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  • Reece
    Reece 44 seconds ago

    How are you not going to show the man kicking the ball in the sea😂😂

  • ScottishBear346
    ScottishBear346 3 minutes ago

    Big improvement from the famous this season, we're putting teams to bed earlier and that's how you win titles, shame Dunfermline never beat Scotland's shame 😂😂😂

  • ScottishBear346
    ScottishBear346 7 minutes ago

    Not bad, hopefully hearts progress even further and knock out Michael Jackson FC

  • Dreamer K
    Dreamer K 8 minutes ago

    Rangers always start off well.

  • Alasdair Wilson
    Alasdair Wilson 14 minutes ago

    Love the “aw naw” for the second goal haha

  • اا اا
    اا اا 25 minutes ago

    They'll play good for an extra couple months but they'll capitulate mid season. You'll probably ask why , but it's rangers They haven't won anything remotely difficult for the last decade for a reason

    • blueMJS
      blueMJS 7 minutes ago

      Last decade? They won the league in 09,10 & 11 lol & weren't in the league for 4 years of it as well lmao

  • Ryan Wilson
    Ryan Wilson 28 minutes ago

    Wait Jake Hastie got a game that’s a surprise

    • a a
      a a 12 minutes ago

      someone’s bitter

  • Sam DaMan
    Sam DaMan 31 minute ago

    that first goal from defoe 🔥

  • The Evil Scotsman
    The Evil Scotsman 48 minutes ago

    Man Aribo has taken to Rangers like a duck tay water

  • Declan Cairns
    Declan Cairns 50 minutes ago

    At least one of the old firm was able to get the job done against lower league opposition in 90 minutes

    • ScottishBear346
      ScottishBear346 10 minutes ago

      @Big Tony watt it never ended for rangers mate, you just watched a Rangers game ye safety 😂😂😂

    • Big Tony watt
      Big Tony watt 18 minutes ago

      Declan Cairns and mare Scottish football never started in 2012 it just ended for rangers 🤣🤣😂😂😂

    • Big Tony watt
      Big Tony watt 19 minutes ago

      ScottishBear346 the great unwashed

    • ScottishBear346
      ScottishBear346 22 minutes ago

      @Big Tony watt mate you're talking to fans of the most successful football club in history, back in your box 😂😂😂

  • Wolf Enstein
    Wolf Enstein 54 minutes ago

    You get regularly slaughtered on these videos, Craig, you deserve it most of the time too. However, credit where credit's due, that was a tough game away from home, on a lousy night, playing against a team that had genuine aspirations in getting to Hampden Park and to 'top it all off' we also lost one of our best players during the match. It was an excellent victory, so a huge 'well done' to you and the lads.

  • Nostalgic Ài
    Nostalgic Ài Hour ago

    Good to see Stevie doing well as manager, would be a dream come true for him to manage us after Klopp.

    • ScottishBear346
      ScottishBear346 28 minutes ago

      No doubt he Will manage Liverpool although he needs to win some silverware with us first 😉

    • Glasgow Rangers 1872
      Glasgow Rangers 1872 Hour ago

      Nostalgic Ài He will. However he’ll probably see out his contract with us unless klopp leaves before then so another 3 years.

  • Rory Smith
    Rory Smith Hour ago

    Exciting game.

  • Sammy Ingoals
    Sammy Ingoals 3 hours ago

    Cosgrove ?

  • Francisco Motoa
    Francisco Motoa 7 hours ago

    What a player Chris Kane😍😍😍😎💪🏽

  • jhono
    jhono 7 hours ago

    S Nakamura smart player

  • To Become Better
    To Become Better 7 hours ago

    Gerrard8 #YNWA

  • To Become Better
    To Become Better 8 hours ago

    Saya selalu ikuti rangers karena steven8gerrard #YNWA

  • Mar15 Ko38
    Mar15 Ko38 9 hours ago


  • Matty Bhoy
    Matty Bhoy 11 hours ago

    Thought celtic colts got through in this

  • RiZe Itanimulli
    RiZe Itanimulli 12 hours ago

    Free caramel wafer😂😂😂

  • lucas cleyton
    lucas cleyton 12 hours ago

    SPFL FLASH-PLAYER Live Brazil gamers no tv

  • -FiltroFiore-
    -FiltroFiore- 14 hours ago

    Juninho was better

  • Scottish Vapes
    Scottish Vapes 16 hours ago

    I loved that Rangers strip.

    STAND FREE 17 hours ago

    Celtic canny take defeat can they? Jesus Awwww we let them win even tho we had about 27 shots 😢

  • cloggybhoy clogg
    cloggybhoy clogg 19 hours ago

    The greastest striker in the world of his generation. There was better before an after him, but in his time, he was "The King Of Kings" an I fukcing adored him.

  • cuddler
    cuddler 23 hours ago

    These distances O_O

  • Archie Finnie
    Archie Finnie 23 hours ago

    Every referee can't wait to give celtic every decision

  • Stewie6612
    Stewie6612 Day ago

    We need more quality like this in Scotland again

  • Art & Anarchy
    Art & Anarchy Day ago

    That screamer against oldco though

  • Osc1llate W1ldly

    obviously what a fantastic goal by Nakamura, but let's be fair - that Novo's goal isn't bad either

  • Stus PageOfGoo

    Thanks for putting these on YT so we don't need to watch the Crap, Biased Pish the BBC puts on their tax the poor and the old, channel.

  • neilj 345
    neilj 345 Day ago

    The moment that Shinnie stops manmarking Christie, he makes him pay for it. Great ball through to Christie. From an Aberdeen fan

  • Janina Mulia
    Janina Mulia Day ago


  • Ed
    Ed Day ago


  • Rosinha Rodrigues

    Campeonato brasileiro e o melhor do que esse clássico bosta

  • 박시환
    박시환 Day ago

    Best freekicker in Asia Maybe Top10 freekicker in the world What a legend

  • wellington do pub

    Campeão da champions league

  • marijuana buona


  • grzesiek palys


  • Nosaveddata
    Nosaveddata Day ago

    The keeper was bad for one goal but he made some outstanding saves 👏

  • Sinjin Smyth
    Sinjin Smyth Day ago

    Celtics should sign this guy they can affords it

  • Harshdeep Bhagat
    Harshdeep Bhagat 2 days ago


  • herry darmawan
    herry darmawan 2 days ago

    His Beckham with left food...

  • Brad Wolf
    Brad Wolf 2 days ago

    Well done Gerrard. - Eugene Kwok

  • burtlangoustine1
    burtlangoustine1 2 days ago

    The highlight is here 3:18

  • Lee Carlton
    Lee Carlton 2 days ago

    Doesnt show the saints goal even though it was one of the most important ones

  • GreenDuh
    GreenDuh 2 days ago

    the best is messi 😅

  • stevie Morelos
    stevie Morelos 2 days ago

    Tom Boyd still has nightmares !!

  • adan heraud
    adan heraud 2 days ago

    No It's Juninho OL 🦁🦁🦁🦁🦁🦁🦁🦁

  • Lapis Lewis
    Lapis Lewis 2 days ago

    3:10 is the bit everyone’s waiting for

  • M
    M 2 days ago

    as I've understood it a lot of Scots seem to somewhat hate Pukki :D apparently he wasn't that good at Celtic. Well he's better now. Btw I unironically salute the SPFL youtube team for translating (or trying to translate) the title of the video into Finnish :) It's not spot on unfortunately but you sort of get the idea. If you ever feel like updating it write "Voiko hän voittaa maalikuninkuuden?"

  • Akash Vijayan
    Akash Vijayan 3 days ago

    He is 43 some thing right

  • Anderson Silwimba
    Anderson Silwimba 3 days ago

    Wasn't this a perfect hat trick..?.? Wow Defoe

  • michael murillo
    michael murillo 3 days ago

    Nakamura? He must be some related to the wrestler

  • IRNBRU addict
    IRNBRU addict 3 days ago

    6:46 🤣🤣🤣

  • Chi GuLee
    Chi GuLee 3 days ago

    He is not a Messi

  • Carl Gois
    Carl Gois 3 days ago

    My fav was the half volley that was bending, swerving, and dipping. Good video. Music meh.

  • Joelmir Mazon
    Joelmir Mazon 3 days ago

    Marcelinho Carioca played volleyball?

  • Yeet Yoet
    Yeet Yoet 3 days ago

    Comin from a Celtic fan you’ve got to admit Motherwell’s first goal was brilliant HH

    • Adam :-/
      Adam :-/ 3 days ago

      Yeet Yoet keeper should be saving it

  • Liam Milton
    Liam Milton 3 days ago

    the charlton academy beat hibs 6-1

  • Steven Kilpatrick
    Steven Kilpatrick 3 days ago

    Wheres the 50 million dembele no heard about him since left celtic

    • Sinjin Smyth
      Sinjin Smyth Day ago

      Banging in the girls and goals at LYON, In fact he is on the radar of many bigger clubs (he just scored another 2 goals for Lyon last week)

  • O Davidson
    O Davidson 3 days ago

    Power of goldson to lift himself and broadfoot to head that home.

  • francis begbie
    francis begbie 4 days ago

    Thats a right jakey ground ..looks like a farmers field behind the goal

  • Dhiraj Mishra
    Dhiraj Mishra 4 days ago

    He is a wrestler of wwe

  • Lumeka.123 it awesome Lumeka. 123 it awesome

    his like the wwe player

  • s yuhki
    s yuhki 4 days ago


  • kevin mole
    kevin mole 4 days ago

    about time Celtic had some competition

  • Cameron Band
    Cameron Band 4 days ago

    Come on uuuu saints

  • Miguel Angel Palazon

    0:28 KINSHASA!!!

  • Wwe punjavu junction

    shunsuke nakamura - football shinsuke nakamura - wwe

  • R D
    R D 4 days ago

    Are you the leader of kiheitai from Gintama?? Shinsuke??

    ETHAN BORAH 4 days ago


  • NiX
    NiX 4 days ago

    Football manager 19 brought me here

  • Psychedelic Pain
    Psychedelic Pain 4 days ago

    I came just to see Dembele

  • Matt Curtis
    Matt Curtis 4 days ago

    That hibs keeper needs to get signed by someone who actually has a defence

  • Dave Davidson
    Dave Davidson 4 days ago

    The Hibs defenders are absolutely terrible.

  • Stevn Reed
    Stevn Reed 4 days ago

    Hope the Hib Goalkeeper got man of the match as He did some incredible saves.

  • A2 Gaming
    A2 Gaming 4 days ago

    Messi is the best free kicks in the world

  • Dan Best
    Dan Best 4 days ago

    First goal sums up Scottish league

  • Suzie McAlpine
    Suzie McAlpine 4 days ago

    We’ve got Lawrence Shankland

  • Zara Skelton
    Zara Skelton 4 days ago

    Up with the ra

  • Fans Of every thing

    He’s among the best

  • Muhammad Akmal Aqil

    The real Tsubasa

  • Frankie McBride
    Frankie McBride 5 days ago

    Were is jay Beatty’s goal

  • Cam Moore
    Cam Moore 5 days ago

    Dafoe has to be one of the most selfish players I’ve ever seen play

  • eXiLypsE
    eXiLypsE 5 days ago

    juninho is the best freekicker

  • Omarlaiz Omarlaiz
    Omarlaiz Omarlaiz 5 days ago

    Legend player in celtic 😘😍💪🏻🙌🏻

  • St. Alex Jones
    St. Alex Jones 5 days ago

    I will never understand why the hibs defender raised his arm, I know there was an unmarked player behind him. But surely you’d be better used in the next game rather then suffering a red card 3-1 down to stop a player from controlling the ball inside the box. Makes no sense to me

  • 4cat
    4cat 5 days ago

    レンジャーズの選手が手で止めなかったら中村2点決めてたのか。惜しかったな。If the Rangers players didn't stop by hand, Nakamura did 2 goals.amazing.

  • Khidhir Nor Idir
    Khidhir Nor Idir 5 days ago

    Nakamura takes free kick like takes penalties

  • smcliffhanger492
    smcliffhanger492 5 days ago

    Sign the 'Tic up they might get to the next round. Then again , maybe not.

  • David Laird
    David Laird 5 days ago

    Hibernian Celtic clearly didn't do very well here. Two Glasgow Teams fighting it out. Much love from the USA

    • David Laird
      David Laird 4 days ago

      @Carpe Diem Leith like Keith but with a "L" , cool

    • Carpe Diem
      Carpe Diem 4 days ago

      @David Laird Its in Leith, Edinburgh. Never been

    • David Laird
      David Laird 4 days ago

      @Carpe Diem oh ,oops I didn't realise. Well when I come back to Scotland I will have to visit this place Hibs, is it a nice place?

    • Carpe Diem
      Carpe Diem 4 days ago

      Hibs is in Edinburgh

  • Selcuk Yılmaz
    Selcuk Yılmaz 5 days ago

    I love Kawasaki 💚🖤

  • Roan Patrick
    Roan Patrick 5 days ago

    Tin pot league needs scrapping

    • Badly_Dubbed
      Badly_Dubbed 5 days ago

      If nobody watched it then yes, but you and a quarter of a million others suggest otherwise. Your judgement is tinpot.

  • Daniel Mcgowan
    Daniel Mcgowan 5 days ago

    Only 13 coins comments, looking back at KT😔

  • Big Virgil
    Big Virgil 5 days ago

    The King of strong style was pretty good at football

  • Allan Oliver
    Allan Oliver 5 days ago

    Lawrence Shankland on the scoresheet yet again, this boys looking a good prospect!

  • Jot Grewal
    Jot Grewal 5 days ago

    He should have played at a higher level

  • Henry Gbelee
    Henry Gbelee 5 days ago

    One of my favorite Japanese Player