Anderson
    Amanda Anderson 6 hours ago

    Impacted colon>Pancake seption

  • ColoradoAwesomeSauce

    Ketchup man....ketchup. would make the fries more bearable!!!

  • Lenny Lowman
    Lenny Lowman 6 hours ago


  • 101 nativeman
    101 nativeman 6 hours ago

    Beardmeetsfood: Who eats Ketchup with fish n chips. New Zealand: Imma end this mans whole career.

  • A B
    A B 6 hours ago

    Why not just put them all in the oven?

  • Gideion
    Gideion 6 hours ago

    That.... was an incredibly good impersonation of Arnold lol wow..

  • Lenny Lowman
    Lenny Lowman 6 hours ago

    News flash, 80 pancakes in not moderation at it's best. Lol.

  • ColoradoAwesomeSauce

    He he he hahaha I love this video. So entertaining to see other ppl absolutely suffering from spice. I've been there, it sucks soooo bad!!!

  • Lenny Lowman
    Lenny Lowman 6 hours ago

    Well done, love tha arnold impressions.

  • Josephine ledford
    Josephine ledford 6 hours ago

    You must've been able to peel the chrome off a Buick after this one 🤣🤣

  • Josephine ledford
    Josephine ledford 6 hours ago

    🤢🤢 Those mushy peas just about did me in

  • 2112theoden
    2112theoden 6 hours ago

    Beard and Mrs beard getting hot and sweaty in the back of the car munching on a big box deliciousness!!!

  • cory stewart
    cory stewart 7 hours ago

    Just started watching, no way you finish this one.

  • Nicholas West
    Nicholas West 7 hours ago

    When u eat like this do u just end up throwing up latter cuz your body cant digest it 😂

  • Daniel Tucker
    Daniel Tucker 7 hours ago

    Come on beard 🧔 I want to become a champion eater you need to be doing what Matt Stonie did 113 pancakes in 8mins 👍 also you should do a eating challenge with him.

  • RobinYourHood 18
    RobinYourHood 18 7 hours ago

    Do a 100 cups of coffee challenge

  • Broke Laws
    Broke Laws 7 hours ago

    That was real Matt like, but still a great video and a monster of a challenge. You think you could have did it with different syrup flavors

  • Theresa M
    Theresa M 7 hours ago

    I REALLY want to try a traditional English breakfast!! That food looks SO good!

  • Sharon Withers
    Sharon Withers 7 hours ago

    Lindsey needed to put garlic on her donut ball !! Ha ha

  • Shell B
    Shell B 7 hours ago

    The lack of HP is painful....

  • Love 3
    Love 3 7 hours ago

    Mrs Beard is so funny

  • ColoradoAwesomeSauce

    Great job. I'm surprised they didnt dock you for all the buns you ate like cookie monster. I know on the 4th of July they take into account the amount of debris. Shape up on how much of the bun you get into your mouth and you'll be a serious top 5-7 place competitor.!!! Which is pretty damn good considering who eats in that contest every year!!! Again great job!

  • Allan
    Allan 7 hours ago

    Beard I have to say that we Americans usually don't eat beans for breakfast but I eat a lot of beans so for me it looks like a great breakfast.

  • Patricia Martinez
    Patricia Martinez 7 hours ago

    Applause good try. That was too too heavy. 💞

  • Patricia Martinez
    Patricia Martinez 7 hours ago

    I use the microwave. They are easier to eat. I don’t use syrup. I could eat one box maybe with lots of hot coffee. Omg lot of bulk in your stomach.

  • bigjohnbriggs
    bigjohnbriggs 7 hours ago

    Well done beard! #forthealgorithm

  • Louis Hoey
    Louis Hoey 7 hours ago

    Pancakes + syrup + beard equals yep sticky beard for my amusement 👍😆

  • Erica Priest
    Erica Priest 7 hours ago

    I remember my coworker telling me about the day you came to our work to do this and I forgot to check back and watch the video until now! Definitely broke our record at Oceana 😂

  • consistency 14
    consistency 14 8 hours ago

    That Arnie impressions amazing its so accurate. 80 is still a mahooosive amount mate this was not way a fail imo. I dread to think of what the amount of raw ingredients would be if it was calculated and piled up next to you. Great video as per beard 👍🏼

  • Hex
    Hex 8 hours ago

    You are now more pancake than man. You are...The mancake. Wait, that sounds wrong. :V

  • Sean Kearns
    Sean Kearns 8 hours ago

    Sunblest pancakes r hands down the best pancake ever made esp here in God's country Ireland☘.

  • Terry Mitchell
    Terry Mitchell 8 hours ago

    Pancake apocalypse!!!!!! Great job!!

  • Drew G
    Drew G 8 hours ago

    Didn't make the pancakes. Bought frozen. Couldn't finish. Lame.

  • Shane Cavannagh
    Shane Cavannagh 8 hours ago

    I say you could have done 160 English pancakes if not more, shame on you for taking on the American type

  • Brandon Reyes
    Brandon Reyes 8 hours ago

    Really.... you just made this boring...

  • Damian Zumaya
    Damian Zumaya 8 hours ago

    what a pussy when it comes to spicy shit damn

  • Insecurity of Hope
    Insecurity of Hope 8 hours ago

    What does ur toilet look like now?

  • Adam Hyde
    Adam Hyde 8 hours ago

    Dude, your Arnold impression is exquisite. Great job Beard!

  • lac 74
    lac 74 8 hours ago

    how long it take to grow the beard

  • john gervin
    john gervin 8 hours ago

    Yip its not easy.just a 70yr old held the record lol

  • codsquad bucsfan
    codsquad bucsfan 8 hours ago

    Hi Beard, great video. Anything big planned for 1 million subs???

  • HOBBIT cadillac
    HOBBIT cadillac 8 hours ago

    dana white changed his nationality after the fury fight

  • john gervin
    john gervin 8 hours ago

    Yet another fail lol cum on

  • Ellis James
    Ellis James 8 hours ago

    Nice try beard. I tagged you in Instagram a Nacho challenge in Coventry. Not sure if it's up your street though. Keep the content up 👊🏾

  • robert mccormick
    robert mccormick 8 hours ago

    Ay you went out fighting 80 pancakes is ridiculous

  • HeatherDaisyMay
    HeatherDaisyMay 8 hours ago

    Pancakes are my favorite thing 😍 I've been drunk on a night out eating pancakes in maccies and I was living my best life 😂😂 maybe a hungover cure meal video? Xx

  • Morogoth
    Morogoth 8 hours ago

    Imagine identifying yourself by your beard. 🎅🏿🎅🏿🎅🏿😩💣🔫🧕🏿👹😈

  • Anthony Miller
    Anthony Miller 8 hours ago

    "moderation is key" lololol

  • Justin M
    Justin M 9 hours ago

    Nathan’s hotdogs again?

  • Hasan Huseyin
    Hasan Huseyin 9 hours ago

    Beard you should of bought the ones from Iceland from the fridge section maybe do that for pancake day get yourself ready for the season ahead can’t wait to watch them . Legend

  • morgan1985uk
    morgan1985uk 9 hours ago

    This my kinda vid. Nice work Beard. That Clarks syrup is rank though.

  • Melissa
    Melissa 9 hours ago

    You big old failure!! Haha! Joking my lovely!! You did great..... You would think Lindsay would have made you 100 pancakes ;) xxx

  • Randomness
    Randomness 9 hours ago

    Ya big plums

  • Jennifer Brown
    Jennifer Brown 9 hours ago

    I saw her nostril flare....lmao, you are one lucky dude!

  • Jacob Weisser
    Jacob Weisser 9 hours ago

    My daughter LOVES pancakes 🥞 so this was extra fun watching as a family!

  • Liam C
    Liam C 9 hours ago

    Sausages aren't even cooked man

  • Shadow_Gamer850
    Shadow_Gamer850 9 hours ago

    You toast waffles but you microwave pancakes that's usually the preferred.

  • Kerri Smith
    Kerri Smith 9 hours ago

    Love her she’s ace and I bet if u trained her up she do her own show lol xx so big it up for mrs beard lady xxx

  • Nicholas Bradney
    Nicholas Bradney 9 hours ago

    Sooo many pancakes! At least you didn't have to make them from scratch... Lol

  • Kerri Smith
    Kerri Smith 9 hours ago

    Love garlic I’m gonna enjoy this one xx

  • David Bohannon
    David Bohannon 9 hours ago

    You’re slippin my dude. Step it up.

  • Ashley Jackson
    Ashley Jackson 9 hours ago

    Well this was crazy, one of the few challenges I didn't think you'd complete, great effort though, I love pancakes and maple syrup! Good luck in your contests, I look forward to watching some footage of any eating mischief you get up to!

  • Jp Macc
    Jp Macc 9 hours ago

    Entertaining as usual ...stand you in good stead for competition season ...80 pancakes???? Sheesh its inhuman 🥺🥺

  • Rose 13 Bud 13
    Rose 13 Bud 13 9 hours ago


  • lucas mcquillan
    lucas mcquillan 10 hours ago

    🥞 I was proud of myself of eating 12 pancakes a year ago now I feel like a loser thanks for another great video I love the Arnold impression 🥞

  • Kimmy Halstead
    Kimmy Halstead 10 hours ago

    Great impression of Arnold there lmao!!! U look like ur about to pop!!!

  • Ben Meehan
    Ben Meehan 10 hours ago

    Try to eat a whole vending machines worth of product i.e crisps, chocolate, sweets

  • Megan Leitch-Dymond
    Megan Leitch-Dymond 10 hours ago

    I did not know birds eye made pancakes

  • Jake Pereira
    Jake Pereira 10 hours ago

    Calling Georgetown Toronto is probably harder to swallow than this eating challenge

  • George Parrish
    George Parrish 10 hours ago

    Would have loved to have seen the height of a stack of 80 of them! Thats madness 😂

  • Restless dj
    Restless dj 10 hours ago

    Beard guy I can out eat anything on your videos

  • George Parrish
    George Parrish 10 hours ago

    Your hands must have been stickier than a teenagers spare sock!

  • Shannon Thompson
    Shannon Thompson 10 hours ago

    Whenever i buy frozen pancakes, i put them in the microwave and put a little bit of butter on them, it makes it taste like homemade pancakes.

  • Eamonn McDermott
    Eamonn McDermott 10 hours ago

    Excellent Arnie impression! 😂

  • Doctor Hyde
    Doctor Hyde 10 hours ago

    M8 have you ever eaten at IHOP International House of Pancakes?

  • tmg78ohio
    tmg78ohio 10 hours ago

    Not only is pineapple good on pizza (with ham). It is also good in chili if you make it right.

  • PressUnderMess #21
    PressUnderMess #21 10 hours ago


  • The Lord
    The Lord 10 hours ago

    Britain's biggest curry got to be done

    NIC SMADA 10 hours ago


  • Michael Stevens
    Michael Stevens 10 hours ago

    80 damn flap jacks is a good record dude, be proud of what u unleash in the toilet😁 Oregon awaits you