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The Conners - Voter PSA
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  • Joseph Ferranti
    Joseph Ferranti 13 minutes ago

    Is it just me or is Andy just one of the worst people there is? She is clearly supposed to be the main character of this show and they have not given me one reason why I should like her. So far she cheated on Jack for no real reason and did not seem all that upset about it. She got pissed off that Jack and Maya started seeing each other and did not tell her as if she had a right to know everything each of those people were doing with their lives. When her dad was leaving the captains position she pretty much demanded to get the captains job because she was his daughter and continuously acted like she was entitled to the position and now that she did not get it she freezes out Maya and bitches about not getting it and makes a comment about she didn’t get it because men or some bullshit. No one can disagree with her because she thinks she knows everything. There is not one thing about her that has been shown to be good. If they want her to be the main character they really should try to do a better job of trying to make her a good person. Because so far she is showing her self to just be an entitled brat that think she should get her way every single time.

  • •Valuu Gamer•
    •Valuu Gamer• 13 minutes ago

    Por que no pudieron a Cameron Boyse😭😢?

  • Jordan
    Jordan 14 minutes ago

    She’s fucking insane. Garbage

  • Gary King
    Gary King 14 minutes ago

    Adam clapped so fast. 😁

  • Megha Sharma
    Megha Sharma 14 minutes ago

    I have never seen a more genuine, humble and heartfelt Oscar speech. This guy is class all the way. I have not watched his movie, if he is so good at delivering real life speech, i wonder how creative the imagination in his movie mush be. Also, Scorsese--you are the greatest, forever you shall be!

  • PinkPanther5051
    PinkPanther5051 14 minutes ago

    This is what Grey's is doing with all the Grey's couples this season (couples that are a mix of Grey's and station 19 do not apply...yet): 💣🧨💣🧨💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥

  • Liam Karch
    Liam Karch 14 minutes ago

    You get what you f**king deserve!

  • Jochelle G
    Jochelle G 15 minutes ago

    man...I like link and Amelia together

  • jose mauras
    jose mauras 19 minutes ago

    Girls have to start realizing that just because a girl treats you better does not mean that we men should be with that person. If it was base on treating someone better then you would go out with the first guy that treats you better but it’s not like that right.

  • M C
    M C 19 minutes ago

    OMG!! I love Billie, but this was absolutely awful!!! She ruined the song! Not a very good tribute when the performance is subpar

  • Elvira Florence
    Elvira Florence 19 minutes ago

    It's still can't believable how Eddie didn't get arrested by driving car ilegally

  • Raf Space
    Raf Space 20 minutes ago

    I think mer needs some time off with herself, I mean since Derek died she has been in and out of relationships and really toxic ones if I were here I’d be focusing on my career and children and getting them to know their dad better

  • Elvira Florence
    Elvira Florence 21 minute ago

    This is when I am hating my eldest brother for asking parents to do whatever he wants and somehow I am the middle one that doing everything I hate but can't say something I love

  • Sabrina Layton
    Sabrina Layton 23 minutes ago

    The show doesn't have a clear storyline anymore... no basis... so they just fill it with drama. I understand lots of people like it, but it just doesn't have any substance anymore.

  • Raf Space
    Raf Space 25 minutes ago

    Finally Meredith doesn’t deserve this child she has three already , look how scared she was wincing I feel bad for her thier relationship shouldn’t have happened from the start

  • elPichirri
    elPichirri 26 minutes ago

    This is how sensitive people are in 2020, they complain about clapping

  • Dreams & Teddy Bears
    Dreams & Teddy Bears 26 minutes ago

    Thats how I feel about the car that we have to get rid of. Its too expensive to keep but I have so mamy memories attached to it

  • shellie petty
    shellie petty 27 minutes ago

    Shades of The Big Chill

  • katie d
    katie d 28 minutes ago

    So is it Link’s baby or not?

  • FranksTube86
    FranksTube86 29 minutes ago

    Funny hearing crazy leftists try to lecture real people with real issues.

  • Dawkhawk1124
    Dawkhawk1124 30 minutes ago

    I would never say that to my dad i love him❤️

  • Nox
    Nox 32 minutes ago


  • Shake N Bake Rave
    Shake N Bake Rave 32 minutes ago

    I love watching scenes between the sisters. The emotions and vulnerability is so real 💕 On another note, Amelia and Link belong together

  • laperkin
    laperkin 33 minutes ago

    What did the new hottie doc tell deluca?? The closed captioning covered it

  • Tran Luan
    Tran Luan 35 minutes ago

    Phim rất hay ạ

  • Jhenelle Reid
    Jhenelle Reid 35 minutes ago

    I mean Meredith still his boss tho.right?

  • lashawn and jay
    lashawn and jay 36 minutes ago

    OMG😂😂😂 this is too funny

  • Víctor Ives
    Víctor Ives 38 minutes ago

    What does Hayes mean by telling Mer to write DeLuca down? Like to text him or to report him with Bailey?

  • Switch Lanes
    Switch Lanes 41 minute ago

    Slim is starting to look like Thick Shady

  • Bailey Haller
    Bailey Haller 41 minute ago

    Alex is actually with Izzie and there child.

  • Lexus Robertson
    Lexus Robertson 42 minutes ago

    She is going to be a mother isn’t about you boo it’s about the baby! What’s best for the child and she’s being petty!

  • Daevonna Smith
    Daevonna Smith 43 minutes ago

    But Meredith does the same thing.

  • Jann Auddie Amurao
    Jann Auddie Amurao 43 minutes ago

    XD!!! Me and Randall Park: Sad....

  • Brent oesterle
    Brent oesterle 43 minutes ago

    What's supposed she's jealous time like this she's gonna not gets over it I'll don't like her supposed that somewhere jealously she's is were don't like her was I'll don't knows we hate

  • flora
    flora 45 minutes ago

    every time i watched this scene i never NOT cried ..any girl who's been harassed even a lil bit or has seen horrible things happened to other girls or just seeing girls standing up for one another is the most nerve wrecking scene there can be for them..the best scene of Grey's anatomy after such a long time

  • Justin Tran
    Justin Tran 45 minutes ago

    nico's been pissing me off lately. first he doesn't want levi to move in making it seem burdensome to have him around and now come to find out he's a huge hypocrite. levi came out for nico and introduced him all at once when he hasn't even come out to his family yet and after he made a whole thing about his coming out journey and not wanting to have anything to do with levi gay journey and getting upset with Levi for seemingly hiding him from his mom and not telling her. the worse part other than the hypocrisy is that after everything levi did for him he's not willing to do the same for him. the only one whose in a shame spiral nico i would be soo pissed if i were levi

  • Classic Star
    Classic Star 46 minutes ago

    I think the first guy is Sam (Olivia's boyfriend)

  • Madison Wilson
    Madison Wilson 47 minutes ago

    Awwww she is so adorable!

  • aliyah reid
    aliyah reid 49 minutes ago

    It’s gonna end in a legal matter

  • Prsh Y
    Prsh Y 53 minutes ago

    Amelia's story line is turning into an Ekta Kapoor serial. 🤦‍♀️ For people who donno . Ekta Kapoor is an Indian tv producer who drags love stories for decades and never let's the couple be happy for more than a month . 🤦‍♀️

  • Valentina Calvopina
    Valentina Calvopina 54 minutes ago

    I hope that Amelia get a second chance to be a mother because she never told Meredith and Maggie and Derek that she lost her baby when she was living in Los Angeles

  • Aidan
    Aidan 54 minutes ago

    Billie in the background

  • Shukri Habiba
    Shukri Habiba 54 minutes ago

    What made her think it would be a good time to confront him

  • latengocomoburro
    latengocomoburro 55 minutes ago

    Obviously very few people clapped probably not even thinking about it when they saw Kirk Douglas, and it is understandable. People should shut up and *STOP CRITICIZING EVERYTHING*

  • Shna Faruq
    Shna Faruq 58 minutes ago

    My father wasnt mean, he also wasn't an abusive, but he was an absentee. And the few moments I spent with him, he made me feel ugly. I don't know how I would feel if he dies. Cuz I don't think I love my father.

  • Joy Banks
    Joy Banks 59 minutes ago

    Alex not coming back doesn't make sense. His character development has been huge and his personality does not match the behaviour the writers are leaning towards. They should have killed him like they did with Derek. That would be more honest to the character.

  • sparxstreak02
    sparxstreak02 Hour ago

    Lol did Derek know Meredith spoke Italian?!

  • aleyia blaylock
    aleyia blaylock Hour ago

    Why did I just feel like he should be talk about more saying "you should write him up grey" it's just uhhhhh💖

  • latengocomoburro

    She dresses so ugly.

  • Geovani Hernandez

    Where is Cameron Boyce? He should be at the memorial

  • Elvira Florence
    Elvira Florence Hour ago

    I wonder if Harvard could score him for independent type, cos it's more like jesicca that enter into Harvard than his son

  • Kam Man
    Kam Man Hour ago

    This storyline is such a mess, just stop it.

  • jmj272007
    jmj272007 Hour ago

    Owell get over it, people going thru far worse than you buddy, this is nonsense what a joke, your fiance, there's children dying, people on the streets, homeless, people dying of diseases, families tormented, and your crying about your little wedding live on TV, pathetic, many went and fought wars and never will come back, you have nothing to be emotional about. Grow up.

  • Joy Banks
    Joy Banks Hour ago

    Is anyone still holding a candle for Maggie and Avery?

  • Brent oesterle
    Brent oesterle Hour ago

    Why shawn that telling that's these people a personal life stories about in a pass and what an idot would do that

  • Winter Moon Gacha Life And Roblox

    The girl needs to take a break from the song. You can hear how much it’s wearing down her voice. Theirs another comment that talks about how hard it is to sing. It is. If anything, P!ATD did her dirty. They wrote the song. And honestly they should get to sing it too. Let Idina rest her vocals. She needs it.

  • Brent oesterle
    Brent oesterle Hour ago

    Compliant of everything why it could scirssed head

  • David Skaar
    David Skaar Hour ago

    Always crappy. To fast , singer exposure ugh, too small to see. No clapping please.

  • Cailin Price
    Cailin Price Hour ago

    I give the actors so much credit for acting out such hard scenes and topics....

  • Kayla M.
    Kayla M. Hour ago

    I like Andy and Sullivan a lot but I don’t like what he did to her so now I like Andy and jacks as friends with benefits I mean there not gonna end up dating it’s just not practical BC now they live together and I ship it a lot but I don’t want it to turn into anything serious

  • Min-seo Cho
    Min-seo Cho Hour ago


  • NEO Xx
    NEO Xx Hour ago

    Show has become such a mess😩

  • Alan Williams
    Alan Williams Hour ago

    Guess no mention of Lonnie!!!

  • Bronny Junior
    Bronny Junior Hour ago

    I wish this dude would get passionate about acting school.

  • Shanoriya Robinson

    He really has a problem with women being better than him he did the same thing to Maggie🙄

  • The Toxic Ghost
    The Toxic Ghost Hour ago


  • Lana Marie
    Lana Marie Hour ago

    Hasn't Chicago med done this already?

  • Trap Town TWC
    Trap Town TWC Hour ago

    Big vibes!

  • Kakashi BnL
    Kakashi BnL Hour ago

    Effing hell! This episode was top notch acting skills wise .. Amilia Andrew even the guest actors did an amazing job!! Too bad such skill is being wasted to such poor poor writing skills....

  • Breeann Walker
    Breeann Walker Hour ago

    It's definitely Owen's baby

  • dookies
    dookies Hour ago

    The beauty is that at least one person who knows the results is sitting back watching this thinking "your night is just getting started buddy"

  • greenleesuperfan

    When Mer was an intern she pulled far more stunts involving insubordination. Now when it’s DeLuca viewers want to make it seem like it’s a problem. When it wasn’t even just Mer the whole intern cast went rouge at one point or another. It strange to see everyone react so poorly to it now when it was no big deal when the show started.

  • Jessica liu
    Jessica liu Hour ago

    "I love food, too."

  • Megalord 2015
    Megalord 2015 Hour ago

    Imagine disrespecting Kobe, Billie and The Beatles at once....

  • mariah dominguez

    People saying he’s being childish clearly don’t know what manic episodes look like. He’s developing the same illness his father had and isn’t in the right state of mind. Guaranteed everyone will eventually figure that out and he’ll get the help he needs. Also I’m just gonna go ahead and say that Derek may have been the love of her life but he put her through a lot of shit that deluca wouldn’t do. Do you really think Derek would’ve gone to jail for Meredith about the insurance thing? Literally never. He’d just threaten to leave or throw a hissy fit and go hide somewhere. Andrew makes Mer happier than she’s been in a very long time and people hate to see it. Mcwidow is only there so she can explore that relationship and then ultimately realize she still loves Andrew. You know it’s gonna happen come on

  • abdi badal
    abdi badal Hour ago

    This is a great actor. The fact that he’s using an American accent when he’s English too

  • Bass Town Ncs
    Bass Town Ncs Hour ago

    lovely <3

  • Bass Town Ncs
    Bass Town Ncs Hour ago

    so good <3

  • Smol and Mess
    Smol and Mess Hour ago

    Can i just say how much i will miss this show like its freakin amazingg!!❤️😢

  • Wirathep Wongkham


  • Savannah M
    Savannah M Hour ago

    This scene between Maggie & Amelia is beautiful.🤍 but come on SHONDA. Give Amelia a happy ending. That woman has been through hell & back so many times.

  • Ty Holloway
    Ty Holloway Hour ago

    "Their big dogs and dont live long so..they're dead" 😂🤣 oh Cam

  • Jovaan Mills
    Jovaan Mills Hour ago

    This a tv show but damn I wanna jump In the tv and slap her

  • Summer88
    Summer88 Hour ago

    Shaun and Lea are definitely dealing with some denial. They'd have every reason to be afraid to admit they have feelings for one another though. If they decided to take it further, there's a chance they'd be losing their best friend in the process. Their relationship is so special. They'd be taking one hell of a risk given how much they mean to each other.

  • saseeke
    saseeke Hour ago

    I’ve been off the Grey’s social media scene for a while but I’m really thrown that people are calling this man McWidow 😂😭

    • ayo bbuing
      ayo bbuing 12 minutes ago

      On the episode he first appeared, apparently Christina was the one who sent Hayes her way haha and called him mcwidow 🍀🍀🍀

  • Bonnie fabulous
    Bonnie fabulous Hour ago

    “You should write him up Grey “ Oh yeah because that’s totally gonna fix everything! Lol 😂

    • ayo bbuing
      ayo bbuing 14 minutes ago

      It wont fix anything but its protocol that when an incident like that happens in real life, they do get "written up"

  • Bennett Muasau
    Bennett Muasau Hour ago

    LMAO BYE DELUCA SALTY ASS STUPID ASS DUMBY. We want the Irish man anyways lol

  • MegaAirplanelover

    75% of the comments are about Emery. 60% of those comments are about how hot he is

  • CeltycSparrow
    CeltycSparrow Hour ago

    Um....DeLuca is in baby blue scrubs. Meredith is not only the owner of the hospital, she's a attending. Why is she having to defend herself to DeLuca for taking over his patient when she felt he wasn't in the right mind to make a good decision for the patient?

  • Marissa Edwards
    Marissa Edwards Hour ago

    I'm so sick of him

  • Ingrid G
    Ingrid G Hour ago

    Love it my son's hair 😂

  • adriana rz
    adriana rz Hour ago

    Fernando lujan

  • k1mch11
    k1mch11 Hour ago

    Yesss so glad this has ended! Always said Mer need someone mature and more equal. Someone who was more level headed.. hopefully this new McWidower is it for Mer :)

  • Lindsey Gerner
    Lindsey Gerner Hour ago

    What is wrong with the writers lately?! I’m still getting over April leaving! 1) Why are they making Amelia out to be a brat just because Link wants to know if it’s his baby? What stupid story line to make her look spoiled and try to make us believe him to be a prick. 2) You make your audience fall in love with Daluca being a normal, genuinely nice man and root for him and Mer. You couldn’t give us even 1/2 a season of them not having a break up. 3) Don’t even get me started on Karev! We have watched 350 episodes, watching this arrogant, selfish, blunt, cocky guy who has had more heart ache his entire become an amazing man and Jo’s rock. There is no way he just left without finishing his storyline just because it was time. He was fired or he quit. There’s no in between. Everything about this show is changing too much to the point it’s totally different program.

  • Lexi Hansen
    Lexi Hansen Hour ago

    This is the worst storyline the writers have gone with. Ridiculous

  • Homm Fatale
    Homm Fatale Hour ago

    so will they have a boy boy. a naturally hetero male or will he grow up to be a queen.

  • Katiexobeauty
    Katiexobeauty Hour ago

    Yes! finally, they sing! They are both phenomenally talented!

  • Haze G
    Haze G Hour ago

    They’re back together? Omg I need to catch up

  • amelia camarillo

    but didnt baily commit insurance fraude in that one episode with the three wives an dthe tree husbands (the same episode where hunt came in) and she pretended it was like still 11 or somthing cause his insurance expired at 12

  • lilPopper
    lilPopper 2 hours ago

    That looks like the Married With Children set