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  • Jo Di
    Jo Di 7 hours ago

    The fact every dish Priya prepares is Indian food brings the collective average of the rest of the test kitchen down quite a bit.

  • Emily Brundage
    Emily Brundage 7 hours ago

    This is the best chicken noodle soup ever!!!! Follow it step by step and you will have a delicious soup!

  • Damián Terranova
    Damián Terranova 7 hours ago

    I know whyhes not showing hes head Because than the rat in his hair would get exposed

  • Oscar Alban
    Oscar Alban 7 hours ago

    love that little facts that pop up sudenly, bring a lot to the video .......... what a nice detail

  • guile
    guile 7 hours ago

    just in time for the corona virus

  • shanidar
    shanidar 7 hours ago

    You touch yourself or put your hands on your glasses? It's time for fresh gloves.

  • Ashleigh Shelton
    Ashleigh Shelton 7 hours ago

    I love how all people make Oklahoma to be all country. We’re more than that. But noodlin is where it’s at.

  • Jennifer Florio
    Jennifer Florio 7 hours ago

    Definitely hands down one of my favorite episodes! Thank you Delaney and Claire!

  • steven jefferson
    steven jefferson 7 hours ago

    amiel. no more moustache. please. i beg you.

  • Sans The Skeleton
    Sans The Skeleton 7 hours ago

    She said” care-ah-mole”

  • Megan Maize
    Megan Maize 7 hours ago

    Well all... I got an ad of Molly trying said soap and wearing the same outfit tithe point where i had to go back and make sure it was editing of the video. 😂😂😂

  • adelepenguin13
    adelepenguin13 7 hours ago

    Adam cracks me up with his innovative ideas lolllll

  • steph k
    steph k 7 hours ago

    3:36 me in class

  • Destiny Ellis
    Destiny Ellis 7 hours ago

    Gaby is the best.

  • Josue Arnold
    Josue Arnold 7 hours ago

    Who is the stoned judge who gives partial credit for the strawberry oat to people who didn't say either, then buzzes people who identified walnut in the miso walnut?

  • kinneyjoseph2
    kinneyjoseph2 7 hours ago

    I usually love this series, so thank you for the entertainment Bon Appetit! However, I feel like it's much more fun and enjoyable when the flavors aren't so unexpected. This episode seemed like the crew wasn't enjoying themselves and only one flavor was a "common," "standard" flavor. There were too many curve-balls to enjoy for me personally.

  • Mario Gerardo
    Mario Gerardo 7 hours ago

    i was hoping to see a emu egg

  • Kevin Hawkes
    Kevin Hawkes 7 hours ago

    orchid root contributes to the stretch lmfaooooo

  • hannah
    hannah 7 hours ago

    dayum andy! you KILLED it! step aside, chris 😎

  • Maude Demouy-Girard
    Maude Demouy-Girard 7 hours ago

    Krispy Kreme FLash-player channel : Don’t doughnuts remind you of Tchaikovsky and swan ? Cause it does for meh !

  • lani ;0
    lani ;0 7 hours ago

    kinda sad delaney didnt get his own flavor :(

  • hannah M
    hannah M 7 hours ago

    This whole episode sounds like Brad has been binge watching Letterkenny.

  • Sueseajoy
    Sueseajoy 7 hours ago

    0:51 Was Gabby checking him out?

  • KL005
    KL005 7 hours ago


  • munity06
    munity06 7 hours ago

    Andy thought of and wrote this episode, but didn't tell anybody else but the cameraman, and Rapport

  • harpy
    harpy 7 hours ago

    I really want a second episode of this. And a recipe Telephone game like another comment said

  • Robert Pierssen
    Robert Pierssen 7 hours ago

    where's Claire, she should have been in this!

  • koolguy874
    koolguy874 7 hours ago

    Amir had to have his own spoon boy this episode

  • mars asmr
    mars asmr 7 hours ago

    Lmao whoever’s keeping score really loves giving Molly points for no reason “it’s vegan” *POINT* aren’t they supposed to be guessing flavours?

  • folompleonleaves
    folompleonleaves 7 hours ago

    "We need a dog. We need an It's Alive dog." little does he know that he's the golden retriever

    GHDEFIANT 7 hours ago

    everything is good, the wrapping is dumb

  • Dana Chandler
    Dana Chandler 7 hours ago

    Please do a video on brewing homemade mead, I started my first batch yesterday and I have no clue how it'll turn out. Would love to see it on It's Alive!!

  • Dartastic
    Dartastic 7 hours ago

    For a super taster, Chris sure made some bad misses. Maybe Andy should do his next show instead? :p

  • Angelo Marco Ramoso
    Angelo Marco Ramoso 7 hours ago

    Try Philippines' spicy ice cream. :)

  • Jenny S
    Jenny S 7 hours ago

    New and interesting! Will definitely try this out.

  • Prescot Prescot
    Prescot Prescot 7 hours ago

    Chilling 😂

  • Confused Asian
    Confused Asian 7 hours ago

    The last one seems like something Brab would make

  • Angela Dedicatoria
    Angela Dedicatoria 7 hours ago


  • dash -
    dash - 7 hours ago

    petition for bon apetit to make the gang watch eat drink man woman

  • Katarina Bell
    Katarina Bell 7 hours ago

    “Ew! No!”

  • chiken tennis
    chiken tennis 7 hours ago

    No one questioning the mustache

  • Kevin Murphy
    Kevin Murphy 7 hours ago

    Hello health problems

  • Kristin Wright
    Kristin Wright 7 hours ago

    Not quite all that it is worth. Add a bit of vinegar and let the bones go for another 8 hours and you get more gelatin and minerals out of them. This stock will be delicious due to all the meat but no I don't think she got all out of the bones she could.

  • Djavan Miles
    Djavan Miles 7 hours ago

    Should this be served with a soda on the side?

  • B J
    B J 7 hours ago

    I'm very allergic to Method. 😭

  • Morgan M
    Morgan M 7 hours ago

    1:05 Chris's passion for mint chip is the best

  • Mike Mikel
    Mike Mikel 7 hours ago

    This guy has totally grown on me, especially after watching a recent episode

  • LordIlpalazo
    LordIlpalazo 7 hours ago

    Andy went Galaxy Brain on this whole game.

  • Ruby Black
    Ruby Black 7 hours ago

    Yessss I've been waiting for this

  • Buck Jame
    Buck Jame 7 hours ago

    How u gonna skip Laos on the map when talking about sticky rice?

  • Bart Simpson
    Bart Simpson 7 hours ago

    Brad next time no Delaney this guy sucks

  • theredrobin
    theredrobin 7 hours ago

    Really missed molly! Instant click

  • Weird Guy
    Weird Guy 7 hours ago

    Amil are we just ignoring the thumbnail?

  • Christopher Boone
    Christopher Boone 7 hours ago

    Kim possible sound, anyone caught it? Lol

  • Matt Duncan
    Matt Duncan 7 hours ago

    Is Andy the super smeller to rival Chris's super tasting powers???

  • jessi3735
    jessi3735 7 hours ago

    Yo te banco hermana

  • tenaciousturtle
    tenaciousturtle 7 hours ago

    new video?? plus molly??? nut

  • Swasome58
    Swasome58 7 hours ago

    So how I make my sandwich. I go to kroger, buy wheat bread, any type of smoked turkey, sliced cheese and mayonoise. I put them together not like a pro, and bam I'm done.

  • PerfectPopplio
    PerfectPopplio 7 hours ago

    I’m almost offended that they didn’t have fuego yet

  • Ethan Quirk
    Ethan Quirk 7 hours ago

    The more I watch of these the more confident I am that Andy would’ve been able to tell it was Red Leicester

  • lauren broad
    lauren broad 7 hours ago

    how is lettuce and bread crumbs a salad?.... Is this the american version?

  • Janella Moala Langi
    Janella Moala Langi 7 hours ago

    mollys such a cool, smart chick

  • Will Green
    Will Green 7 hours ago

    Where is Claire for that 100% we all know she would have scored?!

  • Nicole C
    Nicole C 8 hours ago

    Molly kills it in every one of these videos

  • Paul Taylor The Sailor

    I don't know the quality of the videos on this channel but this 2 part series sold me. Subscribed.

  • Chef Ray Delgreco
    Chef Ray Delgreco 8 hours ago

    You’re the best. Make improvements! There are stress points you have lacked on, but you have hit all the core spots of the technique. Detail is important and I’m embarrassed to make this post. LOL

  • Elpasto
    Elpasto 8 hours ago

    rhett and link type beat

  • A. L. Michael
    A. L. Michael 8 hours ago

    Amiel is so pretentious in the best way lol. It bothered him in his soul that he didn’t get all the flavors correctly 😂

  • Arishimiaki
    Arishimiaki 8 hours ago

    I like rubbery eggs but I CANNOT stand fat in meat??

  • zDEITY
    zDEITY 8 hours ago

    He really be eating steak raw 💀

  • Gold and Silver
    Gold and Silver 8 hours ago

    13:59 I woulda ate it.

  • DavidTheGamer99
    DavidTheGamer99 8 hours ago

    glad to know Brad watches Trailer Park Boys

  • Chrislikesmemes 2
    Chrislikesmemes 2 8 hours ago

    Eat your cereal

  • jasonabroussard
    jasonabroussard 8 hours ago

    I’m obsessed with Andy.

  • Going Ghost
    Going Ghost 8 hours ago

    Now that I see this, I want a bunch of random teenagers and college students to show them the sandwiches they make with their normal, peasant kitchens

  • Julia Rezende Moreira

    Sohla is in every background, it's like she's everywhere

  • Casper Realov
    Casper Realov 8 hours ago

    thumbs down to the creeper in the last seconds of the video

  • Tabitha Fox
    Tabitha Fox 8 hours ago

    Christina totally should have gotten chocolate flake flavor

  • Mike Wood
    Mike Wood 8 hours ago

    "I'm going to go eat this in bed. But you can't come there." Meanwhile, on the BA After Dark channel...

  • John Lozo
    John Lozo 8 hours ago

    Let the record show that "shavey shavey" is a colloquial name for Stracciatella Ice Cream so Gabby got it right!

  • votively
    votively 8 hours ago

    Not a fan of Gaby going "ew" to everything

  • PbAndJ3WZ
    PbAndJ3WZ 8 hours ago

    No brad I’m out

  • new.
    new. 8 hours ago

    The stracciatella was cheating & I'm glad Amiel said it

  • Wesley Maksymowicz
    Wesley Maksymowicz 8 hours ago

    did she say Airhead I thought she was making Warheads look 16:02

  • scorpleeon
    scorpleeon 8 hours ago

    Andy revising history while he pops on his monocle: Why, because it’s highbrow?

  • rahil Rahill
    rahil Rahill 8 hours ago

    Ah the era of sponsorships 😒

  • emily eliza
    emily eliza 8 hours ago

    can we please have gourmet cosmic brownies!!

  • Felipe Akira
    Felipe Akira 8 hours ago

    That last one was a low blow

  • Kim Barbeau
    Kim Barbeau 8 hours ago

    Mushroom-y is never a word I want to hear in relation to ice cream. Never ever never

  • Billy Walter
    Billy Walter 8 hours ago

    But can we get an episode where Brad and Andy just get baked af and cook stuff

  • Johnny Solo
    Johnny Solo 8 hours ago

    Why do you skim the foam off?

  • Ryan Williams
    Ryan Williams 8 hours ago

    I dream about fat cheese curds 🤤

  • Sasha Hlus
    Sasha Hlus 8 hours ago

    "ima pawp it in the wawlk in rioght"

  • Cody Littlewood
    Cody Littlewood 8 hours ago

    The content is great, but the editing is meant for an audience on Ritalin. I would love if they Bon Appetit stopped the constant cuts, harsh stops and odd commentary. The content is good. You don’t need to be “quirky”

  • nevermore0
    nevermore0 8 hours ago

    Come on, two people got Stracciatella right without being awarded points.

  • EAU
    EAU 8 hours ago

    "yeah, sure, fine, I see you," Chris to Lettuce (swoon

  • takitaki rumbah
    takitaki rumbah 8 hours ago

    Why does she always get the easiest recipes???

  • delphina wedell
    delphina wedell 8 hours ago

    stracciatella IS nothing ice cream with chocolate flakes or chocolate chunks im heated over those two missed points

  • gibberish name
    gibberish name 8 hours ago

    Replace dill with thyme and this is my bubbe's chicken soup pretty much. Except she broke out the white and dark meat before poaching, and used egg noodles OR matzo balls

  • Luc Gendrot
    Luc Gendrot 8 hours ago

    That sponsorship portion was either extremely authentic, or a peek behind the curtain making me feel like nothing on BA is truly genuine. I'm scared.