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Finish The Lyric: Bebe Rexha | Capital
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  • Ariana Grande-fans
    Ariana Grande-fans 2 minutes ago


  • 정혜진
    정혜진 5 minutes ago

    I love you Taylor swift!😘

  • Adv Amit Singh
    Adv Amit Singh 11 minutes ago


  • Morgan Lucy
    Morgan Lucy 12 minutes ago

    Background musics annoying, I just wanna hear her beautiful voice 🥰

  • Neira Smile
    Neira Smile 13 minutes ago

    I love Sigrid ❤️

  • WhatsApp Status
    WhatsApp Status 15 minutes ago

    Love from India😘😘😘

  • Mateus Rodrigues
    Mateus Rodrigues 17 minutes ago


  • Nepri Mendoza
    Nepri Mendoza 20 minutes ago

    This is how many times Dove touched her hair

  • Just me
    Just me 21 minute ago

    Watched it in 20/8/2019 5:13 Night 🌃 Tuesday . 1.5K(comments) 79K(like) 977(dislike)

  • Playground dolls
    Playground dolls 23 minutes ago

    2:45 o please Billie. 27 is just a beginning off wonderful life.

  • Patricia García Jimena
    Patricia García Jimena 23 minutes ago

    Honestly Brad can't sing at all

  • chrorovanquish
    chrorovanquish 27 minutes ago

    Sed was there amazing come be my baby come on!!

  • Anio Tarsus
    Anio Tarsus 29 minutes ago

    blessed after this, amen have a great day too 💕

  • Playground dolls
    Playground dolls 29 minutes ago

    I can't help but thoose red attachments/parts on earphones makes You all look like with child ponytiles on the both sides off your heads:-) so funny and cute.

  • Playground dolls
    Playground dolls 37 minutes ago

    Really adorable Irish lady. Very energy full and humorous.

  • Luisa Klark
    Luisa Klark 51 minute ago

    The cover by First to eleven is so much better

  • Sales Uplift
    Sales Uplift 51 minute ago

    Je suis pas sur le site de la semaine prochaine

  • Saiful Saiful
    Saiful Saiful 55 minutes ago

    I love him

  • Mihika
    Mihika 55 minutes ago

    Dont drink water while watching this...

  • Meep
    Meep 58 minutes ago

    Her mouth is huge bruh

  • 王台麟
    王台麟 Hour ago

    the basil...噓

  • Sam Willis
    Sam Willis Hour ago

    presenter is a wally.

  • Afta Adven
    Afta Adven Hour ago

    Single dance you

  • Dian Nadia
    Dian Nadia Hour ago

    They are so amazing..

  • Hinata Shoyo
    Hinata Shoyo Hour ago

    I know you watched this...Soobin😂😂😂

  • •The Girl Next Door•

    I’m from tønsberg (outside of oslo) and we don’t really use those phrases, have only ever heard bear favour 😂

  • GoBdI Loki
    GoBdI Loki Hour ago

    - 2:30 -Эминем нервно курит в сторонке

  • Sal Becirovic
    Sal Becirovic Hour ago

    Love you girls 💗

  • תמר סוטו
    תמר סוטו Hour ago


  • Ma. Jesusa Limin Tan


  • Dankiesha Elle
    Dankiesha Elle Hour ago

    2017 Camila: That's my friend 2019 Camila: But friends Don't know the way you taste la la la.

  • Asmaa Mc
    Asmaa Mc Hour ago

    Mileeey 😂😂😂😍😍😍😍😍 was prefect 👏👏👏👏

  • George Costopoulos

    nice Albanian girl

  • Panda Flairs
    Panda Flairs Hour ago

    Liam Sing the Part of Zayn Malik Lyrics😭😭my heart brake😭

  • Panda Flairs
    Panda Flairs Hour ago

    the Song is Empty Because of Zayn😭

  • Britian Chetia
    Britian Chetia Hour ago

    Music assam....👍 Pls subscribe hope u lik e it video

  • jessel jovellar
    jessel jovellar Hour ago

    wow!! i love his voice!😍

  • OldManAgar
    OldManAgar Hour ago

    10/10 green screen

  • Victoria Laursen

    Why do billie have yellow fingertips

  • Handi yansah
    Handi yansah Hour ago

    Autotune: im not here. 😂

  • 이쁜월척
    이쁜월척 Hour ago

    억지로 박수 유도,,

  • jessel jovellar
    jessel jovellar 2 hours ago

    my G! im so inlove to you liam!!😍i love you liam😘

  • ayush chauhan
    ayush chauhan 2 hours ago

    0:41 lol nobody replied Perrie Edwards xoxox

  • Sraya Saha
    Sraya Saha 2 hours ago

    She is d good.

  • Shalini 2103
    Shalini 2103 2 hours ago

    Rudest host ever. Sucker

    IBAN DAYAK SARAWAK 2 hours ago

    0:27 i love this part because this my favroite song

  • holly foley
    holly foley 2 hours ago

    My gorgeous 😍😍❤️👌

  • Irene Roga
    Irene Roga 2 hours ago

    my ashton inner fangirl is really happy

  • Nomadx83
    Nomadx83 2 hours ago

    I love her, really I love her !!!

  • Marina V
    Marina V 2 hours ago


  • atrophy Resurgence
    atrophy Resurgence 2 hours ago

    feen is a bloke

  • 。おとこ
    。おとこ 2 hours ago


  • Layla &Lilygacha
    Layla &Lilygacha 2 hours ago

    I'm Irish and dis is 10000000% twue

  • ShaneMK
    ShaneMK 2 hours ago

    Maura got feen wrong

  • Tyler Levine
    Tyler Levine 2 hours ago

    Cold play deserves more likes

  • Xx1QR4xX
    Xx1QR4xX 2 hours ago

    Who can sing her high notes? 2:33

    TWICE MINA 2 hours ago

    Symphony is good song to sing in school event. But, high notes hit u so hard :)

  • Galaxystar Gacha life

    When dove say tappy tapy tap is a have to be horse Down in the track

  • JD Tolipas
    JD Tolipas 2 hours ago

    I really can't help but smirk on people implying that they lip sync. Oh people come on😂 is it that impossible to be that hella good? They're putting 100% effort on rehearsing and lessons( if you're an active follower of their social medias) so please people, if you'll spout those nonsense on my ladies, go watch some other vid. You are one of the reasons for them writing Wings and Strip. Lol haha Ultimate mixer here

  • TheyCallMe KUKIS
    TheyCallMe KUKIS 2 hours ago

    Good job Cm punk

  • バナナマン設楽


  • EE L
    EE L 3 hours ago

    관중보다 가수가 더 신남..어째....

  • Ella Guapa
    Ella Guapa 3 hours ago

    0:13 Camila: Thats my "friend". ""FWEEND"" WAAAHH (freaking out) ( i ship them both)hihihi *Shout-out to Shawmila Fans!!* ♥️

  • EE L
    EE L 3 hours ago

    미쳤군¡¡¡¡!너무 좋아

  • Stepback Productions

    “both sides enjoy a rap/pop collab” no rap fan liked Ed’s song lol

  • adhiana mastur
    adhiana mastur 3 hours ago

    i want Aurora

  • Bailey Crowley
    Bailey Crowley 3 hours ago

    Tá “Learn Irish with Maura” ag iarraidh an dallamullóg a chuir orainn!Tuigim go bhfuil ceanntideal an físeán ceart, ach fós is fada an físeán seo ó ghaeilge!

  • Henry Dahle
    Henry Dahle 3 hours ago

    Well these phrases are just used in her dialect haha

  • Emma's Life
    Emma's Life 3 hours ago

    Love Maure so much ♥️♥️❤️❤️💜💜💙💙💚💚💚

  • z z
    z z 3 hours ago

    0:07 😚😚😚😚

  • z z
    z z 3 hours ago


  • vee07 sincerely
    vee07 sincerely 3 hours ago

    she's really cool, so sad my heart into that girl....

  • Froilan Enriquez
    Froilan Enriquez 3 hours ago

    August 2019 ?

  • ん『ALCASAR』
    ん『ALCASAR』 3 hours ago

    We love you. We followed you from Iraq. 🇮🇶💖☹️

  • Deepesh Kushwah
    Deepesh Kushwah 4 hours ago

    Lovely love

  • Ashlee Kate
    Ashlee Kate 4 hours ago

    She forgot her song but she didn't forgot the others

  • Chi Chan
    Chi Chan 4 hours ago

    God damn 😍 !!!! Come here in phillippines david😍😍😍

  • Blue Blue
    Blue Blue 4 hours ago

    My sweet little fantasy :v

  • sonu ranjan
    sonu ranjan 4 hours ago

    Love from india

  • Nadim Adnan Shams
    Nadim Adnan Shams 4 hours ago

    Best day of my life

  • wuwuwuw u
    wuwuwuw u 4 hours ago

    The whole song scream HIGHNOTE!!!

  • alex kk
    alex kk 4 hours ago

    3:34 love that💗💗💗

  • abdullah yousuf
    abdullah yousuf 4 hours ago

    Any Bangladeshi here?😍like👇

  • Aaron Daniel
    Aaron Daniel 4 hours ago

    she looked like Emily Bloom

  • Ema Novak
    Ema Novak 4 hours ago

    1:00 😍❤

  • poron hiro
    poron hiro 4 hours ago


  • Биг Босс
    Биг Босс 4 hours ago

    Она чё то почувствовала за собой

  • نونة الحنونة

    الي عربي لايك

  • TofuTae
    TofuTae 5 hours ago

    I.M's accent thoooo

  • crystal so sweet
    crystal so sweet 5 hours ago

    I like how he tried to recover by saying “That was an old one.” 😂 like what does being an old one have to do with what the tweet. 😂 Ahhh, I love Larry ❤️

  • Trang Pham
    Trang Pham 5 hours ago

    her voice is really steady and solid at this Jingle Ball :)

  • Олег Кучумов

    Ilove so am i

  • Muhammad Mahadi Hasan Rizvi

    I like to hear this kind of song

  • Ria Hasin
    Ria Hasin 5 hours ago

    Our jb is the best

  • Mishel John
    Mishel John 5 hours ago

    Anne Marie sounds veerryyyy HIGH

  • Nicole Quinlog
    Nicole Quinlog 5 hours ago

    2019? everyone?

  • Eric Mark
    Eric Mark 5 hours ago

    If she covers her lower body a little bit

  • Gaming with Arman
    Gaming with Arman 5 hours ago

    2017 Camilla:that's mah friend. 2019 Camilla:but friends not the way you taste La La La

  • dewi Fay K
    dewi Fay K 5 hours ago

    Camila barbie doll cute sweet

  • pc Ljs96
    pc Ljs96 5 hours ago