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Thrift Store Makeover #6
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Squishy Makeover: PEOPLE
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A Super Fantabulous Q&A
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Thrift Store Makeover #3
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Yep, it's HAPPENING!
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Create This Book 20
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  • charlie wert
    charlie wert 18 hours ago

    morah do the videpfor today is 4;10

  • Emma Miller
    Emma Miller 18 hours ago

    It can be the Icesmorenut

  • Caroline Rickerd
    Caroline Rickerd 18 hours ago

    Don't forget about you sea shells PLEASE BECAUSE YOU ALREADY DID

  • Deon Engela
    Deon Engela 18 hours ago

    You can call it an icy smore-nut

    ANXP TEACHES 18 hours ago

    The eyes look funky , u heard it they are FUNKY 😲

  • Caroline Rickerd
    Caroline Rickerd 18 hours ago


  • linda linda
    linda linda 18 hours ago


  • Elexia Gumban
    Elexia Gumban 18 hours ago

    Ohhh hehehwhahahahahehahhahehahhe

  • Mckenzie Groven
    Mckenzie Groven 18 hours ago

    All I see is : 2019 anyone? 2020 anyone?

  • Azurena
    Azurena 18 hours ago

    Is it strange that I just realized that she used her left hand to color?

  • Mariam Qureshi
    Mariam Qureshi 18 hours ago

    Idk why u don't like number 40 i surprisingly like her🤔🤔

  • Marwa Abdelrahman
    Marwa Abdelrahman 18 hours ago


  • Sophia Alexis
    Sophia Alexis 18 hours ago

    At the start, she kinda sound like Dolores Umbridge from Harry Potter

  • jenet dree Love
    jenet dree Love 18 hours ago

    You said you felt dirty but you have a shower in things that you could take a shower in and you said you didn't wash off your makeup but you can wash it off with the sink

  • Cool cousin’s
    Cool cousin’s 18 hours ago

    Wiping the Pooh Pooh

  • abida dar
    abida dar 18 hours ago


  • I.S
    I.S 18 hours ago

    I’m watching the screen waiting for the next video to come out.......

  • Adryna Macey
    Adryna Macey 18 hours ago

    No the gap

  • Lauren Abele
    Lauren Abele 18 hours ago

    5:11 do you see what I’m seeing.... uhm. .....😶😳

  • seb scaglia
    seb scaglia 19 hours ago

    Comment on fait un smouchi

  • kenzo milano
    kenzo milano 19 hours ago

    Me ! I only watch and do not do the craft

  • Gaby Hosana
    Gaby Hosana 19 hours ago


  • Gisele Seidel
    Gisele Seidel 19 hours ago

    someone add ballerina-e to the dictionary

  • Jessica Falenofoa
    Jessica Falenofoa 19 hours ago

    love it!

  • Katie Stapff
    Katie Stapff 19 hours ago

    Do u ever wondere what or where it might have come from.... Am i the only one that thinks about that it could have gone e.. Ny where.... Yea just me okay

  • andrea kesic
    andrea kesic 19 hours ago


  • Alan Walton
    Alan Walton 19 hours ago

    No that is not what a loser looks like that’s what awesome looks like

  • CodeBreaker News
    CodeBreaker News 19 hours ago

    I hate the polka dots :c

  • Bri Angel
    Bri Angel 19 hours ago

    your ringtone is the same as my alarm, so i thought i was dreaming about watching squishy makeovers for a second..

  • Hana Komoni
    Hana Komoni 19 hours ago

    Its soooooo butifullllllll Moriah

  • Zariful Abrar
    Zariful Abrar 19 hours ago


  • Mechie Ann Amarga
    Mechie Ann Amarga 19 hours ago

    Give me a shoutout please i really like your vedios

  • Lacey Gustafson
    Lacey Gustafson 19 hours ago

    you are really funny even though i have watched this video a thousand times but yeah

  • Michael Ferris
    Michael Ferris 19 hours ago

    Make a painting poop squishy video

  • Maja Poller
    Maja Poller 19 hours ago

    i love sushi!

  • Trixystar
    Trixystar 19 hours ago

    One day I imagine all the squishes attacking her for *roasting* them XD

  • Jana Hammam
    Jana Hammam 19 hours ago

    The cat is purrr fect like if you get it

  • Olly Gritton - Road to Wheelie

    The strawberry’s like 16 times better

  • Brianna DeShields
    Brianna DeShields 19 hours ago

    you can call it the smore-ice-nut

  • Jay Umata
    Jay Umata 19 hours ago

    How much for the LGBTQ bear?

  • Ben Geiger
    Ben Geiger 19 hours ago

    can you make some watch bands?

  • Ty Stuff
    Ty Stuff 19 hours ago

    If you haven't chose a name for it you should call it the donut ice smore

  • Supernova awesome
    Supernova awesome 19 hours ago

    Opie: make me gorgeous! Me:falls of dining room chair during supper My mom: the heck happened to you My dad: keeps eating

  • Mocci Mocha
    Mocci Mocha 19 hours ago

    Anyone here an og and just watching keep watching it over in 2020

  • Brooke East
    Brooke East 19 hours ago

    Moriah: Bear with me ok? Me, laughing 2 years later because I now get it

  • Albert Apsay
    Albert Apsay 19 hours ago

    There are cute!

  • Honey_bee_playz XXX
    Honey_bee_playz XXX 19 hours ago

    I dont disagree with the pochedots I actualy think is better

  • Petrine priče
    Petrine priče 19 hours ago

    I really want you to do a meetup because there is almost no meetups in croatia but it’s too far away from you so forget it

  • Louisleo Leolouis
    Louisleo Leolouis 19 hours ago

    Hey moriah IM big fan! Your my only creative youtuber when i was bored ʕっ•ᴥ•ʔっ i like the colors

  • Kathy Den Bleyker-Thomas

    This was so funny!!!!

  • Scott Vallance
    Scott Vallance 19 hours ago

    Love it your Amazing

  • caroline m. brown
    caroline m. brown 19 hours ago

    s grey dark white or light black ?

  • laza0150
    laza0150 19 hours ago

    Came from Jenna's video, stayed and subscribed for that lovely personality <3

  • White Diamond
    White Diamond 19 hours ago

    Omg your so funny😄😄😄I really wanna get the merrrrcchhhh!!!!

  • Thourida Hang
    Thourida Hang 19 hours ago

    Make a Georgie squishy

  • Sama사마
    Sama사마 19 hours ago

    Can u plz do a squishy from scratch

  • Trixystar
    Trixystar 19 hours ago

    While everyone else is thinking about something else Me: How long did it take to make that movement of this bear thingies-

  • sumeet ankolekar
    sumeet ankolekar 19 hours ago

    hi moriah i love your vids they are so cool you are my fav they are so cool i am 9 year old i hate wating for friday but when it comes i am so exctited and also can you make part 2 of painting paint pallets please please pls pls pls

  • Top Drop
    Top Drop 19 hours ago

    I wonder if Moriah can make a squishy that's *'Hannah'* themed. 🤔😊

  • Caroline Rickerd
    Caroline Rickerd 19 hours ago

    Moriah can you do a koala on a squishy

  • Dylan draws
    Dylan draws 20 hours ago

    Yay the old intro

  • Zariful Abrar
    Zariful Abrar 20 hours ago


  • Avery Bourret
    Avery Bourret 20 hours ago

    whos watching this in 2020 lol

  • Roja CH
    Roja CH 20 hours ago

    The owl rock painting kind of looks like a mango 🥭

  • Kenzee Barrett
    Kenzee Barrett 20 hours ago

    Not a single sprinkle oh no

  • Ctschmid T
    Ctschmid T 20 hours ago

    Are you out of ideas

  • Nyafya723
    Nyafya723 20 hours ago

    This is a literal voodoo doll for your cat! Make sure the puppet doesn’t get hurt.

  • Kiley Leonard
    Kiley Leonard 20 hours ago

    Can you make the phone Cases in iPhone 11 thank you love your vids

  • Pastel Moonlight
    Pastel Moonlight 20 hours ago


  • A&M
    A&M 20 hours ago

    Can you make more pickle plush?

  • Avery Bourret
    Avery Bourret 20 hours ago

    Who else is watching this in 2020! LOL

  • river creek stables
    river creek stables 20 hours ago

    When ope sneezed I laughed so hard

  • Kitty_likes_to_draw :3

    I have an idea for ur combination, smoredoice lol

  • Janelle Ashley Bejasa
    Janelle Ashley Bejasa 20 hours ago

    When I just clicked on this bus I instantly see GEORGIE!!!!! 🐣🐣

  • sumeet ankolekar
    sumeet ankolekar 20 hours ago

    moriah i love you i and watching you for two three month i love your channel more than anyone channel dont worry i am not rude/how many people like moriah elizabeth

  • Rillianation Ladybug
    Rillianation Ladybug 20 hours ago

    Moriah Elizabeth : So pickle Is Back On Sale So Take advantage of that Fans : Howrds Pickle

  • Ruchika Arora
    Ruchika Arora 20 hours ago

    Nobody : Not a soul : Moriah (debra) : Do YoU WaNt mOnEy Or NOt ?

  • Frank Husack
    Frank Husack 20 hours ago

    Make the the bear the baby bear from the wife and the husband polar bear

  • Lenka Aleksandric
    Lenka Aleksandric 20 hours ago

    Who are you and what have you done to Moriah?! You are too calm to be Moriah

  • DabIsBad Begim
    DabIsBad Begim 20 hours ago

    Do all of the squishys and you are one day Now don’t lie

  • Rui Yen Lee
    Rui Yen Lee 20 hours ago

    When I was making some pastry with my mom, she told me to sift the bag of flour and I found several tiny bugs, so you should probably sift the flour...

  • Eva Cruz
    Eva Cruz 20 hours ago


  • Tasya Mutia Sari
    Tasya Mutia Sari 20 hours ago

    it's that a unicorn🦄 poop?

  • Korie McCartney
    Korie McCartney 20 hours ago

    Do the person in the unicorn onsie

  • Eva Playz
    Eva Playz 20 hours ago

    The popsicle? Is that the ine ur friend did also 2020 anyone? No..just me...ok

  • Korie McCartney
    Korie McCartney 20 hours ago

    Do that cake ☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️💩💩


    I may have sent the baby bear....

  • Korie McCartney
    Korie McCartney 20 hours ago

    Do the cat and cake

  • Julia Marielle Pelaez Lonzaga

    Bahhday.. Beautiful indeed

  • David Thompson
    David Thompson 20 hours ago

    Why the bow just rilly

    ARICA MORIAK 20 hours ago

    An ice somnut

  • Tationna Heard
    Tationna Heard 20 hours ago

    The penguin is so cute sis

  • Nutella09
    Nutella09 20 hours ago

    hey girl so im a youtuber helper that helps you whit what you do so love whta you do but you should start painting on other things like laptops littel cars lamps stuff like that let me know haw it gose on your video ok bye hope ypu carry on nicely

  • Bailey Beaudry
    Bailey Beaudry 20 hours ago

    It’s a smicenut

  • I love Jelly
    I love Jelly 20 hours ago

    My cat has a different color chest

  • Sarah Marlow
    Sarah Marlow 20 hours ago

    The foot and the rotten cake

  • Top Drop
    Top Drop 20 hours ago

    Who's watching in 2021? Cuz I'm not :P

  • Misa Misa
    Misa Misa 20 hours ago

    Wasn’t the last squishy a ghost. And those ears are actually arms?

  • Firoozeh Rad
    Firoozeh Rad 20 hours ago

    10 years late

  • foreverVanney
    foreverVanney 20 hours ago

    who else got actual LOL doll ads on this?