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    Foxfire0002 48 seconds ago

    Punch the like button in the face, like a boss......

  • Jaime Mead
    Jaime Mead Minute ago

    "Were his guitar skills that sick that someone else in the room was like" "oh fuck yeah play that guitar"😂🤣

  • Lady Liberty
    Lady Liberty Minute ago

    *Jack says ‘there we go,’ and I get a mattress ad* Curse you! *punches my bed*

  • Smoky joosh
    Smoky joosh Minute ago

    jaaack its been months

  • T. Van der kooij
    T. Van der kooij 2 minutes ago

    I still think you should do something like a commentairy walkthrough (or a classic letsplay) of portal 2, or some other valve classic

  • Blake Foox
    Blake Foox 3 minutes ago

    Jesus this is sad

  • Aussie Angie
    Aussie Angie 3 minutes ago

    17:05 Jack’s inner Flowey??

  • storming german
    storming german 4 minutes ago

    i love you vids jack plz can i get a shoutout plz

  • LoL!101x3
    LoL!101x3 5 minutes ago

    Jaaccckkkkkkkk there's been a lotta updatessss! You should play more!

  • Killer Rainbow
    Killer Rainbow 5 minutes ago

    Jack: "Boo hah Got Em" Me after that: ";-; he got me man he rlly noobed me ;-;"

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  • Melanie Mickelson
    Melanie Mickelson 7 minutes ago

    his laugh at 4:44 sounds like Goofy

  • Rowan McNamee
    Rowan McNamee 8 minutes ago

    Amazing ❤️

  • Veronica Kocsis
    Veronica Kocsis 8 minutes ago

    Jack:I haven't played any scary games yet Everyone: what you what (loses all his subs)

  • Fabienne Goossens
    Fabienne Goossens 8 minutes ago

    Why aren’t there any normal comments in the comment section 😂

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    Zane Thomson 9 minutes ago

    when he said “ hmmfff” x3 i felt that

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  • VanillaAIscream
    VanillaAIscream 10 minutes ago

    Jack when will u play misfortune

  • Knitting Pasta
    Knitting Pasta 10 minutes ago

    Honestly though, crockpot meals are tasty and easy. I don't trust this cookbook though. My mom swears by the Fix It and Forget It cookbook. Much better and still easy.

  • afoden666
    afoden666 10 minutes ago

    Re-watching the series again because it is so good

  • Alexis Greenfield
    Alexis Greenfield 12 minutes ago

    this was fucking awesome owo

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    Conrad Ignasiak 12 minutes ago

    Jack with a deep voice? Awesome

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    Everyone: where’s anti Anti: just relaxing Also anti: y’all talking bout me

  • Melissa Brown
    Melissa Brown 14 minutes ago

    I'm a big fan of yours

  • Elin Hamberg
    Elin Hamberg 14 minutes ago

    Wow Jack! I cried! So beautiful and emotional. You did a great job on this!❤️

  • Gawky_Lamb205
    Gawky_Lamb205 14 minutes ago

    NGL I'm confused. Who's Chase?

  • Seven Ellen
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  • 「вluє wíshєs」
    「вluє wíshєs」 15 minutes ago

    Watching thia as I have a colsd and am dying ng lmm How ddo fix? Throat hurts, headachew, runny nose. Hurts a lot and I cant sleep

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  • GK 13
    GK 13 15 minutes ago

    Bro as soon as you said the trains coming I started hearing a train coming through my town xD

  • Jacob Alexander Selth
    Jacob Alexander Selth 16 minutes ago

    I was one of the folks who thought anti. But I instantly knew what game it was the moment it was started.

  • wolfy boy
    wolfy boy 16 minutes ago

    Jack should have thrown dooper's tv and boxes off of the cliff after he got the thing they needed, as punishment for being such a prick! XD

  • Mr. 44
    Mr. 44 16 minutes ago

    00:05 for jump scare

  • Lady Liberty
    Lady Liberty 16 minutes ago

    *snuggles under my blankets and it’s **2:36** in the morning* Come at Me, Ghosts! I’m protected.

  • Déy Cray
    Déy Cray 18 minutes ago

    Rip flippy

  • cody of deviant
    cody of deviant 18 minutes ago

    This one is the best to me

  • SunsetGacha
    SunsetGacha 19 minutes ago

    This song is so inspirational I'm actually about to cry ^_^

  • Vail
    Vail 19 minutes ago

    People: Omg ANTI!! Jack: *I don't think i will*

  • Sandra GMIS
    Sandra GMIS 19 minutes ago

    Sean: LIFE IS PAINFUL-hi sam (^-^)

  • Nine Tailed Fox
    Nine Tailed Fox 19 minutes ago

    I don't even stare at myself in eyes

  • Charles Animations
    Charles Animations 20 minutes ago

    No one: Literally no one: Auto tune:Alright I'll doit my self!

  • EF KJ
    EF KJ 20 minutes ago

    who else thinks that jack would make for an AMAZING author?

  • Tom the almighty german
    Tom the almighty german 20 minutes ago

    0:35 theres another jack

  • Joshua Gatt
    Joshua Gatt 22 minutes ago

    We should make a game out of this

  • Irsyaduddin Aniq
    Irsyaduddin Aniq 22 minutes ago

    I'm just amazed at his ability to do that last part so well. Versatility is always attractive.

  • Lady Liberty
    Lady Liberty 22 minutes ago

    *Jack says finally and I get an ad for Dolittle* Well then.

  • aini shahreen
    aini shahreen 23 minutes ago

    little misfortune's sorta scary..... so plz play it? for the spoops?

  • Hyper YT
    Hyper YT 23 minutes ago

    Epic song whot!?

  • callibur 7
    callibur 7 24 minutes ago

    Me: *goes to commenta for explanation* Comments: *is memes*

  • Shadow Vertigo
    Shadow Vertigo 25 minutes ago

    For some odd reason, I want to see Jack in the next John Wick film. And it will be known as The Loud Version in the account of the screaming and swearing.

  • Thesilent One
    Thesilent One 25 minutes ago

    Is it just me or did he upload this a couple years ago

  • PandAMAZING!
    PandAMAZING! 26 minutes ago

    In memories of Flippy....

  • wolfy boy
    wolfy boy 26 minutes ago

    Is it actually possible to save upgrade tina's mushroom pet?

  • Kazually Kunfuzed
    Kazually Kunfuzed 27 minutes ago

    The Game Grumps need to play this. Kirby's Dream Course flashbacks...

  • Bloodkitten Kirkland
    Bloodkitten Kirkland 27 minutes ago

    I laughed too much at this 😹

  • SparkyPikachu22
    SparkyPikachu22 28 minutes ago

    It's ur boi skinny penis

  • the nightmare
    the nightmare 28 minutes ago

    First it was anti now it's cardboard cut out

  • Godlike Warriors
    Godlike Warriors 29 minutes ago

    Goodjob on this video Sean hope that you can make another part to this

  • No Not sayori!
    No Not sayori! 29 minutes ago

    I m s t i l l h e r e - jacksepticeye 2019

  • Aged Starling
    Aged Starling 29 minutes ago

    Give this man an Oscar

  • small sapling
    small sapling 30 minutes ago

    Can anyone give me context,i dont watch jacks channel but i just watched this

  • Alanna Booplesnoot
    Alanna Booplesnoot 32 minutes ago

    I see the cardboard Jacks are back

  • Connor is Bored
    Connor is Bored 33 minutes ago

    you know, sean, you still havent played little misfortune...

  • FearfullVoid
    FearfullVoid 34 minutes ago

    Man i came for real horror

  • Khiro Infinity
    Khiro Infinity 34 minutes ago

    Me : reading "Im Still Here", This must be another Anti Videos Edit : Nevermind It's just another scary Gams

  • EXtinction
    EXtinction 34 minutes ago

    10:11 I thought it was someone licking a hotdog

  • WaterInsanityH20
    WaterInsanityH20 35 minutes ago

    5:42 "My stupi-" **my neighbor's dog barks** Me: _It got offended..._

  • Monay's Awesome time
    Monay's Awesome time 35 minutes ago

    Jack you keep letting me down, I wanted my deadly little sol bean.

  • DJdylbot4
    DJdylbot4 37 minutes ago

    What was that chase thing

  • fmcken
    fmcken 37 minutes ago

    Motto to live by: “ use the internet for your needs”

  • fmcken
    fmcken 38 minutes ago

    Jack: Landlord, lahlerd, laghd lurgh, *vomits* Also Jack: agh shit

  • Logan McFadyen
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  • Roselle Barsana
    Roselle Barsana 39 minutes ago

    0:01 his voice cracked haha love the vid though

  • Lisa Kotrba
    Lisa Kotrba 39 minutes ago

    Just have my babys? OK sure 6:13

  • Caitlin lol
    Caitlin lol 40 minutes ago

    Video title: I’m still here... Every jacksepticeye fan: ANTI IS BACK!!! actually just a horror game: ;o;

  • Hurricane HD!
    Hurricane HD! 40 minutes ago

    I’mma dodge all the harpoons *gets hit and breaks in half on win pole*

  • Lady Liberty
    Lady Liberty 40 minutes ago

    9:10. Well, the game did say pause to escape or something like that. Maybe...the game is dangerous?

  • Old Man
    Old Man 40 minutes ago

    Did anyone know the game bgm?? The one that sounds like harp.. I can't shake the notes from my head 😂

  • Hugh Binet
    Hugh Binet 40 minutes ago

    Is ypur altered ego going to make a appearance this year or are your meds keeping him at bay?

  • Meme _75
    Meme _75 42 minutes ago

    Are you going to play little miss fortunate

  • Tyson Plaster
    Tyson Plaster 43 minutes ago

    So... Jack brings back Chase Antisepticeye appears in chase video Jack promises more horror videos Jack plays game called I’m Still Here after his first Anti video (called “soon”) had the words “I’m Here” in the same font... This is going to be a good Halloween season

  • Startraveler Fireshadow
    Startraveler Fireshadow 43 minutes ago

    Bro I legit started cryin when the grave came into existence Like holy shit when you don’t totally know exactly who anyone is, it can get real painful real quick And might I mention how wonderful Sean is at acting? <3 Takes a lot for somethin like this to make me cry- awesome job (and yes Sean, you can feel okay about this cause you made me feel strong emotion which, for acting and such, is g u d)

  • Leon Warren
    Leon Warren 43 minutes ago

    Lucy dancing LOL i was actually scared that something bad and i got a shock when the sound turned on but then i lmao

  • Adriaan Benn
    Adriaan Benn 43 minutes ago

    No thanks No fictional world

  • Zander Jonasson
    Zander Jonasson 43 minutes ago

    You can do it jack

  • Victoria the galaxy wolf
    Victoria the galaxy wolf 44 minutes ago


  • Sketchy_Mini_ClipZ
    Sketchy_Mini_ClipZ 44 minutes ago

    By the way if you want to use fingers get finger tracking. There is also full body tracking

  • WaterInsanityH20
    WaterInsanityH20 44 minutes ago

    I've heard about Chase from the fandom but never actually seen him in a video... And this is the first time I've actually seen him in a vid..

  • Naruto Uzumaki
    Naruto Uzumaki 44 minutes ago

    0:46 Classic gamer jack

  • Aires Ryes
    Aires Ryes 44 minutes ago

    This game should be named 'Be the serial killer'

  • Explosive Bacon
    Explosive Bacon 44 minutes ago

    *See's word chase Me in my head: DIU flash backs

  • InTreGo GT
    InTreGo GT 44 minutes ago

    his Body Though

  • polygone two
    polygone two 45 minutes ago

    Jack has legs? Who knew. Cool video too.

  • Ahmed Zahirovic
    Ahmed Zahirovic 45 minutes ago

    Jack der is a massive robot it's name is liberty prime it,s very very hard!!! To find

  • -R- -H-
    -R- -H- 46 minutes ago

    99% anti comments 1% actual game comments

  • randi ball
    randi ball 47 minutes ago

    ok but i’ve watched this gameplay twice times & it still makes me depressed. like remember when larry & sal we’re just jamming to sanity falls? remember when sal found that note that travis had supposedly wrote about him? remember when larry thought the balony (sorry can’t spell lmao) was just goat meat? remember when larry & sal were talking about when larry seen his face for the first time..? & remember when sal & ash screamed at the sky ‘until it broke’...? MY FUCKJNG HEART BRO

  • Zander Jonasson
    Zander Jonasson 47 minutes ago

    Can you stop swering