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  • pickutina
    pickutina 32 seconds ago

    Can you instal this on bios that doesn't have VM option? Like core duo processor?

  • Grayson Coen
    Grayson Coen 55 seconds ago

    William osman tech tips

  • KingYS Tech.
    KingYS Tech. Minute ago

    This reminds me of my Samsung OMNIA i900 (Windows mobile on deck). Them old good days!

  • PeanutButterDath
    PeanutButterDath Minute ago

    To quote you Linus; "holy shit"

  • Sultan Mehmood Ghaznavi

    Use a Xxiomi portable 17" 144Mhz with it and it would be an awesome portable pc!

  • c200d45e95
    c200d45e95 Minute ago

    Rube Goldberg is jealous of this setup.

  • Darth Memeious
    Darth Memeious Minute ago

    ...yeah the vibration totally wont destroy the mounts on your wall

  • Bluetrainer91 FireBlast

    If only you didn't need a phone, all the software was built in, You only need 1 & it translates languages you hear into a pre-instold language you understand, is re-programable by USB to computer or blue-tooth to a phone app, atleast is 90% accurate, AND redesigned to be less noticeable like a hearing aid.

  • Coldfront15
    Coldfront15 2 minutes ago

    *pulls out rift s* convenience you say?

  • Adam Goddard
    Adam Goddard 2 minutes ago

    anyone else wondering how he got out after he wired himself in behind the tv? =p

  • Jodjgames
    Jodjgames 2 minutes ago

    I have still a singel core Cpu with Mainboard. Wanna know how this Cpu would do with such a gpu

  • AlphaMax
    AlphaMax 2 minutes ago

    Pretty much why you shouldnt go cheap on a pc.

  • Galih Priambodo
    Galih Priambodo 3 minutes ago

    Really? At exact 9:00 I thought I heard wrong but the editor deliberate put it in.

  • Just A Person
    Just A Person 3 minutes ago

    You should've had a RivaTuner overlay running the entire time with CPU and GPU utilisation percentages... Wasted opportunity

  • roslolian11
    roslolian11 3 minutes ago

    I'm not that big of a fan you pay 2 grand and the device gets hot AF, reaching over 90 degrees and thermal throttling. That kind of heat will fry your pc over time and shorten it's life, my opinion is who cares how much it scores in cinebench or w/e, those are just numbers on a benchmark we won't be running it once we actually start gaming. After like 1 hour of gaming the high heat will downgrade the speed of the CPU so what's the point of an I9 if it can't sustain I9 performance? You're just wasting money at this point you may as well have gotten an I5 cuz that's the speed you will be getting at 2.8 gh. The panel is nice but tbh you can just buy a bigger monitor if you really gotta have 240 ms. 240 on a 15 inch panel doesn't make a lot of sense if you want godly rerfresh rates you may as well get a bigger monitor so you can appreciate it in all its glory. Aero, Zephyrus and Aorus brands are better gaming lines IMO just cuz they run cooler and lesser temps mean lesser throttling which means you actually gets the specs you are paying for.

  • William Lansberry
    William Lansberry 3 minutes ago

    How much for the PCI oScope?

  • ManMadeDesaster
    ManMadeDesaster 4 minutes ago

    0:01 LinusDropTips has improved his reflexes :D

  • crazycarl864
    crazycarl864 4 minutes ago

    Alex: Someone keeps destroying the bathroom. Linus: (smirk) 14:05

  • Danmagnamius
    Danmagnamius 4 minutes ago

    I thought about attaching my aircon pipe to the front of my case.

  • James T
    James T 5 minutes ago

    Next up - overvolting the bathroom vent fans!

  • Moon Crotch
    Moon Crotch 5 minutes ago

    Fook moi, never seen so many people slumped in there chairs.

  • horias86
    horias86 6 minutes ago

    Compare it to the 2400G or the new 3400G

  • Dystar 924
    Dystar 924 6 minutes ago

    "Am I supposed to forget this conversation, Reinhart, because of a real ping pong?! Stiga-Delta. Beware, the original log keep pressing for main role. I love Dove into the shower, too." 🗨😏🎦🏓🎽

  • B D
    B D 8 minutes ago

    Your French sounded pretty good! Gotta love that Canadian Education!

  • XG XG
    XG XG 9 minutes ago

    Look like God

  • Firion Razar
    Firion Razar 10 minutes ago

    As in Linus's vist at the Renault factory, it's strange to hear him talk in another language (yes I know hes Canadian, yes I know that they use French there a lot, and yes I'm absolutely not against it)

  • Arran Bolton
    Arran Bolton 10 minutes ago

    My £24.99 keyboard has a beaded cable

  • rufftuffman rufftuffman
    rufftuffman rufftuffman 10 minutes ago

    sensors midel finger shows brutal murdering rigth on youtube

  • rad
    rad 11 minutes ago

    ima cry, my laptop is shit

  • Maksym Sokil
    Maksym Sokil 11 minutes ago

    Did anybody notice that the city in City Skylines is San Andreas in GTA V?

  • Dreck Curryabueva
    Dreck Curryabueva 11 minutes ago

    I want AMD RYZEN 9

  • Александр Довбыш

    For clear Hackintosh setup(not VM one). AMD CPU for Hackintosh is a very bad choice if you gonna use SVM feature, for docker, android studio etc... Mac OS just do not support SVM, so you will stuck with VirtualBox running this programs...

  • Willydoo
    Willydoo 13 minutes ago

    I would make the smallest laptop or my own tablet or something

  • Xishan
    Xishan 13 minutes ago

    I want your old laptop. Sent it to me. I'll fix it and use it

  • Samuel
    Samuel 14 minutes ago

    LMAO Linus speaking french please check the pronociation of raccourcis with google translate for example. Took me a while to understand it and I'm french

  • Ati
    Ati 15 minutes ago

    Anyone knows what kind of chair is that? Looks comfy.

  • lei lopez
    lei lopez 16 minutes ago

    you do not know how to use it. you just follow the instructions on how to use it.

  • GetZapped
    GetZapped 16 minutes ago

    "it smells hot" *he is speaking the language of the gods*

  • Niggar oof
    Niggar oof 17 minutes ago

    Give me the hotel

  • fau
    fau 18 minutes ago

    2000 hair ?

  • Creature Vengeance
    Creature Vengeance 19 minutes ago

    u have both likes and dislikes..... consider the ratio.. i just noticed today u look same as my departed friend. :)

  • Shawn Burton
    Shawn Burton 20 minutes ago

    So, this is like the 39 dollar laptop which runs Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich

  • Pedro Lucas Martins
    Pedro Lucas Martins 20 minutes ago

    The title was a little fishy but i stayed for the content! haha

  • Halo
    Halo 20 minutes ago

    Somehow this pc that has a bottelneck runs better than my pc

  • Star Fyodperor
    Star Fyodperor 21 minute ago

    Dude... did you get that EXP GDC to work on mini PCIe on lap-top... ?

  • OctoMan PC's
    OctoMan PC's 21 minute ago

    for $1200 you get the HMD, Controllers, Sensors and a CAT!

  • mspider12
    mspider12 23 minutes ago

    Love the motherboard wall.

  • RazeAndJadith
    RazeAndJadith 24 minutes ago

    The audio on the rug ad was not good. sounded like you screwed with the EQ in the highs.

  • ilovelifan
    ilovelifan 24 minutes ago


  • Timothy Roth
    Timothy Roth 25 minutes ago

    I want to build the 4k ultimate streaming editing computer for pinball .what would be the best

  • svenexplay
    svenexplay 25 minutes ago

    hey wooow.... i have the macie cr4 too and these are awesome. i use them for pc with the fostex sub mini 2

  • ravN
    ravN 26 minutes ago

    Serious bottleneck? That's my download at best times

  • Zombie Hyperdrive
    Zombie Hyperdrive 27 minutes ago

    4000 years ago... Let’s build pyramids with a chisel? 4069 years later... Lets put a man on the moon with that! 4119 years later... Did we really build the pyramids? Did we really go to the moon? Did that text go?

  • Dustin Rodriguez
    Dustin Rodriguez 27 minutes ago

    WHY DID THEY MAKE CAPS LOCK BIGGER?! I have been waiting for keyboards to start DROPPING the caps lock key completely. No one needs it.

  • espen edvardsen
    espen edvardsen 27 minutes ago

    can you give me a I5 core from intel? please?

  • CTmacintosh86
    CTmacintosh86 28 minutes ago

    I wish my boss was as cool as Linus and just simply replies : "dunc are"

  • Dangerous Pictures
    Dangerous Pictures 28 minutes ago

    build a weird china parts pc with this cpu and the PCI 960m

  • z-lightningz tutorials
    z-lightningz tutorials 29 minutes ago

    🤣🤣🤣🤣The PSU

  • aragorn767
    aragorn767 29 minutes ago

    *Flash bang goes off* APPLE SECRET POLICE. NOBODY MOVE.

  • Joe Jupiter
    Joe Jupiter 29 minutes ago

    The LattePanda is completely underkill for gaming but it's also completely overkill for that fart detector. A normal Arduino would be completely fine. The LattePanda would make more sense if you want to process something like video data.

  • Alexblackish
    Alexblackish 30 minutes ago

    So 1.4k people don’t like Alex

  • Charles Hollingsworth
    Charles Hollingsworth 30 minutes ago

    $2000.00 for a sure-fire way of knowing you're not walking into di-hydrogen sulfide free bathroom??!?! SHWAAAAAY!

  • burt simmons
    burt simmons 31 minute ago

    11:12 was fineee he is right but a system specific to the games ur gonna be wants to play

  • MrMorningHair
    MrMorningHair 31 minute ago

    last thing we want is leaks .. im just gonna apoxy this fuck off hole in the rad tubing ahahhahahahahahah

  • Brecht Guillemyn
    Brecht Guillemyn 32 minutes ago

    it would be cool to be your kid

  • Michael Shuster
    Michael Shuster 32 minutes ago

    Better installation manager, cleaner app uninstalls, better memory paging, better hard drive blocking (no defraggigng) no driver issues, apps can't get executable permissions (less dangerous viruses)

  • Wapn Perfo
    Wapn Perfo 32 minutes ago

    A whole power supply... all you needed was a breakout for the video card power. lol

  • Richie K
    Richie K 32 minutes ago

    did you read the instructions?????

  • myhoneybringsallthebeestomyjar

    Alex is great value. He's super smart with all his gadgets. Really interesting stuff!

  • Douglas Jones
    Douglas Jones 34 minutes ago

    WHY????????? Is this an episode. And the matching shirts, while nice, But worn by both of you seems like the Mickey Mouse club.

  • Aliens Got The Beat
    Aliens Got The Beat 34 minutes ago

    smell of hot electronics? back of ps4

  • SergioEduP
    SergioEduP 36 minutes ago

    "You are older than you think" thank you for the existential crisis...

  • pcgammerm
    pcgammerm 36 minutes ago

    I was right with you rocking the Dell Axim X5. I still remember they were available directly from dell with no issues while people were buying them on ebay for 100-300 more for no apparent reason.

  • Vukašin Maslovarić
    Vukašin Maslovarić 36 minutes ago

    You almost DROPPED smth again before 00:05 seconds of the video. Hurray Edit: and one more time at 00:15

  • Raize Tech
    Raize Tech 36 minutes ago

    9:37 A professional tech guy using its sense of smell on electronics and noticing it is burning. Wow praise Lord Linus.

  • Iam the_kiler not a killer

    Omg I haven't seen so Jealous people in my life before,and the think is that they are actually grown people and not 8 years old fortnighters

  • ToxicVoid
    ToxicVoid 37 minutes ago

    They were so confused

  • Circle14
    Circle14 38 minutes ago

    LattePanda fart detector and a tease at PieHole? I'd love to see even more IoT micro computer builds!

  • TheD4nkBruhs
    TheD4nkBruhs 38 minutes ago

    What about the Royal Kludge RK61? Its really nice as well and cheap

  • Chance™
    Chance™ 39 minutes ago

    "Care Package"? 8:11 Is this Call of Duty?! xD

  • Joseph Jose
    Joseph Jose 40 minutes ago

    Maybe you guys should just stick to computers and not electronics. That sensor was not grounded, so it'll work erratically.

  • only photoshop
    only photoshop 41 minute ago

    That is actually more advanced than my mobile phone

  • Nether Entertainment
    Nether Entertainment 41 minute ago

    01001101 01100101 01101101 01100101 01110011 decode:MEMES

  • Derek Ball
    Derek Ball 42 minutes ago

    This new trend of shameless self plugging for the LTT store cracks me up! I almost want to buy some stuff purely for the giggles.

  • John Richardson
    John Richardson 42 minutes ago

    Abomination. This product is DOA. Nobody will like this.

  • Anthony Adinata
    Anthony Adinata 42 minutes ago


  • No Copyright Sounds
    No Copyright Sounds 42 minutes ago

    Very Helpful Video

  • kumbandit
    kumbandit 44 minutes ago

    No dollar wasted, puts RTX 2070 Pikachu face

  • heavyd kk
    heavyd kk 44 minutes ago

    Linus the ultimate nerd

    I MAKE VIDEO 44 minutes ago

    cheap keyboard 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Alejandro Caicedo PUJ
    Alejandro Caicedo PUJ 45 minutes ago

    Dihydrogen oxide... H2O

  • Lets get to 1mill without vids J

    Why am I only seeing this now this is red the company who makes cameras for Hollywood production films or am I wrong

  • kupatiya
    kupatiya 46 minutes ago

    Unnecessary storage.....word of the day

  • Damian Jones
    Damian Jones 46 minutes ago

    It was perfectly fine. What WASN'T FINE was the oems that shipped desktops/laptops with 256MB ram! Windows eat that within seconds and people simply did not understand Superfetch. "Wahh Windows is using my ram!"

  • Ntrain1919
    Ntrain1919 47 minutes ago

    Fan spin