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Fun With Audio - Strings
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Everything Wrong With Dumbo 1941
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  • Ira Kundji
    Ira Kundji 38 seconds ago

    ice baths increase healing rate

  • LadyAbsolution
    LadyAbsolution Minute ago

    How DARE you since this classic movie

  • Morgan Brainy smurf lover fangirl

    I like this movie. Brainy is my all- time favorite Smurf.

  • craftbrothers
    craftbrothers 4 minutes ago

    No, CinemaSins, you will not ruin this movie for me, because Library of Souls was FRICKING AWESOME and Bentham deserves at least ONE thank you for that doctor that literally brought Jacob back from the dead. Also, Sharon is creepy as heck. I need the other books made into movies!!!

  • Aridsondez Jerome
    Aridsondez Jerome 6 minutes ago

    My response to this video: wRonG

  • Chris Franco
    Chris Franco 7 minutes ago

    It’s a movie dumm ass

  • Richard Siddaway
    Richard Siddaway 8 minutes ago

    So not only did he get the Bruce almighty moon, but he also got the Bruce almighty prayer listening device too?! I was gonna ask if there was gonna be a EWW Highlander part 2 but it's clearly there can be only one. Such a shame really!

  • Christopher Titus
    Christopher Titus 12 minutes ago

    2:55 wow, Keanu Reeves looks really different without a beard.

  • Bryce Hampton
    Bryce Hampton 12 minutes ago

    Do Everything Wrong With “Us” next!

  • Alaskan Savage
    Alaskan Savage 13 minutes ago

    I actually didn’t hate this movie

  • Karma the Nightwing
    Karma the Nightwing 14 minutes ago

    Batman vs Brandon. Coming to theaters soon.

  • BILL J8
    BILL J8 14 minutes ago

    I'm a welder and that was not welding 😂

  • Lily Goedeke
    Lily Goedeke 14 minutes ago

    No mention on how when Jonathon was on the plane and Dracula started to fly towards the front Jonathon got out of his seat, got out of his row, went into the row right in front of his, and then looked through the window? Its not going to change much of the veiw. He should have just stayed in his seat.

  • Atom Sorcerer
    Atom Sorcerer 16 minutes ago

    1:32 How is this a sin? Seriously, HOW? Like- Wha- That’s kinda the whole point of the scene. So it’s bad the the movie did a good job conveying the idea it was trying to convey for that scene? Good lord i watch my first cinemasins video in ages and after only a couple minutes i’m having a headache-

  • nea ranger
    nea ranger 19 minutes ago

    12:23 Me: wow

  • Ar Mr.Goodman
    Ar Mr.Goodman 21 minute ago

    Wait i thought it was forest just me ok

  • Dalton Howard
    Dalton Howard 21 minute ago

    this review is the only sin i see.

  • Gamer1288
    Gamer1288 22 minutes ago

    9:27 This Movie already contradicts its own established lore because Darkseid despises failure more than anything else and if Steppenwolf failed before then Darkseid would have either killed him for his failure or tortured him until he would fear failing more then anything before invading Earth himself. Having Steppenwolf invade before and fail makes you wonder just WHY he was allowed to try again?

  • Brad Smith
    Brad Smith 23 minutes ago

    Not a bad movie. It had some huge logic flaws. Why didn't they do this. Why didn't they do that? Some of that might be answered by, they just didn't think of it. We don't know the background of these adults. How many of us would do any better in building a survival and silent environment? Probably not many. But, some critiques were correct. Why only had the one gun? Everyone should have a shotgun, fireworks, cooking timer, bow and arrow, etc... Why get pregnant again? Go to that drugstore and get some rubbers, birth control pills or go to the backdoor. Her letting it stay in just doomed one of them(You can't blame the guy. They always wanna leave it in). Also, if they hear as their main mode of sense, then it's obviously also their weakness. I would have tried different frequencies to see if they were hurt or repulsed. You have the means to set up remote tests. And, yes, leaving the kids to do whatever around the back of their marching troupe was hella stupid. One of the adults should have been in the rear. And, again everyone should have had a shotgun and a bow and arrow.

  • joachim Peiper
    joachim Peiper 25 minutes ago

    Also why did they jump down the gabage shute head first?thats how you snap your neck

  • the peanut butter squad
    the peanut butter squad 25 minutes ago

    Irrelevant : but what if Brandon was a scp, he would be classified as a keter 🤔

  • Kainable87
    Kainable87 26 minutes ago

    Holy Shit!!! 4:30. The video Game idea is awesome!!! Racing cities, flying, a platformer with saw that kill you, hell yeah!!! Let me play that!!!

  • Gamer1288
    Gamer1288 28 minutes ago

    10:47 I think that Steve was her first love. It is why I love MCU/DCEU Crossovers where Diana was in World War II instead of 1 and fell for Steve Rogers instead of Steve Trevor. A Wonder Wonder x Captain America love story seems far more interesting than what Canon gave the two of them.

  • Tamaz Gurji
    Tamaz Gurji 28 minutes ago

    Fuck that prize ... From God you turn into a aging mortal ..

  • The Childish
    The Childish 30 minutes ago

    Sorry cinemasins but I can’t watch this video until I watch the movie cuz it’s kinda spoiling the movie😂

  • Sinsults
    Sinsults 30 minutes ago

    3:34 sins for wearing protective face cover 5:37 sins for not wearing protective face cover You alright man?

  • Tremaine Whitehead
    Tremaine Whitehead 30 minutes ago

    do Smokin Aces!!

  • Gamer1288
    Gamer1288 32 minutes ago

    I have a better question. Why does Diana still have an accent when she was supposedly in America for 70+ years?

  • Razsor97
    Razsor97 32 minutes ago

    Still better than Dragon Ball: Evolution

  • E Rost
    E Rost 33 minutes ago

    God, Leila was so fucking sexy 🤤

  • YouTube’s Life
    YouTube’s Life 33 minutes ago

    Is it bad that it’s fun watching kids fight???

  • hmrhuang
    hmrhuang 34 minutes ago

    Desperate DC Comic movie meant it was destined to fall flat on its fucking face! MCU FOREVER! =)

  • darkSorceror
    darkSorceror 34 minutes ago

    You called out discount Chris Pratt but not discount Mark Ruffalo (the drunk who "hit a deer")?

  • Joanna
    Joanna 35 minutes ago

    extra sin: billie eilish’s bad guy playing during the credits. that song did NOT fit in with the movie at all, they only used it because of the song name. 🙄

  • Lady Onikara
    Lady Onikara 38 minutes ago

    Well, NOW you admit peacocks can fly. A certain video maker must've been reading the comments from Kung Fu Panda 2.

  • hmrhuang
    hmrhuang 39 minutes ago

    The plot was the dumbest ever. The last Terminator movies christened John Connor as the LEADER of the human resistance, the next messiah and last hope for humanity from the onset of Judgement Day. Here he's taken the role of a common soldier in the field! So dumb!

  • zerocool gonna hack u
    zerocool gonna hack u 39 minutes ago

    Kinda dick move how he Bow down and let that russian Guy take the hit i Mean he was there to break his ass out lol

  • Cosmic Equinox
    Cosmic Equinox 39 minutes ago


  • Kevin Booth
    Kevin Booth 39 minutes ago

    The movie actually explicitly shows why the rules are numbered as they are: They were written in order of his personal experience inspiring the writing thereof. Nice job missing at least one entire scene (more iirc)...

  • craftbrothers
    craftbrothers 44 minutes ago

    The Abominable SHOWman. Nice.

  • John Connor
    John Connor 45 minutes ago

    This is actually a great movie.

  • NotAGoodUsername360
    NotAGoodUsername360 47 minutes ago

    Wow this movie is like a really bad Zero Escape game.

  • LeClerc Darmand
    LeClerc Darmand 50 minutes ago

    Also didn't they do a parade in daytime for the pageant and now a night time parade? In this tiny fishing village? This town fucking loves parades💀😭🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Advanced Raymondology
    Advanced Raymondology 51 minute ago

    Gump shows emotion throughout the story. Sadness, fear, happiness. Wtf movie did you watch? I haven't seen it years and I can think of examples of each one.

  • 0720 2000
    0720 2000 51 minute ago

    YES YOU GUYS FINALLY SINNED THIS MOVIE. I love it but I’ve been asking for this since I discovered your channel. I know I’m a year late, but I’m still happy 😁

  • Whimsy Gardener
    Whimsy Gardener 54 minutes ago

    X men

  • Goth kid
    Goth kid 56 minutes ago

    He was the kid in the kid in striped pyjamas

  • Michael Delvalle
    Michael Delvalle 57 minutes ago

    another sin should be the movie not understanding how interpol works

  • Kerokerokeroppi
    Kerokerokeroppi Hour ago

    This is a movie? I never heard of it.


    If I can't breath then how can I have sex, how is it fun to choke something while fucking their breath away, Don't breath fuck you, you need to breath to fuck,speak, to laugh, but this movie is like after you have sex then you die, very boring, watch a porn, or fuck a virgin than watch this movie. That semen is already dead so trying to fuck her with a turkey baster is a waste of time, because use logical sense make her G-spot sprout with white sprinkles. How old is that guys semen, it looked like 40 years old, dude it's dead you can't made a baby with dead semen, but you can decorate a cake with the white frosting, because that shit looked fake

  • Kirill Mayorov
    Kirill Mayorov Hour ago

    Isn't it T'chakarattion?

  • Salty Pretzels
    Salty Pretzels Hour ago

    Do trucks

  • Dominick Byers
    Dominick Byers Hour ago

    What happened to braches mom & dad

  • ui markku
    ui markku Hour ago

    Sin 1 It is 23 minutes not 20

  • Micky Macleod
    Micky Macleod Hour ago

    Too answer the question Sherlock Holmes

  • Myrle Weenson
    Myrle Weenson Hour ago

    Hey I was looking at your merch, and that property of Prometheus school shirt is really cool. I noticed There wasn’t an option to get that on a hoodie which is what I would buy in a second! If you could fix that or show me where I’m wrong I would appreciate it. I think it would be totally bad ass

  • Leroy Jenkins
    Leroy Jenkins Hour ago

    There are approximately 25,000 wild black bears in California as of 2019

  • Evil Gopher
    Evil Gopher Hour ago

    Just watched the sequel on Friday. I absolutely loved it. Yeah, I will say it’s not as fresh as the first movie, but it’s still a hilarious movie.

  • CrystalKids
    CrystalKids Hour ago

    Should have sinned blue for being green in this movie... or is it just me?

  • Chopscrewey
    Chopscrewey Hour ago

    Sin 1 they spelled Genesis wrong

  • DanishHERO
    DanishHERO Hour ago

    Can someone please tell him this is a movie not real life? ;p

  • Joe Chace
    Joe Chace Hour ago

    16:10 I do agree that it's a dumb link to AotR, but Aragorn is 87 in The Two Towers, a scene in the extended edition has him telling Eowyn, making him at least 25 here.


    She looks like a woman after you have rough sex with, I mean you got to admit that face looks like she's dying with pleasure

  • Samuel Jurgensen

    11:35.... 1998? Or 1988 I'm confused my guy...

  • Unexpected Journeys

    I think they are making another one

  • Nick Tamachaski
    Nick Tamachaski Hour ago

    3:50 HOPPER!

  • Ur Boi Mr. Kaboom!


  • Emmanuel Dixon
    Emmanuel Dixon Hour ago

    Dude really needs to stop with “college girlfriend” jokes. At first, I thought the running gag was just that-a gag. But now, after hearing him bring her up again & again to ad nauseam, I’m beginning to think his over-usage of it may be an overt simp’s cry for help. The shit was only funny like the first couple times; that was over 3 years ago though. It’s past time to retire that gag, B.

  • Carly Riniger
    Carly Riniger Hour ago

    it is a wonder to me that he has not been sued by these companies

  • Itachi Uchiha
    Itachi Uchiha Hour ago

    Why didn’t you sin the part when yoda took down those to guards like come on they should be stronger

  • Kate Maloney
    Kate Maloney Hour ago

    Evil Bad Guy: "Seven men rode into town and dispatched 22 of the best guns money can buy...." CinemaSins: "Well, they DID wear them down with several minutes of staring." Man, I lost it right there! And out of curiosity, with all the money the townspeople had, why couldn't they just move? I know it's a principle thing, but damn, these bad guys threw an ax into the back of a woman! They ain't joking! Give them the land, let them settle in, and in five years the government with wrestle it away from them so it can run a railroad thru the town.

  • polyater 3000
    polyater 3000 Hour ago

    Long story short: The movie was fricken garbage

  • Zanemob
    Zanemob Hour ago

    I thought this was Braveheart for awhile into the video... I was pretty confused...

  • Brandon Shultz
    Brandon Shultz Hour ago

    Watching this is so weird, since my name is Brandon

    • Joanna
      Joanna 34 minutes ago

      That awkward moment when Cinema sins doesnt realize that Brightburn is LITERALLY EVIL SUPERMAN, of course its going to have the same-ish backstory (+100 sins to

  • Boi
    Boi Hour ago

    Never go full Robin

  • PizzaFox
    PizzaFox Hour ago

    Man you guys have gone down hill

  • Macky Phomphakdy

    Lmao the comment about Sacramento was hella true 😭😭😭

  • Robert McGuire
    Robert McGuire Hour ago

    History sin for the fact that Dusty is clearly a rip off Hawker Hurricane

  • Foalan Lupus
    Foalan Lupus Hour ago

    I read the book of this and it was awesome

  • Kon
    Kon Hour ago

    This video is the definition of nitpicking. CinemaSins... this one was a failure. When a movie is this good, maybe don't bother trying to invent things to complain about?

  • n543576
    n543576 Hour ago

    Ouch these comments are.....interesting to say the least. I don't think I will ever understand the internet's hate of "feminism" relating to media. I want to just say theres just a lot of spurn manchildren who are upset they didn't get women in their lifetime or whatever, and yes im sure there are plenty that fit that scenario. But really there HAS to be more to it because people love Cinemasins, but when he starts calling out sexism in its most obvious form people seem to be split if its justified in doing so, but not in his other strong opinions of movies out there.

  • Kimberly James
    Kimberly James Hour ago

    Dislike just for daring to f*ck with a classic!

  • Nelson Rodriguez

    I can’t believe mavis doesn’t know the rules of a child’s birth the baby has should have trates of both parents

  • TheGrumoy Diabetic

    Remove sin for ignorance regarding the flair. They contain the oxidizer in the solid fuel.

  • joachim Peiper
    joachim Peiper Hour ago

    Not sinning there shity names

  • lil mosquito pee

    15 mins or less *video turns out being 18 mins*

  • Gabriel Walker
    Gabriel Walker Hour ago

    If saying Voldemort's name makes him "Stronger and more dangerous why don't his followers just say Voldemort all the time even if they are in azkaban they most likely don't have things that can here if they did this theory is gone but Voldemort did have Death eaters out of prison so maybe this. Theory makes sense. But hey that's just theory a kids theory. I spent to much time on this ight imma sleep. Good theory.

  • caitlin wilcox
    caitlin wilcox Hour ago

    Everything wrong with Pet Sematary 2019.....EVERYTHING

  • Evila Girls
    Evila Girls Hour ago

    all of Boss Baby is in Tims imagination and his room in my eyes

  • xoxardnekoxo
    xoxardnekoxo Hour ago

    Am I the only one that didn't like this movie? Definitely not my kind of humor... I appreciate you not showing the blood puking, because one time of seeing that was more than enough. 7:25 No sin for Tallahassee waiting bullets in the only guns they have? And speaking of Tallahassee, how about his obsession with getting a Twinkie the whole time? The things aren't even that great! This is coming from a huge sweet tooth. And yes, the entire plot is getting to an amusement park - and by doing so, they alert like 1,000 zombies to their presence! I think it's safe to say it's a suicide mission. And while riding those rides, how do the girls stop and start them if they're both riding them? Do they just take a leap of faith to get on and off the rides? The Bill Murray stuff was completely unnecessary and made no sense. When I first saw this movie, I had no idea who he was or even what Ghostbusters was? Is that a sin? Perhaps. Do I care? No.

  • The lizard Greg
    The lizard Greg Hour ago

    Cereal killer

  • TheGuyYouAllHate

    What was that music used in the near the end of the video?

  • Space Ace
    Space Ace Hour ago

    Did anyone else laugh their ass off at the Pledge of Allegiance scene?

  • Andrew The Fanboy

    Brandon vs Andrew Detmer from Chronicle. Who would win?

  • Dee Jay
    Dee Jay Hour ago

    "Un-alright!" Lol!

  • Simon The 2T22A
    Simon The 2T22A Hour ago

  • andre castaneda
    andre castaneda Hour ago

    In all honesty I thought this was the best f and f

  • Jonathan Farrow
    Jonathan Farrow Hour ago

    Subtitles seem to almost always censor the swear words

  • Deandre Key
    Deandre Key Hour ago

    My GOD this movie was such a let down

  • Project_Twisted
    Project_Twisted Hour ago

    Technically it should be 120 sins, because how can Mike crack his neck without a neck? 8:58