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  • ccammy1
    ccammy1 6 hours ago


  • BadgerStripes
    BadgerStripes 7 hours ago

    Edit the replays out in future. Only the goals should have them. Made this video a chore to watch. Nobody has an attention span anymore, get with the times

  • George Beckwith
    George Beckwith 8 hours ago

    What a boring match

  • Mano Houbrechts
    Mano Houbrechts 8 hours ago

    Not sure if Brown or Messi

  • Next Machina
    Next Machina 8 hours ago

    I'd sooner watch Nichola Sturgeon lap dancing at an old age pensioners Christmas party than watch Scottish football. 💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩 Eeeeza dog turdiosa.

  • Louis Choi
    Louis Choi 8 hours ago

    I like how some defenders are like : alright I’m bored let me humiliate everyone real quick

  • anto boyle
    anto boyle 8 hours ago

    Thanks mr brown

  • Next Machina
    Next Machina 8 hours ago

    I'd sooner watch Nichola Sturgeon pole dancing than watch Scottish football. It's dog turds. 💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩

  • ZUALFIQARO -ذوالفقار

    I think this music's goal it's arabic music

  • It is what it is
    It is what it is 9 hours ago

    Tinpot league

  • Ferrari
    Ferrari 9 hours ago

    When kyo kasunagi play football ..lol

  • Sandra Gilmour
    Sandra Gilmour 10 hours ago

    Who's The Most Successful Club- RANGERS

  • Japu 1
    Japu 1 10 hours ago

    The reason you cant find a 5 year old comment is because there are so many retards commenting "2019 AnYoNe"

  • 35bigbri
    35bigbri 10 hours ago

    its the same old story again! and the defence was a shambles

  • Fifa Filio
    Fifa Filio 10 hours ago

    10 is coming

  • Adam Shaltoot
    Adam Shaltoot 12 hours ago

    who knew that 5 years later he will be the best defender in the world

  • Oisín Cox
    Oisín Cox 12 hours ago

    Go on Celtic

  • 2ndEndingVintage
    2ndEndingVintage 12 hours ago

    Who's the little asian guy ? Sneaky moves....dang.

  • 2ndEndingVintage
    2ndEndingVintage 13 hours ago

    Nice comeback, but holy crap that's a PK at 4:40. What the hell was the ref doing ? Great save by GK on the free kick at end there to keep it tied, tho.

  • Mark Power
    Mark Power 14 hours ago

    Different gravy

  • Vincent Wagner
    Vincent Wagner 15 hours ago

    Assignment load shut volume soul crop far marketing sodium

  • Kieran Gilmour
    Kieran Gilmour 16 hours ago

    I'm no even a rangers fan before yous start but for me that's a foul in the buildup to browns goal, belter of a push so shouldn't have happened in my opinion.

    • Tony H
      Tony H 16 hours ago

      And the Hamilton player's foot was on the pitch when he took the throw in. You win some you lose some.

  • Mike buchanan
    Mike buchanan 16 hours ago

    Filip Helander was poor and Flanigan was dreadful

  • paul bryson
    paul bryson 17 hours ago

    Wow! how long did the cheering go on for after Broony's goal amazing.

    • Tony H
      Tony H 16 hours ago

      Exactly what I thought mate. Unreal. Better than Lazio.

  • Reiss Knell
    Reiss Knell 17 hours ago

    Who remembers when Rodgers compared that brown to Gerrard. Classic

    • Tony H
      Tony H 16 hours ago

      Aye I know. Embarrassing. Gerrard was a great player but Brown is a king. A living, breathing legend that will go down in history as one of the greatest figures in Celtic's history.

  • JacobiteBhoy
    JacobiteBhoy 17 hours ago


  • Bodega
    Bodega 17 hours ago

    Where is the king Niko Kranjchar !??

  • Keith Keegan
    Keith Keegan 18 hours ago

    Mon the celts🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪

  • Mr Meeseeks
    Mr Meeseeks 18 hours ago

    Funny how the ground is half empty whenever it’s not an old firm game

    • Tony H
      Tony H 16 hours ago

      It's a 60,000 seater stadium and they're playing Hamilton on a Wednesday night. Look at English grounds in the Europa League for an indication. Also Celtic have 52,500 season ticket holders nearly 6,000 from Ireland so it will probably be loads of them not being able to go. Look at English clubs in the Europa League. Even the Champions League. The only clubs that would get over 50,000 against Hamilton on a winter midweek is maybe Man U and Liverpool.

  • SloMo
    SloMo 18 hours ago

    50 million for Morelos?🤣🤣🤣

  • dmguk gtown
    dmguk gtown 18 hours ago

    how important will that goal be.

  • Gregory Morton
    Gregory Morton 18 hours ago

    As a rangers fan I fear the worst for the cup final this weekend absolutely brilliant team with a winning mentality but best fans in the world my ass look at all them empty seats 🙈🤔

    • crazy horse 1967
      crazy horse 1967 14 hours ago

      Midweek game mate weekend games get full stadium in

  • John Macleod
    John Macleod 18 hours ago

    Love how the balls bouncin in the box and goldson just stops to do the broony🍀

  • Alien
    Alien 19 hours ago

    3:05 am buckled

  • steve adams
    steve adams 19 hours ago

    aberdeen by far the better side,how the hell rangers think they are championship material is beyond me,

  • gally man
    gally man 19 hours ago

    Surprised to see so many empty seats at park heed

    • Tony H
      Tony H 16 hours ago

      And its against Hamilton no disrespect. English clubs don't sell out in the Europa League and Spurs and City don't even sell out in the Champions League. What crowds would they get against Hamilton.

    • meesa magill
      meesa magill 19 hours ago

      A midweek game so its to be expected. Hard for a lot of fans in ireland and down south to get to midweek games due to work commitments etc plis financially due to our run in europe

  • randomblitzz
    randomblitzz 20 hours ago

    Ohhhh isma gonzalves

  • chris ryan
    chris ryan 20 hours ago

    Guess you’re not winning the title this week 😊🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀

  • BRIAN McCann
    BRIAN McCann 20 hours ago

    What a finish to a important piece of the season. Going into Sunday's game full of confidence. Scott brown is mr celtic

  • _ _ Hyper _ _
    _ _ Hyper _ _ 20 hours ago

    This just shows us tho, that Celtic can score whenever the fk they want 🍀

  • Julien Robinard
    Julien Robinard 20 hours ago

    Bien jouer le celtic 🔴⚫

    • Tony H
      Tony H 15 hours ago

      Rennes 🤝 Celtic

  • Paul Russell
    Paul Russell 20 hours ago

    I don't condone that a Rangers player (or anybody) should have a pie thrown off the back of their head, but Rangers supporters often throw coins and worse at opposition players and supporters. A pie, as long as it isn't piping hot, will do little harm.

  • Art & Anarchy
    Art & Anarchy 20 hours ago

    Rangers made quite a few mistakes in the first half. At least 5 wayward passes and mistakes that Aberdeen didn't capitalise on. I think tonight was a wake up call for rangers fans to not get ahead of themselves. Can we seriously say the opposition this year has been brilliant? Aberdeen, hearts, hibs, all terrible this season. I think rangers have realised this is what's gonna happen when they actually play against a decent team. Even the teams in their Europa group have been awful

    PURE GAMING DNA 20 hours ago

    Really??!! Total propaganda on the eve of a cup final as well. Leave your agenda out of your FLash-player uploads. Is this what your praying for on Sunday? A cup final Celtic defeat? Shame on you SPFL!!! And BTW, Classics are 3-2 or 4-3 matches not 1-0's. We shall not be moved!!! 🍀

  • TheFlute
    TheFlute 21 hour ago

    makes me sick

  • Antonio Colella
    Antonio Colella 21 hour ago

    Che bello il gol della vittoria.

  • yoghurt Yoghurt
    yoghurt Yoghurt 21 hour ago

    Drew against Aberdeen calm down I can gurantee we will beat the tims on Sunday and I will come back to this comment

  • Markus Hirsch
    Markus Hirsch 21 hour ago

    ty Aberdeen!!! :)

  • Ogórkowy Lord
    Ogórkowy Lord 21 hour ago

    Boruc by to złapał

  • Jack Stevenson
    Jack Stevenson 21 hour ago


  • Bai Rhi
    Bai Rhi 21 hour ago

    That roar when broony scores tho...

  • Skellieonabench
    Skellieonabench 21 hour ago

    Had Adam Rooney not been injured the dons would’ve won the league. COYR🔴⚪️🔴⚪️

  • Adam Stolarek
    Adam Stolarek 21 hour ago

    Another win for "le champions" come sunday we will be drinking a little bit of the bubbly 😂

  • Joe McKenzie
    Joe McKenzie 21 hour ago

    Yasss fuckin dafties

  • Brian Flynn
    Brian Flynn 22 hours ago

    Possibly title winning result but really concerned about defending set piece high balls dingwall sunday goal last night few scares from set plays have to get that fixed out

  • Livi for Life
    Livi for Life 22 hours ago

    Unlucky for livi we could of won but at the end we didn’t press the ball

  • Michael Docherty
    Michael Docherty 22 hours ago

    First they cost us a cup double, now this. Next 5 games are tough so we could have really done with winning this.

  • Ewan Anderson
    Ewan Anderson 22 hours ago

    thank us later boys ;)

    • crazy horse 1967
      crazy horse 1967 14 hours ago

      Cheers Ewan 💚

    • Mushroom 75
      Mushroom 75 19 hours ago

      Ewan Anderson - we love the northern shamrocks or Abergeen as the Rangers fans call you 👍

    • channelbizt
      channelbizt 20 hours ago

      Haha, cheers! Good to see Aberdeen back strong btw, hopefully Rangers will drop a few points this month for you.

  • HMS Africa
    HMS Africa 22 hours ago

    The bhoys are trending 🍀

  • alka 71
    alka 71 22 hours ago


  • Arda Kolimsky
    Arda Kolimsky 22 hours ago

    Gerard to Everton in the new year. They even had Séamus Coleman disguised as a linesman to report back (5:10)

  • Adam 16
    Adam 16 22 hours ago

    first half rangers were better second half Aberdeen but the way Rangers was playing in the first half you could only see one winner but this is football anything can happen one of the reasons it’s the greatest sport in the world ⚽️ ⚽️ ⚽️

  • MyFamiliar
    MyFamiliar 22 hours ago

    the goal keep should stand on the near post

  • Loveson ZOU
    Loveson ZOU 22 hours ago


  • Celtic's Team HH
    Celtic's Team HH 22 hours ago


  • Miickc - Divis
    Miickc - Divis 22 hours ago

    The tears are beautiful

  • Lubomir Moravcik
    Lubomir Moravcik 23 hours ago


  • Kiall Jacobs
    Kiall Jacobs 23 hours ago

    Rangers acting like a bunch of pylons not covering anyone put it in his own net wen the second one scored 😂😂😂😂

  • John Holland
    John Holland 23 hours ago

    Greg Taylor's been great past three games, boy's going to be some signing

  • Mr Smith
    Mr Smith 23 hours ago

    Good draw for the Dons, means Dons have got a good result v Rangers as Feyenoord, and Porto, Top notch sides indeed. Got to keep it going, If Aberdeen finish 3rd, it will be the first time they have finished 3rd behind the Old Firm in over a decade, and if it is Celtic Rangers Aberdeen, only the 4th time those have been the league standings. ever.

  • Michael Inkster
    Michael Inkster 23 hours ago

    Cosgrove at the end should have sealed the win ... it’s so close to goal that a goal-ward ball virtually anywhere would likely have beaten the keeper. He tried too hard to direct it!

  • Seany Gee
    Seany Gee 23 hours ago

    ajer is a liability to busy trying to grab rather than defend he is going to cost us a few ens in the knockout in europe get rid n get benko back

  • Pete Mack
    Pete Mack 23 hours ago

    Brooony!!! 🍀💚🍀😄

  • Taylor Mcilreavy
    Taylor Mcilreavy 23 hours ago


    • reggie gimmix
      reggie gimmix 21 hour ago

      they can't...they don't exist...oh do you mean "The Rangers FCLTD"

  • Jim Fitzpatrick
    Jim Fitzpatrick 23 hours ago

    First the league cup final loss to Raith Rovers now this.... Hahahaha...... 10IAR 🍀🍀🍀

  • Adam 16
    Adam 16 23 hours ago

    still would rather have ryan jack in midfield than scott brown

  • Cool Daddy
    Cool Daddy 23 hours ago

    good performance, though far from great. Ntcham thought Scottish football was beneath him...after watching his awful display and glaring misses, its obvious that he is below Scottish standard and not the other way around. Get him out, he doesnt want to be there.

  • Scott Gaming44
    Scott Gaming44 23 hours ago

    And that lads is why we are the champions. Rangers were 2-0 up lost it 2-2 that is why

  • Sami Bashir
    Sami Bashir 23 hours ago

    Kid looks pretty good might become runner up in the balon dor in a few years

  • jordan horne
    jordan horne 23 hours ago

    If anyone thinks Morelos is better than French eddy they are deluded

    • Kenzie Law
      Kenzie Law 15 hours ago

      @Tony H In the whole season morelos has more goals and a few assists, (Europe, Cup, ect)

    • Tony H
      Tony H 15 hours ago

      @Kenzie Law They both have 10 goals in the league, but Edouard has 4 assists, Morelos has none.

    • Kenzie Law
      Kenzie Law 21 hour ago

      And I don't support any scpttish football team, Celtic have good players as well have produced top class players

    • Kenzie Law
      Kenzie Law 21 hour ago

      He clearly is, Stats don't lie

  • Rebecca Mcdaid
    Rebecca Mcdaid 23 hours ago

    well done celtic but i must say again its depressing anti football to watch a shitty team such as hamilton as was livingston come onto a pitch and depress us all by defending only its sickening ,if such teams are not capable of football as they clearly are they should not be allowed to be in any league

  • the liar king
    the liar king Day ago

    anyone noticed celtic rarely score headed goals, been like this for a long time, dont know the reason, but somethings not right, headed goals are an option, and we need every option available to help us with our goals tally, hope lenny is noticing this cos with the wing players we have we should be getting more goals from this source.

  • &LoveForAll
    &LoveForAll Day ago

    Captain Leader Legend. \o/

  • james alexander

    Plenty empty seats at the Peadodome

  • tear drop
    tear drop Day ago

    HAIL HAIL from Dundalk, County Louth ☘

  • Ry Cullen RC
    Ry Cullen RC Day ago

    Sunday will be good Mon the Hoops!! 🦆


    5 years time we return to commemorate the success of a solid cb conquering the world

  • George Edwards

    Stoke r getting Sam cosgrove

  • Josh Imrie
    Josh Imrie Day ago

    Celtic fans talking about how bad rangers are when they didn't even beat Livingston 😂😂

  • Luca Clark
    Luca Clark Day ago

    Scott Brown

    WATEVER Day ago

    links to the new james bond trailer @t

    WATEVER Day ago

    links to the new james bond trailer @t

  • Wooz Wooz
    Wooz Wooz Day ago

    Come on you well!

  • barbulici
    barbulici Day ago

    I think this guy will win the gold ballon idk maybe

  • Liam McAllister

    That's why we're champions!

  • Caroline Ellis

    7:16 the ball boys go mental ahahah

  • Diane Stewart
    Diane Stewart Day ago

    Fk me think they had won World Cup funny place that torbett towers 😝😝🤔🤔🇬🇧🇬🇧

    • crazy horse 1967
      crazy horse 1967 14 hours ago

      Back to the kitchen on sunday night ya boot 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • channelbizt
      channelbizt 19 hours ago

      To think, this Sunday, you be able to *sniff* that trophy... but that's all your miserable team will get. You can always stick the runner up medals in the trophy room I guess, if it's not being used as a stationary cupboard by now :)

  • Alan Morgan
    Alan Morgan Day ago

    Oh, my god! I don't believe it! Marvin Bartley scored a goal!😱 No wonder they booed. 😂

  • JohnRegals HipHopMachine2000

    Looks like the piggy bank is going to get a hammering again over at Ibrox. There can't be that many IOU notes left.....