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  • Malachy Davis
    Malachy Davis 2 hours ago

    Yeah it’s f””” Ing insang

  • Emre Cengiz
    Emre Cengiz 2 hours ago


  • Viktor Skorpi
    Viktor Skorpi 2 hours ago

    Did he really use that emoji as a notch 🤣

  • Hot Chocolate
    Hot Chocolate 2 hours ago

    uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... 2019... anyone??....

  • Codstone
    Codstone 2 hours ago

    Hey guys this is austin 🥴

  • Sub Zero The Ice Ninga

    2:34 AuStin MR

  • Tim Bitten
    Tim Bitten 2 hours ago

    The PS3 Super Slim has the superior disc loading method. My fat PS3 ate a disc and can’t spit it back out.

  • Delaney gamer chanle

    I mist two adhd and ocd

  • 228anonymous
    228anonymous 3 hours ago

    is this just another stadia ad?

  • Japanese Mickey Mouse

    why does the black guyt always go for the bigger thing lol

  • Samaksh Ghai
    Samaksh Ghai 3 hours ago

    Get a Xbox scarlett

  • lizardaxeman
    lizardaxeman 3 hours ago

    tbh if your a broke gamer like me get a second hand system mine cost £100 then got a gpu fo £70 and your good

  • STORMER 115
    STORMER 115 3 hours ago

    Reminded me of big smoke... 4:04

  • They Hate Vinny
    They Hate Vinny 3 hours ago

    I take this video offensive

  • BigSm0ke01 YT
    BigSm0ke01 YT 3 hours ago

    Fake .. he is laughing ...haha lol my house burned down hahaha

  • gamermo
    gamermo 3 hours ago

    When a keyboard is more than my pc

  • TTV_CherriesX
    TTV_CherriesX 3 hours ago

    I've got a Roku and it's amazing

  • leonardo compres
    leonardo compres 3 hours ago

    Okay I have an iPhone 10 and even I-10 admit that the Galaxy S9 Plus battery lasts longer then my iPhone

  • umar ghafar
    umar ghafar 3 hours ago

    can you do alienware i want to get it for my birthday but idk if its good and i want you to do a review on it so yeah..

  • Dani M
    Dani M 3 hours ago

    Hey guys this is exhaustin

  • Pretty Boy Flizzy
    Pretty Boy Flizzy 4 hours ago

    Bought a Xbox one s just this yr. Had the original Xbox , halo was awesome and Xbox had some pretty nice exclusives back then

  • J C
    J C 4 hours ago

    Nice try, you almost had me.

  • LetsPlayKeldeo
    LetsPlayKeldeo 4 hours ago

    Until 2006 ? For the Ps1 ? All I can find that the last Game Release was 2004 with Fifa 2005

  • Cali Qm
    Cali Qm 4 hours ago

    What program did he use to measure the wifi?

  • Hobbes Caltous
    Hobbes Caltous 4 hours ago

    I like how HONEST everyone is about their PC situation, instead of the posers on Reddit who try to brag about their monster builds using pics of other people's work.

  • Hobbes Caltous
    Hobbes Caltous 4 hours ago

    Have Jay make a custom loop for that thing

  • Hussein Jaber
    Hussein Jaber 4 hours ago


  • Brahimi 125
    Brahimi 125 4 hours ago

    9 months in and now his Mum’s a Fortnite god.

    GTA V ONLINE PRO 4 hours ago

    my setup •PS4 PRO •A TV •GAMING HEAD SET

  • Russia
    Russia 4 hours ago

    Big scammer, you just got doxxed lmao 203 N Loma Pl Upland, CA 91786

  • mrclidexx does games

    Its not even like half price all the new consoles (used) you get like 40 percent back and then anything past that they give you enough to buy a meal at mcdonalds

  • Samdaboss Gaming
    Samdaboss Gaming 5 hours ago

    Me : can we get (A good, razer gaming keyboard) Mom : we got ( 👆 ) at home Thing at home :

  • lol lol
    lol lol 5 hours ago


  • TRC
    TRC 5 hours ago

    This was the best mystery tech video Good job ken!

  • Isaac Tesser
    Isaac Tesser 5 hours ago


  • I'am Mario Yt
    I'am Mario Yt 5 hours ago

    I struggle with bipolar, depression and i struggle everyday but i do my best to be the best person i can no matter what. I am struggling financially and do not have the money to buy a computer. Gaming helps me so much and all i ever wanted was a decent gaming pc to play. I get a little help from the government so i do have internet here at my apartment. If anyone is out there this is my real address and name. Mario Caballero Jr. 157 Canfield St. Apt 11 Milan Mi 48160

  • Gabi Tamaska
    Gabi Tamaska 5 hours ago

    This video was in my recomended section Thank you youtube 🙏 i love watching videos from 2010

  • Sparrow Hawk
    Sparrow Hawk 5 hours ago

    Can someone use their old games on a new console? Idk like by using the Nintendo account? Because I’d really like to buy the new console and some new games but I would like to also sell the old one. And I’m slightly pissed cause they change the cartridges every five years.

  • Sara M
    Sara M 5 hours ago

    Just play android games on it, they look better, however your title will still remain a clickbait

    LIL_DJ PROD. V2 5 hours ago

    I remembered I had an xbox one S and the system kept overheating and wouldn't turn on from time to time and when I sent it to Microsoft and got it back, week later it started doing it again so I just sold that shit

  • Sebastián Baez
    Sebastián Baez 6 hours ago

    Oh my God, this laptop now costs $730! WTF

  • Ayon De
    Ayon De 6 hours ago

    How is this upgrading??....only old part is the cpu

  • Theweirdpenguin
    Theweirdpenguin 6 hours ago

    I wasted $200 on wish... *this is basically a wish ad*

  • Yapiriyap
    Yapiriyap 6 hours ago

    I don’t buy used consoles, specially GameStop’s but I did stop buying games from them YEARS ago, I go straight for digital copies on the consoles stores

  • Beast DUB
    Beast DUB 6 hours ago

    I had that one’s the battery failed Getting a replacement

  • Anshul Yadav
    Anshul Yadav 6 hours ago

    my gaming setup mackbook pro 13 logitech g502 hero butterfly keyboard 2 airpods 2 and a office chair

    LIL_DJ PROD. V2 6 hours ago

    That harry potter and gt2 was one of my favorite ps1 games

  • Lugnut Gamer
    Lugnut Gamer 6 hours ago

    I wish I had a keyboard like taht... :(

  • lazermike20
    lazermike20 6 hours ago

    the batteries PS4 and PS3 use a shitty battery you can buy better ones off the shelf and if the battery in the PS4 or ps3 controller broke and you live that controller you had to go and buy new controller unless you're confident to pull apart your control and have to buy a third party battery

  • Killer1Nacho
    Killer1Nacho 6 hours ago

    I’m a supervisor at Walmart. And I still can’t afford to build a pc. 😓

  • VIDA dos Eletrons
    VIDA dos Eletrons 6 hours ago

    joe barnard when something goes wrong (laughs) me when something goes wrong(punching bag)

  • Ninja Karate
    Ninja Karate 6 hours ago

    Why is Matt’s voice so cringe 11:04

  • Lennon & McCartney Fanatic

    How do i use this programe without having to put in all my Passwords again.

  • sxgaston
    sxgaston 7 hours ago

    Would have been nice to see how to plug it into the motherboard and power supply

  • ネ Otto ネ
    ネ Otto ネ 7 hours ago

    The gameboy is just a better copy of call me carson's "we ordered an illegal game"

  • Jex-Brawl Stars
    Jex-Brawl Stars 7 hours ago

    I have a gaming seyup for 250$ and the computer has I7 and GeForce GTX 1070ti and the monitor is 27 inch

  • VladivostokGaming 244

    I come from 2019

  • Wh1L1ght
    Wh1L1ght 7 hours ago

    What about fortnite Austin dose it run it fine?

  • Cali Qm
    Cali Qm 7 hours ago

    I'm assuming Austin gets his facial hair from his mom

  • Fars Jamal
    Fars Jamal 7 hours ago

    But can run crysis

  • Akshay Gupta
    Akshay Gupta 7 hours ago

    Where can I find the gigabyte gaming box new

  • xbox player
    xbox player 7 hours ago

    Make more plz love u

  • DYN4M1C V3L0C17Y
    DYN4M1C V3L0C17Y 7 hours ago

    Austin flossing is the worst nightmare for me

  • Wollis Mc boris
    Wollis Mc boris 8 hours ago

    Trying the shiniest forehead polish on amazon

  • Leander Herman
    Leander Herman 8 hours ago

    I wasn't that bad i still have a WII U

  • jl gamer
    jl gamer 8 hours ago

    Of course it's worth it because it's a 1 terabyte silly

  • Sean O mahony
    Sean O mahony 8 hours ago

    My setup PS4 BED €50 Headset €2 grip from wish.

  • Ken Kaneki
    Ken Kaneki 8 hours ago

    Is it just me or does Ken looks and sounds like the MOST annoying piece of shit that ever lived??

  • Zac’s Tech Help
    Zac’s Tech Help 8 hours ago

    A CPU is not “clocked” at 1.4GHz if it can go to 3.9GHz. The base clock of a cpu is no indication to the performance of that CPU, just clever marketing to make people think that one is better than the other

  • kakarotzzz zyte
    kakarotzzz zyte 9 hours ago

    not this one....probably buy 1050ti one

  • That's Interesting
    That's Interesting 9 hours ago

    Gamestop is scamming people that virgin

  • All tube
    All tube 9 hours ago

    my Wii u it falls apart with 5 feet away

  • kimo the fun genius
    kimo the fun genius 9 hours ago

    Switch lite and past gen systems

  • Sleepeman32
    Sleepeman32 9 hours ago

    Austin incorrectly explained how the opto switches works.

  • Lord Maximillius
    Lord Maximillius 9 hours ago

    Imagine being so materialistic and shallow that you care what color their text bubble is

  • John Ferousis
    John Ferousis 10 hours ago


  • TheStoneDiamond
    TheStoneDiamond 10 hours ago

    Lol I am level 275 (elite challenger)

  • Boating Tick3036
    Boating Tick3036 10 hours ago

    Razer 60 percent keyboard Like to agree

  • Banshee Gaming
    Banshee Gaming 10 hours ago

    I hope I can get that pc. I like that computer.

  • That's Interesting
    That's Interesting 10 hours ago

    this isnt broke becus the spec is still overpowered Mine only core i3 2210, GT 420, 4 GB RAM

  • Roman Bobrov
    Roman Bobrov 11 hours ago

    I like they lands in a different plane?

  • Minefazer
    Minefazer 11 hours ago

    Lmao I have an s10e as well

  • lil MellonZ
    lil MellonZ 11 hours ago

    Why does IT COST THE SAME

  • Football Magic
    Football Magic 11 hours ago

    Ken is chutiya for real

  • Anon Ymous
    Anon Ymous 11 hours ago

    Should run a test running the same games on each system. PC's are cooler

    DJ TRANS PODCAST 11 hours ago

    Love the note 10 plus And the Xbox wins obviously

  • magnificent parv
    magnificent parv 12 hours ago

    How did you do that aaaaooo

  • freddy Bejar
    freddy Bejar 12 hours ago

    I saw psnow and was like wtf how old is this poop? Oh

  • Ttucks
    Ttucks 12 hours ago

    If you mute the auto and insert a rap song dude looks like hes rapping.

  • Yohannes Kindu
    Yohannes Kindu 12 hours ago

    Upgrading and building is very different. Waste of time.

  • WeGoku
    WeGoku 12 hours ago

    I use a nintendo switch pro controller. Has the same 40 hour battery life and a great grip. Costs half the price and I've been using it for 2 years on steam with no problems.

  • 1156 LegendAkee007
    1156 LegendAkee007 12 hours ago

    I play with the potato $176 PC and I have to turn anything to be low I got 17-23 FPS but it’s still playable

  • Obscurity
    Obscurity 12 hours ago

    Razer wolverine

  • Zubair Khuawaja
    Zubair Khuawaja 13 hours ago

    hey whats up nintendo switch is better then ps vr because you can see on amazon about their both raiting and it shows ps vr is not good but switch is good

  • aBdulla playz
    aBdulla playz 13 hours ago

    Who has an Nintendo switch like the comment if you have

  • Fanman Thomas
    Fanman Thomas 13 hours ago

    Yo austin if you raise the xbox ones face while sliding the game in it should work.

  • The Wise Fan Of Everything

    Make a giant keyboard with the big mechanical switch

  • Co rré
    Co rré 13 hours ago


  • Reyo Dat Mofo
    Reyo Dat Mofo 13 hours ago

    Not a bad video... but I think Gameranx killed it with their comparison 🔥

  • Olando Anônimo
    Olando Anônimo 13 hours ago

    I enjoyed this.