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    NATALIE ORTEGA 13 minutes ago

    Loved this! Alexa you’re hilarious!

  • Caribbean Beauty

    Yasss Caribbean Queen 🇯🇲🇯🇲

  • Laurie Teahan
    Laurie Teahan Hour ago

    What is the background music pllzzz 😪😛

  • Nick Rijnberg
    Nick Rijnberg 3 hours ago

    My sweety 😘

  • israaa
    israaa 5 hours ago

    im literally just listening to Maura talk

  • Goddess vee
    Goddess vee 5 hours ago

    A no make up look starts with no Makeup it should be the illusion of no make up look

  • Марина Комарова

    God, she's amazing in any bloody way, legendary...

  • Secretly a celebrity

    taylor swift's shoes are my life.

  • Mugdha Sawant
    Mugdha Sawant 6 hours ago

    Some videos make me want to have more than one like button.

  • Trinity McKay
    Trinity McKay 6 hours ago

    She don't eat?

  • tonyaa us
    tonyaa us 7 hours ago


  • Christian VP
    Christian VP 7 hours ago

    Do you know the feeling of you take your iPhone and don’t know if the screen is broken? Yes.. so annoying to tell your Assistent to go and buy a new one

  • Christian VP
    Christian VP 7 hours ago

    Why would a rich supermodel would have crooked teeth when they don’t look good on her?

  • sadder daze
    sadder daze 7 hours ago

    As a big swiftie and someone who’s recovering from an eating disorder, that stuff she said about being a woman and not a coat hanger really hit deep. I love this woman.

  • shivani singh
    shivani singh 8 hours ago

    she is getting prettier day by day!!!!!

  • Kitana Kierra
    Kitana Kierra 8 hours ago


  • Natalia Mailoor
    Natalia Mailoor 9 hours ago

    I love taylor body now, she looks healthy and happy and goergeos 😍

  • Staedler Staedlerr
    Staedler Staedlerr 9 hours ago

    Since living in the uk?

  • Blake F
    Blake F 9 hours ago

    Omg what is he wearing. I wish I had clothes like that. Does anyone know what brand that is?

  • Sam Batta
    Sam Batta 10 hours ago


  • Yoblaze Nonem
    Yoblaze Nonem 11 hours ago

    Why do ppl paint their faces....I don't get it

  • Livin' La Vida Lisa
    Livin' La Vida Lisa 11 hours ago

    But she’s wearing make up...

  • Gabby Gershom Bassey
    Gabby Gershom Bassey 11 hours ago

    Taylor lives in London?

  • Jashmine Repoyo
    Jashmine Repoyo 12 hours ago

    I love her, since Hanna Montana the movie

  • Weronika Bednarska
    Weronika Bednarska 12 hours ago

    Beautiful and mind opening discussion.

  • Julie W
    Julie W 12 hours ago

    God, I will never say "Amazing" again! It has suddenly become a cringe-worthy word for me...

  • ifor BTS
    ifor BTS 13 hours ago

    The way I was watching her interview like "WOW I hope to grow up to be wise like her" n realize I am almost 30 myself 😁

  • Tintin Swift
    Tintin Swift 14 hours ago

    She could win Miss Universe if she wish to. I mean the beauty and intellect.

  • Haen Hill
    Haen Hill 16 hours ago

    I am so surprised to see 142👎. Who on earth dislikes this video😧😧. Taylor one of the most iconic legend I’ve ever seen.

  • erobed21
    erobed21 17 hours ago

    Come up North and learn "owt" "nowt", and that "the" isn't particularly necessary in t'english language...

  • Trev H
    Trev H 17 hours ago

    Self partnered .....well when you are surrounded by beta males all the time I really don’t blame you

  • Henz Carl Tupas Tupas
    Henz Carl Tupas Tupas 17 hours ago

    Belle is turning 30!!!

  • Rachel Hall
    Rachel Hall 18 hours ago

    This is everything. Thank you Vogue! Thank you Joan!

  • Arthyung Kim
    Arthyung Kim 19 hours ago

    we love u TAYLOR all haters THERE booooooooooo!!!!!!

  • Yoo.itzabii __
    Yoo.itzabii __ 19 hours ago

    She’s so small and cuteeee

  • Bhavya Sahaya
    Bhavya Sahaya 19 hours ago

    I could watch this for a long time ! Their chemistry is insane

  • Gokul Ram
    Gokul Ram 19 hours ago

    Gr8 actress Emma Watson🔥🙏

  • KK Swang
    KK Swang 19 hours ago

    ok but aside from emma being absolutely incredible, her laugh in the beginning of the video is everything

  • Tanya Carabio
    Tanya Carabio 21 hour ago

    Emma, you are a treasure! The video title is utter garbage.

  • Oello👽
    Oello👽 21 hour ago

    She looks so gorgeous and she is so wise. 💜💜

  • Maud BS
    Maud BS 21 hour ago

    wait? is that, PriNcE ChArlEs?!?😝

  • Anna Green
    Anna Green 21 hour ago

  • haley james
    haley james 21 hour ago

    It's like all of my life people have told me "you're a shoe, you're a shoe, you're a shoe, you're a shoe" but then today i stopped and said "what if i don't wanna be a shoe? What if I wanted to be a purse, or a hat?"

  • manga belajar
    manga belajar 21 hour ago

    People in comment section act like they know her for ages by just watching 5 minutes video 😅

  • Alyssa K
    Alyssa K 22 hours ago


  • Nvard Harutyunyan
    Nvard Harutyunyan 23 hours ago


  • Nvard Harutyunyan
    Nvard Harutyunyan 23 hours ago


  • O O O
    O O O 23 hours ago

    The title is purposeful, it got you to click and listen. if it had been about political and difficult topics then hardly anyone would've clicked

  • Pennie Lane
    Pennie Lane 23 hours ago

    Welcome to the dirty thirty club Taylor! ❤

  • wonder woman
    wonder woman Day ago

    Taylor please never quit music!! We love you so much, and some of us are walking with you for 13 years now, we love you! And we are HAPPY that you're finally HAPPY! <3

  • Tom
    Tom Day ago

    If I could do a video with Jessica Alba, I’d do a video of me kissing her and hugging her. She’s extremely gorgeous 😍🤗😘.

  • p l
    p l Day ago

    Lookin fiiiiine

  • sydney n
    sydney n Day ago

    I think we ALL get a day off

  • Rainy Febriy
    Rainy Febriy Day ago


  • thegrimyeaper
    thegrimyeaper Day ago

    This makes me want to go to for some reason.

  • joanjettboy
    joanjettboy Day ago


  • Anonyme User
    Anonyme User Day ago

    *i just wnna know how she became famous. connections maybe? or is it just the looks? no hate just curious.*

    • ⵟⴰⵏⵉⵔⵉ
      ⵟⴰⵏⵉⵔⵉ 3 hours ago

      No she was a girl with migrant parents who lived in a disadvantaged neighbourhood in Amsterdam. She became model after she got scouted.

  • Anonyme User
    Anonyme User Day ago

    *morrocan girls are hot. Just like me hehe*

  • LucyLoveHearts

    Wut even was dat.

  • Amir Asadi
    Amir Asadi Day ago

    the interviewer body language is like " please adopt me "

  • Nicoline N. Dahl

    I loved the interviewer. He makes it feel so at ease, like a proper conversation and not forced. Taylor of course is well spoken as usual. Would enjoy the whole thing, this snippet is great

  • Kim Nana
    Kim Nana Day ago

    u can tell by the way she talk that she's so smart

  • mariana Moreno

    More latinas models😍

  • musicsfan1
    musicsfan1 Day ago

    Does the costume shop lone remind anyone else of the parts in the lwymmd music video with all her previous outfits?

  • Elif Şahbudak


  • Dandelion Skyy

    I love the costume shop metaphor. 💞

  • hanad yare
    hanad yare Day ago

    She said iam turning 30 years and she's look like 19 yrs old ooh my god iam 20yrs old i really like you y're so so beautfull 😘

  • Abdi Aden
    Abdi Aden Day ago

    there is a saying in our culture…..#Dhilo iyu sil lama cinaliin kaarro

  • Thea Koss
    Thea Koss Day ago

    she's so smart awe i love her more than anything

  • Anand_n _Arinator


  • phoenix asterix

    Happy birthday Tay Tay ❤

  • Kiddo Z.
    Kiddo Z. Day ago

    iconic legend queen of the decade LEGEND

  • Elizabeth Girard

    Her teeth are distracting me. You’d think with her parents wealth, they’d have taken her to an ortho as a child.

    • Elizabeth Girard
      Elizabeth Girard Day ago

      She won’t like it when she has teeth and gum issues later. She should definitely get that fixed.

    • Natalia
      Natalia Day ago

      It is her special feature, which makes her stand out so l think she will never fix it. In my opinion it suits her.

  • It's a cat doot doot

    I can't digest the fact that her ponytail doesn't actually exists

  • Dorissa Claire

    So I think Taylor just opened up to us about her eating disorder and now we all know why we identified with Wonderland and Clean SOOOOO much.

  • Pradeep Giri
    Pradeep Giri Day ago

    This was really great. Go, tay tay.

  • Graffiti Nefertiti

    Your dad and mom are so cute. My mom came from a sugar cane plantation in Rincon. Such beauty in our culture and our island.

  • Muhammad Ahmad

    Why does here she reminds me if red taylor?

    • pixlr swift
      pixlr swift 17 hours ago

      Muhammad Ahmad Bangs and Eye Makeup

  • ngulie kets
    ngulie kets Day ago

    She is Margot Robbie... 😳

  • Chris 3.1416
    Chris 3.1416 Day ago

    Without a doubt the best Bond girl ever. And I have admired all of them. Not stunning not gorgeous but a real woman you want to be with..

  • Alan Ramirez
    Alan Ramirez Day ago

    Taylor sounds so wise and chill without even trying or looking fake.

  • Gaming with Apple

    Taylor I want u swearing as my ring tone

  • Desiree laine
    Desiree laine Day ago

    Taylor looks sooo much better WITHOUT the red lipstick!👍

  • Renee Smith
    Renee Smith Day ago

    Emma really has a good heart but her acting is kinda bad

  • Tricks ki Dunia

    Buy boya Mike's

  • Noor Imelda Elle

    Lily Rose Depp is such a beautiful girl.

  • Ali Elmaky
    Ali Elmaky Day ago

    انا مش عرف اقول اه والله

  • Ruth Slinger
    Ruth Slinger Day ago

    isso.colocar pessoas para conversar. to put people to talk to be conscieus. para terem consciência e ação to act. we don t have moe time to lose, the time is now(a long time ago)

  • Ollie Logan
    Ollie Logan Day ago

    Bro how’d I get here tf

  • Rachmad Alfaridz

    She looks it❤️

  • Cleo Marisse Solomon

    Taylor answers like a beauty queen..👸😍

  • World's Netizen

    no oversaturated red lip-stick make up, what a relief for my eyes.

  • coleccionista music

    Emma Watson hermione

  • Maruko
    Maruko Day ago

    I come here after watching the video where Eddie went undercover on youtube just to like his actual comment

  • pscs mnl
    pscs mnl Day ago


  • mi les
    mi les Day ago

    "What's your favorite lyric you've ever written?" is a question that can be ask to a very, very few main popstars. her songwriting talent is what really sets her apart to the other popstars

  • Lisha bright
    Lisha bright Day ago

    Oh my Bowie I love her

  • R1980100
    R1980100 Day ago

    I want to f... her

  • rosegoldies
    rosegoldies Day ago

    The more I watch videos of Camille, the more I understand why Harry likes her 🥺

  • Faisal Atta
    Faisal Atta Day ago

    I can't believe she's entering her 30s cuz she just looks the same