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  • Nevets Notlrac
    Nevets Notlrac 8 hours ago

    This movie is called BFG and yet we didn’t get one Doom Slayer reference That in itself deserves a sin

  • KC Michelson
    KC Michelson 8 hours ago

    Low key? I actually enjoyed this movie for how bad-good it was. Reminded me of Triple X. Lol. Sry.

  • Irondylz Kai
    Irondylz Kai 8 hours ago

    Is it me or should the movie should’ve got atleast 50 or 100 since for killing John Connor

  • Gabriel Morgan
    Gabriel Morgan 8 hours ago

    I thought of doom eternal when I saw this

  • Rocky Beast
    Rocky Beast 8 hours ago

    I hate ppl like u cause you take good movies and make them look bad u just want Views so u make good movies look bad l clout chaser head ass

  • Alex
    Alex 8 hours ago

    Only 4 minutes??

  • Leyton Bartley Beal
    Leyton Bartley Beal 8 hours ago

    You had me cackling at the pickle jokes. Bravo.

  • Arjan Tafoya
    Arjan Tafoya 8 hours ago

    the mention of beets made me stop this and watch the office

  • Ethan Brooks
    Ethan Brooks 8 hours ago

    should’ve removed all sins for that one scene that had no words in it

  • Lauren Nicole
    Lauren Nicole 8 hours ago

    The bf was so weird looking to me

  • Todd no last name
    Todd no last name 8 hours ago

    All my research showed that 6 inches is the average (mode); I think means might be a little larger. Although, i've never really understood how they determined what the average is. Did somehow go around to a bunch of men and say "drop your pants and get it hard", then take a measurement? Or did they just ask? Because a lot of supposed studs would definitely claim to be larger then they actually are.

  • 1K subs before 2021 with cringe videos

    This did the book horribly

  • Michael H
    Michael H 8 hours ago

    One of my favorite movies, too, CinemaSins narrator! I know just about all the lines of the movie by heart, including the phonetic "Russian" lines. My best friend and I played a game (back in the day when we had it on VHS only) of randomly rewinding or fast-forwarding, pressing play, and then pause right away. Based on the freeze frame alone, I had to guess what the next line was...and I nailed it 100%! And yes, we're nerdy like that.

  • ::star girl::
    ::star girl:: 8 hours ago

    The pickle Rick part got me lol

  • Eternal Ankh
    Eternal Ankh 8 hours ago

    actually you really can't sneeze when you're asleep, so most likely he was close to waking up and the exertion from sneezing would have in fact woken him up. the sin stands bc i still have no clue how putting something under a nose stops sneezing. is that a snow white thing?

  • Masterhitman935
    Masterhitman935 8 hours ago

    Another sin that it’s not referring to the true BFG Big fuckin’ gun.

  • Sean Valentine
    Sean Valentine 8 hours ago

    “I’m still going to sin this because they made me wait 4 hour before they give Thomas a straight answer” this made me laugh so hard.

  • Q.L.
    Q.L. 8 hours ago

    The fact that this movie didn’t receive ALL the sins. I’m not even joking; the DISRESPECT THIS MOVIE DID TO THE SHOW WAS ASTRONOMICAL

  • Mariela lara
    Mariela lara 8 hours ago

    All this time I legit thought that BFG stood for big fucking giant.

  • MeyaRose
    MeyaRose 8 hours ago

    I actually was annoyed by 8:48. Like Rey just conveniently accidentally used force lightening. No. Just no. Palpatine and Dooku are the only ones to use it before, that was a couple of old farts who had learned years of Dark Side discipline. Rey just stumbles on it. No.

  • Zypher
    Zypher 8 hours ago

    After rewatching the original show I know with full certainty that this show was a mistake

  • Stephen Moncrieff
    Stephen Moncrieff 8 hours ago

    My understanding is Cillian Murphy was going to play a bigger part in future movies that sadly didn’t happen .

  • HMonster 1
    HMonster 1 8 hours ago

    Geez where do u start?

  • William Leavitt
    William Leavitt 8 hours ago

    +2 sins for not making a John Hurt joke pun or reference

  • Kim Hohlmayer
    Kim Hohlmayer 8 hours ago

    The mechanical shark seldom worked and drove everybody nuts. They named it Bruce for unknown reasons and hated it!

  • Anthony Hutchins
    Anthony Hutchins 8 hours ago

    Nah bro you're wrong about the DMV... Everyone in my area has lines out of the door lol

  • Abby Wolffe
    Abby Wolffe 8 hours ago

    I'm no ocean expert, but I don't think humans can survive being 47 meters underwater before nitrogen and pressure fuck you up

  • Dr Quake
    Dr Quake 8 hours ago

    In the backstory war against stephanwolf there were literal god fighting him. IMMORTAL beings fighting a powerful MORTAL. Seriously ZEUS was fighting him.

  • TheWild Band
    TheWild Band 8 hours ago

    Excuse me Cinama Sins I didn't appreciate that distant cousin reference because that is not the truth not everyone in Alabama is related

  • C&M Punk
    C&M Punk 8 hours ago

    This is movies the most educational music movie ever

  • Jeff
    Jeff 8 hours ago

    13:02 And why she gotta take a disposable tray? Two cups. She has two hands. Damn girl!

  • Wesley Harv
    Wesley Harv 8 hours ago

    You are the Best there is, best there was and best there ever will be 🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻

  • David Agnew
    David Agnew 8 hours ago

    Definitely worth reliving this awful movie just for 15:36

    RE:CREATORS 8 hours ago

    I bet Winston Churchill would b proud of this guy.

  • elle Johnson
    elle Johnson 8 hours ago

    what is wrong with appas feet

  • Brayan Lezama
    Brayan Lezama 8 hours ago

    Hey cinema sins whats the perfect movie for you.

  • Chaos Phantom90
    Chaos Phantom90 8 hours ago

    All I remember from this was the shitty roblox items that no one used, not even the millions of children

  • rebbekah cannons
    rebbekah cannons 8 hours ago

    The family swallowing the dreams reminded me of the family in the ps1 Medievil game

  • Nicolas Felipe Pardo Machett's

    That was great! I love your videos. You should do Disney's "Enchanted" next

  • Thulebona Bambi
    Thulebona Bambi 8 hours ago

    Do a cinema sins video on the British movie avegment

  • Гугл переводчик мусор

    I only disliked this video because it didn't get nearly as many sins as it deserves, every god damned frame of that disgusting excuse for a film is a sin.

  • LOLBit
    LOLBit 8 hours ago


  • Max Parana
    Max Parana 9 hours ago

    Do zombie tidal wave

  • Jayden Sammarco
    Jayden Sammarco 9 hours ago

    Character:*Coughs* CinemaSins: Cough cliche

  • MeerkatMan22
    MeerkatMan22 9 hours ago

    Anybody else notice that there are no sins in the final battle?

  • Philipp Portelance
    Philipp Portelance 9 hours ago


  • Christian Hafer
    Christian Hafer 9 hours ago

    A sin off for Eddie Murphy's voice over performance, no? He was almost as good as in Shrek.

  • Justin
    Justin 9 hours ago

    I can’t hear his name without thinking of the doom weapon

  • Lord Zephyros
    Lord Zephyros 9 hours ago

    B.I.G ... F.*.C.K.I.N.G... G.U.N That's my BFG lol

  • Stuck In Quarantine
    Stuck In Quarantine 9 hours ago

    *Everything Wrong With the Emoji Movie* Everything *The end*

  • Joseph Pereira
    Joseph Pereira 9 hours ago

    HahA some kind of a miracle was just amazingly tasty ice cream

  • Tammy Forbes
    Tammy Forbes 9 hours ago

    First time I seen the poster at the movies I said why are they doing a big fucking giant movie “BFG” 😂🤦🏼‍♂️

  • Dracian Gacha
    Dracian Gacha 9 hours ago

    cinema sins dont be mean to the ninjago movie i like that movie

  • Kyle Mincey
    Kyle Mincey 9 hours ago

    Go Giants ! 🔴🔵

  • Shawn Burke-Hutchinson

    So you thought BFG meant something other than Big Friendly Giant? Lemme guess. Big Fucking Gun.

  • Phoenix Playz
    Phoenix Playz 9 hours ago

    Haha nice dark souls reference "Yawn-dre the gaint"_Andre the giant 😂👌

  • big boy
    big boy 9 hours ago

    hahaha i just realized that bfg also stands for "Big Fucking Giant". thats really nice to know.

    • big boy
      big boy 9 hours ago

      also why are they reviewing this movie just now? the film was released a couple of years ago

  • samuel easterling
    samuel easterling 9 hours ago

    jesus why is their audio volumes all over the place, my fuckin ears man.

  • Jeff Brehove
    Jeff Brehove 9 hours ago

    Why haven't they done a single Coen Bros movie yet? They're not bad, they just need more recognition.

  • DreamBelief
    DreamBelief 9 hours ago

    Lol the "No capes!" got me. Ah Edna Mode. Still hilarious to this day

  • John Pabon
    John Pabon 9 hours ago

    Please do The Little Mermaid.

  • godzilla80192
    godzilla80192 9 hours ago

    *Insert doom reference*

  • W BCC
    W BCC 9 hours ago

    Re: The death of Thor and the eagle, I disagree. As Hitchcock said " There is no terror in the Bang. But only in the anticipation of it." Had there been no eagle my reaction to Thor's death would likely have been "What!... Where did that come from?". And I would have felt that the movie didn't play fair with the audience.

  • Destini Shawgo
    Destini Shawgo 9 hours ago


  • M. Panther
    M. Panther 9 hours ago

    Just admit it: this movie deserves all the sins.

  • E. j
    E. j 9 hours ago

    Pocahontas x Ratcliffe = Rose x Ed from 90 fiancé

  • Akshay Herur
    Akshay Herur 9 hours ago

    His name was Atom. That just killled me!!!

  • LOLBit
    LOLBit 9 hours ago


  • EmSeeGurran
    EmSeeGurran 9 hours ago


  • Certified Orange
    Certified Orange 9 hours ago

    I don’t like the new intro

  • DreamBelief
    DreamBelief 9 hours ago

    Who else prefers the older, animated movie? I tried watching this one and got really bored. It didn't have much of an atmosphere either. It felt more dumbed down, and like they tried lots of things, but only went half way with them. It just felt shallow.

  • Ryan Fisher
    Ryan Fisher 9 hours ago

    Nothing's wrong with Forrest gump

  • Phil Swift
    Phil Swift 9 hours ago

    13:18 "their eagle scout J" cool

  • Raymond Tracer
    Raymond Tracer 9 hours ago

    This movie has nothing with big fucking guns *ding*

  • Werner Steyn
    Werner Steyn 9 hours ago

    Scary children to rob you at the park

  • Sanji Vinsmoke
    Sanji Vinsmoke 9 hours ago

    The big FUCKING Giant

  • Jeremiah Walker
    Jeremiah Walker 9 hours ago


  • privateplatiboi plati

    What the absolute frack is wrong woth appas legs

  • Daniela Nunez
    Daniela Nunez 9 hours ago

    9:24 thank you for the Green Day reference

  • Hairy Bear
    Hairy Bear 9 hours ago

    Mia was high, so she probably couldn’t tell.

  • DreamBelief
    DreamBelief 9 hours ago

    How did the BFG learn how to read? It's not something you can just pick up if you look at books long enough

  • Cody Dennis
    Cody Dennis 9 hours ago

    Well, it isn't about the Big Fucking Gun, so it's already false advertising

  • Robo Elite
    Robo Elite 9 hours ago

    The eal thing is explained in the side movies. It makes them incredibly sick

  • Tao Liu
    Tao Liu 9 hours ago

    My oldest aunt on my mum's side is 18 years older than the youngest aunt, so 21 years isn't necessarily a stretch. And grenades dont work like that. Once the latch is released the fuse is lit and you cant stop it going off unless you physically remove the fuse.

  • DreamBelief
    DreamBelief 9 hours ago

    Missed the sin that most British kids would not know of pumpkin pie, particularly in this time setting.

  • Stone Wall Research - budcat7

    Giants weren't cannibals anyway.

  • Mitch Ryan
    Mitch Ryan 9 hours ago

    Where’s the gun?

  • Noah Lipshutz
    Noah Lipshutz 9 hours ago

    damn super impressed by the royal standard flag sin, that is some deep shit

  • KSx_Yung
    KSx_Yung 9 hours ago

    Is it just me but over these past 6 years his voice is perfect for someone that could do this job

  • Chloe The Bubble Fan 2006

    How to make the movie better. Remove the sex scenes. Add the helicopter last. Make Christian Gray a spy. Kill Anastasia Steele by crashing the helicopter. Also change the music from Love me like you do into Micheal Jackson Bad. Make this PG-13 And lastly change it to Evil spys of death

  • Not Mr_surender
    Not Mr_surender 9 hours ago

    don't even have to watch the video to know that what you did, Downgrading Monster House, is a Sin! 50 sins my good sir!

  • Blood Forlife
    Blood Forlife 9 hours ago

    Big f**ING giant

  • LePokeFandom3411
    LePokeFandom3411 9 hours ago

    I came here specifically to say I want a Scarface Review. WHOS WITH ME!

  • LyingToMyself
    LyingToMyself 9 hours ago

    I thought BFG meant Big Fucking Giant.

    KING CALLUM 9 hours ago

    4:20 REALLY WITH THAT JOKE ???😂😂😂😂😂

  • Wettergren
    Wettergren 9 hours ago

    I think it says a lot about my thought process, that my first thought when seeing the title and picture was: "The Big F**king Giant? That sounds kind of cool" EDIT: 6:15 - Yer okay, you got there eventually, never should have doubted you :,D Edit 2: 7:35 - and the 'holy grail' of references, that's why we love you!

  • Cory B
    Cory B 9 hours ago

    You should do Bloodsport (1988). The one with Jean-Claude Van Damme

  • Blu
    Blu 9 hours ago

    CinemaSins childhood be like : Someone :*do something* Everyone : Woah, that's perfect! Kid CinemaSins :

  • Anonymous Human being

    7:33 That dude’s mouth is WAY to wide It actually gives me chills

  • Elijah Olivarria
    Elijah Olivarria 9 hours ago