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  • Andrew Smith
    Andrew Smith 10 minutes ago

    The only truthful thing that Wilder said in this interview is that he hopes that people enjoy the fight. Yep, we did. I enjoyed every second of you getting beat around the ring. You looked good falling around on those spindly legs. You looked like bambi

  • Matty M
    Matty M 18 minutes ago


  • Jay Davies
    Jay Davies 21 minute ago

    Joshua's currently trying to hatch up a plan to duck another fight

  • Narek Avetisyan
    Narek Avetisyan 23 minutes ago

    I don't understand how Fury can be in such a good shape but still look like a couch potato. It's mind boggling!

  • Loma P4P1
    Loma P4P1 30 minutes ago

    Fury got robbed of putting Wilder to sleep

  • Bruce Bradley
    Bruce Bradley 33 minutes ago

    Who here when wilder lost his title to fury?

  • boss dog
    boss dog 37 minutes ago

    i thought one of them would win or maybe a draw

  • Terry Dabill
    Terry Dabill 38 minutes ago

    I was talking to callum Phillip's other day in my local fuel station hes a friend of my sons.

  • Sheik
    Sheik 38 minutes ago

    The Whyte knockout was so satisfying

  • A Zambrano
    A Zambrano 40 minutes ago

    Get off the ropes, it was new in the time of Ali but now it's been debunked to a point of moves you should never do in the ring, I would say it's worse than turning your back on the opponent as you are a punching bag

  • Dav1d15196
    Dav1d15196 43 minutes ago

    That fight must happen ASAP !

  • Stephen H
    Stephen H 47 minutes ago

    I am still stunned, Fury is one of the greatest heavyweight's of all times. He'll crush AJ

  • Gold L
    Gold L 57 minutes ago

    AJ was right that Tyson Fury will beat Deontay Wilder. AJ's IQ is quite high and he also has an appreciation for Tyson Fury's boxing IQ. The undisputed fight between AJ and Fury may give us the clash of the most intelligent elite fighters at HW level.

  • Isaac

    Congrats bro

  • Sean Murphy
    Sean Murphy Hour ago

    how you feeling now

  • Dwane
    Dwane Hour ago

    Boring to watch simple

  • EverDayBest
    EverDayBest Hour ago

    Why would anyone need to ring him? Just set it up with Eddie and Sky will beg to show it on TV.

  • Simon
    Simon Hour ago

    Frank Warren disliked this

  • james 'The way it is' wilson

    Yes mate 👌👌👌

  • Boxings First
    Boxings First Hour ago

    Big nights in Vegas is what its all about

  • Papa Nabri
    Papa Nabri Hour ago

    Nobody: Chisora: There's only one Tyson Fury.

  • Keith Isaacs
    Keith Isaacs Hour ago

    Complete mismatch Tyson's too big for Joshua . Joshua's jab and run tactics wouldn't work against Fury he can only fight small heavyweights now.

  • philly bus wanker

    Lmao sky sports posting this shit theres only one thing anyone cares about right now and that's fury .stop trying to make your fighter relevant who lost to kid galahad.

  • Adam Marshall
    Adam Marshall Hour ago

    Both awful fights

  • Snake Plisskin
    Snake Plisskin Hour ago

    Robbery robbery robbery I bet terry o Conner was a judge with them scorecards ffs just puts shade on the sport you judges should be ashamed of yourselfs!!!

  • Ja M
    Ja M Hour ago

    Ruiz is the kid no one likes to invite to chill

  • Marc Osmond
    Marc Osmond Hour ago

    Is it just me or is this show sponsored by Stone Island ?? Lol?? Get me on boys!!!!

  • Daryl Polley
    Daryl Polley Hour ago

    " I don't lose, so I'll be having a rematch either way " lool! Like an absolute boss and he backed it up 😂🥊 Masteclass performance

  • lee macdonald
    lee macdonald Hour ago

    I would like to see fury fight someone with a chance Zeus or Odin maybe?

  • Ja M
    Ja M Hour ago

    Ruiz is a joke to interrupt someone like that. AJ didn’t Do that to him

  • Snake Plisskin
    Snake Plisskin Hour ago


  • Ulfric Stormcloak

    Josh Warrington is a sell out

    • Loma P4P1
      Loma P4P1 29 minutes ago

      Damn i was wanting a ticket to see him get slapped about

    • Maras Comedy wig
      Maras Comedy wig Hour ago

      Ulfric Stormcloak Sell out what stadiums/ arenas ?

  • Herb Dee
    Herb Dee Hour ago

    Hope this isn't a backward step for Josh!

    • Herb Dee
      Herb Dee Hour ago

      @Addyy Brown Bigger money I imagine. I'm talking in career terms.

    • Addyy Brown
      Addyy Brown Hour ago

      @Herb Dee why did he leave Frank?

    • Herb Dee
      Herb Dee Hour ago

      @Addyy Brown Josh's career only took off when he left Matchroom. Hope history doesn't repeat.

    • Addyy Brown
      Addyy Brown Hour ago


  • Ryan O'Flaherty
    Ryan O'Flaherty Hour ago

    this is the attitude you end up with when you dont go to school and lsten to your father. the way its meant to be

  • Snake Plisskin
    Snake Plisskin Hour ago

    AJ vs fury 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

  • Oggie
    Oggie Hour ago

    Ngl I don’t want to see fury wilder 3. Like Aj seems the logical next opponent for fury

  • Sai RNTKL
    Sai RNTKL Hour ago

    He just said it...''all the HEAVYWEIGHT BELTS belongs to BRITIAN"...and he's surely got that rite

  • DeJaYz 01
    DeJaYz 01 2 hours ago

    Fury been hanging on Wilders dick too long..he's just as chicken shit as wilder is to fight AJ".. the REAL King of Heavy weight boxing..

  • Yeesyesyes NJ
    Yeesyesyes NJ 2 hours ago

    Joshua is a chicken

  • traderpax
    traderpax 2 hours ago

    AJ is going to be Fury's second pinata fight in a row...

  • Tawanda Tawanda
    Tawanda Tawanda 2 hours ago


    BADBLOOD BOXING 2 hours ago

    Conquered England conquered New York conquered Germany conquered los angles conquered conquered the wbc belt...proper fighting man

  • David Marsh
    David Marsh 2 hours ago

    Wow, what a trainer. He is calmness personified. Such a reassuring presence for Tyson Fury. Would be great if they stuck together for the remainder of Tyson’s career.

  • Captain Morgan
    Captain Morgan 2 hours ago

    He GLassEd me!

  • S.K Lancelot Dah
    S.K Lancelot Dah 2 hours ago

    But he fucking KNOCKED you out, Clown!!! He's got "Pillow Fists"???? Dude, you got blood oozing outta your ear. You never had been the best.

  • OfficialJayPriceman
    OfficialJayPriceman 2 hours ago

    Damn... Poor Deontay. His 2 year old is probably constantly rupturing his ear drum and making him look like a ragdoll daily.

  • racer exile
    racer exile 2 hours ago


  • ShaneOfThrones
    ShaneOfThrones 2 hours ago


  • Steven Harris
    Steven Harris 2 hours ago

    David Tyson stronger I think wilder should drop down a weight

  • David Marsh
    David Marsh 2 hours ago

    Wouldn’t be surprised if we never see Fury V Joshua. Look at all those years Joshua and Wilder shared the heavyweight titles, what was it, three years?! How can you do that to the fans? The fight EVERYONE in the world wanted. Fury was out of action and they were the dominant heavyweights but we never even came close to seeing it. And now Hearn has the perfect excuse to keep avoiding Wilder after Fury beat him. Hearn is a conman and never intended on putting Joshua in there with Wilder. If he did he would’ve waited until Wilder was 36/37.

  • Take 8
    Take 8 2 hours ago

    Allow asking him anything. He always gets it wrong 😂😂😂

    BERX IS BEST 2 hours ago

    hope fury doesnt hit the coke again like last time we wanna see the whyte and aj fights

  • Enoch's Ghost
    Enoch's Ghost 3 hours ago

    Usyk is a good cruiserweight but I seriously doubt he will be able to live with the likes of Fury and Joshua.

  • SiLo Mixing and Mastering

    Fury even took 3 or 4 bombs from Wilder in the first 2 rounds and kept walking Wilder down and beating him up. Absolute beast.

  • abc 123
    abc 123 3 hours ago

    Eat humble pie David

    TRE' JOHNSON 3 hours ago

    Who cares what this guy has to say He wont fight Fury Or Wilder so his opinion is worthless.

    MYKHAILO BORTNIK 3 hours ago

    of course he was overloaded, this is going to be a great fight

  • Paul Ross
    Paul Ross 3 hours ago

    Idealism buckles beneath realism. Deontay's belief was insufficient to get the job done.

  • John James
    John James 3 hours ago


  • Иван Старостенко

    Logan Paul loosing was a big let-down fpr me. There was a lot of stuff he cpuld have applied in the fight but didn't.

  • Emrys Bessey
    Emrys Bessey 3 hours ago

    Never knew AJ is this funny. Check the 16:43 minute. Boooombs Squaaaad😂😂😂🤣🤣

  • markus besen
    markus besen 3 hours ago


  • Karen Blackman
    Karen Blackman 3 hours ago

    I wasn't impress with fury boxing i was more shock to see how bad of a fighter deontay wilder his i always knew he lack boxing skill but to this point smh! Tyson fury beat him the first fight the lucky knock down save him Joshua gonna take out fury very easy he's a much skillfull boxer with power and.i still want to see joshua wilder

  • ilondonmodel Alias
    ilondonmodel Alias 4 hours ago

    Who is here after Fury stopped Wilder hit the like button

    DEADMEATx39 4 hours ago


  • Eashoa
    Eashoa 4 hours ago

    Hey I'm from the future....Fury beat you like a drum bro. Looked like a grizzly bear beating up a tourist. Body shot knock down!🙅🏿‍♂️

  • DTM4581
    DTM4581 4 hours ago

    Adam Smith will join Dazn once they launch in the UK, that’s a done deal.

  • Summer Lake Photog
    Summer Lake Photog 4 hours ago

    So many of his opponents look like palookas.

  • newie
    newie 4 hours ago

    i love both fighters but i really dont care for a rematch. they have fought twice and tysons clearly better. bring on AJ... or pogan lol

  • clint brunke
    clint brunke 4 hours ago

    Aj has a fight already lined up. He has to defend one of his belts in June . So assuming he wins that , the soonest we would get a Tyson Joshua fight could be Dec. And that's only assuming Wilder doesn't take the rematch clause cus that could push a unification bout even more

  • treyakasprings
    treyakasprings 4 hours ago

    What a slime Ball creep talks fkn bolllox won’t take the brook fight because he’ll end up damaged

  • Tony Stark
    Tony Stark 4 hours ago

    No need for bellew crying like a baby 🍼 though 😂

  • senni bgon
    senni bgon 5 hours ago

    People take fury to literally...he is a mad man he will say something else tomorrow

  • soul_brother
    soul_brother 5 hours ago

    And you was saying? Round 7. Lol

  • Welcome To The Internet

    @5:07 is he serious 😂🥊

  • Alex Herrera
    Alex Herrera 5 hours ago

    Yea My dad got his ass kicked

  • Tony Stark
    Tony Stark 5 hours ago

    The leg was a blag c’mon haye had past it before both of the bellew fights he just using excuses cos he couldn’t handle losing

  • Welcome To The Internet

    Wilder wearing his grandmother’s finest church jacket 🧥

  • Eashoa
    Eashoa 5 hours ago

    My guy Fury would expose this guy. But now is the time for Joshua vs Wilder. A good time for wilder to try and redeem himself.

  • Omar Olvera
    Omar Olvera 5 hours ago

    Fury v.wilder 3 no thanx Tyson whooped that ass way to easy I say aj then aj vs wilder to see who gets tyson after that either the rematch or the trilogy

  • James Medina
    James Medina 5 hours ago

    Rocky Balboa will whip the Gypsy King.

  • M. José
    M. José 5 hours ago

    No one wants to see fury vs Wilder again. You either fight AJ or you admit you're afraid of him.

    • SJW_1982
      SJW_1982 5 hours ago

      I'm a Joshua guy but even I will not suggest that Fury is afraid of him. Fury fears no one in that division right now. It's about business, as always. Numbers. That's why Wilder-Joshua didn't happen and probably never will, as they couldn't agree on numbers. I believe that Wilder will not take the rematch because he knows he cannot beat Fury. Wilder will go back to crushing cans and Fury will come to an agreement with Joshua's team. Of course, it depends on Joshua beating Pulev on June 20th. We can't take anything for granted in Heavyweight boxing...

  • Danny King
    Danny King 5 hours ago

    Fury will absolutely fuck AJ. Can't wait to see your dumb face Eddie. 🖕🖕

  • Tony Stark
    Tony Stark 5 hours ago

    Haye did have a fuk’d ankle but he was exaggerating it like mad cos he couldn’t beat tony, that sly shot that he swung at bellew in the 10th when bellew offered him his hand and haye tried to take his head off , it just sums haye up he’s a sly slime ball

  • joe lloyd
    joe lloyd 5 hours ago

    it's funny watching this after the fight lol

  • Temi Yi
    Temi Yi 5 hours ago

    Sugar is likable!

  • Jay Fost
    Jay Fost 5 hours ago

    Day fuh me ander da bass

  • Phoenix Schuman
    Phoenix Schuman 6 hours ago

    Ok someone please explain to me, what is the title difference between Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury. Because I was thinking that Anthony Joshua was the heavyweight champion but now I'm hearing its tyson fury? someone please explain to me

  • Jab 0311
    Jab 0311 6 hours ago

    Prime Mike Tyson would destroy him

  • Peter makau mutuku
    Peter makau mutuku 6 hours ago

    This is why I like boxing, we support talent not race.Every blackman supports Tyson Fury not Wilder

  • drew reynolds
    drew reynolds 6 hours ago

    David haye face wen he got tko by bellow

  • Naj wick
    Naj wick 6 hours ago

    They might need to delete this video lmao

  • Ryan Hollins
    Ryan Hollins 6 hours ago

    Adam Smith reveals he’s been overloaded with calls from Private Detectives over his involvement with the Madeline McCann case

  • Eddie Adorno
    Eddie Adorno 6 hours ago

    Fury v Joshua soon Please! One Heavyweight champion for the world.

  • Truth Reigns Forever

    Chisora is a big dosser

  • Fractal walrus
    Fractal walrus 6 hours ago

    KO'd by a man who cant punch.......

  • bret adams
    bret adams 6 hours ago

    deontay wilder and tyson fury neither one want to fight joshua dont really make sense i think bigger money now for the joshua fight plus unify the division

    • SJW_1982
      SJW_1982 5 hours ago

      Wilder didn't want that fight, 100%. But Fury is a different animal, he will take that fight.

  • Sakata Gintoki
    Sakata Gintoki 6 hours ago

    with that calmness, he looks like the next Emanuel Stewart lol

  • Who's got the time?
    Who's got the time? 6 hours ago


  • ImtheOne
    ImtheOne 6 hours ago

    Fury didn’t even box at his best. He rushed the 1 2 and still beat Wilder with ease. Imagine when his firing on all cylinders.