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Descendants doesn't make any sense...
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Riverdale has lost its mind...
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The Perfect Date is kinda dumb...
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Lucifer is such a weird show...
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what even is Riverdale anymore...
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1 million subscribers
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Camp Rock 2 doesn't make any sense...
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how is Riverdale such a mess...
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Umbrella Academy is kinda weird...
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Kim Possible is kinda dumb...
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Camp Rock doesn't make any sense...
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what the heck is gen:LOCK??
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Legacies is actually kinda good
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alex meyers compilation
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Home Alone literally makes no sense...
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Switched at Birth is kinda dumb...
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Riverdale season 3 is a mess...
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Halloweentown doesn't make any sense...
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Twilight doesn't make any sense...
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Insatiable really is the dumbest show...
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Smallville was such a weird show...
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The OC was pretty dumb...
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Jane the Virgin is pretty great
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3 years on Youtube
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Gotham is a weird show...
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Glee is pretty dumb...
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Supergirl is a weird show...
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My Japan Stories 2
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Arrow is a weird show...
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Riverdale is a mess... (part 4)
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The Flash is a weird show...
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Supernatural is kinda dumb...
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Special Announcement + Q&A
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Riverdale is a mess... (part 3)
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Gossip Girl is kinda dumb...
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Shadowhunters is pretty dumb...
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Dogs are awesome
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Riverdale is a mess... (part 2)
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The 100 is kinda dumb...
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Teen Wolf is a mess...
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My Japan Stories
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Pretty Little Liars is kinda dumb
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  • Lukas Doescher
    Lukas Doescher 22 seconds ago

    1. Pause your video 2. Go to 11:04 3. Gottem.

  • Arihsay Agrest C7
    Arihsay Agrest C7 27 seconds ago

    Actually now that you show what you think is wrong with the movie it makes me think it actually makes sence somehow to me

  • Bleu Eclipse
    Bleu Eclipse 54 seconds ago

    When Ben turned into a beast it wasn't because of Audrey's spell so that's why the lake water partially removed it

  • NoneKnowing
    NoneKnowing Minute ago

    Ok that skater line about the kids lolz 😂 And when Andy is talking omg the animations of the dog and popcorn kids watch I’m dying too funny 😂

  • Nothing to See Here

    Might unlike this later too much realistic teeth

  • Galaxy cat Pøtatø

    Audrey:Takes the wand Maleficent and Mal:Am I a joke to you

  • Michele Fuentes
    Michele Fuentes Minute ago

    At the end of descendants 1 audrey and mal bowed together but now its a problem?

  • Hailee the kawaiiwolf
    Hailee the kawaiiwolf 3 minutes ago

    They just leave the staff there but have a whole barrier on the fairy godmothers wand

  • citrvs child
    citrvs child 3 minutes ago

    Is it me or does Ben gets hotter in every movie?

  • pink girl yeah
    pink girl yeah 6 minutes ago

    Once upon a time is amazing

  • Beth Potter
    Beth Potter 6 minutes ago

    Why are all the villains children in the high school-late middle school age.

  • Hal The Lesbian
    Hal The Lesbian 8 minutes ago

    I find it REALLY weird that Jacob refers to Renesmee (god I feel like lost brain cells typing that name) as “the baby” when talking to Bella. Like, he ACKNOWLEDGES THAT ITS A BABYYYY. A BABY. AN INFANT. He is capable of acknowledging this as a CHILD, instead of just being like “I love -her-“. Like saying it the way he did makes it WAAAAAAYYYY creepier

  • kpheark2222
    kpheark2222 9 minutes ago

    So... Chick is basically dark Ninja...?

  • Lol Like
    Lol Like 11 minutes ago

    Why do u hate Disney so much. First of all it’s not for u at all. It’s for kids and if u don’t like it why do u watch it. And ur attitude is over the top. And if ur thinking that why am I watching this writing u a mean comment then get this I wanna give u a piece of my so that u stop making videos like this

  • This is my username
    This is my username 11 minutes ago

    My friends and I watched this show all the time when we were in like 5th grade and every time they said “sex” we said “cats” so no adults would hear😂😂 I fucking hated Ben though🙄

  • Kay D
    Kay D 11 minutes ago

    Uh these movies are based on books. Just for the record.

  • Brick of Leaf
    Brick of Leaf 12 minutes ago

    My friend forced me to watch it and I hated it... 😒

  • Khione Brusotti
    Khione Brusotti 13 minutes ago

    Woah, hades is hot af

  • Rebeca Castellón
    Rebeca Castellón 17 minutes ago

    Edward was just staring at her because he couldn't handle her blood, he literally wanted to suck her at all times

  • RobinThangMusic
    RobinThangMusic 17 minutes ago

    My hero!!!!!!!!!

  • Rissay V.
    Rissay V. 18 minutes ago

    “Descendants doesn’t make any sense” yet still watch the 2nd and 3rd movie 🙂 joke’s on you.

  • Jimmy Sumner
    Jimmy Sumner 18 minutes ago

    I love your art

  • Grumpy Grandma
    Grumpy Grandma 19 minutes ago

    I love watching these movie things you do because I don't have to watch the movies to no what happens

  • T Finn
    T Finn 19 minutes ago

    My husband is a very brooding man and let me tell you - that skit where he broods about everything and then is super dramatic is 100% true 😂💜

  • Emily Siemens
    Emily Siemens 19 minutes ago

    I cant wait to hear him critique the "ran drugs for my nana" bit

  • Zombie Kitten
    Zombie Kitten 20 minutes ago

    Okay but students and teachers at that school would clearly realize Edward was there EVERY year...

  • hypersonic 2
    hypersonic 2 21 minute ago

    this is the video i needed

  • Sootala Hony
    Sootala Hony 21 minute ago

    You don’t make sense 🤢🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮

  • Mark Jimuel
    Mark Jimuel 22 minutes ago

    5:11 shocked Alex meyers

  • mino2mars13
    mino2mars13 23 minutes ago

    123watchfree(dot)net is a good place to watch this show at

  • Rissay V.
    Rissay V. 23 minutes ago

    All these hate comments and yet they still watched the movie. Okay.

  • Jewelzies :D
    Jewelzies :D 25 minutes ago

    doe-- does he know about the actor for carlos?????

  • Sepp SPK
    Sepp SPK 27 minutes ago

    The cringe ,THE CRINGEEEEE!!!!!

  • Jaliyah Brown
    Jaliyah Brown 27 minutes ago

    In the first one it said they can’t swim because of barrier but there’s a pirate ship and Uma in the ocean

  • Crashes World
    Crashes World 30 minutes ago

    Do you actually hate the talking dog

  • Rethinking MyLifeChoices
    Rethinking MyLifeChoices 32 minutes ago


  • üñkñøŵñ Møøñ
    üñkñøŵñ Møøñ 32 minutes ago

    Yeah if watched it But Like U know how Cameron died?Well i might get hate because of this but Cameron died Right about When the movie was about to come out Then he must be alive and it must be fake it's just my theory Sorry If I get hate because of this ;-;

  • Keila Jaramillo
    Keila Jaramillo 32 minutes ago

    I hate this movie 🤢

  • YukioongSDH HV
    YukioongSDH HV 35 minutes ago

    Ben did not love Mal for a cookie,He went in the Enchanted Lake But he still love her

  • Arpi Gharadaghian
    Arpi Gharadaghian 35 minutes ago

    You should do one about your opinion of Hannah Montana

  • xXSad_ _ForeverXx
    xXSad_ _ForeverXx 36 minutes ago

    Puberty hit Ben hard..

  • Mr.Minzer
    Mr.Minzer 38 minutes ago

    The cgi of the mal dragon is crapx

  • YukioongSDH HV
    YukioongSDH HV 38 minutes ago

    well i do not like audrey tho so we are even

  • Rufus Cat
    Rufus Cat 38 minutes ago

    All of the descendants movies are way to dramatic for kids

  • YukioongSDH HV
    YukioongSDH HV 39 minutes ago

    Also Goodbye

  • YukioongSDH HV
    YukioongSDH HV 39 minutes ago

    If it doesnt make any sense than why are you still watching it? I love Descendants so Shut up

  • softballchick885
    softballchick885 41 minute ago

    Excited to be able to watch this video!! I have been wanting to watch it, but wanted to wait till I saw the movie. I finally watched it tonight! I love hearing Alex Myer’s opinions on movies and shows!! 😊

  • amaya carter
    amaya carter 41 minute ago

    why the hell does michy sound like wizards of waverly place season 1 selena gomez

  • Kyubbiman
    Kyubbiman 41 minute ago

    2:54 - 3:53 I can answer that for you, in veronica mars she was singled out by the teacher and given a hard question. The eye rolling probably comes from 2 reasons the first being the other students want to see her get in trouble and are annoyed when she answers the question right, also she probably has a photographic or eidetic memory so she does this all the time and the students are used to it. In the vampire diaries the students are probbly cheering b/c the student one-uped the teacher.

  • Gia V Animations
    Gia V Animations 41 minute ago

    Let's face it.... the whole movie is cringeworthy. Including the other movies...

  • Alexis Buwembo
    Alexis Buwembo 41 minute ago

    leave some room for JeSUs

  • Lauren Bea
    Lauren Bea 42 minutes ago

    Is it just me or..five is so overrated for what he is?

  • Sloth Bug
    Sloth Bug 45 minutes ago

    watching the show before the video makes the view of this seem very different because there is alot of the informaation that happens randomly for no reason

  • Feqs killed You
    Feqs killed You 46 minutes ago


  • Catron7
    Catron7 47 minutes ago

    3:57 Best part

  • Just Lurking
    Just Lurking 48 minutes ago

    Damn I loved this show and Buffy 😌

  • Ebony Warren
    Ebony Warren 48 minutes ago

    More like 100% sarcasm 😠😠😠

  • yuki okami
    yuki okami 49 minutes ago

    Why is no one talking about how everyone’s hair matched their outfit but Audrey’s doesn’t. :’) like it's trying but it's just not there

  • Brooklynn Russell
    Brooklynn Russell 49 minutes ago

    2:24 I lowkey can lol😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • prod wumbo
    prod wumbo 51 minute ago

    I’m just here to say that the girl in the thumbnail looks like that one big guy from Moana. That’s all.

  • Kadence Leandro
    Kadence Leandro 52 minutes ago

    I’m so upset I was like 1/4 thru and Netflix canceled I’m sooooo mad 😡

  • J.A PF
    J.A PF 52 minutes ago

    Dude, what did you expect? Its a Disney movie...

  • Taylor Christensen
    Taylor Christensen 53 minutes ago

    7:32 wow, she's *really good*

    HORSES ARE AWESOME 53 minutes ago

    Alex: do whatever this move is. AND hey now you're a super villain Me: **dead**

  • Vannile Everheart
    Vannile Everheart 54 minutes ago

    I love when hades yanked at mals hand for it to cut to a commercial about hand moisturizer🤣 I thought it was apart of your video

  • Azia Brown
    Azia Brown 55 minutes ago

    Why did the stoner talk actually make sense

  • LunaMoon
    LunaMoon 57 minutes ago

    But , Hades isn’t even evil. He just controls where the bad souls go. And also, I don’t think you can just trap a Greek god on an island no matter how magical it is. Also, Hades and Persephone. Like was no research done on Hades before this movie was made???? And I’m not trying to hate because I actually liked descendants but, I was really confused.

    CLARI GARCIA 57 minutes ago

    Uuuuhhhh... this movie is a musical. Ahhh no wonder there is so much songs.

  • GalaxiousGaming :3
    GalaxiousGaming :3 59 minutes ago

    =-= hey I love that movie I watch that for 28 times >:3

  • Ivein Marie Jønsson
    Ivein Marie Jønsson 59 minutes ago

    I kinda liked the show though

  • the king of utub e

    Does anyone notice how in every movie mal is wearing a different dress all at the end of the movie

  • Official_CiMiS
    Official_CiMiS Hour ago

    Descendants 3 plot: Carlos dies

  • Playtime with kittens

    Belle is also the mom in the Nickelodeon original movie Jinxed #Jinxed #ciarabravo

  • The Dfbrethy
    The Dfbrethy Hour ago

    What if the barrier was like an air lock with two barriers so even if hades or the pirates jumped through the 1st one they wouldn’t be able to get through the second one

  • Alhur Mohammed
    Alhur Mohammed Hour ago

    7:17 to 7:20 Arm wrestling matching ? That’s not how girls settle it in my school. They pull each other’s hair instead.

  • Hetorics YT
    Hetorics YT Hour ago

    Cheryl Been Playing A lot Of Overwatch And Maining Hanzo Lately 😂

  • Name Unknown
    Name Unknown Hour ago

    I need to stop watching the ones I know and love that you do because my opinion of you has gone from 100/100 to 50/100 in the time it’s taken me to watch this and the flash

  • Willøw and Luna Animate

    The LAST movie Cameron Boyce did. And wth?! Hade's is Mal's dad?!? This is messed up.

  • The Gaming Nerd
    The Gaming Nerd Hour ago

    Such a damn good inspiration

  • Samantha Jane
    Samantha Jane Hour ago

    Aren’t mal and Ben like 17 or 18? Isn’t that a bit young to get married lol

  • Ella Nurkanovic
    Ella Nurkanovic Hour ago

    10:02 Ummmmm... Vermonter in the house

  • _lunxbby_
    _lunxbby_ Hour ago

    is drawing ugly faces your way of being funny? idk, just an opinion

  • FranklynCrankyn
    FranklynCrankyn Hour ago

    Everybody gangsta until the sans head starts rolling

  • Sherilyn Pham
    Sherilyn Pham Hour ago

    U should do lab rats next from Disney channel XD 😏😏

  • Summer Sykes
    Summer Sykes Hour ago

    He didn’t heaven mention that Celia was in the corner while Audrey was fighting Mal. While they were fighting Celia could have just pushed audery over the edge. Or mal could have just kept it a secret that they wouldn’t let the vk’s on to autadon that could’ve prevented a lot of problems. Just sayin🤷‍♀️

  • Name Unknown
    Name Unknown Hour ago

    I love you but insult Cate one more time imma beat you ass

  • Alayna Martinez
    Alayna Martinez Hour ago

    All I’m gonna say is.. pLeAsE dO sTrANgEr ThIngS!!!

  • Cat Bru
    Cat Bru Hour ago

    This is probably my favorite series of the bunch so far. Alaric's still my favorite and you bet I was a crying mess during the Jo episode.

  • Jade
    Jade Hour ago

    that dude with the c in spanish, Chase? thats alexs werewolf boyfriend from wizards of waverly place.

  • Lonnie
    Lonnie Hour ago

    My moms a caterer and let me tell you it pays well if your successful

  • Queen Ava of Anaka

    Do Selena the Movie...its an oldie but why not

  • David Roberts
    David Roberts Hour ago

    Not trying to be rude or anything but descendants three in high school musical or legendary Disney movies

  • Sophie Oilveira
    Sophie Oilveira Hour ago

    how dose it make sense

  • Grace RidesHorses

    Lmao I knew this show was bad yet I kept watching it up until like the mom got pregnant or something and kept going back and forth between if the father was her husband or whoeverthefck 😂😂

  • Laura Maguire
    Laura Maguire Hour ago

    I stomp around in me boots so I can open my own doors and go to my quirky bookstore where people cherish my ability to stomp around in boots and open doors

  • Maeve Gonzalez,
    Maeve Gonzalez, Hour ago

    Am I the only one who noticed that Joe is Dan from Gossip Girl

  • Sky-view
    Sky-view Hour ago

    False advertising

  • Lehana Levi
    Lehana Levi Hour ago

    can you do Deadpool

  • Fabienne Volcy
    Fabienne Volcy Hour ago

    This is my favorite show😝😝

  • Deysi Marquez
    Deysi Marquez Hour ago

    I would scream at him “Sam” anytime he called him “dean”