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  • GK 47
    GK 47 9 minutes ago

    Drop Ngidi, Miller, Phelukwayo. Bring In: Morris R Hendricks M Morkel

  • Njingela Siya
    Njingela Siya 29 minutes ago

    Much respect for you bra.

  • Robert Pace
    Robert Pace 34 minutes ago

    The haka is a Maori tradition, not South African, you fools. At least be original,... Oh yeah and try and win something

  • Elsa Botha
    Elsa Botha 36 minutes ago

    What kind of amateur catching was THAT 😲? Whoever is our fielding coach, should be fired. The same goes for the bowling and batting coaches. Our bowling is WAY too loose and batting below standard

  • Passley Gonzalez
    Passley Gonzalez 48 minutes ago

    Australia came back with something to prove. Watching the T20 Big Bash League, You'll see that Australia has some serious firepower in Bowling and Batting disciplines. This is not even Australia's best side. As an Avid SA supporter I felt that we were outplayed. Our batting, bowling, fielding, strategy and team selection was poor. Cricket South Africa is on the downturn as a whole. The Fans expect more, as a country we've been playing thr game for decades. How many times do we have to go to the drawing board? Shaun Pollock hits the nail on the head all the time with his analysis. I think he has the quality of a great mentor. The team should seek advice from him before it's too late. Love the SA team. We shouldn't have been embarrassed like that. #ABD and Morris should be brought back.

  • de nare
    de nare 48 minutes ago

    Mzunani Mgwigwi year 2000 Amaglugglug

  • Arjesh Pratap Singh
    Arjesh Pratap Singh 51 minute ago

    biggest hitterr in the world ABD.

  • Sihle Mbhele
    Sihle Mbhele 52 minutes ago

    So Bavuma was dropped and Faf stays??? CSA is a prejudice joke

  • Aejaj Makrani
    Aejaj Makrani 53 minutes ago

    Nice abd

  • Faheem Qaiser
    Faheem Qaiser Hour ago

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  • Donovan
    Donovan Hour ago

    What a hiding. Congrats to the Aussies - outclassed us in absolutely every area - even passion and sportsmanship. Is there any way back for South African cricket? I don't think so.

  • It's Lexo
    It's Lexo Hour ago

    What value ?

  • Moloko Thabo
    Moloko Thabo Hour ago

    Obvious win for leopards

  • Khanyisile Khanyisile

    Sorry gents the fact that you were are compete in high/ top stages makes us proud..Lesson learnt we will be back with fire and pushing to the finals because it is possible why not? My player Team Mahoota10🥳🥳🥳

    GREEN T.V 2 hours ago

    Second lag Gent Win

  • vitolu chishi
    vitolu chishi 2 hours ago

    those dislikes are from the slow spin bowlers

  • Khuli Bamboo
    Khuli Bamboo 2 hours ago

    Tell ingidi to pitch it up

  • Gorge Mathebula
    Gorge Mathebula 2 hours ago

    Nice leoparard

  • Gorge Mathebula
    Gorge Mathebula 2 hours ago

    Nice leoparard

  • Bobby Thomas
    Bobby Thomas 2 hours ago

    When agar gets man of the match, you know you played kak

  • Ayanda Ngwenya
    Ayanda Ngwenya 3 hours ago


  • Mr Speedy
    Mr Speedy 3 hours ago

    Miller is one of the most over rated players in the game ...has seldom performed for proteas!

  • Wild Life
    Wild Life 4 hours ago

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  • PollieBear
    PollieBear 5 hours ago

    Whahahahaha what a joke!!!

  • Poisoned Frog
    Poisoned Frog 6 hours ago


  • Thamsanqa Khoza
    Thamsanqa Khoza 6 hours ago

    Poor Fielding & Disgusting Batting Sies Mzansi!!!

  • Fikza
    Fikza 6 hours ago

    Is dat a Bird for real at 7:59 noma bayamdelela

  • Lucius Christ
    Lucius Christ 7 hours ago

    Pehlukwayo seriously needs to be dropped. So called all rounder who doesn't get the runs and is up and down with his bowling. Wtf is he doing there.he has had his opportunity, dololo.dedela abanye. 👎

    • GK 47
      GK 47 12 minutes ago

      Steyn also and Ngidi,wtf. Bring in Morris. Proteas also needs Morkel

    • Okuhle Pepu
      Okuhle Pepu 16 minutes ago

      And David Miller also need to be dropped

    • The river of no return
      The river of no return 18 minutes ago

      Proteasers are like the ANC.... BBBEE.... SA.... CAPTURED. OZZIES wil klap them 3 love. Revamp the team on merit, get rid of protea and bring back Springbok emblem. Pre isolation the Springboks were world beaters, now they just beaten. Who's next to give them a beating, Bangladesh and Afghanistan

  • Kealeboga Modutwane
    Kealeboga Modutwane 7 hours ago

    What fuckery is this? 😠😠

  • elisha alex
    elisha alex 7 hours ago

    Atiletico watch what is coming.......

  • Xolani Nomewu
    Xolani Nomewu 7 hours ago

    Le sed Kapinga ivutha amalangabe🔥🔥

  • Brendon Johnson
    Brendon Johnson 7 hours ago

    Klassen excellent last game, Jon Jon struggling but he out of team again

  • Lucius Christ
    Lucius Christ 7 hours ago

    Our bowling attack sucks.we desperately need to change it.

  • j33p Samuels
    j33p Samuels 7 hours ago

    Bowling is more then pathetic from SA... giving batsman bad balls over and over and over. Not to mention the fielding... looked like high school kids playing there

  • Patrick Cele
    Patrick Cele 7 hours ago

    Guy we seriously need look at ourselves after such a poor performance, nevertheless let’s lift ourselves up forget it and move on. Next game we show character. Chin up

  • brajones the guy
    brajones the guy 7 hours ago

    What a crappy scrappy football game, so amateurish, misses galore, i still can't believe leopards plays in the PSL after watching them against those miners or are they farmers? PSL teams should work on improving themselves so they stand out in games like this!

  • Muzi
    Muzi 7 hours ago

    ...Braga deserved to at least walk away with a point here, yoh, such heartbreak.

  • Chase B
    Chase B 7 hours ago


  • Ken Hadouken
    Ken Hadouken 8 hours ago

    You win some (boks) you lose some (proteas)

  • Muzi
    Muzi 8 hours ago

    Aaaaaaaah this Amavarara are useless!

  • S N
    S N 8 hours ago

    At what point was it neccessary to exclude Bavuma after the form he was on during the England matches?? Faf is really having a rough patch he needs to play more domestic cricket he is out of form in all formats.

    • The river of no return
      The river of no return 13 minutes ago

      Faf is emigrating to Oz. So give him a break. His heart just ain't here anymore.

    • JCTV Zimbabwe
      JCTV Zimbabwe Hour ago

      Bavuma is injured he had a hamstring on Sunday so maybe on Sunday he will be back

  • Peter Wilhelm
    Peter Wilhelm 8 hours ago

    Pathetic... not a team, but a group of individuals only there for the contract

  • Haaland Erling Braut

    2 Goaaaaaal ....

  • Vicky Syed
    Vicky Syed 8 hours ago

    South Africa ❤

  • Vicky Syed
    Vicky Syed 8 hours ago

    South Africa wake up 💪

  • Nelson Segotso
    Nelson Segotso 8 hours ago

    NGELE is really back..

  • tebogo clerents
    tebogo clerents 8 hours ago

    Premier league teams r giving spanish teams a problem 🤔 maybe just maybe PL IS BETTER THAN LA LIGA coz damn those bullets ... Wolves

  • jim Cat
    jim Cat 8 hours ago

    That ball from starc was a t20 classic. Sensational delivery

  • Mzikayise Sandi
    Mzikayise Sandi 8 hours ago

    Leave faf out of limited over cricket for fucks sake. Why is bavuma out of the squad after playing well against England?

  • The life of Toolbox T

    This is painful to see

  • lebo maake
    lebo maake 8 hours ago

    wat a joke were not good at all

  • Mbongeni Dapo
    Mbongeni Dapo 8 hours ago

    Thank you Supersport

  • Mohammad Aftabafridi

    Very upset performance from south Africa they must learn more. poor batting from everyone.shame on you all

  • Ebrahim Abdoola
    Ebrahim Abdoola 9 hours ago

    We need AB Back ASAP

    • Cohen Roderick
      Cohen Roderick Hour ago

      He's brilliant But we can't have players who want to play when it's convenient for them or when there is a world cup around the corner What message are we sending to the other players in the team and at domestic level???

  • Bayanda Mlomo
    Bayanda Mlomo 9 hours ago

    We need a bavuma-de Kock opening in a able to beat any team

    • Sihle Mbhele
      Sihle Mbhele 48 minutes ago

      Unfortunately Themba is not a Du plessis, or De Klerk or even a smith... So he'll always get dropped for any new player, while Faf stays

    • Suleman Joosab
      Suleman Joosab 7 hours ago

      Bavuma is injured

    • S N
      S N 8 hours ago

      Totally agree with you..why did they changed them instead of creating a team they busy chopping and changing...even Zimbabwe can challenge SA at the moment.

  • Suren Gounden
    Suren Gounden 9 hours ago

    Bring AB ...360 back

  • Tebogo Lefophana
    Tebogo Lefophana 9 hours ago



    Braa like if you thought SA was gonna win

  • Tasheel Maharaj
    Tasheel Maharaj 9 hours ago

    LOL!!!DISGUSTING!!!what a joke.🤣🤣🤣

  • Hasanali Mukhi
    Hasanali Mukhi 9 hours ago

    Never underestimate power of mr 360 Salute.....

  • Mohamed Mia
    Mohamed Mia 9 hours ago


  • Naeem Nafeel
    Naeem Nafeel 9 hours ago

    ABD ❤❤❤❤❤

  • Yousuf Seedat
    Yousuf Seedat 9 hours ago


  • Rofhiwa Tshikonelo
    Rofhiwa Tshikonelo 9 hours ago

    Traore really has some gas. Sensational strike by Neves.

  • Njabulo Ngcobo
    Njabulo Ngcobo 10 hours ago

    Wow I miss this show "Madluphuthu" and "Moeng Moeng"

  • Aborn Nation
    Aborn Nation 10 hours ago

    ✔️ Yes banah Manchester united edition

  • Misinzo Moono
    Misinzo Moono 10 hours ago

    It happens

  • Mohamed Mia
    Mohamed Mia 10 hours ago

    SA useless unpredictable. Sounds like our soe

  • Abshiek K
    Abshiek K 10 hours ago


  • Sbonelo Madonsela
    Sbonelo Madonsela 10 hours ago

    The jingles of chloorkop 🔥🔥

  • Nelson Segotso
    Nelson Segotso 10 hours ago

    What a stunning strike from Neves👏👏 for the second goal..

  • Mathenjwa SOUTH AFRICA

    Diogo Jota.... Is so underrated

  • The river of no return

    Burn Proteas, burn. You suck and as long as you wear that emblem of a captured sport and have token selectors you will continue to be ridiculed on the big stages. Bring back your rightful emblem...Springbok and root out the black mafia!

  • Ramah Karim
    Ramah Karim 11 hours ago

    This song for pool.

  • Mufunwa Mudau
    Mufunwa Mudau 11 hours ago


  • abhishek singh
    abhishek singh 12 hours ago

    Can't take it anymore

  • Shailendra Mishra
    Shailendra Mishra 12 hours ago

    भाई सौ दोसौ ज्यादा ले ले पर zero par catch mat छोड़ बहुत रोया होगा

  • Sharon Gary
    Sharon Gary 12 hours ago

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  • waaya arag media
    waaya arag media 12 hours ago

    Oh my god ! This chanel has 1M subscribers and 2 mins 1 veiw what the hell.🤔🤔🤔

  • Bonginhlanhla Ngema
    Bonginhlanhla Ngema 12 hours ago

    "OOOOOOH, THAT'S MAGNIFICENT...!" The sound the net made, to die for.

  • Abdulmalik Umar
    Abdulmalik Umar 13 hours ago

    Is Leipzig this good? 😮😮

  • Mark Richardson
    Mark Richardson 13 hours ago

    Cry me a fucken river Stevie and Warner. Especially Warner. Fucken hypocritical arsehole. No sympathy whatsoever. Horrible little sook.

  • Menziwa ZA
    Menziwa ZA 13 hours ago

    The strength of the Wolves is in the pack.

  • guddu Raj
    guddu Raj 14 hours ago

    Mst abd

  • Glen Forbes
    Glen Forbes 14 hours ago

    Wolves is more of an threat than Man Utd...

  • Adeniyi Adeyemi
    Adeniyi Adeyemi 15 hours ago


  • Raja Rajak
    Raja Rajak 15 hours ago


  • Agnum
    Agnum 15 hours ago

    *Liverpool will not see the semi finals* Period

  • Praveen Pali
    Praveen Pali 15 hours ago


  • sanoop s chirayil
    sanoop s chirayil 15 hours ago

    What a Mann🥰🥰 perfect 360😍

  • osato igbinigie
    osato igbinigie 15 hours ago

    i hope morata knows that this is champions league he better not play like this at anfield

  • Max Pitman
    Max Pitman 15 hours ago

    He said a break through for Tottenham 😂

  • Mark Richardson
    Mark Richardson 15 hours ago

    David Warner is a nasty, foul mouthed little prick. He dishes out personal abuse and can't take it back. Pathetic character.

  • Lesego Mabe
    Lesego Mabe 15 hours ago

    Getafe 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌!!! We're going to take this title!

  • Mathenjwa SOUTH AFRICA

    If Klopp gets one bad season, English media will push him out for Stevie G to take over Liverpool...

    • Sim Simmer
      Sim Simmer 13 hours ago

      Mathenjwa SOUTH AFRICA Solksjaer at United Lampard at Chelsea Arteta at Arsenal Gerrard at Liverpool

  • Mr. PerFaCt
    Mr. PerFaCt 16 hours ago

    What A Great Century....Greatest Hitx....Mostly Liked Sixes...😎😍

  • entertainment videos
    entertainment videos 16 hours ago

    JONAS MODISE JUNIOR 16 hours ago

    Captain fantastic, as always!!! c'mon you DOWNS!!!!

  • Groundhog Guns
    Groundhog Guns 16 hours ago

    wolves vs utd next please

  • Tafadzwa Ngara
    Tafadzwa Ngara 16 hours ago

    Inter ev eriksen, sanchez, lukaku, moses, lautaro, sensi, barella, brozovic,. MAD. If not for ronaldo they woild take serie A.