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Happy Valentines Day
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Awful ASMR #2
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Disgusting Soda Challenge
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I'm In An Anime?
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Gen Z Culture Is Scary
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  • Inner Demons
    Inner Demons 2 seconds ago

    Funny thing is a week ago the Door Washer thing was at my dollar store for 2.99... guess that didn't go as planned

  • Ouilegarcon
    Ouilegarcon 16 seconds ago

    Flex paste is like a condom tube I put it on my ween

  • justin 01
    justin 01 47 seconds ago

    Jack be wanting to eat flex paste. But all I want is to eat Phil Swift's ass.

  • Sam Kingdom
    Sam Kingdom Minute ago

    ok let talk rationa... jack: MATHERFUKIN DRAGONS BABY

  • legitknight39
    legitknight39 Minute ago

    You're back, we all know why you're back.

  • LW503 gaming
    LW503 gaming Minute ago

    I watch malcom in the middle

  • Kirishima Eijirou
    Kirishima Eijirou Minute ago

    snow raining....or how i like to call it...snaining

  • Zach Boland
    Zach Boland Minute ago

    At this point I'm expecting him to make a hanglider out of flex tape and never be heard from again.

  • Morty Joe
    Morty Joe 2 minutes ago

    Your intro made me laugh Sundance 3 months ago

  • Ouilegarcon
    Ouilegarcon 2 minutes ago

    He needs to watch flyingkitty

  • Nick Carlson
    Nick Carlson 2 minutes ago

    Jack: *neck-deep in separatist cult territory* Also Jack: GASP - look, a broom

  • shara the pillow dragon

    You couldn't do a deep voice its easy for me probably because im good at doing voices

  • Ola Nordmann
    Ola Nordmann 4 minutes ago


  • Obnoxiospig 18
    Obnoxiospig 18 4 minutes ago

    17:20 jack: do you see the determination in my eyes? me: no, only madness

  • BrunkkiPro
    BrunkkiPro 4 minutes ago

    my favourite animatronic is probably ballora from sister location

  • reverseTeebz
    reverseTeebz 4 minutes ago

    i'm nowhere near being a gen z and i drink milk by itself sometimes, like wtf lol

  • Kiki Morales
    Kiki Morales 4 minutes ago

    I just learned my uncle has the Bowl Light. Smh

  • Robert Austen
    Robert Austen 5 minutes ago

    16:20 he is speaking the language of the gods

  • Akuma Renja
    Akuma Renja 5 minutes ago

    Dad of War. Real Proud Dad

  • dr_ Slend
    dr_ Slend 5 minutes ago


  • Inocencia Norwin Salvador

    i have that game in my phone but i cant beat it cuz its hard

    TORTH 6 minutes ago

    I saw it 15 minutes after it was uploaded

  • -*U K O N*-
    -*U K O N*- 7 minutes ago

    Nap time : *came out* Kidnappers : hello! My frienD ๐Ÿ˜ˆ๐Ÿ˜ˆ

  • Shock Wave
    Shock Wave 7 minutes ago


  • Apple Sauce
    Apple Sauce 7 minutes ago

    Who's 2020

  • Diana Foley
    Diana Foley 8 minutes ago

    Eye for an eye and the world goes blind - was it in God of War game as well?๐Ÿ˜ฏ

  • Maria Graciela Varela
    Maria Graciela Varela 8 minutes ago

    28:09 Ozzy osbourne

  • legitknight39
    legitknight39 8 minutes ago

    This makes me feel 8 all over again.

  • The Dark Queen
    The Dark Queen 8 minutes ago

    _โ€œThat one was pure chaos...!โ€_ And thatโ€™s why I love your videos ๐Ÿ˜…โค๏ธ

  • Fletcher Oldham
    Fletcher Oldham 8 minutes ago

    Jack: heโ€™s so awesome. I met him. Me: weird flex but ok

  • Daan Holterman
    Daan Holterman 8 minutes ago

    I love it keep it up Jack

  • Sophia Paxton
    Sophia Paxton 9 minutes ago

    Omg ๐Ÿ˜† literally... naaaaaaaaa. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ Iโ€™m 13 and Iโ€™m dying. Itโ€™s funny, but I definitely donโ€™t say that. (Iโ€™m one of the only ones though ๐Ÿ˜‚)

  • HoodI's Alt
    HoodI's Alt 10 minutes ago

    Fuck there's a lot of sighing in the beginning.

  • Kostadin Kostadinoski
    Kostadin Kostadinoski 11 minutes ago


  • Diamondaisy
    Diamondaisy 11 minutes ago

    Thanks for that really really loud intro jack.

  • Sir Jedsalot
    Sir Jedsalot 12 minutes ago

    Ngl rewatching life of Brian was an experience

  • ฤŸฤ…รงhรฅ ฤ™ฤพฤฏรกลˆ

    More videos of that please!!!!!

  • OneCrankyBlankyFeetusBoy78

    Raid Shadow Legends!!!

  • Braydon Yiq Qi Tan
    Braydon Yiq Qi Tan 14 minutes ago

    For,Mr captain you need the chasing gun

  • yee yee
    yee yee 15 minutes ago

    that belly flop wouldnt hurt because it would kill you nearley instantly

  • Dynexler
    Dynexler 15 minutes ago

    Well he wasn't wrong

  • Mrfrits94
    Mrfrits94 15 minutes ago

    Hey i play Cunt Wars, it's (unironically) kinda fun to play

  • gamingwithdan Minecraft ,and more.

    Asgore: try's to kill jack Toriel: I'm about to end this man's whole career

  • legobuilder 102
    legobuilder 102 15 minutes ago

    It's been a long long time since I wacthed your viids and you still got it

  • unweriedspecie
    unweriedspecie 16 minutes ago

    Any one else still remember all the lyrics

  • EmeraldMiner
    EmeraldMiner 16 minutes ago

    Of course Tomar voices the Nap Time add.

  • Joshua FEDERICO
    Joshua FEDERICO 16 minutes ago


  • PeachyPixl
    PeachyPixl 16 minutes ago

    Jack: I need to build a place for the villager Also Jack: builds giant potato

  • cat soda
    cat soda 17 minutes ago

    If i drank a full glass of plain milk I'd fucking puke everywhere So U know *GET OF MY BACK JACK*

  • Karolinn Viklund
    Karolinn Viklund 18 minutes ago

    if your father is a potato..... does that mean you're the little potato-man????? :D

  • Nurul Shoofiyah Mazlan
    Nurul Shoofiyah Mazlan 19 minutes ago

    I don't know why the flex paste looks smooth like slime ๐Ÿ˜…

  • Sebastian BRYSON
    Sebastian BRYSON 19 minutes ago


  • Polaris CC
    Polaris CC 21 minute ago

    I just love how FLash-player just... RECOMMENDS ME THIS AFTER ALMOST THREE YEARS. But still yeyy! Edit: imma just add this... Jack: the controls are so easy! Me a pc player: *stares at keyboard....* Oh what does J do? Wait I... No how do you focus!?

  • Fortnite Guy
    Fortnite Guy 21 minute ago

    jack, your in for a bad time

  • [CGM] Sleo
    [CGM] Sleo 22 minutes ago

    Its like what i said about michael fassbender "he just looks perfect how can he be real"

  • Anna leigh
    Anna leigh 23 minutes ago

    this is definitely one of my favorite videos ๐Ÿ˜‚

  • Dynexler
    Dynexler 23 minutes ago

    Jack:" I'm not scared. Heart rate: *102*

  • RedStool
    RedStool 23 minutes ago

    stupid China people with no sense of humour, it was just a joke about your president and he probably deserved to be made fun of just like taking the piss out of Trump.

  • Huskies Adore
    Huskies Adore 24 minutes ago


  • Yoshinonori
    Yoshinonori 25 minutes ago

    I started watching this and it dug into my mind and I've sat here for at least the full second quarter crying..

    • Yoshinonori
      Yoshinonori 24 minutes ago

      So many things Jack says and the things going on in the game just made me think and just makes me think about the shit I've done with my life...

  • Kahu Allan
    Kahu Allan 26 minutes ago

    But why was Jack in LA?

  • a Medache with a Headache

    Go to 11:07 I looked at that for the longest time. Tasty

  • 16 Duvald
    16 Duvald 28 minutes ago

    The first Crash Bandicoot game that I played was Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath Of Cortex. That was the only game I played when I was young

  • ใ‚จใ‚นใƒ‘ใƒผ -Chan

    cmere yee majestic bastards ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  • Jiayi Mu
    Jiayi Mu 29 minutes ago

    The subtitles at 30:28: *Carrots in the kitchen. Thank you. What I could I bet you make perfect scholar US colonies skinny nays*

  • DingoAteMyDonut
    DingoAteMyDonut 29 minutes ago

    Technically you are still a milleniel, you are if ur aged 22-37

  • sureena murray
    sureena murray 29 minutes ago

    I use buckets dayly at work for ice

  • Kenneth Satria
    Kenneth Satria 29 minutes ago

    The top of your head looks like a mammoth's XD

  • Canda Lunette
    Canda Lunette 29 minutes ago

    I'm surprised no one really realized that the rock formations look almost exactly like the Sea Emperors

  • Wilson Wilfross
    Wilson Wilfross 30 minutes ago

    well that's total garbage..........

  • Wilson Wilfross
    Wilson Wilfross 31 minute ago

    the source engine ain't that good but this is game's perfect for it

  • Bruno Something
    Bruno Something 31 minute ago


  • TinaMB09
    TinaMB09 32 minutes ago

    Jack yelling about ketchup on pizza when the lady only asked for pepper has me triggered lol

  • AjaxSteriguo17
    AjaxSteriguo17 32 minutes ago

    At 10:24 in the Vid Phil gives you the look like, "We are doin' this alright!"

  • itaketheSQUARE
    itaketheSQUARE 32 minutes ago

    I've become Sean and just browse Steam Sales more than I do reddit

  • Ex Industries
    Ex Industries 32 minutes ago

    I drink milk directly out of the bottle every morning Sue me.

  • JamesCPotter13
    JamesCPotter13 33 minutes ago

    How can he sing in such a way that it sounds like his vocals are retuned unrelated voice clips?

  • Chonky Boi
    Chonky Boi 34 minutes ago

    Level of decibels in numbers 1-50 Kid at the mall : 25 Salty kid on Xbox : 30 Russians on csgo : 40 Jack : 500+ decibels

  • Apple Sauce
    Apple Sauce 34 minutes ago

    4:50 I kiss dogs am I weird

  • max gameplays
    max gameplays 34 minutes ago

    Monalisa is not naked Random guy: she should be Kira yoshikage:finally something I enjoy

  • Beylan Wimsatt
    Beylan Wimsatt 34 minutes ago

    Here it is 2020 and I still listen to all the way on a daily basis before work so i can do my best. Also Subnautica and paper please are my faves. Though I love happy wheels and reading the comments too ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ

  • magicalsoup
    magicalsoup 34 minutes ago

    I wanna hear Kratos say begon thot

  • Paulo Dichosa
    Paulo Dichosa 35 minutes ago

    Best intro

  • Jade Dragon
    Jade Dragon 36 minutes ago

    I am pretty shore I am wrong but isn't this made by the same people that made falcon age

  • Queen FluffyButt
    Queen FluffyButt 36 minutes ago

    I think the first ad reminded you of the Fuckit Bucket thing.

  • Anthony Buron
    Anthony Buron 36 minutes ago

    Jacque my phone broke the outer screen glass broke and also sad but it still work and I watch this video and it made me really happy I'm glad you're here

  • Sunshine Wong
    Sunshine Wong 36 minutes ago

    *why you screaming in 23.3M subs, nerd?*

  • Jordan Callahan
    Jordan Callahan 36 minutes ago

    brooooo who actually has the audacity to hit the dislike button

  • AR Beli
    AR Beli 37 minutes ago


  • Blake
    Blake 38 minutes ago

    K Iโ€™m not an emotional guy but I almost cried to this song

  • James Young
    James Young 39 minutes ago

    The blue guy name is baulder

  • Magic flix
    Magic flix 39 minutes ago

    my nickname is ori

  • Geared-Up- Tom
    Geared-Up- Tom 39 minutes ago

    Mini ladd has a dog segment lol now Jacksepticeye has a cat segment.

  • love niall
    love niall 40 minutes ago

    Jack not knowing him turning 30 doesn't mean he's isn't a millennial anymore-

  • area 516
    area 516 40 minutes ago


  • briar wentling
    briar wentling 41 minute ago

    PLEASE show all of Nap Time. It only gets better as times goes on

  • George L Pilch
    George L Pilch 42 minutes ago

    Your not a boomer if you're closer to your birthday than you are closer to your grave.

  • Abanglong H
    Abanglong H 43 minutes ago

    What would be better than Star Wars in GTA5? Star Wars in GTA5 with working turbolasers on the ISD and lasers on X Wings and TIEs

  • CorvusPlays
    CorvusPlays 44 minutes ago

    Jack: You thought that hanging out over here would let you escape. Reaper: Yeah kinda, wait oh crap he's here!!!

  • Kian Carlo Singque
    Kian Carlo Singque 44 minutes ago

    ALL 12 YEAR OLD KID ARENT ALL DEAD INSIDE OR LIKE DUMB WE ALL ARE THE SAME LIKE INSTINE SES IT (sorry i dont know how to spell hes name) (and im not a hater i just want you to know and i big fan)