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YOU is a weird show...
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Riverdale: The Musical
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  • yuval levy
    yuval levy Minute ago

    I've watched multiple videos about this trope and I didn't really understand it, this video was really helpful, also, the editing is so cool! I think you should do more video essays, they're really good and I would love to hear your point of view based on all the movies and tv you've watched.

  • La Viajera Incansable

    7:47 What movie is this?

  • Anomalia 96
    Anomalia 96 4 minutes ago

    Explain a few things to me: -how did Joe move unconscious Beck to the cage without being seen or anything? -how did Joe move Benji's body without being seen? (He did in a day light, same with Beck). These are a big logical errors.

  • Kkiii
    Kkiii 4 minutes ago

    This review is so good, I couldn't complete the video because of how embarrassingly-cringe worthy the movie is😂😂😂😂💔💔

  • What Who
    What Who 9 minutes ago

    Marry me No Marry me No DEAD💀💀💀💀

  • X popsicle X
    X popsicle X 10 minutes ago

    i really wish he mentioned how jay and gus are TOTALLY in love

  • Lucho Merced
    Lucho Merced 11 minutes ago

    Ay, one of them old-style vids!

  • Safa Shaikh
    Safa Shaikh 13 minutes ago

    Dude! You gotta do call me by your name. Since EVERY girl is obsessed with it. So yeah!!!! Hit like if you want him to do a timothee chamatel movieee

  • drtirtha das
    drtirtha das 13 minutes ago

    i know that girls aren't rehab center's for boys to fix themselves but aren't there also some girls who actually like to change their boyfriends/husbands from the way they dress to the way they live

  • Amen Sahle
    Amen Sahle 18 minutes ago

    this was awesome periodt

  • goszkkkka
    goszkkkka 20 minutes ago

    We have a Polish version of 50 Shades Alex, and it's on Netflix - might want to check it out! :D It's called 365 days/365 dni

  • Eleonor Martin
    Eleonor Martin 21 minute ago

    Honestly, I haven’t watched that many serious format from you but this, this was so interesting... it made me think!! Not many youtubers really do that and make me laugh at the same time.

  • Farrr
    Farrr 22 minutes ago

    Man I MISSED your this type of videos

  • Akira Makara
    Akira Makara 24 minutes ago

    I knew a girl similar to idea of a MPDG, but... she was somehow more "unrealistic" than an actual trope. Never in my life have I met someone so unbelievably happy and friendly and uplifting. Not at all selfish. She wanted everyone she knew to get along, wanted to make every friend she possibly could and god she would try her best to make you smile. As a kid, I never really took the time to appreciate her energy. There are so few people I run into in life that have even half of her optimism. Yeah, it was kind of annoying at times, but forgivable. I was the one to move away. And my constant self doubt told me not to keep in touch, because I was afraid to have good friends, and ruin them with my issues.. Which was so stupid. Because this year, she died, and because of the pandemic I couldn't even say goodbye. I can't visit her, because she wasn't buried. Really regret never telling her how awesome she was, and as an adult, I think I have a soft spot for this trope because it reminds of her. Even if Hollywood has a tendency to romanticize things they probably shouldn't, I wanna say in defense of the trope, if you ever get the chance to meet someone like a MPDG, treasure it. Simply because we're living in a very strange time, and that kind of positive bubbly energy is hard to come by. Even if it doesn't last forever, appreciate those kinds of people for who they are.

  • elchapo
    elchapo 24 minutes ago

    This tropes worst sin was getting old and keep going on.

  • Kermuppet
    Kermuppet 25 minutes ago

    Plz make a Santa Clause 3 video

  • Trixie harding
    Trixie harding 26 minutes ago

    I would just watch this for Wentworth Miller.

  • Lilith Immaculate- Scott
    Lilith Immaculate- Scott 26 minutes ago

    I had the talkgirl when I was little.

  • Enuphs Seanuf
    Enuphs Seanuf 28 minutes ago

    ONE ENTIRE MINUTE OF SKILLSHARE BS! We get it, skillshare yay! Learn stuff and that, but no need for an entire lecture about lectures!

  • 1panarican
    1panarican 29 minutes ago

    This video was awesome!! Would love to see more like this!👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽

  • Mr. Mommy
    Mr. Mommy 32 minutes ago

    Do one on Lucifer

  • PollyDoesThings :3
    PollyDoesThings :3 32 minutes ago

    What about the Marvel movies?

  • dragonweyr44
    dragonweyr44 33 minutes ago

    Why didn't Christy Carlson Romano play Kim's mom?

  • dragonweyr44
    dragonweyr44 38 minutes ago

    Have you ever noticed out out of date the Kim Possible theme song is? Call me, beep me if you you want to reach me You can tell that that is a 90s song in a 2020 movie

  • Ella Jeffres
    Ella Jeffres 41 minute ago

    Yesssss not a TV show reviewwwwww

  • Dog Flamingo
    Dog Flamingo 41 minute ago

    The only "long term Manic Pixie Dream Girl" I recall was "Dharma and Greg". You forgot the really odd sub-trope that was big in the '90s, which was "the Manic Pixie Dream Girl who is dying", where they meet her, fall in love with her, and then she asks him to leave her, so the fantasy isn't destroyed, when she dies in front of him (usually from cancer).

  • Laura Keller
    Laura Keller 44 minutes ago

    What in the world is hamtaro ham heartbreak!!!!!

  • Cringey Cartoons
    Cringey Cartoons 48 minutes ago

    I like this video its a lot more like your older ones which I always enjoyed more

  • Ellie Cooper
    Ellie Cooper 50 minutes ago

    I loved this video such a good analysis

  • Ellie Cooper
    Ellie Cooper 50 minutes ago

    I loved this video such a good analysis

  • katarína červencová
    katarína červencová 50 minutes ago

    make video about Starstruck movie

  • Lily
    Lily 51 minute ago

    if yall like this there’s a british show i used to watch when i was younger called “The sparticle mystery” it’s basically this but the kids are younger. all episodes are on youtube <3

  • Katara Tomlinson
    Katara Tomlinson 57 minutes ago

    Ok but how is no one talking about the fact that the girl from stargirl is grace vanderwaal who won America‘s got talent ?!? Was I the only one who hadn’t heard about her acting/ that movie?

  • Naivedya Godhara
    Naivedya Godhara 57 minutes ago

    Can you please do a video on the Netflix show 'Never Have I Ever'. I love your videos they always make me laugh

  • הודיה בר יוסף

    I don't think it's a problem when the girl helps the boy becoming better, or otherwise (in "All the Bright Places") since I think it's the streagh of femininity in it's full form. the "sassy stoic man-but girl" thrope (Latnis, Rey, Salina sardotian) doesn't scream "feminine power" as much as the sweet girl who fix the boy, since one of the most beating by our media but lovable and importent feminine charastaristics is commpassion and emotional intelegence. by showing woman have the "power" to fix others you celebrate woman's streangh, woman are saving life everyday with this "superpower" as commpationet mom's or theacher, I can't count the numaber of times that I heard people that considered suiside say they would never do that no matter how bad things are beacuse they love their mom so much and they can never leave her alone in this world, woman do have the "power" to fix others, just like man can save others with brute force as firefighter and such, woman have the superpower of saving us from ourselves and our dark thoughts with their EMOTIONAL streangh (which is, bigger than that of a man generally speaking) this is why we balance each other so well (and why you can also find in LGBTQ couples this but in a smaller scale and more evenly set) I think one of the worst problems in the west- suiside, is only the effect of sociaty who pressures woman to be something they aren't, sociaty that tells woman they need "man's streangh" only- to be strong, and shows woman's streangh as "silly" and "childish" or "less importent" which IS WRONG! the rising in suiside is exactly beacuse sociaty tries to colour feminine streangh as something WEAK, beacuse who would help, with their emotional streagh to the people who needs it without woman? so if something, than the "girl fix boy, than boy fix girl" is my favorite thrope, not only beacuse it shows off FEMININE streangh but also beacuse of the equal footing of the two characters.

  • egil kake
    egil kake Hour ago

    Lmfao🤣cant say after 16 seasons

  • Holly Williams
    Holly Williams Hour ago

    500 days of summer is one of my favourite movies. Great essay, love your take on this!

  • Mona G
    Mona G Hour ago

    This is some @PopCultureDetective shit and I'm loving it

  • Art geek_211
    Art geek_211 Hour ago


  • Mc Megamind
    Mc Megamind Hour ago

    "What the F I R E T R U C K"

  • Sammi Chantelle
    Sammi Chantelle Hour ago

    I stg I watched this all the time as a kid and JUST rewatched it on Prime and it was completely different. My boyfriend and I were like, “Oh shit this is the part where Rufus starts seizing out!!!” but then he ran out of the room and actually died later. We were both really confused because we both remembered scenes happening differently. Maybe the aired version was different than the one on Prime

  • Jose gomez
    Jose gomez Hour ago

    I've seen 3 of his videos now and from what I see he judges the shows by the first episode.

  • シsami
    シsami Hour ago

    the abs song is way better than their Heathers episode

  • Xander
    Xander Hour ago

    500 Days of Summer is NOT an example of this trope FFS. It's a DELIBERATE deconstruction of it and the character herself has NOTHING in common with any character in this trope aside from superficial similarities

  • Fudge Capili
    Fudge Capili Hour ago

    I like this, it's like the 500 days of summer analysis

  • K D
    K D Hour ago

    Season 1 was just setting the scene! The next few seasons got better. One of my favorite television shows now.

  • Ayesha Muhammad
    Ayesha Muhammad Hour ago

    Sooooooooooooo............. next one?

  • Francis Tapiador

    Alex please make a video about The eternal sunshine of the spotless mind. It’s easily my number one pick for the romance drama genre and would love to know what you would think about it.

  • Mon Acosta
    Mon Acosta Hour ago

    Is Phoeboe Buffet this trope or is she entirely different

  • Pou Sha
    Pou Sha Hour ago

    I actually really enjoyed season 2. As someone suffering from an eating disorder, I feel like they show actually provides a very well rounded representation of disordered eating habits and imposes profound emphasis on how it was never the boy which was the problem but what the traumas and emotions one associates with food. You almost never see binge eating disorder being considered a valid eating disorder. Her not feeling like she deserve recovery was also something that I could relate with a lot because all you do it blame your body and your lack of self control for all your problems when in reality you need therapy to dig into your past to fix your food problems.

  • Enuphs Seanuf
    Enuphs Seanuf Hour ago

    Damn Music copyright BS!!!!!! WHY!!? As if somebody is going to watch this just for the 4 second clips of a cheesy early 2000's high school musical movie??????

  • i am who i am
    i am who i am Hour ago

    i love this kind of vidssss

  • Enuphs Seanuf
    Enuphs Seanuf Hour ago

    This makes me feel so old, yet so appreciative that I grew up in this era, I'd rather this than TickTock!

  • Sunair Abid
    Sunair Abid 2 hours ago

    This dosen't make sence😂😂😂

  • Liquid Fox
    Liquid Fox 2 hours ago

    As a British guy i can confirm we appear out of nowhere.

  • Chara
    Chara 2 hours ago

    really nice video! it's cool to see you do something a little different than usual. just really refreshing and interesting

  • EliteKi
    EliteKi 2 hours ago

    Damn I'm tryna get my vids on your level, really love you format bro

  • LyJa elg
    LyJa elg 2 hours ago

    Top 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  • carnage venom
    carnage venom 2 hours ago

    can you do the last airbender

  • Suga Cube
    Suga Cube 2 hours ago

    Damn,I'm one of those girls

  • Sunair Abid
    Sunair Abid 2 hours ago

    Victorous wasn't that bad

  • jasmine patterson
    jasmine patterson 2 hours ago

    React to me before you

  • kiv sune
    kiv sune 2 hours ago

    This is one of the best shows i've ever watched tbh

  • Coophack6584
    Coophack6584 2 hours ago

    I was more into the Rebel Goth girl but None of these are real I'm fugly and will die alone

  • Ah Cat
    Ah Cat 2 hours ago

    I like the serious Alex. You have a nice way of telling stories, so it's juzt nice to listen to you and we can also learn something. Love the vid!

  • ananya dweevedy
    ananya dweevedy 2 hours ago

    "Speaking of psychic zombies, this video is brought by dashlane" How tf do psychic zombies and dashlane connect?

  • bri
    bri 2 hours ago

    i love this show wayyy to much

  • MidgetNugget
    MidgetNugget 2 hours ago

    the editing in this video make me happy

  • Berra Okudurlar
    Berra Okudurlar 2 hours ago

    I want to see a Geek Charming video ;-;

  • Rock Cliff
    Rock Cliff 2 hours ago

    This was a very good and insightful video essay. Please do more of these. This can be the next chapter of your channel.

  • Alyssa Brhyte
    Alyssa Brhyte 2 hours ago

    It’s weird how well the main characters in the anime “Your lie in April” fit this trope..

  • jakniezabicsb eh
    jakniezabicsb eh 2 hours ago

    Adding "500 days of summer" as an example here is so wrong. It would be the opposite of what you're talking about, if anything. Plus the girls in those movies aren't real and they don't act how they want, they act how men wrote them, all those sad boys don't see the real woman, they they're imagination of the perfect girl, that could change them but it's not their job to do that. I think that expecting for someone to do impossible and be how you wish is far worse than just being your confident self.

  • Octane
    Octane 2 hours ago

    Pogo dying is the saddest bit of the show

  • Octane
    Octane 2 hours ago

    Season two is coming in 5 days btw

  • Shadow Flame
    Shadow Flame 2 hours ago

    You know when they realised that Addison lost the necklace Wyatt was like smiling I mean like why??

  • Ella Heap
    Ella Heap 2 hours ago

    His accent is painful to listen to, I’m British so I can insult my fellow British people 😂

  • ItzaMe
    ItzaMe 2 hours ago

    Imagine actually talking to a girl. haha..

  • Alexandra Racz
    Alexandra Racz 2 hours ago

    Alex, this was great! I love your funny videos but this tone, structure and theme was fantastic! Hope we can see more of this in the future 🥰

  • Bailley V
    Bailley V 3 hours ago

    I will always maintain that Summer Flynn is not a mpdg. Tom clearly projects his ideals onto her to which she consistently expresses her discomfort. He learns a lesson from her absence rather than her guiding him through it. Still love the video tho

  • JustPlay Games
    JustPlay Games 3 hours ago

    I Only love here is sabrina carpenter lol

  • Sarah Zahir
    Sarah Zahir 3 hours ago

    Man I wonder how dumb he looks making the licking voiceover.

  • Rohith Potana
    Rohith Potana 3 hours ago

    Disney tried hard to steal DC stargirls thunder.

  • Brooke x
    Brooke x 3 hours ago


  • Rajinder Kaur Mangat

    Twilight is the most plotless book and movie series. I am still trying to find a real person who disagrees

  • ThoughtsOfALeo
    ThoughtsOfALeo 3 hours ago

    I hâte to think of this, but this made me think of Harden from "After": spontaneous, impulsive, does what he wants and brushes Tessa off to the side if she gets mad about it. He is a Sad Boy, but he's also everything Tessa wants to be and is new and mysterious, like Edward in "Twilight." I'm not sure if this is just an interesting realization that the story fulfills both MPDG and MPIB roles or if it's just to show how one-dimensional and overly cliched both of these characters are.

  • Allen Castellanos
    Allen Castellanos 3 hours ago

    You should review stargirl bcuz im not about to pay for disney+

  • Meow Meow
    Meow Meow 3 hours ago

    That’s one reliable and responsible FLash-playerr

  • ella mor
    ella mor 3 hours ago

    You didnt talk about how its really sexist that the girl characters are ONLY there to fix the man, her life is about him, and the man is usually not strong enough emotionally to do anything on his own... he believes she owns him her love and attention.

  • mychannel
    mychannel 3 hours ago

    No girl wants to fix a guy.. where the F this came from!

  • Gabrielle
    Gabrielle 3 hours ago

    Dammit, 500 Days of Summer was just spoiled for me but that's also my fault because like 7 years ago I rented the movie and it the disc was scratched so we could only watch half but it looked so good. And I just, never finished it even though I always wanted to....

  • Gabrielle
    Gabrielle 3 hours ago

    I mean people like the fantasy because you can control it and don't have to live with it. You can put it down if it gets boring or make it as unrealistic as you want. But yeah I've often thought how some of the common tropes would be super unpleasant (and sometimes outright abusive) in real life! It's fun to dissect the dynamics of relationship tropes that we love to watch but hate to live haha.

  • iDoro7hy
    iDoro7hy 3 hours ago

    Recieving Wi-Fi Signal

  • Hampus Lindh
    Hampus Lindh 3 hours ago

    Hmm I have been with a girl just like this... It was not a good time of my life..

  • Daisy H
    Daisy H 3 hours ago

    I didn't even realize how much I missed icarly until you posted this. That was such a lovely show, and those were such happy times. Though now I have an added dimension of finding Spencer pretty hot lol.

  • Yakira Levitan
    Yakira Levitan 3 hours ago

    Aww happy birthday!

  • Naomi L
    Naomi L 3 hours ago

    You should do review Fallen. It was a really popular book series, they only adapted the first book into a movie and it was total crap

  • Jill
    Jill 3 hours ago

    This is a really good video!

  • Mor Robinson
    Mor Robinson 3 hours ago

    who else jumped to click whenever they saw this

  • Asha Adarin
    Asha Adarin 3 hours ago

    I remember being the biggest twilight fan when I was around 12ish and though being immortal and going from high school to high school sounded like the greatest thing ever. Now that I’m in high school... WHAT WAS I THINKING!!