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  • Thomas Carson
    Thomas Carson 3 minutes ago

    Can u do this again. But on a much larger scale. Reckon it would be amazing

  • Blinky Bartlett
    Blinky Bartlett 4 minutes ago

    It would be more satisfying to see thieves get actually blown up

  • Nathan Genre
    Nathan Genre 4 minutes ago

    8:33 *fors*

  • Elijah Vincent
    Elijah Vincent 12 minutes ago

    Home Alone with Farts! Thanks, Mark!

  • Nigward Testicles
    Nigward Testicles 14 minutes ago

    I hope he makes an app for gang signs

  • Dan Dunphy
    Dan Dunphy 18 minutes ago

    Tries to be the “cool uncle” 7:25 proceeds to slap kids ear

  • Not Pöizin
    Not Pöizin 18 minutes ago

    8:13 “so instead of meat it was vegetables” lmao

  • Jacob 626
    Jacob 626 19 minutes ago

    4:06 thats an amazon ecow dot

  • River Vessel
    River Vessel 21 minute ago

    Do NOT pee in pools!!!!!! What are you 3 years old??? Down with all adult pool pee-ers!!!!

  • swat burst gaming
    swat burst gaming 22 minutes ago

    disclaimer DO NOT SMOKE

  • Tyler Law
    Tyler Law 29 minutes ago

    This guy sure does like to include little kids in his videos.

  • Ansel James
    Ansel James 29 minutes ago

    How do you mean this

  • I'm a Weeb
    I'm a Weeb 34 minutes ago

    If paper can cut wood Well then water can break glass SCIENCE?!??

    CALEB MORALES 40 minutes ago

    When I did pinewood derby I almost lost to someone who had a block of wood

  • Lagy
    Lagy 41 minute ago

    Y is this in my rec

  • cheezslice
    cheezslice 45 minutes ago

    To save the world

    CALEB MORALES 47 minutes ago

    Tomas the tank engine

  • K ʏᴀɴ
    K ʏᴀɴ 53 minutes ago

    I hope all of the people made this planet a lot more better. I want them to realize what can they do for this planet. Sad

  • Looke De
    Looke De 53 minutes ago


  • l e e d
    l e e d 56 minutes ago

    Bill Gates is actually my dad and he's very proud of me

  • Joshua Kim
    Joshua Kim 58 minutes ago

    I think this is very convincing. Are there plant based alternatives for other types of meat, such as pork and chicken?

    CALEB MORALES 59 minutes ago

    You are the best you tuber you got me into electronics and I am one of your people :3

  • armando estebanquito

    Video should be called using kids for my world domination plan.

  • Emma Haarp
    Emma Haarp Hour ago

    Poor Cody... Lord Zenu's witnesses will follow him for the rest of his life.

  • NugNuggs Nuggy
    NugNuggs Nuggy Hour ago

    You know what I do? Do his ideas and then plop on a parachute

  • Johan Lanozo
    Johan Lanozo Hour ago

    If I flip on the ladder, im gonna hold onto it and do upside down tightrope

  • Riley Bee
    Riley Bee Hour ago

    Huston Astros love this

  • hokage gamerr
    hokage gamerr Hour ago

    Other kids:make a vinegar volcano Me: creates a thesis about the higgs field

  • Egg Whites
    Egg Whites Hour ago

    Ha, just like the Astros

  • Vĩnh Tài Trần

    That's one way to destroy Corona :))

  • Limited
    Limited Hour ago

    You need to make more of these videos man!

  • Brenden
    Brenden Hour ago

    My parents have been doing this for years I use to not know why they would run the key pad after use but I learned and now I’m watching this 🤣

  • Destiny Chits
    Destiny Chits Hour ago

    Dear Mark, The music content channel in the description has no video? Hope you didnt accidentally put the wrong link ahah. Nice vid as always mark.

  • David V
    David V Hour ago

    Uhh ohhh bill gates ate the sissy burger.

  • Sergio Marques
    Sergio Marques Hour ago

    you should put lights and police sounds and put the smell on all four sides and not just on two

  • Roblox World
    Roblox World Hour ago

    How many people thought you were trying to commit suicide

  • Oscar 13
    Oscar 13 Hour ago

    Dude you’re the greatest uncle ever seen seriously I want to be your grandson

  • Dapperclaw
    Dapperclaw Hour ago


  • Sound Money
    Sound Money Hour ago

    Blackjack dealers cant let him touch the cards.

  • Arritype
    Arritype Hour ago

    Kinda ironic how Bill Gates say as "people get richer people will eat more meat" coming from the richest man on earth

  • Lachlan Hale
    Lachlan Hale Hour ago

    Proof you can hide vegetables in a kids burger

  • Lilly Bean Short

    I had to do that in 5th grade STEM with only paper and glue

  • No More Vids Dead channel

    My little cousin: *Where did they get all that pee?*

  • punchaface1
    punchaface1 Hour ago

    this man enhancing playing cards with nen

  • Kevin C
    Kevin C Hour ago

    7:55 why is mark at las palmas park???

  • Rachel Bergstrom

    Over here watching this at midnight

  • Matthew Andersen

    This entire video was absolutely incredible.

  • Vegito Vakamoce
    Vegito Vakamoce Hour ago

    Hmmmmm funny I check in eco google and series all say theres only 8 billion in the world

  • Alop
    Alop Hour ago

    This is actually such a good idea! People an companies should follow through with this idea.

  • Muhammad Noor Mohammed Siddick

    Suggestion next video: Acid Bomb Bait. Would be fun lol

  • Chris Buffo
    Chris Buffo Hour ago

    You know the elites are just making this stuff up about cow farts just to make steak cheaper for them! Right!?

  • Johnson Hammerfist

    Mike Tyson's punch out shirt?

  • Primitive Cooking Show


  • Alex Tetley
    Alex Tetley Hour ago

    I don't understand how this isn't the most important thing in human history and isn't taught about in schools. The first camera on Mars and to be able to look around on a completely new Planet. But we are too caught up on algebra and Shakespeare.

  • Alpha2003Omage
    Alpha2003Omage Hour ago

    I love meet and I will not stop eating meet

  • Christopher Columbus

    so your telling me i can simulate the great space vacuum with coca cola and my own hand?

  • D and F Garage
    D and F Garage Hour ago

    Hell yeah.

  • Andromeda Music
    Andromeda Music Hour ago

    The 20K people who disliked wish they had an uncle like this

  • S C L
    S C L Hour ago

    poor lemon rejects.. they’d make a good mango though.

  • xFlqx
    xFlqx Hour ago

    it took us 2020 years to think of replicating a burger what did we do instead, have vegetarians start protesting to stop eating meat kill animals and put them in harsh conditions tbh by the time I finish this comment with the number of things that happened before people tried doing this, I'd probably be dead.

  • Raven Moon
    Raven Moon Hour ago

    Im in awe on the absolute size of this lad

  • Cris Brackett
    Cris Brackett Hour ago

    I so cracked up. Halarious for sure

  • Roblox World
    Roblox World Hour ago

    The people who dislike this own a carnival

  • MeanoKiddo 07
    MeanoKiddo 07 Hour ago

    1:17 at this moment he knew he @#$%ed up

  • Johann Sebastian Bach

    Uhm, Bill Gates isn’t the richest man in the world soooo...

  • Stainzzz z
    Stainzzz z 2 hours ago

    You should non-stop spray the spray and squirt ketchup or things that will stain, maybe bleach

  • Kenny Wilkie
    Kenny Wilkie 2 hours ago

    I just realized something at 0:20 both handles are released but at 0:23 In the water the handle is still there so you have more than just 2 grenades

  • ThyRubyKing
    ThyRubyKing 2 hours ago

    imagine if mark accidentally ate real raw meat at the start of the video

  • Panda Playz
    Panda Playz 2 hours ago

    wow hearing this story gave me a whole new perspective on your channel, keep changing the world for the better and making learning fun, you do what very few people can do.

  • Chloe Kristianus
    Chloe Kristianus 2 hours ago

    Those girls when they find this video: 😖😖😖😖😖😭😭😭😭😭MY LIFE IS OVER

  • nick gurr
    nick gurr 2 hours ago

    only reason i watch these videos are because it makes feel super smart

  • Pavel Shint
    Pavel Shint 2 hours ago

    Did anybody else get hungry?

  • John Cena
    John Cena 2 hours ago

    How about meat that taste like vegetables

  • Z-A Rawırı
    Z-A Rawırı 2 hours ago

    Sound travels faster at night

  • Jessica Moore
    Jessica Moore 2 hours ago

    Trust me. You're already the favorite uncle and if you aren't I'm sure you're somebody else's

  • Jim Was Here
    Jim Was Here 2 hours ago

    Glitter going all over the bad guys. Me: let's see that in instant replay

  • AceThePatriot
    AceThePatriot 2 hours ago

    This dude in arizona

  • Fist of Water Polo, Carbonation!

    If you just press Q instead of throwing, it won’t need any protection at all

  • Hendry Pontoh
    Hendry Pontoh 2 hours ago


  • Matthew Lemery
    Matthew Lemery 2 hours ago

    Duuuuuude you wasted money and phone's

  • Darin L
    Darin L 2 hours ago

    You have gotten a life supply of toothpaste now you can buy a Elephant or maybe a few and than they will use this life time supply and you might have enough to use it to

  • Fathurrahman ZF
    Fathurrahman ZF 2 hours ago

    Dump the Powder into the Ocean to make them safe drinkable sea water

  • Cat From Hell
    Cat From Hell 2 hours ago

    Bruh why would you hit the turtle

  • Jennifer Liu
    Jennifer Liu 2 hours ago

    This dude gives me Chris Traeger vibes (from parks and rec) for some reason lol

  • Batdude Gaming
    Batdude Gaming 2 hours ago

    No one searched for this.

  • Francisco de Almeida

    That was in Portugal man. What were you doing here?!?!

  • Tommy Sands
    Tommy Sands 2 hours ago

    make it explode next time

  • sid uzumaki
    sid uzumaki 2 hours ago

    Fats and cholesterol is good for your body.. your cell wall is basically made of cholesterol

  • Leechly
    Leechly 2 hours ago

    There’s only 7 billion people on earth

  • Just Me
    Just Me 2 hours ago

    I pee all the time while diving....I am interested to see the results....(AMAZING how "scientific" this is...seriously)....Oh thank goodness....I can keep peeing in my shorts!

  • nom nom kirby
    nom nom kirby 2 hours ago

    i know it’s been a year but i’m 20 minutes away from brantford

  • Jenny Reneé
    Jenny Reneé 2 hours ago

    Can you do a video on why every human (and animal) has a different voice?! I'm about to look it up but I would LOVE to see you make a video on it!!

  • William Gall
    William Gall 2 hours ago

    nothing beats meat

  • Greypond gaming
    Greypond gaming 2 hours ago

    10:04 I'm 99.9% sure cows dont fart, its biology impossible for them to fart for some reason so fun fact (also not meaning to sound like that "UmMm AcTuAlLy" guy, I guess he corrected himself there or somthing.)

  • Nykko Raski
    Nykko Raski 2 hours ago

    Bill seems like he’d be so nice to just sit down and talk to

  • Superior
    Superior 2 hours ago

    Mark, you should make a master class for mechanical engineering.

  • Mrcanyan
    Mrcanyan 2 hours ago

    8:15 uses kid to cushion the fall of the precious egg

    JBI AUTOMOTIVE 2 hours ago


  • Caleb Babcock
    Caleb Babcock 2 hours ago

    I'd show them this video to prove them wrong