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BRUNCH at 7-ELEVEN Thailand
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FIRE RAMEN & GYOZA in Kyoto Japan
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  • OMG 420
    OMG 420 2 minutes ago

    Can a brother get his shrimp deveined....

  • EliteX Dark
    EliteX Dark 6 minutes ago

    So this what Naruto be eating huh

  • yobpel a
    yobpel a 14 minutes ago

    Is all the Korean AYCE BBQ in new york owned and ran by chinese peopel like it is here in toronto?

  • Pally B
    Pally B 15 minutes ago

    Cant believe never ran into you in Singapore!! would have taken you for more delicious food!!!!

  • Mark Emeigh
    Mark Emeigh 16 minutes ago

    Thanks this made our family's day

  • Cornholio777
    Cornholio777 21 minute ago

    Lamb gamey 😠

  • gyongah
    gyongah 25 minutes ago

    ...and clean them before using them ladies.

  • Ivan Cuneo
    Ivan Cuneo 29 minutes ago

    Potato chicken sandwich???? WAF 😳

  • Elisabeth O Fletcher
    Elisabeth O Fletcher 29 minutes ago

    We sat in traffic from NJ to go eat at Let’s Meat by I was watching this video last night. Great good;pricey $197 for 4 (3 soda and 1 Sochul

  • Giovanni Flores
    Giovanni Flores 34 minutes ago

    Dont listen to him

  • Destinee's Guilty Pleasures ASMR

    Shrimpy points lol

  • Ava Plude
    Ava Plude 50 minutes ago

    its to late for me to eat... but im hungry now..RIP

  • Welp 2
    Welp 2 56 minutes ago

    Posting random things on random videos- What if someone makes a cold pot???????

  • THe420 MemeMan
    THe420 MemeMan Hour ago

    How you eat so much????

  • Jojo Jo
    Jojo Jo Hour ago

    Did u fly all the way from Seattlw to NYC just for this???

  • Lester Walit
    Lester Walit Hour ago

    My girl peel shrimps for me so... No shrim points for me.

  • CeCe2571
    CeCe2571 Hour ago

    Ummmm Black meat.... 👀

  • Jayde Potato
    Jayde Potato Hour ago

    I grew up with Maruchan's just..idk normal for me (I'm American by the way) I also eat an ok brand called "Top Ramen"

  • f3elmyswagga
    f3elmyswagga Hour ago

    That chicken can cook a lil longer for me.

  • Your typical somebody

    Mike walking down the food aisle be like... Oh wait

  • michael cass
    michael cass Hour ago

    Got to watch but this food is not in my wheel house

  • Hazy Bear
    Hazy Bear Hour ago

    Well this video makes me wanna go to NY.

  • Justin Tabunda
    Justin Tabunda Hour ago

    This is easily one of my favorite videos coming from you man. I really like this. More power to you!!

  • Evan Quan
    Evan Quan Hour ago

    Also, ribeye at Jongro BBQ at Northern BLVD in Flushing is a must.

  • Evan Quan
    Evan Quan Hour ago

    Have you ever tried Shirt rib, marinated(Kalbi) at San Soo Kap San 2 at Norther BLVD in Flushing? It is the BEST Korean BBQ.

  • taamay
    taamay Hour ago


  • l alan
    l alan Hour ago

    Shouldn't have watched this. Now I'm hungry.

  • Tomcat05
    Tomcat05 2 hours ago

    Screams in broke

  • joneo carpio
    joneo carpio 2 hours ago

    You just got to eat bulalo with rice😊

  • Alice
    Alice 2 hours ago

    4:07 GFRIEND ❤️

  • Alpha Frdz
    Alpha Frdz 2 hours ago

    Pls colab with night owl cinematics next time ur in singapore

  • Valerie Purdi
    Valerie Purdi 2 hours ago

    I started to think zach is tall

  • Jenny Kang
    Jenny Kang 2 hours ago

    Definitely prefer shabu shabu. Sukiyaki is way too sweet for my liking.

  • Secret agentjay
    Secret agentjay 2 hours ago

    8:03 - He's wearing a toilet seat cover

  • 77forfun
    77forfun 2 hours ago

    Bro, I should show you some places in Westchester, NY! You’d love some of the places there!

  • ras124
    ras124 2 hours ago

    Not worth it

  • TexasAggieNetwork
    TexasAggieNetwork 2 hours ago

    Dude in the back get his eye on you bro.

  • jds hempfarm
    jds hempfarm 2 hours ago

    Koreans eat dogs please.

  • tone burgess
    tone burgess 2 hours ago

    Best description ever they serve it in pizza heaven, so funny :-D

  • Pablo Garcia
    Pablo Garcia 2 hours ago

    Next time you're in flushing eating all you can eat Korean BBQ go to Picnic Garden BBQ buffet... Try it out

  • Christian Pien
    Christian Pien 2 hours ago

    Pro tip for waiting in line. Get there early and get the chairs that are left there and place it and wait til the ppl behind you get there. After that have a 5 min conversation and go back to hotel and come back at 10:30.

  • Jessi
    Jessi 2 hours ago

    Come to New Zealand where korean buffets dont charge extra for la galbi. (8 colours restaurant is the best).

  • 1337squirrel
    1337squirrel 2 hours ago

    Great video... But uh... New York is known for lots of great food... Pizza, hot dogs, bagels, deli food, etc. But NOT burgers. I'm sure there are a TON of great burger joints (like this one) in that town, but they can't lay claim to being KNOWN for burgers. Sorry. Hunh uh.

  • Lex F.
    Lex F. 3 hours ago

    You didn't Book the Cook? Mikey, how could you mess that up?

  • Andri Budiwibowo
    Andri Budiwibowo 3 hours ago

    I like your review, it's honest. Btw, you look like jacky chan :)

  • Sheliek Presley
    Sheliek Presley 3 hours ago

    Honesty is the best policy and I ❤️ it ....

  • DC Yang
    DC Yang 3 hours ago

    "One Bite. Everyone knows the rules"

  • aundre3051
    aundre3051 3 hours ago

    From experience in oki I can tell u personally I almost dropped a tear when I tasted McDonalds there

  • Carolina Oleynik
    Carolina Oleynik 3 hours ago

    now I want pizza

  • Anime_Rulez
    Anime_Rulez 3 hours ago

    I go to this area to church

  • Debra FE
    Debra FE 3 hours ago

    I love watching your video's, I hope you had fun comming to Nashville, I love my town. Bolton's is and always will be my favorite ❤😲🔥

  • Ayra r
    Ayra r 3 hours ago

    when we are eating k-bbq we have a rule. it’s called “RMFRC” Raw meat, Marinated meat, Fried Rice, Cold noodles. SWAGGGGG

  • h0ely
    h0ely 3 hours ago

    thank you for loving the food of our country

  • Sheila Anjani
    Sheila Anjani 3 hours ago

    "We take a break from eating by eating" -Mike Xing Chen

  • TheLesserKnown ONE
    TheLesserKnown ONE 3 hours ago

    can someone put down the bg music at the last bbq place?

  • Tommy Voyager17
    Tommy Voyager17 4 hours ago

    You have to order at least TWO AYCE at Lets Meat in NYC (so two people, or if you’re going alone they force you to buy 2 AYCEs although you’re alone) Not only that but they managed to charge someone else’s bill that was 2.5x the cost of my bill onto my card and what’s WORSE IS THEY CHARGED THE OTHER PERSON’s BILL TWICE! I’d avoid Let’s Meat in NYC, there’s plenty of other kbbq places that are way better. Go to Jongro kbbq, it’s less than a block away from Let’s Meat and loads better

  • OJ Whittle
    OJ Whittle 4 hours ago

    Come to Fort Lauderdale FL. We’ve got some new places !

  • sebastian
    sebastian 4 hours ago

    First time in navigation history that an airline has lost money on a business class flight :)

  • Frankie Smith III
    Frankie Smith III 4 hours ago

    That mushroom bun had me drooling bro lol

  • Kantanas
    Kantanas 4 hours ago

    oh god around 7:20 you can hear a really high pitched screeching noise for a while Lord help me!!!!!!!!!!

  • Aaron Potente
    Aaron Potente 4 hours ago

    You should have tried balut and sisig

  • Brother Gayhoops
    Brother Gayhoops 4 hours ago

    The last place definitely way better!

  • QueenSavage _
    QueenSavage _ 4 hours ago

    I’m An Korean BBQ Virgin Lol , Can 2 Ppl Share For 1 Price ? Or No?

  • jedimann74
    jedimann74 4 hours ago

    never had but I added Cast Iron Pot to my list of places to go with the fam next time we are in town. Amazing!

  • sakamuras s
    sakamuras s 4 hours ago

    please do a korean bbq review in the inner detroit or baltimore area!

  • Laura Dickerson
    Laura Dickerson 4 hours ago

    And also you break it down in simple terms as well and that I love ❤️

  • Laura Dickerson
    Laura Dickerson 4 hours ago

    I’d be as big as a blimp 🤣🤣 eating all that food! I’d have two weeks worth of food in the countries you go too! I wait for new videos from you! You should do a US 7/11 seriously to show just how much of a major difference it is versus other countries

  • Reaction Videos are Useless

    Best fried chicken in the world JOLLIBEE!!!

  • Loren Pinnock
    Loren Pinnock 4 hours ago

    She can do her own damn shrimp

  • Voreth
    Voreth 4 hours ago

    smart guy

  • Gru slofar
    Gru slofar 4 hours ago

    The Food critic meets the traveler.

  • Jordan Poloniato
    Jordan Poloniato 4 hours ago

    How are you not 400 lbs!?

  • Maurice Hill
    Maurice Hill 4 hours ago

    Can you please do a review on the impossible Whooper 👍🏾 if you agree

  • Rebecca H
    Rebecca H 5 hours ago

    Never had it but it definitely looks good.

  • TheLovelylights
    TheLovelylights 5 hours ago

    Feck I’m drooling from watching someone else eat airplane food?

  • Faycel Bennis
    Faycel Bennis 5 hours ago

    I prefer roasted peanuts

  • Peter DeMoor
    Peter DeMoor 5 hours ago

    I think we like ur channel be cuz u have a normal person approach at such delicious food, we relate to your satisfied taste buds my friend

  • Dao Pham
    Dao Pham 5 hours ago

    Can you give me all of the Korean BBQ address? Thanks

  • The Gamer Dragon
    The Gamer Dragon 5 hours ago

    american ruins all you can eat (only one per person)

  • Léa Strasser
    Léa Strasser 5 hours ago

    U look like u belong there

  • Leonard Cavaretta
    Leonard Cavaretta 5 hours ago

    Not the same taste because the chicken is different here. Probably better and healthier raised in Korea.

  • strangebrutoo
    strangebrutoo 5 hours ago

    Hey she's pretty cute and seemed to like him.

  • Uriy Orehov
    Uriy Orehov 5 hours ago

    The food looks amazing, but Hong Kong itself... OMG. Looks run down and dilapidated. I was expecting so much more from Hong Kong.... 8:12-8:40 WTF is that in the background? 3:20 - is that a diner? Looks more like a basement/storage place.

  • 24SHOTS
    24SHOTS 5 hours ago

    I always wantes to go to Japan idk why

  • Patti Zayas
    Patti Zayas 6 hours ago

    its the cook who kills a steak

  • Awsom3
    Awsom3 6 hours ago

    duuuuuuuuude, I just found my favorite FLASH-PLAYER’r. I know what I’m doing tonight! *goes to store, buys instant noodles, and chills on couch all night watching Strictly Dumpling ;)

  • Minglei Chen
    Minglei Chen 6 hours ago

    麦芽糖 the hand pulled candy

    CHEMICAL X 6 hours ago

    do you speak korean and i know it sounds racist but im just curious

  • GoblinPhreak
    GoblinPhreak 6 hours ago

    frozen meat = tough meat... that's probably why.... when in doubt, it was probably frozen and then thawed that day.

  • yvonne hu
    yvonne hu 6 hours ago

    How much did they pay you. Tried and not good

  • wk kw
    wk kw 6 hours ago

    my heart hurts seeing him eating all those meats and rice😭 how can he eat all of those?!?

  • Martin Ned
    Martin Ned 6 hours ago

    Really man sea turtles smh

  • Stanley Zhu
    Stanley Zhu 6 hours ago

    There is another Korean BBQ place that is also really good! its called O2 KBBQ in Bell Boulevard! Check it out!

  • Sophy Hieng
    Sophy Hieng 6 hours ago

    Mike where did you put all the food?

  • Jacky Z
    Jacky Z 6 hours ago

    what's the name of the last restaurant for the tofu soba?

  • B .S
    B .S 7 hours ago


  • Soanr
    Soanr 7 hours ago

    You should go to Wisconsin and film!

  • Kadie Jenkins
    Kadie Jenkins 7 hours ago

    Honestly the 3rd BBQ place looked the yummiest 🤤

  • Sebo Tuna
    Sebo Tuna 7 hours ago

    Mike can eat a volcano and it wouldn't be hot for him

  • Tatiana Serna
    Tatiana Serna 7 hours ago

    it’s weird seeing him eat noodles with a spoon instead of chopsticks