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Apple should have gone AMD
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I'm Returning my Mac Pro
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We Water Cooled an SSD!!
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The ALL-METAL Keyboard
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"Artificial Humans"
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The PROBLEM with 5G mmW...
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This PC is breathtaking!
Views 995K2 months ago


  • William Faix
    William Faix 5 hours ago


  • T salas
    T salas 5 hours ago

    so besides just "feel" whats wrong inherently with keyboard flex on laptops?

  • Talha Gul
    Talha Gul 5 hours ago

    I don't know why I'm watching this but I am watching this

  • Sam Exe
    Sam Exe 5 hours ago

    gaming pc as heater seat...

  • JSPR shots
    JSPR shots 5 hours ago

    Lol I have vertical stand because I don't have room for a second monitor on my desk without my other monitor being out of center. It's actually useful

  • smorange7
    smorange7 5 hours ago

    12:45 perfect editing.

  • Garrett Nelson
    Garrett Nelson 5 hours ago

    8:13 My mans crotch missing😂.

  • Rene Stanneveld
    Rene Stanneveld 5 hours ago

    Cool a 500,- Dyson computer case that blows air.

  • Eric Swansboro
    Eric Swansboro 5 hours ago

    It's one thing to take apart someone else's gpu without asking but to then poke, prod, jab, and scrape it with a screw driver makes me really upset

  • Brrr_Ice
    Brrr_Ice 5 hours ago

    After screwing it in they could add another fan in the middle.

  • CalebDaThing
    CalebDaThing 5 hours ago

    Why does this exist...

  • Anthony Norton
    Anthony Norton 5 hours ago

    Do all four walls in a small room its a real feeling,,,,,, "like your in the game." Your smart enough aren't you?

  • salmonline
    salmonline 5 hours ago

    Excellent call-back to the Silverstone and the scoring.

  • Jacob 1
    Jacob 1 5 hours ago

    You seem to drop things anyways no matter what the cost is

  • Mike
    Mike 5 hours ago

    Can you do a HP Spectre x360 13 2020 review?

  • Robert Wyness
    Robert Wyness 5 hours ago

    For Linus's next project he's going to turn a bread maker into a Theranos Blood screener! Too soon???

  • D.R. M.
    D.R. M. 5 hours ago

    The Answer to a question that nobody would ever ask!!!!!!

  • iisiix llliiisiiix
    iisiix llliiisiiix 5 hours ago

    Could you sell me one

  • Photography RI
    Photography RI 5 hours ago

    I’m glad the audio utility was called out because you have to understand that audio (and presumably other media) guys were super annoyed that the G5 / MAC pro case was purposely made not rack dimension friendly when they designed it because the rack server comps were still a line. It was incredibly annoying. The handles made it just not fit - something that had to be a conscious decision.

  • Laplanet Arts
    Laplanet Arts 5 hours ago

    Usually redragon makes it to this list...

  • Ravi Dhivar
    Ravi Dhivar 5 hours ago

    Meanwhile me watching this with my 4gb ram laptop: Not bad kid

  • Hey Hey
    Hey Hey 5 hours ago

    There is wireless charging

  • Gino Vincenzini
    Gino Vincenzini 5 hours ago

    For pete's sake! - that line tho...

  • Eros Nunez
    Eros Nunez 6 hours ago

    How does the TING go?

  • Rob The Squire
    Rob The Squire 6 hours ago

    looks like someone needs new shorts....

  • Christopher Dowers
    Christopher Dowers 6 hours ago

    Did anyone else notice the huge hole in nicks shorts? :D

  • BimmaCars
    BimmaCars 6 hours ago

    9:09 You better hope it's ok because there is over 16 million combonations

  • Samurai Brad
    Samurai Brad 6 hours ago

    I thought he had girl nails for a lot of the video Is it just me

  • Nekminute
    Nekminute 6 hours ago

    domt know about cooling but my 9900KS and 2080ti heat up my living room quite nicely

  • Laplanet Arts
    Laplanet Arts 6 hours ago

    This PC blows

  • Fah Q
    Fah Q 6 hours ago

    So, why don't you get a Mobo with onboard video. Boot with Linux and try to address the gpu with a Vega driver. At least then you can pull some gpu information.

  • Jose Juarez
    Jose Juarez 6 hours ago

    This video will be submitted as evidence is a divorce trial down the line, I hope not.

  • Max Onwax
    Max Onwax 6 hours ago

    and now me with non-mechanical logitech k270 for 25$. And im pretty happy with it. Sadly.

  • Tech and car Enthusiast

    Why dont they just put a raspberry pi on a boat and a plane and called it a day, that would've been way simpler

  • red nonymus
    red nonymus 6 hours ago

    They're from CHINA hmmmmmmmmmm good luck linus

  • TheSilent0ne 22
    TheSilent0ne 22 6 hours ago

    The intro was in my nightmares last night.

  • jimmyhackers
    jimmyhackers 6 hours ago

    dyson, the apple of home appliances.

  • xylotism
    xylotism 6 hours ago

    Wouldn't the CPU reach its limit well before the RAM, causing the performance drops and lag seen here?

  • K M
    K M 6 hours ago

    I wish you would have shown the iPad charging as well.

  • 차원붕가기
    차원붕가기 6 hours ago

    4:17 JUST IF NOCTUA MADE THEIR FAN WITH BLACK FREAKING PLASTIC EARLIER They might have dominated CPU cooler market.

  • Md Saifuddin
    Md Saifuddin 6 hours ago

    This video hit me on my head. Wow. Fan PC? Did you patent it already?

  • The Bro Nerd
    The Bro Nerd 6 hours ago

    I’m a fan of this build

  • Andrew _
    Andrew _ 6 hours ago

    I never actually noticed that his voice was that high until this video. But even then it doesent realy seem that noticeable, probably just some jocks looking for any way to compensate for there lack of knowledge.

  • Passivly assertive
    Passivly assertive 6 hours ago

    Imagine a weekend w/ the bois in that house.

  • Olson De Asis
    Olson De Asis 6 hours ago

    Literally cool for living room with wall mounted TV/Monitor, stealthy indeed.

  • scooter800m
    scooter800m 6 hours ago

    ever tried the pc in the drawer of your desk? or have the pc integrated into the backspace of that massive tv you just bought?

  • Orange Tallion
    Orange Tallion 6 hours ago

    My testosterone, ITS GONE

  • loki sinary
    loki sinary 6 hours ago


  • Voxmagna2
    Voxmagna2 6 hours ago

    lol who uses the remote when the APP is soo much better. Honestly this is a great concept because having the fan on the ground it sits too low and sucks in tons of dust from the floor. That's why i now have mines on top of 2 exercise foam blocks. No more frequently changing filters. ^_^

  • smorange7
    smorange7 6 hours ago

    Uhhhhh....uhhhhhh.... fake....prerecorded....

  • Boontarin Charoenthitiwong

    Nope to both, 30 bucks for these things on AliExpress baby.

  • William Weaver
    William Weaver 6 hours ago

    Brians dangerous AF, working with normal screwdrivers in a live board...

  • Code Overwatch: Maximillian of the resurrection

    He protecc He attacc But most importantly, he have a racc

  • Alan Rojas
    Alan Rojas 6 hours ago

    Htpc is where this shines

  • Lizzam Abdul Latiff
    Lizzam Abdul Latiff 6 hours ago

    It pains me to see how much Linus is hunching when gaming on the couch. for your next project, what about the most ergonomic and stealthy gaming setup, so you can even pair up with massage chair companies for sponsorship

  • malmangelucci
    malmangelucci 6 hours ago

    you use your boot disk as a scratch? the wording there was a little confusing

  • Mohamad Rahime Adin
    Mohamad Rahime Adin 6 hours ago

    Commercial products ... thumb up 👍

  • Aqua Tang
    Aqua Tang 6 hours ago

    I thought I was watching vat 19 at the start 😅

  • imran khan
    imran khan 6 hours ago

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  • imran khan
    imran khan 6 hours ago

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  • Unsub223
    Unsub223 6 hours ago

    LOL it’s an older machine I just bought a brand new machine with crap and that’s not even as good as that

  • psp7677
    psp7677 6 hours ago

    You would.

  • Clement Poon
    Clement Poon 6 hours ago

    Make a heater version too..... its so cold

  • Alan Thompson
    Alan Thompson 6 hours ago

    1:49 What the hell is this hand numbering system he's using

  • Hiya, it's Maya!
    Hiya, it's Maya! 6 hours ago

    i think its a canada thing? just a pattern ive noticed of canadians saying it that way🤔

  • Moonmen Gameplays
    Moonmen Gameplays 6 hours ago

    U can really tell they were trying hard with this sponser

  • depichu
    depichu 6 hours ago

    When is Luke gonna be in a video again :(

  • CrunkFunk
    CrunkFunk 6 hours ago

    Of course and appleXlinus collab would be trending

    • CrunkFunk
      CrunkFunk 6 hours ago

      Btw I despise apple as a company

  • TheJogocown
    TheJogocown 6 hours ago

    This looks exactly like an unbox theory video

  • Capuchin
    Capuchin 6 hours ago

    Eat your cereal

  • Ben Richards
    Ben Richards 6 hours ago

    You have a lot of viewers who hate fun.

  • Orisonmarden
    Orisonmarden 6 hours ago

    Instead of using old Mac pro case, you should use Dune Pro Case. It will utilize more peripheral for further expansion, while in the same time have same cosmetic appearance of new mac pro.

  • T salas
    T salas 6 hours ago

    so not friendly for one armed people

  • Marc Pacheco
    Marc Pacheco 6 hours ago

    Honestly take a break dude you deserve it more than anyone spend time with your fam and friends also time to just decompress and if you wanna comeback well you cross that bridge when you get there also a HUGE thanks for simplifying your vids for someone who’s not well versed in anything computer wise lol

  • SR Spirit
    SR Spirit 6 hours ago

    Linus help. I've bought hundreds of dollars in parts think " Oh this will definitely fix it, but nothing has worked and now I have 3 r9 380x. What do I do please email me at [email protected]

  • James Tomato
    James Tomato 6 hours ago

    I thought my room was bad, never mind Linus. you make my room look like the cleanest place in the world.

  • Whipitgaming
    Whipitgaming 6 hours ago

    I wonder how it feels to be killed by Linus on csgo

  • abe kline
    abe kline 6 hours ago

    that drop off of the pro was fucking hilarious. GG editor

  • T salas
    T salas 6 hours ago

    wait that mobo supports sata? i would have thought that thing was IDE lol

  • Grumpy Robin
    Grumpy Robin 6 hours ago

    A massage chair with an overhead monitor and eye tracking because you can't be bothered to move anything but your eyes to control the mouse and blink to click.

  • SmellyRaccoon N
    SmellyRaccoon N 6 hours ago

    Are we just going to ignore the fact that he didn’t know what BBQ is

  • Steven Andria's tutorials

    Something tells me it's not just retirement, he sounds like he's going through a lot, as if he is possibly going through a period of depression, not sadness, but just that one feeling of mixed melancholia. "If I got hit by a bus tomorrow" "Life would go on", it's as if there were some scary hints being dropped into the video. We hope you're doing fine Linus, we wish you the best.

  • Arindom
    Arindom 6 hours ago

    'Grow up guys.'

  • Dewdimpple
    Dewdimpple 6 hours ago

    6:00 Drop: 100

  • Zack Cacciapalle
    Zack Cacciapalle 6 hours ago

    The video card has a DMS-59 connector. It is like 2 DVI-I connectors in one apparently.

  • Dino Lee
    Dino Lee 6 hours ago

    I think putting a PC in a refrigerator will be a good thing

  • Dexter _
    Dexter _ 6 hours ago

    Build a pc inside of a grill. Use the spot for holding gas for the pc, the lid for the moniter, and the actual grills for the peripherals

  • Elessar Telcontar
    Elessar Telcontar 6 hours ago

    Best headphones I ever had are Beyerdynamic. The even sell spare parts for models that are 15+ years old. Beats might never beat that.

  • Jason Zak
    Jason Zak 6 hours ago

    ~$3,300 of key caps

  • Eeshan S Jaiswal
    Eeshan S Jaiswal 6 hours ago

    Could have used Selenium Webdriver for opening that many tabs with only some lines of code.

  • Khristian James Calderon

    Bro, keep doing what you love. Much Love from The Philippines 🇵🇭

  • Deron Parker
    Deron Parker 6 hours ago

    Keep doing what you’re doing 👌

  • Zx the legend
    Zx the legend 6 hours ago

    The rift s is now just a oculus quest with a wire

  • Lord farquaad
    Lord farquaad 6 hours ago

    This is as big as a mf powerbox.

  • Steven Andria's tutorials

    You've educated me so much over the past few years. We would be very empty without you. We respect your decision and we are going to miss you very much. Thank you Linus.

  • John Lacy
    John Lacy 6 hours ago

    Linus has years of experience of learning exactly how roughly hardware can be handled

    THE GHOST 6 hours ago

    Meanwhile I have a 1Tb in my s10....

  • nev ets
    nev ets 6 hours ago

    Please. I want to replicate this build How much does this cost

  • Kismet Games
    Kismet Games 6 hours ago

    980ti was 250w and i run 2 of them, they can both bump up to 350 on full draw.

  • Burpy Shep
    Burpy Shep 6 hours ago

    In Soviet Russia, PC cool you!