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  • Miral Rivalta
    Miral Rivalta 43 seconds ago

    Noooooooo Di Paolo’s killed my Italian soul.... their pronunciation of speck was better than his! And mortadella in cubes! NEVER 😱

  • Pat Stone
    Pat Stone Minute ago

    Is she pregnant in most of the videos?

  • Praneel Gogoi
    Praneel Gogoi 2 minutes ago

    He looks like Ronnie Van zant

  • ma rk
    ma rk 3 minutes ago

    Ham and Cheddar is the best

  • Saturnine VII
    Saturnine VII 3 minutes ago

    9:30 Terrible job with the censorship, there. Lol

  • Connor Courtney
    Connor Courtney 5 minutes ago

    Raw milk is legal here in California. But I don't think it can be shipped out of state.

  • Aaron Ryder
    Aaron Ryder 6 minutes ago

    Wanted to see Priya in this. I know Thanksgiving isn't exactly Indian type thing but would've loved it anyways to see how well she does

  • perpetuals3lf
    perpetuals3lf 6 minutes ago

    has this guy cooked... ever...?

  • madcoretom
    madcoretom 9 minutes ago


  • Madelyn Perry
    Madelyn Perry 9 minutes ago

    Gaby in a brad hat is adorable and we dont deserve it

  • amanda ch
    amanda ch 11 minutes ago


  • Allboys45
    Allboys45 16 minutes ago

    I AM 100000% ONBOARD WITH THIS. Thanks for listening to us!

  • fbspin
    fbspin 18 minutes ago

    Avengers who? The team at BA Test Kitchen are my superheroes

  • Patinia
    Patinia 18 minutes ago

    Give me Claire or give me death

  • RORO roro
    RORO roro 18 minutes ago

    Brad said chili "our bowl" lol

  • grandluaxe
    grandluaxe 20 minutes ago


  • tracy Star
    tracy Star 21 minute ago

    Too many weebs in the comments and he pretty much nailed it so. I'm confused with the criticisms!

  • Orri Greaves
    Orri Greaves 23 minutes ago

    Claire is a genius.

  • No Va
    No Va 24 minutes ago

    How fitting... I just finished my midterm exams and Im depressed....

  • Karen Kim
    Karen Kim 24 minutes ago

    I hope I dont see Rapo this series and being rude

  • Holly Cooper
    Holly Cooper 27 minutes ago

    so glad brad and claire are together!! amazing duo !!

  • Amber Dowland
    Amber Dowland 27 minutes ago

    Omg. The addition of Rick and Christina is A+++++++ *BA All-Star Dream Team*

  • ShappoBunny
    ShappoBunny 27 minutes ago

    Literally the best family in existence

  • marián sierra
    marián sierra 27 minutes ago

    where’s gaby : (

  • Vinsensius Paulus
    Vinsensius Paulus 29 minutes ago

    I dont have the app to watch it! please make it available globally.

  • nm mc
    nm mc 29 minutes ago

    The BA Test Kitchen's chaotic energy is what I feed off of

  • Amy DeMoney
    Amy DeMoney 30 minutes ago

    Gaby has my heart

  • Pooqua
    Pooqua 30 minutes ago

    Carla is totally ignoring everything Braun says after she asks the question.

  • tracy Star
    tracy Star 32 minutes ago

    16:39 😭😭😭

  • JRfoodie lovefun
    JRfoodie lovefun 33 minutes ago

    One bite everyone knows the rules

  • C H I E
    C H I E 36 minutes ago

    my god. this is one of the reasons i want to live in NY.

  • C Masc
    C Masc 37 minutes ago

    Worder, wrings and wrine.

  • Ephemeral
    Ephemeral 37 minutes ago

    I wonder where do this amount of steaks go after they did this video?

  • niftysheep
    niftysheep 38 minutes ago

    I really hope the day will come when people look back on channels like this and think "omg they actually used to kill and abuse animals for consumption?" :( The gang are really cool people. They could be more reflective on what it means for the creatures and the environment...

  • cha4onda
    cha4onda 38 minutes ago

    An episode just on stuffing?! I just got chills. I love and collect all the Thanksgiving issues. Bring it on!

  • Salo Michelinsnakehunter
    Salo Michelinsnakehunter 39 minutes ago

    Andy ALWAYS has his elbows bent - classic fitness not feeling myself yet type xD xD

  • Shmallo
    Shmallo 41 minute ago

    "I can tell this is overcooked" *Comes out bright pink and still raw*

  • Rishav Bhattarai
    Rishav Bhattarai 44 minutes ago

    Got to go. Want to eat eggs now.

  • Maya Stanfield
    Maya Stanfield 47 minutes ago

    Claire is a mood

  • Maya Stanfield
    Maya Stanfield 48 minutes ago

    Yellow is best

  • milkdud4444
    milkdud4444 49 minutes ago

    Yes! Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, I cook it every year! I am soooo excited that this is the next Making Perfect!

  • Erdrick68
    Erdrick68 51 minute ago

    Delany has never been more right (about the watermelon).

  • DatTacoPlace
    DatTacoPlace 53 minutes ago


  • Sam Tanng
    Sam Tanng 54 minutes ago

    Gaby when trying the real peeps: "I wish they tasted more....*pause*...less fake." 😂😂😂

  • 5.0 FoxBody
    5.0 FoxBody 55 minutes ago

    This satinest sacrifices tony

  • C H I E
    C H I E 56 minutes ago

    i don't think i've ever gourmet-ed something so hard.

  • xi wenhan
    xi wenhan 56 minutes ago

    Claire and Christina doing making perfect like Claire doing gourmet makes: breaking down

  • It's Monaaa
    It's Monaaa 57 minutes ago

    Has anybody ever seen Vinny ? Is he real

  • Ky Lim
    Ky Lim 58 minutes ago

    Amiel and Delaney: Drinks Priya and Brad: Dips Next time

  • Evan Teal
    Evan Teal 58 minutes ago


  • Bob Singe
    Bob Singe 58 minutes ago

    Yes but, I’m in Canada

  • Luke Porep
    Luke Porep Hour ago

    Ive never been more excited and we dont even have Thanksgiving in Australia!

  • Muhammad Ikhwan
    Muhammad Ikhwan Hour ago

    wow..what a dangerous way to open a coconut😂😂

  • Shirokröte
    Shirokröte Hour ago

    Multiple cows died for this

  • Will Green
    Will Green Hour ago

    This is the pizza series but on thanksgiving! Pizza was one of my favorite things they ever did!

  • •--•- •-••

    Where’s Gaby and Priya tho?

  • Ash Montgomery
    Ash Montgomery Hour ago

    Please stop using the word savage!!! It is a racial slur towards Indigenous people.

  • FitAngie
    FitAngie Hour ago

    I wished Australia celebrated thanksgiving 🙁

  • Joyce
    Joyce Hour ago

    chris is ross, molly is pheobe, claire is monica, brad is chandler, andy is joey, who should carla rick and christina be haha

  • Rachel Miller
    Rachel Miller Hour ago

    Claire you should try making a Daim or TimTam bar!

  • purplerains
    purplerains Hour ago

    they are having fun, the comments are really missing the energy

  • Fatima Qazouini
    Fatima Qazouini Hour ago


  • Andy Fernandez
    Andy Fernandez Hour ago

    23:53 That snake has to go. It's been there for so long 😭

  • Nik
    Nik Hour ago

    That shade of green is definitely Claire's color

  • Bryan Guila
    Bryan Guila Hour ago

    I'm ready for this content

  • Dhruv Deshpande
    Dhruv Deshpande Hour ago

    I am so excited for the season and I don't even celebrate Thanksgiving

  • Aboli
    Aboli Hour ago

    This is truly all I've ever needed

  • Zilasha's Realm
    Zilasha's Realm Hour ago

    It's hereeee!!! My ultimate favorite series of BA 😍😍😍 Can't wait for the result 😘

  • TH3M1K3D
    TH3M1K3D Hour ago

    3:34 🍑🍑🍑

  • TigerWolfDemon
    TigerWolfDemon Hour ago

    I want someone who supports me as much as Brad and Claire support each other

  • Syveril
    Syveril Hour ago

    I am beside myself with excitement. This looks amazing!

  • Agustin
    Agustin Hour ago

    Rocket cooked egg, put the egg in a clay pot with water up to its center of mass, close the pot, sneak into nasa's rocket launcher pad and put the pot right under the bigger rocket, it has to be the right in the center or the rocket will blow it away and spill the contents all over the launching pad.

  • Rebecca Winsor
    Rebecca Winsor Hour ago

    I'm really glad I'm not the only one who straight up struggles to get spaghetti out of the box.

  • ritaxx babes
    ritaxx babes Hour ago

    I love how this man adds noooo seasoning then says it taste like notbing lol....

  • Aidan Sage
    Aidan Sage Hour ago

    Okay so I’m ready to watch this now

  • Edith Cullen
    Edith Cullen Hour ago

    I read in a book along time ago that someone was cooking an egg on the sidewalk

  • Kierah Falkner 'Babbel

    EXCITED!!! 😍

  • Victoria Razo
    Victoria Razo Hour ago

    This was given to me right as i was researching new recipes for thanksgiving and i CANNOT be more excited😭

  • charlie cowan
    charlie cowan Hour ago

    Ok but where do they get this background music?

  • Captain Obvious
    Captain Obvious Hour ago

    Why does that guy have painted fingernails when preping food? Disgusting.

  • Jacob Padlock
    Jacob Padlock Hour ago

    The catty energy in this episode is out of control.

  • tracy Star
    tracy Star Hour ago

    11:20 Lmao he's so serious and upset 😭 You'd think he's in a competition.

  • Madelyn Perry
    Madelyn Perry Hour ago

    The editing makes me feel like I stepped inside of Brad's brain

  • Olly Rahad
    Olly Rahad Hour ago

    Can we just take a moment to appreciate that Claire FromTheBonAppetitTestKitchen is finally getting her vacation time

  • Patinia
    Patinia Hour ago

    Claire with make up and black hair feels soooooo weeeiiiiirrrrrdd

  • tracy Star
    tracy Star Hour ago

    He's amazing tbh like the first 5 minutes got me inspired. He really loves food and cooking and he's really sassy and entertaining! More Chris videos!

  • Agel Pagel
    Agel Pagel Hour ago


  • i know you hear me when i cry.

    she looks stressed 80% of the time and i love it

  • Sean Kim
    Sean Kim Hour ago

    this is so white lol

  • LolDarrellLol
    LolDarrellLol Hour ago

    I appreciate brads effort to be a good host.

  • MegaPenguin3000
    MegaPenguin3000 Hour ago

    *bread steak* 😂😂🍞

  • oldcowbb
    oldcowbb Hour ago

    i dont get sauce on fries

  • Maja
    Maja Hour ago

    The bois are back 😎😎

  • えくりぷすBWxEclipse

    *HowToBasic wants to know your location*

  • Uriel 197
    Uriel 197 Hour ago

    This is like the Xmen joining the avengers in the MCU

  • H Albanese
    H Albanese Hour ago

    what a horrific journey this video is. what a curse upon man. what a blight of god

  • Maria de los Angeles


  • Madelyn Perry
    Madelyn Perry Hour ago

    The amount of chaotic energy in this compared to gourmet makes is very reflective of Brad's personality Compared to Claire's

  • brier
    brier Hour ago

    the paper cuts on my hands are crying

  • Lester ballard
    Lester ballard Hour ago

    Delany is just a more handsome danny mcbride