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  • Shad Rachid
    Shad Rachid Minute ago

    what if i told you, that i have built the same pc two days ago, whitout viewing this video ?

  • Khaled
    Khaled 2 minutes ago

    SNEAK 100

  • DJ Furbay
    DJ Furbay 2 minutes ago

    Where is the hole for your PSU cable in the new backplate?

  • About Me
    About Me 4 minutes ago

    Or create your own casing around your mobo.. wouldn't that be alot easier?

  • Eden
    Eden 4 minutes ago

    9:05 Jeff? It's Gif!

  • Big gamer
    Big gamer 6 minutes ago

    can't hear his fans over my fans

  • Krytopsy
    Krytopsy 7 minutes ago

    4:12 ESD Hazard coming

  • Harri Salonen
    Harri Salonen 9 minutes ago

    Horrible review. You said you would open it. You never did. Then you just spend so much time talking about confusing specs and don't check anything yourselves.. Then you go on and make valid points about dramless SSDs, but fail to actually tell why it is a bad thing. Instead you explain how SSD controller works, which is kinda irrelevant. It is like somebody started to write essay at school, but run out of time and needed to wrap up quickly. This review is just as bad as the SSD.

  • Stratos Tong
    Stratos Tong 9 minutes ago

    I low-key want a thinkpad version of this...

  • Umut Olcay
    Umut Olcay 9 minutes ago

    This is the best setup for ones who make android and ios apps!

  • Teragarm 83
    Teragarm 83 11 minutes ago

    Bruh best build 10/10

  • Planarian 17
    Planarian 17 11 minutes ago

    Linus: cat's standing on a Titan Water Cooled card *gently puts cat down* Alinity: cat's touch her leg *yeeted the cat accross the room*

  • bkingk8
    bkingk8 12 minutes ago

    I worked in Oil and Gas for 6 years, these things have a place and it's not your office, it's in the field, in a compression plant or 500 meters underground in a mine, the types of guys who use also use the word F*&KI a lot and generally do not have time for shit that does not do its job, I know one guy personally who threw his $5000 toughbook (crap pos in my opinion) across the drilling rig floor cause he also thought it was a POS. EDIT: Why a com-port cause a lot of equipment needs that connection and your good old USB to Serial just does not always work.

  • chad
    chad 12 minutes ago

    60 bucks for a hoodie?

  • Axel Östberg
    Axel Östberg 14 minutes ago


  • Brummy boxing fan
    Brummy boxing fan 14 minutes ago

    I.....really want it? extra battery, GPU, Connector pack, Wifi, etc. Really cool.

  • DeltaSourceEleven
    DeltaSourceEleven 14 minutes ago

    13:50 - F A N S P I N

  • Aquarius
    Aquarius 14 minutes ago

    Everyone moves to Taiwan

  • Meme guy
    Meme guy 15 minutes ago

    The video has 420 dislikes

  • Step Dad
    Step Dad 15 minutes ago

    love this video, how can people dislike this. Fucking trolls!

  • shun
    shun 17 minutes ago

    What a waste of a video. Over half of it was pointlessly ripping apart the pc, only to not even finish doing that and move on to the pre prepped one. So it’s maybe 5 minutes or content in a 12 minute video?

  • Evan Daniyel
    Evan Daniyel 18 minutes ago

    Please links to the wifi tools in this video?

    FE1STY PANDA 19 minutes ago

    So what was the point in destroying that mac?...

  • Samuel Forsyth
    Samuel Forsyth 20 minutes ago

    my brother used molybdenum grease.. i was about to rage at him but its metallic and ultra fine particulate.. cant be terrible..

  • Slinky511nx7
    Slinky511nx7 21 minute ago

    "Look closelier" - Linus 2019

  • Wraith6765
    Wraith6765 21 minute ago

    Did you really just use the packaging to justify the fact that these are wildly overpriced?

  • Vospi
    Vospi 22 minutes ago

    Max, you touching the fist instead of bumping it is awesome. Soft and beautiful instinct.

  • RoGeR MaRs
    RoGeR MaRs 22 minutes ago

    Linus such a little bitch.. everything hurts owwweeee

  • שחר משחק
    שחר משחק 23 minutes ago

    I think to builed this pc it is be good for gaming in full hd 60 fps ultra

  • Stefan Duellmann
    Stefan Duellmann 23 minutes ago

    Want it on my Xperia1 😍👍

  • Inferno 0052
    Inferno 0052 24 minutes ago

    How much did James have too steal off Linus to buy the PC? And why is James driving Linus’s car in the skit at the start?

  • sam piët
    sam piët 25 minutes ago

    1060 my ass LOL

  • John Smith
    John Smith 25 minutes ago

    My i7-860 must be about 10 yrs old. Packard Bell didn't have a great reputation but its always run REALLY smoothly, even today. Single thread wise, its not that far behind cutting edge stuff. Data transfer rates, RAM, SSD have all progressed, as has fuel consumption. But chips? Not THAT much different. The big problem is new software builds that are so greedy for resoruces. My browser used to work on 1.5GB. now it demands 4 GB or so, or even more.

  • Miro Norrgård
    Miro Norrgård 26 minutes ago

    I kinda want that sh*t

  • Nascup
    Nascup 27 minutes ago

    Hey Linus, why do you constantly need to play with the widget in your pocket considering nobody else on your entire channel does.

  • NexoSchmeckt
    NexoSchmeckt 28 minutes ago

    in the beginniningin

  • Duracelbunny
    Duracelbunny 30 minutes ago


  • Paul Anderegg
    Paul Anderegg 32 minutes ago

    How much static discharge can a kitty produce I wonder? :-D

  • xHarux3
    xHarux3 33 minutes ago

    Why 1500W, did you have that laying around?

  • xHarux3
    xHarux3 34 minutes ago

    Linus, I've always had faith in you guys pulling this off and actually managing to properly do so. This might be the best build you've done imo.

  • Jon Veliky
    Jon Veliky 34 minutes ago

    Its a gaming PC that speaks to me.

  • Andreas Larsen
    Andreas Larsen 35 minutes ago


  • Karlos Killzone
    Karlos Killzone 37 minutes ago

    Apple power Macintosh used an IBM processor ? You don't say?

  • Emilio Giménez
    Emilio Giménez 37 minutes ago

    there will be a second part?

  • Elmer Velasquez
    Elmer Velasquez 37 minutes ago

    Am I the only one who liked Vista? I don’t remember it being that bad

  • Elijah TM
    Elijah TM 38 minutes ago

    why are you amazed that a motherboard is 47 bucks. your hoodies are 60 bucks!!

  • HuzzahGamers
    HuzzahGamers 42 minutes ago

    My Teenage Dream PC - Ricer PC Part 2???????

  • Mike Coshan
    Mike Coshan 42 minutes ago

    We did have slightly less than a ton of faith in you Linus ....maybe 0.000001 grams especially after pulling apart the G5 then showing us a prepared case 😂😂😂😂

  • Scott Mason
    Scott Mason 43 minutes ago

    Linus is Blippi for adults.

  • SirBonple
    SirBonple 43 minutes ago

    how fragile does your masculinity have to be to hate on someone who's just doing what they enjoy and get paid by doing it.

  • BreakCoreGivesMeWo0od
    BreakCoreGivesMeWo0od 44 minutes ago

    small skinny man fights for 12mins with some screws would have been an more accurate title

  • J N A
    J N A 44 minutes ago

    Why linus ? Who let you live in the kitchen ?!

  • Serhii Kompaniiets
    Serhii Kompaniiets 45 minutes ago

    Steam doesn't care about your PC, and you didn't buy a game from them, you just bought an infinite subscription for the game. Untill you will be banned))))

  • ZoommaiR
    ZoommaiR 47 minutes ago

    Awesome! Now do the same test on some cheap Chinese gaming mouses. I have one and I love it, but I'd be interested to see how bad it really is lol

  • Daniel Shone
    Daniel Shone 47 minutes ago

    please Linus don't add RGB lights....

  • this dude bob
    this dude bob 47 minutes ago

    worst video i have seen from u guys yet...

  • Kongolox
    Kongolox 47 minutes ago

    lets play a game.. take a shot everytime u see the cat anus xD

  • Baz Otchich
    Baz Otchich 48 minutes ago

    It would be good to also measure the input lag, i.e. how many milliseconds it takes for the left click to get its results shown on screen; I think it can be presented via a infrared led on a side of the screen (hooked to a paththrough "register sensor", inline with the mouse itself and the PC input port), which lights up whenever the LMB is pressed. It also might be used to simultaneously put an end to the long lasting dispute of "PS/2 vs USB input devices" and which is better. Also, as long as you have your own high-refresh rate server in your LAN for tests, I think some stats might be pulled from it as well as from the client (via "demo record utility"?) which would allow to also factor in the network latency. For it to work, though (and in order to get the coherent time readings), I think it might be necessary to get both PC synced to the same reliable NTP time source and to each other, i.e. the requirements might go up to at least one GPS/GLONASS antenna which can recieve and output PPS time signals from the satelites, and wired to a LAN time server or the test rigs themselves (which, in turn, might necessitate to run tests in Linux environment, because 'ntpd' tool is a known open-source utility that supports such a configuration for precise time keeping while using consumer-available hardware such as an "outdoor GPS antenna, hooked to a parallel input port on PC", as well as a readout for measurement error between the configured peers, i.e. dedicated LAN server and test rigs).

  • Lemböölän Tiedemies
    Lemböölän Tiedemies 50 minutes ago

    3:48 *LinusWreckTips*

  • Constantine V.
    Constantine V. 52 minutes ago

    This build is tight! Can't wait for the third part!

  • Eggy Noggy
    Eggy Noggy 52 minutes ago

    waste of time. Put rtx gpus in boxes they can actually breathe in........

  • Myst Walker
    Myst Walker 52 minutes ago

    Gets an incredibly expensive high performance motherboard , has a company , cheaps out on ram ; how many enthusiasts does that can trigger ? I'm on a limited monthly income under $2100 per month in a home of 4 people , and I'd feel bad doing that lol.

  • noworknoplay
    noworknoplay 54 minutes ago

    Now, can you make it a touchscreen?

  • Veynnn
    Veynnn 54 minutes ago

    It's year 2050 NVIDIA and AMD are not making graphics card anymore. But Linux decided to release his LTX 3090 TI Super XT.

  • Wally Erasmus
    Wally Erasmus 54 minutes ago

    That is why i will never buy apple.

  • Kryss2k
    Kryss2k 55 minutes ago

    I like SFF PCs but even for me there is such a thing as too small - I loved the design aspect of this and was like "no way is that going in there" but I'd prefer it to be a little larger to fit normal fans, front/top USB and maybe make it look a little less cuboid. Also why is that PSU not modular? Modular makes loads of sense for SFF builds. Other than that I like it.

  • Steffen Buettner
    Steffen Buettner 55 minutes ago

    ... would have tested this on another machine beforehand but ok

  • Taavi Kaisen
    Taavi Kaisen 55 minutes ago

    Ronin s has an offset adapter for cameras like bmpcc 4k... If I remember correctly

  • sheky
    sheky 57 minutes ago

    DDR-four .......................... hundred ooh...

  • Albert Vidz
    Albert Vidz 57 minutes ago

    i used payment method at 15:49 and it worked. please allow shipping and don't dispute transaction. your attempts are futile. your base belong to us

  • Hailo 431
    Hailo 431 59 minutes ago

    #linustechtips will a gtx 1050ti work on a ddr3 motherboard?

  • V J Madhu Dath
    V J Madhu Dath Hour ago

    What if google made jibo ?

  • Brian J
    Brian J Hour ago

    True wireless KSC75 is an interesting idea. I would try for $99 or less.

  • Bryce Czirr
    Bryce Czirr Hour ago

    When a 12yr old is taller than Linus

  • Sentarry
    Sentarry Hour ago

    Overdrive casues those smears. I have a 4k AoC monitor and that feature is awful. Especially noticeable in dark areas of games.

  • Virag Patrik
    Virag Patrik Hour ago

    3:35 what is the brand of the keyboard?

  • lucidbarrier
    lucidbarrier Hour ago

    I don't think the Commodore 64 even had a hard drive. Our first 486 had a hard drive in megabytes. A gig was huge!

  • Helix Adam Oxford

    finally part 2

  • Duracelbunny
    Duracelbunny Hour ago

    Who the hell puts PC on the table in 2019, just put it under the table or to side shelf or something.

  • Steffen Buettner

    "...those are ten years old...." oh boy... Essentially what they had lying around :D

  • hank lawrance
    hank lawrance Hour ago

    I'm so confused now everyone else say it's a great phone now You are basically saying don't buy it

  • Muzaffar Rafiq
    Muzaffar Rafiq Hour ago

    😒😑 linus thats just a cpu not a pc ,i know its super small still but u could have just said what it is i.e a cpu not a pc (pc includes wiring monitor mouse and keyboard etc not just cpu i.e the its functional and can be operated not a dead cpu that cant do anything by itself)

  • Rachmat Sucipto
    Rachmat Sucipto Hour ago

    This good 😆😆

  • jozka trkva
    jozka trkva Hour ago

    You are only HIV away from looking like Charlie Sheen on the thumbnail.

    DUNCOUP Hour ago

    Just remember this test is done without dust, and what a work it would be to dust-off this kinda machine!! With dust the machine would not run properly...

  • rzha
    rzha Hour ago

    Linus: and be careful Linus 1 second later: *break everything* this kills me lmao

    BUNNY FCK U Hour ago

    how can a 300w power supply power that thing

  • TbG Ravin
    TbG Ravin Hour ago

    3:20 why is he wearing velcro

  • Bhirowo
    Bhirowo Hour ago

    Another day another clumsy Linus 1:30

  • Mert Erdogan
    Mert Erdogan Hour ago

    now 50 dollars on amazon

  • Jvnah Gamer
    Jvnah Gamer Hour ago

    there are new solutions and methods you must do better now

  • DracO PlayZ
    DracO PlayZ Hour ago

    Well time to fell poor I guess

  • Will Adams
    Will Adams Hour ago

    Linus we never doubted you we just know that we’re going to wait months for an update 😂

  • TbG Ravin
    TbG Ravin Hour ago

    i want the sock

  • duck squad
    duck squad Hour ago

    can you plz make the best 300 dolar pc vid plzplz i am crying i need one but i cant find one plz plz

    • duck squad
      duck squad Hour ago

      i downloaded honey

    • duck squad
      duck squad Hour ago

      i am from UAE so give me links for

  • colonelk3000
    colonelk3000 Hour ago

    I was worried when I saw the hacked up cases on instagram, but looks like Alex is finally out to prove himself with the metalwork he is doing :)

  • Geir Røsset
    Geir Røsset Hour ago

    Who needs this? A powerful Mac is expensive, but they are typically geared towards professionals. Professionals can write them off on their taxes, negating the initial cost over time. So this would only be useful for someone not using their Mac for work, but who still want a powerful Mac. So someone using CPU and GPU intensive applications (not games because why on earth would you use a MacOS machine for gaming) but not in a professional role, just for fun? Those kinds of applications are typically very expensive (and most of those are also available for Windows) but would a person who is not willing to pay what a Mac costs be willing to pay what those apps cost? Apps that are not available for Windows, and can utilize a powerful machine fully, are not that many. Logic and Final Cut Pro come to mind. But if you are not a professional you will not be using those apps to an extent that they require components this powerful, they do run on less powerful systems, you just can't have 200 virtual instrument tracks running at the same time in Logic, but not being a professional you wouldn't be doing that anyway. That leaves me with just doing all this work and spending all this money for the sake of proof of concept? Or are tax rules different "over there"? Is hardware for professional use money out of pocket?

  • TheSirGoreaxe
    TheSirGoreaxe Hour ago

    But can it run crisis.