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  • Jethro Chan
    Jethro Chan 42 seconds ago

    Vodafone *for nz and Australia* is launching 5G in September

  • Trevor Tickle
    Trevor Tickle Minute ago

    Socker boppers socker boppers more fun than a pillow fight, blow em up, put your hand inside, get ready to have the time of your life!!

  • Jec
    Jec Minute ago

    They finished with the loot box at 5:37 and I was just like "oh wow that was a short video" Then I saw the time remaining. Then I saw the price.

  • Bryan Cyriel Ramo (Real Account)

    Intel: Hold my beer AMD: Here we go! 🍳

  • vElevate
    vElevate 4 minutes ago

    It’s sad that he’s a tech guy and thinks 40-50 frames on a $1000 pc is a good deal

    • vElevate
      vElevate 3 minutes ago

      And I’m pretty sure the guy doesn’t know how to change his monitors hz

  • Busle Meusli
    Busle Meusli 5 minutes ago

    Hey guys this is OoOUuSTiINN

  • Gamerbro Jake
    Gamerbro Jake 8 minutes ago

    You don't wanna see how bad I am at sataing your data

  • Akash Barman
    Akash Barman 8 minutes ago

    Who else thought about inception with that titanium top

  • DropZ NV
    DropZ NV 9 minutes ago

    iPhone 6s iOS 13

  • Logan Brown
    Logan Brown 11 minutes ago

    Don’t talk about pillow fights like that Once I had a pillow fight and we started to suffocate bcuz there were pillows in our faces Imagine mortal combat fatalities but with pillows

  • Jack Cabadas
    Jack Cabadas 14 minutes ago


  • Hiranmaya Gundu
    Hiranmaya Gundu 15 minutes ago

    Channel Super Fun throwback at the end xP

  • Dylan Ch'ng
    Dylan Ch'ng 19 minutes ago

    Glad to see Austin take a look at the Galaxy View 2

    WHAT NEXT 20 minutes ago

    what do you think about the umidigi a5 pro

  • tfue hater
    tfue hater 21 minute ago

    my setup: tons of mcdonalds hosbital bed wheelchair

  • tfue hater
    tfue hater 22 minutes ago

    yeah but what about consoles

  • Chargedcreeper23 Gaming
    Chargedcreeper23 Gaming 22 minutes ago

    Is this a tutorial for the viewers or for the guy that hasn’t built a pc?

  • Dr Terry
    Dr Terry 27 minutes ago

    is it weird if the only thing i want in this video is that NUT button

  • Jeff C
    Jeff C 32 minutes ago

    F*** i can't stand his intro

    LOKESH YADAV 33 minutes ago

    Whenever u upload a video it will be fun

  • TJ Marquez
    TJ Marquez 35 minutes ago

    Austin Is it worth it to sell my old phone to buy a better one

  • Tofutaco11
    Tofutaco11 36 minutes ago

    Plug it into Mark Zuckerberg.

  • Gooser Games
    Gooser Games 37 minutes ago

    It not my n day my dog didn’t die but can you sub to my channel since I didn’t like

  • Sora Nekohime
    Sora Nekohime 38 minutes ago

    "A good *NUT* joke" 😂 "Sock all night"

  • Ben_M._Gamer
    Ben_M._Gamer 41 minute ago

    At 13:04 got me hard😂😂

  • Charles Buño
    Charles Buño 41 minute ago

    I thought ken was wearing a nino longsleeve 2:51

  • J.M 64
    J.M 64 42 minutes ago

    Building the ultimate PS3 preferably the slim but it's fine if it isn't the slim

  • MC Chase
    MC Chase 44 minutes ago


  • Donald Trump
    Donald Trump 47 minutes ago

    Austin what the wires I need to know so I can build this or do they come with it?

  • Boss Prime
    Boss Prime 47 minutes ago

    Lol its cheaper then j thought I'm trying my best to get this one

  • jspeedy
    jspeedy 49 minutes ago

    Anyone else feel like "Socker Boppers" is a Mandela Effect for "Sockem Boppers?" 🤔

  • mrk107
    mrk107 52 minutes ago

    On his Tombstone it's going to say: 'Hey guy's, this is Austin'

  • William A.Souza
    William A.Souza 54 minutes ago

    Galaxy View is made for RPG DMs

  • DropZ NV
    DropZ NV 57 minutes ago

    I’m a kid and I found one at the playground at my school

  • turtle hub
    turtle hub Hour ago

    Austin, just buy a $150 dollor pro controller any save the money fir better gear

  • FenrirBranford
    FenrirBranford Hour ago

    So, a $250 real life lootbox. What a time to be alive.

  • José Carlos Sánchez Méndez

    Smartphones are just a basic need nowadays, although having the best of the best is not worth it anymore. Almost anyone could do with a mid-range devices nowadays.

  • Silvanus Tech
    Silvanus Tech Hour ago

    Love mystery tech from Austin

  • Frantic Apples
    Frantic Apples Hour ago

    9:24 song?

  • Lively Moments
    Lively Moments Hour ago

    My setup: Normal Desk Alienware Aurora R8 NOC Monitor Astro Headset Blue Snowball White Microphone Black and White Office gaming chair recliner

  • iron2000
    iron2000 Hour ago

    Nice to see you guys having fun :)

    OGIMAA WAB Hour ago

    People are just spoiled these days.

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    jeramie maddox Hour ago

    Man they keep getting better

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    Josiah Peters Hour ago

    I love this series!

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    T3CHGY007 Hour ago

    this video was NUTS!!

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    nobody: austin: so this is actually pretty good

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  • Brandon Aviation

    *Screen: 100*

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  • Stop, I'm not a weeb

    0:49 The ad on top is what kills me.

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    PayPal me

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    Look at 12:10 aSs is what Austin says.....

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    The only reason I can think of to buy the view is as a portable POS tablet for a business

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    Star Flames Hour ago

    I have only one thing to say about this Good job

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    R6:N3XI5 Hour ago

    Is your shirt Laguna Seca, but some kind of little monster?

  • itsacreeper Aww Man

    Switch the backdrop to dark mode

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    Ken Nguyen Hour ago

    Didn’t expect this vid to be that fun

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    Jeri 186 Hour ago

    Maybe you should call it the EX-Storge-Ginary,, LOL.

  • Aditya Singh
    Aditya Singh 2 hours ago

    2:15 INCEPTION!!

    BUTT OGRE JONESEY 2 hours ago

    NoPe nOpE NoPE nOpE

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    Tyler Calender 2 hours ago

    so the cooler is basically a turbocharger

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    psycho stormtrooper 2 hours ago

    I think im gonna build this in a cooler master mastercase h500 for my first computer build

  • BeatBass bassboosted Ideas for you

    How many times does he press the NUT button?

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    empty forever 2 hours ago

    No graphics card

  • Desika Sree Vathsa
    Desika Sree Vathsa 2 hours ago

    5:20 When you decide to carry the earphones and later realise all the *Flagships have ditched the headphone jack

  • BeatBass bassboosted Ideas for you

    4:31 I just like that sound than other sound. (edit: you know what I mean.)

  • AlexRyanMusic
    AlexRyanMusic 2 hours ago

    You didn't even turn on the Xbox! It has custom sounds for the power on and disc tray.

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    I saw lazarbeam do the enter key too

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    9:20 “That Big nut ENERGY” -Austin Evans

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    NASA THE POTATO 2 hours ago


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    Mercilesss H 2 hours ago

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    Isaac Philip 2 hours ago

    When other tech review channels have become repetitive and mundane, good ol' Austin knows how to freshen up the tech game.

  • King
    King 2 hours ago

    seriously how much does it took you to come out with this joke? 7:22

  • onda Tasboy
    onda Tasboy 2 hours ago

    Nothing Nokia is worth it

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    aloprax 2 hours ago

    austins 3 favourite words are "going to be"

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    Mr Corndog 2 hours ago

    massdrop is pointless. spend your money on what you want

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    The outro made me crack up but when he said weeks who like naruto I froze knowing I was mentally attacked. Lol

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    Thomas Cmuchowski 3 hours ago

    Should've had em 1vs1 on csgo

  • Jose Garcia
    Jose Garcia 3 hours ago

    My 2018 model literally has the screen completely “peeling” off (my best way to describe it) and falling forward completely detaching from the body... I’ve kept it in the official razor mouse pad / cover thing and taken good care of it as well... I’ve tried emailing razor but have not received any help with this issue. As much as I originally loved their products I don’t think I’ll be purchasing from them again. Wondering if anyone else has had this same issue ?

  • Rain Zero
    Rain Zero 3 hours ago

    It'll be a chip in yo head real soon don't worry about it

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    am i the only one that was bothered when they wore mismatched Socker Boppers ?

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    Does that mean you can charge your device really fast?

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