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  • Cyanide Fox
    Cyanide Fox 17 hours ago

    I also have a Dragon Ball Z skateboard! It has Super Saiyan Goku on it and my wheels are dragon balls 😌

  • Moe
    Moe 17 hours ago

    the intro is nightmare fuel

  • tomasisus k
    tomasisus k 17 hours ago


  • Kitopher 78
    Kitopher 78 17 hours ago

    Yo Shane has an ironwood shelf behind him!! Give us the recipe

  • Robert Dvoskin
    Robert Dvoskin 17 hours ago

    Courtney's death glare when Ian intentionally says "Michael Scott"

  • SgPonyboy
    SgPonyboy 17 hours ago

    Shane misspelled Curtis lol, surprised she didnt catch that and took away points

  • Marissa Mason
    Marissa Mason 17 hours ago

    This is a really fun idea Shayne please make another with other Smosh fam members

  • Lilac Amaris
    Lilac Amaris 17 hours ago

    Courtney’s “oh, lost another one” gets me every time-

  • some emo kid
    some emo kid 17 hours ago

    i'm so happy to see jackie in a smosh pit video i love her!!

  • Oliver Dudley
    Oliver Dudley 17 hours ago

    Oh. My. GOD! DAMIAN! Why is that actually accurate though 😂😂

  • •DOG•FEATHER• andioopskssksk

    Who is here in quarantine ⬇️

  • Klaas Depreitere
    Klaas Depreitere 17 hours ago

    I want a video of shayne skating

  • Alicia Marie Cole
    Alicia Marie Cole 17 hours ago

    Heres an idea, why dont you just give ian his channel back?

  • Z-RedRebel
    Z-RedRebel 17 hours ago

    Shayne should try out Cortney Freaking Miller on Gus next time

  • ELT_Alex YT
    ELT_Alex YT 17 hours ago

    What is Shane just smacked the butterflies

  • thatsmoshfan waitisthatgraystillplays

    I don't feel like saying the changes but why does no one notice the squeaky voices?

  • thatsmoshfan waitisthatgraystillplays

    I don't feel like saying any changes but why does no one notice the squeaky voices.

  • Aralainos_ College
    Aralainos_ College 17 hours ago

    Im so sad, the funniest joke ver is now in the currently being demonitized part ;( Its the one where shayne was in the uniform and the batton ribbon thing

  • thatsmoshfan waitisthatgraystillplays

    Squeaky voices. MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACKS. Teleporting Fat Guy "destroying" a house. Different car going off the cliff.

  • WhiteTrashXtraLarge
    WhiteTrashXtraLarge 17 hours ago

    I did have a gba, but then some kid with a mustache and a skateboard took it from me when we were at daycare. I think his name was Shane. But I could be wrong

  • Big boy Bongos
    Big boy Bongos 17 hours ago

    I’m so sad Anthony left

  • dankman
    dankman 17 hours ago

    CHOOSE YOUR CHARACTER: Loli girl CEO of E-boys Briana Boho's sister Or... *X Æ A - 1 2*

  • Chloe Son
    Chloe Son 17 hours ago

    You guys should use kazoos next time

  • Mitch Gibson
    Mitch Gibson 17 hours ago

    How drunk is courtney at the end?

  • RandomKid
    RandomKid 18 hours ago

    why does shayne look like a younger Alex Bregman

  • Neal Nayak
    Neal Nayak 18 hours ago

    omg why does courtney have so much makeup on

  • paper penguin
    paper penguin 18 hours ago

    nastolgia nastolgianastolgianastolgianastolgianastolgianastolgianastolgianastolgianastolgianastolgianastolgianastolgianastolgianastolgianastolgianastolgianastolgianastolgianastolgianastolgianastolgianastolgianastolgianastolgianastolgianastolgianastolgianastolgianastolgianastolgianastolgianastolgianastolgianastolgianastolgianastolgianastolgianastolgianastolgianastolgianastolgianastolgianastolgianastolgianastolgianastolgianastolgianastolgianastolgianastolgianastolgianastolgianastolgianastolgianastolgianastolgianastolgianastolgianastolgianastolgianastolgianastolgianastolgianastolgianastolgianastolgianastolgianastolgianastolgianastolgianastolgianastolgianastolgianastolgianastolgianastolgianastolgianastolgianastolgianastolgianastolgianastolgianastolgianastolgianastolgianastolgianastolgianastolgianastolgianastolgianastolgianastolgianastolgianastolgianastolgianastolgianastolgianastolgianastolgianastolgianastolgianastolgianastolgianastolgianastolgianastolgianastolgianastolgianastolgianastolgianastolgia

  • Fletch Pivs09
    Fletch Pivs09 18 hours ago

    Shane looks like a dad

  • Dugongyyy_
    Dugongyyy_ 18 hours ago

    P: Well then it has to be that you cheated on me. That the lie is you cheated on me. IF I FIND THIS OUT RIGHT NOW I SWEAR TO F*****G GOD. S: HAHAHHAHAHAHA P: Hit me C: Ian... What are you doing? Hehehehe... AAAA WHAT?! I: No waitwaitwaitwait D: WHAA- S: WHAT IS GOING ON?! I: The lie was that I didn't know my mom's birthday. P: Crying S: YEA YOU GOT IT WRONG D and S: YOU'RE PLAYING THIS WRONG S: YOU'RE PLAYING THE GAME WRONG I: 2 truths 1 lie... D and S: SHE GUESSED IT RIGHT C: 2 TRUTHS 1 LIE I: OH S**T! 8:48

  • Bianca Sierra
    Bianca Sierra 18 hours ago

    i keep seeing comments people worrying about ian and anthony not being friends anymore because of the lowkey shade but if u think of it, if there was real beef between them, they wouldn't even think about mentioning anthony. It would be too awkward. I think it just became a joke since him leaving. Just a thought tho.

  • Merlijn Bal
    Merlijn Bal 18 hours ago

    rly gameboy advance i had those to before that tho i had the gameboy not game boy color when color came out i was born but me and my brother had also like the first mario game and he was like 4 years old when i was born so yeah we had some old shit to play i loved it also my first pokemon game was silver

  • anodandawave
    anodandawave 18 hours ago

    love jackie!!!!

  • spaghettiosaregreat
    spaghettiosaregreat 18 hours ago

    oh my god I'm only 2 minutes in and already can't handle Shayne with his war cry and the way he ran. This was an absolute fit for him and I'm dying.

  • Lexi Marie
    Lexi Marie 18 hours ago

    Please have Jackie in more pit videos!!!!!!

  • Kelsey Pedersen
    Kelsey Pedersen 18 hours ago

    Why does Noah remind me so much of Robbie from Victorious in this???

  • Monkeyman Lomobata6005

    2:50 wow. He ALMOST pronounced it PERFECTLY.

  • Borkius Dorkius of Dorkville

    This is freaking adorable and like if I did this I would flip. I happen to have a fear of heights but it’s like only if I try to jump so tbh I’d have to skydive.

  • thashionasantiago :me
    thashionasantiago :me 18 hours ago

    Okay but like can damien and kevin make that into a song or make a band lowkey im down

  • L KC
    L KC 18 hours ago

    Can we focus on how many things Shayne has given to Courtney...?

  • Amy Harris
    Amy Harris 19 hours ago


  • Lindsey Richardson
    Lindsey Richardson 19 hours ago

    Me watching the video: *Damian does a joke* Also me: aaaaaahhhhh why does he have to beeeeee soooo cuuuuttteeew

  • No, This is Patrick!
    No, This is Patrick! 19 hours ago

    15:07 blink in mores code if u need help 😂

  • mr001991
    mr001991 19 hours ago

    I really wanted Courtney to show a cheese shredder instead of rollerblades lmao

  • JM Revelo
    JM Revelo 19 hours ago

    Taryn has absolutely no idea how balls are

  • an appropriate account name

    My stuff is nowhere near organized enough to play this game

  • John Scullane
    John Scullane 19 hours ago

    I have a Pokedometer from Heartgold/Soulsilver and a bar mitzvah favor yarmulke.

  • Brandon Pells
    Brandon Pells 19 hours ago

    You should do a try not to laugh with imbiamba jombes

  • mr001991
    mr001991 19 hours ago

    I need a full version of that Merch in the store, intro.

  • Jahdai Spikes
    Jahdai Spikes 19 hours ago

    Olivia is so precious

  • Its ClassifiedPlayz
    Its ClassifiedPlayz 19 hours ago

    Why does Courtney’s volcano character sound like toad from Mario

  • Anonymouse Icecube
    Anonymouse Icecube 19 hours ago

    so weird to see how much the disney guys have a better more authentic dynamic than smosh

  • Fionasname Hill
    Fionasname Hill 19 hours ago

    How did Courtney actually kinda sound like Ariana grande

  • thatsmoshfan waitisthatgraystillplays

    3:53 And thus the inside of the Smosh House was revealed.

  • Per-Erik Nielsen
    Per-Erik Nielsen 19 hours ago

    Hi :) Greeting from Norway :) I have a question: Would it be a 8th episode of Spelling Beekini-Wax soon after the Corona-pandemic situations?

  • Emily Simmonds
    Emily Simmonds 19 hours ago

    I have a giant crush on Courtney

  • GustriusLTU
    GustriusLTU 19 hours ago

    i love OHO chips

  • GustriusLTU
    GustriusLTU 20 hours ago

    fuck you with the lopster candy i love them bitch

  • ㅤAltaro
    ㅤAltaro 20 hours ago


  • Emily Simmonds
    Emily Simmonds 20 hours ago

    This is how many people ship Courtney and Olivia ⬇️

  • Jahdai Spikes
    Jahdai Spikes 20 hours ago

    2:12 that guy in the background. Wr couldn’t even see what was on the screen. What a clown

  • Jane Waddell
    Jane Waddell 20 hours ago

    Keith: I need it completely quiet so I can think Joven: aaaaaaaalalalalalaaahhaaaaa

  • thatsmoshfan waitisthatgraystillplays

    10:00 And thus 10 minute videos were born.

  • Fátima
    Fátima 20 hours ago

    "Oh no, IT'S A TRAP!!!" Dying 😂

  • Toxiic Sav Gaming
    Toxiic Sav Gaming 20 hours ago

    At 9:39 to 9:45 wow Damien has changed 😂🤣😂🤣😅

  • army 4life
    army 4life 20 hours ago


  • Jo Reid
    Jo Reid 20 hours ago

    Noah is crazy and does this every time 😂😂

  • Makayla Shaw
    Makayla Shaw 20 hours ago

    Shayne has a GUStache now?!?!

  • Chloe Gregersen
    Chloe Gregersen 20 hours ago

    "There's no sexy women, I have muffins though."

  • Fandom Random
    Fandom Random 20 hours ago

    I like how Shayne's shirt says "i helped"

  • Kelton Paulus
    Kelton Paulus 20 hours ago

    You guys should make a shirt that says "going mormon"

  • EG_irMa
    EG_irMa 20 hours ago

    I miss the pokemon videos pls bring them back smosh😥

  • Amigors
    Amigors 20 hours ago

    They cut the best one out 😂😂

  • Excited Doggo
    Excited Doggo 20 hours ago

    I see Tim very differently after the video about him

  • Danny Danny
    Danny Danny 20 hours ago

    Gadgets and Gizmos Galore!

  • The Covid Cook
    The Covid Cook 20 hours ago

    11:48 ur welcome

  • Sean !!!
    Sean !!! 20 hours ago

    It's the sharingan

  • The Double Knot on Chan's Yeezy's

    Damien sounds like an angel.

  • Cameron Cargan
    Cameron Cargan 20 hours ago

    2:45 everybody including Shayne: has a regular laugh. 2:48 Shayne only: has the loudest laugh the weary traveler man is hearing it. Somewhere a man is blowing a pipe telling you to not enter the Applesbee. 💀💀💀

  • thebushīgoose 6219
    thebushīgoose 6219 20 hours ago

    Yo I'm HARD for ramen

  • honilock
    honilock 20 hours ago

    I don't like Jackie. She just tries soo hard and fails miserably. She's not relaxed in any video she's in.

  • Carl Myre
    Carl Myre 21 hour ago

    I love Jackie can we get more please

  • Ahmanet Bones
    Ahmanet Bones 21 hour ago

    Why did at 4:12 make me both laugh and cry and feel good?

  • hannah clare
    hannah clare 21 hour ago

    ...I stopped watching Voltron to watch this... Dayum XD

  • cerestries
    cerestries 21 hour ago

    dang theres like 50 of these now

  • Maylie Morgan
    Maylie Morgan 21 hour ago


  • Metsman 23
    Metsman 23 21 hour ago

    Honestly Tommy is one of my favorites

  • What Name
    What Name 21 hour ago

    lol please put Jackie in everything

  • e onyx
    e onyx 21 hour ago

    The Smosh fangroup is literally exactly like star Vs forces of evils they ship everyone

  • Miguel Garcia
    Miguel Garcia 21 hour ago

    Anybody watching I'm 2020? No just me

  • Athena SepticEye
    Athena SepticEye 21 hour ago

    Don't do that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Eros Jackson
    Eros Jackson 21 hour ago

    This series just makes me ship Shayne and Courtney even more.

  • thatsmoshfan waitisthatgraystillplays

    4:12 Is this where the dab came from?

  • Eric Ratcliffe
    Eric Ratcliffe 21 hour ago

    Courtney was so confidant going into this, what happened?

  • jazeyboy 05
    jazeyboy 05 21 hour ago

    one day I was sitting at home and then i felt my entire house shake, that was when Flitz did his flop

  • Adam Kamer
    Adam Kamer 21 hour ago

    Please, more praise unto our lord and savior Tommy Bowe

  • Black Fyre
    Black Fyre 21 hour ago

    Shayne! No! Shave the thing that glued itself to your upper lip

  • Regan Saker
    Regan Saker 21 hour ago

    for the first like 3 minutes shayne is being so quiet and ian and damien are screaming and it’s hilarious

  • BeautyCreep
    BeautyCreep 21 hour ago

    Shayne is fantastic.

  • M mott
    M mott 21 hour ago

    Please tell me that was a teen girl squad reference at 13:20 😂

  • Rachel Marzullo
    Rachel Marzullo 21 hour ago

    give Shayne Dowsin his intro back!!